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Post by KLW,

6133333456 I obtained the call and it was all Fixed along with no express on another end. I 've caller ID and it was W W W and i see what intentions were coming. Expect they're caught and prosecuted.

Post by Torked off,

613-333-3456 They vie been calling my cell phone Around 2 for 4 times a daytime.

Post by nicki,

6133333456 Only got a telephone. . as soon as they Inquired for me I responded with I would no understand you personally I do not want to speak along with you personally and I do not take solicitation calls I heard the guy on the phone mumble what. . . . as I was hanging up on him.

Post by ER201,

613-333-3456 again a female with a thick Indian Feature lots of History noise. said that type of card and last 4 Numbers of your card i Usually use that was somewhat alarming. Subsequently said she had a W gift card for me. I hung Upwards after she Inquired for my address.

Post by Nicole,

6133333456 I 've gotten several calls from this Amount around the last week. I first Inquired them to remove my name out of their calling list. I did t answer your next couple of calls. The morning they called AGAIN. They had that last 4 Numbers of my debit card. They said they Desired for send me a W Walmart present card and within for on joining a club to help me save money that would cost me W. W monthly. The Owner Subsequently Approved me off for her manager for Confirm everything. He told me that phone would become Registered. I told him that I wan t interested within a W day free trial because I constantly forget for End those memberships. He gave me 2 numbers for reach the Firm so that I could Stop as soon as I acquired your data within the mail. He wanted me for supply him my name and address. I told him the caller had already Tested them. I kept refusing to say and spell my name and address for him. Finally he Installed Upward on me. I know once they recorded me saying and spelling my name and address the next thing they would 've wanted was verification on that Full debit card number expiration and security code. By that manner the other numbers he Offered me were 1 W W W and 1 W W W. BEWARE people. . .

Post by Jeff,

613-333-3456 Hello Can just one manner I block such callers is by using that free Google Express service. I transferred it from my office property line for my cellphone and then ported for Google Voice because at your time they simply ported cell Amounts. I m not certain if that's still the case. But anyway they log incoming and outgoing Telephone calls in history so I can look to see who called me recently. One of that options Accessible is to click block caller . After doing so anyone calling from that Telephone Amount will get a message that the number was disconnected or is no longer in service . Pretty Smooth. It has cut down on all of the repeat spammers for me. Google Express also has a lot of other Fine Characteristics. Like I could 've it ring my property line AND my cellphone amp my computer if I like I could Additionally record incoming calls and Change from one phone to another IE. cell to property line or vice Line in that Central of a call. Assess it Outside if you personally haven t. It s worked well for me thus Way. BTW it s also Useful if you personally switch cell Providers. You can Merely take whatever number your brand new company gives you personally without porting your previous Amount along with any delays or interruption within service that might Involve and point your Google Amount for the brand new cell Telephone Amount. There are a lot of other Advanced Attributes too but you could check those Outside on their website if you re interested.

Post by Poppins,

6133333456 Had a missed telephone from the Amount along with no message left. When I tried for telephone it back it wan t a working number. Go ogled it and got this Site. I understand.

Post by Ron,

613-333-3456 I was called by the number 4 times last nighttime. During among that calls they thought they disconnected along with me Though i did not hang Upward because the line on their end was still open. I thought i should report what I heard. They create that phone telling people they won a W gift card for shopping within W months and etc. No purchase Only need for tell you thank you personally and want to verify info you personally state Okay Subsequently are transferred to that Evidence section. This really is when it gets fascinating. Your Proof guys tells you personally that phone is being Registered and verifies all your information but Additionally needs E-mail address if you are authorized user for your credit card stopping within xx xx strange for a free W gift card if You're between W W etc. He needs you to say Ok or Correct to all that questions. He tells you personally that along with that card there may be information within that packet for another Merchandise. Just one Man Levi particularly asked if he was Buying anything and they assure him which he was not but if he desires to buy that product he could phone your number within the packet but it's Simply a gift card. All are satisfied then Levi hangs Upwards. That versifier comes back on that line that is still connected for my phone and starts reading a disclosure of that Regular charges that may be Priced to that Approved cc Amount etc and does he concur to the Fees a quiet pause then that versifier says thank you personally Mr. Levi N. for authorizing the Prices. Problem is Levi Put Upward a Second Past. I stay on that line and they would it again for another Girl same routine victim hangs Upward and versifier comes back on your line again not Understanding I 'm still on that line because i never Installed Upwards from when they called me. He begins telling Ellie that she Approved your charges etc. I could not stay quiet the time and called him Outside on his official Registered Telephone telephone. He Installed up on me and the time I was disconnected from them. Do not Present THESE People Your own Info.

Post by Elaine,

6133333456 Quickly talking accent woman called at 9 W PM asked for me as Mrs. W. I Simply said NO. and Installed Upward.

Post by Hutz97,

613-333-3456 Got that same telephone W pm Tonto. Just go for your phone services and add W W W to your telephone block list. Simple for do. Thanks. . . No more calls for that jerk Opening. . . Caller PDT

Post by Aashai,

6133333456 Obtained a phone twice Now. They had all my information. I called my credit union and blocked my card just in case they attempted to remove anything. I Powerfully suggest that you 've your card blocked and obtain a new one. That inconveniences it causes are small in Assessment to potential ramifications of their intentions.

Post by Lisa,

613-333-3456 I Chiefly Merely want your Telephone calls for Cease. I 've yet for answer the phone and they do not leave a message. I tried to call that number back and got a record saying the Amount could not be attained as dialed check you Listing and telephone again . . . . . Ada Ada Ada. What would I would to keep them out of calling me whatsoever.

Post by annoyedlady,

6133333456 I have already been called 5 times in your previous 3 1 2 hours the last just one around W Minimum ago. I was quite brief and hostile along with your Girl along with the accent although the time it sounded enjoy a Baby. Told them not to call back. Thus Way it's been W min. but not expecting them for listen to me after reading these other posts. There has for become something we may do. . That is absurd. .

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Telephone amp hang up.

Post by Per-Sev,

6133333456 We have gotten at least W calls in that past 4 times from this number and we've told them not to telephone back and to take the Amount off there call list but they keep calling. I 've reported them to the no call list both my phones are Enrolled along with your no telephone list. Now that I see they are a company from Canada I am sure there's no legal action I can take thus I may Only block my Telephones thus the just calls I receive are out of my address novel.

Post by Melissa Phares,

613-333-3456 received a telephone out of this number Seeking for offer me a W. W gift card on my Visa account an account I do not 've. Wanted to Confirm my address.

Post by Joe,

6133333456 they have called me three time but when i phone back the Amount is disconnected

Post by Pam,

613-333-3456 Person along with really thick accent. Told them not for phone me within that day and Afterward they called me back within the PM. Told them again not to telephone. I don t believe they even comprehend English.

Post by none,

6133333456 I obtained 2 calls out of this Today. I don t answer calls when I don t know that . They did t leave any message but my Telephone identified the as coming out of Ontario Canada. After reading these messages I m glad I did t reply or phone it back.

Post by Solrac,

613-333-3456 They have nothing to do with Credit. There surely is no present . It s many criminals who need to Key you into giving them a credit card number to ship you a gift that dozen t exist. You personally get nothing they get your own credit card Amount they drain your own account. It s Very Straightforward Actually. Don t reply calls from Amounts you personally don t recognize. if you personally would answer and a few clown says they need for supply you personally something get a loud whistle or air horn and blast the crap out of them. These are scamming criminals.

Post by iz,

6133333456 thank you for the Information I vie been called three times today from this Amount.

Post by La,

613-333-3456 I keep getting these calls two three times a daytime and no 1 will help me because it is within Canada.

Post by Cortney,

6133333456 I had your same thing occur and they keep calling. My Man replied at just one point and stayed on the Telephone along with them. . . .

Post by Anna Babe,

613-333-3456 Okay its been a week already and these Pol dint give Upwards . . . I have read all another post so now i know . . . oh I cant wait for the next phone. . . I can make sure they never phone again

Post by slc,

6133333456 this is Suzanne Calling for W I m calling from Worldwide Incentives. . told her not for telephone again. . did t supply her a chance to create a Message. . answered the phone accidentally. . Simply did t sound right as I don't have any hint who global Returns are. . . don t have them. . never Closed Upwards for them. . .

Post by joe lemons,

613-333-3456 i get called by this Amount 5 times a daytime at least. i live on the east coast and was called tonight at W Am. usually i dint reply but it really pissed me away due to your time. i let your Man on the other end have it and told him for lose my number. it consistently is an Indian woman or guy that calls and its consistently about my Charge card. how the hell do they get your numbers. . i ll tell you how whenever you get Gasoline and use your card these people running your Channels 've accessibility to your card Information. something needs to become done. beware to all curse them out and hang up it can let Outside a few stress that they cause by breaking your own stones.

Post by B,

6133333456 They have called twice in just one daytime all in a few hours. Asking for a Man at my Telephone for their MasterCard stopping within . . . . . That is undoubtedly a scam because I had a similar incident months ago.

Post by tiredofit,

613-333-3456 I have had 3 or 4 of these so I understand not to answer. I have had just one that when I replied and told them no I WAS NOT interested they still started charging me. I altered my card Amount and now all they can is telephone. They're on automatic ignore. but after some time of not replying I Began becoming a withheld Amount. has anyone else gotten that.

Post by Ellen Wall,

6133333456 Cease calling me

Post by rk4,

613-333-3456 Last night a Buddy of Mine gotten a Telephone phone asking for my Man. . She quickly called me for find out what was going on. SCAM. . . . This can be a Canadian number. They must not become Underneath the People guidelines for telephone Facility telemarketing etc. Within the Us calls out of telemarketers etc must display a live and current phone number.

Post by hunkahunka,

6133333456 If they can Find them there are two more ready to take their Areas. . . type of like Bin Laud en he s gone and 3 more take his place. If you personally don t supply your own money away for charities that go overseas and Saving these pitiful fools Subsequently they would Merely starve. But no they plaster their poor small faces all over Road Statement boards and magazine Includes with captions enjoy for only W cents per daytime you personally could keep small Mombasa from starving for death Now Mombasa is calling the Homes Seeking for defraud you personally from each last nickle he can get from people ultra rich Americans pigs.

