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Telephone information: . Vancouver, BC. . United states
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Post by Lesley,

6048712799 Only had my first phone from your Amount W. I 've contact my Service Technology team and they 've investigated it. It is a scam. If You're still receiving calls contact your own Supplier and get them to block it. They will Additionally follow it Upwards and report it I presume for a few power. They told me it is a prohibited number

Post by Athol Culpan,

604-871-2799 I have calls out of this number about once monthly. They say to would along with lottery that I 'm not registered with

Post by Jason,

6048712799 It Canadian and trying to sell Stocks within euro mi Elephants lottery. It declined.

Post by DJ,

604-871-2799 keep becoming calls out of W I have given him that name foreign nutter when I see this caller ID I Merely press response and let him waste his cash . .

Post by Rhodes,

6048712799 I m acquired W phone on my cellular telephone overly But had a missed phone. I m in Malaysia.

Post by Fred69,

604-871-2799 Only had among those calls from 1 W W W and I replied it. Of course it Put up straight away thus I think it was among those Vehicle Sellers that just rings numbers and checks for a Man replying. I figure that scummier may become the next just one to call. Does that Avast anti virus Truly block that calls. Has anyone tried this.

Post by R,

6048712799 Put Upwards on me too

Post by annoyed,

604-871-2799 I got a missed call out of this number Now as its not a number I Understand or have listed I tend to ignore them.

Post by Kristy NZ,

6048712799 I've had the same number calling. I am within Brand new Zeal and and will not be answering any of their calls. Bloody scampers. . .

Post by ttt1,

604-871-2799 and yes that phone was from the same number as everyone's. should vie guessed it.

Post by Clarissa,

6048712799 Yes you are thus correct. its becoming very annoying. I've got a phone blocking Program on my mobile. its high time I blacklist whoever it is and trust they dint inundate me along with calls from a Distinct number

Post by Guest,

604-871-2799 several calls each day

Post by roc,

6048712799 I have had 4 of these calls Simply started a week Past not bothered replying phone must be a scam I'm in Manchester England

Post by Greg from Australia,

604-871-2799 I keep becoming your same number calling and saying I have an extremely Significant parcel and they hang Upwards. W I live within Brand new South Wales.

Post by Guest,

6048712799 Canadian lottery

Post by Adhi,

604-871-2799 I answered the telephone Recently and had someone speaking to me Around a European lottery he asked me if I played Tats lotto and said that the Likelihood were better with your European lottery. He Needed me for Purchase a Admission for W to enter a Match and said it s a just one off and that there may become no Deals. I told him that I did not have my credit card on me and he said he can phone me again Now he called me again Now on Vibe and I could not Notice him. Sounds dubious for me.

Post by Guest,

6048712799 dint know them they always call

Post by Phil,

604-871-2799 Had two calls out of 1 W W both times hang Advantages I 'm in Australia thus don t understand how they got my Amount. But have since blocked number apron reading other post scam.

Post by Deniece,

6048712799 I don t understand this number but thank you personally all. . 1 W W W don't have any Notion i from New ardor and and has been Striving overly contact me last two weeks . but consistently get too that Telephone overly late cause I glued overly that Display . .

Post by Bill,

604-871-2799 Determine a quiet ring tone to the Amount that manner you may not Notice them calling assign a name for your Amount something enjoy NASCENCE Call so although you may get a message saying you might have a missed call when you open your Telephone You'll know who it was from and Simply Remove it

Post by Trace44,

6048712799 absolute best to Only reply the telephone but don t Discuss leave them talking to themselves they ll get that Tip after all they are paying for it and won t need for waste a phone.

Post by mary,

604-871-2799 I am receiving at least two calls a daytime out of this Amount. Have Set it in my phone publication as do not reply. How annoying. . . . .

Post by AK,

6048712799 received a telephone from the no asserting to sell lotto syndicate tickets for french Dollar lotto. Had for joke when that man caller Desired for know why I wan t keen . . . . . . . . . you are a stranger on your ph asking for cash bye . disturbing they understand my address. Clearly a scam.

Post by Lesley C,

604-871-2799 I gotten a phone from the number yesterday I declined as I don t understand anyone in British Columbia Canada. Have now just acquired another 1. I went to the Information button beside your Amount on iPhone and have now blocked the Amount.

