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Telephone information: . Vancouver, BC. . United states
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Post by Bar,

6046785888 Left a message saying they had a priority page at office for me and a tracking Amount. When I phoned back the line went dead.

Post by Ed,

604-678-5888 I obtained phone out of the Amount Now. No 1 talking on another Finish. Established on Grievances from Web about this number this Amount Appears back alive again. I wish someone can take many action against it.

Post by tj,

6046785888 they wanted info about my windows Pc but Put Upwards before answering any questions. . . a scam er

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 Spam

Post by 00000000000000000000000,

6046785888 Everyone block the Amount. Complete scam. They may phone you within your Central of the night. And whoever s talking on the other line is fake. Probably used a express changer or disguise. If they ask you for call back please don t. IF ANYONE Asks You To PRESS ANY Amounts DON T Do IT. They're Competent GET Your Personal Information Right AWAY IF You personally Would. IF SOMEONE CALLS You AND Does not Say ANYTHING PLEASE HANG Upward Appropriate AWAY. AND Don't WAIT BECAUSE The Longer You WAIT That EASIER IT Can Become FOR THEM To Obtain Your Info.

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 Multiple calls out of the Amount with a recorded message playing upon replying.

Post by Steve,

6046785888 They called at H Sunday July W. However I scarcely reply my Telephone from an unknown Amount at the time on a Sunday.

Post by D. Evans,

604-678-5888 Called offering a Reduction Application. Listened to that spiel Afterward they asked for how I would become paying and Inquired for a credit card Amount. Told them wan t going to occur. They attempted several other approached. AT your end they were told Underneath no situation can I become giving them a credit card number . If Credit needs me to hint Upwards for a few program Charge can send me your package.

Post by Sandra,

6046785888 called my corporate cell Amy for say I won a cruise for Bahamas phone received at 3 W MN time

Post by Nicole,

604-678-5888 The had called me Regular for 4 times. Solutions and she says she s out of a redemption center in Montreal. I say never heard of it. Then line is not alive.

Post by gerald,

6046785888 gotten a telephone from this Amount she said her name was Rosie she had significant south American Feature said she new me goo led Ph saw all these complaints Installed up

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 Called and hung Upwards.

Post by Ahmed M,

6046785888 A woman with East Indian Asian Feature called at around W. W 'm telling that my windows has got many malicious Application which can Injury my computer. When asked she just Offered CL'S as company Stayed hushed when I pressed for her name home Telephone Firm address and phone . Even upon telling do I know if you are a scam artist or component of such Structure there was a very long pause I hung Upward.

Post by Diavolina,

604-678-5888 I got a telephone out of this Amount but did not Choose it Upwards since I did t recognize it. Left me a voice send with a computer generated voice telling me when I take a survey I will get 2 Free cruise tickets. SCAM.

Post by robert,

6046785888 This number Looks for be active again but this time they are calling cell phones and it's a Girl talking Around a Band and what she prefers . I have reported to your Experts so hopefully will stop.

Post by Lynne,

604-678-5888 I got a phone from the number but did not Select Upward as I did not recognize it. I let it go for voice mail and instantaneously went to the site for check that number after reading all of the Opinions here I 'm happy I did not pick Upwards. I wonder though how they look for get cell Telephone Amounts. I Subsequently listened for the voice send they said they were Contact Resource Direction and told me for call them along with a file number. I know that this Business is a Set Bureau but I am not certain Around this 1 due to all of the other messages that I have read here Around it being scams.

Post by Bob,

6046785888 Hello my name is Amy and want for offer you personally a free Bahamas cruise. I hang Upward correct after that.

Post by Tired of this [***],

604-678-5888 W these Individuals are fraud artists don t play their game hang Upwards but report unwanted Telephone calls so Perhaps someday someone can give a and do something about it not likely but maybe.

Post by Connie Oosterhoff,

6046785888 Several calls out of W W Line goes dead. Please Cease calling me

Post by Amanda,

604-678-5888 I was contact today by the number by a woman named Alex Dickson who said she was out of that Redemption Facility working along with Visa MasterCard and American State. I could hardly Notice her due for alto of crowd talking within your History. She Offered me a supervisors ID number told me for call 1 W W W or 1 W W W after I gotten a free W Petrol card and 2 Airplane tickets and W away Wall mart and Superstore here in Canada. She said all you need to do is pay your Transportation and Managing of 1. W and a W week trial of these brand new redemption. She had my address and my name. When she Inquired for my W Number Credit card number I hung up and telephone my card Business appropriate away and Offered them all your info she Offered me plus all three Amounts. That is a fraud telephone and they attempted calling back I did not answer only reported it.

Post by MamaBear,

6046785888 got a phone telephone from them at 4 PDT amp did t response as I did t understand the Amount but it's out of my Area. They did t leave a message.

Post by Gord,

604-678-5888 Got a call from this number. She said it was B. C. support. Needed me to type somethings on my computer. I said sounds like a scam. And she Installed up

Post by Langley, BC,

6046785888 Some kinds of Dealer Business Could t really comprehend him asking for speak for who ever Bargains with your Business account. I told him we don t have 1. You personally don t Take credit cards. No we don t sell anything we 're a Building Firm. I have told the Firm this Around 5 times now and they Only keep calling.

Post by boo,

604-678-5888 got called at 4. W 'm the morning did not reply I guess I 'll unplug my ringer as this is ND morning within a row. at this ungodly hour I am thus angry I live within Vancouver exactly why are they using Region code W I tried phoning your W W W and your line is dead. . . . . .

Post by Lynn,

6046785888 Really annoying. Has called now a few times I would like for get this caller traced and charged. There is nothing incorrect with my computer and I m trying for get this man caught . W W W will become traced.

Post by jm,

604-678-5888 I go ogled the number and Arrived for this site glad I did if they phone again I can reply as Cops Department.

