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2016-12-02 22:26:38
you've been selected by air canada......
2016-07-26 02:17:54
Owner of this number is located in Calgary at 1520 26 ave SE A. Gjata - he was stupid enough to use a home phone to call me right back when I told him to quit calling me.
2016-06-22 22:51:47
2016-06-16 02:16:10
eyesight fin.
2016-06-15 18:42:04
Dint understand the number.
2016-05-28 23:47:06
Erroneous number
2016-05-25 14:35:54
Merely called back and it was a record the number did t exist
2016-05-18 04:24:23
Sunday morning Merely after W no response when I answered
2016-05-17 06:48:23
Don t answer
2016-05-17 02:15:05
This is a valid phone from your Congressman at P Advertising
2016-05-16 05:34:13
don t need him I m good
2016-05-15 18:05:51
I obtained a phone today from your same phone number telling me that I had a litigation pending and that a payday loan that I don t have Business was suing me and that I was going to be Decided Upwards by your Authorities for fraud. Told me that they would come for my house an even my work and take me downtown for Upwards to W times. I informed him that it dozen t work the way here within that Us as we are Innocent until Established guilty. They called me while at work and got me thus upset that I could t work the remainder of your daytime. He told me that I lived in CA and I told him that I had not Resided in CA for around W years. He said which is must be an error. I told him that I understand where I live and that when you personally contact me again I can consider the harassment and I will press Costs against them. That man did overly have a Significant Indian Feature. I did t let him tell me how Considerably cash I had for pay as I hung Upward on him and told him not to phone me again.
2016-05-15 13:30:24
your number has been blocked from calls and texts because your owner of the Telephone dozen t 've time for waste on you
2016-05-15 09:06:59
I replied the time it was Contractor collision follow Upwards survey to work done on my Auto.
2016-05-15 03:44:47
Recording. . .
2016-05-14 21:40:34
Family member took message that I owed on an credit card which was around 2 yrs previous but Offered no details of what credit card Business it was or he represented just that that he was Sanchez and that I owed on this thus called account. And threatened to apply with Cops if I did not Result and family took offense and Installed Upwards. Its ob viciously that this Man from Barry Booth Computer dozen t have all his facts amp records straight within Wishes to collecting on a debt if he is not certain its my debt or not. Thus my family Put Upward because your Owner was rude amp threatening. Florida
2016-05-14 18:28:40
2016-05-14 12:49:05
2016-05-13 23:20:25
Credit spam
2016-05-12 21:12:05
I spoke to Race Around this because I 'm becoming the same thing several times a day. They said that's is with out a doubt a scam but because they keep giving it out of a Distinct address every time they are having a challenging time blocking all of that accounts. He said that simply thing to can is for Alter my number but I 've had the same number for W years I 'm not Around for do that. Tried for telephone the Amount to see I could get a Actual Individual and I can t it Simply keeps asking for my account number. I Set in many Fake Amount and it Only tells me that it is not valid and that I need for re enter it. . . ECOLOGIC. . . . .

