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Post by Frustraded in ATL,

6134341503 I keep getting your same telephone no message and I eventually answered once no just one would Answer. I power saw the above post Around that Doctor Oz product. . . . the must be what it is as I ordered it and Afterward returned it before the trial period

Post by Katherine,

613-434-1503 Phone at 2 W pm also no message.

Post by Guest,

6134341503 Spam for diet pills do not answer

Post by Shirley,

613-434-1503 I don't understand who this Amount belongs to However they keep Coming up my phone.

Post by Kevin,

6134341503 I got the same just one calling me too and I love within Cali. I Merely blocked it

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Sales of Gardenia Cambodia weight loss Nutritional supplement from your Dr. Oz display.

Post by JD,

6134341503 Sorry per that Opinions above and the fact you personally did not Making phone mail you are now blocked on my Telephone.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 yes I got two calls just one on 6 W W and on 7 1 W I got a telephone from the Amount W W W a Female was on another Finish but would not offer her name. also called that number but it no ever answers all you personally get is a Automated Response. telling you they will but you personally on there calling list. what the heck I don t need them calling me and harassing me.

Post by Ann,

6134341503 They called me in the morning. After Buying Upwards the Telephone they didn't state anything and after awhile Merely Put Upward. Unusual.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Keeps calling no message left. when I try to call back to tell them to Discontinue calling I can t get through.

Post by WatchDog,

6134341503 Its a Scam Become careful .

Post by lucy,

613-434-1503 Got a call out of the Amount and was for many product called Thin and set to Free weight but hanged Upward.

Post by Ed,

6134341503 Gotten multiple calls and no message is ever left. I don t understand anyone in Canada

Post by WatchDog,

613-434-1503 Become thorough Its a Scam

Post by Macho300,

6134341503 They called me 4 PM 7 W W and I did t Select Upwards and they left no massage. My Owner ID says W W W Carlton Plaza and my calls go to my E-mail and this really is what it said Thin and see you personally Fall .

Post by WatchDog,

613-434-1503 Be thorough Its a Scam

Post by Guest,

6134341503 Don't have international calling

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 've called people 3 times in 3 times. Takes awhile for them for come on your line. When they can they say they're doing a followup. Not sure for what because you cant recognize them. Called that Amount back and pressed 3 for be Place on your Do not Call list. May see if it works.

Post by Tamra Onsare,

6134341503 I got a phone out of the . I said hello 5 times Subsequently your Individual Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 I have no hint as for who or what this Individual wanted when I attempted to Ask about what Business or company this was they Put Upward.

Post by Ness,

6134341503 I VIE GOTTEN NUMEROUS CALLS From This Amount AT 6 'm. Always Skip The Call. BUT IF I Find THESE People CALLING MY Phone AT THAT TIME I GUARANTEED You personally THAT Will Become THEIR LAST Phone.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 This is an automated phone. Blow off it.

Post by Pete,

6134341503 Obtained phone from the number at 2 W and no message received

Post by Ashley,

613-434-1503 They have called several times. I eventually answered to tell them to Discontinue and nothing was on the other line Simply Stop. I figured it was a few type of scam thus I hung up. I am going to block them now.

Post by Kathy McKee,

6134341503 Appears like a weight loss company away shoot of Dr. Oz

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 I rec d 3 phone calls within two days. They were attempting for Identify someone I know whom they idea owned my phone. The person is a close Buddy of mine. When I told them that Individual was not here and that the number they called simply belonged for me they apologized and said quot good bye quot . Hopefully for that last time.

Post by Mary Beth,

6134341503 They call my cell phone each daytime sometimes twice a daytime. I have put them on your don't call list. If that does not work my phone Firm can block that Amount. Having your Amount blocked however within curers a monthly Cost. Hopefully the don't call list can kick within.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 telemarketer for diet pills

Post by P.T,

6134341503 Out of Canada. Calls steady and tries for get info from you. Don't know anyone from there. Fraud Spam . . . People ea also a W number

Post by jan,

613-434-1503 Get calls crime the Amount every daytime for the past two weeks. No message Left

Post by Guest,

6134341503 got one today from the number look to use multiple other numbers also. . .

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 have gotten several telephone from this Amount on my cell

Post by Guest,

6134341503 two calls today

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Keeps calling Stop on your line.