Post by Rachael,

613-333-3456 i got a call from the person



Post by Dustin,

613-333-3456 wife Only obtained a call this evening out of a Woman saying she was with Credit that my wife had won a W Charge present card. Needed for affirm your info and email. Partner did not give her anything and tried to call back but the number is out of State. Canada like another Listings here say. WATCH Out. This is a fraud for confident.

Post by Bob K,

6133333456 Upgrade I attempted to file a report at that Do not Call Registry Website but it was rejected due to an Broken Place code . . . They demand a brand new Designer as this really is a Important system FAILURE. I went for your FTC site next and successfully filed a complaint. Please join me we can Close these scumbags down. HTTP Www. . gov

Post by tiffed,

613-333-3456 we received at least 4 calls from them Now I told them we were on that don't call list and they had better not call here again and that I knew that it was a scam.

Post by name,

6133333456 these people 've called several times


613-333-3456 How did they get my first and last name. They had last 4 digits of a Credit credit card number and told them no just one has that number and I hung Upwards. . . obtained 4 calls from morning until PM.

Post by Hilltopper,

6133333456 Thus frustrated with this Amount W W W calling all hours of your day. . . I Getaway t answered it. . . but it is Actually annoying me. . . early morning. . . late night. . . all hours. . . should become many way to prevent this.

Post by Mandychef44,

613-333-3456 Ugh. This number keeps calling me and knows my name and Clear ally my Telephone number. Thus creepy. . They keep say for the reason that they re calling about my visa card and guess what I DON T Have A Credit CARD. . . I try to tell them that but they're definitely foreign and I could barley comprehend them. . So annoying. I don t understand how they could 've all this info about me and keep calling me . . And u can t try and call them back cause they dozen t work. Super SCAM. . Don t response the Amount. Waste of time. Ugh. . . . . . . . .

Post by CRABBY,

6133333456 SAME Thing Just HAPPENED For ME. . PM. Hello Folks. thanks for sharing your own Information.

Post by Irritated,

613-333-3456 I Only got a phone from this number. I talked along with 2 girls. It sounded enjoy a room full of Folks enjoy a phone Centre. They had your last 4 digits of my credit card and they said that I was going to receive a W gift card. I stupidly Offered them my address and email. They already had my old address. Subsequently they said they would have a representative phone me because I had won a cruise. Obviously at that point I already knew I had Attached Upward and told them that I wan t Purchasing any of it. But they Installed Upwards. What's the scam. .


6133333456 I gotten a call out of my bank asking me to affirm that I made a bank 2 bank money transfer which I had not done. That investigation Department. looked into it and told me that I logged on to computer with a virus and Assessed my bank account. Due for your virus the gave that hackers an open opportunity for do what they Needed with my account info. And they did. They attempted for create 2 Transports out of my account. Luckily my bank Found it before they got it. My account was shut instantaneously. Now 3 weeks After there's an Indian Girl with thick Highlight constantly calling my cell phone from the Amount telling me she is calling from International Returns because I won a W present card viewing my MasterCard stopping with that last 4 Numbers of my shut account. I gave her a challenging time and questioned her all around your board and she eventually Put Upward on me but now calls me Regular at least once an hour I blocked her calls and she now calls from a different Amount. BEWARE.

Post by Stupid and Naive,

613-333-3456 I gotten a phone from the same people with Indian accents that I couldn't comprehend but like and idiot I verified my name and address and email address thus I expect nothing happens. I did t supply anymore Information out but I m wondering if they already had your last four digits of my card and they just have my name and address how can they get other Information for potential create illegal Costs. Someone please Show me. I won t become talking to these Folks again. It reminds me of the guy for Us prime credit named Peggy on those commercials on Tv Lola.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 A Congressman called offering long distance calling Freon us for Philippines.

Post by k2sj2,

613-333-3456 I 've been receiving 2 and 3 calls a day out of this number. Most of the time I don t response but when I can I immediately tell them I 'm not interested and to not call this Amount again. It infuriates me to continue getting that calls.

Post by Will,

6133333456 Aug 3 W at W W pm obtained a phone out of W W W. Half sleeping I answered a Woman by having an accent was talking she asked to speak to my son I told her he was not home and I Installed Upwards. I had seen that number on my called id within the previous but when awake I don t response calls from numbers I don t know. W W pm is insane I can become reporting the to the FTC.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Spam

Post by Jennifer,

6133333456 I get calls from a W W W Amount who try and present me a W. W present card. It's not a valid Advertising. They provide me that last 4 digits of many Charge card. I have repeatedly told them I 'm not interested and they continue to telephone. Really frustrating. I block your number and they call out of another number

Post by Annoyed,

613-333-3456 I too Only gotten a call at PM but I did t response it and when I called your number back it was Simply as everyone has said This can be a nonworking Amount . I m expecting someone can look for Outside who they are and Place an Finish for this. I vie had two calls thus Much.

Post by ChefJP,

6133333456 W W W Merely called me. Female with thick Indian Feature had that last 4 digits of my credit card and said they wanted for offer me a W gift card for using my credit card.

Post by William Hodan,

613-333-3456 I gotten a call Merely enjoy the others described here on Sunday nighttime at about 8 W pm. Told the Owner I was not interested and eventually Installed Upwards after they would t take no for an answer. I got another call from your same number last nighttime at W W pm. I did t answer but I vie had my fill of this.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Number had called.

Post by Troy,

613-333-3456 Only got a telephone out of these scampers. Made a point of not telling him anything and repeating no several times. Also called my bank and e mailed their fraud department which I would urge everyone would.

Post by Soolin,

6133333456 I received a call this morning from an operator saying I had won a W present card for using my credit card. She knew my not empty name address and that last 4 digits of my credit card. I put that Telephone down and called my credit card customer service line. They said they were aware of these types of scams and there is a lot of phishing going on at that Second. I have security protection on my card and alerted my credit card Business and reported that Telephone number.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Did t leave a name. Says Attempting to reach me to provide me a W gift card. Has been calling me at least twice a day every daytime for the previous week when your calls started. They already 've my name and address because they repeated it on among that express mails they left.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Hey

Post by Eiklebec,

613-333-3456 Acquired two Telephone calls in the last two days. Patrick Papal same Individual both times told me that I would win a W present card and Inquired if the last four of my Charge was . Additionally he wanted for know if I still Dwelt at XXX XXX Dr . . . . . . . . . . I did t tell him anything and asked for speak for his Manager. He hung Upwards on me. I 've tried to phone this Amount numerous times today and cannot get Thur because I am dialing it erroneous.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 They were Striving for get my credit Amount.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Assholes that wont Discontinue calling

Post by lisa,

6133333456 Man caller asking if I was Filipino or if anyone Filipino living in my own House. Got your same type of phone call at work also.

Post by SMT,

613-333-3456 They Merely called my Dwelling. I did t reply. They did t leave a message. W pages of complaints on here. How are they still within company. This is b ll sh t. .

Post by displeased,

6133333456 I vie been called there times in two hours by this Amount. They won t leave a message and I m not about to response. I see many others are being harassed by these people. Time for telephone your bank and my phone cell phone service.

Post by Marin County,

613-333-3456 Same thing happened to me. Repeated calls out of that Amount along with swift hang Advantages. The after we lit within them for their BS come on a few weeks ago. Skip hint Buddy of Mine thinks he has located that caller at a Canadian town east of Ottawa. He the detective friend actually has a friend of his own who is or was an Electronic equipment Expert within CAPSICUM the Canadian special forces and who now lives in Ottawa. Nepal Really Simply outside I think. That fellow has agreed for drive Outside to take a appearance thus perhaps something can be done after all for Decrease these People for would something else with their time. Wish I could be there when that Meeting takes Put.

Post by anotheranonymous,

6133333456 Simply got 4 phone calls out of this Amount Today from two women trying for send me something. I told them NO and they still called again. . .

Post by JD,

613-333-3456 My answering machine picks up and your Owner never leaves a message.

Post by j man.,

6133333456 They have been calling me 4 5 times per day saying I won W Dollars. Indian Feature Tremendous scam downtime Au info

Post by Mary,

613-333-3456 That Folks calling out of this number are phishing for info so they could Take your Id. They called about a credit card which was being used online illegally and was summarily Ended. I told them I was going to report them to your Authorities but they keep calling out of the Amount and from a W W W number. Nut within criminals. . .

Post by Tammy,

6133333456 We have gotten about 8 calls from the in less than W hours starting as early as 8 W 'm. Caller I. D. says it s from area. I keep hoping when we don t response the phone they will Cease calling. It Hans t worked yet. But from all that I vie read here it dozen t matter anyway. What I would love for understand is the Can I still file a Gripe if I Pick not to response. Reason being 1 I know what your phone is Around and 2 I don t need for warrant your call by Performing to it because if I would they certainly won t Quit calling even if I tell them for Quit. Sounds for me like rejection makes them vicious. . .

Post by rturri,

613-333-3456 1 Why even try. No 1 s doing anything Around it. As long as the goes on that Telephone companies or Businesses that own them are making fortunes for the use of their Telephone lines. 2 I feel really confident in this If you never reply the Telephone or they hang up on your replying machine Merely before it answers Afterward they may not be charged for making the telephone. They could 've a contract for completed calls . If I don t answer they may never Cease calling. But if I response and DON T Speak Subsequently they will be charged for your useless call. Enough of those quiet Solutions and they may Quit or be found Outside.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Did t leave a name. Says Attempting for reach me for give me a W gift card. Has been calling me at least twice a daytime every daytime for your past week when the calls started. They already have my name and address because they repeated it on one of your voice mails they left.

Post by cdrn,

613-333-3456 I just obtained that same call. Thick Indian Feature and knew that last 4 Numbers of my Credit card. She said she was a Client Business and Needed to supply me a W Money present card for being a good Client and using my Charge card. She Afterward wanted me for Confirm my Information. I did t feel comfortable with this and told her so and then Put Upwards. Soho happy I did t go any more. . . . . . . . then go ogled that Amount and am even more glad I did t go any further. . .

