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Post by Cate,

6133663900 I obtained a phone out of Specialist Jonathan knight who had a significant Determine Highlight saying that there were issues along with my tax Documents and it constituted fraud. . . . Nevertheless it was a recorded message and did t mention who at this number had that tax Problem Or did he leave a Amount. . . I m guessing a scam as I Destination t acquired anything in writing out of Cara. He was clever enough to get a W number though. . . Lola

Post by Caroline,

613-366-3900 Got that same call and was highly questionable immediately.

Post by Matt,

6133663900 I Merely gotten a call as nicely from a thus called Jonathan Night from REV Could. . . This Individual had a recorded foreign express and did not leave a Amount. . . just a threatening message. Your same recorded guy s foreigner voice Arrived in this morning while I m way for taking the kids for school. Clearly it s a fraud but it's a little terrifying.

Post by Michella,

613-366-3900 I also got a call today they left a message stating that they where CARA and there SS a issue with my file and that they where starting federal charges if i did nit call back. I called Hi replied i asked where Hello where located and he Saudi he did not now thus i told him when Hence was CARA that they would NOW but he Put Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Also had a telephone out of quot Officer Jonathan Knight quot who had an Highlight that betrayed your fact which he was Likely born in India saying I was Underneath Research for misconduct and that I am Underneath Analysis. Assessed quot My Account quot on your Cara website amp there surely is nothing but there are a lot of warnings Around current scam reports.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 As others report left message saying he s along with Revenue Canada Evident scam as mentions Tax tables Somewhat than tax return

Post by Debbie B,

6133663900 W W W Said he was along with the Canada Income Bureau and I Desired to Talk to them appropriate away because they found fraudulent tax submissions.

Post by Tina,

613-366-3900 I got that same message twice in W minutes. Who would ever consider that type of message.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Same message as your first just one.

Post by Peace in Perth,

613-366-3900 Only acquired your same message on my message system. . . Foreign sounding express saying he is John Knight. . . CARA. . no telephone back Amount. . I don t 've call display. . . Thinking if I should telephone the Cops . . or CARA. . . . If the happened to an old Man it could scare them badly. . .

Post by ltggoddess,

6133663900 Official Jonathan Knight or Light . called from your CARA from this Amount. Actually they called twice. My partner successfully called back but they attempted to Avoid the questions then finally Installed Upward on people.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Complete scam saying he is an Specialist for Cara and which you 've been cheating on your Fees and owe cash.

Post by Lili,

6133663900 I Only got a same call out of this guy. Same message. I m happy that I checked here.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 I obtained this same phone message Around being Underneath federal tax Study. Sounds like a pitiful Test for scare Individuals into providing their social insurance numbers or credit card numbers. Should become ashamed.

Post by Tammy,

6133663900 Had a tax client call and Show that she got a call from Jonathan Knight indicating that there was a Guarantee for her Charge issued since she owed 4 W in Fees amp that her taxes had not been filed. She was quite upset but Ok now.

Post by Diane,

613-366-3900 got your same message . . . Mindless Pol

Post by Catman,

6133663900 I got your Specific same message 5 minutes ago

Post by Yin Wong,

613-366-3900 I got a telephone message today he is Mike out of CARA says something pressing and I demand for call back. Suspect.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Fraud CARA telephone from quot Officer Jonathan Knight quot .

Post by Alison Vardy,

613-366-3900 acquired telephone Aug W at 2 W pm PST from Official Jonathan Knight of the CARA saying there was misconduct Visible within my return. Simply got a page out of CARA stating I owed them a little equilibrium thus I suspected it was Fake. Want that Man could be Found really mean and frightening

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Cara for misconduct same as the remainder. . . Archived the express send. . . Didn't even know who he was searching for. . But we owe. . . Pf ft

Post by Kirk,

613-366-3900 Why don t you ask Jonathan if New Kids on that Block are going for can any Shows shortly and if he still HANGS Rough with another kids.

Post by Kirk,

6133663900 Exactly why don t you ask Jonathan if New Children on that Block are going to would any concerts shortly and if he still HANGS Rough with another Children.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Said he was Captain . out of Revenue Canada and we'd for telephone back before we gotten Legal charges. Two times this morning.

Post by Barb,

6133663900 Called and left a message. Figured it was a scam but I have to acknowledge I did phone back. Asked for Jonathan and was told he was active along with another client. Substantial duty Highlight and challenging for understand. I Inquired what this was Around and was told I was under investigation and would be arrested. Telephone B S and said that it was a scam and immediately Put Upward.

