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Post by Guest,

6042706460 They called my house twice tonight. Once at W P. m. and again at W P. m. I told them your second time I May phone that Authorities.

Post by Rina,

604-270-6460 I get these calls constantly. I Typically play along with them. The time I Inquired that Man if he Desired for sing a tune along with me in place of trying to rip me off. I told him for get a real job in place of Attempting to steal people s cash. He said why don t you personally Merely get robbed. It s so sad because there are people out there that would consider that there really is something wrong along with their computer. Your last time they called I called your police because they 've my name and address. It s Actually pretty frightening. . . The Cops told me for Only not pick Upwards that phone. Unhappy that nothing could become done.

Post by mj,

6042706460 This Amount called my house at W W pm on a Sunday night claiming for become out of Microsoft that it was urgent blah blah blah. I listened for a few minutes Afterward told her that her company was a scam and that I was not interested and for Cease calling my house. These people keep calling my Dwelling around and over and over. They have all had Indian accents. Once I Installed up on her she proceeded to phone my house W more times. She would phone I would hang Upward. Thus annoying. I blocked the Amount. If you personally attempt to phone this number it says it's not within service. After stating they work along with Microsoft they eventually take you to this website Www. AMY. COM . Phishing Do not play.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Called W W pm foreign speaking Man calling Around your computer delivering virus. Whole rubbish.

Post by storm,

6042706460 Got this call this morning within Europe. . . and missed your call. When I called back it is said this number is not in service.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 You keep calling we want you would not phone any more we don't 've anything you desire thus please quit calling. Thank you.

Post by TARA Lynn,

6042706460 I Simply got that same telephone. I played along with him for some time but I Subsequently Installed up.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 The Man was very rude. He said he was calling for Microsoft and needed access for my computer. He called Approximately 7 W 'm and I mentioned how early he was calling and he said he wan t calling Around that time only my computer. He had a substantial Indian accent.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 He said which he was along with Microsoft and which our computer had alerted them for an Disease. . . not a virus an Illness that Desired to become Chosen care of. He Needed me for go into your administration files on the computer. When I told him that I would have my Partner call him back he Installed up on me.

Post by lori,

604-270-6460 I 've been harassed for months by the same Indian Feature out of Distinct numbers maintaining my Notebook has a virus. If this really is Accurate I ll take care of it in my own own time. I vie told them to leave me your hell alone but that calls continue. For all I understand whoever this really is desires for Put a virus in my own Notebook. Please make them stop.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 SCAM said he was from windows support and I could barely understand significant Feature. I don t even use Windows. Hung up

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Pretends to be Windows support. Calls very late at night Attempting for get you personally for let them within to your computer.

Post by Mike,

6042706460 Becoming calls at nighttime and now mornings.

Post by tanya  scharff,

604-270-6460 called at PM said that my computer was sending out virus s Needed me for turn it on and he would take control of my computer and get it fixed. I said no thank you personally and loose this Telephone number and do not telephone again. drained of these telephone of all hrs. this is a fraud telephone that's not Recorded within your telephone type

Post by StageCoachDriver,

6042706460 Same Owner but uses many Distinct Telephone numbers. Called me at 7 'm woke me Upward. Desire for mend my computer problems. I usually talk to them for as long as possible to waste their time and eventually tell them I m a retired computer professional and really don t demand their advise or consider a word they re saying.

Post by 346yu,

604-270-6460 Person with Indian Highlight called me. I let him walk me up to your command prompt. You understand your point where I d 've given him enough information for Supply him accessibility of my computer around to him. Then I told him this had been amusing and cursed him Outside. T

Post by Guest,

6042706460 Indian phone center. Calls 7 'm threatening your own computer is delivering Outside viruses and they must fix it. Asks for personal Information . Told not for call repeatedly

Post by Anthony Zweiner,

604-270-6460 Owner ID said RICHMOND BC They Installed Upwards the moment my answering machine answered

Post by TAra S.,

6042706460 Called my house at 1 Am obviously did t Choose Upward bit now demand to get the Chosen attention of. This really is silly. . . .

