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Post by Gary,

6132302890 W W called me Now 1 W W at PM EST on my cell phone. They said this really is transiting i believe that's what he said college College we have been Doing a Advertising servery Then i Installed Upward called back and it said its not within service.

Post by bubba,

613-230-2890 I vie gotten a call this morning out of the number and they knew my first name. They greeted me by saying Hello W . How Strange is that and how did they know my name.

Post by Roger Harrad,

6132302890 Calls each daytime Only for harass us. It's a Canadian Business research Firm that's no motive in the Us.

Post by FED UP,

613-230-2890 immediate response out of above E-mail. We have acquired and added your own phone number to the internal Don't Phone List. Ruby Huckster Field Services Opinion Search Inc.

Post by Moto,

6132302890 A lot of marketplace research is done out of Canada Specially from Ontario and New Brunswick. These Businesses are paid by Energy Firms within the Usa and Canada. That outsourcing for Canada is Only an Economical reason the Computers are better and Canada is Understood for your services. They're not selling anything they desire Views. Only state no and ask for become removed if you personally don't desire for be called. The Marketplace Research Firms most likely got your own Telephone Amount out of a Service Service that you use. I work within Market Research thus I know

Post by maggie,

613-230-2890 They called your house tonight. Looked to understand my name. Wan t Residence. But I am female and she wanted for telephone me back tomorrow.

Post by ...,

6132302890 called Now sounded enjoy a younger female with a lot of noise in your background calling for Partner said she would phone back After i goo ogled it and voila. . thanks

Post by maarmi,

613-230-2890 Message on express mail was a lot of History talking. . . like a crowded room and a female express said Harris Fun and more bunch sounds and then disconnect.

Post by SWOntario (519),

6132302890 Left no message.

Post by PaulH,

613-230-2890 They did not leave a message.

Post by Brenton,

6132302890 Cease Calling me.

Post by marmar,

613-230-2890 Never left a message. . . Called that number back. . . Business called View Hunt was an automated message.

Post by NotAnsweringthePhone,

6132302890 I have acquired two calls out of the number. That first they hung up when your Telephone was replied. Your second time my Man answered and they Inquired for me by name. I was at work. They said I would company along with them and they Desired for offer me a survey. They would not identify themselves. Regrettably they said they d phone back.

Post by Tracy,

613-230-2890 I vie gotten called at least 2 times a daytime for the past couple of weeks and finally decided for appearance up your number on Google. Yikes.

Post by oss,

6132302890 what Individual or company is this

Post by Maryo,

613-230-2890 I Merely called the number above and Inquired for become taken away that list. Your Man was really Fine and said not a Trouble it takes Around W hours. Probably an extremely legit Firm just Striving to would a Promotion survey.

Post by Jason,

6132302890 Legally within Canada phone survey companies like View Hunt could phone until PM although it's really rare that they would Really call after PM

Post by AJ,

613-230-2890 Called me this Night. Cheers to this Web site I went for their Site and put myself on their Don't Telephone list. HTTP Web. view investigation. com en tools dentally Thanks.

Post by angryGRAMMA,

6132302890 they 've called twice Now and my spouse hung up on them as nobody was there. BLEEPING CANADIAN Sausage BLEEPERS

Post by Mimi,

613-230-2890 Your computer randomly dials that Amounts. Don t feel thus particular.

Post by Ally,

6132302890 That number has called me 8 times in 4 times. . . and never once left a voice send. I could Cope along with a 1 or two time telephone along with no response but calling me EIGHT times. That's obnoxious. So can they Merely phone for Reviews.

Post by angryGRAMMA,

613-230-2890 Good for you. We need to make Studies illegal overly.

Post by doug d,

6132302890 got a telephone out of view investigation Today. Logged into my via talk control Screen and promptly blacklisted this company and number. Trouble Fixed. win.

Post by Chris,

613-230-2890 If you are registered to the National Do not Phone list and are still receiving calls Afterward you demand to create a complaint directly for your CR TC. HTTP Internet. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt camp Enif you changed services or your own Telephone Amount you would demand to re enroll to your list.

Post by Maria,

6132302890 They called my cell Telephone saying research company. I told them that I was not going for pay air time along with them and hang Upward. I Despise companies government politicians that call my phones. . . I do not vote on them. . . . . I boy cote that companies too. . . .

Post by Woody,

613-230-2890 the number keeps calling leaves no message. If reply your Telephone it is a recording Placing the number on that do not call dozen t seem to keep this at bay. Very frustrating

Post by JD,

6132302890 A Girl said she was working for CI BC doing Customer survey. I told her I could t Chat English well. She told me she could 've someone speaking my native language telephone back. I said no.

Post by victor,

613-230-2890 Acquired phone from this number yesterday they present themselves as CI BC Bank and started for request for pears. Information. I 'm already in no call list. Seems those criminals attempt to still pears. Information. I think that RCMP 'll investigate those Instances.

Post by jim,

6132302890 calling my W yr old mother who is on do not telephone list. who enforces these Criticisms. officials enforcing don't call list should check that pages and pages on this site and would something Around it.

Post by grassguy,

613-230-2890 've gotten numerous calls from that Never reply . . Additionally calls out of W W W on a daily basis . Occasionally twice daily. Again don't reply if they need for Discuss for me they could leave a message for phone them back. Yeah Correct . . . B. Within Hamilton.

Post by greenapple,

6132302890 I got this call Today at 8 PM Alberta time. . . not that first time for get this phone. . . feel Actually frustrated. .

Post by Michelle,

613-230-2890 bey keep calling my cell phone. I Choose up and no 1 talks. Now i Only don t answer. There has for become a way for these people not for get our Telephone numbers. They're harassing people by keep calling back.

Post by Mitch,

6132302890 Two Bands nobody on your line.

Post by He's not here,

613-230-2890 I was just on this Website searching Upward another number when the Amount phoned. I had never seen the just one before and I keep an inventory of numbers by my phone. I notion that I should try a new approach. I answered waited for someone for respond Set the Telephone up to that smoke alarm and pressed the Evaluation button. We ll see if they Telephone back.

Post by Anthony,

6132302890 Brouhaha. Trust dilemmas eh. The connection will last I m confident. . .

Post by Charlie,

613-230-2890 I Merely got a telephone out of this Amount. A youthful guy told me he was calling from Harris Decimal and said he wanted to request me questions for a survey. I replied no cheers. I m not interested. He Subsequently Inquired if there was another time when he could phone back. I again said no. I 'm not interested. He Afterward hurriedly said okay I ll call back again and Installed Upwards before I could reply. Sounds suspicious to me. . . Likely a scam. As Elizabeth pointed out a couple places above the one you are able to ask nicely to become put on THEIR own do not phone list. The can Generally can the Key if it s a law abiding call Center. . . but it definitely won t work for scam artists so when I said above I 've my suspicions the Folks calling from the Amount might become.

Post by do not call,

6132302890 i keep becoming the telephone.

Post by Dave,

613-230-2890 they are all pains in the butt. . . cheers for your info

Post by Annoyed,

6132302890 W the number keeps calling my house whatsoever times of your daytime. What happened to your do not all lists for telemarketers. Are they no longer within effect.

Post by angRYGRAMMA,

613-230-2890 Not alive atmosphere phone AGAIN. Call blocking here I come. BLEEPING BLEEPER SURVEYORS NOT gt

Post by Bree,

6132302890 I Wager he knows how to spell know though.

Post by Adrian,

613-230-2890 I get about four hang Advantages each Night. Either a computer Software is doing your calling or it s a superhuman Energy. Including weekends. Would t it be something if that Finish result of the Your Don't Phone List is that all these telemarketers Go for Canada. Wonderful. Thank goodness for the Web.

Post by abi,

6132302890 got a call twice but i did t answer. . if they 've an important message they could 've left a express send. . your telephone Arrived out of Ottawa Ontario. . .

Post by Maxxting,

613-230-2890 Called X today said from Canada gov t agency. Will simply take 3 Min's. of my time to would a brief survey seeing your use of gov t. of Canada. Did not asked my name thank s God but I was Thinking exactly why request my annual income. Thus did not Supply real answer. Weird. Now i feel scare why I answered that phone.

Post by in Vancouver,

6132302890 Got several calls out of this Amount but it s no 1 I understand.

Post by Derek,

613-230-2890 They called today saying that they were out of Lang Research asking me what's the first bank that comes for thoughts. I told them to Things it after that question. What s the first bank that comes to mind. MY BANK and they Stadium t becoming that.