Post by Guest,

6046785888 Spam the Amount.

Post by Amy,

604-678-5888 Yes same thing occur to mew overly.

Post by Vancouver,

6046785888 Telephone rang I answered and line went dead. Our number is unlisted thus they are Simply dialing sequentially through all your phone numbers.

Post by Brandon,

604-678-5888 They called me at W W PM. God Bloody it people need for sleep you know. I did t Select Upward thus they kept calling and calling. Something about my IPA becoming hacked. Was too dazed to comprehend what she was saying. But they phone on a daily basis and it gets annoying.

Post by Jane,

6046785888 Austin called earlier in that daytime I was out that number was on your call show. I was going for return that telephone but got active. The Amount looked kinda enjoy one of those telemarketer numbers. Anyhow Austin called back about hrs and I answered. He had an Highlight enjoy Filipino or something. He confident talked Quickly enjoy a machine gun. I picked Outside words like Windows Computer Warnings Office etc. He Actually spoke overly Quickly to understand totally. I knew what his little game was all about. I attempted for interrupt him eventually after many quite LOUD and Agency Justify Me from my Finish he stopped talking long enough for me for tell him Look Bud I DON T 've a computer Stop

Post by not a sucker,

604-678-5888 Your Owner told me he was calling out of windows and my system had been infected. When I go online my system can perish and all my personal info may become along with your hackers. He got Actually Insane when I said I d Alert my security Company. He called me Madam and said he was calling windows within the People. I Put up and Delivered email to my security Supplier. We Simply moved last week and no 1 knows the fresh Amount thus this Looks like the person is randomly dialing. My computer could not 've told our Residence Nebr. technically not available thus I think he was fishing.

Post by Nikki,

6046785888 Got a phone telephone aerier within January at 7 W 'm PST did not reply no message left. Got another Telephone telephone this morning at 5 W 'm PST. Are you kidding me. When I tried to phone back line went dead as everyone else has experienced.

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 survey scam

Post by Daivd,

6046785888 They called my land line and cellular telephone. Both an Indian guy saying I 've a virus on my windows computer. Knew correct away it was a scam when he told me to start doing Things on your computer. He hanged Upwards when I told him I 've a Mac running OS X.

Post by Luz,

604-678-5888 That is pissing me off

Post by Samantha,

6046785888 Phoned me today. I did t Choose up. Judging in the posts I m happy I did t.

Post by sam,

604-678-5888 wish they would supply Upwards. Already determined they are scampers. they are calling a company number and no 1 here is ever going for Speak to them. Caller id shows they telephone several times a day. Attempted calling that number back but nothing happened.

Post by kate,

6046785888 the certain looks like a gang cuber Following. . . . . ID theft computer hacking harassment. . . etc. that line goes not alive after you answer. . . . . . Experiencing them isn't a terrible Thought. I wonder which Firm services that Amount. . .

Post by Leia,

604-678-5888 Same computer tech Man called in the Computer Dept. of Windows. I 'm Start to believe that they could monitor your own online usage as I had just been on paying bills. When he said that they had Found a Trouble on my computer I asked what computer. he kept repeating your own computer . . . . . . . . thus I finally said that I did t 've 1. I have four not one. I have met someone who did what they asked and had her bank account Removed out so whatever they re up to it USN t any great.

Post by king,

6046785888 I got a Telephone telephone out of this Amount but I missed it of path it s 4 'm Pacific time. Lola. Good thing I ain't answering calls from an unknown Owner.

Post by Ralph,

604-678-5888 I got scammed on this Telephone for W. W. He said he was out of Micro Soft and complaints of hackers were Trailed back to my computer. This payment was Micro Soft security Bundle which was for prevent hackers from entering my computer. My bank says it's to late to Discontinue this credit card charge of W hours ago. I 'm cancelling my credit cards now. Does anyone know that address for W W W.

Post by L.Sorensen,

6046785888 Informing me that there's something wrong along with my computer sounded enjoy a fraudster did not Notice him Outside and disconnected phone.

Post by Jimbo,

604-678-5888 They left a message on my voice send saying that I d won a free cruise to the Bahamas for two. Inquired me to press 1 for Speak for them or 2 to be removed from their list. I pressed 7.

Post by Guest,

6046785888 Spam

Post by BKG,

604-678-5888 Owner was a female Seeking to melody Upward my computer.

Post by PN,

6046785888 This guy called me and Inquired for my dad. I said he wan t here. He Inquired who I was and I replied his Girl. Afterward he Inquired how previous are you. I said exactly why does that subject. He said i like your own voice. I said do you want your kicked. And he said I like your manner you personally talk. I told him for never phone again or else. . And i hung up.

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 spam

Post by snoɯʎuouɐ,

6046785888 A charity called me but i Put up.

Post by halifax,

604-678-5888 its a scam but i did get a number

Post by Strange Al,

6046785888 HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W pecan. shortstop news. sifted. com news Cold Telephone Tech . . . on W. Internet. Microsoft. com security online privacy avoid Telephone scams. Internet. nobleness. com technology were window . . . scam HTTP Web. scam watch. gov. Au content index. HTML item Id HTTP Web. internet security. org sec universe. PP. id HTTP Internet. Katy. com news local Callers say Th . . . W. HTML

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 Spam quot won cruise quot . They call frequently. Not certain where they got my number.

Post by Emily,

6046785888 I got a Telephone all this morning out of this number. I answered that phone but heard no voices. Installed up and attempted calling back but the line went dead. Decided for appearance Upwards Te number for see it was someone Significant but I ended Upwards here. Your authorities Actually demand for would something Around the.

Post by M T,

604-678-5888 W W W Called at 5. W 'm woke me up I am a senior and do not desire these harassing phone calls did not response until Th ring and phone went dead

Post by Jonathan,

6046785888 Amy called me Around your cruise survey too. What a fool am I consistently turning down these unbelievable offers.