Post by Shelley,

613-366-3900 They called me twice Aug W When I got home I called them back. He gave me his Amount and name I was having a very hard time Knowledge him request for Talk with someone else. A Girl Afterward came on and said if I don t pay that RCMP will be contacted. I said send me that paperwork so I could show my Attorney she Put Upwards on me.

Post by Lisa Mishaud,

6133663900 I got House out of work for get a message out of CARA indicating that there's an Charge Guarantee Released for me. They did not Show that the message was for me Or did they leave a call back number. I do have phone display and dialed the Amount which was on my Telephone. Someone actually answered saying it was the CARA and I questioned exactly why a message was left for me. That Man who did not Talk Right English proceeded to tell me that I had misconduct on my taxes and an arrest Guarantee was issued and Inquired if i had received a phone call from your Authorities. I said no and Afterward he said he would transfer me for someone who could explain why your arrest Guarantee was Given. So I was transferred to officer Michael john of the CARA Badge W. He told me my arrest Guarantee id was W W W and that I was being audited for your past 5 years for CARA and they had discovered many many Problems on my Fees over that years.

Post by Mongo Slade,

613-366-3900 Got a phone from the same individual though within this case it was just a recorded message. The last time somebody pulled that Stop I placed Advertising on Kojak and Craig s List using their Telephone Amount saying that I has a W Chevy Camry for sale for 7 W. I figured that number of answers they would get to that Advertising would keep them overly occupied for scam anyone.

Post by Connie,

6133663900 I Only received your same phone with that same message. These idiots Actually p me off.

Post by Mary James,

613-366-3900 Got a telephone Now out of W W W and said it was Officer Johnathan Knight from the Canada Income Agency and that I must phone them back instantaneously and it was time sensitive and considered an offence if I did not phone back. I attempted calling back on my land line which is where that phone was received and there was no reply so I hung Upwards and in five minutes called from my cell Telephone and they answered and I Offered them my name and they said they could t find anything but Inquired if I was calling from your number I acquired your call out of and I said no and Offered them the acreage number and they said they must have made a mistake and called me within error.

Post by Dave Tudjan,

6133663900 My Mother just got a call here within Calgary but this time he called himself Jonathon Martin. Simply a combo of his other two aliases Johnathan Knight and Joe Martin . Looks for become asking for nice round Numbers too which within itself should become funny. Expect they get this guy shortly. He really frightened her.

Post by roger lambert,

613-366-3900 received a telephone on my ans. machine out of W W W stating something about CARA Attempted For Call BACK BUT NO Response Probably Joke Phone

Post by Fed up & don't need this crap,

6133663900 Same situation as all your others posted here. It s definitely still On-going. A record by a man by having an Within can Canadian South Asian Feature identifying himself as Specialist Jonathan Knight of CARA investigating misconduct on that tax return. TH is the still going on.

Post by HDNL,

613-366-3900 I got your same CARA don't disregard message. I Go ogled your Amount saw that it was a scam but called anyway to say that they Desired to take my Amount off your telephone list. When I said for Jonathan Knight that I knew they were committing fraud he said You M F er twice. That line is now disconnected. Idiots.

Post by exasperated,

6133663900 These cockroaches should become exterminated. Exactly why do we within Canada Accept the bullying of hardworking small Business owners. Is there anything legally to be done to them. .

Post by SomeCallMeDuh,

613-366-3900 Jonathon Knight. . . . as within Fresh Children On Your Block . These scampers are amusing.

Post by Shelley,

6133663900 They called me twice Aug W When I got home I called them back. He Offered me his Amount and name I was having a very hard time Knowledge him ask to Talk along with someone else. A lady Afterward Arrived on and said if I don t pay that RCMP will be contacted. I said send me that paperwork so I could display my lawyer she Put Upward on me.

Post by Diane,

613-366-3900 got the same message . . . Ignorant Pol

Post by Tiki,

6133663900 Horrifying message left on my machine to call Immediately as I was going to be arrested in the CARA. It seemed quite real in the Start as I 'm Merely becoming a handicap credit for the past W years and it frightened me to passing. Little matters did t add up and I told him he was scamming me so he said end your telephone I don t desire for talk to some Legal. He is your criminal not me.