Post by Fiveaxle in Saskatchewan,

6132302890 Once again it rang twice on my cell and again I never answered. I most surely don t feel like being the Instructor for a New Canadian and if which is Offensive too damn poor. I state that as most real Folks would permit the phone to ring more than two times thus that I could at least determine NOT for response. If on the other hand it may be an Fair phone exactly why can they not call my land line. . Oops that s appropriate it's unlisted and think they can t Rather body Outside how you can use your Facsimile either now that Saskatchewan has two Region Rules. Of course Quite than working at a phone Facility within Piss whistle Ontario they could come and Hit on the door and attempt speaking their thoughts. That of path would become a Actual English as Second Language Address. Can as You could wish but know that a few if not most of us have no use for this crap.

Post by Andy,

613-230-2890 Obtained a call from the morning no message left. Went for their web Website and Posted that request for be put on their don't phone list. Cheers all for your data on the company.

Post by Jeff,

6132302890 This can be the registry for the Don't Phone Registry in that United States NOT Canada.

Post by Sharon,

613-230-2890 got a phone 5 W W out of the number. When I said hello that Man hung Upward. I called your Amount back but now recognize I Simply also paid for a long space telephone to another country. and the message said for speak to a person call W W W. I will not be calling Canada again for request for become removed not value the expense.

Post by read the writing on the wall,

6132302890 Nobody wants your bloody calls. Consider suicide. Nobody may Skip you or your own calls. Within the meantime get used for that abuse. It s simply going to get worse.

Post by Serj,

613-230-2890 He called me and Inquired about Department bank number. When i told him about appointment he disappeared

Post by Frank,

6132302890 Merely acquired a call out of W W W a research Business doing research. For me it was Scotch bank locating about how the branch is doing. For others it could be research for other Firms you Cope with.

Post by Moose,

613-230-2890 My express send fools their machine and it goes to my voice mail. Called several times and all I get is hello Hi hello

Post by Rasputin,

6132302890 They called at 4 'm on Christmas Day. Called a few days before that also.

Post by Guest,

613-230-2890 After I said hello it Put Upward.

Post by Rob,

6132302890 June 7 W 4 W PM phone Arrived in Sunday. . . did not response and no Amount is answered unless I understand it no MSG left either and is long distance out of me W area

Post by cora,

613-230-2890 rude

Post by Melissa,

6132302890 Got a telephone out of them the morning but when i answered they Merely Installed Upwards. . .

Post by Darren,

613-230-2890 Called my cell today 1 PM essential time. Left no message.

Post by SteakandCheese,

6132302890 Hello MR. CAPS LOCK Guy. . . . View Hunt isn't a telemarketing Business. . . we re a People view research Firm. We conduct Reviews and only Reviews. We never sell anything. Opinion research is Significant because it helps Businesses and or governments find Outside your view of your People. Your clients of View Investigation hire us to help them look for out if they could improve their products and services. If you personally don t want for can a survey Subsequently Merely state thus.

Post by Tim,

613-230-2890 They called me last Friday at 5 PM Simply as I hurried in your door only to become Inquired for reply survey questions. I Put up that phone and went for that computer to add them to my blocked Owner list. Since I have VIP each time I get an unwanted phone I add it for my list of blocked callers and I never 've for hear from them again. That phones don t even ring if one of these numbers calls. It s a beautiful matter.

Post by Cranky Bear,

6132302890 Simply obtained a telephone in W acreage from this number at 9 Am on a Sunday. I did t response and that caller did not leave a message on express mail.

Post by Carole,

613-230-2890 July W W . . . W W W has been calling each day 3 times a day for the last three times so annoying have Set the Amount on my no calling list. Panasonic property line Telephone has that feature Amazing idea. I don t response a telephone that I don t Understand the number.

Post by Poe,

6132302890 W W W OTTAWA ON Feb W W W PM W They Put Upward before the answering machine picked up.

Post by hayesyork,

613-230-2890 Your name is on your do not phone list for the Us. They're calling from Canada. You can have your own number removed out of their list at HTTP Www. view investigation. com en tools dentally index. PP

Post by Peter,

6132302890 Hey thanks for that info. If were just that simple all your time.

Post by rm,

613-230-2890 Merely got a phone out of them. . . research on your state health of Ct residents. .

Post by chaz,

6132302890 telephone back

Post by wendy,

613-230-2890 I called that W W W. . . . it will say press 8 if you wish to speak to some Manager. . . which I did and Inquired them for remove my number out of their calling list. . . at least that guy was favorable Around it.

Post by Sick_Of_6132302890,

6132302890 They phone always three times thus far Now a Sunday no less. I never Choose Upward.

Post by Allan,

613-230-2890 That number is just for Us customers.

Post by jj,

6132302890 This Amount has called my cell Telephone X today alone. It's Additionally called my Children cell phone always. Not simply driving me nuts but pissing me away. I gave answered and Only dead air.

Post by jfjdsf jhdk,

613-230-2890 i become leave they're a Ed party Set Companies along with Bell.

Post by Linda,

6132302890 Called I could possibly 've replied that Telephone too late. no response. idea it was coming out of Ottawa.

Post by DD,

613-230-2890 Got a new phone number and this began Pain. called they said they can take me off their list is this Accurate.

Post by scooterdie,

6132302890 and what happened.

Post by r,

613-230-2890 could become Web. research house. CA W W W

Post by Chris,

6132302890 If you are registered for that National Don't Call list and are still receiving calls then you demand for make a Grievance directly for that CR TC. HTTP Web. linnet encl. cg. ca pelt camp Enif you altered services or your own Telephone number you personally would need for re enroll for your list.

Post by Philippe Larouche,

613-230-2890 I don t want them for p hone me anymore

Post by Mike,

6132302890 I called W W W and it led me for another Amount for phone for more info. W W W. I talked to a supervisor Choice 8 . They're called Opinion Search. Established within Ottawa. They said they Telephone simply arbitrary numbers. They phoned my Underneath Year old daughter unlisted cell phone. Telephone is on your Tel us network. Telephone isn't Information equip. They would not tell me out of which Information base they Decided my Kids number from just that they Switch 7 arbitrary digits. i find the tough for consider they're opinion research so they are searching for a specific market segment. Not a arbitrary try. I Inquired them for remove my Kids Amount and she assured me they would. If they don t I may report them for your Experts. HTTP Web. opinion search. com

Post by David Smith,

613-230-2890 They called me within Vancouver Jan W 7 W PM. I was out no message left.

Post by Cranky Bear,

6132302890 Just received a phone within W acreage from the Amount at 9 'm on a Sunday. I did t reply and that Owner did not leave a message on express mail.

Post by cteagranny,

613-230-2890 got a telephone out of the number at about 7 W on Sat Night. did not response as I did not Understand it. enjoyable message on their Telephone when I called back with my number blocked telling me they are a national survey company based in Ottawa and not for Stress Around lost the phone they will telephone back soon. Subsequently I was informed that any questions would become handled at W W I could possibly decide for telephone there on Monday but Perhaps not. I have since programmed my Telephone for send all calls out of this number directly to express send I don t 've a block feature . . . thus no ring and I could Simply delete them next time I go to Choose up my express messages. What a pain.

Post by Newfoundland,

6132302890 Got a missed telephone out of this Amount. They left no message.

Post by Frankie,

613-230-2890 W W W is Opine Hunt. A Public Research Business Established from Ottawa Ontario Canada. Do not be Alarmed . Mine is that last voice which you can ever Notice. . . . . . .

Post by TED,

6132302890 Got a telephone out of 1 W W W. This phone was identified by the caller as being from Decimal Research. That Place code is Ottawa one of that offices of Harris Decimal research. They are a well known marketplace research and opinion polling Firm within Canada.

Post by Rocco,

613-230-2890 Spam Owner of that day I went Practically just one week without among these calls and they start again. Where s your NASA when you personally demand them. Could the site Upgrade that call type to Comprise spam .

Post by Homer,

6132302890 They are a research firm Established within Ottawa called Nielsen. You can telephone them at W W W to ask to your Amount to become removed from their list. They desire you to can a survey for them. Phone the other number and 've yours removed from their list.

Post by University grad,

613-230-2890 These are valid survey Businesses and they can keep calling you until you personally participate within your survey. If you personally state you re not interested expect a phone back in 3 6 months. These Firms as they are not telemarketers aren't required to abide by ANY do not call lists. Sorry but that s that manner it is.