Post by BG,

604-678-5888 i think we sold forwards all these call for tel people.

Post by susan,

6046785888 I got a similar telephone offering a W gas voucher mine to keep and for 1. W Transport the voucher and other offers may be mailed to my address which Joyce rhymed off. No Visits. I don t have a credit card but my debit card would do. I said not Opportunity 'm I giving any number for someone on that Telephone regardless of the telephone being recorded . I said send me your pkg and I may happily send you two dollars. She offered to Speak for her manager to send it COD . There was a great deal of background noise which. got me questionable.

Post by Fed up in coquitlam!,

604-678-5888 keep getting calls out of the Amount amp no message left. Attempted calling that number back amp your line goes not alive. When I response they hang up.

Post by Lance,

6046785888 Line not alive at the other end when called.

Post by DMac,

604-678-5888 As a lot of others have reported I vie been getting calls out of a few Indian or guy Striving to either a Threaten me if I don t XXXIX or try and sell me a loan but you personally first have to Western Union them a down payment. These are foreign they re scampers and the FBI Hans t Began for Get on for these pricks is anyone s guess. One thing to remember They 've Applications that changes their caller ID thus you personally think it s from Texas when they re Actually calling from Pakistan or Nebraska or who that FL knows where. Within any event what Offers them away is their Very thick Highlight and your fact that they attempt pass themselves off as having names enjoy Paul Smith that is obviously impossible for a thickly Highlighted prick to Move off. God help anyone who falls for their absurd scams. I even called them back just one time and said many filthy matters about them. I got an mad express mail trying for use American profanity at me but that accent was thus believe you personally could t even recognize what the pathetic prick was trying for say. DON T let these Men get you personally. They have no power They re Merely worthless scum trying to rip away needy Americans. I ll list two of the most current Amounts but consider me they ll keep calling us using new numbers they re invented. W W W W W W

Post by Lr,

6046785888 A guy with a Spanish type Highlight asked if I had a Man or a boyfriend Afterward asked how many times I get within 1 day.

Post by Ken,

604-678-5888 Got Called the afternoon. No replied.

Post by GP,

6046785888 Only got a phone from the number. That Asian Highlighted Chap Promised that my IPA had been black Recorded because my windows had been hacked and that someone was working through my computer for attack others. I told him I have an anti virus. My scans come up Clear and if there had really been a Trouble my Application would have flagged it. I then hung up.

Post by Jen,

604-678-5888 That same thing happened to me twice within two days. The simply difference was that the number that revealed Upwards on my Telephone was 1 and Afterward a whole Lot of zeros.

Post by Scammers do...,

6046785888 This Amount called my office today asking to Chat to your owner. I asked him what he was calling about and he said to Enhance your listing on your Net . We don t 've a listing on the internet. I told him that we were not interested and he got mad at MW and shouted Why. . I told him because we re not interested in anything out of you and Put up. Certainly the was a BS call. Don t listen to some word they re saying and hang Upwards. He Additionally had a thick Highlight much like all your People being described above.

Post by Alex,

604-678-5888 Called and hung Upwards before I could reply.

Post by Dave,

6046785888 The Amount W W W 1 W W W among st others 've been calling my cell Telephone in the least times of the day and nighttime. They have never and in all likely hood may never leave a message. They Getaway t just called once or even fifty times they have called around a hundred times before I gave up Depending.

Post by cc,

604-678-5888 Pretending to become Microsoft to get info out of us.

Post by Tiredofcalls,

6046785888 they told me that they were calling from the Mail room within Ontario and that they had an unclaimed page for me but they had a wrong name.

Post by Julie,

604-678-5888 I don t 've this Amount on my Phone Book but I keep becoming calls out of the Amount. Annoying

Post by susan,

6046785888 I got the same phone offering a W Gasoline voucher mine to keep and for 1. W shipping that voucher and other offers may be mailed for my address which Joyce rhymed off. No trips. I don t have a credit card but my debit card would would. I said not Opportunity 'm I giving any number to someone on that phone regardless of the call being recorded . I said send me that pkg and I will happily send you personally two dollars. She offered to Discuss to her manager for send it COD . There was an excellent Cope of background Sound which. got me suspect.

Post by Greg(ory),

604-678-5888 Thus Way no Mail left amp I don t ever response unknown numbers but as shortly as they take another measure in my Course I ll re post. . . Thank you personally to those who vie already posted.

Post by Guadalupe Ugarte,

6046785888 I had obtained a Telephone phone out of the number

Post by MALA,

604-678-5888 I got a phone from this number W W W female Owner saying that last couple of times when I 've been using my Pc it has been Getting other things that could Injury my computer I said I Do NT Believe Thus AND Put .

Post by Yuki,

6046785888 This Amount keep on calling my cell and my Residence Amount 3 to 4 times everyday. I m Thinking who owns the number.

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 Unknown Individual East Indian Good called at W W pm on Oct. W W. Used my name and proposed me for go for my quot Microsoft computer quot which I don t have and immediately turn it on. If I did t can this it would not work within that morning. I told him which was a lot of bull and that I was going for report him. Said he was calling out of Mississauga and it was 1 W am. I hung Upwards on him.

Post by susan,

6046785888 Same number for call their customer service. . . . same scam.

Post by TRS,

604-678-5888 Judy if you have actually done what you personally vie mentioned and are not Truly component of the scam Afterward you need to call your credit card Firm correct away End that card and locate Outside what Prices 've been applied.

Post by jenny,

6046785888 turn away your own ringer and you are able to still Assess if someone important to you called

Post by TW,

604-678-5888 Called W W W 'm asked for owner of computer. I hung Upwards. Appears like they are phishing for ID theft or getting you personally for download a virus disguised as a virus Treatment. Called Authorities they previously mentioned they don't need any data because they can t hint your number. Can t means won t.

