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Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. Detroit, MI. Wayne. United states
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Post by Guest,

5866931117 That is nothing more than a harassment on senior Residents. We get a phone at least twice a week saying they're sending a medical alert system for people that's been paid for. The callers which is a recording says his name is John.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 quot Medical Alert quot scam.

Post by Donald M Anderson,

5866931117 Report them here HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Gripe complaint check. asp. panel HTTP Web. Client finance. gov Grievance May}n' need to consider Purchasing a call blocker System or Telephone Additionally. HTTP Internet. amazon. com s ref busboys. URL investigation alias DPs amp field keywords telephone blockers

Post by Carol,

586-693-1117 that message Hi this is John I am calling Around your own medical alert system and I need data for ship the system for you. It sounds enjoy it is a Registered message. your Chap keeps correct on talking and does not reply any questions. I 've gotten at least 3 of the calls in your previous month. I may demand a lot of things but a medical alert system isn't among them.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Sucks they doubt let u talk

Post by Chris,

586-693-1117 've received many of these medic alert calls. If you personally listen to your entire message it tells you personally to press 5 for refuse Delivery. This dozen t appear to Cease that calls. . . what can be done. I 've also noticed the type of calls come out of different Telephone Amounts. . . . what a pain

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Has called twice but when I try to telephone back it says your Amount is disconnected. Allowing to everyone else s problems it would Search this really is a scam number.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Emergency medical alert system

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Very really rude told them I m on the Don't Phone LIST and they Speak correct over you and calls keep coming I get at least 2 a day

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Constant calling falsely Signifying Medical Alert System as soon on TV

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Isn't there a way for report this Amount to Verizon .

Post by Fed Up,

586-693-1117 These a holes are getting intelligent if that's potential . Now they're using a local Place code and comes across as a Mi phone thus you believe it's someone you personally might know.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Amount not in service when you personally try and telephone.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Unwanted and not Desired calls

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Scam telephone calls 3 or 4 times per week. We 're on the Do not Telephone LIST.

Post by real Michigan citizen,

586-693-1117 Scam phone message out of a Amount within Warren Mi asserting that I had already paid for a medic alert system and I Wanted to affirm Transport. Makes me mad that a broken senior could fall with this and Supply their credit card info. Should be jailed. .

Post by Nan,

5866931117 John Needed to confirm my address to send Outside your medical alert system. . . . I said NO. . . . don t need. . . . NO. . . NO. . . NO. . . I m on that do not telephone listing remove me out of your own files. . . . NO. . . No. . . NO. . he hung Upwards. . . . the telephone Arrived within out of Warren

Post by Kathy,

586-693-1117 This caller is Fraudulent and takes edge of that aged. We did not purchase a phone and nobody we understand would order people 1. A broken aged Man would become either overjoyed or upset by the confusion. Please Quit this caller NOW.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 I tell all callers that we've Submitted for Insolvency and the courts won't permit us for spend a Dollar without the judge s acceptance. That ends that dialogue immediately.

Post by April Calley,

586-693-1117 Called again left no message. . . . . Adding for my blocked list. However they're using more than just one Amounts thus keep adding them till no one Solutions. Crap sales telephone as before . . .

Post by jim,

5866931117 Called twice within ten minutes said if i was over W i could get W. W food coupon from the Authorities. and an emergency alert Necklace. Scam.

Post by Jeanie,

586-693-1117 Did t response thaw telephone. No message

Post by Jean,

5866931117 This number call all the time. You would think they would get your message we Stadium t replying that phone.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 How do we create them stop calling. Get the telephone at least twice a week. Medical alert scam.

Post by DP,

5866931117 These Men gals are relentless. They call from Around 5 Distinct Amounts.

Post by bev,

586-693-1117 who ordered the for me and y would they keep calling and no one will answer questions its Merely a recording

Post by kris,

5866931117 john from your Transportation Department. crisis alert system. i can be reporting them for the FCC.

Post by Beverly Albo,

586-693-1117 I get the phone 2 or 3 times a daytime. Once I answered and told that caller never for call me again thus they did that same daytime. I am on no telephone list for telemarketers Additionally.