Post by Brian,

613-366-3900 Same moronic scam telephone out of a Jonathan Knight of Income Canada but a Distinct number W W W

Post by Guest,

6133663900 He states he s out of Revenue Canada Agency and is calling Around a misconduct of the tax Forms and that it's excessively time sensitive and urgent matter. Telling us not to Blow off that message because its now Underneath a National Analysis.

Post by Elsie,

613-366-3900 Same message threatening no telephone back Amount message was cut away as I think their recording Began when that replying machine Decided Upwards. . . I had your Canada Company centre telephone a few weeks Past on a Saturday. . . again a fraud.

Post by Scamproof,

6133663900 I overly gotten a message out of Mr. Knight allegedly from Revenue Canada all your manner here in BC. Knew instantaneously it was a scam. When we these Great people stop harassing Individuals. W W W criminal s number

Post by Raybrou,

613-366-3900 Quell band De Disadvantages . Specialist Knight. L. O. L.

Post by farmgirl,

6133663900 Gotten same call. Happy I located this sight. It eases my mind.

Post by Jane,

613-366-3900 Official Jonathan Knight maintaining to become out of Canada Revenue Bureau left a message on my voice mail saying that there was misconduct on my tax papers and therefore located funny and Underneath federal Study. This idiot had a very Pakistani Highlight as well.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Aggressive message along with foreign Feature. Did not request for a name. I Simply heard what I consider was a Registered message. quot You're guilty of Fraud on your own income tax. If you Blow off message you will become considered guilty. etc Merely another potential scan. YUK.

Post by Josephine,

613-366-3900 Picked Upward part of message from an East Indian sounding Person and erased after just hearing him state he was out of CARA and it was an excessively Significant telephone. I 've heard of the scam and if it was your real CARA they would send me a correspondence out of their Head Office in Winnipeg. Folks be conscious Please. Let s stop these scampers and their dishonesty.

Post by rwc,

6133663900 Specialist Jonathan Knight called me Now out of an automated calling system which just left a partial message on my voice mail really grim and threatening but along with no Unique info. Your message was not addressed to any individual by name it did not leave a telephone back Amount at least in your Part of the message that actually got recorded Or did it state what the Trouble or your reason for that Study might be. I was somewhat suspect from your Begin within large part perhaps because of the accent of your person calling. That sounds Bad but it is true. I did attempt to call back your Amount recorded by my voice mail. It rang many times and then Only disconnected. . . odd I thought. It's also a bit odd that the number did not display up on my call show though my Phone Business s voice send service Decided it Upwards.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Spam

Post by Kathy,

6133663900 This Man said they were in the Cara and that I owed them W. W and that I had to go for your bank and withdraw the cash and Afterward telephone them back within Min's or I would have an Charge Guarantee on me and that I would go for jail. They Additionally told me that I was to Speak for no just one and keep it between them and myself. That is a scam

Post by R Phyllis,

613-366-3900 Acquired a call from a Jonathan Knight who said he was an Researcher working for Revenue Canada that said don t attempt to disregard the message it can become taken as an offence. Phone the Amount back. Did not seem legitimate.

Post by Rick,

6133663900 Got that same telephone and I have a recording of it on a . Wave file cause he left me a express mail and this mechanically records everything. USN t there a Section within your RCMP that I could send this to. Perhaps it would help build a case against the little R . . .

Post by Dave Tudjan,

613-366-3900 My mistake the Man was still using your Bob Martin alias. Called local Cops and they're assembling a case on this guy.

Post by dee cee,

6133663900 There is a great chance your Owner is not even in North America more like India and that Amount is spoofed faked . Yes it's prohibited for State for become an Lawyer government official or law enforcement officer.

Post by Ed,

613-366-3900 Simply received the same phone phone from Official Knight. No reference Amount was left or return phone Amount or even a Hi this Telephone call is led for either me or my Partner . Clearly a scam.

Post by Tina,

6133663900 I got that same message twice within W minutes. Who would ever believe that sort of message.

Post by Cate,

613-366-3900 I obtained your same. phone Now. . . it was a recorded message not an True Man. Which was your first hint. . . I'm Very sure Cara would Tell u by send and an True Individual would phone and request for you by name

Post by Cheryl,

6133663900 I called that Amount twice. Each time when I said I believed their original call was a scam they Installed up. I think I can relax now. Original telephone out of them Very upsetting as they said I had to Look in court by 4 W pm Now . to fight the charges of Processing a untrue return OR that I must go for your address they would Supply for pay your Sum 7 W plus . They said it would become a Canada Revenue Agency office but somehow they kept Preventing giving me that address. Suppose they had to make sure I was frightened or guilty enough to Only go and offer them the money.