Post by Erin,

6134341503 The Amount was calling me relentlessly for weeks now. Practically every daytime and on Memorial Day as nicely. Apparently they called a lot of Individuals that day. They never leave a message. I eventually picked Upwards. Told them they had the wrong number and for Cease calling it. And they still call.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Called several times. . . . . . . no message and an automated service

Post by katie,

6134341503 The Amount calls me Regular but dozen t leave a message. I replied it once and it was all static.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 silence on line calls over and over

Post by sunny,

6134341503 Keeps calling with no message

Post by terri,

613-434-1503 Get calls from the number in morning and earlier Night. No message left. Enrolled on don't phone registry . Could take Upward for W days but hopefully calls can Discontinue.

Post by Janet Jones,

6134341503 I am currently being harassed by several calls a daytime by the Amount and would like to take legal Activity if necessary.

Post by P,

613-434-1503 It's a Slim and Hot diet pills. They are trying to get you personally accept that free bottle you've won. I Put Upwards after that.

Post by Guest,

6134341503 When they eventually Arrived on line could t understand anything being said. Something Around following up . . .

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Telephone but no one on your line all day

Post by Angie Smith,

6134341503 They phone Day-to-day and it s irritating. I don t desire them for call me anymore

Post by r,

613-434-1503 I Simply received that same type of telephone she says she is from customer service following Upward on order I Inquired her to repeat what she said her accent was thus heavy she Afterward started saying something Around a big Furnish of some type of Product she Subsequently Began laughing and laughing Subsequently Put Upward.

Post by Pat,

6134341503 I 've now re wives Around 5 calls from this number with no message left.

Post by Erin,

613-434-1503 I got called on Memorial Daytime overly.

Post by jan,

6134341503 Bought a Doctor Oz weight loss Merchandise online. Returned it for credit. They 've been calling me since. Called on Memorial Daytime. Will report. Thanks

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 I don t understand the Man.

Post by Guest,

6134341503 Get calls out of the number 3 times a week. Leaves no message.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 telemarketer of drugs. .

Post by Chiquitia pearson,

6134341503 I receive Harassment calls out of W

Post by Beth couch,

613-434-1503 I received a phone today out of this number . They left no message but I don't wish for 've this number telephone me

Post by Guest,

6134341503 spam dint response.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Block

Post by Guest,

6134341503 This has called my personal Telephone many times if I m House I don t answer because I don t understand who it's they never leave a message

Post by Clayton Bussiere,

613-434-1503 This is a cold phone Firm that tries Marketing weight loss packages and magazines. It is located within Carlton Place Ontario and the number traces to a Cybernetics Corporation. They're currently Underneath Analysis for harassment and fraud.

Post by r,

6134341503 I Simply acquired the same type of phone she says she is from customer service following up on order I asked her for repeat what she said her Feature was so significant she Subsequently Began saying something about a substantial Furnish of some type of Tablet she then Began laughing and laughing Afterward Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 I hang Upward after a few seconds because no one is on the line. I desire for block them out of calling me.

Post by nicole,

6134341503 Received a telephone out of the Amount at 9 Am essential time. Left no message

Post by Erin,

613-434-1503 I got called on Memorial Daytime too.

Post by WatchDog,

6134341503 Its a Scam Be thorough .

Post by Twank,

613-434-1503 Phone my cell Telephone all that time . . they Simply hang up

Post by WatchDog,

6134341503 Its a Scam Become care full

Post by Nick,

613-434-1503 I have obtained a phone from the Amount Regular for your last two weeks or thus. The first time I Decided Upward and it just Installed Upward after Around 5 seconds. I Simply Discount it and no messages are ever left.

Post by Deanie Hudnell,

6134341503 This Amount calls me about five times a day for the last week. Does subject if I ignore that call or if I response and they hang up when I say Hi they keep calling.

Post by Stephen,

613-434-1503 I gotten a phone out of this Amount and when I replied them they hung up.

Post by Pat,

6134341503 I have now re wives about 5 calls from the number along with no message left.

Post by WatchDog,

613-434-1503 Its a Scam Become attention full

Post by Guest,

6134341503 keeps calling after repeatedly being told for Discontinue calling. I m not interested.