Post by Marilyn,

6048712799 several calls around last few days

Post by fraser,

604-871-2799 i live in n. Ireland as nicely and I am becoming hounded along with calls out of the Amount . . . its a lottery scam don't response i got that Amount blocked

Post by devon,

6048712799 they phone me ask for me by my appropriate name told your mi 'm not there they did t leave message

Post by Jbug,

604-871-2799 Same Merely got it this morning. Almost called back as I 've Pals in BC but glad I looked it up first.

Post by Jessica,

6048712799 I got the Telephone calls as well. I don t know anyone out of British Columbia Canada. Thus I did t pick it Upward. Only let them ring off. Really peculiar.

Post by GalAUS,

604-871-2799 Had a missed phone from the number Recently and again this morning thought I d Google it for check it out glad I did i know for ignore it

Post by Wes,

6048712799 How did you block them out of calling. . .

Post by peter tacon,

604-871-2799 I have had 3 calls out of that number for my cellular telephone phone within your last 4 times. Each time i missed them. It Viewed enjoy an Offshore Amount thus i returned that telephone this morning for see just who it was. . As soon as i found it was the Irish lottery i hung Upwards. When i decide for have a gamble i enjoy for Begin that proceedings and i don't like being annoyed by cellular telephone lottery calls.

Post by Lel,

6048712799 X times Now Practically just one each hour. Hmm Millimeters. Why would the Irish lottery be calling from your People to a cellular telephone in Australia. No thank you quite definitely never answer my phone to Amounts I don t know I Simply trust when I Gore it long enough It ll go away.

Post by malc74,

604-871-2799 Hello Merely read your post regarding that annoying Amount i get it overly. I m going to request my network Service for Barr this Amount its just an idea but maybe Only maybe would mean the end of your own annoying calls. hope this

Post by desertfox,

6048712799 I got a call out of that Amount too i 'm located within Germany and the guy spoke German Desired for Speak to my Partner when asking why he Promised my Partner had Required within Structures out of him. Asking for more details he refuse dot provide and mentioned he can phone After again.

Post by chrissy50,

604-871-2799 Merely had a missed call from this Amount do not understand who it's

Post by marina,

6048712799 i Merely had a telephone out of 1 W W W British Colombia Canada he knew my name and your town I live within. . . I Installed up as soon as I heard the Indian Feature but not quick enough for him for be Competent for understand who I 'm. . I replied with WHAT and he says my name and town. . . . . FSF. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Pam,

604-871-2799 I live Only north of Queensland Queensland

Post by Steph,

6048712799 I got phone phone out of the Amount as nicely. I answered and they state its from Irish lotto. They got my not empty name and address correct. It s so annoying that someone get my personal Information Only like that. I don t know how they get it. I m at work thus I Simply ask them for Telephone back After and they haven t However. I m blocking that Amount now so Monk them

Post by Pam,

604-871-2799 Kate I have an IPhone where can I find your telephone settings. Would love to block the number

Post by Herbert,

6048712799 Gotten a telephone out of this Amount he knows my name and address overly. He also said that I registered online on a survey and supposedly clicked that I am interest in euro lottery. Most likely a scam.

Post by dianne,

604-871-2799 I have o Lu had to calls from the Amount but will not become answering as I dint know anyone out of these Locations. Cant they locate people that are interested thus they Cool call others

Post by Hunt,

6048712799 I was receiving calls from the Amount about 8 times a daytime I told them for tease gar off and not use this number but they kept calling thus I answered every phone and Simply left that Telephone on your table without speaking they got weary of that and Discontinued calling after your ND day

Post by Ben,

604-871-2799 By email bashing I meant Ear bashing

Post by Sharon, Manchester,

6048712799 I vie just got a phone from this number overly. I vie blocked it.

Post by pinkypeel, north wales,

604-871-2799 I Directed} off a flyer that came Indoors Caravan Team magazine for strive Irish National Lottery. Just obtained a phone from W. Offered Odds at half price. Wanted bank details must think I came around on a Strawberry boat. Telephone was from Vancouver Canada by that way.

Post by Anna,

6048712799 I'm out of Melbourne amp keep becoming phone calls from these idiots. How in your hell did they get my number

Post by Joan NZ,

604-871-2799 I vie been receiving calls out of the number on both my mobile and work phones. Luckily I have been Approximately for response either and no messages 've been left.

