6093571996 / 609-357-1996

Telephone information: Level 3 Communications. Princeton, NJ. Mercer. United states
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68 complaints
Post by Guest,

6093571996 Just rang 3 times then Ceased before I could answer

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Steady repeat calls

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Scam. . Verde energy ask for save your own vigor but beware

Post by Jerry,

609-357-1996 They enabled me for become Set on that no telephone list

Post by Sarah Chanpion,

6093571996 Did not leave a message

Post by Kim,

609-357-1996 I m on a no call list the above Amount somehow has gotten ah old of my private cell phone number and calls me 4 5 times a daytime. No answer when I response no message left. Please ensure it is Discontinue.

Post by Kata,

6093571996 Called about 6 7 times in the past W hrs leave me alone.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Keeps calling all hours never anyone there

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Could telephone back and Strike 1 to remove out of list. Wow. . your fed don't phone list works so nicely. . not.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Called twice in a Line and Installed up definitely spam

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Electric Firm spam

Post by Lowie,

609-357-1996 Just received a phone from the Amount 9 'm did not reply and no message was left. I am on do not call list.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Your own Your WEAKEST LINK GOODBYE

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 I did not let thrum Chat I Put Upwards on that Owner.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Has called several times a day. Spam

Post by ginger,

609-357-1996 calls multiple times a daytime. I never reply if I don t understand the Amount and they never leaves a message. Please ensure it is Quit. It s making me despise the ring tone on my phone

Post by al,

6093571996 they call 3 5 times a daytime leave no message has to be a scam don t answer

Post by Kristi,

609-357-1996 The number called me 3 times Recently and already twice today I Merely ignore it. But it s Actually getting annoying plus I 've been getting calls out of other numbers as nicely. I go out of having a silent cell to a steady ringing. Maybe next phone I ll pick Upward an cry at them.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 They called twice I did t response I called back and computer Decided up

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Spam

Post by Jean,

609-357-1996 Someone from this Amount continually calls me and I don't understand who it's

Post by lisa,

6093571996 Keep having the number Place Upward. I don t Understand your number so I don t reply.

Post by Rosemary Reker,

609-357-1996 They phone me at least twice and day and do not leave a message. My Views are if you personally don t leave a message it is not important.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Makes repeated calls to mobile phone and hangs up.

Post by Lowie,

609-357-1996 Got a telephone today 2 PM did t leave any message

Post by Niki,

6093571996 They called once and did t leave a message. Your second time I replied and it took awhile for her to reply me once I said Hi. . . I told her I did t 've my account number on me and was able to get off your phone before she got me feel pressured. . . if anyone has an iPhone I understand you are able to block their number easily

Post by Anita,

609-357-1996 Simply received another call. No message. . . .

Post by jamie,

6093571996 Just one no just one out of the Website can Quit that calls. Two your DC list isn't a magic telephone stopping switch. Criminals Stadium t going to follow your laws anyways. Get a telephone blocker.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Don t call

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Spammers trying for get you to Change energy Firms by lying Around lower rates and when you personally say you re not interested and suited with your current service they get ugly. Not an excellent way for get brand new customers.

Post by Amanda,

609-357-1996 They keep calling me and not leaving any messages. It s annoying.

Post by jamie,

6093571996 One no one out of this site could stop that calls. Two that DC list is not a magic telephone stopping Change. Criminals Stadium t going for follow that Guidelines anyways. Get a call blocker.

Post by satin,

609-357-1996 Got a phone from this number and they left no message. When you telephone back nothing happens. Who are they.

Post by kathleen core,

6093571996 I 'm on Do not Call list . . .

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Do I get the for Discontinue calling me. . .

Post by Anita,

6093571996 I did t response. They did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 kept calling enjoy twice an hour thus I called them and Put Upward Around sixteen times. it was a good time.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Calls and don t say anything

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Don t call anymore

Post by jessica,

6093571996 this Amount has called me searching for a Paul W times a day. . . they all say they may take me off your list Afterward ten minutes After they are calling again. that is borderline harassment at the point. its all daytime. just one guy actually called me honey and told me its not Simply their company. I have had enough.

Post by Valerie,

609-357-1996 This Amount called me twice Now within 2 hours. No message. Please Quit calling.

Post by Kerasita,

6093571996 Report them. You personally ll get money

Post by MB,

609-357-1996 I KEEP Becoming SEVERAL CALLS Out of This Amount WHILE I M AT WORK NO MESSAGES

Post by Jerry,

6093571996 They enabled me for be put on the no telephone list

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 must become a telemarketer. calls constantly and leaves no message

Post by Guest,

6093571996 spammer

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Continuous calls and no one ever on line must become an automated dial er

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Keeps calling spam

Post by Holden,

609-357-1996 Would you actually Close the Upwards. . I despise your own Business and tell your Supervisor he s .

Post by Tamia Bey,

6093571996 Please remove me or block that number

Post by Red,

609-357-1996 They phone several times a day and never leave a message. I replied it along with my standard company Introduction not saying Hi in the least. and it s Only dead atmosphere. They don t Choose Upwards until your machine hears you personally state Hello twice to make sure You're a Actual person if not it hangs Upward thinking it s an answering machine.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Foreign Woman all I could understand was she was out of an Electronic company. Called cell Telephone.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Calls and hangs up

Post by Liz,

6093571996 Been receiving Telephone calls out of this Amount at least X a daytime but I don t reply and they don t leave a message. I really need to understand why all of an abrupt I keep becoming a flood of random phone numbers calling my cell Telephone and HOW they even got that Amount b c I never supply it out. It s Actually annoying and something needs for become done to stop this. .