Post by F. Ed Upp,

604-270-6460 the number called me last night. As shortly as I saw BRITISH CO Telephone on my Caller Id I did t even annoyance to pick it up. The last time that Windows scampers called me and Asserted my computer was acting up correct at that really moment I politely informed them it wan t even turned on and Put Upward on them.

Post by Sam J.S.,

6042706460 Received a second call from your same party W hours from your last one the sounded like Distinct guy but same Indian accent and spiel regarding get in front of my computer. I again told him for Stop bothering me and Cease calling and whatever he was Marketing was bogus and I wan t interested. His language became abusive and I now consider this for become harassment.

Post by edward kruk,

604-270-6460 received a telephone out of W W W at 6 W 'm est A DIRECT Violation OF Your FD CPA I Would like For Have MORE Data ON THESE VIOLATORS For Follow LITIGATION With The FD CPA AND That New YORK STATE Lawyer GENERAL. PLEASE E Send ALL Data To Legendre yahoo. com MY Year Old Mom IS HOSPITALIZED AND The Call AT 6 W Am Frightened The HELL From ME AND Within my Attempt For Response The Phone I Dropped AND INJURED MY Knee. THEY MUST Become HELD Accountable FOR THEIR STUPIDITY AND DIRECT Infraction. PLEASE HELP Ed KR UK

Post by Max,

6042706460 Only obtained a telephone out of this scam phone and did t response. I 'm blocking these through Com cast s Particular call forwarding. It s working Actually nicely and the just one can become added to that list.

Post by TAra S.,

604-270-6460 Called my house at 1 'm obviously did t Choose up bit now need to get this taken attention of. This is ridiculous. . . .

Post by BigSteve,

6042706460 Same as all the remainder Indian sounding male who claims to have a report that my computer is infected. Inquired him not to phone back he did. Cursed him out loudly and Langley told him I ll tell him Around his Mommy that next time he calls. Report got to DC Registry.

Post by Cows,

604-270-6460 My sister got that telephone and Needed to Chaos with your Man. She Offered him my Google voice number and said I was that owner of that computer. He Put Upwards on me before it even finished stating the call was being recorded.

Post by david,

6042706460 got calls at 'm Asian time on both Monday and Tuesday viewing my Computer I don t have one . I Inquired his name. he said Steve but i had for request him to fascination it because of his Feature. i asked for his phone Amount he gave a false 1. i Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Call Arrived before 8 W a. m. on my House phone. No just one instantaneously responded when I replied so I hung Upward.

Post by mj,

6042706460 W W W A and P. Message was left but it was your just that sounds when someone puts your headset down. Nothing verbal. Before I came to this Website I was upset that maybe one of my Canadian relatives had died. I could not call this Amount back. My Dwelling Telephone Amount is in Washington state.

Post by stacey,

604-270-6460 Get a call blocking Product or phone. That helps immensely.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 I have received several calls in 1 week and Owner won't speak. They are calling as late as W PM at nighttime which no valid organization would consider. This is harassment.

Post by Concerned,

604-270-6460 What is the FTC DC Website. Where could it be found.

Post by Anonymous,

6042706460 Called my house at W W PM PST. Offered me that same tune and Party Around my computer. Told him he was a scummier that my computer USN t even Connected Upward Hans t been for months and that I was Calling law Administration because it is against your law for call at that time of nighttime. He responded saying I wanna have sex along with You're you Sleep. I told him law enforcement was being notified and Put up. What audacity of these Individuals. . .

Post by JustinKase,

604-270-6460 Tell em you've a Mac that ll Close em Upward within a dash.

Post by Concerned,

6042706460 What is that FTC DC site. Where can it be found.

Post by LisaM,

604-270-6460 Called at 7 'm and woke me Upward I was half asleep when I said hello and a woman s voice just Began laughing. . It was creepy.

