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Telephone information: . Vancouver, BC. . United states
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Post by jr,

6048274173 Only got your telephone did t reply. no message. called back forwarded for MSG saying it s BC annual giving. i m former BC as well. the hangups and confusion on your behalf of your Owner makes me think it s a brand new self Applied phone centre system and the callers have crappy headsets and so can t hear you personally or are unfamiliar with that manner the computer works. Frequently that callers at these places are chatting while they wait for Strike a live Amount and are surprised Middle chat when someone Truly does reply the telephone.

Post by Guest,

604-827-4173 I am so Ill of these Folks calling me 7 days a week. . . PM on a Sunday nighttime. . . Give me a break. I 've told them several times for not phone me.

Post by Me,

6048274173 Yeah they Only called me too. But it was a girl who asked for me by name and Afterward it cut Outside. Weird.

Post by Chris,

604-827-4173 Merely got a phone out of them as nicely. I picked Upward believing it was the BC hospital was calling. I should 've Go ogled that Amount first. Same deal the girl chatted Around how I was doing since University Ada Ada. . . . I Fundamentally told her that my university Instruction did not help me in becoming work. I had for take Added Training at that same Price of double my 4 years at BC for get your Useful knowledge and Abilities in that current line of work I do. She still had that nerve for request for my Contribution to some Application called Mankind W that is a education Software for that less privileged. I ended up having to get out of friendly to defensive giving reasons exactly why I don t consider in this type of program. I suppose that s your only use my university Instruction came within Practical as a sociology major I know about all that Difficulties that plague society and how it s a vicious circle. I went on to state that it s idiotic how an Association enjoy BC with all that money that it gets from Pupils international students as well as corporate Gifts continue to solicit its poor Arts Students on an yearly basis. These BC student telemarketers are very Chronic and turn a deaf ear for that words No I m not interested in supporting the Application. I told her organizations that would would a better Occupation at helping the less fortunate are those on that forefront like Food Banks and shelters. . . . not a BC path. Come on who are we kidding. . These Folks have trouble paying rent and if they're going for school who is going to make your cash for pay Book Purchase food etc. .

Post by lol,

6048274173 Lola

Post by vanguy,

604-827-4173 I gotten two calls out of the number and my guess was that it was BC calling as they can each year Approximately this time asking for cash out of previous alumni. I asked last year for become removed but they keep calling. I picked Upward Recently because they constantly remain without Making a voice mail and it Simply clicked Put Upward on another Finish after about 4 or 5 seconds. I Destination t Tested it yet but I m Virtually sure it's them.

Post by Guest,

6048274173 BC donation

Post by lol,

604-827-4173 Lola

Post by ubc annual taking,

6048274173 I Merely got your call. Here s that Log of the conversation Girl Hello. Me Hello. Girl Hello . . Me Hi. clicking noise. recognizing your W number I notion it s a friend calling from BC thus I called back. A Registered Recording said it s BC yearly giving.

Post by UBC Alumni,

604-827-4173 Your call is from BC Annual Givings. Like what someone said above it s Okay for get solicitation out of my previous school but what s annoying is the small talk that they are trying for make friends with you by haphazard chatting for W minutes. Whole waste of my time. . . Additionally they Inquired for my address. . did t provide them. . . blocking the number from now on. . .

Post by lol,

6048274173 Lola

Post by Guest,

604-827-4173 Seeking donations

Post by RationalKeith,

6048274173 Yes a stumbling Man from BC. Reports herein Show for me incompetence within managing calling and attempting for Reproduce slippery telemarketers but not even doing that well. There's a far better tactic. What a quality university. . The 1 that employs your racist demagogue Sun era Tho bani.

Post by UBC past student,

604-827-4173 They phone every year. Simply got another one. What s annoying is they create little Discuss telling me about how they are presuming of majoring within whatever i majored within then trying for get all bud died Upwards. At your Finish they ask for Contribution. Thus they re asking me for money but Additionally wasting W Min's of my time. And they are Chronic. . I asked for become removed in the list but they state there USN t a list . I vie graduated that s where they pull your Amounts from. And when you personally don t Select Upward or tell them you personally re active they Simply phone back again and again and again. Should t these Pupils become occupied Learning for finals. It s April.

Post by cc,

6048274173 revealed Upwards as a private Amount but the Amount data was somehow still in my Telephone. I was Capable for redial it. no message. no response on another end. they vie called me a few times in your previous few weeks.