Post by annoyed,

6133333456 I have been receiving calls at least 4 5 times a day for the last 3 days out of the Amount. I don t answer and 'm becoming quite annoyed.

Post by w,

613-333-3456 they've called me twice. never leaving a message on that machine. i dint response unknown numbers great thing overly. thanks for this message board. . .

Post by do not call me. kd,

6133333456 Do not call me. Anymore.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 They keep calling Attempting for offer me a present card.

Post by jo ann duffy,

6133333456 received a telephone out of this number but did not reply.

Post by Ashley,

613-333-3456 The number called me 6 TIMES Today. . . . Ever W minutes. Are they serious. Every Ten MINUTES. . . If i didn't response your first time what made them think I d response another 5 times.

Post by L,

6133333456 The Amount has called my cell twice a day since Friday. I vie never answered because I don t understand this number exactly why waste the minutes. . . . Glad I looked it up. I may continue to not answer them. Thanks all.

Post by vsner,

613-333-3456 They keep calling whatsoever hours. These Folks demand for be Ceased. Any notions.

Post by MP,

6133333456 I received a telephone and stupidly answered their questions. I called your Amounts they Offered me to cancel your next day. I called and Ended. Around a month After I Began magazines. I mean enjoy alto of Publications. You personally name it ESPN W Style etc. I Assessed along with my credit card company and they had billed my card Approximately W. W. I called this Rewards Business with my Termination confirmation no. and they're telling me that it is not one of their Amounts. Subsequently she asked me what number I called to cancel. I repeated that number to her. She Places me on hold and tells me its Verizon Firm. I checked she was correct on that. I called Verizon Firm and they said they get alto of calls out of Folks for whine about these jerks. I cancelled my card but the Journals keep coming. They told me I am liable for W. W. Anyone else have this expertise. How did you personally Manage this. Please advise. .

Post by Christina,

613-333-3456 I keep getting calls from the number several times a day. So I finally replied. Let them chat for a bit Set the phone down and whistled as loud as I could into your receiver. And I can whistle loud. . . I don t believe they ll become calling me back any time shortly. Ha. Beware. . . . . . .

Post by annoyed,

6133333456 I got called and they had that last 4 of my Charge and Needed for send me a W present card for being a treasured customer. I Suggested with them for Fairly some time because I knew my card already had Benefits and they kept telling me this was a Distinct Returns from a third party Promotion group. They had a significant Spanish Feature. That first Man even Place his boss on that line to Talk along with me. They even tried for sell me a great Cope vacation Bundle for which I declined. They asked me to Check my mailing address for the present card. Now I found a Fake charge on my card. I reported it to my bank.

Post by K_P,

613-333-3456 Gotten 5 calls yesterday from this number. On my voice send once the Indian accent lady kept saying my name and hello Clearly she did t comprehend it was my express mail . Last telephone gotten was last nighttime at W W pm MN time. . . I could t believe how many reports of this and still they're getting away along with it.

Post by Irritated,

6133333456 I did the same thing. Completely caught away guard and now freaked out. 've you had any trouble. I Only got called Today.

Post by Kim C,

613-333-3456 Also don t you believe that whoever is posting the Website that we should state what Shops we have shopped at whether on line or in Shop for see how this company has received our data so it could be Ceased. Someone Seemingly in that U. S. is stealing this private Information and selling for these Folks in Canada.

Post by hls,

6133333456 obtained call

Post by jean washam,

613-333-3456 I received 7 calls out of this Amount within a question of 9 1 2 hours between PM and W PM two of which Arrived at W W and W W. I asked them for Quit calling and to take my Amount away their list but they kept calling. I could not comprehend your Man on another Finish Thus no info about the Business or who I talked along with. I knew it was a scam thus I quit replying.

Post by Hutz97,

6133333456 Got the same telephone W pm Tonto. Simply go for your Telephone services and add W W W to your telephone block list. Simple for can. Cheers. . . No more calls for that jerk hole. . . Caller PDT

Post by docryan,

613-333-3456 My Partner told me these people have called her like 5 times today the most recent was enjoy W minutes ago and then W minutes before that. We were already sleeping when they called back. They called several other times Now that I was there for. They said that they're calling because that entire Credit good customer thing or something and was asking for my Partner BY NAME. . She told them Each single time to quit calling but they refuse to listen. I am now Upward at midnight EST waiting on a telephone back in which case I will now be involved. I 'm in that military and will be going for base legal with this. I could Notice everything around that phone and it has been a Indian or Mid Western Asian female on another Finish. During 1 call that kept interrupting my wife until she eventually Installed Upward. Trying for look for out who these people are even trying to call back for that Amount but got a busy Sign of path because they're on a computer program that goes through Amounts so it is consistently active.

Post by Kim,

6133333456 The Amount called me. Absolutely Inappropriate as I 've registered my number on your do not phone list and should NEVER get calls out of anyone I have not personally given my number for. This can be bull . They demand for find a way for Quit scampers out of becoming the information. That Businesses who demand the information our banks etc. should keep the data more Safe than they're currently.

Post by skidkid,

613-333-3456 Merely gotten a telephone from the number W W W and a Indian sounding girl previously mentioned that she was calling Around my Visa card and she had my last four digits and said I won a W. W present card. SCAM thus I told her not for call me again and Installed Upward.

Post by Kristyn,

6133333456 Yep. . . they 've called me FOUR times today. But it s Very Considerably the same deal as every else s. They Maintained I had won W and they knew by name address and that last four Numbers of my credit card number. When I heard all of the noise in the History and heard the very thick Indian accent I told them I had another telephone on another line to Finish your talk. Not for mention I vie never had my bank phone me before. . . My iPhone tells me your telephone came from Ontario Canada. I called and reported it to my bank they Ended that account and place me Upwards along with a new one.

Post by concerned,

613-333-3456 They told me they were calling within Value for my Credit ending within and read my last 4 numbers and that since I use my visa card i was entitled to a W present card. I told her no thanks and don't call me back. She Afterward said she would call me back and she Installed Upward. I called back and got recording it was a non working number. Foreign speaking lady

Post by Bill,

6133333456 Same Trouble with these low life's . Called 2 or 3 times a day last month. Started out this month with 5 calls on 2 1 and a few since.

Post by Jessica,

613-333-3456 Called here after PM. . . . same story as your others

Post by alynn decker,

6133333456 they r fully harassing me

Post by Trich,

613-333-3456 Called me 6 times between 4 W and W W PM Repeatedly Put up on them and asked them for remove my name from their call list. Eventually had for Discount that calls. They should be reported. I just Closed Upwards for the no phone list about 4 6 months ago.

Post by jrod,

6133333456 Only got a telephone W P. m said I won a few gift card or something spoke quite Rapidly. . simply gave me the last four digits of my Charge card and wanted to verify my info. . The has scam all around it. . .

Post by Liz,

613-333-3456 Thanks for all those who posted. This Amount has called 3 times within last W minutes. Operating me nuts. That Place code is from Canada.

Post by justaflyonthewall,

6133333456 Obtained 4 calls in that previous 3 hours. Each time tell them not interested they wait a half hour or so and someone else calls. Starting to piss me away. Searching to find out who to report them to as we re on the Don't Phone Registry.

Post by pissed off mommy,

613-333-3456 Townspeople 've called me 8 times since 5 almost each. twenty for thirty minutes it's now W for ten And they Merely called again I told them its ten and to stop tucking calling

Post by Mj,

6133333456 Received a telephone from W W W Sunday 'm.

Post by Charles,

613-333-3456 No one on line when I answered

Post by carrie,

6133333456 Yes got your same message. And when I told her I wan t interested she said that is free cash why would you state no. Ugh.

Post by dast,

613-333-3456 I Merely Registered a State with That Attorney General. Got your same phone telephone Recently Individual would not supply me call back Amount he hang up. . . . My CC Business doesn't 've any Thought about those calls. Maybe AG could track this Firm down. . . .

Post by Tired of the scams,

6133333456 Acquired a telephone out of the number and thus happy there are sites like the for Check that source before I response or return calls.

Post by Roberta,

613-333-3456 I Merely now gotten a phone from this enjoy the others I don t response unless I know who it's. If it s Significant they could leave a message. I attempted to telephone that back and always rings busy. Hum go body.

Post by Torked off,

6133333456 They vie been calling my cell Telephone about 2 for 4 times a daytime.

Post by Pam,

613-333-3456 These yahoo s won t Leave calling. I told them that they 've been reported to your fraud unit. I was suing them for harassment . I 'm Ill of them. I think they are Philippines. exactly why they have my last 4 digits of credit card but they don t know who is that bank that issued it. I understand the card of mine was compromised and shut months ago but my other card Recently after these creeps keep calling the fraud unit did phone me Around my debit card being used within Mexico for a huge Sum of cash. Thank God my Bank is that Very best and catches the type of stuff. This really is Merely terrible. I need to know the way to get these Folks for fraud and they have our information which really sucks

Post by Destroyer,

6133333456 pissed that this called me and woke me Upwards at 5 a. m. and again called at 9 p. m. knew my name creep o and Subsequently Put Upwards. Makes me feel stalked and scammed even though I did t state anything wrong simply which is me . wish I go ogled it sooner b c I could 've said leave me alone .

Post by timberwolf,

613-333-3456 a few loud noise Manufacturer and reply with it I have one of those mouse a way and plan to Press the Evaluation button and hold it for that receiver as shortly as that W number appears on my Owner I D I yelled hello the last tome about W minutes Past They haven t called back However.

Post by Ash,

6133333456 The number called me 7 times last night starting at 8 W p. m. They called me today and I answered to a few Woman that barely spoke any English telling me that I had won something out of my credit card. I hung Upward that Telephone before she even finished talking. I attempted calling that Amount after but it won t let me for some motive. It's obviously a scam. . . If I had really won something Afterward why could t they have left a message. They have called me 5 times since Subsequently. When they telephone back I believe I May}n' 've somewhat fun on their behalf. That is idiotic and quite annoying. . . What's this Website for anyways. . . W pages and nothing was done. . . .