Post by Anymouse,

6042706460 TD Don t Anxiety do not follow anything these scampers tell you personally. . . . Just hang up on them. They can do nothing to your own Computer if you personally Merely hang Upwards that phone.

Post by Dee,

604-270-6460 Correction make that Retail Businesses

Post by JustinKase,

6042706460 After getting called three 3 Times within a row I finally said to the guy Your just virus I m stressed about is that 1 I caught out of your mother at that whorehouse . . . . . . . . . Hans t called me back since.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Called at W W p. m. Could Notice respiration on other end but never talked. Probably your Th or Th time we've been called by these Folks and second time after W W p. m. Last time they called at W W I asked what they were presuming calling so late. They said best opportunity for Find us at Residence. No kidding. Everyone is asleep. Even if they were legit they would t get my company calling at that hour.

Post by stacey,

6042706460 Get a call blocking System or Telephone. That helps immensely.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Acquired a telephone along with that Owner ID at 7 'm on a Saturday morning from someone asserting for become out of Microsoft Windows and claiming they had gotten a virus alert from my computer. I knew immediately it was a scam because Microsoft would not 've my Dwelling Telephone number within its database of Enrolled users.

Post by Tom,

6042706460 Difficult for comprehend Indian Girl called Monday at 6 W essential and today Tuesday at 7 W 'm central I Inquired both times for Chat to some Manager and become taken off their list and was disconnected. They were selling computer fixes. . . . quite annoying. . .

Post by Carrie,

604-270-6460 Keeps calling twice a daytime all within your evening

Post by Guest,

6042706460 Owner desires me to fix my computer says their out of windows 've acquired three calls same Amount and same caller

Post by Cynthia,

604-270-6460 Most all of these calls are coming out of foreign Nation s. We don't 've jurisdiction in those State s thus unless their Authorities determine to co Manage your very best Gamble is a telephone blocking Unit or phone.

Post by JustinKase,

6042706460 Same scumbag has called my house W W W W PM two Days within a row anyway to Quit the bull hit. . . .

Post by Boy George,

604-270-6460 No reply Simply hung Upwards. Suspiciously this number called Simply AFTER W W W called for Confirm my Google Site. . .

Post by Bruce,

6042706460 Just got that same phone from a very heavily Highlighted Indian woman. She Promised my computer was Around to explode or something and had me run a program I forget which on my Pc. She Afterward demonstrated that she was legit by reading away a long String of Words and Amounts that appeared at that Base of your scrolling text. She then said now that you could see we 're valid how else would we know the number please go to your website called join. me and click on join meeting. Of path I did t I was just Interested about where all the was headed and now it became clear. She told me that I was going for Link along with a Tech who would take over and cure my computer out of whatever plague had infected it. Fine strive. I hung up.

Post by K,

604-270-6460 Just acquired a telephone from the scam of your own windows are infected told them I was not home and they Installed Upward on me. Don't follow their directions.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 He called 4 times after I hung Upwards on him. He told me that my Laptop was giving fraud Email addresses and he was here to help. I told him he was a scummier and he tried for Disagree with me. He has a heavy India accent and he works for Windows certified tech Section. I Inquired him for email me that repair which he did not want. He Needed into my Laptop s Head. . Please warn Folks Around the scam. . . . . . 1

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 caller claims there surely is an urgent Trouble with my computer. I hung Upwards. Definitely a scam.