Post by Gerry,

5866931117 I vie been becoming these calls 3 4 times a week around the last couple of months even getting some twice in 1 daytime and even on my cell Telephone. You personally would think that along with all the government can do with Telephone Amounts they d Get these Men and provide them a substantial fine at your least. .

Post by Irene,

586-693-1117 Got your same scam call.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Fake crisis medical alert system Attempting for deliver my medical alert system along with Records for K food for any grocery store in my own area. No name or company name given Starting of recording. pressing 1 Places you personally on hold forever along with no 1 coming Thur for Discuss to was Striving to see i could get more Information on the scam .

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Will not let you personally speak along with a Supervisor to get them for Quit calling. Concur it is a scam Firm preying on that aged.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 scam Telephone call when you personally re Face tape says Amount is no longer within service they're calling for Transport of life alert and W. W within grocery coupons all paid for including delivery could t get them to Cease calling hit Alternatives and nothing I live in Rochester MI

Post by grm8,

586-693-1117 I keep getting these pare recorded messages. I say hello once and no 1 Solutions. I don't wait for the message but I have had the before from Warren MI. I Simply press that Crucial within Fast succession for break your link of their Telephone line. I stopped putting these calls on the don't phone list that list does nothing for anyone and I don t even understand why it's there. Maybe for terrorists or something. . . . .

Post by Vanessa,

5866931117 The guy called us from the Amount I did t answer it and let it go to express mail. It says Mi on the caller ID. He said that either a Buddy family member or someone is giving me a medical alert system and they need me for set Upwards a time for installation PLUS 3 W. W within grocery discount certificates.

Post by LJ,

586-693-1117 The Business is preying on seniors and demand to be Ceased. Michigan phone W. W. W

Post by Kathy,

5866931117 Got several calls out of this . That first left a message and said he was from a shipping Section and someone had bought me a senior alert system and they wanted for set up Transport date. Sounded enjoy a scam in the Begin. That next calls I did t answer and they did t leave a message. So Ill of these calls.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Scam phone. Attempting for send that medical alert system I ordered. Truly said quot that I vie fallen and can t get up 1 quot . Keeps reading Program and won t let you personally Discuss. Silly.

Post by Woo,

5866931117 Get at least 4 call s a daytime out of several Distinct states . . . . ALL from john for a FREE Med. alert system.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Scam please stop this. Reported to your don't call list. Get the phone all of the time.

Post by Cheryl,

5866931117 Rob phone scam Offered a free medical alert system along along with a 3 W present Document. If you personally don't speak or press any buttons it may Return to your busy Sign at the Finish of your spiel. I reported this phone for that FTC on W W W.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Do we make them Quit calling. Get this phone at least twice a week. Medical alert scam.

Post by eebrad,

5866931117 Medical alert system already paid for along along with Transport out of a friend or a loved just one. Merely scheduling a delivery. Scam

Post by John,

586-693-1117 The only motive that medic alert for seniors scampers telephone people is to get your credit card Amounts so they can cheat people.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Th call. trying for send security system which I ordered. I already have an dismay and NEVER ordered an additional one

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 This really is your Road time for this particular type of call. . 2 out of California. . . 1 out of Mi. . . could t Speak for that Individual. . I listened to your entire matter this last time and you have for press 1 for accept that Unit or press 5 to Drop I pressed 5 and then another voice said I would not be contacted again. . . A scam for certain. .

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Scam caller

Post by mike,

586-693-1117 Fake call from senior alert system wanting for present us a free I have fallen and could t get up type system. Allie by that name of Josh maintaining for be in the shipping Section with a prerecorded message.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Medical alert scam. Make them quit.

Post by Betty,

586-693-1117 These people repeatedly phone. I am on that Do not Call System and you still can t get them for Quit.

Post by Donald M Anderson,

5866931117 Report them here HTTP Internet. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Gripe Gripe check. asp. Screen HTTP Web. consumer finance. gov Grievance May}n' desire for consider Purchasing a telephone blocker System or Telephone Additionally. HTTP Internet. amazon. com s ref busboys. URL hunt alias DPs amp subject keywords phone blockers

Post by Jon,

586-693-1117 Phone out of John for an emergency alert system. What a scam Simply hang up on them.