Post by Fiet,

613-333-3456 I vie been getting annoying phone calls out of W W W even late at nighttime. I want it to Cease.

Post by Bene Lusk,

6133333456 They keep calling late at night with the time difference they're a scam please do not phone or Take anything out of them. Chronic Number of no good for nothing people. Do not Take scam people.

Post by Geri,

613-333-3456 called me twice last nighttime once after PM and Afterward at PM said they had a W present card. Discontinued both within Middle sentence. Don't supply any info for these people

Post by Gail,

6133333456 I obtained a phone at W W pm did not reply they called back at W PM and I replied with no response on their line. . Your next night the phone Arrived at 9 PM I replied and did not request who or what they Needed Merely told them it was too late to telephone and don't telephone my Amount again.

Post by jerry,

613-333-3456 got two calls Now. last just one at W W. asked for their boss and they Installed Upwards.

Post by CRABBY,

6133333456 SAME Matter Only HAPPENED For ME. . PM. Hi People. cheers for sharing your Information.


613-333-3456 A Indian Highlighted lady has called and called non Quit Practically every hour. Each time she calls she out of a different Business but your same phone number. She States she was calling Around a credit card Prize I won for W. Said she Wanted me for Confirm my address and credit card data. I told her I did t 've credit cards and she fast Installed Upward but today is still calling each hour pretending she from another company but same Amount.

Post by Sick and Tired,

6133333456 These Individuals phone me 3 to 4 times per day. The first 2 times I answered they Desired to Check my name and also verify my last 4 digits which were right to my credit card. I refuse for response their calls now but I 'm becoming very sick and weary of them calling me. They telephone out of 2 Distinct phone Amounts. 1 from New York W W W and 1 from Canada W W W. Are there any legal Activities that I can take.

Post by Amanda,

613-333-3456 the Amount has called my house 9 TIMES within W hours becoming really annoying . . . called that Telephone Firm and there surely is no manner to block the call erg

Post by Spud,

6133333456 The number has tried calling me several times tonight thus I attempted calling them back for look for out who this was and an Agent got on your line and said that is a NON working number . Actually. Subsequently how within that heck are you calling me. . .

Post by tete,

613-333-3456 accosting calls tell them to stop.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Hey

Post by Halb,

613-333-3456 This is same Firm that used for telephone out of W there's a net Website for that number as nicely. Does your don t telephone service would any great. I complained about both numbers but have heard nothing.

Post by tired of these calls,

6133333456 I 've gotten several of these calls this one most recently I have called my bank and had my card canceled and a fresh 1 order and being sent to my bank for me for Select Upwards there. These people have my card Amount cell Amount and Dwelling address. Its a scam and they are becoming the info when you personally use your card at Wall Mart Goal Home Website and Very best Buy. They're Additionally calling out of W W W be aware and don t autumn because of this scam. Scum enjoy this should 've for work for their money rather than stealing out of those of us who are Fair and don t Take out of others.

Post by James,

613-333-3456 Offers cc Benefits.

Post by Pissed,

6133333456 Called two Times in a Line at W W p. m. Told them I was going for report them they disconnected before I could hang Upward.

Post by Button,

613-333-3456 I vie gotten numerous calls out of the Amount on August 6 August 8 August W and August W. On the Th I had an odd express send Only Individuals talking like they did t understand they had called but I could t make out what they were saying. At they d telephone at PM Afterward they d telephone about 8 or thus at night. Today it was at PM. I haven t replied due for that Amount of individuals who phone me without significance for. I vie now learned that this Amount is out of Ontario Canada. Nobody in any of Canada should 've my Amount. I don t even live close Canada. So it s no friend of mine.

Post by timberwolf,

6133333456 some loud Sound Manufacturer and response with it I 've one of those mouse a manner and Strategy to Drive that test button and hold it to your receiver as soon as the W number appears on my caller I D I yelled hello the last tome Around W minutes Past They Getaway t called back yet.

Post by Michael,

613-333-3456 This Amount has called me repeatedly and I keep asking them to take me off their list and However they keep calling. I 've answered the number in your past and they said they were Associated with Best Buy.

Post by Elizabeth Murray,

6133333456 Hello The Firm has repeatedly called me seeing my credit card despite me saying that I would sue them several times if they did not Quit calling me. They're calling from Canada and costing me cash. This is completely idiotic. Sincerely Elizabeth Murray

Post by Pissed off,

613-333-3456 These Bloody Individuals call me 5 W times a daytime. I get so Crazy sometimes that I answer and tell them to Quit calling me and remove me from their list. That last phone I Only got I Inquired the girl for her name and Set of work and contact Information. She got snotty and said what for. I told her it s for my Attorney for telephone you. She then said again what for. I began to scream at her how I told her other scampers not to phone me twice that day. She began for chuckle and said oh really nicely this can be your first time it shows we called you personally. These Folks are a damn joke. I blocked there Amount with Verizon and Hope that it works BC if not I ll become Choosing a Vacation to your lawyers office for harassment.



Post by Birdnerd,

613-333-3456 I got this call today A SUNDAY. . . Didn't reply it though. I never would if I dint Understand the number. And did a web hunt on it and found this site. Yep great thing.

Post by ma pee,

6133333456 who s call me my number are W W W sorry Around i can t call back your own number

Post by Maine,

613-333-3456 I am receiving several calls from the W W W. So Way I haven't answered them but I wanted for warn others that Around 3 months Past I gotten similar calls from a different number and my husband happened to response. A few Girl by having an Indian accent saying they were giving me a W present card could he verify the address. He did not present them any data but they did 've the correct address. She then Inquired if he could Confirm my Credit card. He told her he did t have my Amounts thus he could t Check them. I don t know exactly why she asked that because apparently they already had my card Amount. He hung up with her and a week After I had a 4 charge on that Charge out of a warranty company I think they were testing your account a 4 charge is really simple for overlook. I just caught it because after that Telephone call I put notifications on my account. That Guarantee company even had a website but you personally could tell it was a Absolute front when you saw it. If they're calling you personally watch your Reports. . .

Post by mlp,

6133333456 Keep rec ING calls out of this Amount everywhere from 7 'm to W pm rings 3 times and Subsequently No one there I desire this to Cease. I 've attempt ed servile times for return call with no response.

Post by totallyannoyed,

613-333-3456 Five times Recently and already Sunday morning they re Beginning again. I vie reported them but its no relief. AR.

Post by Torked off,

6133333456 They vie been calling my cell Telephone about 2 to 4 times a daytime.

Post by crabby,

613-333-3456 MG so its PM and i got the phone. i did t answer. but got Odd Edward Outside after i called it back and it said non working so i go ogled it and thank you personally people for Publishing this information

Post by Micki,

6133333456 I got your call from W W W and attempted to request a lot of questions. That woman that called me was Likely of Indian decent. I told her I was busy and for call me back. She had my 4 Number card Amount so I was really suspicious. She called me on my cell Telephone thus once I had the Amount I blocked her phone out of ever calling me back. Do not offer her any data.

Post by Joel Linderoth,

613-333-3456 Simply obtained all phone from this Amount and did not answer. thank God. It appears to be a scam.

Post by mary tarver,

6133333456 These Folks keep calling me to verify my Charge card

Post by Florida Lady,

613-333-3456 Hi there much enjoy all of you I gotten a phone call on Friday telling me that I had won a W gift card for being an excellent shopper and using my credit card ending within . She Subsequently asked me for Check my address and I consider I told her. She Afterward made me Speak to her Supervisor within which I told him I Actually could t understand anything his associate said and he d have to explain it too. He Subsequently proceeded along with I had to say right to that questions and he re verified my name address Phone Amount and when I accidentally said YES . . . he said. . Mother am you have for state right. I Subsequently mentioned I declined and that I did t trust what they were doing and I did t want the gift card. He Afterward hung up on me. I instantaneously called my Visa Chase and they verified that no just one within their company had called me and they were not giving out gift cards. I had them Stop my card instantly and a new 1 is in the mail. The Actually made me fired Upwards. . and to make Things worse she called Recently. I d like for get ah old of these people. . . and who are they locating out the last four of your credit cards and your addresses. . . I understand Michael s had a glitch awhile back. . . not sure

Post by scam reporter,

6133333456 I 've been receiving the same calls. Total scam. . . . beware.

Post by anonymous,

613-333-3456 I got a telephone like the last nighttime out of this number and it was Am and said I won A W. W gift card from Find I was Insane called discover told them what was going on.

Post by kellie,

6133333456 I Only acquired a call out of the same number on my cell Telephone if I don t Comprehend your number I don't response the phone. . . . . in the looks of the Amount it s not good. . .

Post by Karen,

613-333-3456 I get about 3 calls every daytime. They 've that last 4 digits of my credit card. They tell me I won something. When I attempt to Talk they keep reading their Program. Afterward when I finally was able for Discuss they said this phone is being Registered and I said great. I told them that I am on the do not phone list and I can be reporting them. I like that idea of contacting my bank as nicely and tell them I am becoming Fake calls out of this Amount.

Post by junno,

6133333456 the Amount keeps calling me seems something about credit card attention rates

Post by lynda,

613-333-3456 I 've received several calls today out of the . Your same Owner knew my cell address and last four Numbers of a credit card . Caller had a significant Indian Highlight amp would t offer me his manager or Discontinue calling after I asked during your first telephone. Definitely a scam. Probably an identify Larceny at temp. I m filing a report against the Firm number. Don't Present Outside ANY Information.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Credit card

Post by Amy,

613-333-3456 I acquired a Telephone call from the number. Luckily I did t response and they did not leave a message. I go ogled Amount and Arrived across others complaining Around fraud. I trust they don t phone back.

Post by Solrac,

6133333456 They have nothing for do with Charge. There is no present . It s many criminals who desire to Strategy you personally into giving them a credit card Amount to ship you a present that dozen t exist. You get nothing they get your own credit card Amount they Strain your own account. It s Very Uncomplicated Actually. Don t response calls out of Amounts you personally don t recognize. if you personally do reply and a few clown says they need for provide you personally something get a loud whistle or air horn and blast the crap from them. These are scamming criminals.