Post by Fiona,

6046785888 Got a phone out of W W W from the distribution Center wanting something Around Investing points and wanting my credit card Information. Hung Upwards on your lying . When you personally telephone the number back you personally get a steady Switch tone. SCAM. . .

Post by Sue,

604-678-5888 Merely got into work and located the number on my telephone log no message left. Since you have for go through that Agent or computerized Driver to get to my phone we've extensions I don t understand how they got to me.

Post by YungKid,

6046785888 I missed this call and when I attempted for telephone back that line was dead at another end

Post by whatthefcuk,

604-678-5888 i got that same call Around my computers being hacked and all that Items Very Considerably that same matter as most Individuals here. the call happened around PM. . . obviously that became funny to me instantly. i decided to play along and ended up putting your man on hold for Min's. pretty funny if you ask me anyways just ignore this number if you have Owner id

Post by Natasha,

6046785888 Got a telephone out of a Girl saying she was out of Montreal Redemption Facility. Said someone about being an active user of a credit card Amusing thing is I don t 've a credit card and should have Understood it was a scam from your start Could just comprehend her something Around a W gift card and 2 Airplane tickets. All I had to pay was 1. W Transport. Blah blah more BS. My Mindless self Nearly did it. Until the end when she asked for payment data credit debit or prepaid. Thus I Simply said I Needed to cancel it and that was that. That Telephone Amount was weird too it was W W W. . . She also gave me two other numbers W W W and W W W

Post by seriously irritated,

604-678-5888 won t Discontinue calling says they re many windows security company. Offshore scam don t bother replying.

Post by L,

6046785888 Telephone gotten on my cell from Amy Around a free cruise. I Put up phone blocked that Amount and attempted for call it back from a property line no ring or anything when I called Only a not alive line. . .

Post by Linda,

604-678-5888 Only obtained phone out of W W. When I replied silence then a tiny beep then great bye Thus fed Upward along with the BS. Slimy underhanded illegal scumbags.

Post by glen,

6046785888 Harassing and fraudulent

Post by unhappy,

604-678-5888 Now the called four time within a brief time called 3 times. every time I Only Approved it Upwards it s a man s express

Post by sandi,

6046785888 CREEPY

Post by GWP,

604-678-5888 Got a call the morning out of the same Amount. My brother took the phone. Apparently your woman asked for me. By your time I Lost what I was doing and got for the Telephone the line was dead. I called your number back telephone show and than it ring I got a Switch tone. I go ogled the Amount and ended up here.

Post by Amer,

6046785888 i got a telephone out of this Amount too. and It said it's from CR'S mail management service. they said we have your address it was erroneous and i gave them my right address. FL i was thus Stupid to present them my address this can be a scam and i cant believe i Offered them my address thus stupid of me.

Post by Susan Downing,

604-678-5888 W W Nation Canada Location British Columbia Barnaby Quitclaim Richmond The number calls me incessantly and either says something Around a Band and hangs up or just hangs Upward. I 'm unable to phone it back Only get a Face tone. It is an unwanted phone and really bothersome.

Post by CC,

6046785888 Just had a phone from a man along with a very significant Highlight who previously mentioned he was along with Windows and that my computer was hacked. . I asked how he even knew I had a computer he said he had my ID license and was calling me from courtesy. I laughed and Inquired him to tell me my number he said he would tell me once I got on my computer. I told him I did t trust who he was and Inquired why I would get a call in place of an e send or something more sensible. He got Very furious along with me and started shouting that all I had for can was go on my computer and follow his steps and Afterward I could hang up LOLA I replied with actually I m hanging Upward appropriate now and did. Don t Purchase into your SCAM People. . W W W was the number that called me.

Post by Chip,

604-678-5888 Sounded enjoy they were speaking french Afterward hung Upward when I said Hello

Post by CJM,

6046785888 Only got a call out of the Amount. they hung Upward before i picked Upwards.

Post by Getting peeved with these calls,

604-678-5888 No Result at other Finish when I answered thus I Put up.

Post by Vancouver,

6046785888 I got that same call from CID British Columbia W W W. I did t response but it went to my machine and I heard a Girl s voice in Exceptional English go Hi hello and then eventually hang Upwards. This is appropriate after getting two successive calls out of W W W which I Additionally did not reply and blocked. Your last number is an international market research Business called Market Probe that does research for banks etc that uses call Facilities all around the universe and Hence gets People names and numbers out of banks cable companies and other Resources. I 've had the same matter happen before correct after becoming a phone out of my cable or Telephone Firm not Actually from them but out of a phone center in a foreign State that they hire to telephone Individuals . Tell that companies you Cope with to Discontinue dealing with foreign telephone centers or you may Cease dealing along with them.

Post by Beast604,

604-678-5888 Called the morning while at work. Rang simply once before hanging Upwards. Attempted for phone back only for 've an open line tone. Go ogled the Amount and arrived here. W W W I consider that it is a scam from what I vie read don t present them any data.

Post by David B,

6046785888 Got a call on my cell from the number. Did not answer it as I was working. Happy I did not waste my time by answering it. Reported that Amount for my cell Service Kiddo.

Post by mikey,

604-678-5888 Your called the. Morning and ask for the Supervisor which was a residence Amount Telephone W

Post by jenny,

6046785888 turn away your own ringer and you are able to still Assess if someone Significant for your requirements called

Post by ken,

604-678-5888 I Only got Essentially your same phone telephone as your preceding poster soothsayer and decided for Google it while I was talking for them. I asked how he got my number and he said his company owned my computers secret internet access I. D. and that there was a Difficulty along with it we'd been hacked and he Desired for help fix my computers security. I Inquired them their company name but the Owner had an extremely substantial Highlight and I could not figure Outside what he was saying spelling. I eventually told him I thought it was an extremely suspicious telephone and hung up.