Phone list in area 587

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
5876730354Hang Upward. Spam. Call back gets fast busyGuest212015-11-04 17:55:57
5878839697Canadian online pharmacyGuest52015-11-04 19:55:58
5877742350CREDIT CARD CROOKS. . John92015-12-15 21:41:11
5873494819unknown contactGuest12015-11-04 17:34:06
5876441500blockGuest72016-02-09 01:28:20
5874011015Endanger an W year old guy by telling him to get a Attorney that they were going for sue him. Guest212015-11-04 20:19:57
5879838123Criminal Telephone scam activityGuest62015-12-20 11:07:59
5878814999These Folks call me 2 6 times a daytime. I never answer anymore but they continue. Guest212015-11-04 17:06:58
5874875808Offering free cruiseGuest1732015-11-04 17:23:57
5873327102Extended vehicle Guarantee . Guest82015-12-09 15:09:29
5877190266They are constantly calling my Boyfriend Around winning sweepstakes and then asking for big sums of cash for receive this money Complete scummier we need it for stop. . They hurt so many aged people Look for them hang them Upwards by there testicles. . Guest82015-11-04 18:37:58
5873430996really friendlyGuest72015-12-09 22:44:37
5873336332Marketing beds talking fastGuest92015-12-15 11:53:43
5872848205The calls are quite annoying and a Enormous inconvenience as I have trouble getting to that Telephone dealing along with interruptions lost slumber etc. I would never ever do company with freaks enjoy the so they should Only Discontinue calling and get a Actual Occupation. Dammitall62015-12-19 05:43:14
5878031315fake moneyGuest52016-03-24 07:45:59
5875804010two text messagesGuest42016-05-02 21:33:01
5877189486block the Amount out of calling and testingGuest12015-11-04 19:44:06
5877828916Cash cash cash. Guest42016-04-20 04:43:37
5879526050A guy maintaining he Adores meGuest62016-05-07 13:19:29
5877734992skunk messy how no life wormGuest32016-04-18 08:58:09
5879267149I don t need the Man calling meGuest62015-12-16 02:48:33
5877734782Vulgar statements proposing sex for moneyGuest52015-12-14 13:38:54
5873164817left no message just Installed upGuest52016-04-14 16:56:20
5873748745The Amount sends perverted text messages. Guest62015-12-18 14:12:54
5877770911A young Girl called at W W a. m on August Th saying the following I could see what your own wearing . . Guest12015-11-05 00:20:49
5878031330Calls a t midnightGuest72016-03-26 12:36:41
5878806216These people called me at 3 W within that morningGuest142015-11-05 01:02:58
5875778825Someone out of the number keeps calling but leaves no message. Who is this. . Guest72016-04-05 15:58:53
5876710533wow holy fixing rude Genetics. . . . . Guest52015-12-14 09:15:02
5875944885Desired for sell me a Automobile Guarantee and did t desire to take no for an answer. Guest42015-12-18 10:43:10
5872204852Want they would Leave callingGuest72015-12-09 23:18:50
5873494726extended Guarantee sales. ZachTheCat62015-12-16 16:51:10
5878734407GabGuest82015-12-09 14:15:34
5877180106I 'm on the DC list for my cell and the keeps calling me. When calling back that is disconnected. When I Google the Amount that is what i get Stephen Digesting W W W W Mark wood Doctor Texan AR WJTAZ82015-12-20 06:36:11
5872168565Cheap AfricanGuest82015-12-16 10:49:23
5873175443Calls amp hangs Upwards. No Notion who that is. Guest72015-12-08 06:25:22
5877839566Keeps calling my phone and not saying anythingGuest62015-12-22 17:16:24
5877980803service not work inGuest12015-11-05 08:17:06
5877744482This person using grisliest for try an purchase Things for be shipped for Nigeria by sending fake PayPal payment invoices. Guest42015-12-20 03:02:09
5877776281I don t understand the personGuest72015-12-16 13:50:45
5879894298LolaGuest12015-11-05 09:39:06
5872537389I vie get multiple phone calls from this number. They never leave a message and when you personally call that Amount back it's an automated message asking if you are looking for an Vehicle loan. The sounds similar to the calls gotten in the numbers W W W and W W W. If which is the case this is a telemarketer scam Telephone telephone. Ann52015-12-19 18:21:01
5873771012RonGuest12015-11-05 10:44:06
5875967680Tetvio42015-12-16 14:52:42
5873336307It keeps calling but hangs Upwards quicklyGuest202015-11-05 11:21:57
5873772175copGuest72015-12-09 17:30:05
5876441494WRONGGuest62016-02-09 01:28:28
5873433509cell Telephone Connected SPAMGuest32016-02-15 20:37:56
5877841710Unknown number called did t leave messageGuest62015-12-20 21:33:54
5874011014left message along with threatening tone for contact him backGuest252015-11-05 15:27:57

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