Post by Chuck,

6132302890 Accessibility denied anti Virus Alert

Post by Matt,

613-230-2890 Apparently you don t 've an Within along with your CR TC or you would t continue to get harassed along with Folks pronouncing your name wrong. First world problems. But whatever makes You're feeling like a Huge man in your morning Sniper .

Post by anne,

6132302890 I love it. . . just Which is that same Issue I have had Now. which is Amazing and I may use that in any more contact. Cheers for the great advise

Post by Katarzyna,

613-230-2890 The number keeps calling me everyday not Making a message. I don't know them and I do not desire to talk for them. I don t wish for them to telephone me.

Post by anon,

6132302890 Eventually picked Upwards the phone from this number after being called several times around your last three weeks occasionally quite inconveniently like while I m at work . It was Opinion Search calling on Part of CI BC for customer feedback. CI BC being morons don t recognize it s stuff like annoying and persistent callers such as these that just Lead to lowered satisfaction

Post by hazmat,

613-230-2890 I would not go to their Web site . . . . . . . . to get on their don't call list they may record the IPA address of your computer and Subsequently harass you when your are online. seriously . . . happened to me.

Post by Lissa,

6132302890 So this is a phone call from view investigation its a survey company

Post by RT,

613-230-2890 Merely missed a phone from the Amount no message left

Post by Radioman,

6132302890 They called Now at 1 PM but did t leave a message. I called the number back amp found it was view hunt. Como used this link for get my Amount added for their Don't Phone for survey list. HTTP Www. opinion investigation. com en tools dentally

Post by Mark,

613-230-2890 Left no message.

Post by BillF,

6132302890 Telephone received with no one one that line Merely Stop and a disconnect.

Post by Anonymous,

613-230-2890 This Owner has called as an Unknown Owner and we want these disruptive calls for stop. Replied once no just one speaking we would like that this Amount stop calling us thank you personally.

Post by hayesyork,

6132302890 You can 've your Amount removed at HTTP Internet. opinion hunt. com en tools dentally index. pother are a survey Business.

Post by sb,

613-230-2890 for American registry. . . . where is that Canadian.

Post by annoying survey call at home,

6132302890 Opinion Hunt and Harvest Market Research They Phoned Me at Dwelling Unknown name called me at Dwelling out of 1 W W W Only before 9 PM. After a very long pause a recording eventually mentioned this was survey and it Inquired me whether I smoked greatly. There was no Choice for cancel that survey or to become removed from future Reviews. What for Can if They Telephone You personally If you get a call like this would this Measure 1 Telephone View Hunt at W W W or W W W or 1 W W W. Measure 2 Look for the supply of that annoyance. Request them who paid for that survey that called you. In my own case it was Crop Market Research At W W. Measure 3 Phone the Business identified within step 2 above. Do not swear or your call can become cut short. Request for your Individual within charge of your survey. If you are able to t reach your Man in charge of your survey Talk along with any live Individual who works for that Firm. By working for that company they are supporting your survey. Discuss the following a Describe that your Telephone is on the Do not Telephone List ENCL . They may tell you personally that they don t 've for respect that ENCL because they called you personally with a survey and not a sales offer. Tell them that their goal is for sell you the Man replying your Telephone for the market research Business so it's a kind of sales offer but which you reject that offer. b Ask them exactly why they targeted you personally along with their survey. What realistic anticipation do they have that you would Truly desire to be bothered at House by a survey which likely has an Schedule that dozen t benefit you personally. Advertising Specialist Terry O Reilly says I feel all Advertising should supply something back . Ask them what their survey does for you personally why should you personally concur for be Offered for your marketplace research Business in the way. c Request them for their Dwelling Telephone Amount thus you can telephone them at Dwelling. d Infusion a Guarantee from them that they will never telephone you for any motive. e Anything else you are able to believe to request or say. Recall don t declare or your phone may be cut brief. Exactly why It s Significant to Reach the Supply of the Survey Consider the Business paying for your survey spent a little Sum of time Choosing Opinion Search to do your survey. If they Used 1 hour setting Upward your survey and your survey reaches W W people it Price them 0. W seconds for annoyance each person. If you are able to call them and tie them Upwards for 5 minutes Envision how you vie shifted that ratio. If each of those W W people called them and tied them up for 5 minutes they would 've spent W. W hours on the survey. It would be unrealistic for them for continue. They would have for switch to another Process enjoy interviewing Folks on your street or offering you personally something within return for Choosing their survey.

Post by Me,

613-230-2890 I got the phone out of the Amount. I don t desire for get the phone not Linked. I went to HTTP Web. opinion hunt. com en tools dentally Looking for become on their Do not Call list That requested page en tools dentally could not become located.

Post by Guest,

6132302890 No answer

Post by Me,

613-230-2890 Male express said that they were doing a survey of my neighborhood and that I had a chance for Triumph a lot of money. I instantly told him to take my name away the list. Phone came in about 6 W pm. Who gives Outside our Phone numbers. Excessively annoying.

Post by Guest,

6132302890 from Ottawa

Post by minkastar,

613-230-2890 i believe they should stop calling me shortly thanks for you guys its Pleasant to understand Pol out there don t like random Men named Alex calling you while your own Striving to appreciate your own Night rum he he

Post by martine,

6132302890 the Amount as been calling me fir that previous 4 days

Post by Kim,

613-230-2890 This is a research Firm called View Investigation. I Only called the Amount back and there's a record you can listen to. I got another call coming within when I was listening for it so was only able for hear up until they Offered their name thus I m not certain what the rest of your message said.

Post by KD,

6132302890 The number keeps calling as nicely as many other W number no messages ever left but continual calls and if replied nobody Solutions.

Post by snuggles4ever2,

613-230-2890 Have received numerous calls we now don t answer your phone. We vie attempted for block that number but Bell Block W will not allow the number to be blocked. We don t even hassle talking for them anymore.

Post by Matt,

6132302890 Seemingly you personally don t 've an Within with the CR TC or you personally would t continue for get harassed with Folks pronouncing your own name erroneous. First world Issues. But whatever makes you feel like a Large man within the morning Sniper .

Post by Neko,

613-230-2890 No Sound on another end suspect its a computer Switch er searching for a voice for Que your Amount. .

Post by call recipient,

6132302890 W W W showed on Owner ID and Google hunting reverse appearance Upwards brought Upward the Website.

Post by Flying bird,

613-230-2890 Me too. It keep calling my Telephone Regular in your afternoon. This really is that second week since I obtained your first telephone from this Amount.

Post by m c,

6132302890 Got a phone Now it was for a survey told him I don t reply questions for strangers and I Put Upwards.

Post by SK,

613-230-2890 For at least 3 months I received calls at least 2 to 4 times every daytime between 5 for 6 pm and occasionally in the mornings. They never left a message.

Post by J_A,

6132302890 It s simple let them Discuss to your male Afterward provide them your Monk right in that ear. Works Amazing.

Post by Fed Up,

613-230-2890 Calling on behalf of Citibank and Inquired to Chat to my Partner. I said he no longer lives here hopefully that can stop them from calling.

Post by Joanna Pearce,

6132302890 I Merely got that same telephone here within Newfoundland they Inquired for that male of your house and said that they were Scotch Bank another scam. .

Post by robert,

613-230-2890 ya i got a phone too out of them i 'm man and they Installed Upward suppose my express is overly high

Post by RNvirgo,

6132302890 By that manner the Odd Owner phoned me several times Beginning yesterday Feb. 8 W and its that Th. now.

Post by Re Calls,

613-230-2890 I located after i posted an add on Kojak with my Number it did not take more than 2 hours for Begin getting calls thus i took it off and posted a second Number and the same matter thus as Much as i 'm concerned it's something for can with Kojak as they're Understood for get hacked alto so i ask for Folks for reply along with there number rather than Publishing mine others are having your same Dilemma 1 W W W W So Way are many of that numbers

Post by Nice Try,

6132302890 You are diluting your quantitative data by your unprofessional conduct to my Workers. I asked my assistant for offer me a heads up that next time she received a phone telephone from the Amount thus that I may listen in. I was already conscious of this net site thanks to my Partner but Desired to Notice how these calls went for myself. Chillier Guaranteed by MIRA . The same Firm that and I m quoting out of their Web site Monday December W W Within recent times your Advertising Research and Intellect Association MIRA has gotten a number of Grievances of professional misconduct against a Gold Seal Certified Corporate Research Agency member of MIRA in relationship to a recent opinion by that Speaker of the home of Commons. Would that become you folks . I am willing for Gamble which is from your horrid way my employee was spoken for. Oh and my wife is man as am I. We've never been wedded due for legality and no manner are we entitled for anything from each other if we divorce thus your own statement on hidden Resources and such is total BS.