Post by Anna,

6048712799 I'm out of Melbourne amp keep becoming Telephone calls out of these idiots. How within the hell did they get my number

Post by Caz the cat lady,

604-871-2799 Began for get the number calling me. Its really affecting that they can find Outside thus much Around you. I dint slumber that well anyway due to my Wellness and these calls don t help. I m so glad I looked your number up thus that I can assign a no telephone ring to my phone. Thank you to your people who suggested that just one.

Post by NT,

6048712799 I also acquired a phone from W and missed it as I fave all my no s who I need to talk overly Subsequently I blocked your rest within the Options on my MB. These no I don t hear when there call and they're blocked. I vie been receiving alto of Distinct no s since I joined Arizona bank.

Post by Ellie,

604-871-2799 A Man called me at work the morning from your same number. Without searching at the Amount I replied that call. I told him I could not Chat to him during working hours. He Inquired me exactly why I answered your telephone if I can t use my Telephone during working hours. He then became Rather Violent so I Merely hung up. What was disconcerting was he knew my name.

Post by Row_661,

6048712799 I obtained a missed phone out of the number and many of my friends have had similar matters happen out of other Amounts.

Post by jessica s,

604-871-2799 I m also in Victoria AIS. Have you gotten any more calls from them.

Post by Guest,

6048712799 Quite annoying and constantly calls Day-to-day.

Post by Michelle,

604-871-2799 I have been having 7 calls an hour within your evening out of this number. They also use W W and W. It is Operating me mad. They hang Upward when I Select Upwards the phone.

Post by Karl,

6048712799 I Simply got telephone Who might it be.

Post by Kim,

604-871-2799 Phoning me Around 4 times a day I 've their Amount blocked now.

Post by Tinglz,

6048712799 I vie been getting multiple calls per day nighttime from 1 W W W for the last few weeks it now goes directly for my voice send but no MSG's ever left. . . Think i ll contact my carrier and see what they could Additionally would. . . Unless someone here who knows the delight of receiving these calls has come up with a Remedy they d like to share. . . Very Please. . .

Post by Scam Hammer,

604-871-2799 It s a fraud.

Post by Victor Gardner,

6048712799 I replied this telephone but lost your Sign go ogled it and it is in Canada. Won't answer again.

Post by Charm,

604-871-2799 1 W W W have rung me a Amount of times. I accidentally answered today and they Installed Upwards.

Post by Dee,

6048712799 Got a telephone tonight out of this number trying to get my bank details to play on the Irish Lottery. Claimed his name was Ken Trier. Reckons he was French. After refusing to present him my details he asked me to send a Check to some PO Box in Liverpool. Appears enjoy a definite scam and suggest everybody ignore the mob. Reckons company is called LEG but could t look for them anywhere.

Post by Thiegoss,

604-871-2799 Jew Devin's P} plus en plus Hazel Level Ce numb RI dint Jew NE Connors pas l origin ET Jew n AI acne reconnaissance tenant la Colombia. ET creche APR s 3 Risorgimento fa ire Friend Mon iPhone pour blocker Ce numeric. En vows merchant l Progress.

Post by Vic,

6048712799 I dint believe its a scam as i did register for receive a few info Around that Irish Lottery and other European lotteries all run by that same company and had a chat with a guy about it a few weeks ago. Nevertheless since Subsequently i 've said it isn't for me and they telephone me each daytime 3 or 4 times a day which is MORE than annoying. i dint believe it is a scam though the Man i talked for sounded Canadian and he was absolutely nice and not pushy Simply following Upwards on my question as a Buddy of Minimum he uses them and says they're great. Simply not for me right now and i want they would Cease calling.

Post by Katrina,

604-871-2799 I had a missed call from the number on W 1 W and Subsequently Merely had another phone out of them W 1 W and I replied and they asked for speak to Katrina and I said yes speaking and they Put up. Really peculiar so what kind of rip away are they doing. I Imagine I am going for get a phone charge out of this number now.

Post by TREBOR,

6048712799 1 W W Got phone call but missed it. . . . . . found about number on Web. . Now i m here. . . . . can you personally Barr the Amount or send it on for another Amount that's in another Nation. . .

Post by Ed,

604-871-2799 Reporting unknown telephone out of above Amount.