Post by Helen,

613-366-3900 I got your same phone. Called back i could Notice a lot of other calls going on. I said i could not recognize him he Afterward said I dint want for talk to you personally and Installed Upward. Total scam

Post by Scamproof,

6133663900 RCMP Police please would your own job and Find these Individuals so exposed Individuals Particularly the elderly could be left alone in serenity.

Post by dee cee,

613-366-3900 There is an excellent chance your Owner isn't even in North America more like India and the number is spoofed faked . Yes it is illegal to claim for be an attorney government official or law enforcement officer.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Same Registered message as everyone else. Is White Pages doing anything about the Man. It is pretty obviously a scam but Folks get scared.

Post by Peace in Perth,

613-366-3900 Just acquired the same message on my message system. . . Foreign sounding voice saying he is John Knight. . . CARA. . no phone back Amount. . I don t have call display. . . wondering if I should phone that police . . or CARA. . . . If this happened to a classic Individual it could frighten them badly. . .

Post by CLK,

6133663900 Gotten a pare recorded message out of Canada Revenue Agency W minutes Past stating that there was an issue along with my tax Forms although there are four Folks at the Telephone Amount who file Fees not one of our names was mentioned. Your message mentioned for telephone Official Jonathan Knight and for ignore the message would mean Prices. . . . . . . Your Master Feature was In do Canadian who got that recording did t include a Telephone number. Suspecting a scam I go ogled his name and found the Website. Cheers for everyone who took your time for warn others.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 guy asserting to become out of CARA Scam artist Cops needs to can something about it immediately

Post by Guest,

6133663900 I obtained that same message of misconduct on my Fees and Underneath Study from CARA. He did not leave a number but I Decided it Upward as a missed call and message. I phoned that number back and it was replied quot Hi quot . I Inquired who I was calling and they Put up.

Post by Brandi,

613-366-3900 Had a message on my machine. It was a robot express saying it was calling on Part of your law office of Peter William. Everything else was the same about it being Around my taxes and not for disregard the message.

Post by ted,

6133663900 Got call in Calgary. Confirmed it a scam and phoned Specialist Jonathan Knight back and left a message that I was your Senior Superintendent of Immigration and it was imperative he phone me directly on an anti terrorism matter Added for my Interest by a RCMP Analysis. Funny thing no phone backs to date.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Merely got the phone call Around being Fake on income Fees and considered an offence if not to call him back. He named himself a Sargent. Don t Recall name.

Post by Shelley,

6133663900 Got the same call PEI Canada. Could barely make him Outside but his name was Jonathan knight CARA agent. We were not for Blow off his message and our Fees were located questionable . Whatever

Post by Ron,

613-366-3900 Got a call here within Calgary from this Amount the person had a heavy east Indian Pakistani accent and said is name is Johnathan Knight which hit me as Unusual. A east Indian Pakistani Individual with Knight as a surname was definitely uncommon. He called the Dwelling line and left a message sounded really aggressive said there was a federal Research involved he said this Condition was quite urgent and time sensitive that i could be charged along with a offense if i Selected for ignore him. Though he didn't specify who it was he was investigating and he did t leave a phone back number as there is more than just one Grownup in that Home. So i took down your Amount and go ogled it and immediately located the Website. He sounded quite convincing and i can readily see how anyone could get frightened.

Post by RDR,

6133663900 Acquired the same phone today. Said they were in the CARA. Attempted for call back but it goes nowhere.

Post by Ellen,

613-366-3900 Again as that others have noted it is a telephone from a man claiming to be officer Johnathon Knight from CARA which he Subsequently indicates is Canada Revenue Bureau. It's a very nasty and mean spirited phone. He left a message and indicated that a call back must become prompt or there were be further ramifications Yet unattended to leave a number. This person should be identified and stopped.

Post by barb,

6133663900 Sounds suspicious

Post by ted,

613-366-3900 Got call in Calgary. Affirmed it a scam and phoned Specialist Jonathan Knight back and left a message that I was your Senior Superintendent of Immigration and it was imperative that he telephone me directly on an anti terrorism issue Added for my Focus by a RCMP Research. Amusing matter no call backs for date.

