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Telephone information: . Ottawa, ON. . United states
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44 complaints
Post by na,

6132889074 Same telephone. Did t leave message on first telephone.

Post by Craig,

613-288-9074 I vie been becoming this telephone too. These Individuals must believe we re Ignorant.

Post by Hadde,

6132889074 Same with me. . A Chap posing as officer Keith Morgan on behalf of Canada Income agency informed me that legal Planning 've been filed against my name. He said i should telephone W W W immediately before things get out of hand and i get arrested. I phone back amp replied by a Distinct Individual. . . Middle of that chat line got disconnected . . Attempted several time again but never replied. .

Post by T,

613-288-9074 Same happened to me

Post by Blue,

6132889074 part of a message on answering machine sounded similar regarding many form of suit and things becoming out of your hand . . . .

Post by Guest,

613-288-9074 Owner has left a message that there's a law fit against this name. The phone back number has no response it Only beeps. Call was also left on my wife s Amount appears enjoy a scam.

Post by Gene,

6132889074 Same Owner saying I should contact him before I get arrested for tax evasion I 'm out of New Brunswick .

Post by Blue,

613-288-9074 part of a message on answering machine sounded similar viewing some sort of lawsuit and matters becoming out of your own hand . . . .

Post by chrisitne,

6132889074 had voice mail message threatening legal Activity for tax evasion from Canada Income Agency if I don t telephone back before that daytime is done I can get arrested. . For 1 I we strive calling Cara any Amount that line is consistently occupied or you personally get a express record with Directions and if CARA was dealing along with tax evasion they would more then likely contact you via letter through send. . Owner Is Merely A fraudster tr yin for scare Folks by Threatening. them Phone your own local NRC

Post by Barb,

613-288-9074 Says I should telephone them because a law suit has been Given for tax evasion has been Given in my own name. but doesn't mention name and I should telephone them before I get arrested

Post by Guest,

6132889074 Something Around. Tax payment

Post by T,

613-288-9074 Same happened for me

Post by Roger,

6132889074 A Guy posing as Specialist Keith Morgan on Part of Canada revenue Bureau informed me that legal proceeding 've been Submitted against my name. He said i should call W W W instantaneously before things get from hand and i get arrested.

Post by N Carpenter,

613-288-9074 I got a phone on July W on my replying machine stating your same thing

Post by Guest,

6132889074 East Indian male told me he was with CARA Canadian Tax Bureau and they may bring a suit against me for tax evasion. This really is a scam

Post by Robin,

613-288-9074 I also just gotten a call out of this number W W W from Canada s Income Agency. It was a woman named Nancy Smith. She said I was being inquire for tax evasion and fraud. I Inquired for her name and Amount thus I could telephone her back after verifying with CARA. I attempted calling that 1 W on the CARA Web site but they're all busy. I left an email at the anti fraud E-mail address on their website instead.

Post by jd,

6132889074 hangs Upwards after you personally response. Twice today.

Post by Guest,

613-288-9074 States for become out of CARA scam

Post by Craig,

6132889074 I vie been getting this telephone overly. These Individuals must think we re Mindless.

Post by Darlene,

613-288-9074 2 times in a row a very threatening call out of someone along with a unpleasant accent. Demanding cash owed for Canada s revenue agency. Funny matter is we did not even do our taxes yet because we don t owe any money. I 've blocked the number on my phone. Not worth reporting as there are so many Telephone scams. Folks demand to become conscious and cautious to never present anyone cash over that phone. It concerns me though for vulnerable individuals who could not recognize that. Those are your Individuals these predators are hoping to get. They are criminals.

Post by ted,

6132889074 3 Messages left on your replying machine. . Tax evasion phone immediately serious charges ext. . . Super foreign Feature says his name is Eric Foster ha ha. . Getting Very annoyed with your phone calls

Post by Nope,

613-288-9074 Called amp left a threatening MSG state in we were going to get arrested amp 've to go for court called again but never said anything. . GOOFBALLS. .

Post by DB,

6132889074 Had the same matter happen in the same Amount W W W will report to RCMP.

Post by chrisitne,

613-288-9074 had voice send message threatening legal Actions for tax evasion out of Canada Revenue Agency if I don t call back before that daytime is done I can get arrested. . For one I we try calling Cara any number your line is always busy or you get a express recording with Recommendations and if CARA was dealing along with tax evasion they would more Afterward likely contact you via notification through mail. . Caller Is Only A fraudster tr yin to scare Individuals by Threatening. them Phone your local NRC

Post by Jim,

6132889074 Fellow or should I say leaves a message on my Dwelling machine telling me that CARA has Submitted fit against me and I need for pay appropriate now. I had Only seen a Narrative posted on CBC from Fresh Brunswick of an older Female receiving your same telephone. I phoned him back today and told him when he Needed to Accumulate he could come and see me and I would happily break both of his legs and let him crawl back into that hole he came from. He Put up and now he won t response my calls. . . . . . I have numerous other matters I need for say for him . Why can t that local Authorities contact the telephone company who Released that number W W W find out who s paying for that Amount and inquire them for fraud. How difficult would that be.