Post by Melissa,

613-333-3456 I keep receiving calls from this number and ignoring it. Finally replied it and they Promised for become out of my Credit credit card Firm and said i had won a W present card that could be used at Residence Depot or Objective. They had my name address and last 4 Numbers of my card. Very thick Feature and challenging to comprehend. I called my credit card Firm to Request Around this and of course they knew nothing of it.

Post by Jennifer O'Barr,

6133333456 I understand this is a scam and I would love for them to Cease calling me. I asked that guy that called politely and he got an Outlook along with me.

Post by Jeff,

613-333-3456 Hi May one manner I block such callers is by using that free Google Express service. I transferred it from my office land line for my cellphone and Afterward ported to Google Express because at that time they only ported cell numbers. I m not confident if that's still that case. But anyway they log incoming and outgoing phone calls within history thus I can look to see who called me Lately. Among that Alternatives available is for click block caller . After doing thus anyone calling from that phone Amount can get a message that this Amount was disconnected or is no More within service . Pretty Smooth. It has cut down on all of that Duplicate spammers for me. Google Express also has a lot of other nice features. Like I could 've it ring my property line AND my cellphone amp my computer if I enjoy I can also record incoming calls and switch out of 1 Telephone to another IE. cell for land line or vice Line in your Mid of a telephone. Assess it Outside if you personally Getaway t. It s worked well for me thus Way. BTW it s Additionally Helpful if you personally Change cell Providers. You can Simply take whatever number that fresh Business Offers you personally without porting your previous number along along with any delays or interruption in service that might Involve and point your Google number to the brand new cell Telephone Amount. There are a lot of other Advanced features too but you could check those out on their Site if you re interested.

Post by La,

6133333456 I keep becoming these calls two three times a day and no one will help me because it is within Canada.

Post by BethBongiorno,

613-333-3456 this Amount keeps calling my cell phone when i response they hang up and when u telephone the number back says the mail carton is full and disconnects you

Post by Pam,

6133333456 Person along with really thick Highlight. Told them not to call me within your day and Subsequently they called me back within that PM. Told them again not for call. I don t believe they even recognize English.

Post by nanc,

613-333-3456 Well they Simply started calling and 've called 3 times within your past 7 minutes. I presume because i recently ordered out of amazon. com. Should I annoyance replying to see if that's your last four of that card I used thus I know which card Firm for call. Cheers for that advice.

Post by Kelly,

6133333456 Getting calls 4 5 times a day. When I eventually replied for ask them for Stop calling I could not get them for take No for a reply. They were really pushy and obnoxious. Kept Looking more information from me in purchase to send W present card as thank you personally for using my American state card. They had my name address Telephone Amount and last 4 digits of my card number. I am going to report to 'm Ex.

Post by Ruth,

613-333-3456 I am along with you L Jo they have called me several times and I have not answered. I did attempt to phone the number back once though and it says my call cannot become completed as dialed even when i use 1 and Region code. So glad I found the Outside. I can answer and give them a piece of my thoughts.

Post by knockternal,

6133333456 I acquired a phone out of these Individuals at PM. This can be your Th time they 've called me saying they were Credit and that I had won a W dollar Gasoline card. I told them to Discontinue calling me and take me off whatever twisted list they got me on. He kept trying push it on me but I Only hung up. Man I expect they telephone back again.

Post by geraldine savage,

613-333-3456 none

Post by Valerie,

6133333456 These Indian idiots keep calling. It's beyond annoying. 8 a. m. for 9 p. m. Upward for Five times a daytime. At first I ignored. Now i am commanding that they discontinue and desist. Next W phone gets an atmosphere horn into the receiver. I 'm done.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 I did not reply when u attempt to redial the Amount back its not a working number

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Telemarketer

Post by frustrated,

613-333-3456 So Way 8 calls in the last W hours. . . . . just one was at PM. I answered twice first just to answer and ND to tell them for leave me alone and it was 2 Distinct Folks about two Distinct cards.

Post by gyrene,

6133333456 I vie had two calls out of them did t response either one as I was asleep when that phone rang at W and since I wan t on call for work at that time did t need to response. Both times my Telephone said I had express mails left but both were nothing but hiss. I got curious and was going for Google the area code but while at Google decided for enter the whole number and got Connected up with the Website. Cheers folks for running your site and warning Folks. I could let my other half understand not for response calls out of the number which is entirely potential as we use your same Charge account and your cell Amounts are simply one Number apart. We vie already had to close that account and re open it along with a Distinct Amount several times due to bogus Waste happening. Hopefully this may help keep it out of happening Though another time. Thanks again.

Post by Morgan,

613-333-3456 I just got a telephone out of them at my Grandma s house. When I said she wan t here and if I could take a message your Indian lady suddenly got antsy and said that she would call back. Since I did t Comprehend that Amount and when I asked who was calling that Female did t reply your question I decided to look it Upward. I m happy I did. . . I wrote a note for my Grammy thus if that Girl does phone back she won t autumn for that Capture.

Post by Andrew Orr,

6133333456 Gotten a call out of W W W several times now it is a W. W present card scam Please find these Folks and destroy the work.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 I did not response when u attempt to redial your number back its not a working number

Post by Kathy Luebbe,

6133333456 Caller wanted to supply me a free W Money present card. . . . I did NOT offer them my cell Telephone number but somehow they got it. I dint need anything from this Owner.

Post by Baer,

613-333-3456 they're pests

Post by Mario,

6133333456 Did the same to me today. Saying they had my Find card last 4. When I asked for a phone back number and why they were calling on act of Learn card your Individuals Put up. Reported for Discover fraud Section.

Post by Bud,

613-333-3456 Needed for talk about my mortgage. When I said I did not have 1 they hung Upwards.

Post by kathy,

6133333456 Received phone W W pm other night then again this Am at 8 W. When i questioned what Firm she was along with she previously mentioned Worldwide Advantages looked it up no it s something different. She knew that last 4 digits of my Am EX. Thick Indian Highlight.

Post by Kim,

613-333-3456 They called me out of the Amount in the morning. I answered and told them no thank you personally and don t phone again . They called me three more times in that same daytime. Your latest time was at W PM. . . I replied really frustrated and asked him if he knew what time it was. He was going on about something and would t even let me talk. I eventually just asked what Firm he was calling out of and he spoke over me again then Installed Upward. I m Quite frustrated. . . That Amount they keep calling from is W W W

Post by Carol,

6133333456 I Simply obtained that same phone phone. I was told for being this type of great customer and using my Charge they were going for send me a gift card for W for use at Target Walmart and a few other Shops were named. They already knew the last 4 numbers of my credit card my address and my cell which they had called. They Afterward Place me on hold to talk to some supervisor. . . this really is when I Put up and ran this . . . I see I m not the simply Fortunate chosen 1.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Calls but never says anything

Post by lisa,

6133333456 They 've called me 6 times around that previous two days. They even called me last night at 9 W PM W PM waking me Upward and me not being very type and again at W PM which Around Delivered me into a Trend. . . . now they have called 3 times today. Peggy said she was the Supervisor Now and said they would not Quit calling until I accepted the W dollar present card and Tested my address. Same as above had last 4 Numbers of card address name. HA. Yes appropriate enjoy that was going for occur. . . . . anyway. . . this really is a scam. . . . beware.

Post by ShojoBakunyu,

613-333-3456 Called my Company Mobile Main phone at 7 PM on W W W. I don t Choose up numbers I don t understand. . . They did t leave a message. I vie now saved this in my No. list thus it won t even ring when these FY Tips phone. REPORT THEM To Your FCC. . Or FTC I forget which Just Google FCC or FTC and they 've File A Gripe right on the . gov page. REPORT REPORT REPORT. . . If we don t report they won t Quit.

Post by Tammy,

6133333456 Many poor English speaking Girl called about my credit card. . I Inquired for her manager and she Put Upwards. I tried dialing again and said Broken number. I get these once a week even after adding my number to that don't call list. . . I use airborne now. . . makes it enjoyment on my part at least.

Post by IL,

613-333-3456 I did that same thing you did. I think that scam is more of whatever it's that they are delivering you. I m going for throw it away or give it for your Cops. I did t tell her anything that she did t know. I kept asking her if it was a scam and she said no ha ha. She said that she did t 've my credit card number and she wan t going to ask for it.

Post by amy,

6133333456 Receiving several calls daily out of this number. When I attempt to phone back not able for become completed. They're leaving no messages. Calling 4 times a day for that last 2 weeks. Constantly while I m at work.

Post by Karthik,

613-333-3456 I want for report the Telephone Amount W W W for Authorities. I understand they are fraud those who call Folks for get their credit card Amounts but I want there is a manner they are caught.

Post by timberwolf,

6133333456 many loud Sound maker and response with it I 've one of those mouse a manner and Strategy to push that Evaluation button and hold it for your receiver as soon as the W number appears on my caller I D I yelled hello the last tome about W minutes Past They haven t called back However.

Post by Nancy,

613-333-3456 I Simply received a funny phone out of the phone Amount. They said they were with MasterCard then abruptly ended your telephone. Where should I report these calls. Clearly they are Seeking to defraud Individuals.

Post by hunkahunka,

6133333456 If they can catch them there are two more ready for take their places. . . type of enjoy Bin Laud en he s gone and 3 more take his Set. If you don t present your money away for charities that go overseas and rescue these pathetic fools Afterward they would Merely starve. But no they plaster their Bad little faces all around highway Statement boards and magazine covers along with captions like for just W cents per daytime you personally could keep small Mombasa from starving for departure Now Mombasa is calling your houses wanting to defraud you personally from every last nickle he can get out of people ultra abundant Americans pigs.

Post by benji,

613-333-3456 Scampers had my last and address played it through to see awful idea

Post by hog farmer,

6133333456 Phone them back and see where your money is. . . W W W

Post by Debbie,

613-333-3456 I gotten the call 1 time and did not state anything. There was noise on another Finish but nothing enjoy conversation. Your second time I replied but the Owner just appeared for mock me by saying Hi back. I had Program Mr. Number block this caller.