Post by Nearly Duped,

6133663900 Just got a express send Now to phone Captain Jonathon Knight. Called back your W number and was transferred for 2 detectives and an Official Mark Benson who threatened me for 2 hrs about my Fake tax practices for that last 8 yrs. I 've been in Canada for 2 and an Charge Guarantee was Outside and that I owed W. Even demanded that I phone my bank while he was on he to see how much I had. . Mindless me. . I was within tears. Your Captain Philippine Highlight and the Official Pakistani. Definitely sounds enjoy the same guy who calls out of London and hacks into your Notebook while claiming for become calling from Microsoft Help Table. . . Finally got hold of your Actual CARA who said it was a Handle call and described their practices. Phew. . . .

Post by Christine,

613-366-3900 Would that same thing to People People. They tend for pick on women single Parents your aged and members of that immigrant community. Discount and block that calls.

Post by France from Québec city,

6133663900 I got two calls out of the Jonathan Knight today. He left two messages on my replying machine telling me he was working at your Canada Income Bureau and that there was problem along with my tax return and that I would maintain Enormous problem if I did t telephone him back . . . I was scared but I m joyful to see that I m not your simply one. Cheers for reporting him too .

Post by Jane H.,

613-366-3900 Officer Jonathan Knight of the Canada Revenue Agency Merely left a threatening message saying that they had found misconduct in my own tax papers. He did not leave a Amount to call him back but insisted that I should. I Assessed that number and happily located these similar reports.

Post by Troy,

6133663900 Just got among these calls within B. C. . really freaked my wife out. . . . and I was a bit flustered as nicely until I did a few digging. . . hope they find the idiot and send him Loading.

Post by John,

613-366-3900 Only came Residence kind work and had a message on my Telephone. Called back and was given a file number and your officer s Banner number. Amusing thing is I am employed by your CARA and knew about the scam when I started asking questions about his office and Section he said I was lying and Put Upward your Telephone.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Phoned twice and said he was from Canada Revenue since when would they call I told him not interested and Put up

Post by Unknown,

613-366-3900 Fake call to my aged Mom stating she owes your government money Called back to Request on my mothers Part and he Installed up

Post by rwc,

6133663900 Specialist Jonathan Knight also Seemingly works for your Irs. Wow. Active Man.

Post by stroke girl,

613-366-3900 THANK You personally EVERYONE. . 2 calls Now out of same Man. . . . totally freaked me Outside. i am unwinding now cheers for you.

Post by Dorothy Hicks,

6133663900 I did t answer but your phone went for express send and we heard the message that we were under Research out of Revenue Canada.

Post by Sheba,

613-366-3900 Jonathon Knight out of CARA leaves warning about owing Fees and for call back. I did t phone back it s a scam.

Post by angry mama,

6133663900 They spoofed that Amount made it look enjoy that phone was coming out of your own local PD when in fact it was coming out of someplace else wholly.

Post by farmgirl,

613-366-3900 Obtained same telephone. Glad I located the eyesight. It eases my head.

Post by John,

6133663900 I got the same call Now really Extreme. Yuck despise the Items. .

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Called from CARA and said your RCMP will be at my door for arrest me for tax fraud. He had my road address and name. When I had a lawyer on my cell phone on Audio the acreage line phone was disconnected.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Sounded enjoy a recorded message advising Around misconduct on tax return and a National Analysis.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Caller said he was from CARA Canada Revenue Agency and that I was within trouble and that they would send the Authorities for my door within an hour if I did t can . . . when I told them I would be happy for 've that Authorities come for my door they hung Upwards and would not response a return telephone.

Post by Ernie,

6133663900 Johnathan Knight called and left a message Around some serious violation of income tax and that it Wanted instant Focus. Be WARE. . . . . .

Post by Kay,

613-366-3900 Phone saying they're from your Cara . Called twice . Amount was W W W. Scam

Post by angry mama,

6133663900 They spoofed that Amount got it look like that telephone was coming from your own local PD when within fact it was coming out of someplace else entirely.

Post by farmgirl,

613-366-3900 Obtained same call. Glad I located the eyesight. It eases my head.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 A express message from someone along with lousy English was left on my client s Telephone saying they were out of Canada Revenue Agency and not to disregard that telephone. When I called the Amount they hung Upwards before speaking and the second time I called they did t answer. I 'm reporting the for your Anti Fraud Centre tomorrow.