Post by Sleepy in Oregon,

6042706460 Called at W p. m on a Sunday night. H. Replied just long enough to disconnect call.

Post by aj,

604-270-6460 Got a phone from the Amount Today maintaining for become from Windows. Appropriate away called him a piece of and told him for go for Hell. He called me Jesus Jesus. I then told him I had for go telephone his Mom.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 I reported them for DC FCC and Canadian govt. we get calls at least 3 times a week and before 8 am and after W pm EDT. Same routine we are Microsoft you are Getting Outside a virus present me info we can Clear it. HARASSMENT.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Person keeps calling saying he is from windows support. Substantial Indian accent that is a scam

Post by cc,

6042706460 Got a phone at 7 W this morning Indian Highlighted man. My computer was going for crash due to a virus and I Wanted to go to my computer instantaneously so he could help me repair it.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Called at PM and Inquired Around my Windows computer. He had an East Indian Feature. Told him i haven't had a Windows Computer for 7 years . He asked what type. its a scam

Post by Sam J.S.,

6042706460 Received a second phone from the same Bash W hours from the last 1 this sounded like different guy but same Indian Feature and spiel viewing get within front of my computer. I again told him to quit bothering me and Quit calling and whatever he was Marketing was bogus and I wan t interested. His language became Violent and I now consider this for become harassment.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Called before Am and after PM . I never answered and that Owner did not leave a message. But keeps calling X each daytime .

Post by DS,

6042706460 Same telephone as all previous Grievances. He was frustrated cause I kept asking him questions of course I knew it was a scam . He Subsequently replied would you Chat English and I replied better than you and Installed Upward.

Post by larswags1,

604-270-6460 I 've obtained 4 or 5 calls from the Amount in that past few days that latest at 9 W this Night constantly someone with an Indian Highlight telling me that there surely is something wrong along with my computer. As shortly as I request for their full name amp tell them I am contacting that FTC they hang Upward.

Post by Dee,

6042706460 Correction create that Retail Businesses

Post by beezkneez,

604-270-6460 This number called at 9 W at night. We don t understand anyone in Richmond BC thus we did t reply. They did t leave a message.

Post by JustinKase,

6042706460 Same scumbag has called my house W W W W PM two nights in a row anyway to Cease the bull hit. . . .

Post by Chris K,

604-270-6460 They were asserting they were out of Windows stating that they gotten a report that was created out of my computer and I had a terrible virus or Traveler ware. I mentioned oh Actually. how did you get the phone Amount Afterward. They Installed up. I was going to ask them if they had my IPA address but they Installed Upwards before I could.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 Dumb forgot about reverse look up. scam BEWARE. . . . Your own WI Fie is crashing your computer and affecting your main server for windows. Let me help you personally repair this. NOT. . . . . . Put Upwards after he was told my Developer has got certain it's Safe. Goals older Individuals along with Methods for get them to provide out E-mail and passwords and access to computer via Rural accessibility.

Post by JustinKase,

604-270-6460 Same scumbag has called my house W W W W PM two Days within a row anyway to stop the bull Strike. . . .

Post by Guest,

6042706460 this Amount is being used for that scam for get Folks for open their computers to your Rural Crack by telling Individuals they are helping along with a computer notices of Disease. Its a lie.

Post by Connie,

604-270-6460 Bob called 2 earlier mornings within a row for repair my windows Put Upwards X

Post by colearle,

6042706460 Female out of India early within a. m. Around computer problem. Same phone acquired many times last month from different number.

Post by PS,

604-270-6460 I 've gotten several calls from the number in your previous 2 weeks. Calls as early as Am and as late as PM. I do not reply calls that I don't understand. It is Evident that these Folks are Striving to get into your computer. Will there be something all of people can perform to stop the.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 quot Kathy Brecht W Bennett Road Richmond BC quot does not sound like a create from an Indian Phone Facility. Th fraud this week. I told him I was quot Microsoft Corp quot and could he provide me the Department. he Desired for reach. He read me off a very long purporting to become my computer . Subsequently he Inquired what Managing system I had and he needed that s n and OS from my Windows computer. Obviously they don't have any hint that Microsoft and Windows go Jointly. PS I 've Apple merchandises . Additionally of your 2 Kathy Headrests within CA 1 pulled Upward a fairly recent obit. . Are they using obits for look for names for caller IDs.

