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2017-09-18 14:24:42
Got a call on my home phone today - no clue who this is.
2017-09-12 00:38:01
Owner ID said East Rochester, NY. Did not leave message. I called back on another phone & got DirecTV recording, so suspect it was DirecTV.
2017-09-05 22:18:48
Call several times a week. Leaves no message, when I call back, a woman with very broken english says it is Strong Hospital billing. This is not their phone number on website or bills. I am thinking if it is really Strong looking for money, they would leave a message to please call back.
2017-09-02 16:02:29
I've gotten repeated calls from 5858699205. I don't answer unknown numbers, and they don't leave messages. Another example of the total inefficiency of the Do Not Call registry.
2017-08-10 23:39:41
This is a scam! They want insurance info. Man was very rude. I answered phone the day before and told him to remove my number he calls the next day asking for my husband, about insurance benefits.
2017-07-05 16:52:51
This is being used as a burner's not the actual number of the person calling. When people use a burner to disguise their true numbner, this is one that is coming up instead. Records show it to belong to an 80+ yr old woman in NY. I doubt she is spamming anyone. ;)
2017-06-09 16:08:41
I answer, I hear chaos on the line. I repeat myself again. No one says anything, and they don't hang up.
2017-05-26 19:10:12
Did not answer don't leave a message.stop calling my phone.
2017-05-23 23:25:15
2 calls in 2 days. Doesn't leave voicemail.
2017-05-12 22:00:44
They call my phone numerous times in a row. Like 3,4, sometimes 5 times in a row and NEVER leave any messages. Ive even gotten call from them as lat as 8:50 pm!
2017-05-08 17:58:13
+1 (585) 775-6514 Called and came up Krystal mobly keeps calling and does not leave a message
2017-03-13 19:19:44
Debt collector. Did not leave message. Called back to determine identity. Do not answer.
2017-02-28 15:51:53
This is a place trying to help you further your education. The guy seemed nice until you make it clear you are not interested, then there is no goodbye or anything , just a dial tone. Very pushy and poor etiquette
2017-02-14 17:37:08
A girl called Elizabeth says that I have charges in NY and I need to pay $5000, I live in California! she has both my name and phone number
2017-01-25 14:38:58
They're calling for my sister. We don't live together. Not cool.
2017-01-24 16:45:53
2 in 2 days
2016-12-05 17:15:47
answered and call ended immediately. have blocked number thanks to previous reports posted here!
2016-11-04 21:55:21
Called and hung up - left no message.
2016-11-03 23:27:47
He says his name is Larry Peterson. He is a scam artist.
2016-10-29 20:02:07
Crazy lady, con-artist be advised