Post by Lana,

613-366-3900 We got it as nicely Today. There is a Web site for report it to E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Though another SCAM too terrible the line Simply could t deleted

Post by Sue,

613-366-3900 Got a express send while on vacation for telephone back Income Canada about Fees not Registered. He gave me your name Chelsea Martin. I called and was told I was under arrest for not filing my taxes Accurately for that last 7 years. If I did not pay W I was going to become arrested tonight. Even demanded that I telephone my bank while he was on your phone to create sure your amount would become taken correctly out of my account. Dumb me. I was within tears. When he mentioned Western Union my Partner said it was a fraud. He got on my cell Telephone and called that RCMP and they said it was a scam. Phew. . . . Trust the helps many one else.

Post by Christine,

6133663900 I got your same message from Officer Jonathan Knight. Very Extreme. If you ever get a telephone out of W W W disregard it. It s another scam.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Hello Your Individual phoning from the Amount 9 'm Aug W W was posing to become an CARA Officer with a threading express. He id himself as John than Knight. Called him back and he Put Upward on me. Call me at W

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Same message about misconduct on my tax papers and that I m Underneath federal investigation. Did t leave a number. Obtained out of call display

Post by cobbler,

613-366-3900 Telephone out of W W W. Johnathan Knight CARA. There are many Johnathan Knights W W W with different emphases. Yet another SCAM. My caller sounded like your Microsoft Technical Support dude. Think he s still looking for a Actual Occupation.

Post by barb,

6133663900 I Simply obtained Registered phone from your same name. Your post Affirmed for me this scam and I could eventually breath again and my spirit speed is back to Ordinary. Thank you for your post .

Post by SJ,

613-366-3900 This Jonathan Knight guy get pretty busy now. We got a message too. It appears like the sort scam is your simply matter he does. RCMP should track and take him down.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Extreme message along with foreign accent. Did not ask for a name. I Only heard what I believe was a recorded message. quot You are guilty of Fraud on your own income tax. If you personally Discount message you will be considered guilty. etc. Did not leave number to telephone him

Post by Lynn,

613-366-3900 Wow the same matter just happened for me freaked me out but I would t call back your Amount I Simply your your Cara W Amount Lola . . . Still do Folks have nothing better for become at

Post by barb,

6133663900 I Merely acquired Registered call from the same name. Your post Verified for me the scam and I could finally Air again and my spirit speed is back for Standard. Thank you for your post .

Post by Sue,

613-366-3900 Got a voice send while on Holiday to call back Income Canada about taxes not filed. He gave me the name Joe Martin. I called and was told I was Underneath arrest for not filing my taxes Right for that last 7 years. If I did not pay W I was going to become arrested tonight. Even demanded that I phone my bank while he was on your phone for make confident that amount would become Chosen Accurately out of my account. Dumb me. I was in tears. When he mentioned Western Union my Man said it was a fraud. He got on my cell phone and called that RCMP and they said it was a scam. Phew. . . . Expect this helps some one else.

Post by Cate,

6133663900 I received the same. call Now. . . it was a Registered message not an True person. Which was the first hint. . . I'm pretty confident Cara would notify u by mail and an Real Individual would phone and ask for you by name

Post by Leon Flannigan,

613-366-3900 Knight Guy called me stating he Signified Canada Income Bureau. He stared I was under Analysis I 'm careful Around my income tax Yields so even if I was Underneath Study I would not be concerned. I phoned the Amount back female replied saying Canada Revenue Bureau I responded if you have any questions or Problems Around my income tax return please Compose me. As soon as I said that she Installed up. strange matter is I had Really placed a Telephone call for CARA Instants before. Is the Simply o coincidence or is someone from CARA involved.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Spoke with an Highlight and left what sounded enjoy a Registered message to would along with misconduct on tax papers

Post by Artgal,

613-366-3900 I also gotten a dubious telephone from the number saying he was Specialist Jonathan Knight from the CARA Around misconduct on my tax Documents . He said it was pressing and that I had for return the call immediately or it would be considered an offence and treated as such. But he left no phone Amount.

Post by Jg,

6133663900 Same matter happened to me

Post by Christine,

613-366-3900 Do that same thing to People People. They tend for Select on women single Parents your elderly and members of your immigrant community. Ignore and block the calls.

