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Post by Whoooo?,

6044494985 Who r u calling me.

Post by Janet,

604-449-4985 Keep becoming multiple calls within the day out of the Amount trying to Gather cash out of Donald Vauban. . . . Don t understand why You're calling me. I have had the phone Amount for Nearly W years amp have no Thought who this person is.

Post by Jen,

6044494985 I got a express mail on my cell Telephone today saying that I need to phone your Iowa Department. of Revenue. They left two Amounts W W W and W W W. I called the first Amount the W 1 and I was greeted by a Registered express saying that I have reached that Iowa Dept. of Income and that all of their agents are currently occupied assisting other customers and would I please hold. Well after about 3 minutes or so of holding your Registered express comes on again and tells me that they're experiencing a higher than standard phone volume and would I please call back After and Subsequently I was quickly hung Upward on. Thus I called the second Telephone the W area code and it was a record for that People Navy s clock. WT. By that way I vie never Dwelt in Iowa and definitely don t own them any cash. This sounds enjoy a major Nuisance or scam. Owner ID Unknown Caller Iowa Department of Revenue

Post by Guest,

604-449-4985 Says Amount disconnected

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4152349635 Complains by Guest,

Scam don't telephone.

9372052592 Complains by Karen L,

T Mobile

3107394031 Complains by Guest,

Spam text er

6788313418 Complains by Guest,

Has called several times. Called back and selected become blocked for further calls.

9189383292 Complains by Bill,

Some one called asking for the same, credit card number to verify that a purchase had been made. First why do they need your number, if they can see a purchase was made. That doesnt make sense. Next, when I called back and asked why if they work for my bank the caller ID comes up a unknown. Then they gave me some crap about they are a second party. I am going to repor this to the authorities.

4433660024 Complains by Guest,

No text messages

2898807803 Complains by Guest,


6313323276 Complains by Guest,

keeps calling as a Skype number

8044690599 Complains by Linda,

Gotten a Telephone call out of the Amount. No just one on other end of line

8003281050 Complains by Mdina,

gt gt Do not call doesn't work you get more phone calls. I think they sell your . no. Lt Lt This is a rather long answer to a few Prints who appear for believe that scampers use that DC list for Get numbers to phone or who believe the DC list doesn't work. If You're not among those Individuals consider exiting the informative lesson now. Since You're still here you need some help. Allow me for current it in an extremely Uncomplicated trend . . . not for insult your own wisdom but to attempt to get your idea across for even people who have trouble Knowledge more complicated answers. Rototillers for Dummies Can you count. If you personally answered yes which is an excellent start. Attempt Rising out of 1 to W now. I will wait. . . . . . . . . . . Finished. Good. I want you personally for believe 0 instead of W . Got it. Now get a piece of paper and a pencil or pencil and write down those W Amounts. Here I can help you personally within case your forgot 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NOW get Prepared to Compose down a few more Amounts. I want you personally to Compose them down in this format ABC DEF Kikes I know those are Words but I desire you personally for use numbers instead. Believe of a number between 0 and 9 . . . Select one from the list I Offered above if you wish. Compose it down in place of the A above Would that nine more times Composing it down rather than the other letters. Now appearance at the result. Does it ring a bell. It should because you personally just wrote down a phone Amount. Mr Computer is really good at making numbers. Mr Computer can perform what you personally Only did within a fraction of a second. In other words Mr Computer can make and Switch phone Amounts Quite fast. Spammers and scampers who understand Around Mr Computer don't need for enroll and buy that DC list. Spammers and scampers who know about Mr Computer can even Call unlisted Amounts or private Amounts or brand fresh Amounts you Simply got . The DC list is not a magic switch that blocks these calls from reaching your own Telephone. It's merely an inventory. There now you personally understand all about how spammers could dial Your Telephone Amount even if it is unlisted and even if just relatives understand it and even if it is on or away the DC list. I expect that helps prove the DC list DOES work. It helps prevent calls from Enrolled valid telemarketers but it's not Capable for Discontinue calls out of spammers. It is Additionally NOT designed for Discontinue political callers who Normally get your Amounts from voter registration lists calls out of charities or some other companies such as debt collectors. Again I expect I did not insult your intelligence . . . if you personally had any for insult.

8044202855 Complains by ronald,


8043686632 Complains by Cathi,

Happy to see People reporting these clowns. I loved the notice above Around that caller working for Obama . They are certainly not quite bright. That blessed daytime company is a dead giveaway. That entire thing would become humorous if it Warren t for your fact that there are Likely a few poor Individuals out there who would fall with this no issue how obviously phone it is. I hope the Irs catches them maybe if enough of people whine they will.

8003294851 Complains by waryone,

just got this Facsimile decided to Assess it out on that Web. . . . if it s too good to be Authentic it's.

8002922446 Complains by david,

I got the Amount away a Tv add for aid along with prescriptions and or dental care

8003046979 Complains by Nina Andriy,

How is MRS a scam Firm. What has been your own experience. My email is email W protected I 'm writing you personally on Friday W W W at 5 W am. Nina Andrei

8003361962 Complains by Guest,

Makes crude sexual remarks around phone and does the for young girls too

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