Post by Geoff,

604-270-6460 It is interesting how many of these scampers along with English names Regularly Leave their jobs and go for work for AT amp T or Plate Internet. Many times I have talked for Betty or David at AT amp T and was Nearly certain that I had talked to them previously Around Irs problems or Viruses lurking within my computer. Sounded like Rakish or his lovely sister Printer Could someone tell me how to get back to B. C. . That Partner said turn left I idea she said turn correct and we have been dwelling within East Texas now for Virtually W years. I m still learning the language. My Buddies here phone me Gee Off Down here when you say about Folks believe you are talking about footwear. LOLA get it. abbot Heehaw. . . . . It means That s a good matter That s all I know for now. I m on a serious learning curve. Please send cash or a bus Admission. . . . . . enclose map.

Post by Dee,

6042706460 Correction create that Retail Companies

Post by Cynthia,

604-270-6460 Most all of these calls are coming from foreign country s. We do not have Authority in those country s thus unless their Governments decide for co Manage your own best Wager is a phone blocking Unit or phone.

Post by Anonymous,

6042706460 Received a call today at 7 W a. m. EST. They did not leave a message. As I have Owner ID I don t reply any calls that I don t Comprehend that Amount thus don t understand what kind of call it was.

Post by bay,

604-270-6460 they telephone me 'm is this a joke or what

Post by Guest,

6042706460 Significant Indian accent. Scummier desires access for my computer to quot mend quot viruses. Accurate Telephone number is Criminal. Exhausted of that calls Notably after 9 W pm.

Post by tired of scams,

604-270-6460 they called twice this morning. . . wife Put up first time. I replied and told her I was a Cops Official and Desired her not empty name House Telephone and Dwelling address. I always smile when I here your click on the other end.

Post by Earlene,

6042706460 Gotten a telephone at W PM Sunday nighttime W W W from W W W saying he was out of Microsoft support and it was urgent for me to turn on my computer. I told him no and did he recognize what time of daytime it was. Man was of Western Feature I Put Upward on him. I 've acquired calls like this before and I consistently tell them the same matter

Post by F. Ed Upp,

604-270-6460 A telephone for that windows Disease scam. Before they could even tell me their sales Message I told them You re a scam. and hung Upwards on them.

Post by tcement,

6042706460 Regrettably I did not have time to Talk for Windows Support caller. Had something else for would. Feel for. I 've a Linux carton place Upward along with Team Viewer the soft wares these folks Normally 've you personally download so they can take control of and repair your own computer. Team Viewer is itself a valid product which I use for help Remote Pals Really mend their computers. My Linux Team Person is place Upward to refuse control to outsiders not that it would issue to Windows Support since it's Linux. BUT I set it Upwards thus that when I link Windows Support computer for mine I could take control of their box if they never have Chosen precautions. Been wanting to Evaluation it but alas I vie not that time Now. Pity.

Post by Geoff,

604-270-6460 It is fascinating how many of these scampers with English names often quit their Occupations and go to work for AT amp T or Dish Internet. Many times I have talked to Gloria or David at AT amp T and was Virtually certain that I had talked to them previously about Government issues or Viruses lurking in my own computer. Sounded like Rakish or his lovely sister Printer Could someone tell me how to get back to B. C. . That wife said turn left I thought she said turn appropriate and we have been living in East Texas now for almost W years. I m still learning that language. My Buddies here phone me Gee Away Down here when you personally say about Folks believe you are talking about footwear. LOLA get it. abbot Heehaw. . . . . It means That s a great thing That s all I know for now. I m on a serious learning curve. Please send cash or a bus Solution. . . . . . enclose map.

Post by Anthony Zweiner,

6042706460 I m certain you personally vie heard your joke Hello. I m from your government and I m here to help. Ever wonder exactly why that's considered a joke.

Post by Suspicious,

604-270-6460 Female with Indian Highlight claiming for become along with Windows called at W W pm on Sunday night W W W . When I asked her if she realized how late it was she said that it was urgent that I go to my computer instantly. I Installed up feeling awful for those who don t understand better and are preyed upon by these people.