Post by OMM,

6133663900 Gotten telephone out of this Ottawa number saying I had got serious prohibited claims on my income tax report and Seeking me to phone this Official Knight back. I knew instantly it was a Joke and Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Extreme message with foreign accent. Did not request for a name. I Merely heard what I consider was a recorded message. quot You're guilty of Fraud on your own income tax. If you personally Blow off message you may be considered guilty. etc Merely another possible Check. YUK.

Post by Rick,

6133663900 Got a call from Income Canada by this number. A John Knight left a ugly message stating that it was an offence if I did t Reply to that telephone. Called your number no response. Cheers to this posting I can relax and understand that it's a scam.

Post by Terri.,

613-366-3900 I got phone twice. within a Line on Jill. W. and W. The ND time I decided for Assess Outside and call back your W W W. That Fool reply the Telephone and along with heavy Pakistani Feature Began asking question. I fired back this is a scam and I m calling Cops instantly. Shortly he heard word Cops he suddenly Installed Upward on me. Cheers to your own places and sharing Information i wan t upset the time .

Post by Anna Wagner,

6133663900 I went to your computer appropriate away and keyed that number in as I Calculated it was a scam. Just wish I could really get back at that person. . . Overly awful we cannot catch the idiot and make him pay for upsetting Folks.

Post by 10 am call receiver,

613-366-3900 Caller id Ontario About Mr Johnathan Appropriate out of CARA that I was under Study by your Authorities. And not for ignore this message and for phone back.

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Same as above. Who can we report the scam to.

Post by kristin,

613-366-3900 Same phone their Amount is W W W and they answer with Canadian Income Agency but Jon Knight was not available at the time Thanks for Publishing. Misconduct on tax papers. Not enjoyment. . .

Post by Guest,

6133663900 He claimed for be with CARA amp that I had filed a fraudulent return

Post by Guest,

613-366-3900 Showing out of Canada Income. Problem with taxes

Post by Guest,

6133663900 Same as that rest of that comments left. Jonathan Knight. Income Canada. Don t Discount this telephone. Blah blah. Tax fraud.

Post by M and m,

613-366-3900 Got that same Telephone telephone quite Extreme thanks for all on this post I won t call back and I feel manner better thanks again

Post by John,

6133663900 I got that same call Now quite Extreme. Yuck hate this Items. .

Did you get an unwanted call from 613-366-3900? Is 6133663900 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

6018104180 Complains by Guest,


6032630842 Complains by Guest,

Caller id said Macy's. . . Owner said senior Residents beware. . . etc

6317648712 Complains by Guest,

pretends he is a lawyer. scam

8133089006 Complains by Anne,

Only got a phone out of this Amount claimed they were selling insurance told them i have insurance and Put Upward on them they have called twice now that i understand that number i will not reply again.

8188980007 Complains by Guest,

Patio covers

8324601810 Complains by Jon,

Debt collector

2039936530 Complains by Guest,

No thanks

7044964081 Complains by Guest,

Something Around Residence security system. Installed up

8042014292 Complains by Bubba,

I know better than for reply an unfamiliar Amount. I called back using W call block feature so they couldn't trap my Amount. I got a Facsimile tone. Dead giveaway its a scam telemarketer. I saved that number to my cell address publication Underneath SCAM Fax When that Amount calls within future I could instantly silence it.

8042053251 Complains by Rex,

Gotten a very Consistent phone from this Amount. That caller ID intermittently showed private caller and this Amount. They insisted that they were calling for affirm my Index listing in that yellow pages but the calling verification procedure had me confirming a Service listing for W. W. Allegedly I 'm for get a W dial trial listing for my business and that opportunity for End in W days without paying anything. That recording Supplied a Amount to telephone 1 W W W to End that service.

8002900524 Complains by Guest,


8002924197 Complains by Unknown,

Affirmed. . . It does belong for countrywide home loans. It is a outbound number. In my case it was used for return a telephone to me viewing Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

8003159192 Complains by Rich,

Rec many Telephone telephone out of the I don't know who or exactly why. on the FTC list also. Exactly why within that hell could t your phone company or FTC Cease these people. . . We should not have for put up with this. . .

8002838071 Complains by HomeBody,

No message.

8002328101 Complains by Robert Clark,

they called two times in 1 day Striving to sell me something I never said a word for this person I Installed Upward phone. I don't have any hint what they were selling

8003113442 Complains by CUB1234,

what did they say for your requirements

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