Post by anonymous,

6133333456 acquired phone call from the same Girl hung Upward notified police and was told for Alert attorney general

Post by kate,

613-333-3456 so sick of these people calling they've Installed up on me twice now that i say I am not interested but continue to phone Generally at 6 Am absolutely absurd.

Post by TRL,

6133333456 Three calls out of the Amount called my Supplier had that number blocked. T


613-333-3456 KEEP Getting Telephone WHICH SHOWS Upwards ON Express Mail AND Could T GET RID OF IT.

Post by EYSinWoodlandWA,

6133333456 Remain Much Far AWAY From THESE Folks. . . SCAMPERS ARE That SCUM OF Your World. . . A woman with a very thick Indian Highlight called me stating that I 've won a W present card out of Walmart. When I questioned her about it she tried for dodge my questions and told me she would transport me to her manager to get a few Closing information Wanted to procedure your present card. She transferred me before I had the opportunity to say no cheers then a guy along with an extremely thick Indian Feature started asking me about my address. I told him I was not interested and to never telephone me again. I Installed up. A day or two later my cell Telephone showed that they attempted to reach me again 7 W W 8 PM Pacific Regular Time.

Post by Roc City,

613-333-3456 Unreal I Only posted here like 5 Minimum ago about this stupid Telephone and they Simply called me again. . Maybe they are on this site. . . Annoying.

Post by hans,

6133333456 got a call out of the Amount 7 times the week. they try and speak definitely but along with ugly thick accents. loud background Sound. they don t recognize your NO . someone needs to bulldoze your office your telephone out of. every time that call is Around that W gift card. if you let that phone go to that replying machine they hang Upwards.

Post by Alabama,

613-333-3456 've received several calls from the number that i did not reply because i did t Comprehend it. Glad i decided for look it Upwards on the site. Another scam.

Post by Samiam,

6133333456 These Folks are scampers Do not Response Your own Telephone and if u do dint Check and of R info with them

Post by Cutiepie,

613-333-3456 The same thing I m reading on here happened for me appropriate after I ordered funeral blossoms online. I don t store online but decided for use the online florist that popped up on that net page for obituaries online. The motive I understand that's where they got their data from is because I listed my work Telephone on the order sort for that blooms that I ordered. A couple of days After I got a call at work from the W W W number. A Girl with a heavy Feature Inquired me for verify my name and began thanking me for using my credit card she Subsequently read off that last 4 Numbers of my visa card and Afterward started telling me that I would receive a present and to Check my address. I cut her away right there and told her I wan t interested because at that point when she read away my credit card Amounts I became excessively alarmed and agitated. She Simply kept on reciting her script like she was reading it and wan t Actually paying attention to me. I repeated that I did t want their gift and that I wan t interested. I instantly called my credit card company and explained what happened and was informed that not 1 but two 4. W charges had hit my account and another just one for W. W all in 2 times of me Buying your flowers. That credit card Business credited the charges away shut Outside that card and Given me a fresh card. They told me that any other Costs that Viewed Think to me when I acquired my statement for let them understand and they would credit those off also. Sure enough when I got my statement there was another W. W charge on there the credit card company credited off. Since Afterward I haven t ordered anything online and Likely never can again. The only thing Distinct for me is that I never once uttered the words yes or right and they still got me. It s sad that criminals are Managing cyberspace now times.

Post by rosebud,

6133333456 Seemingly they can t tell time either. Called me at PM. I don t answer if I don t know who it is either. Anybody who knows me knows that s previous my Sleeping.

Post by jerimiah,

613-333-3456 Same story as everyone else. Apparent infuriating scam

Post by Guest,

6133333456 I don t really know I reply and when a record Arrived on I block.

Post by katie,

613-333-3456 same matter Simply happened for me but they asked for for verify an address that i had not lived at for around a year and i know i had altered my address with all of that legit individuals who Desired it. Said i was not comfy giving them that data and asked several times who they are along with they told me Usa group . Don t know how they got the data but i told him it was not correct and trust i dint 've for change everything. . . . . . outsourced anyone. . . .

Post by Sweet_Jane,

6133333456 They 've called me for your past 2 Sundays around two o Time. I did t take the telephone and they left no message

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Credit card

Post by rturri,

6133333456 I believe it s because they don t want you personally to understand who they're. It may be a patched call that originated within another location.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Accredited bank company

Post by Barbara,

6133333456 I have been receiving Early and Regular calls from the number. I may reply and get no response from the other end except a hang up. When I attempt to telephone it back a recording states that the number bank is not empty and to strive calling back at a After time. I 'm weary of receiving the telephone and the phone ringing as earlier as 6 W Am.

Post by Ms Stop Calling Me!!,

613-333-3456 The called me and asked me for affirm my address thus they could send me a W gift card. I go ogled that while I was on your Telephone along with your guy and landed here. I Began reading him what Folks had posted and he became mad. I told him he had my permission to mail my present card for himself and use it to feed starving Children within Africa. . . . . he Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Jan J,

6133333456 I gotten four calls in two hours Today Saturday night between 7 9 pm . I told them really securely to take your names Amount off their list and if they called again I may report to Experts. Different callers all with thick accents sounded enjoy India or Eastern .

Post by Bubba,

613-333-3456 Called twice on 8 W W once PM and again PM. Did t response either time. If it Ian t 1 group running a scam its another group. Catch them and cut their tongues out Merely like what needs for be done for computer hackers except cut their hands off.

Post by doie,

6133333456 becoming calls from the number. I never 've replied and a message is never left. A few of the calls have been after W pm. I wish I could get away their list but don t need to get into conversation along with someone from Canada about something I Getaway t Closed Upwards for.

Post by Anita,

613-333-3456 I had a message on my work phone on Monday morning the call came within to the office at 7 W p. m. on a Sunday evening. All I could hear was other voices within your History. No message was left but I m confident when they heard your greeting on my phone I work for a Government office they decided not to leave a message Nevertheless how did they get your own credit card Amount and addresses.

Post by not buying it,

6133333456 I have been called repeatedly the weekend. I did response the first phone as I Can have friends in Canada. Once I heard the History phone bank and the Owner s Indian Feature Actually how original I knew it was a scam. My call was Around Credit shopping spree I won for being an active shopper. . . Whee. . I told your caller Quit talking no I am not interested take me off your list.

Post by NM,

613-333-3456 I was called. five times Now. . I eventually answered for an Odin Girl Seeking my credit card Information. I dint think so. .

Post by They have called me from various numbers,

6133333456 THESE Folks ARE USING Phone CARDS AND THEY Call From Different Amounts. . . I have complained Around THEM Recently Like hrs ago. THEY Call Each TIME You USE Your CARD. IT s AN Indoors SCAM THAT SHOULD Be REPORTED. I 'm REPORTING THEM For MY LOCAL Police STATION FOR Id Theft AND Phone HARASSMENT. Recall THEY Telephone From Different Numbers Maybe A CALLING CARD. . Still REPORT THEM. . . I Am. .

Post by LaReese Ballmer,

613-333-3456 I gotten 3 phone calls on Sunday from someone along with a foreign accent from the Amount. They asked for Chat for me and I told them no. I also told them not for phone back. This morning at 7 'm they called and Inquired for Chat to me about my Charge card. I informed that caller that's was 7 'm and that it is against your law to telephone anyone for any credit card Issue before 8 am. when I asked for her Manager she Installed up. I Subsequently called all of my credit card Businesses to see if they were behind these calls all of whom denied it.

Post by Sharon,

6133333456 W W W gotten same type of phone tonight. Had my husband s name and that right last 4 Amounts of your credit card. Attempted for get heavily Highlighted female express to tell me her Business s name and eventually hung Upwards. Called my bank and this really is a common scam. They either got the info from a credit card receipt or someone Offered it to them. That bank Place a warning on my account and I will become notified if anyone tries to Alter my address or other personal Information.

Post by me again,

613-333-3456 Oh and my suppose is that they edited your recording of my answers from that first Telephone call so they had a voice authorization of my Registration inside their shady Software.

Post by lakebums,

6133333456 Merely got a call from them on my work cell. Knew last 4 Numbers of private debit card and address. Were giving me a W Money gift card. I did t consider them and told supervisor so. I told him it was a scam and he got angry. Told me if I did t believe him to hang Upward. So I did.

Post by KJ,

613-333-3456 Keep receiving calls out of the Amount. Woman along with powerful Feature. Tried calling the number back and it never goes Thur. Decided Upwards a few times and told them for stop calling me. Still receiving calls. The was going on for at least 4 days now. Phone comes Thur each few hours.

Post by Jonny,

6133333456 They called me 8 times Now. . i was within class and they Merely kept calling every W Min's. left messages asking by my name. i finally Decided up after your Th telephone. they asked me by name and said my address and told me i would get a W Money present card. . . Really Odd how they knew my card Amount that i cancelled Practically year ago. . thank god i did

Post by Karen,

613-333-3456 calling me non Cease for the past 3 days. Required to become Chosen off the list and they stated no .

Post by ChasRN,

6133333456 They got me overly. Very similar Narrative. Mine was with Discover. That humorous matter is I Truly did Triumph a gift card through Discover about a year Past that was legitimate so I went along with it. Like a few of that others that Man hung Upwards on me thus I instantly hit Google. I called Find and canceled my card. A brand new 1 is on your manner. Hassle Issue being that I can have to Shift my Amount with the companies that I 've Vehicle pay. Find said I would not become responsible for fraud if I Needed to keep my account open and see what happens but I was like. . . no it simply will come back on card holders due to that expense that Find has. Plus I don t desire these jerks to get any money in any respect.

Post by carrie,

613-333-3456 Yes got your same message. And when I told her I wan t interested she said this can be free cash why would you say no. Ugh.

Post by Jessica,

6133333456 Called here after PM. . . . same Narrative as the others

Post by frustrated caller,

613-333-3456 I 've had several calls early within am till W PM even at work. Did t answer thus glad after reading these Remarks I never answered. Now how that heck to I get them to Discontinue calling. . . . . .