Post by Carol,

6048712799 They rang me it s a lottery how ever I got Found cause I was entering Tournaments and one that I enters had like a survey u no stack of would u become interested In and I remember Viewing some think and just clicked it but I vie learned my less ion now as I vie had call from other place Looking me for Give etc

Post by Mike cumbe,

604-871-2799 Where does D's Pol got my mambas cause dewy state m Blessed 2 being chosen 2 play 4 jackpot

Post by jack,

6048712799 Consistent phone calls from this bunch

Post by crystal marshall,

604-871-2799 received a telephone out of the number today i understand who it was typed that number in Google

Post by ttt1,

6048712799 i already get other letters in your mail asking me for send off cash and Additionally on the home Telephone and now receiving them on my cellular telephone that is completely idiotic.

Post by Guest,

604-871-2799 Some lottery shop. . . I rang it back as did t understand your number. I m within NZ and you can t con me. . . So don t ring back . .

Post by Wes,

6048712799 Exactly why does this unknown Amount keep calling me. . . Can I Cease them. . . WHAT Would THEY Really Need . . . . Getting angry

Post by jennie,scotland,

604-871-2799 I keep becoming Telephone calls on my mobile out of this Amount I ignore it but it is getting Really ANNOYING they Simply wont offer in and leave me alone the has been going on for months. Wish they d Simply leave me alone. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Angie,

6048712799 Merely started receiving calls from this Amount today its a scam your Irish lottery don't Manage out of Canada when I questioned your Owner he got all Extreme and Put Upward

Post by Guest,

604-871-2799 Try and con me on a lottery overseas

Post by Colin box,

6048712799 It s some variety of Irish lotto matter there say there doing lotto for I Simply hanged up on thee it s Simply a scam

Post by Jbug,

604-871-2799 Same Simply got it the morning. Nearly called back as I 've Pals in BC but happy I looked it Upwards first.

Post by Joe,

6048712799 I vie received 3 calls during 1 hour out of that number but I don t reply unknown Amounts. The other 1 called yesterday W and a man offered dog food. Thus my Guidance is to be cautious as it appears for become scam. Don t registrant your Amount within Net. 've a Fine daytime.

Post by whiskey,

604-871-2799 Has several calls out of this Amount Generally missed but your just one I answered they Installed Upward instantly. I am within New Ardor and.

Post by danny,

6048712799 i Simply got a phone on my land line and also my cell. I m in London British and this number is a Canadian number

Post by leelee,

604-871-2799 've had the number calling for last 3 weeks ha vent replied though as i didn't recognize that area code. i wonder if it's anything for do along with that Kevin smith text scam that i obtained on my ph around that same time. I am in fresh ardor and it Appears this scam reaches every corner of your universe. dodgy. . .

Post by Guest,

6048712799 Joke Owner leaves a Odd Laugh.

Post by Brian Jackson,

604-871-2799 Same here I have Only been called off this number

Post by melissa,

6048712799 If he his calling your cell Telephone contact your provider to see if that calls can become blocked. Or Set the pest s Amount in your Associates list and assign it the ring tone no ring . That won t Discontinue your calls but it may create them easier for sleep through.

Post by CATbytes_u,

604-871-2799 I get calls from this Amount every 2 days. I am within Australia amp have no Notion how they acquired my Amount. It's quite irritating Notably when I 'm at uni. As I don t understand who is calling I never answer but that dozen t Quit them. How can I stop these calls.

Post by Clare from midlands,

6048712799 I vie had Rather a few phone from this number but I 've never answered it in case it s a scam and I get Priced I m going for block ghee number

Post by ISA ( france),

604-871-2799 accord Hui Le W Mai W Jew veins P} Tank UN Apple Du 1 W. Estrange. . . . BRITISH COLOMBIA . Com me Jew NE Connors pas . bi en Want Jew NE re Waters pas. . . . Par PRUDENCE Jew veins P} blocker Ce numb RI Friend Les Oranges ET Sims bi en vehement j AI Fiat dies recherche Sir Google . . . . Que Illinois en thus it rest er tumours prudent . . .

Post by Duder,

6048712799 I Merely acquired a phone from the number. Did t pick Upwards but believe I will block it from now on.

Post by H.,

604-871-2799 I Additionally get these calls there surely is an simple fix download and install avast anti virus there surely is an Choice to block unwanted numbers

Post by Bierre,

6048712799 Bahama. . . . I had a missed call in the same no overly. They should have gone for my account there is C inside.