Post by Hope,

6042706460 Maybe I should tell them I understand they're scampers next time they telephone. I don t even fall for their scamming stupidity sturdiness

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Handle call. What is quot Tel people Communications Inc. . A couple weeks Past we obtained a telephone that we won 1 W W. W and a new Mercedes Benz. Everyone must be cautious.

Post by Mary,

6042706460 I Merely obtained a telephone from British Columbia Canada about problems on my computer. He asked if i was within front of my computer and I could feeling a scam amp said I was leaving and hung Upwards. He had an Indian accent.

Post by JustinKase,

604-270-6460 After becoming called three 3 Times in a Line I eventually said to this guy The only virus I m stressed Around is the one I Found out of your Mom at your whorehouse . . . . . . . . . Hans t called me back since.

Post by Ann,

6042706460 This co. Has called X yesterday at 6 W am today at 7 W 'm. Both times said they saw Malfunction messages on our computer. Recently was a man today a woman with significant Indian emphases. Today we told your Girl that we are on the do not telephone list and she immediately hung Upward. Reported both Applications to that Do not telephone registry.

Post by Lindy,

604-270-6460 I received a telephone at 7 W 'm. It was a Spanish sounding man who insisted my Windows that is that ND phone I 've acquired and they never say Microsoft computer is infecting others. I was clear that it's a scam and I don t use Windows. He got loud and kept yelling at me for listen to him because he has a report I 've a windows Trouble. The other call we gotten was at W W PM. When I told he he was delusional because we don t run windows he eventually Installed Upward.

Post by Hope,

6042706460 Maybe I should tell them I understand they are scampers next time they phone. I don t even autumn for their scamming stupidity sturdiness

Post by TARA Lynn,

604-270-6460 I Simply got that same phone. I played with him for some time but I Afterward hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 Receiving scam calls day and night claiming they work for Microsoft Windows


604-270-6460 Calls come continuously I do not answer and it hangs Upward at that answering machine. Had to hit W and pay for get your number W W I 'm on the do not phone list but I still get them from the number. When I did reverse look Upwards this it's coming out of a Kathy Brecht on Bennett Rd in BC. I got the telephone at 6 W am scared the life from me. That is A SCAM

Post by Mark,

6042706460 Had some pleasure along with the guy. I played dumb for W minutes for waste his time. Then I went into a tirade about what his Mum does for inhabit her time within hell with mankind s genitalia. Thus Considerably fun. I can t wait for him for telephone back. Reported the number for ICC. gov

Post by barbie,

604-270-6460 Tell me I got a tease on my computer.

Post by Guest,

6042706460 Man along with a significant Indian accent called my Put of work maintaining to be from quot Windows W Technical Department. quot Lots of History noise. Even sounded enjoy Children playing within that History. He told me there was an pressing Problem along with my computer. I told him for call corporate IT and he Put Upward on me.

Post by Dee,

604-270-6460 Merely gotten call at 4 PM EST. Same as others and told Indian Girl it was at Geek Group already.

Post by Anthony Zweiner,

6042706460 I m sure you vie heard your joke Hello. I m from your Authorities and I m here for help. Ever wonder exactly why that's considered a joke.

Post by JustinKase,

604-270-6460 Same scumbag has called my house W W W W PM two Days within a row anyway for Cease this bull Strike. . . .

Post by DJN,

6042706460 Obtained that second telephone last nighttime at W PM. . . . woke people Upwards and you understand that is not humorous. Did not answer the phone and let your called ID record your telephone. This is your second call within the past 5 days in the same Amount W W W

Post by Lucy,

604-270-6460 Indian Highlighted man named Mark woke me Upwards at Am with pressing information about a Windows update and telling me for go to my computer. Inquired which computer and he said that Notebook along with Windows. I d declare this was the exact same Man who called me a month ago claiming for be from your Treasury Section by having an urgent Ruling against me. Lamest scam efforts ever but quite annoying.