Post by Tammy,

613-288-9074 've had 3 messages 3 Distinct times. I m sick of it

Post by Guest,

6132889074 Had this Chap sounds East Indian leave a message on my replying machine saying he is officer thus and so not clear sort of mumbled and he was calling out of CARA about a tax thing and I was included in a law match and would be arrested and to call back. Not for disregard your message. I tried calling back however your Amount just Bands busy along with no reply.

Post by Guest,

613-288-9074 East Indian man has called repeatedly and left messages will not offer name states I can become going to Prison for tax evasion states he is from CARA

Post by Guest,

6132889074 scam Owner claims to become from Tara Cara

Post by jackie,

613-288-9074 the guy has called me 5 times he must believe we are pretty Mindless the threat of Charge is 1 matter but at that Finish of the message he says 've a Fine daytime. what a moron

Post by N Carpenter,

6132889074 I got a telephone on July W on my replying machine stating that same thing

Post by Lisa B,

613-288-9074 Only had that same message on my machine. Thick East Indian Highlight saying there is a legal suit against the name. For tax evasion. Said please don't disregard this message. Before it gets worse or we get arrested please telephone back at your number listed above. Correct away before matters get out of your own hands . And have a blessed day.

Post by Lisa B,

6132889074 just got your same message. Glad I go ogled your number. . . . .

Post by Guest,

613-288-9074 Had this Amount leave a message say he Official someone and he was calling from Cara about a tax matter and to telephone back thus I don t get arrested . . . . Is the a scam. . . Kind of shakes you personally up a bit . . . I called back and it said that my telephone could not go through. . . . That number was 1 W W W

Post by Andrew,

6132889074 It's a scam and should become avoided. Don t even answer.

Post by driving me crazy!,

613-288-9074 Same Owner here same number. Hilarious. . before things get from your hand Could t even Chat proper English. Gee sh.

Post by Guest,

6132889074 twice in one day

Post by Barb,

613-288-9074 same here law suit tax evasion We should phone RCMP

Post by Lisa B,

6132889074 just got your same message. Glad I go ogled that Amount. . . . .

Post by b,

613-288-9074 obviously scam phone from W W W saying Cara are going for sue me for tax evasion and i should call them for avert getting arrested. . . . foolish.

Post by Bruce,

6132889074 I believe it s prohibited to jeopardize Legal action as well as being a scam. I attempted calling that Canadian Anti Fraud Centre Around the at 1 W W W. After a Amount of menu Choices that did t Fairly fit I pressed 7 for get a person to Speak for. That resulted within All agents are Now active. Please call back After or file a report online . Www. . ca

Post by Jay,

613-288-9074 Had a telephone from the Amount today but did t leave a message.

Post by Barb,

6132889074 same here law fit tax evasion We should call RCMP

Post by Guest,

613-288-9074 I believe this guy is a scummier. I ask him a question about who he is or who he represents and he hangs Upwards. He has left messages on my answering machine saying if I don t call back I will go to jail

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8174000344 Complains by Patti,

i have had this place calling me all day searching for an Staff. . . they're rude as hell and hopeless to understand you are able to hear all types of people shouting into telephones within that background calls are obviously coming out of some phone center overseas sounds enjoy India emphases. . . and if you personally hang Upwards they call back and cry at you. . .

8184458541 Complains by Guest,

I 'm becoming calls and text out of this Amount and its like someone talking dirty on the other end

8002992490 Complains by Guest,

lender spam do not answer

8283081296 Complains by Anon,

Arbitrary phone along with wrinkling noises Afterward Installed up.

5073016304 Complains by Sheila,

House call

6507310704 Complains by Guest,

Got a message that mentioned quot Hi Mark Erin added you to her Range network. quot or something quite close. I don't understand an Erin.

7063290049 Complains by Guest,

Why are u bothering me. Stop

8065764081 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling my little girl s phone

7203252357 Complains by Guest,

Diabetic testing Company company Striving for sell products

4175670031 Complains by Guest,

Calls Regular along with no messages. . . Actually annoying. .

7012171352 Complains by Guest,

Annoying caller

8187436612 Complains by Guest,


8328915522 Complains by Peter Parkims,

No clear message simply noises. caller called three times so far.

8064665212 Complains by Guest,

Dint contact me. . .

8189053355 Complains by Nick,

Just got a call from "Greenfield Processing" stating I have an informal claim against me. Gave me a case number and sounded American but I know the tricks. I've gotten scammed into paying someone before like this (not knowing any better) and I called the company a week later and I still had a balance.

8282774915 Complains by guest,

Yes I got your same telephone for your same reason who went through and replied all information completely and also Direct Edward me to your customer service line.

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