Post by Candice Davis,

604-871-2799 I want for report these unwanted calls overly as I 've gotten 4 calls within your last 5 times. I would like it if something would become done about the.

Post by KIWI GLEN,

6048712799 I'm Getting CALLS ON MY Cellular telephone Every SECOND Day Out of THESE Men Simply Talked To THEM ONCE Around A MONTH Past Maintained ID Just one A lottery I'm in fresh passion and they also knew my address

Post by Rauf,

604-871-2799 Beloved Caller I don t understand you personally. If any Difficulty E-mail me E-mail W protected . Thank

Post by jp,

6048712799 Calls out of this number for my cellular telephone last week and Afterward today. That guy Promised to become out of European Lotto knew my pseudo name and said I was within the draw for W W. EU and wished me great Fortune. He Subsequently went on to estimate my address and Began for Discuss Around a lotto prize within France which was W EU and would t it be Amazing to Triumph. I stopped him and said where are you from and I don t Recall Calling you personally. . . he repeated what he d already said and I just hung Upward. He tried again thus I turned my Telephone off. I think it is just a big scam and wonder if it s not just for get money from us but to use the phone connections.

Post by iZita Marketing,

604-871-2799 April W W BEWARE Phishing telephone out of a No Name Credit Card Business Card Services Merely got a phone from 1 W W W. Phishing Activity. Your Man at that end of the line was trying to Advertise lower interest Prices at 6. 9 for ALL credit cards. He claimed to signify ALL your financial Companies. Got Extreme when I asked him which credit card he was calling me Around as I told him I had many. He got quite frustrated and he finally Put Upward. The guy picked that incorrect Amount for telephone as I worked as a Merchandise manager at a major Fiscal Organization for Credit merchandises. No Canadian Financial Company Advances lower rates with telemarketing Businesses. All promotions are done via old fashion send. Please pass this on.

Post by Pam,

6048712799 I live Simply north of Queensland Queensland

Post by Lesley,

604-871-2799 Simply had my first call in the Amount W. I 've contact my Supplier Tech team and they have investigated it. It's a scam. If you are still receiving calls contact your own Company and get them for block it. They will also follow it Upward and report it I presume to many authority. They told me it's a prohibited number

Post by Bill,

6048712799 Assign a hushed ring tone for the number that way you will not hear them calling assign a name to your number something like NASCENCE Phone thus although you will get a message saying you've a missed telephone when you open your Telephone you may know who it was from and Only delete it

Post by Deborah Janet MC DONALD,

604-871-2799 just Cease calling its annoying. I am within Australia this telephone coming out of Canada. I know no 1 there

Post by Bill,

6048712799 Assign a silent ring tone for that number that manner you will not hear them calling assign a name for the number something enjoy NASCENCE Call so although you may get a message saying you have a missed telephone when you open your own Telephone You'll know who it was out of and Merely Remove it

Post by granrina,

604-871-2799 They should be shot for scaring that wits out of my W years old Mum within law. Could t something become done.

Post by Scam Hammer,

6048712799 It s a fraud.

Post by Emma,

604-871-2799 two missed calls each daytime for your last few times. Clearly international. please block them.

Post by Guest,

6048712799 I am in New Ardor and appears for become annoyance call

Post by Daveo77,

604-871-2799 Only replied this Amount 've gotten a telephone before as posted and ignored but Truly answered without searching at that Display the time. idea it was dodgy before talked to a bloke with a Canadian American Highlight he had my address . . . . Informed me I was entered within a lottery for W dollars Au and he asked Amer a couple of questions about how Regularly I entered the lottery in general Afterward told me 've a Fine day. did not arks me for any private details except he already knew my address thus go ogled your Amount this cam Upward FYI I Presume. .

Post by Megs,

6048712799 Hey I've been becoming these too. . Its a lottery spam call. . I'm in Vic too. . so annoying

Post by Colin box,

604-871-2799 It s many variety of Irish lotto thing there say there doing lotto for I Simply hanged Upward on thee it s just a scam

Post by jass,

6048712799 Had a telephone from this mob today. A Man out of Canada asking me for pay W to enter a Dollar lottery. Definitely sounds like a scam.

Post by Samir,

604-871-2799 Telephone Number W keep calling for my mobile which is nothing but annoying for me. I would prefer if the person calling must refrain to telephone.