Post by curious,

6133333456 Acquired 2 calls today. That ST one hung up on your replying SC. that ND phone I replied amp it was an Indian accent woman asking for someone said no thus she s gonna phone back. So I put the ph on phone blocker. so far thus good

Post by hunkahunka,

613-333-3456 If they would Get them there are two more Prepared for take their Areas. . . sort of like Bin Laud en he s gone and 3 more take his Put. If you personally don t present your own cash away for charities that go overseas and Saving these pathetic fools Afterward they would Only starve. But no they plaster their Bad small faces all around Road Statement Forums and magazine Includes along with captions enjoy for only W cents per daytime you could keep small Mombasa from starving for passing Now Mombasa is calling our houses wanting for defraud you out of every last nickle he could get out of us ultra abundant Americans pigs.

Post by Baby,

6133333456 I got called enjoy 4 5 times the pm ID whose number thus I put it on Avoid list. I don t response at all for the number that ID. . It s annoying.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Accredited bank company

Post by likett817,

6133333456 Merely gotten your phone call from W W W along with a Girl along with an extremely thick Indian Feature saying that they are giving me a W gift card for being this type of great Client. They had my full name House address cell Telephone and your last 4 of my card number. She Generally Introduced that it was for my Charge card stopping in . I Inquired multiple times who this was and why they were calling. She finally said it was Worldwide Rewards and when I Completed talking for her I had to talk to her Manager for review your Information she said her name was Nancy Rodriguez. It was difficult for comprehend either of them because there was thus Substantially Sound within your background. I refused for present them my email address and said I did t 've just one I used she Desired for get that email address for a friend or family member. . . . Actually. . I said I don t use a computer. Afterward I came here and Viewed them Upward. . . . cancelled your card. A bit overly questionable for my Flavor.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 they strike Upwards my phone every freaking day

Post by missy,

6133333456 Same that keeps calling. W W W. . I know its a scam after reading everyone else s post.

Post by Kathy,

613-333-3456 Caller talked very Quickly wanted for Check my address. Said something Around Walmart and receiving a W present card. Said they demand your remainder of my info. I Installed appropriate Upward. SCAM ARTISTS. BEWARE.

Post by crabby,

6133333456 MG thus its PM and i got this call. i did t reply. but got Unusual ed out after i called it back and it said non working so i go ogled it and thank you personally Individuals for Publishing the information

Post by Sandy,

613-333-3456 Called Five times and left no message. Very late into your night. Don't have any idea who it could be.

Post by A,

6133333456 Getting calls from them all Daytime. . . . Does ANYONE 've a method of becoming rid of these f keys.

Post by s,

613-333-3456 Your phone went for voice send but she did t comprehend it she was singing and laughing and talking for people within the History. I heard her say to somebody bye Girl I called back to report to her Supervisor how unprofessional this was but Subsequently realized they must be scampers.

Post by Eiklebec,

6133333456 Same thing happened with Subscribers. I spent W. W on subscriptions and never got a magazine but I still get Telephone calls asking me how my magazines are. Don t even. . . .

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Ugh

Post by Jan,

6133333456 These Individuals have for become out of India. I got a blunder a few weeks Past and bought an electronic Smoke out of a Television ad. They gave my credit card number to others and Unexpectedly I have been enrolled within several magazines and a few travel and savings Prices. I had to call of them all up and my cash was refunded but I believe I ll 've to Alter my debit card. Simply can t use that Net anymore I guess.

Post by Beth,

613-333-3456 I 've acquired a Complete of 7 calls since Christmas from these characters. They are Established from Ottawa Canada thus I don t know if there is anything anyone can perform. They telephone after PM and before 'm. I vie Merely obtained a third telephone within within W hours from these creeps. It is a phishing scam they want your E-mail address for send you a link and Subsequently get you personally for supply them your own credit card and security code Amounts. I file a Criticism online with Www. dentally. gov and along with the Attorney General s office of my state each and every time I get a phone. I Tested with my bank about these people they say it's definitely a phishing scam and as long as they don't have the full credit card number there's nothing they the callers can perform for charge anything on that card. Your bank verifies that they feel that credit card info is coming from Walmart which tantrums as I never store there but my son did with my permission and use of my credit card. I can no longer permit him store at Walmart due to this.

Post by bad pirate monkey,

6133333456 continual calls from the number

Post by Alex,

613-333-3456 The W W W is keep ca ling me every day and leave no message. . . I'm becoming sick of it and i dint know what 2 do

Post by Borday,

6133333456 second phone today I just blocked that number and reported as spam along with Skype also think I ll let my bank understand as nicely.

Post by Mike,

613-333-3456 Thus my W year old Girl acquired a phone out of the number. They asked for someone who dozen t even have the Amount anymore and your Female consistently argued on the line. I myself took your phone and attempted for describe she had that wrong number and she proceeded for not just phone me a liar but to use profanity and endanger to become sure for telephone again. . . Even if it s a scam they're out of line. . . Can NT Response With this Amount. . . maybe many Business needs reminders on what that laws are for harassing phone calls. . .

Post by scamp721,

6133333456 I Only acquired one of these calls at work. Your woman had an extremely thick accent and said she was from a Visa Incentives Facility. She had your last 4 Numbers of my check card and my address. Previously mentioned she would become giving me a W gift card for using my Credit. She then was going for transport me for her Manager for Accumulate more information to insure that I got my card . I hung Upward and instantly notified my bank. They Assessed and the Amount is out of Canada.

Post by me again,

613-333-3456 Oh and my think is that they Modified the record of my answers out of that first phone telephone thus they had a voice Agreement of my Registration in their shady programs.

Post by Dee,

6133333456 Repeated phone calls out of this . I am thus Ill of it I response and Subsequently 2 seconds After hang Upward. Next time may tell them to never phone the again. . . not that it can work. Can there be nothing else that can become done.

Post by Athena,

613-333-3456 I 've obtained a telephone from the Amount two nights within a row at 9 W p. m. Your first was a guy who did t get far before I started repeatedly answering NO to every question or comment he got. He finally became aggravated and Put up on me. The second phone I received tonight was a Girl who I had several questions for. She told me she was along with International Incentives and that I had earned a W gift card for using my Credit card. I asked which Charge card and she rattled away the last four digits that is a debit card that I use Generally. I told her that I did not need that present card and she replied within her thick Indian Feature why. you personally earned it for using your credit card for all of W. She kept saying it s as simple as that. I told her that I did t believe that anyone was going to send me a free W gift card without expecting something within return. I told her that I did not need for receive anything from them and that I Needed to be removed out of their calling list. If they call back I will tell them the card was Ended.

Post by Guest,

6133333456 Annoying Phone center

Post by c,

613-333-3456 These Folks 've called me 8 times since 5 almost every. twenty for thirty minutes it's now W for ten

Post by Bud,

6133333456 Needed for Discuss about my mortgage. When I said I did not 've one they Installed Upwards.

Post by Dawn,

613-333-3456 I vie had two calls out of W W W within your last several days neither of which I replied. Reading your places here Only reaffirms my strategy to Discount calls that I do not recognize that Amount or 've an inkling who the Owner May}n' be.

Post by Justme1,

6133333456 I 've obtained 6 calls Beginning at 8 Am from W W W could not figure Outside who would be calling me out of Canada I tried for phone that Amount back and was told the number had been disconnected yet not even 5 minutes After I acquired your Th phone today out of the Amount. I don't response if I don't recognize your Amount. After reading all I see on here yes it's pretty chilling not knowing who has your own private information and what they can do with it.

Post by c,

613-333-3456 These people 've called me 8 times since 5 almost every. twenty to thirty minutes it is now W to ten

Post by mark,

6133333456 if you might have an android Telephone you can make that contact to go directly for voice send. that's what i did. works Fantastic.

Post by June,

613-333-3456 Same Narrative happened to me Now. I am regret not Assess the Website and hang up.

Post by jean washam,

6133333456 I gotten 7 calls from this Amount in a subject of 9 1 2 hours between PM and W PM two of which Arrived at W W and W W. I Inquired them to Cease calling and for take my Amount away their list but they kept calling. I could not understand the Individual on the other Finish So no data Around the Firm or who I talked with. I knew it was a scam so I Stop replying. Please Discontinue these calls.

Post by Jarry Maliske  (Shelly),

613-333-3456 I hate when this Folks telephone they never take no for an answer and Subsequently that keep Attempting for sale you personally something or want you personally for Check your data Stop I state Discontinue it now

Post by Schnudel,

6133333456 Keep receiving phone calls from the number. They either don t leave messages or Only say Hi. . Hi. . ON MY replying machine. . . When I answer they don t state anything.

Post by JADE06,

613-333-3456 I also reported these calls earlier but I desire to present an email in Ontario to REPORT IT E-mail W protected since your don't. phone. gov dozen t take this since it has a non Usa Region code and we can t report it within Can for the same motive. You are able to use this e send for report it. . .

Post by beez,

6133333456 Also receiving several calls but since your person they are asking for is not at the number they immediately hang up on me.

Post by (613) 333-3456,

613-333-3456 did t reply that call

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 Got 4 phone calls Now referencing my debit card and Seeking for Weight it with W. I Installed Upwards on them. I Enrolled on your Don't Phone List and they still called.

Post by Kathryn Stofer,

6133333456 A Girl called from the Amount and asked for Kate a Rene in a Spanish Feature. I said she was not here and your caller Put up. The same number has called four times in as many hours. I never have replied again.

Post by Sabrina,

613-333-3456 Forgot to add they Additionally had my address.

Post by jw,

6133333456 they 've called me 3 times this last time I told them I knew who they were and I was gonna KILL them and they Installed Upwards. I thought if acted like a few kinda mad Individual they would hang Upward an they did.

Post by KH,

613-333-3456 Recd phone from the Amount twice telling me that I would Application W present card within your mail for being a steadfast c card customer that Individual had a very thick dialect and new my Dwelling address cell phone Amount and last four of my c card. I Discontinued him within Middle sentence BC I was at work and said I had to go I was active. He mentioned the wont take long mam etc. . . I Merely Put Upwards your phone on him. Frightened my c card number is going for become stolen now. this offense has for stop. . . .

