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Telephone information: Embarq Missouri - Mo DBA Centurylink. Waynesville, MO. Pulaski. United states
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Post by Ppro,

5737743168 Got a call obviously calling from India. He said he was calling from Atlantia, Georgea. That is how he pronounced it. He said I was eligible for a Huge Cash Settlement from TI Insurance for use of blood thinners. All they needed was my Social Security number, Date of Birth and my Banking information so they could send me the money. It was going to cost me nothing. I asked how he got my medical information and he said it didn't matter. Just give him my information and I would receive the money in 5 business days. Just another Indian Scam. Can't the government do something about this?

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Indian Individual on other line Striving to present a a grant

Post by someone who does not who callling,

5737743168 yes Merely received phone out of this same Amount claiming he is john brown beware may become a scummier. . . not sure. . . asking if I take blood thinner. . . um Millimeter my medical business comes Underneath hype Sp law here USA

Post by betty,

573-774-3168 got a phone from this Amount. Inquired to Talk to B. . . . I Inquired what it was concerning and that Put up on me while I was Striving to say if you can t tell me what it is concerning Afterward I am not going for Discuss for your requirements any more. Gonna get that whistle Now and offer them an earful next time they phone.

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Called Around medical compensation for matters i never had. Really.

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Owner called insisting for Speak to me about a surgical Treatment I had. Significant Feature. Told him I thought that phone was Fake and was not going for respond. He kept talking so I Lay} that Telephone down until he finally Installed Upward.

Post by Nicole,

5737743168 Same Actual matter happened to me too. They have called multiple times as nicely asking me your same thing saying they have obtained info that I 'm on blood thinners and have had bladder surgery both of which is not Authentic. I really yelled at them last time but it did t Cease them from Striving to telephone me again Now. Can there be a way to report these Individuals.

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Got a Telephone call at 4 W pm on Feb. W W. I did t answer. No message left. ID says Timothy Crease.

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Owner ID states Timothy Crease. Hung up when I answered with my company name.

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Rec d call fr the today. Did t response. Happy Established on comments. Blocked telephone fr this on my phone acct.

Post by anon12345,

5737743168 same rubbish. . . broken English

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Said he was along with medical something or another and talked along with a significant fore within Feature. I told him to take my off his list he ignored me and kept asking for some 1 other than me and when I told him he had the incorrect he said I don t consider you personally you are lying for me. What s your name. That s not you personally you personally lie to me You're the Man. Let me Talk for such and such. I told him for take my off his list and he told me would would no such thing. I Installed Upwards on him and he called back 3 time

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Called about blood thinner melds. Peculiar that i 'm getting these calls after my insurance Firm was hacked

Post by someone who does not who callling,

573-774-3168 yes Merely obtained call from this same number asserting he is john brownish beware could possibly become a scummier. . . not confident. . . asking if I take blood thinner. . . um Millimeter my medical company comes under hype Sp law here USA

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Person calling out of Evansville mo very annoying keeps calling Beginning at 4 'm I 've babies you re quite disrespectful hole.

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 This People calls about twice a day Around blood thinner. He states he got your Information in the state medical department. It Merely a scam.

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Called saying I had Chosen Zoloft and they were part of a compensation lawsuit with Jackson amp Johnson and that I was entitled to your substantial Sum of cash. Proposed I was NOT interested for remove my name and number out of their calling list. Owner stated could NOT would that and that they would continue for telephone until I answered their questions. I proposed it was against that law for harass someone over something they did not want for be a component of. Man was quite rude to me. Asked for Manager and supervisor was Attempting for get it was not a scam or fraud that they were going for get Payment for me. Put Upwards on them after repeatedly telling them for remove my name and Amount. You personally could tell that it is a Number of crap they are trying to run a few type of scam.

Post by Nicole,

573-774-3168 Same exact matter happened to me too. They 've called multiple times as nicely asking me the same thing saying they 've received Information that I am on blood thinners and have had Kidney operation both of that is not true. I Actually yelled at them last time but it did t Cease them out of Attempting to phone me again Now. Is there a manner for report these people.

Post by steve,

5737743168 I receive calls out of the number every daytime and they leave no message. Ti's very irritating

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Called Now as a medical Associate Software said they had decided to help along with my operation. I said what operation and take my name of your list

Post by Guest,

5737743168 when i replied an Indian sounding Individual responded Afterward phone was dropped when i called back line was occupied. Afterward no response. Established on comments written glad i did t talk to anyone

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Called at 6 W am. Did not pickup. Placed in Avoid numbers on my phone. I don't Select Upwards unknown numbers.

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Calls seeing blood thinner melds. Brokers for Attorneys searching for Course Activity Contributors.

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 He said he was calling from the Pa Wellness Section I asked what state he was calling out of he said Brooklyn NY I told him he was lying because on my Owner ID said Mo he said no I Installed up

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Rec a t c out of this number. Said he was calling from your state of Georgia got him Duplicate it like W times. He said he had received info that I had been on blood thinners I your previous and could receive a Enormous settlement. I said I wanted for understand who was sharing my medical Information as there's a federal law HIP Philadelphia within Set to Quit that out of happening. He said if I Haydn t been on blood thinners Afterward maybe I had had a Kidney operation. The Man was nuts. I asked for Chat along with a supervisor and he said he was the supervisor. I kept asking him why the state of Ga was thus curiosity about my medical information. He could t answer.