Post by Fraud Alert,

6048712799 This really is a fraud campaign currently active in Canada using a String of VIP Amounts. The objective is for Get your credit card number and drain your own account. If you personally attempt for Select Outside your number can become Validated as live and added to some suckers list for repeated future calls.

Post by stu8,

604-871-2799 i had a telephone off this Amount today it came Upward as British Columbia with that Amount also most modern bright Telephones 've the Choice for add this number to a block list.

Post by ismae,

6048712799 I got a phone call from this number this morning I did t reply it I am within brand new Zeal and

Post by Patrick,

604-871-2799 Repeated calls out of the Amount at various times day and nighttime but I do not reply. Appears for be out of America but when Assessed your Amount isn't Genuine.

Post by Wes,

6048712799 How did you personally block them out of calling. . .

Post by Suspicious,

604-871-2799 Got missed phone from the same Amount British Columbia Enrolled. Did t response your telephone. 5 times this week.

Post by SPOT,

6048712799 YEP I 'm Registered For Win A Pile OF Money Really Favorable AND WISHED ME Fortune BUT Afterward Asked FOR W FOR Uk LOTTO ENTRY FOR 3 MONTHS.

Post by Jess,

604-871-2799 1 W W British Columbia Canada Keep lost calls out of the Amount But I understand I one over seas

Post by Saini,

6048712799 I Only gotten a call from this number. Its a scam and they ask you personally CC DC details. Its a Huge time fraud. they said that i have won some million Pounds. F k them. . . . become safe. . . .

Post by pinkypeel, north wales,

604-871-2799 I Directed} off a flyer that Arrived Indoors Caravan Club magazine to strive Irish National Lottery. Merely received a phone from W. Offered chances at half price. Needed bank details must think I came around on a banana boat. Telephone was out of Vancouver Canada by the manner.

Post by Sahlee,

6048712799 Got a lot of missed calls from these Amount. . . . I Simply Blow off it as it s not on my contact list.

Post by Barbara Wilson,

604-871-2799 Keep becoming these calls. If I reply nothing said. Owner show shows from Place . I 've telephone preference service but they still get through.

Post by Damir,

6048712799 Your same Amount has been pestering my Parents mobile phone but asking for me and they wont state anything else. We live in South Australia thus this is incredibly unusual.

Post by Karl,

604-871-2799 I Merely got telephone Who is it.

Post by Java,

6048712799 I Only gotten a phone out of W. But had missed phone. I heard that young Girl s voice. Who was she.

Post by phattz,

604-871-2799 Keep getting calls from your same number W British Columbia. How that hell did they get my cell Telephone no. thus annoying they keep ringing and ringing I won t be Buying Upward any time soon

Post by Guest,


Post by BB,

604-871-2799 I acquired this Amount W W days Past didn't reply Cu's didn't recognized your Nation code but after that i received withheld phone calls twice each daytime . . . . who was it. . . . . . . .

Post by Paul Rogers,


Post by Ben,

604-871-2799 By E-mail bashing I meant Ear bashing

Post by Guest,

6048712799 Received a call from the number and I 'm in Australia. WT. . . . . .

Post by peter tacon,

604-871-2799 I have had 3 calls out of that number to my mobile phone within that last 4 times. Each time i missed them. It looked enjoy an Offshore number thus i returned that telephone this morning to see exactly who it was. . As shortly as i found it was the Irish lottery i Put Upwards. When i determine to have a Chance i enjoy for Start your proceedings and i don't like being annoyed by mobile lottery calls.

Post by Guest,

6048712799 They keep calling my Amount each day I don't understand how they got my Amount but I 've had enough Cease IT NOW

Post by Jo,

604-871-2799 I Pole your own post because i acquired your same telephone And i m within France i Mum french Firstly i twink that i was drunk And leave my for someone which i didn't know. Subsequently i remember that in Th same Time i gave m y Amount to Gaming Websites we have been all Gaming m en . . . Thanks Of You comprehend for response me .

Post by MS,

6048712799 I missed a phone out of 1 W W W with your description British Columbia Canada written below it. I 'm so sick of these dodgy sounding calls and Foreign Sites need for seriously think Around their customer s privacy data.

Post by Pechie,

604-871-2799 I get a telephone but no message most days

Post by Annoyed,

6048712799 I keep getting calls from this number and go ogled for look for out where that telephone is out of. Only rejected that call again Nevertheless I did get Information within your send the other day for a Uk lottery thus I figure they also 've my address. . . . not happy. . .