Post by Bug,

6042706460 Theresa these criminals cannot would anything to your own computer unless you let them. Do not follow any Directions out of them do not even speak along with them. They're lying for your requirements Around a computer Difficulty. Hang Upwards on them or don t response their calls then they could t can anything.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Rings get a MSG that says goodbye

Post by John,

6042706460 moron called at 7 Am I did t response and my machine was turned off ringer within Room turned away overly so hardly heard it ring in another room. Morons will be morons overly Dumb for understand the law bans even Let calls before 'm or after PM. Must become foreign as nicely as morons

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 This phone Arrived at 6 W 'm. . . . . This really is idiotic that they're allowed for keep calling us after we Closed on for that phone protection Software. More calls than not are from these scampers. Owner beware.

Post by Kim,

6042706460 I just had a call in the same Amount and it said British Columbia on my caller id. An Indian guy saying which he works for Microsoft within the Windows department and that my computer had been running a dangerous program and Wanted to be reconditioned. I hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Total scam. Tries to convince you your own computer is giving messages to their Computers and if you personally don t follow their Guidelines they ll lock down your own Computer.

Post by JustinKase,

6042706460 Same scumbag has called my house W W W W PM two nights in a Line anyway to Cease this bull hit. . . .

Post by mama mo,

604-270-6460 i obtained 3 calls last night and the morning in the same number claiming for become a windows Technology support and i had a Bad virus on my computer. where can i report this type of harassment

Post by Anymouse,

6042706460 TD Don t Anxiety don't follow anything these scampers tell you personally. . . . Merely hang up on them. They may do nothing to your own Laptop if you personally Merely hang Upward your Telephone.

Post by Ken,

604-270-6460 We got a telephone from the number today at 3 W pm and did t answer. The caller ID was BRITISH COLUMBIA. The Amount can become added for the telephone blocker which I highly urge to avoid such annoying calls.

Post by Concerned,

6042706460 What's that FTC DC site. Where can it become located.

Post by Guest,

604-270-6460 Again with the Windows support. . . . . . I vie reported various times with various people calling saying they're along with Window support. I don t understand how they're getting Thur. . . I 'm on your do not call I vie reported these people several times. . . . . it s On-going and I m thus over the and these Folks.

Post by Anthony Zweiner,

6042706460 I m sure you personally vie heard that joke Hello. I m in the Authorities and I m here to help. Ever wonder exactly why which is considered a joke.

Post by Ron,

604-270-6460 Obtained call at Am PDT same as every just one else. It was so earlier I did t appearance appearance at Owner ID and answered it right away. Thought it was an crisis telephone. I Installed Upward when I heard your voice that was foreign Around my computer. Looked at caller ID after I Put Upwards and it showed BR COLUMBIA Phone. We don't answer any calls that we don t know that Celebration. It is becoming Actual awful with as many as W calls a day out of all over that U S. Offered up reporting them to your Do not Phone Registry

Post by Cindy,

6042706460 exhausted of becoming phone at 7 8 am and late nighttime calls. Owner ID thus I don t reply but very annoying.

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block messages calls

8722208326 Complains by Nikki,


8063560495 Complains by Guest,

rude person

8003615783 Complains by hotchick,

they phone me W times a daytime. it s BC or HSBC's all i no

8001411576 Complains by Guest,

Put up after hello

8003292613 Complains by Mike,

Obtained a phone call from the number. No message left.

9545435996 Complains by Guest,

needs to symbolize me in a few law suit

8001751790 Complains by Guest,

Trans World Systems - would not let me speak beyond telling him I had a debt repayment agreement with a Credit Management Company. Was very rude and told me he would note that I was uncooperative and said condescendingly "good luck to you ma'am"

8003183687 Complains by Anon,

They called and did t leave a message. When I called them they said This really is a non Revenue business.

8044202857 Complains by maria,

i do not need the number to called me again . . . . ever

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