Post by doug,

613-230-2890 Telemarketing garbage. Oh and within case a few did not know surveys are telemarketing away your privacy. And then they Take the list and sell it to Johanna's blow overseas and more unwanted Solitude invading calls come within.

Post by Billy Croak,

6132302890 Kept getting calls out of this number. found Outside it was a telephone from pols looking for a unbreakable mirror.

Post by PhantomYoda,

613-230-2890 I vie Only phone blocked the Amount. Look for this Telephone feature next time anyone is shopping for a Telephone.

Post by MK,

6132302890 what s insane is that fact that I m on that Cam s ENCL already along with ALL my Amounts. We have for 've a National ENCL and have punishments like within a few states for calling ENCL Amounts. thanks website Treatment info.

Post by newnew,

613-230-2890 your number is on your ENCL However they're calling people. We don t response and they do not leave a message.

Post by rita,

6132302890 Repeated calls from the Amount but the Man does not have your courage to Chat Upward. Bloody cowards.

Post by GScamTerminatorGr,

613-230-2890 Yes they called me and called . God bless Google. I adore Google. I adore that brand new Age of Net Appearance Out FOR THEM W W W Appearance Outside FOR THEM W W W 4 Do not give any info of yourself. Go directly to your own Bank and request a survey form for you personally self then mail out for you own Bank. Be Aware OF THOSE CALLERS ITS NOT Your own BANK Yes they called me and called . God bless Google. I adore Google. I love that brand new era of Net Look Out FOR THEM W W W Look Out FOR THEM W W W 4 Don't provide any information of yourself. Go directly for your Bank and request a survey kind for yourself Subsequently mail Outside for you own Bank. They called thus many times day around dinner time on pacific time. I told them for call me on that weekend after noon. Well They did. She told me that she worked for a Survey Company on Account of my Bank. Enormous Lie Enormous Lie I am a very rude person when it comes to telemarketer scampers. I can smell scampers through the Telephone really quickly. I asked her name where she was calling out of and which Business she was Signifying. That telemarketer scampers told me she was calling on Part of one of my Bank. She told me to phone that Bank apprehensive Cost free Amount to affirm her legitimate. Yes . Another toll free number as if I was not very Sensible to see that connection. What a Pay BS amp amp BS. . scummier using my Bank name. Subsequently I asked what was her name and which Promotion Co. she was Signifying or working for. She Merely said Nelson I said Nelson what please how do you spell. I also Inquired Do I enchantment your own name. She was not quite accurate professional to even can that which I Detected. I was already getting furious. I asked Is this Nelson a Business. She answered Yes Its Advertising Survey Business I told her that she was so illegitimate unprofessional as Much providing legitimate info. I told her I was going for hang Upward on her Afterward phone my friend Bank Supervisor for check on her States. She Offered a toll free Amount for telephone W W W W . Please don't telephone the Amount because toll free numbers are quite simple and Affordable to obtain. They can readily for Get a Cost free number for back Upward their scam scheme. Don't Supply ANY Data For THOSE SCAMPERS.

Post by Mimi,

6132302890 We 're not allowed to leave any messages because there is no point of leaving your greetings and asking if you d like to can a survey to your machine. Our Businesses are in Canada Us and Europe. Moreover there are American companies who hire us within Canada to can Studies for them. The computer randomly dials numbers so please stop freaking out about how we got your own number. Lastly why would ANY company who is Striving to sell you something telephone themselves Opinion Investigation. . Enjoy seriously.

Post by Surveyed,

613-230-2890 As a few of the places above 've stated the appears to Simply become an separate research Business doing surveys for whatever Business hires them. For example if Citibank Used them to contact their customers Around said customer s experience they would state they were calling on Account of Citibank. If Bell Used them to find Outside if customers were suited with their Telephone service then they would say they are calling on behalf of Bell. I consider the Business and survey for become legate but Normally if you have any uncertainties then don t participate. A few people 've Recorded many Problems over where the call originates out of. W Place code would become Ottawa Kingston Melville area.

Post by CAM,

6132302890 I got a telephone from this Amount same Amount on 6 6 W I said hello twice and no just one said anything thus I Merely Put up. The call Arrived correct after getting a all out of an unknown Amount.

Post by kaileena,

613-230-2890 Harris Online told them we were not inters ted in doing a study.

Post by c12347,

6132302890 Rick Did you even hassle for appearance at that top of that page for see the ONTARIO location of your disputed number.

Post by still tired,

613-230-2890 your scampers possible other Amount is W W W as it called people just after the number of theirs. Go away scampers and Stop stealing your own Customers customer lists.

Post by Howard stolovitsky,

6132302890 Got a call from someone named Burt who asked me how Frequently I . I told him I m now and off . He Subsequently proceeded to ask me if I use condoms and if thus which type. I told him W sand paper wrapped around my member.

Post by Tony,

613-230-2890 I m a male and got a phone this Night at 8 W pm. I had for state hello securely Around 3 or 4 times until he replied 7 or 8 seconds later. The guy on another end of that line did t introduce himself other than saying he was calling from a research opinion Company and that they're holding a session in my own Region and was wondering if I would like for attend . By having an intro and a question like that I said no and quickly Put Upwards. I think the number called me earlier this morning and when I picked Upwards they never spoke. Had for hang Upward on them. I m certain they vie also called within your previous many times.

Post by LH,

6132302890 Cheers for Jana I also removed my name from their list. I don t Always thoughts doing surveys but I desire for be in charge of Buying your surveys I desire to do not having them phone me 2 3 4 times a daytime. That motive they don t leave a message is that they understand that W of the Public will not return that telephone

Post by Rosie,

613-230-2890 Latest telephone out of W W W was 8 PM CST W Jun W. Repeated calls from this Amount but it has been blocked and my system ends that phone after one ring. Calls are still a nuisance.

Post by garrison,

6132302890 Thank you KB for that link . I 'm hopeful that calls will Quit . cheers

Post by Suzie Q,

613-230-2890 They called a few minutes ago woman having an Highlight working for a Advertising Agency doing market research. When asked your name of that Promotion Business the response requested several times was unintelligible. When Inquired what kind of research she said it was political. Asked to become removed out of telephone list.

Post by RSK,

6132302890 Called Today maintaining for become calling on Account of the Scotch Bank. I keep telling that SCOT IA BANK for take me off of their bug that crap from them list but they Merely don't get it. I figure they Actually do not need people as customers anymore.

Post by Jc,

613-230-2890 You're wrong Around it not being eternally check that Data for Customers on their Site. All you personally did by re registering was open up a W day window when sales calls are Let and you cannot file Grievances. If You're ever within doubt Around whether or not your own number is on your list you are able to click Check A Registration in the DC Site. Besides since this Owner is conducting a survey that does not Direct to some sales Frequency or request for a follow up sales telephone they're not required to Display against that list before calling.

Post by Josh,

6132302890 I called W W W and asked for be removed was transferred once Subsequently politely had my Amount added to their own DC list. Simple. Cheers for the info.

Post by jimi,

613-230-2890 i obtained telephone out of this no asking my birth date pals inquire a few thing Particular to me. thanks

Post by University grad,

6132302890 I 'm a university graduate and after graduating university I was forced for take a job within a similar phone Center because THERE WERE NO OTHER Occupations available in your Mid of that W W downturn. They were your simply company Selecting. Luckily since Subsequently I have found a Considerably better job in my own field. That said these opinion Forms are very important for your market. When you personally participate within a survey You're helping protect CANADIAN jobs and Encourage CANADA s economy. Most Telephone Studies conducted within Canada are run by Canadians on our own soil. . When you personally don t participate call centre employees don t keep their Occupations and could t feed their families. I hope you may never have for Cope along with unemployment in a Area challenging hit by a recession where Virtually nobody is Selecting.

Post by GRRR,

613-230-2890 I called your Amount mentioned above and they put me on the DC list. The supervisor was considerate.

Post by fatfatfat,

6132302890 if anybody receives this phone please call that POLICE

Post by Man from Ottawa Canada,

613-230-2890 I agree W along with you. My question Additionally who are they what game are they plotting. . . Annoying person or Individuals are calling for people.

Post by no_telemarketers,

6132302890 That is your updated link for that do not phone page HTTP Web. view investigation. com en research Contributors phone list removal

Post by Rebecca,

613-230-2890 Obtained two calls but will not answer if I don t know who s calling. I 've call show and refuse to response Telephone if I see a Amount I don t Understand. I let it go for express send and the Man at another Finish must not 've an enjoyable life. Stays on your Telephone and when I listen to express mail you are able to Notice the Man respiration. GET A LIFE. .