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Consistently getting a call from this Amount. It is a scam

Post by Capital Punishment for Telemarketers,

586-693-1117 Registered message as shortly as I heard Focus Seniors I Installed Upwards and blocked the number with my Digit one phone blocking device. If you re as plagued by daily recalls and hang up calls as we were despite being on that National Don't Phone List attempt the Digit just one I got ours from Amazon . No I m not a salesperson for them. I m Only very impressed along with the difference in the Amount of unwanted calls. I Getaway t even blocked whole Place Requirements However I Simply block everyone who hangs up on our replying machine or leaves a solicitous message. Unidentified callers are automatically blocked by that device. The Day-to-day recalls 've Shed by Around W .

Post by Guest,

5866931117 Owner Needed for Supply me emergency alert system plus W within gift Records for food. Did not request for anyone by name or supply the name of that Business calling.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 Steady calls out of this Amount for that Medical Alert system and food. Very annoying.

Post by Pat,

5866931117 Got two calls out of the number. 1 at 1 W and another at 1 W. This is a scam.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 This really is turning into a harassment phone. That call comes several times a daytime and even a week. It's a record for a free medical alert system. I 've stayed on your line to tell them for Leave calling but your calls still come. Can t call anyone back along with Owner ID because no just one answers. Need to contact the news Press to get rid of these Individuals.

Post by I haven't fallen (yet),

5866931117 long Spent prerecorded message going on about press 1 to set up a delivery time for my Wellness crisis alert system which has uh already been paid for and uh just demand for Supply it. Phone rec d W W W Simply before 8 p. m. Identified on Owner ID only as Mi Telephone

Post by Please Report to FCC http://www.fcc.gov,

586-693-1117 Telephone out of John for an free crisis alert system.

Post by DALE,

5866931117 Become on your alert the number is a scam just hang up

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 This really is a harassment telephone and quite misleading. It should be prohibited. Everyone should lodge a Gripe with that Attorney General s office

Post by Guest,

5866931117 SPAM. Striving to send out quot free quot medical Gear. contact the Michigan Lawyer general office or your BBB and file a Grievance.

Post by Guest,

586-693-1117 This can be certainly ridiculous. I get Telephone calls nearly everyday from the number. It's a Registered message at first maintaining I requested info on medical alert Gear. I m notifying that Lawyer General s office Now.

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7042724965 Complains by Guest,

Telemarketer of credit card scam

8166985887 Complains by Guest,

Untrue message no such Business as Allen care Pharmacy in Kansas MO

3103990468 Complains by Guest,

Offered lower cc interest rate

6787247740 Complains by Guest,

cit co

8044848278 Complains by mars,

Called 2 W pm got a busy tone on the other Finish .

8052852188 Complains by Guest,

Did t answer

2253417045 Complains by Guest,

No 1 s on another line. Its quiet.

6787647926 Complains by Guest,

receive no texts or calls

8002497148 Complains by Investor,

This is your Proxy Info group. They want you for grant them proxy voting rights ahead of some investor vote.

8002437552 Complains by Betty,

Scams he called me saying that So-and-so left me as a reference don't pick up the phone

8002223344 Complains by Diane,

This really is a political call from Label Greasing

8002381936 Complains by unknown,

I 'm getting calls all the time from this FT no 1 is on that line amp Subsequently music plays. It's really annoying.

8002373108 Complains by Bob Goldwater,

I was Merely contacted by Jonathan Japan who told me that his Advertisement agency inadvertently printed W W hospital brochures with my toll free Amount on it. He Inquired me if I could transfer that number for him out of the goodness of my heart. He was Very smooth and Finished it sounds enjoy he has used this Message hundreds of times. I m certain a lot of Individuals autumn for this Trick but I Go ogled his number 1 W W W and found the net page. Thank God for the Net.

8002408151 Complains by Jules,

Got that same call Now. I Afterward located that Amount of Fifth Third Bank from my Vehicle loan Reports and called them for Check. It was a valid Amount. It s their Libraries Section.

8002186371 Complains by Linde,

wanted for understand who your Owner is

8002356247 Complains by Davi,

I Merely got a notice within that send about a 1 W W prize. I understand that is a scam but what I don t comprehend is exactly why that postal Experts permit something like to continue. There must a SH. . Weight of fraud passing Thur your post office.

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