Post by Bill,

609-357-1996 sorry Verde Vigor lockstep. com Called as shortly as I hung up again with offers

Post by Michelle Thomas,

6093571996 This Amount keeps calling and never leaves a message. I receive about 3 5 calls a daytime with no name or message. Exceptionally aggravating.

Post by Ginger Minger,

609-357-1996 Telemarketer from Verde Energy called me 4 times the morning. I eventually replied and that lady instantaneously went into your pitch before I had hardly finished saying hello. She threw Approximately words like deregulation and Top Electricity and a few others that probably come across as specialized and valid for unsophisticated People. Subsequently she said they re giving a W Prize for people who sign Upward. While she rambled on I Go ogled your Business and when I Inquired her about that W Criticisms filed with the BBB she stumbled and had no answer. When I asked how she got my Telephone she said it was from a survey I filled out Around saving cash. Of path I vie never filled out any such survey and when I mentioned that for her she stumbled again Afterward Only continuing rambling about how Fantastic that Firm is. Eventually I told her I ll stick along with what I 've and she said Oh thus you personally don t want for save cash. I suppose you enjoy paying extra. I laughed at her tough close attempt and Installed up.

Post by Guest,

6093571996 For many calls through out that day

Post by Kerasita,

609-357-1996 Report them. You personally ll get money

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Keep calling. At least times Now even phone week their number blocked.

Post by Caroline,

609-357-1996 Received 2 calls today on my cell. How do they get the Amount. If they call again I will tell what I tell most callers like that I don t pay the Statement it's component of my rent. but it's pleasure when they state Oh Okay. then they hang up

Post by Tara,

6093571996 The Amount has been calling me for two days now. . . I don t answer cause I looked that Amount up first. . . they demand for Discontinue.

Post by Guest,

609-357-1996 Keeps calling Around saving vigor. spam

Post by Susan E.,

6093571996 This Amount has called my cell Telephone 3 times Now. 9 W am W W 'm amp 1 W pm. I have them on my blocked list. I do not response calls that I do not know the number. If its important they can leave a message. Clearly they leave no message. Just Looks really Unusual that the calls are almost just 2 hours apart from each other thus I m assuming that my number is on Automobile Switch. I m expecting that they can give Upward sooner or After and Simply Discontinue calling. Quite annoying while I m at work. . .

Post by Dawn,

609-357-1996 I don t answer calls I don t understand Discontinue calling

Post by Guest,

6093571996 Keeps calling my cell. . . . Now I got a W second voice send that sounded enjoy they were Operating within a Auto but said nothing. . .

Post by Art,

609-357-1996 They called me and I did t response they also did t leave a message when I called them back that Telephone did t even ring it was Simply quiet for around a minute

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4018595266 Complains by Guest,

Phone Bands no just one can there be when you answer. Multiple times a daytime.

6319046122 Complains by Guest,

Cease caller

8187169616 Complains by Guest,


9096342613 Complains by Guest,

Stop calling

6095023445 Complains by Guest,

Unknown caller. . Prank

7025517109 Complains by Guest,

Calls every daytime at 5 W pm EST. We answer that phone and they hold your line for Only a minute without saying anything and them hangs up. This has happened everyday for your last 2 weeks.

8136571004 Complains by Favor Progress,

Caloric Post Office Caloric FL

8161977279 Complains by jerome,

ha meme chose moi ces un tirage au salon de l auto ... ma blonde et moi avons gagner lol louche en partant il lui on dit qu elle gagnait mais il lui ont demander son age et il lui on dit qu elle ne pouvais pas gagner puisqu'elle n avait pas 25 ans ( 25 ans wtf lol ). Moi la madame ma demander si j,avais voyagé das les 3 dernieres années année (non) et si je contais voyager dans les 3 prochaines années (non) alors elle c'est faché et m,a dit que si je ne contais pas voyager elle ne me donnerais pas le voyage ... bref belle arnaque ! à éviter!

8002565944 Complains by ukmk,

scam artist called him herself Vivian Lawson Vivian Law has been flagged from crackliest minutes after that post for W 3 Room house in SD CA

8002552020 Complains by M,

Accidentally called W instead of W which is AT amp T. The quick at your beginning said something and for press one to Discuss for an agent. I did it not paying focus on your first record message. Subsequently a few lady said that I had won something and wanted to me for customer service. I asked it the was AT amp T and she said it was Incentives Facility and that they were Related with AT amp T. She told me she would get me for that customer service number but tried for sell me a few free dining coupon thing. I told her I would hang Upwards and phone them directly.

8002199716 Complains by Nancy,

Acquired a phone out of this Amount they left a message in my own voice mail. It was someone speaking a foreign language.

8000322392 Complains by bill,

your phone was from American State. Statement Choices.

8002311240 Complains by denny,

This a holes having been calling Regular for 2 months. I owe no 1 money. They phone and I telephone them back and lay your Telephone down. Perhaps we should all can this and tie up their lines.

8002640885 Complains by abe,

who is this

8002779139 Complains by pleasefilloutthisfeild,

thus you personally come here and tell Us all about it. which is a guidelines violation. too terrible. . i d ping you to find out your region and report for Arbitron thus they may do a investigation trap on your when you plug the meters within next time. some People really do not know how those small piece of Trash tagger Products work. if they knew. . they really would t have Closed Upward for the program. D

8002452640 Complains by anonym,

I got the same text. and I got another 1 to phone another Amount. . . thus I sent that text Quit for cancelling your annoying massage. . . I believe if you just Discount the massage they will keep giving that massage for you. If you personally want for end that massage service Only send that text Quit . Fundamentally your Cease text will work for any spam massage. Reference HTTP Www. out law. com page HTTP answers. yahoo. com question index. quid Axiom

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