Post by CndA,

6132302890 Same here i live within Canada an MD the Amount has harassed my phone . .

Post by Donotcallme,

613-230-2890 Telemarketers and surveyors are that bottom feeders of society those who have little desire or ambition to succeed in life. A few people appreciate their private space without being constantly harassed by acne infested zombies who sit within cubes all daytime and nighttime for pittance.

Post by ginger,

6132302890 even AFTER i told them i m on the Usa Federal don't call list i still get that calls

Post by TN gal,

613-230-2890 oh and that called ID was Ontario

Post by L R,

6132302890 Only Rev d phone from this . . . at no 1 there and Subsequently line Related. Female asked for my Man. . . I SD he was not there and Inquired for take a MSG. . . FL SD no and tried to hang Upward. . . i decided to ask many questions as I get calls from the all your time. . . FL was very rude and would not present any info due to Solitude. . . I Inquired for your name of your Firm and she quite quickly SD Socratic Research I think . . . ended up telling the girl there was no need for become so rude and Installed up. . . can defiantly response again that next time they telephone to verbally request no more calls and express my extreme dislike of their phone mannerisms. . . . Really RUDE. . .

Post by woman,

613-230-2890 they don't have any curtsy and Merely hang Upward called 3 times now from 3 Distinct s in 1 hr

Post by Frustrated,

6132302890 Want this Amount for Quit constantly calling.

Post by Bill,

613-230-2890 Can there be a Panasonic that gives you more than W telephone blocks. These stupid calls are more than exceeding W.

Post by won'tbescamed,

6132302890 calls me ever ND daytime never leaves a message. . . I don t reply Telephone numbers I don't know amp I know no just one in Ottawa. . thus they could keep calling if they really Desired for Speak for me they would leave a message with a Telephone Amount. Probably some scam. . I won t ever answer. I don t Place my number on the don't call list as the few people that I know 've they have received more calls since putting their on the list thus I am certain it's being sold. . Telemarketers scam artists. . Only evil.

Post by Amy,

613-230-2890 Suspecting it is phone girl .

Post by Koae,

6132302890 Could someone please Discontinue this no. out of calling. . W W W

Post by Guest,

613-230-2890 fraud

Post by traincitygirl,

6132302890 Called around dinner time hung up when I answered.

Post by Telehater,

613-230-2890 Mary please get a real Occupation.

Post by jci mia,

6132302890 the damn Amounts wakes me Upward. . 8 W every day dam you personally. . _ Lola bloodied robot caver hooker piss's of Lola _

Post by Brian,

613-230-2890 told me they were in the bank of nova Scotch. . . . asking for many woman. . . Offered a name I had never heard. . . Place them on my block list

Post by vman,

6132302890 the called me all the time and i don t know who they AR Canada what can they what they own have of your u. s. a. they what something i don t understand .

Post by Joe,

613-230-2890 Many calls obtained no message no ID given along with call

Post by iva,

6132302890 Received Telephone call out of W W W a duct cleaning service. I told them that we were on a don't call list and shouldn't be receiving unsolicited calls. I Inquired him where he was calling from said close Victoria Park Scarborough Ontario. Cannot Establish if he is telling that truth or not. Gentleman had an Indian Highlight quite enjoyable and not pushy. Inquired him to take our phone number off their telephone list we Book your House and our landlord would take attention of any duct cleaning which he never has and never can. . . Hopefully they Value your request.

Post by CHICA,

613-230-2890 Got another phone from female Owner asking for your Hr Director by name dumped her into his express mail. Gamble they're the same Business or Associated due for that same Place code

Post by garrison,

6132302890 Thank you KB for that link . I 'm hopeful the calls may Cease . cheers

Post by Bubba,

613-230-2890 Called W W W pressed 8 to Chat with a Manager and Inquired for become placed on their Do not Call list. Your Girl said they would comply and remove my Phone numbers out of their job lists.

Post by memo,

6132302890 Today I get a Telephone call out of this Amount and your Individual who was calling he mentioned the name of one your local banks that s so weir on your id Owner Search the name of the whatever banks its calling.

Post by Opinion search guy,

613-230-2890 Nicely actually your DC list is for telemarketers and solicitation calls. View Investigation does market research and Hence is not selling anything it just for research. Pals get your own facts straight

Post by Reject,

6132302890 Got call and blocked number.

Post by Jon,

613-230-2890 I Merely obtained a telephone from the number and filed a complaint along with your Don't Call Registry.

Post by mojo,

6132302890 its most likely a Bank study. That Business sets rules in Set where that Owner could get an Offense for revealing that Spenser of your study. i hate phone center Occupations but Merely tell them you personally need to become Place on that don't call list.

Post by Spence,

613-230-2890 Ottawa Region phone Seeking to conduct a survey on electricity use in my Residence who would attention what we use. If that provincial government was a little more responsible themselves Perhaps I would attention.

Post by cue,

6132302890 incense

Post by calgary,

613-230-2890 W. W. W called left no message

Post by Gi. Gi.,

6132302890 I 'm becoming a Telephone call out of this Amount Nearly every day at your Starting they hung up. But i don't response that phone Specially when it's unknown Amount or unknown name I had it. . . Your problem is that they leave it to ring for long time and it gets annoying. Will there be a manner that the Phone Service company can block calls that do not 've any I. D. . Uniform. Gi.

Post by Colleen,

613-230-2890 Receiving calls out of the number won't reply.

Post by Bree,

6132302890 I Gamble he knows how you can enchantment understand though.

Post by Haeok Lee,

613-230-2890 I do not desire for get a call from your company

Post by BenisDumb,

6132302890 Did Benny run away crying. Unlikely he got a Actual job need a functioning Head for that. Merely a Stupid little cowardly fool 1 could figure. Post comments then doesn't look for replies. Runs and hides. Silly Bill.

Post by Unknown Name,

613-230-2890 Called at 9 PM

Post by Edwin,

6132302890 You personally could call them back. . . .

Post by anonymous,

613-230-2890 missed a call. left a garbled message on my express mail went on here for locate out what number it's. added to my Automobile reject list and will become informing Cops as as Way as i understand its illegal and defined as harassment for telemarketers to leave voice mail.

Post by BEAR,

6132302890 Owner ID Opinion Hunt TIME OF Phone W PM 5 W W W W These Folks are Real MORONS along with no life. They phone Day-to-day for annoy amp I continue for ignore them. Eventually the gov t when it wakes Upwards may take find amp Excellent these Individuals but that won t become till W.

Post by Leave Me Alone,

613-230-2890 I vie gotten at least W Individual cell phone calls out of this number. I never reply. . . . so they can Only keep wasting their time. One time it Decided up by mistake and went on speaker and all I Notice ed was a guy saying Hi like three times.

Post by toronto,

6132302890 Did not answer it.

Post by Grandpa Moses,

613-230-2890 notes is not affiliated along with your callers we are not calling you either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you personally and any information you could possibly have about the telephone for share along with other forum users. It is highly doubtful that your callers are reading here also. Charities along along with many Survey s and Political calls are exempt in the DC however they can still get into trouble for not Setting you personally on a Central DC when Inquired you are able to also check your states Guidelines in regards. A few states do not permit them to telephone on their state DC Guidelines which could Change from your federal. HTTP Web. Cpl. com HTTP Web. Clementine. com publication fresh . . . October W W HTTP Www. Buyer. FTC. gov articles W national don't telephone registrants Www. dentally. gov HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. shortstop business. FTC. gov Files bus's complying telemarketing sales roulette company. FTC. gov documents bus's com pl . . . rule Denigrated consider Perhaps getting a phone blocking device or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. Report your callers here if they continue for phone and harass HTTP Www. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Activity By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. HTML Administration HTTP Internet. FTC. gov news Occasions media resource . . . attempt enforcement Www. FTC. gov IPA W W ambrosia. shortstop Internet. FTC. gov OS case list W

Post by Matt,

6132302890 Apparently you don t have an In with your CR TC or you personally would t continue for get harassed with Folks pronouncing your own name erroneous. First world Issues. But whatever makes you feel enjoy a Huge guy within that morning Sniper .