Post by Annoyed,

604-827-4173 BC is a terrible university. The instructors are lousy at teaching and have no teaching degrees. Jobs and Assessments are Indicated by grad Pupils who potentially don t 've great reading or writing skills themselves. Your amount USN t more recognized than a measure elsewhere. What a dump. Please mend your roads sidewalks and buildings. Please Cease begging me for money after Choosing so much out of me to begin with. If I had it my way I d offer you back my measure within Change for the money I vie spent.

Post by chicky,

6048274173 call hull maybe get a answer.

Post by Bob,

604-827-4173 Just got the phone on my cell Telephone. They did t leave a message. I have no connection along with BC whatsoever.

Post by UBC Alum,

6048274173 Got your call Only now. Did t reply and no express message. Appears like it's BC. I consistently Recall W xx xx as BC Amounts but it s been a few years since I left

Post by Guest,

604-827-4173 BC donations

Post by lol,

6048274173 Lola

Post by John,

604-827-4173 I graduated in W. Perhaps I would 've done something Distinct but I have Contributed a bit here and there. When I 'm Prepared to present a big bursary Sum I ll be in touch. Otherwise I get the Alumni magazine and your Commerce Regular but becoming pestered isn't how I desire for Recall your school.

Post by melpea,

6048274173 i got a telephone out of W W W. but that strange matter is in place of a message on my express mail I heard a phone ringing repeatedly and then how might i help you personally. very Unusual.

Post by Me,

604-827-4173 Yes they just called me overly. But it was a girl who Inquired for me by name and then it cut Outside. Strange.

Post by disgruntled alumni,

6048274173 They re at it again and also no reply. I Detected this Amount a few times on my phone display and thank that Man above who identified your repeat Owner. I had Additionally formerly asked to become removed from the annual alumni pestilence telephone but something must 've gotten lost in translation. . . .

Post by M,

604-827-4173 They have called us SEVEN times. I especially Inquired them for stop calling Recently for take people away whatever god forsaken list we got on and they said we would. . . and Subsequently of course we get called again Now. We ll see if it stops now but who your hell knows. I urge you for not present any money to these vultures. I have never had such problems with repeat calls even along with prohibited scams. You suck BC.

Post by Guest,

6048274173 faking BC calling me for Contribute. spam. . .

Post by canada,

604-827-4173 yup received a telephone out of this number on my house line. did t hassle Finding Upwards.

Post by Dave,

6048274173 I have never replied but they continue for phone Moving upwards of W times

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9134333504 Complains by Guest,

Breakfast guy pushy slippy

9143399633 Complains by Guest,

Sunday morning telemarketer. Shows as Yonkers NY. Leaves no message. Should become illegal.

9786996880 Complains by Guest,

jihad recruiter

8182765715 Complains by s,


9093448135 Complains by Guest,


7132211795 Complains by Guest,

Stalkers or quot another woman quot use the to keep their real out of display within on caller id. If u keep see in the SOMEBODY IS CHEATING. . . trust me

8033366940 Complains by dontwannabebothered,

Same matter happened to me 9 W W. called me. i did not response. no message left. Revealed up from Border field SC.

5122310634 Complains by aryan,

says its first Information international.

8003102019 Complains by Cj,

Keep getting call. I don't answer Amounts I don t know

8002809931 Complains by HVY MTL HED,

I obtained just one yesterday going to call within on a pay phone Walmart USN t becoming my cell

8003169774 Complains by Greygoroo,

I wonder if all of people telephone Sufferers have bundled service IE Telephone and computer line are from the same Firm. A dog inquiry allows a Telephone Amount to be harvested which within opportunistic hands turns into a real b. . . . . The operation must assume their victims have enough Savoy for appearance them up and Assess them Outside Particularly along with your aid of Suggestions Offered by Mr. Sleazeball within the train of thought.

8042344235 Complains by BOB,

Amount IS Attached For W W W

8002188787 Complains by Rhale,

called three times to lower my APR on credit cards. they provided false Information to review on that Net.

8002991124 Complains by Penelope,

That is a scam. Been all around your news Currently WV State Authorities do not solicit fund raisers Notably over the phone .

8042580924 Complains by Cassandra,

Hung Up as shortly as I replied.

8002931585 Complains by jen 7mar 2008,

David Fisher called my Dwelling several times saying he was Striving to Accumulate a debt from my husband. I told him that we never got a detect within that send he then got quite upset. That next time he called he demanded full payment I reminded him that we never obtained a letter from his Business he Fully blew Upward at me and told me there was no sense within delivering a correspondence because I would Merely use it to Picture my Toilet along with another Words he allegedly Delivered. . I was about in tears at this point so I decided to Google your Telephone Amount. . . I m happy I did. . My Guidance is for not offer out any info to the Man he is Striving for get abundant away of Individuals. . Quickly.

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