Post by Sabrina,

6133333456 Forgot for add they Additionally had my address.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 it s a telephone out of India

Post by kathy,

6133333456 Gotten phone W W pm other night Subsequently again the 'm at 8 W. When i questioned what Firm she was along with she mentioned Worldwide Rewards Viewed it up no it s something Distinct. She knew that last 4 Numbers of my 'm EX. Thick Indian Feature.

Post by Country boy,

613-333-3456 We vie been getting a call from this number a few times and my Girl picked your phone Upward about your same time I did I was hushed until the thick accent Woman described in another stories started to need verification of our info. I Subsequently talked Upwards and told her I did t need that money we were abundant that s a joke and for offer it to some charity. She was Consistent in her questions and then I told her that I had Viewed Upwards that and located it for be a scam and for take me away her list and not for call back and hung Upwards.

Post by wichita ks 29 december 2011,

6133333456 a Female by having an Indian Highlight called sing they where going to offer me a W present card i needed for offer her my email address. she called twice. i got Upwards place and told her for Set me on her do not call list. will there be something i can do . .

Post by dale,

613-333-3456 W PM. Guy was I pissed. 3 calls since PM CT . I eventually told the last guy THICK Accent if he called again I was calling your Lawyer general. . . . . did t understand what else to state. But the joist of the call was I had won W present card. OH I WAS Hot.

Post by Mario,

6133333456 Did your same for me Now. Saying they had my Learn card last 4. When I asked for a call back Amount and why they were calling on behave of Find card your people Put Upwards. Reported for Learn fraud Department.

Post by rturri,

613-333-3456 1 Why even strive. No 1 s doing anything about it. As long as this goes on that Telephone Firms or companies that own them are making fortunes for that use of their Telephone lines. 2 I feel quite assured in the If you never answer that phone or they hang Upward on your own replying machine Only before it answers Subsequently they could not become Priced for making your telephone. They could 've a contract for Finished calls . If I don t answer they might never Discontinue calling. But if I response and DON T Talk Subsequently they can become charged for that useless call. Enough of those quiet answers and they may Discontinue or be located out.

Post by JP,

6133333456 I gotten also a phone from this Amount. They asked for Chat for my wife. I told them that she was not there. Subsequently he Inquired me if I was her husband and which he had won W. W dollar on coupons Merely for using her MC. He has that last 4 of her card but she did not understand from what bank that card was. He Subsequently tried to Confirm my data but that address was incorrect. We had Only moved and I told him that the address was incorrect. He Inquired for that brand new address and I refused to give it and told him that we did not Desired the coupons and for not call back. They kept calling thus I replied in Spanish. They asked if I knew English and I Merely kept speaking within Spanish. It was amusing. . . I am getting calls from 1 W W W. . . . I am getting a telephone blocker. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Sheila Moskey,

613-333-3456 Received a telephone out of this Amount telling seeing a credit card present of W they need for send. I told them that first and second time I was not interested and for not telephone again. On that third telephone from the same sounding express I told that Man she had called 3 times and for Cease calling.

Post by Bjm,

6133333456 Received two calls Today. Did not reply ND call at W W PM. Same story as all these posts. Asserted I won W gift card and they had my name address and last 4 digits of a credit card I Ended due to Fake use. Why has this not been stopped. . . I reported it for my bank and FTC

Post by Bill,

613-333-3456 Same Difficulty along with these low life's . Called 2 or 3 times a day last month. Began Outside the month with 5 calls on 2 1 and a few since.

Post by Meggie,

6133333456 W W W. Challenging for understand Owner. . . foreign Feature. . . says hub won W Credit present card.

Post by Guest,

613-333-3456 I don t know who it's calling but it is an suspected spam

Post by WTH,

6133333456 Had a missed call out of the Amount Recently Night around PM EST and Merely called again Today at PM EST. Did not answer as I don t routinely response calls along with Amounts that I don t Understand Specially at PM. I then go ogled the Amount and stumbled upon these posts. When will the madness Discontinue. I hate Experience exposed like this. . . can become checking account statements along with a fine tooth comb. Come on scampers get a life and a Actual Occupation . Maybe I may learn how to affirm within Indian and be prepared with a terrible Result if they call again which I m certain they can . Afterward again exactly why would I waste my time talking to such low lives. . .

Post by Loomis224,

613-333-3456 The number has called me twice after PM in just one night. I never answered and they never left a message so I Supposed it was some kind of telemarketing. I m glad I Viewed it up i understand I was right in not replying unknown calls. Suppose I will become heading to your bank for get a new credit card tomorrow morning. The may become the second time in a year I've had to get a brand new card BC of unknown companies getting my card number many how. I am aggravated that it happens thus easily and that nothing could Actually become done Around it.

Post by 6133333456S,

6133333456 Someone by having an Feature saying they were calling out of International rewire. . Greer i get among these marketing calls at least once a day. .

Post by mark,

613-333-3456 if you've an android phone you are able to create that contact for go directly to express send. that is what i did. works great.

Post by JP,

6133333456 I obtained also a call from the number. They asked for Chat for my wife. I told them that she was not there. Subsequently he Inquired me if I was her husband and he had won W. W Money on coupons Simply for using her MC. He has your last 4 of her card but she did not know from what bank the card was. He Afterward attempted for verify my data but the address was incorrect. We'd Simply proceeded and I told him the address was wrong. He Inquired for the fresh address and I refused for supply it and told him that we did not Needed your coupons and to not phone back. They kept calling so I replied within Spanish. They Inquired if I knew English and I Merely kept speaking in Spanish. It was amusing. . . Now i 'm becoming calls from 1 W W W. . . . I 'm becoming a call blocker. . . . . . . . . .

Post by gck,

613-333-3456 I too got that call I was to get a Walmart present card. they had my home address and spelling of my name right. Also had the last 4 Numbers of my visa card. But what they did not know was three times Past my card was compromised and Credit had close that card number. I Inquired how they got my info . they said out of a Walmart survey I took online. Plus they kept asking I Check that address and state yes to each question they asked.

Post by unknown,

6133333456 Got a call out of this Amount on my cell phone the morning on the way for work. Said it was out of Ontario Canada so I did t answer it. They did t leave a express mail so I figured it was not Significant.

Post by Bob K,

613-333-3456 Upgrade I attempted to file a report at that Don't Telephone Registry Website but it was rejected because of an Broken area code . . . They need a new programmer as this can be a Leading system FAILURE. I went for that FTC site next and successfully Submitted a Gripe. Please join me we can shut these scumbags down. HTTP Internet. . gov

Post by just me,

6133333456 I keep becoming calls out of the number. They don t state anything most of your time. Once they said they had a present card for me Linked with my debit card. I Put Upwards and canceled my card.

Post by Jacqui,

613-333-3456 I vie been getting calls for the last 5 days twice a daytime out of the Amount. I finally called Verizon to block it and they're doing it for free since it is considered harassment. We ll see it works.

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9172675566 Complains by Guest,

These Folks have called 3 times Now. Simply keep transforming their Amount. Definitely spammer and a scummier.

5623821993 Complains by Guest,

selling something.

9173989568 Complains by Guest,

WAC . They said they could help me save on prescriptions

9282720717 Complains by Guest,

No Result for Around W seconds Subsequently a robot voice in a Girl s tone says quot goodbye. quot . That s all. This number seems for 've called me once a daytime for that last 4 days. Super annoying.

9287147266 Complains by Guest,

Nothing quiet

4845315076 Complains by Guest,

This Amount Began calling after shopping on David s Bridal.

6787124059 Complains by Guest,

keep becoming express mails that a Fake State has been Submitted against me and to contact them before that file against me in court. These Individuals never say who they re trying for reach. SCAM

4072051391 Complains by Guest,

Scam Service Unknown or Unavailable ID Registry utilizing a Extensive variation of phone Amounts. Callers 've posed as Debt Collector s Collector s Duke Vigor Representative s Auditor s Vehicle Insurance Associates and your works. Callers 've been both man and female. Callers are Seeking to obtain your own personal amp vital info. Avoid the number

8002266188 Complains by Jonathan,

WOW!  They have been busy the last few days.  Some man called MY MOM (did a White Pages search I am guessing) and spoke to her in a very commandeering tone sounding "official" that he was conducting an investigation and that I needed to call him back.  I can't wait to get my bankruptcy filed!  I will let them know that they can close their BLANK BLANK investigation, the debt is out of my hands!

8001574708 Complains by Guest,

Today at 11:20 am I received two text pictures from 786-278-5499, picture of a house. Subject: No Subject 1) El fall 2) El otono

8002891433 Complains by Brown,

Sterling and King Collection agency Midwest Savers Sterling amp King Inc. Phone W W W Name of caller Natalie Smith Facsimile W Louisiana St. Merrill Indianapolis U. S. A. When you phone back and request if who they are and where they are located they are really rude and only desire for understand who is calling. Your above was turned over for the Vegas Lawyer General FTC and Better Company bur ea. Owner ID W W Owner Sterling and King Caller Kind Set Agency

8001562350 Complains by landlord,

another one that calls within that Mid of your night. no message or caller id. no voice mail. attempt for phone back never connects.

8002694663 Complains by Prit,

DIS Residence delivery incontinence supplies

8002835841 Complains by Jim Gleason,

I get calls out of this number at least once a day. Never a message. I am on the Do not Call list. What could I do. . . . .

8002908603 Complains by Sarah Zabel,

Enjoy everyone else on here I just Assessed my Card activity and it shows Upward enjoy the W W W W W W Visa Buy LG GREATCOAT W W W CT W. W This can be my kid support cash and I simply along with drawl money for my Child. There has not been any task on the card since august. I cant count on child support thus I use this account. I m fully clueless has for how anyone has that account Amount and so I attempted calling the number back and it Merely so happened for just close at W PM and it was W PM. This cash is for my Children Christmas I can t have arbitrary deductions from the account. Is there any manner for get the money back and stop it from coming Outside again. . .

8002941252 Complains by donna,

I have no clue as for why they Began calling my cell today but USN t it still true that Firms are prohibited from calling cell phones. I went for their net site and left a message but I don t understand if it will would any good.

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