Post by RF,

613-434-1503 Got that phone today at 8 Am. no message left.

Post by Guest,

6134341503 Fraud Spam. Do not Response. . .

Post by Guest,

613-434-1503 Continues to telephone after repeated requests to stop. 4 calls in 2 days that I haven't replied. Only gotten another telephone and again asked they stop calling. Can t understand a word they state.

Post by Guest,

6134341503 I m getting called out of the number Around once each other daytime. They phone Subsequently there s a beep a Registered express says quot goodbye quot and hangs Upwards.

Post by julie,

613-434-1503 I started for get phone calls out of the Amount Recently. It says your location of your call is in Ontario Canada. I don t understand anyone on Canada. No message is left. I also had Set my phone Amount on the don't phone list but I still get calls. Frustrating.

Post by Guest,

6134341503 1 call

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8133362409 Complains by Vince R,

The same Amount called us at 4 W 'm and left a W minute message on your machine that sods like a Facsimile machine. . . . the way to I make them stop. . .

8765688078 Complains by From New Jersey,

Got a message on my answering machine saying IRS was going to sue me and I needed to call them at (509) 563-4198  Tried to call back the number that was on my answering machine (040380000570991) but not in service, scam!

6626554343 Complains by Guest,

did not reply because I don t know your caller

9176361641 Complains by Guest,

Soliciting prostitution

2163162988 Complains by Nice29,

I think it's some kind of creeper who's harassing people. If it keeps up, I would report it, if I were you. It's pretty creepy that people would call 8x and all they do is breathe. How many minutes apart are the calls and how many minutes do the calls last?

9143267023 Complains by Guest,


2064674191 Complains by Guest,


3142364638 Complains by Guest,

Rob telephone for business owners

8002512121 Complains by TheLud,

Partner gotten phone out of a female Sargent Barrett unable due to legalities to identify agency. Later stated she was an law enforcement Representative again no Connection provided. A legal complaint case has been Registered against you and you demand for call W W W instantaneously. A Michael Johnson from a Arbitration firm wanted Favorable Id before continuing. My Partner Inquired for Id Evidence and to repeat firms name but did not receive any more info. She Subsequently terminated that call. We can simply End from this phone and the Listings seeing these numbers that a scummier had accomplished her.

8002110626 Complains by Interested Party,

'm I for comprehend you work for this same Firm at that Telephone number given by all these Grievance ants. If thus could you personally please Supply the legal name and address of your Business. That would ensure it is very simple for all parties who are contacted and appearance here for Check if this company is legitimate and if they should take their threat seriously.

8002332332 Complains by jessica,

Got a call from this number stating I owed a payday loan that i never paid back in 2009 their information was some what off but some minor details were correct. They were saying I would be served with papers if i didn't pay $300.00 dollars. I was very upset and worried about this but the information was off so i knew i never had this loan. Can some one please advise if this has happened said dsi lending company and that they were a legal law firm. I asked for infromation on orgional debt she repsonded that it had gone to far for that that i needed to pay. Any one else been approached with this is it a scam seems like it is? I didn't pay it because she wouldn't answer my questions.

8002666923 Complains by X,

Your phone Amount IS being spoofed

8002202835 Complains by Guest,

Called for say he s a paramedic and a family member ran into a W year previous Child and killed him. Your call was an Test to get cash. Really upsetting. Do not offer any data. . 've your caller Identify Casualty or address if you personally need to double Assess.

8002671266 Complains by Anonymous,

There's a manner for block on your cellphone. I add your number spamming me into my Connections list Subsequently go into your setting for that number and place a silent ring. Whenever the number calls I have no Thought that they do.

8002253375 Complains by Guest,

Dear Walmart shopper, Congratulations you have just won a $1,000 Walmart Gift Card. Click here to claim you gift. www.Wmart2012.com spam

8002742538 Complains by Carla,

They called me today. They said they were out of cricket that they Needed for review my account and payment Strategy. They ask me if everything was Great with that Business and Afterward they request me my online Code. . . . . I told them I don t believe thus Icahn absolutely manage my account online. The chilling component is that they knew my name and last name and my Reports was active for several months now it's not a fresh account . . . . the dozen t sound appropriate to me

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