5869399600 / 586-939-9600

Telephone information: Ameritech Michigan. Warren, MI. Macomb. United states
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Post by Blackberry User,

5869399600 Gotten two calls today first I did not answer Subsequently answered and asked to become taken off their list. Allegedly a Roy owes money and they wont take it off since my account could use my Amount Called and kept getting Directed} for same Telephone Individual. . . SCAM

Post by Bob Jason,

586-939-9600 You personally said it perfectly Intelligent Phones are your way to fly. And those Applications are Merely what your Doctor ordered. . .

Post by JY,

5869399600 Verizon Wireless lets you block 5 numbers for free. But you've to would it each 6 months or thus. Usually by then they Quit trying to call since they can t get through.

Post by Peperepepo,

586-939-9600 You personally also 've for become careful because these debt collectors occasionally use their own cedilla and leave a message unrelated to you thus if you personally Answer or telephone back for tell them they telephone your incorrect Individual they understand you personally exist and keep calling back. Thus that best matter for would is not to answer any hone not within your friend list if your own friend calls you he she may leave a message or else. I receive calls from Individuals to supposedly others to apologize or about a not alive within the family they don t 've scrupulous so you phone them they had the erroneous number. These debt collectors become creative Recall they get comm fission on the they bring back to these Lovers who buy your debts for cents of your dollar occasionally at . W or . W and Afterward advantage in the rest they can get and You're already Attached no issue what. Whether pay or not pay thus. . . good Fortune. and sorry for all your problems.

Post by Guest,

5869399600 NFC

Post by HOOTIE,

586-939-9600 So like I paid and paid through a reputable consumer credit company that Added down my debt for Virtually nothing then I got sick several surgeries massive medical bills stacked up and I could not Complete paying away the little bit of credit card debt I had. But it s all interest and now they pile more attention on attention. They have ruined my credit and these amounts are Actually Merely interest on attention. . debts to enjoy Citibank of W Dollars sold for these Firms who keep piling on attention. . . . I 've for pay my drys thus I could continue my medical treatment for get Well or at least 've some small quality of life. My question is are these Businesses who Purchase the larger banks quite small debts are they going for pile on So Considerably attention that they will 've enjoy 2 grand of attention and become Capable for file a judgment. Is that what s next. I so need to file bankruptcy enjoy 4 yrs Past but husband refused. What can I can. I paid among these companies already W thinking Ok knock Outside the Enormous People first and try to pay everything get out of debt but this has snowballed so badly that I do not know what for do other than tell your callers I am not your one they're looking for. But what s that smartest matter for can at the point. Why should I 've to pay on attention compounded for years over an Nearly paid off card. Yes I should 've paid it off when that card was almost paid but I was thus Ill that finances did t question surviving did. I have a kid. So what to do. And these Individuals once you state you are that person you get W other Firms Attempting to Amass what was a W dollar Statement that interest at W Percentage now says I owe W. They keep harassing and Afterward others locate you and there s no end. Would I keep as I 'm doing and pay my medical bills or waste cash on these companies who bought the old debt. Am I liable for that old debt they now state is thus Substantially more. . . These are my questions. Ty for reading.

Post by Guest,

5869399600 credit card

Post by CantPay,

586-939-9600 I Place all my such callers under your contact list entry Clickers. And of course they get Automobile forwarded for voice send. I may have for check Outside an app to Fall them mechanically Particularly if there is a community blacklist utilized

Post by Guest,

5869399600 Property acceptance

Post by Sammi,

586-939-9600 Yep so I 'm really weary of these phone calls and I wish they would stop. Pleasant strive though If you personally re not among my Connections in my own Telephone I don t reply.

Post by Guest,

5869399600 debt Set company. automated

Post by Guest,

586-939-9600 Owner keeps calling and hanging Upwards if I let go to voice send no message. Spammer

Post by Ray Baker,

5869399600 got a call out of the number left no message

Post by Guest,

586-939-9600 Am ex

Post by Guest,

5869399600 Assholes

Post by Elias,

586-939-9600 If your own Telephone is Prison busted attempt the program blacklist. It works Excellent.

Post by Bob Jason,

5869399600 You personally said it perfectly Clever Phones are the way for Travel. And those Applications are Simply what your Doctor ordered. . .

Post by catz,

586-939-9600 simply create a silent ring tone and Implement it for this number.

Post by Teenager,

5869399600 I m becoming these calls even though I m still within high school and even though I told them I m not whoever they re searching for and how old I am they won t Discontinue calling and they Typically telephone at the most inconvenient of times like my grandpa s funeral or at 2 Am.

Post by Guest,

586-939-9600 Collections company

Post by Kathy,

5869399600 Do you personally Discontinue this.

Post by Joe Paterno,

586-939-9600 I m not alive and these debt collectors are STILL calling me. WT.

Post by Guest,

5869399600 Collections

Post by Guest,

586-939-9600 Dickheads. I Only bought the Telephone from Walmart 2 days Past and that is your spam number that keeps calling. Walmart is to attribute. They sell your info as soon as you personally buy a Telephone. they're in Warren Mich Block them.

Post by annoyed,

5869399600 They called both my house and cell phone simultaneously and I don t 've any Excellent debts.

Post by Charyl,

586-939-9600 They phone me all the time searching for a John Cross. I tell them that I 've told you personally he is not here never was here. They keep calling. Too the point that it's harassment.

Post by Soccerjunky,

5869399600 If your debt is older than 7 years it should automatically fall off your own credit. Thus unless your own Striving for buy a house pay your medical bills.

Post by Guest,

586-939-9600 Group agency

Post by turnip,

5869399600 I love your own silent ring tone Notion and your own pare Registered Notion. . . . 4 years now and these goons are still trying. This one said he was an insurance company. . . Fool me once Waste on you personally. . . dingbat me twice Waste on me.

Post by Guest,

586-939-9600 Don t know

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4352387786 Complains by Guest,

Telemarketing scam

5618914964 Complains by Freddy,

I Only got a call from the phone Amount.

9254021799 Complains by Guest,

That moment it sounded enjoy a machine was playing is when I hanged Upward.

4387938980 Complains by Guest,

Called Property Line and Cell. No one on the line.

9172089956 Complains by Guest,

A spam phishing call. Telling you that you can Triumph a trip to that Bahamas if you personally take many type of political survey.

8052062220 Complains by KB,

Received telephone out of W W W cell Telephone within semi valley ca. Unknown caller hung up.

8183961675 Complains by kathleen angood,

Alex Ferguson left a message and he said he was calling out of legal matters and wanted us to call him back. failure for call him back may result for face the magistrate judge. when we called back he request for your phone Amount but i cannot understand his accent and he Place me on hold Afterward got disconnected.

9362579915 Complains by Dee,

Just calls to call - no good reason - just to be bothersome to people at work!  Robo caller trying to make numbers

9737504092 Complains by Guest,

Directed} unsolicited text viewing Vehicle loans.

4433770885 Complains by Guest,

she tyranny fight me

4074705419 Complains by Guest,

go away Timmy

8095230000 Complains by Badge714,

Are you having problem becoming quarters to Place within your own Telephone.

8132888282 Complains by patrick,

they are rude and untrustworthy.

3012750915 Complains by Guest,

Called my cellphone left no message. It s a nuisance.

8885697149 Complains by Guest,

bill collector your North property group Credit Cards

9492768576 Complains by delta53,

Calling back to this number results in this announcement: "This phone number, 433-2551 has been temporarily disconnected at the customers request."

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