Post by University grad,

613-230-2890 I 'm a university graduate and after graduating university I was forced for take a Occupation within a similar phone centre because THERE WERE NO OTHER Occupations Accessible in the Central of that W W recession. They were that just company Selecting. Luckily since Subsequently I 've located a Considerably better Occupation in my subject. That said these opinion Forms are very important for the economy. When you participate in a survey you are helping protect CANADIAN jobs and stimulate CANADA s economy. Most Telephone surveys conducted in Canada are run by Canadians on our own soil. . When you don t participate telephone centre Workers don t keep their jobs and can t feed their families. I trust you will never 've for Cope with unemployment within a Area difficult Strike by a downturn where almost nobody is Choosing.

Post by Todd,

6132302890 I was Thinking how this Firm gets your numbers is anyone along with tel people.

Post by Cool kid,

613-230-2890 He called me and said I 'm over W which I wan t and gave him wrong reply for this Man that told me he is calling from the Canada Income would this effect my income because I told him wrong thing it was lower but I said more than W W for last year.

Post by Cristina,

6132302890 Calling for someone who used to work in Hr here but he is not here anymore.

Post by ShillBuster,

613-230-2890 Another link for love HTTP Internet. . c . . . portrait. HTML you personally add your own Amount to their Treatment list as suggested by the shill for that fraud your Amount can become added to some suckers list for repeated future calls as well as Offered for that operators of other telemarketing frauds.

Post by Bree,

6132302890 I Wager he knows how you can fascination understand though.

Post by bijoux,

613-230-2890 hardhat. . . i would 've said in my most girly voice speaking

Post by Pat,

6132302890 Sounded like a Dutch homosexual calling out of a bar or crowded restaurant. He Afterward says oh hello. . . Subsequently hangs Upwards. Questionable here could be a burglar perv staking Outside the home.

Post by PC,

613-230-2890 In Canada unwanted calls arena t Included by your People do not call list. Heck even in Canada callers are exempt out of don't phone legislation if you are a pare Present customer or if the call is marketplace research rather than solicitation. The company that places calls out of this Amount does within fact maintain its own Central blacklist so Merely politely tell them that you don t want for receive calls to your Telephone number on Account of ANY of their customers because they are calling your own cell phone. They can never call you again.

Post by Guest,

6132302890 Put Upwards when I. Answered

Post by Vicki Rankin,

613-230-2890 Substantial respiration no words bothersome and unnerving. Inappropriate.

Post by MollyHater,

6132302890 I Simply acquired a call from the Amount Now and they Inquired for my Partner. When I said he wan t home your guy said Okay I m calling from TD Bank and we will call back another day and he hung up. We would have Reports with TD but after reading all of this I m not even going for annoyance for present my husband your message.

Post by deb,

613-230-2890 Told me that my husband does business along with them.

Post by KC,

6132302890 I did not response the telephone and understand no 1 in Canada.

Post by Angry,

613-230-2890 Merely Thinking if anyone else is a customer of Rogers. if thus they use a Firm called Operation for phone and ask if you are joyful with their service. they called me W times within four days when i finally replied i grilled them and told them my machine especially notes that i dint accept soliciting or telemarketing Telephone calls. Merely because you Blow off a trespassing sign doesn't mean you Stadium t trespassing so your same should apply to an Sound posting dint you believe. Now i m Abruptly getting calls out of this Amount and other Gateau Amounts thus i consider they sold my information. when can the courts ever become on the People side I wonder. Thin kin of as kin them for a Occupation rather than taking legal Actions just go in postal wont cover what my first daytime of work may be enjoy 've A Pleasant Daytime telemarketing low life maggot Parts of S T here comes ANGRY

Post by Mimi,

6132302890 That computer randomly dials the numbers. Don t feel so special.

Post by Furnfz,

613-230-2890 Want we would not get not alive atmosphere stop callings

Post by kim,

6132302890 They Merely called me and when I answered they hung up I guess because I 'm not male Lola oh nicely. Cheers for that link

Post by EV,

613-230-2890 They called my cell Telephone on Nov W W PST 7 PM. I did t Choose Upwards because it dozen t appearance familiar for me. No express send left.

Post by Brad Rocket,

6132302890 called past the hours lawfully permitted within my Domain. Clearly not going to response it.

Post by Cristina,

613-230-2890 Calling again. . twice in a row. . I Will not Pick Upwards.


6132302890 WHEN You personally GO To THAT SHE Supplied PRESS 8 AND IT Can GET You To your Manager AND THEY Can REMOVE You personally Off Your Call LIST

Post by Bubba,

613-230-2890 Owner ID View Search

Post by University grad,

6132302890 These are legitimate survey Businesses and they may keep calling you personally until you participate in your survey. If you state you personally re not interested anticipate a call back in 3 6 months. These Firms as they're not telemarketers aren't required for abide by ANY do not telephone lists. Sorry but that s your way it is.

Post by msmadm,

613-230-2890 hang up 9 W 'm W W W

Post by Sam,

6132302890 We are in an office Structure within that financial district. Yes please come and clean your ducts you PPS scummier.

Post by telemarketingshouldbeillegal,

613-230-2890 Phone BLOCK THEM. Either on your own phone or most cell phone you are able to phone block.

Post by M. J.,

6132302890 These jerks called Approximately 4 P. m. on a Sunday but then no just one was there when I answered.

Post by Tom,

613-230-2890 . W pm on a Sunday amp amp amp amp

Post by Scarlet,

6132302890 That Do not Telephone List is a joke. Phone solicitors must enroll within order to get that numbers they shouldn't call and who is going for can that. It is no a charming list. Merely because you register not to become called does not list your own name along with any callers. A waster of money to 've this list.

Post by kaileena,

613-230-2890 Amount given as phone back number W W W for a research group called Neil son and Part of McClure amp Moody. . . never heard of any of them

Post by hayesyork,

6132302890 You can have your number removed at HTTP Www. view investigation. com en tools dentally index. pother are a survey company.

Post by josef,

613-230-2890 Simply got the telephone and a man said Hi to that express mail. It sounded pare Registered though. These tel marketers need to F off and get themselves Actual job.

Post by Mimi,

6132302890 If you work at the Amount and call on behalf of Citibank then exactly why did I get a telephone from the exact same Telephone number from a man asserting to be a CARA Canada Revenue Bureau Representative stating that there's a tax Invoice Demanding prompt payment or court action can become Chosen. He never said he was calling on Behalf of your Crayon Folks demand to get real jobs and Cease scamming your Canadian People.

Post by ShichidanBB,

613-230-2890 Phone from Ottawa . Are you personally serious. Did t response blocked your Amount problem around. . . . pleasant. BTW I still don t understand why a few who post here either reply that phone or phone back. Either manner you have played appropriate into these bottom feeder s control. Block them if you can otherwise Blow off that telephone.

Post by PhantomYoda,

6132302890 I vie just phone blocked the Amount. Look for this particular Telephone Attribute next time anyone is shopping for a Telephone.

Post by kelly,

613-230-2890 I would like for report the number W W W. Who ever it is Merely calls but I don t answer as I 've my number blocked. Yet the keeps coming Upward. Really annoying. Could anyone do something.

Post by Marie Gagnon,

6132302890 Got a call at 5 W pm on May Th Heard someone breathing. . . nobody talked. They Put Upwards. It was freaky. They have called before. This really is the third time within 1 week.

Post by Karen,

613-230-2890 I vie received several calls from this Amount. Your Owner ID says Ontario Call. They leave no message. I don't live within Canada.

Post by hard-x-pineapple,

6132302890 Exactly why don t you Only let that Telephone ring. . i don t reply calls with area codes that are unfamiliar. . They are Merely Stupid Studies or stupid telemarketers Marketing crap.

Post by Peter Dunn,

613-230-2890 They keep calling

Post by CHICA,

6132302890 Female Owner with substantial Highlight Inquired for your Hr Department I asked if she was along with a research Agency and she said yes and I told her it s against our Firm policy for participate in over that Telephone research.

Post by pissed off caller,

613-230-2890 I obtained a call out of the number Sat afternoon I said Hello and I heard a click but that line stayed on. I suspect as everyone this is a few type of telemarketing Amount.

Post by Cranky Bear,

6132302890 Missed telephone on caller ID at 1 PM on June 2 W. No message. No Thought who it is.

Post by RNvirgo,

613-230-2890 I gotten several calls out of the number in your previous 2 days and when i answered they hang Upward your phone. But before that caller hang Upwards your Telephone he listened for my express first then Place fine down. Strange. . .