Post by Daniel Ho,

6046785888 The Called me at Am . . I did t response . I m located within Vancouver BC Canada

Post by KS,

604-678-5888 I got this Amount called in 6 W o Time in the morning I did t pick Upwards. If I did I d affirm at.

Post by Jen,

6046785888 That same thing happened for me twice in two times. The just difference was the number that revealed Upwards on my phone was 1 and Afterward a entire Lot of zeros.

Post by DP,

604-678-5888 A rude woman called and said that our computer was giving her Problems. When I said I doubt it she asked me something I could not recognize along with her accent. When I said I did not understand she got snaky and said. . . . see that's exactly why I 'm calling I know what I 'm talking about. I told her this was a Fake call and she told me to hang up then thus I did. SCAM

Post by S**tfree,

6046785888 This IA Am that B h. . . . . . Thus I hang up.

Post by jacky,

604-678-5888 I am a Child enjoy W and they were telling me my computer got hacked dint know if its true

Post by Jenny,

6046785888 the no W W W phoned me and i never answer any phone that dozen t have my contact name with it no name no answer but they left a message saying i had precedence post and had a no to Choose it Upward and to call back but never can as i consistently would reverse appearance Upwards and it's constantly a scam if you have particular Words or parcels your mailman can leave you personally a card in your mailbox.

Post by BaiShan,

604-678-5888 Silly. Constantly consistently calling. Tell me within East Indian accent that I 've a Difficulty along with my windows computer. Of path I don t even own a windows computer. Occasionally when I 'm bored I ll Line them along. That s pleasure. Sort of. I u s from another poster these calls source is Clever Mouse Alternatives. Their on line Advertising indicate that they're not native English Authors.

Post by Guest,

6046785888 Desired credit card information

Post by Theresa Michel,

604-678-5888 a Woman called and said she was from Microsoft. . asked me for log into my computer. I did not. I tried to ask her for that id details her name company etc. . She asked if I was Ill or mad. I said why would Microsoft phone me and Inquired her how she got my Amount. She said there was a link saying my computer might 've virus. I Inquired her for my license that Microsoft she has on file. She said I may get it from the Tech who she was going for transport me for. I said what's your own name. . she said I asked for Considerably questions and I said you personally know your name. She Put Upwards.

Post by JPW,

6046785888 This Amount called me within Barnaby B. C. at 4 W am. I did t answer.

Post by Moski,

604-678-5888 I got a Phone phone the morning out of this Amount. Get rid of these Individuals they're just Attempting for scam people

Post by Anna,

6046785888 Got a Electronic Registered message from Amy saying I won a cruise to Bahamas at PM Pacific Time. Then I hand Upwards.

Post by Liz,

604-678-5888 I Simply got a phone from the Amount W W W saying he was out of Windows Specialized Support. I said I don t 've a computer I do I Merely knew the was a scam and he said goodbye and hung Upward. This same thing happened a few months ago they kept calling and I did t response. I decided to see who it was as they were calling a few times a day and it was becoming annoying. Once I told them I did t have a computer they Ceased calling for a few months. Hopefully they ll stop now for a few months. . . . . yeah appropriate.

Post by Greg,

6046785888 Same call as Ken and soothsayer. An accented female express said they worked for windows Managing system and harassed my 8 year old who replied your Telephone until he cried. They Desired him for push buttons on the computer and berated him when he did not Honour. I got on the Telephone and after asking them how they got my Amount and what Business they worked for and why they idea they should become scaring an 8 year previous that line promptly went dead. Pleasant.

Post by loky,

604-678-5888 The Amount called me pretended that they are from IT department told me that I have Information Problem needing fixing. I told them that I do not remember giving my Telephone number to Microsoft they hung up appropriate away.

Post by Guest,

6046785888 Have called once a daytime for the last 3 times about a cruise. Go away.

Post by Wendy,

604-678-5888 Has anyone used papal within the past 4 months. I have been Directed} bogus Email addresses saying I have to change my Code. They're bogus. I Merely wonder if there surely is a Link as I overly got a phone from your same number. I did not reply but interested for see there is any acquaintance with PayPal with anyone else.

Post by JP,

6046785888 Got another phone today see post of W W W . Again guy Highlights self as computer services told him for stop calling me the was a scam which was all over the internet. He did understand my family name.

Post by Donna,

604-678-5888 I received a phone call this morning out of this number and the female Owner previously mentioned she was from your Distribution Centre and wanted to check on that copier that we have in that office. She Inquired me for give her that ID number on the front of the machine. I said for her for hold for a minute. Then I Arrived back and Inquired what distribution centre and she Installed Upwards.

Post by Eric,

6046785888 People that introduce themselves as Windows technicians who want for mend your own computer. They are Only liars They work for Clever Mouse Alternatives and need to sell you personally an Pricey protection. Strong East Indian accent. Become cautious.

Post by andrea,

604-678-5888 received a Telephone telephone the morning at 6 W Am she told me she was from the redemption group . don't have any idea what that is and who your heck calls at 6 'm after giving her an earful i Installed up

Post by arshya,

6046785888 it s a quick voice and constantly talking Around a cruise Firm once I was Capable Making a message for him for not bothering me and removing my number from his list but I m not able talking or Making a message so I decided talking to Authorities about it. the Amount is W W W

Post by Just another mom,

604-678-5888 Yes Simply received your same called asserting to become a frontier company for my credit card Charge MasterCard and that because I was a Favorite customer and accumulated thus many points I would receive free Petrol Plane tux. . . . etc. When I informed them I don t own a points based card and my credit card Business never calls my cell phone the curiously accented guy hung Upward your Telephone. SCAM

Post by wendimac,

6046785888 I don t understand who that is or why they are calling. When I called back I got a dial tone.

Post by Martin,

604-678-5888 this phone called many times but did not answer. the morning telephone led at 6 'm.