Post by oldlund,

604-871-2799 I got a missed telephone today on VIP x lite on my computer. When I tool this I blocked that number within x lite thus that should get rid of it.

Post by Ben,

6048712799 By E-mail bashing I meant Ear bashing

Post by SarahAU,

604-871-2799 Called 3 times today. And its just W W.

Post by Daveo77,

6048712799 Just got just one the morning missed call and then hangup notion I would search first before I rang them back glad I did. I am in Australia

Post by Jenni,

604-871-2799 I had a missed phone from the number Merely this morning. I joined a new survey page and suppose my Amount got given out. A s. Guess Ailing become changing my Amount. . . . again.

Post by Ashneel,

6048712799 Hello everyone I also got a phone from this Amount and when I replied he she Installed up. I get at least W calls per daytime sort this Amount. peculiar.

Post by Michelle,

604-871-2799 Now why would a European Firm be calling out of a Canadian number. And Merely because they have a net Website doesn't create them valid. Your description of that Web site appears very suspicious. This looks a lot enjoy a spam Advertising for me.

Post by Dee,

6048712799 i have missed a call out of the Amount Min's ago now.

Post by Elizabeth Scopes,

604-871-2799 1 W W British Columbia Canada

Post by Helene Vasquez,

6048712799 Banjo Jew Sui's Helene Vasquez P} France j AI moi Aussie eta is Apple Level Irish lottery pour loot Foreign. Jew sari Talk De converse Ave vows voice Mon addressee mail E-mail W protected

Post by Michelle,

604-871-2799 Now exactly why would a European Firm become calling out of a Canadian number. And Merely because they have a web Website doesn't create them valid. That description of that Web site appears really questionable. The looks a lot like a spam ad for me.

Post by Jen.,

6048712799 I 've had numerous calls from this Amount. They keep asking for a Mrs Axle and they do not believe me when I say it's your wrong number. I have had for block the number. I am in England. This issue needs Choosing more.

Post by JPM,

604-871-2799 I Joined the lottery Around 7 months ago but the Deal never Arrived out because of low funds I 've been getting these calls now for over 6 months some Asian guy Attempting for put on a Phony Canadian accent I have told him I am not interested within European lotteries but he keeps insisting that I Joined into your lottery and my funds of W dollars did not Continue away my credit card but telling me that I don t have to pay anything Now but simply a low Cost of only W dollars your credit card number he is quoting me is just one that I had cancelled thus they are trying for Carry on along with a Purchase on a classic card he threatened me the morning he was going to hand it around for that debt collectors. I asked him where he was calling from he told me Canada I laughed at him and and told him he is a scam er and he sounds about as Substantially Canadian as I would Chinese speaking from Australia. Ha Ha anyway he ended Upwards talking for himself on his pushy sales sell I left him on loud speaker and walked away he talked for about 2 and a half minutes before he Understood I was not Performing and still kept saying Johnny Johnny for Around another 2 minutes Pushy Basted.

Post by Sally Ritchie,

6048712799 I got a call from the number Striving to sell me a share in European Millions Lottery. By that appears it is a scam which I did mention to the guy on the Telephone it came from Vancouver

Post by Kitten,

604-871-2799 Gotten 4 calls already Now out of this no and enjoy everyone else no message left. . . . . .

Post by Ang,

6048712799 Hello All received a phone telephone to my mobile this morning first time Cool called overly . That youthful Female said she is from the European Lottery Guild. I vie been receiving stuff enjoy this in mail for months now and always Discount them. She said the same customary matter each one is reporting enjoy Dwelling address details and thus on. Which annoyed me as I don t recall ever replying or Using for any lottery world Broad as I don t even play your one in my own Nation of Australia. So my Guidance is for become careful as it appears for become scam.

Post by Bierre,

604-871-2799 Bahama. . . . I had a missed call in the same no overly. They should have gone for my account there surely is C inside.

Post by Dave T (UK),

6048712799 As above W unknown for me but hung up.

Post by Japanese,

604-871-2799 I m living in Japan. got the Telephone Amount calling too. Recently two times.