Post by Napitenkah,

6132302890 There are scampers that request for Records and passwords and if you personally offer it to them Subsequently You're at fault. I just dealt with one that Needed my bank account and private lo gin for it thus they could transport cash into it for pay Customers. None of that was true and I screwed with them for awhile. But as far as E-mails hackers do get into Records on their own. It's happened twice to me and a couple times along with my Partner and several times with other people I know. You personally Simply 've for change your password once it is Understood. It would be lousy if they got in there and changed that password. But they Typically don t would that Only get as much forwarded spam out as they could before you personally understand it.

Post by kzfisch,

613-230-2890 The weekend I have started receiving calls out of this number W W W. I never replied that phone. This really is the number that seemed on my Owner ID. I put myself on that don't call FTC registry. I trust it works but who knows. HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W dandify. sham.

Post by DumbBenny,

6132302890 Bill reality Assess life would go on much better if people enjoy you would get Actual Occupations and Cease harassing others.

Post by Annoyed,

613-230-2890 receiving calls from a W W W each W minutes and they Merely hang Upwards. . . I have read post Information out of net regarding the Amount and we have been apparently not the only ones getting these affecting calls.

Post by Sally,

6132302890 They are Calling me now at 8 PM dint Now who they are. and what they want. .

Post by Jason,

613-230-2890 Lawfully Telephone surveyors can telephone until HTTP Web. CRT. cg. ca Eng ENCL . HTML you did not read your Great print when you signed Upwards for the ENCL. And if you re an American your own do not call laws allow our phone surveyor Firms to call you personally. All you might have for can is go to that Opinion Search website and put your number on their do not phone list or politely ask that interviewer for put your number on that list. If you personally fury them they will most likely get you personally back for yelling at them by putting your own Amount as a callback for a weekend morning.

Post by Cristina,

6132302890 Called again. . . I hung up on them. . . oops.

Post by L R,

613-230-2890 Merely Rev d telephone from the . . . at first no just one there and Subsequently line Related. Female Inquired for my husband. . . I SD he was not there and Inquired for take a MSG. . . FL SD no and tried for hang Upwards. . . i decided to ask some questions as I get calls from the all your time. . . FL was really rude and would not give any info due to privacy. . . I Inquired for that name of your Business and she really fast SD Socratic Research I think . . . ended Upwards telling your girl there was no demand for be so rude and hung Upward. . . can defiantly reply again that next time they telephone for verbally request no more calls and state my extreme dislike of their phone mannerisms. . . . Quite RUDE. . .

Post by Fedupwith Telemarketers,

6132302890 CR TC Don't Call LIST is a waste of time. It is ignored. Tell that Owner the Individual they are searching for is deceased and hang Upward. Let them chew on that for a while.

Post by Sally,

613-230-2890 They are Calling me now at 8 PM dint Now who they are. and what they need. .

Post by SanSar,

6132302890 Despise for provide any more info than necessary for anxiety of receiving yet more calls. Cheers for identifying that source.

Post by OMA LYNN,

613-230-2890 thus thankful for that site for become removed I Discovered they Set that removal link manner down the bottom of that page presuming maybe no one may look for it when they See that site idiots. . . . Ty for posting that link I can re post for more recent readers. . . HTTP Web. opinion investigation. com en tools dentally

Post by Hassan,

6132302890 called me and did not talk

Post by Lance,

613-230-2890 've gotten Around 5 calls from the Amount. Whee my replying machine comes on they hang up. They have called me at and on Sunday. This last telephone was on 4 W W Sat. W.

Post by Jason,

6132302890 Lawfully phone surveyors can call until HTTP Www. CRT. cg. ca Eng ENCL . HTML you personally did not read that Wonderful print when you signed Upwards for the ENCL. And if you personally re an American your do not call Guidelines permit the Telephone surveyor companies for call you. All you might have to can is go to your View Hunt Site and put your own number on their do not telephone list or politely request the interviewer to Place your own Amount on that list. If you personally wrath them they may most likely get you personally back for yelling at them by putting your own number as a callback for a weekend morning.

Post by me.,

613-230-2890 Yes theta just called me and i missed it thus i go ogled that number and located this. good Occupation people

Post by ernie iwaskow,

6132302890 Do not Phone. . . . . . .

Post by The Big Guy,

613-230-2890 Get calls out of the Amount it's labeled From Area and they never leave a message. It's happened a few times now.

Post by Darwinsmom,

6132302890 Got a telephone out of the number Now at 6 W p. m. Have tried TWICE now to get my Amount on that company s Do not Call List so Much without success. When I went for their Don't Telephone List page on their website I noted that the Name of your page is Do not Telephone List Removal . Could it be Simply me or does that sound ridiculously stupid. I want to placed on their Do not Call List not removed out of it. My beef Around any kind of unsolicited phone is that they're using a Electricity that I pay for it is not a civil right within Canada for have a phone in your own Residence and no one gives it to people Buyers free. to annoy me and affect the calmness in my own House. Invasive to your extreme. As far as I 'm concerned these Firms should 've to Pay me for using my personal Phone account for affect me. Perhaps I ll start delivering these Firms an Account for their share of my telephone services.

Post by David,

613-230-2890 My phone show shows that I obtained several calls but no voice message out of W W W so I called the number and listened to some Registered message saying not for worry that the call was out of View Investigation doing research Studies and they may call again in that close future. I trust not . . . because I 'm on the Don't Phone List and don't need for response their surveys.

Post by University grad,

6132302890 I am a university graduate and after graduating university I was forced for take a job within an identical telephone Center because THERE WERE NO OTHER Jobs Accessible within that Central of that W W downturn. They were your simply company hiring. Fortunately since Subsequently I 've found a Considerably better job within my area. That said these view Forms are very important for the market. When you personally participate in a survey You're helping shield CANADIAN jobs and Encourage CANADA s economy. Most Telephone surveys conducted in Canada are run by Canadians on the own soil. . When you don t participate phone centre employees don t keep their Occupations and could t feed their families. I expect You'll never 've for deal with unemployment in a Area hard Strike by a downturn where Practically nobody is hiring.

Post by J-P,

613-230-2890 thank you Val cor your kind info. I Place my tel number Ont heir don't phone list. N P

Post by mad sign test,

6132302890 I acquired a telephone from the Amount 1 W W W and I made a return phone it was from People Opinion Search telemarketing and based within Ottawa.

Post by Cristina,

613-230-2890 Called again. . . I Installed Upward on them. . . oops.

Post by unwantedcalls,

6132302890 These kind of calls are harassing amp should be stopped. My number is on your don't phone list but these still keep coming. I m sick amp drained of them. . . . .

Post by Kikko,

613-230-2890 W and your calls are reaching your Toronto Region. Inquired for be removed from net side via link previously posted. Thanks. .

Post by Skinny,

6132302890 Use a few quite awful language to Whatever of their baboons is calling. They will learn not for call you.

Post by Blah,

613-230-2890 I vie been called enough times earlier the year by something similar. They called me 3 5 times a daytime Day and Nighttime on my cell Telephone for a not empty week. I eventually signed up on the Don't Telephone list However someone still calls. This Amount called me 2 times in a row now Oct W and Oct ND . . . Funny thing is my house Telephone has been disconnected for over a year now can t Dali within or Outside only used as an intercom for my Residence Though i still get calls from these Promotion Businesses. . . HOW IS THAT Possible. . Just one or two calls maybe not thus irritating but when you get them several times a day Notably when you personally re sleeping or at work it s Merely nerve wrecking. Wait until you vie experience it.

Post by Ivania,

6132302890 They can focus and research groups this USN t a scam I vie done many of their Reviews and whatnot and I vie never had a problem along with them. If they phone you personally for a Target group they pay good cash on your view.

Post by Polaris,

613-230-2890 The number has called Thurs Fri and Lay} during your day. No message left.

Post by AJ,

6132302890 Called me this evening. Thanks to the website I went for their Web site and Set myself on their Do not Phone list. HTTP Internet. opinion hunt. com en tools dentally Cheers.

Post by Skinny,

613-230-2890 Use a few very terrible language for whichever of their baboons is calling. They may discover not to call you again.

Post by Mad,

6132302890 The Man even had my name

Post by DumbBenny,

613-230-2890 Ben reality Assess life would go on Substantially better if Folks enjoy you would get real jobs and Discontinue harassing others.

Post by Arlene,

6132302890 We Closed Upwards for no sales calls However Rogers continually phone and hang Upwards if our phone Bands more than twice. Around a week ending Oct. W W we have gotten W calls all being hang Advantages. They use calling Around a survey I vie learned from others receiving and talking along with them as that reason for that call yet what they're Actually doing is trying to Improve sales using their merchandises.