Post by Stephanie Meads,

573-774-3168 The man Additionally called me telling me that I was due a Part from a class action litigation Associated for your blood thinners i used to take. When I said sorry you personally must have that incorrect he started on Around the Kidney mesh Throw surgery I had. I this point I said Friend I 'm not sure where You're getting your own data but You're manner away. You personally May}n' wanna think Around pulling your lists again. You are dealing along with peoples quite sensitive medical info and if in fact there is someone Outside there with the same name as me and you might have failed for create sure your own info is exact not just 've you personally violated that persons correct to privacy by talking to me about these Methods but that means they are owed money and due to you personally they're not gonna get it. Significance sir you might become your goal of your next Course Actions lawsuit

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Medical scam searching for Person test dummies. I m not interested. . .

Post by Guest,

573-774-3168 Said he was from American Compensation. I told him for not telephone again. I Installed up and blocked the phone.

Post by Guest,

5737743168 Caller had Central Japanese Highlight or African accent unsure called Around blood thinners and operation felt he violated or was trying to violate HIP AA Guidelines and I told him for take me away caller list and he hung Upward afterwards. I Afterward started thinking exactly why did somebody by your name of Paul 've a Amount from a Timothy Crease and would a business use a home residential no. .

Post by Meg,

573-774-3168 Keep becoming calls out of this number and they Chat quite busted English. Asked me to Give cash I asked for what goal and they gave me no official reply. I Subsequently Inquired what company they were Linked and they also did not reply that question thus I hung Upward.


5737743168 Busted WORDS. . . Asked About IF I TAKE BLOOD THINNERS . . .

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9789931538 Complains by Guest,

W W W it was a phone to my cell Telephone with a recording saying they Desired for Link me to some customer service rep to request me many more questions Around Giving something I ordered. Then Place me on hold for listen for music. I Put Upward . . . it was strange.

8132521364 Complains by Anthony,

Rob I also receive a call from them and for what I could see they're quite flexible on working with Individuals also they're very legal on Libraries laws. I spoke along with them and they work with me along with no Issues sorry for Notice that.

9796301812 Complains by Guest,

PAIN Within The . . . DOE SN T Say ANYTHING

3095781069 Complains by Guest,

It's a recording saying Government is suing me. Irs would not telephone within this mode.

3478081529 Complains by tas,

I've gotten 2 calls so far.  One was at 1:18a MST (since this is a FL area code, that would be 3:18a at the caller's time!) and one at 11:59a 5 days later.  No message... Looked it up and it is a cell phone.

4259419112 Complains by Guest,

She talking to someone WHO's calling her house out of a Taken Phone

8324795657 Complains by Jack,

They called a relative of mine saying they had a Guarantee for an old payday loan. I have inquired on payday loans on your past but have NEVER Really done 1 So I telephone them up and your guy is Pleasant at first Subsequently I tell him I demand your debt validated and he gets furious with me. I tell him for Increase and I hang up that phone. He proceeds for call the relative again and tells them that I have for go for that Cops station appropriate away that they 've a warrant Outside on me for RAPE. . LOLA It was at that Time I knew that these Folks were packed with it and they freaked my Mum out. I called that man back and he was like how do you enjoy them apples referring for your line of BS he fed my Mum I told him that I was reporting him to my attorney generals office which I did. These people are a scam. NO Matter WHAT THEY TELL You DON T Supply THEM Money EVEN IF THEY Have Your Info. Request FOR VALID Information ON That DEBT VIA Us POSTAL Send. NOT Email OR Fax.

3102727000 Complains by Guest,

Entire Gentleman. Quite sweet amp Excellent company. A safe and type Guy to see.

8002033194 Complains by Matt,

Speed Loans

8002266347 Complains by Joe H,

This is your best phone telephone I ever Gotten. They set me Upward along with locums working within my forte. They're the very best. Genuinely JOE H.

8002658826 Complains by Tiffany,

Acquired a phone phone from this number. That Owner left no express message.

8002147831 Complains by DT in Florida,

've a few pushy douche bag named Ashley Wells calling Around a debt that is out of W and says that I owe. Original phone along with caller if unknown and asks if I 'm thus amp so and if that last four digits of SS is . When I Inquired who she was she Asserted that she was along with Citibank and continuing for state that until she eventually admitted that she was NOT along with Citibank but a debt collector for CR'S. I earth on her on who CR'S was and told me Commercial Recovery Systems. She said that she was calling to offer a resolution Cope and if not she was going for turn your Sum owed for that Government as a income. I did not acknowledge anything but questioned if the debt was even valid. I told her that the statue of limitations for an unsecured debt in my State has previous thus she was out of Fortune. I demanded her not for phone again as I did not need to deal a few debt collection company that buys previous debt and busts people s balls by threatening legal Activity and sending poor debt to the Government. I was tempted for tell her for go screw herself but I Installed Upward within a respectful manner. I may continue for ignore the jerk and may block your number. It will work until she dials the unknown Amount Owner id again

8002057039 Complains by Py,

I would like for understand who this number belongs to.

8002542910 Complains by robert robinson,

yes please Suggest with rules

8002202838 Complains by lisa,

The number has been Essentially harassing me. When i answer it just rings and Bands as if it is calling directing you personally for anther number. They phone at all hours anywhere out of Am for W pm. The express send is a Universal message also. I don t understand how you can get it for stop

8002329371 Complains by laura todoroff,

called late after PM and left no message.

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