Phone list in area 585

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5856383223CBCGuest82015-12-18 23:11:38
5852507279did response the telephone they did t leave a messageGuest302015-11-04 15:44:47
5853262754spamGuest362015-11-04 16:01:48
5852066027same filthy telemarketer scumbag as 8 W and 8 WGuest272015-11-04 16:13:46
5854948144A House Update Firm. They said I won a free estimate for Improve my House. I said I wan t interest and they pursued to ask me Around your Heat and duck work I was interested in. I don t know how they got that from me saying Cheers but I am not interested within their service. Subsequently Put Upward. Guest312015-11-04 16:13:51
5853713056Cease calling me. My bill is less than W times previous due and I have been a customer for W years. There should become a elegance Span for a steadfast customer like me cut me some slack. Guest562015-11-04 16:26:49
5853568875Google spamGuest62015-12-19 11:50:13
58527364023 calls within 5 minutes. They left voice messages which was Only chatter in that background. Guest502015-11-04 16:56:47
5858518743I wish the person would quit calling my numberJoanne W.82015-12-16 14:00:34
5858617881These Individuals called and said they were the Government and I needed to Chat along with Irs Representative Jules Smith. When I called they cursed me out and called me a Mom amp and Put Upwards. Guest332015-11-04 17:17:55
5852836106Receiving at least two calls to Partner s cell Telephone per daytime. will not reply and merely reject phone. Annoying as heck and wish they would get arrested and put away Notably if these are Government scam calls. Guest32015-11-04 17:21:47
5858992523Thai telephone is out of telemarketer don t even botherjpee82015-12-09 10:47:22
5857976250Same here. . . quot tool your own resume on Profession Contractors quot Female with a strong accent offering job within insurance sales. Guest242015-11-04 17:27:42
5853181106Claimed for become Authorities officer threatened me with extreme Outcomes if I did not respondGuest162015-11-04 17:56:48
5857867894Spam. Selling cruseGuest372015-11-04 18:20:54
5857629912Called did t leave a message. I called back and line was occupied. Guest842015-11-04 18:33:42
5855986192collectionsGuest1202015-11-04 18:33:51
5855686675If I don t quot let them help me quot along with a federal offense charge I will 've for Look before a magistrate or someone else that I could t comprehend. That leave the same message 3 times. I m reporting the Amount to your Assistant of state of North CarolinaGuest302015-11-04 18:38:51
5858612851I. R. S. SCAM . saying you personally owe the I. R. S. Fees and for pay now or you may go for prisonGuest322015-11-04 18:40:55
5852005760W W am Saturday 4 W W. No message left. Guest42015-11-04 18:55:46
5859020687annoying constant callingGuest32015-11-04 19:38:55
5854453305A Mr. James Gold called for state there is a summons for me that will be brought to my House or Set of employment in the next W to W hours unless I call them instantly He said he was from Precedence Legal Services. Guest52015-11-04 19:39:50
5852261911Record comes on trying to get you personally buy into their questionable productGuest202015-11-04 20:15:46
5858086133leave me alone. . . . . if you need the kids tell Esther she can get a hold of me. Guest12015-11-04 20:18:42
5859696917One of those quot send this malicious link to W Pals and see what happens quot Guest12015-11-04 15:32:42
5852090058Hang upGuest382015-11-04 15:32:46
5852415613They keep calling and Subsequently hang Upwards. Telephone back doesn't Link. Guest22015-11-04 16:03:47
5853262957How many times a day do I need to tell them we have been not interested and take people away your calling list. . . and 6 times a daytime. . Guest42015-11-04 16:04:48
5855635886i answer and recording comes on saying please hang on. well i hung on forever and finally said screw the. Put Upward. . . tried for phone the number back ans it didn't even ring. Guest12015-11-04 16:36:51
5853977573Spam for House dismay systems. Guest1142015-11-04 16:46:49
5855466732continuous callsGuest22015-11-04 16:47:41
5855424201ScampersGuest102015-11-04 17:08:51
5853859226Called and offered a Actual estate prospecting service when I asked to be Chosen off the list they said no. I Put Upward. They called back I asked for become taken off that list again and hung Upwards. They called me a third time thus that they could hang Upward on me. Guest362015-11-04 17:09:49
5852841724Call National Do not Call list provided by FTC. W W W. If they telephone after W days you are able to file legal action and Gather money. Don t answer calls You're not recognizable withGuest352015-11-04 17:21:47
5858513552RidgeGuest12015-11-04 17:28:05
5858618402Did not answer don't leave a message.stop calling my phone.Snoring82017-05-26 19:10:12
5852749871Dwelling remodeling contractorsGuest42015-12-09 19:46:59
5857605518Red CrossGuest292015-11-04 18:22:54
5854928295hunger gamesGuest262015-11-04 18:37:51
5858614106One Telephone call recorded message that left no Actual information. When I immediately called back went correct for express mail. Guest572015-11-04 18:49:42
5857291429The number keeps calling early within your morning and awakening me upB92015-12-14 14:09:08
5856218921What great does it can to put your on Do not Call registry when idiots enjoy the could still send annoying Rob calls Moving quot House dismay systems quot Guest1522015-11-04 19:04:41
5857543799Block this numberGuest12015-11-04 19:20:04
5859936018Text MSG at 'm on a Sunday morning. Worthless spam. Guest82015-11-04 19:25:55
5852863016someone called a record and said they had an affidavit that had to be signed or else that judge would rule against people. Garbage. We Installed Upward. Guest82015-11-04 19:28:32
5853260520HiGuest72015-12-20 00:01:42
5853359098Only had a telephone from this number and I m within your British. She tried for ask me about my Wellbeing told me she was calling out of Nature Wellness Established within London and promised for give me your contact Telephone number Firms calling here are lawfully obliged for supply it if you request them but simply after she had spoken to me some more and when she neglected for get any serious answers out of me she hung Upwards without giving it. I 've now contacted the real Nature Health based in that British for see what they have to state and will be reporting the call to the Data Commissioner s Office. Guest782015-11-04 19:33:33
5856333923Complete scam took my father for 3 grand. Guest322015-11-04 20:06:52
5854841601calls me constantlyGuest12015-11-04 20:40:04
5852507291multiple calls. . . no message. . . very annoyingGuest172015-11-04 20:45:47

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