Post by Mel,

6048712799 i 've had numerous calls from the Amount out of British Columbia supposedly I'm in Vic Australia i do not answer though

Post by don,

604-871-2799 Yep I been getting calls from the Amount also. I m within brand new Zeal and

Post by melissa,

6048712799 If he his calling your own cell phone contact your own Company for see if that calls could become blocked. Or Place your Bug s number within your own Connections list and assign it the ring tone no ring . That won t stop your calls but it will create them easier to slumber through.

Post by Louise Stowers,

604-871-2799 'm being harassed by this number I don t know anyone out of the country.

Post by fraser,

6048712799 i live in n. Ireland as well and I'm getting hounded with calls from the Amount . . . its a lottery scam do not response i got the Amount blocked

Post by R,

604-871-2799 Put Upwards on me too

Post by H.,

6048712799 I also get these calls there surely is an simple repair download and install avast anti virus there surely is an Alternative to block unwanted numbers

Post by fraser,

604-871-2799 i live within n. Ireland as well and I'm getting hounded along with calls out of the Amount . . . its a lottery scam do not answer i got your number blocked

Post by Michael,

6048712799 Ridiculous . . . 3 4 calls from your number a day. Maybe if we all answer and Place them on hold for a while it might turn them away calling. All that absolute best.

Post by kim,

604-871-2799 I've had two calls this evening out of this Amount i also dint response numbers i dint know. Hopefully they will give Upward I am in UK

Post by Pam,

6048712799 Kate I have an IPhone where would I look for that call Options. Would adore to block this number

Post by Nicole,

604-871-2799 I got a call out of this number and they had my address. Should I call them back for request they please remove my address. I located it rather Peculiar and dint like your notion of it.

Post by Mel,

6048712799 i have had numerous calls out of this Amount from British Columbia purportedly I am in Vic Australia i do not answer though

Post by Guest,

604-871-2799 keep calling my mobile number at least once a daytime I 'm within Australia I do not understand who the Man is they dint leave a message. I want them to Stop now.

Post by Karen,

6048712799 I 've had three calls in that last two times out of the number comes Upward out of Malaysia. I never answered as not know anyone there. Did leave a voice mail but arbitrary noise then just said Hi Betty Subsequently Put up. Guessed heard my name on mailbox.

Did you get an unwanted call from 604-871-2799? Is 6048712799 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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6018630875 Complains by Guest,

Recording for credit recovery

9412493408 Complains by Guest,

The scumbag tried for signify himself as a System Mechanic Technology Support. I got him present me his Amount and extension. Of course when I called they had no record of anyone calling me Or anyone named Bob Singh.

3129129352 Complains by Guest,

Scampers calling from Distinct numbers.

3128464546 Complains by Guest,

I get phantom calls every morning at twelve forty eight out of the Amount. it's a pest. it Gets me up .

3473843175 Complains by Guest,

Previously mentioned THEY WOULD Charge ME IF I DID NOT PAY The Money OWED BACK To SSA OFFICE

8134403995 Complains by Guest,


8563004755 Complains by Guest,


7274984086 Complains by Guest,

Automated call

8002156290 Complains by afincamny,

Approve payment recovery

8002356323 Complains by Canadian,

You are blaming these calls on Obama. I 'm getting them within Canada so I don't think he is interested within me. Become sensible.

8000100010 Complains by Mad at the Phone!,

I have been getting these Text messages from the Amount and it is a Number of arbitrary symbols and at the end of it it says Com. timeserver what's going on. I just get them during the nighttime Approximately one ac lock. .

8002513006 Complains by BEAN,

Got one call at 5:27 pm on 2/1/2008. Caller ID said Name Unknown.  The voicemail was just 6 minutes of silence.  My cell number is unlisted so how do they get it?

8002613389 Complains by done,

these people call looking for someone who has NEVER Dwelt here. . . Over your last 2 years we have Inquired them to take our number away their list. They state they may and the next day that calls begin again. . . . . they call Each morning at 8 'm. and each niter after 7 pm. The simply solace I get is they are never going to Amass their debt this way.

8001542411 Complains by big ed,


8001532222 Complains by josh,

Recording called and said log in for atmosphere. com and log into your account for receive a W Reduction for my next months Invoice. Yeah Ok. Ailing get appropriate on that. Art never Offers out Bargains that's why that Costs are thus high.

8002576101 Complains by carobco,

I vie gotten calls out of the toll free Amount before. The entire message is jumbled Fixed filled and entirely inaudible. It s very annoying.

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