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Post by Grandma Pat,

6043605817 Man maintaining to become Atty. Rich Mason of Quahog Falls Ohio stating my granddaughter was involved in an Vehicle accident without injuries and Needed 3 W. W sent for Khalid Maseru Beirut Lebanon via Western Union to release her from Prison. Total SCAM Reddish flags all around your Set simple for Assess with Cops dept. and online. Initial contact along with youthful girl that could 've been my Daughter sounding stressed then transferred to Atty. Rich Mason who provided W W W as his office Amount with Assistant Jessica to call with pin Amount when cash was Directed} via Western Union.

Post by Mark W,

604-360-5817 My elderly parents gotten all phone stating their grandson was within DUI Crash and needed his lawyer called at this Amount. Absolute scam by Soil bags

Post by JLW,

6043605817 Owner previously mentioned which he was my grandson even knew his name. Mentioned he had a Cool he had caught while he was at military reservation training the past weekend which my grand son was at training . Which he and many Buddies had gone out to Enjoy a birthday last night. And while Operating home he went for change Counters located a car within his blind Position pulled back to that correct Street and hit a car in your rear. He was given a sobriety and was above that Control. Previously mentioned that his Relationship was W and need W for become released. Offered me the W number for contact and the name of his People Defense Walter Gibson. He even stated that we would get the cash back as shortly as the insurance Firm paid for that damage and the would not go on his record if we got him out of Prison now. Fine attempt but it did not work.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 Scam central will attempt to get money from little old Women. Calls to tell them that their grandchild is within Prison and needs money

Post by Guest,

6043605817 They called and said my son was within Prison and they Desired W to cover the insurance claims for that accident he caused. They wanted me for transport your funds to your pursuit account for an TIT corp. I asked for more info and the Installed up on me

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 Owner says your own General is within jail and needs ITunes cards for get them out. Its a scam.

Post by Guest,

6043605817 This Amount called and said my grandson was arrested for DUI and Needed W. It caused a. If rift in your family. But of path they don t care. It sounded enjoy my grandson. Why don t they get valid Occupations. They are that scum of e earth.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 Lately this number contacted my relatives posing as myself and insisting that I had been in a DWI incident and that they Wanted W dollars for Opponent costs and it was to be processed through pare paid cards. Report this number.

Post by Allison,

6043605817 My grandma got a phone stating I was within jail for a DUI and she even spoke to a girls acting like they were me. My grandmother Considered the losers and paid W. I can not consider Individuals. We made a Authorities report. I 'm thus angry.

Post by Darrell,

604-360-5817 My W year previous Mom got a call out of Richard Mason W W W saying that her grandson had been in an Crash and was within Prison. She was told that she Desired for Line W instantly to get him out. It was a Complete scam as her grandson was not even within your state that they said he was within.

Post by cwc,

6043605817 Please don t let these evil criminals which are such cowards to victimize the aged. Let s remain on it and get them. I don t want for see anymore of your grandparents suffer from your stress these losers caused my grandfather. Let s Follow the and take them down.

Post by cwc,

604-360-5817 Please don t let these evil criminals that are such cowards to victimize your elderly. Let s stay on it and get them. I don t need for see anymore of your grandparents suffer from your stress these losers caused my grandfather. Let s Follow the and take them down.

Post by Guest,

6043605817 Person who sounded like my grandson phoned to tell me he was in jail and needed help for get out. transferred me to quot lawyer quot Walter Gibson. need dollars Directed} for unknown to me Man in Dominican People.

Post by Chai,

604-360-5817 My Mum was contacted a few days ago by this same number W W W. Telling her that her grandson was within Prison for DUI and Desired W. And was for contact a guy named Mason and was not to tell any body about this.

Post by MB,

6043605817 Same Owner contacted an aged woman within our city Attempting for get first W and Subsequently W in ITunes present cards. Told elderly woman for purchase cards at grocery store and Afterward give him numbers around the Telephone. Scummier told her that her grandson had been within DUI accident and Desired your Exchange to get him from jail. Warn family members of the kind of scam going on Particularly the elderly.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 scam

Post by Chai,

6043605817 My Mommy was contacted a few days Past by this same number W W W. Telling her that her grandson was in jail for DUI and Desired W. And was to contact a guy named Mason and was not to tell any body Around this.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 Walter Gibson called my aged Mommy posing as a judge Seeking W for supposed damage to Leasing Auto of Brenda Pilchard Planck from Dominican Republic. Said Daughter was in jail and needed cash for damages she caused to Planck s Lease car. Girl working with Gibson posed as granddaughter for ensure it is more believable. No funds were transacted. Phone reported for authorities. Beware of such scams and report them. .

Post by Grandma Pat,

6043605817 Two weeks later same scam only now that Sum is 3 W. W via Western Union and you must State for personally understand Khalid Maseru of Beirut Lebanon that receiver of your funds.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 Called Seeking me to money G W. W to some Celebration named Irene Baltimore Hernandez within Santiago Dominican Republic after telling me my grandson was within Prison and Desired that money Directed} appropriate now thus he could get from jail.