Post by Jane,

6046785888 same number called me twice within a Line I replied the second time and was told they worked for windows and gotten a message from my IPA address that my computer had been hacked and that I Wanted for download their Software for shield my computer I told them for go F amp K themselves and then Put Upwards.

Post by Raj,

604-678-5888 I got that phone out of the number and many 1 told me which he is from a few Set agency and working on Part on rogers. He asked me to pay a few Sum that he Resolved with Rogers. I was shocked how he understand that I 'm within Challenge along with Rogers. When I phone on that Amount and never Effective. Some matter Enormous within fraud.

Post by Ynot,

6046785888 They called W. W. W W Once I Decided up . . last year . . Distinct Amount A Man with a Somewhat thick . Pakistani Highlight told me to bring my Notebook for that phone to Assess my Net I told him that s Very amusing because we don t subscribe to any Net AND these foreign phone centers are Large news on your local Canadian Television news as fraud click Must suck working your nighttime shift in Lahore.

Post by Pam,

604-678-5888 Got a telephone out of the number advising they were the Windows Research Centre. I hung Upwards and Subsequently go ogled your number. Cheers for your posts below.

Post by Al,

6046785888 Called after W W last evening when we were Outside. Called today Looking me to press certain Recommendations on the computer to repair a computer problem I have. He said he was the IT Man from Pc Support. When I told him I was not going to go through all that but to send me an email about the problem he hung Upward.

Post by Dan,

604-678-5888 SOB s called at 6 W the morning. An automated voice said thank you personally Afterward that line went not alive. How does just one Discontinue this. WT is right. Can Authorities not trace this with thus many Gripes. They re overly occupied entrapping motorist sat Quit signs and other cash cows for deal with real crime.

Post by evan,

6046785888 Did t reply but my wife Found it was your same Region code and Change as my office. I called back Purchase got a Quickly occupied.

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 free cruise.

Post by susan,

6046785888 Same Amount to phone their customer service. . . . same scam.

Post by Glad I missed the Call,

604-678-5888 rang me at 9 W pacific time i missed the call and Assessed that number online. . . thus happy i did and now Ailing block that Amount on my phone.

Post by Jimmy Hicks,

6046785888 3 for 4 calls Day-to-day out of this number. I could not telephone block as tel people service could not block this number for numerous reasons. I Simply Select up and hang Upwards SCAM SCAM SCAM pass this number around and let people understand it is a scam.

Post by Kimberley,

604-678-5888 I 've Acquired for calls from this Amount and she said her name was Maria from your redemption Centre from Quebec and due to my good standing Pedro card I would receive several Distinct gift cards. I would simply 've to pay a Money for shipping along with my. Credit card.

Post by JP,

6046785888 Aug W 9 W pm. man called me from this Amount saying he was with computer Technology support and our computers were within danger due to a virus. I said this really is a scam and Put Upward on him. We got another telephone out of this number last nighttime Aug W at 8 W pm. but we did t response.

Post by Cassie,

604-678-5888 Same telephone I got this morning they called me twice when I was Sleep I attempted for phone back but line dead I search this Amount from web Powerfully suggest Pol DON T reply their phone. . . . I m doubting they desire to steal something personal info from your own computer for security Simply Miss their telephone or hang up. . .

Post by southsloper,

6046785888 I got an unsolicited Windows tech support telephone from this Amount today. They as you personally for Assess your own Occasion Person then appearance for errors. If you personally see ANY regardless of what they're they instantaneously try to convince you personally that your Computer has a problem i. e. either needs fixing could 've been hacked had it s security compromised etc. Basically they try and get you to Link to a Site after that anything could happen

Post by Sun,

604-678-5888 Just got a phone from this number when I replied an automated message Began Hi my name is Amy. . . . . . you have an award. . . by the time I Installed Upward. . .

Post by Susan Clegg,

6046785888 No one there when I replied Switch tone when I called back.

Post by Strange Al,

604-678-5888 HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W pecan. shortstop news. sifted. com news Cold Telephone Technology . . . on W. Internet. Microsoft. com security online Seclusion avoid phone scams. Www. nobleness. com technology were window . . . scam HTTP Www. scam watch. gov. Au content index. HTML thing Id HTTP Www. net security. org sec world. PP. id HTTP Www. Katy. com news local Callers state Th . . . W. HTML

Post by Yi,

6046785888 W 3 W W Got telephone from W W W no one answer that phone after W seconds they hang Upward.

Post by Richard,

604-678-5888 It s that Windows scam Beginning again. Your Windows computer was hacked. They desire you personally to connect to your net page after which your computer can become loaded with their Malawi and you are able to state great bye to your life s savings.

Post by Shie,

6046785888 The Amount W W been calling me 3 days within a Line and last night X W pm and more calls the morning and this lunch time for about X I never reply because I Reduction Understand your Amount. I constantly let my voice mail Choose that Upwards because I believe when it is crisis they would leave me a MSG but this caller never leave any messages so I tried searching this Amount on my Telephone Google search and the Website Arrived across. I was really disturbed of the repeated Telephone calls. Thanks guys for Publishing the. Become careful for who u Speak and give Information with. Be cautious of those scampers. Good day.

Post by Liz,

604-678-5888 Got a call before 8 W 'm this morning. overly early to Begin working in office A girl said she desires for Speak with my Account Payable. I told her that AP is not within office Though. She said she may phone back. Will Upgrade if find out anything unexpected.

Post by Jace,

6046785888 Called me each night at 4 'm Regular. . . . woke me up each nighttime for the previous week. I never reply any of their calls. . .

Post by North Vancouver,

604-678-5888 Same Amount asking to adhere to going online and doing Things along with windows . Said we had a Mac and Installed Upwards.

Post by Surrey BC,

6046785888 My phone rang at 2 W pm PDT. My call display read Unavailable Name W W W . I Decided Upwards and said Hi . I could Notice significant respiration. After another 2 to 3 seconds I said Hi again. I heard substantial respiration again. After another 2 to 3 seconds I blew my whistle loudly and Installed Upward Experience somewhat guilty the Owner s ears may become ringing for awhile. Too terrible so Unhappy.