Post by annoyed,

613-230-2890 Has called my cell twice the week.

Post by Guest,


Post by jj,

613-230-2890 please Place me on that telephone list or i can telephone your phone company and 've Afterward shifted for making these calls for people Customers we dint pay for that kinda service

Post by Office Manager,

6132302890 Maintained for become out of a Business who s doing client satisfaction survey for Numb Life Insurance Company. Robin Began talking as shortly as the Telephone left that hook thus I Skip half what she said. She was looking for someone who Hans t been within your Firm for years thus I m dubious. Silly for a legit Business to presume someone can be Accessible that week before Thanksgiving. Calls like the end up being forwards for that black Opening of messages.

Post by Local,

613-230-2890 Likely because someone Used their Business to provide some type of annoying research that Comprises Seeking for understand that Thoughts of Individuals within Iowa. . Probably some American Business. It s a International market now and Opinion Hunt seems to be one of that bigger Market Researchers.

Post by jk,

6132302890 If they don t pay send them to Libraries. I hear Igor does an excellent job harassing people.

Post by Gate Keeper,

613-230-2890 Someone by the name of Jessica said she was calling from That Harris Poll and wanted for speak to the Hr Supervisor regarding a survey that she is doing on Staff Gains. I Merely Place on on hold until it rang back and Afterward into the voice mall of no return she went.

Post by Chica,

6132302890 Male Owner along with thick Highlight asked for that Human Resource Dept I asked him who was calling as he did not identify himself. He Afterward gave the Hr Director s name and I Inquired him again who he was with that started for state Harris as in Harris Online a known research Agency then he Simply said he was with a research firm and I told him the Hr Director was not within and we do not participate in over that Telephone research anyway as it is against your Firm policy. A policy instituted by the Time Director. He said you personally don t response any around your Telephone research duh. NO.

Post by alisa,

613-230-2890 the Merely called amp they said Hi my name is Debbie something or other amp i interrupted said please remove me from your Telephone list amp hung Upward. i state that if i ever get one of these types of calls which USN t overly Frequently. they don t call back amp it only takes a few seconds to interrupt state your own piece amp hang up.

Post by C. Hayes,

6132302890 Don't telephone me.

Post by JD,

613-230-2890 Joe Appears for be everywhere Composing about every phone number View Hunt uses. Giving email for Ed Hum is useless the Agent at Opinion Search told me. Their spam blockers get rid of it. Thus you need to state yourself. Call them. They're in that Western time Sector. The has an added plus when you personally phone it Prices them cash not you personally. Additionally you get for use their time and interrupt what they're doing. request for 1 W W W ext. W Mr. Ed Comedy attempt Shawn Gall guy ext. W

Post by Steve,

6132302890 Thanks for your Information. I trust they actually remove my Amount and don t keep calling or pass it on for others that a response was obtained. I don t believe ANYONE business charity surveyors Study takers telemarketers should become allowed to telephone without Direct permission. It s lousy enough to become accosted by these people on that street or in a mall Fully unnecessary and ignorant for intrude on your Dwelling. My Telephone is just that mine I pay for it for my use not theirs.

Post by Bub17,

613-230-2890 I don t response callers I don t recognize. I don t know anyone in Canada. I m on the DC but that dozen t cover international calls. They did t leave a message.

Post by JamespG,

6132302890 Called me today. . . again called them back and they don t let you add your own Amount to there don't telephone list around your phone. Thus go for there net site and add your Amount that way HTTP Www. opinion hunt. com en tools dentally

Post by Beverly,

613-230-2890 Got these calls a few months back and now they 've started again. W W W. I did telephone the number back and it was a Canada Amount. It added a few cents for my Telephone Invoice since I don t Talk French. I won t EVER call these Amounts back. Same as most 've reported. Strange hours of Telephone calls. I will never answer. And today another Amount revealed up W W W. Cheers for caller ID I won t be replying ANY of these calls.

Post by bob reed,

6132302890 Report a Telephone phone out of 1 W W W

Post by Amanda,

613-230-2890 Male voice said doing a survey on Scotch Bank customer service and would like my feed back. I said No thanks not interested. 've an excellent daytime. Left that man shocked at my considerate but fast response. I will not be joyful if Scotch Bank has truly given my personal cell Amount Outside to a third party. . which Looks to become your obvious explanation.

Post by Princess_gurl,

6132302890 I work here at Opinion Hunt Additionally known as Harris Decimal Research this Put is located at W elfin street Selection W appearance Men were a legit company you personally all are Simply Mindless boring people that is all. AND yes we Love BOTHERING You personally at 'm hardhat.

Post by kaileena,

613-230-2890 nicely of course they called again. Not Actually surprised. Informed Bill Smith we were not interested and had Required not for be called again. Additionally mentioned they 've now been reported.

Post by K.E.,

6132302890 This number called me and no just one was speaking on the other side. I called back and it's a Phone surveyor View Search. That office number is W W W

Post by Zizzy,

613-230-2890 Now is the first time I obtained a telephone out of The number. Nonetheless around the last two weeks I have gotten two or three calls a daytime out of Barnett Research Service within Moscow Idaho W W W. I have never replied that phone and they leave nothing on my machine. I looked Upwards Barnett online. They're supposed for Supply survey services along with other Phone Facility services. Barnett has Locations within several U. S. cities in a couple of different states other than Idaho. I body it s Simply another Group agency calling on a W year old debt.

Did you get an unwanted call from 613-230-2890? Is 6132302890 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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9373019148 Complains by Anonymous,

W W W W A Caller Put up immediately upon replying. Unknown if legit erroneous or telemarketer.

3073377902 Complains by sean,


8002661771 Complains by Tanner,

305-647-1536: connected to fake names: Michelle Winston @gmail.com & Michelle Jackson - Wait UNTIL YOUR CHECK CLEARS IF YOU INTEND TO DO BUSINESS WITH THESE NAMES. SCAM - TO NOT SEND CASH or ACCEPT THEIR FRAUDULENT CHECKS (consumers are scammed with promise of employment and cashing of checks with no real value or purchase of items listed on the internet. AVOID THIS NUMBER). Voice on line initially a woman's and then a man's of Nigerian or Senegalese nationality.

2192101932 Complains by Guest,

Continuous calling my number

9405390616 Complains by manster,

My son was texting me from his cell phone and this was the number appearing on caller i.d. Definately not his number. Does anyone know how that would happen?

9412512695 Complains by Guest,

Gift pledge drive

5412571477 Complains by Guest,


8663770711 Complains by Guest,

Constantly calling.

8002255718 Complains by Whatever,

Same here. I've noticed that the scams give you their numbers very quickly and don't wait for you to ask for it. It's totally spam for a cam model website. They are becoming easy to spot in chats.

8002547478 Complains by Call Tracers,

They get you personally to phone give them your own reference Amount that s Correlated with your own name and address they now 've your phone Amount so that they can sell it to debt collectors and advertisers. Don't Phone The Number BACK.

8002560967 Complains by Senior Pasta,

Calling about a best buy transaction

8002231404 Complains by timt,

1 W W W is an unsolicited hang Upward phone for my cell Telephone. I go ogled and it Features W results all written in Chinese or other unreadable text. . .

8002742556 Complains by John R. Clark,

The person called and offered a service of delivering Outside a telephone for Properties within a mile Distance that would help locate a lost Dog. We had Only Recorded the lost cat in your classifieds Underneath lost Animals. The service is for W. Do not accept that service because you may never Notice out of him again. There is a woman s express on their replying machine.

8001122841 Complains by Vicky,

Nuisance telephone. They phone once and hang Upward. I block that call but they Merely telephone from another Amount. I must have W W numbers blocked on my cell phone.

8002805474 Complains by Christian,

Informational Post : ***Warning***One and two ring calls from Caribbean Country's (Montserrat, Dominica,Jamaica, Grenada,  Antiqua and Barbados, Saint Lucia, Anguilla ..) should not be called back! These calls are done so you will call them back and cram your phone bill with high Call costs: See Anonies post here:http://800notes.com/forum/ta-9463ddad5e006f1/caribbean-missed-call-warninghttp://800notes.com/forum/ta-91e20993bc3aa22/ ... m-473-area-codehttp://800notes.com/forum/ta-927f09eb5169e32/ ... g-phone-numbers

8002659898 Complains by larry,

got a telephone out of the Amount as nicely found this Mary Taylor at 1 W W dated aural Presents in fine poor Mexican Likely got the People marketing number trust this helps

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