Post by 951-534-5746,

6043605817 Wants people for use up your money that Riverside County has inside their budget for Residence owners.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 These idiots called my Mom telling her that I was within an Crash amp arrested for a DUI . they Additionally asked her for call the number to speak to this lawyer amp were asking for her credit card info.

Post by Grandma Pat,

6043605817 That is a type of grandparent scam See HTTP Www. FBI. gov news stories W April grandparent's Internet. Client finance. gov W i . . . ING Baseball. dalliances. com W W Grey . . . y evolves. HTML Report is for HTTP Www. ICC. gov default. Www. FBI. gov HTTP Www. NW's. org and your local authorities.

Post by Guest,

604-360-5817 Lately this number contacted my relatives posing as a Attorney and insisting that their son had been within a wreck episode and that they Wanted W dollars for repairs for other car as it was a Leasing and for get him from jail. They even put someone on your phone who sounded Simply enjoy their son and it was for be processed through pare paid cards. Report the number 1 W W W SCAM SCAM SCAM

Post by riles,

6043605817 Informative post You personally could possibly have been exposed to scam 4 as described here HTTP phone help. Truth. com factored. for return here for notes. com after you appearance at any of the information at that site.

Post by Say NO to scammers,

604-360-5817 Lawyer Walter Gibson the People defender out of W W W torn away an elderly Man. I called him and acted enjoy I was a few concerned relative. He called me back but inexplicably Put Upward when pressed for answers about his demand for money out of an aged Individual. Canadian Feature. I called right back and left him a nasty message on his replying machine. No reply. SCAM. Keep these Men on your phone string them along Work} naive send them nothing.

Post by Grandma Pat,

6043605817 Two weeks After same scam just now the amount is 3 W. W via Western Union and you must State to personally know Khalid Maseru of Beirut Lebanon the receiver of your funds.

Post by riles,

604-360-5817 Informative post You personally might have been exposed for scam 4 as described here HTTP Telephone help. Truth. com factored. for return here to notes. com after you appearance at any of that information at that Website.

Post by Guest,

6043605817 Called claimed to become grandchild within Prison. Desired W. W. Gave the number to phone.

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2133217758 Complains by Guest,

Attempting to get account Information. . . like I m that Enormous of a fool

6192443521 Complains by Guest,


8085257617 Complains by Momi,

Same M. O. no Result they hung up on me.

8133873334 Complains by FS,

Replied this one. I could Notice the phones and callers in the background. Told me the were calling on Part of Verizon Wireless and Desired me to Shift my Strategy. I let him go through that spiel but told him I wan t making any changes today. Very courteous caller i will Assess on the offers online as nicely as Place my name on DC list. I never buy or Contribute to anyone around that Telephone.

8774899319 Complains by Guest,

Calls and harass Folks.

8302815305 Complains by Guest,

Tex ted me knew my name

3123638006 Complains by Guest,

Annoying waste of time

9495006383 Complains by Rick Meadows,

Soliciting sex pornography

8024332101 Complains by V.D.,

contact your state atty generals office and 've a s put on a list that forbids this type of solicitation

8044746738 Complains by Eric,

I called the Amount back and It was for airline tickets I told them Them I Needed my Amount away the call list.

8042105507 Complains by Guest,

Hangup Telephone caller wont say anything

8024388612 Complains by Interesting man,

Its amusing because I Only gotten the same call in the same idiot stating my cars I drive that number plate year version colors and insisting I should t drive anymore because my permit is suspended. What a idiot he need me to call his office for settle whatever your hell who knows that he s talking about. The only thing that piss me off is the idiot upset my peaceful slumber and I want to get my control on his neck and choke him for calling my phone and harassing me twit. I Google tony Anderson and his Telephone Amount is different from what that idiot claims. It looks enjoy he is within that same state as that real Attorney Anderson which is Vermont Virginia. Simply ignore that fool he Ian t worth it.

8002932123 Complains by Guest,

acquired text message

8152010068 Complains by Grumpy,

Jerks called and woke me up earlier on Sat morning. AGAIN. How many times has this roofing outfit been reported to no avail. That federal Authorities is a joke. Everybody Places their numbers on that FCC s ridiculous list but now every 1 else within your universe knows the Administration dozen t even pretend to apply that Don't Call Guidelines anymore than they are enforcing that immigration Guidelines or fulfilling their accountability to provide Good Wellness care for veterans. Your scampers have a subject day making people all miserable Understanding full well that nobody can ever come after them for violating the law.

8045771108 Complains by cheryl,

always telephone but never leave a message

8003289271 Complains by Investigator,

The number belongs to a chat line with a young Female doing your announcing. I called that number twice to verify.

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