Post by CW,

604-678-5888 Got a phone out of these Folks today. They claimed to be from Microsoft Security and were reporting that my computer had been hacked. That caller was male and had a strong South Asian accent. I Merely Installed up on him.

Post by Annoyed,

6046785888 've been called by your same Individuals computer care department but from a blocked number every day for a week Today it was out of this Amount and when my Man asked them to stop phoning that Man on that phone told my Man f you f you personally . Man I want there was something we could can about this harassment.

Post by New West Kate,

604-678-5888 Thy called MY CELL. Scampers.

Post by J. Bond,

6046785888 I answer that phone it s no response on another Finish. . Attempted call back and your line is dead.

Post by Amy,

604-678-5888 what's means by your line being dead when you call back is that it's a spoofed Amount for certain.

Post by autistic1,

6046785888 many scam artist said there s a virus on my computer. Trolled him for a great W minutes before I got bored and called him matters that would Likely get me arrested for hate offense.

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 do these idiots get my Amount. .

Post by Amy,

6046785888 what's means by the line being dead when you telephone back is that it is a spoofed Amount for certain.

Post by MLA,

604-678-5888 The Amount called my cell at Am this am Monday November Th. Did t response.

Post by Moofey,

6046785888 Got a telephone out of them today. There was a Wait in answering and a significant Indian voice Inquired for someone named IRA. Knew something was Bad about the phone and Put Upward instantly.

Post by Stuart,

604-678-5888 Obtained a call from a woman viewing a Issue along with my computer. Enjoy Ken and Soothsayer. She did t know what that hell she was talking Around. She said that Windows was my service Service. I Began firing questions back at her and she got flustered. I told her that she was a scummier and Afterward she Put up. She had a thick Highlight.

Post by haunruh,

6046785888 Got a call out of this number very strong foreign accent calling Around a security Trouble . We Installed up at that time.

Post by Em,

604-678-5888 Called me two mornings in a Line for wake me Upward extremely early and there was no just one on the other Finish and dead line when I called back. Blocking this Amount.

Post by Ynot,

6046785888 They called W. W. W W Once I picked up . . last year . . Distinct number A Man with a rather thick . Pakistani Highlight told me for bring my laptop to your phone to check my Web I told him that s Very amusing because we don t subscribe for any Web AND these foreign telephone centers are Enormous news on our local Canadian Tv news as fraud click Must suck working that night Switch within Lahore.

Post by Jen,

604-678-5888 Free cruise scam out of Amy . Fake survey. Striving for get credit card data.

Post by Man,

6046785888 Same as Ken and Soothsayer. Called saying that whenever my computer went on a website my computer automatically tries to download junk files or whatever and it ll eventually crash. I wonder why they keep doing the.

Post by 604-678-5888,

604-678-5888 Owner with heavy Highlight wanted to know Around my computer. . . . I said I did t have 1 he was insist ant that I did it had a problem with my computer eventually he Put up

Post by Crystal,

6046785888 Had a Telephone call out of the Amount Simply before noon Now. My answering machine took the call. I heard a lot of express noise within your History but they left no message.

Post by halifax,

604-678-5888 its a scam but i did get a number

Post by Van,

6046785888 Got this the morning from Microsoft Support Centre that same who try and tell you that your computer is infected along with a virus. They then Go you through the best way to get rid of it at a Cost of course. I consider these Individuals are actually evil. They have been doing this scam for Fairly some time now but I guess Folks are giving them their credit cards because they keep calling.

Post by Chris B,

604-678-5888 As soon as I told them I knew they were a scam they Installed Upward.

Post by Jenny,

6046785888 the no W W W phoned me and i never reply any phone that dozen t have my contact name along with it no name no response but they left a message saying i had precedence post and had a no for pick it Upwards and to phone back but never can as i constantly would reverse appearance up and it is consistently a scam if you might have particular Words or parcels your mailman can leave you a card within your own mailbox.

Post by Lesley,

604-678-5888 I just got a telephone out of these scampers identifying themselves as being out of Microsoft Health and Support Department. At least I think that s your dept. your Owner could just Chat English. He said they 've been receiving warning messages for several days advising that hackers are Attempting for access my computer. When I Inquired for that Business number so that I could phone back he Inquired exactly why I want for phone back. He eventually Offered me 1. W. W. W. I asked for a file number and he said there wan t just one. scuzzy Case.

Post by Vancouver,

6046785888 I got a legitimate call from someone I know and with the same caller ID showing W W W . Appears that calls are going through a VIP long space service but all calls both your legitimate and telemarketers People get tagged along with that same caller ID. Established on previous places many calls are definitely telemarketers scampers calling. A few calls could become legitimate ones out of people you personally know who are using a very long distance calling plan where this W W W shows Upward rather than your Owner s Actual Owner ID. Your selection on whether for answer or not.

Post by Mick,

604-678-5888 Female along with a Pleasant voice calls and tells me my send has been returned to the precedence send center. No accent good English but she never mentions my name or anything about else about me Merely asks me for call back at the above Amount. With zero data just one could only suppose they re fishing for more.

Post by FG,

6046785888 This moo called at 'm. . really. . all calls which are spam get rejected mechanically. . my Telephone dozen t even ring. . . but who that hell calls at W am amp expects someone for be willing for Speak. Lola.

Post by annoyed,

604-678-5888 Got a phone from the phone several times today when I said I was hanging Upwards they Merely kept calling back telling me that my computer had a virus and was crashing other computers including your Primary computer at Microsoft.

Post by Mark,

6046785888 Phone out of Indian sounding man gave name as Josh says I 've virus on my computer and he may help remove it. Asked for number to phone him back at. He gave me W W W. Obvious scam. Don t fall for it.

Post by Kan,

604-678-5888 Same telephone as Ken and soothsayer. An accented male voice said he worked for windows Managing system and harassed me and used very Violent language when I started questioning exactly why and what with this phone is. When I Put Upwards he called back and used more Violent language. It's Waste for undergo the sort of harassment.

Post by suspicious,

6046785888 definitely a scam listen Subsequently said hmm I don t have a computer

Post by Guest,

604-678-5888 Bahamas Cruise

Post by Karen Cherniak,

6046785888 I obtained a telephone out of an extremely rude woman about W minutes Past. Correct away she said she was from the Redemption Center for redeeming points thus i asked her what company she was with. I got Stop. Guess i 'm supposed to read her thoughts. Thus i said i don't like tel Advertising calls just tell me what you demand. Her really unprofessional response was OH my God Only let me tell you personally. My response to her childish Crisis CLICK have worked in Customer Service around W years amp am completely ashamed of the girls s response. If you can t get for that point of an unsolicited business telephone on my time off click. And an Approach enjoy hers gets a direct telephone for your Gripe line Better Business Bureau. Behavior enjoy this will not be tolerated from a ugly customer service clerk greedily wasting my time.

Post by Sekikawa,

604-678-5888 I believe it is telemarketer.

Post by Krista,

6046785888 They called me asking for my credit card and telling me that they will give me two Airplane tickets and W for Pedro Canada. all i had to do was pay Transport and handling of 1. W. and wanted to RECORD it. now they wont Discontinue calling. they vie called 5 times already.

Post by hardy,

604-678-5888 unwanted call

Post by Guest,

6046785888 Bahamas Vacation spam

Post by mee,

604-678-5888 Called me at 1 'm while I was face Time along with my bf but didn't Choose Upwards. Understanding that most of my Buddies that phone me would t become calling me the late at night and without ID. Ordinary Companies would t be making any phone calls this late at nighttime either. With that said and what I vie read on here I know the phone is dubious.

Post by Gidget,

6046785888 Merely got a call from your same as everyone else for my windows on my computer

Post by ralph,

604-678-5888 I reported the Owner for Telephone busters and that surrey RCMP anti fraud Team. No one cares Around scampers and their victims. my W year old Child now has a life membership with these prohibited scampers but your RCMP do not attention about juvenile being Casualties in any crimes. I hate your RCMP as Substantially and more than these fraudsters.

Post by Pierre,

6046785888 I got phone from W W W twice on July W W. Unfortunately I was not House for Select up the phone.

Post by Andie,

604-678-5888 Simply obtained my second phone call from this number asking for the owner of that Firm. The first time they called on Friday the W of June I talked to them as I 'm your office manager. He was asking if I wanted that Firms name for come up first when someone go ogled the Occupation field and proceeded for request me questions pertaining to that Business and the way to boost the customer count. After I told him we do not use any marketing he said he would phone back to Talk with the owner.

Post by Guest,

6046785888 definitely spam

Post by me2,

604-678-5888 On Sept. W at midday the man Owner Inquired for Mr. your name of the registered phone Amount . I said no just one here by that name. Then he asked if we had a Windows computer. I said there are none and Installed Upwards. Another scam like those mentioned already. Thus bothersome.

Post by Fraud Alert,

6046785888 This is a known fraud Running various scams out of India. Your Amount is fake.

Post by hate these calls,

604-678-5888 I see that Individuals have been getting calls out of this number for a couple of years now. Why has nothing been done for Discontinue them. I received a telephone this evening and have acquired calls from them before.

Post by Just another mom,

6046785888 Yes Only obtained that same called asserting to be a frontier company for my credit card Credit MasterCard and that because I was a preferred customer and accrued thus many points I would get free gas Plane tux. . . . etc. When I informed them I don t own a points based card and my credit card Business never calls my cell phone the oddly accented guy Installed up your phone. SCAM

Post by Margo,

604-678-5888 I just gotten a call out of the Amount at my office where I receive lots of telephone from Customers. Your Guy on the other side asked for my name and when I said it was me he quickly Put up. Verifying my ID. Perhaps.

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6468286008 Complains by Guest,

calls 6 W tames a day never anyone on it constantly a hang Upwards. Can t anything be done Around it really annoying.

7068680800 Complains by Guest,

bill collection

8009001367 Complains by Guest,

Calls and never leaves a message

8089453060 Complains by Badge714,

Thus. . . exactly why exactly did you hunt the number when you knew who it was. Come to W notes. And post wonderful Fine matters about this Cool calling Firm. And once again my questions 've replied themselves.

8316487569 Complains by Guest,

Their name are Matt Mills and Dinars Mills famous spammers from Texas.

8165727913 Complains by Guest,

The Girl is certainly crazy

8642563670 Complains by Guest,

Google plus scam caller

2024703407 Complains by Guest,

This Individual called and within a heavy accent claimed he was Agent. . . . . . . . I could t recognize from Washington DC. When I responded by asking who. He Installed up. I suspect a scam of some type

8130005935 Complains by darciecal,

I Additionally have a Kansas Amount. Tool them on Owner id did t answer.

8043040877 Complains by Guest,

he keeps Assessment me and I don t need him to 've my Number

8002449660 Complains by Guest,

free text app

8003048550 Complains by Roxanne,

phone W W W and tell them you personally need to be removed. . . tell them I need you personally to stop calling my Amount they can request for your Amount and remove you from their list instantly. Quite easy mend. . . I was surprised but happy. Roxanne

8022343326 Complains by Doug,


8062202002 Complains by Tara,

Got a call from this Amount on W 6 W. They did not leave a message. I called it back and I got a immediate that said it was not a working Amount. . . More scams. . . lame

8001293045 Complains by Guest,

Don t see

8003330321 Complains by mayra,

I may Guidance to phone FTC at the point ID if anything is real.

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