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93 complaints
Post by Jill,

6137010864 Did the work. . . .

Post by Debbie,

613-701-0864 Acquired a phone from W W W Owner ID said Ontario Canada at 9 W am and another phone from W W W at 9 W am attempted for phone both Amounts back at W W am and both lines had a message stating this Amount isn't in use . It is Clearly some variety of scam

Post by 6137010864,

6137010864 Fax machine calling to your main business line

Post by DPower,

613-701-0864 3 calls within W minutes. Beeps when answered.

Post by mike t,

6137010864 If they keep calling here I am going for go ape shit and Travel to their place of business and rip their effing lines out. . . . .


613-701-0864 We acquired two faxes Recently from the number. That phone numbers on that faxes were Indicated out but caller id revealed it to be W W W. That faxes allegedly represented bills from Yellowish Pages inc. PO Box 4 Verna vents W Bulgaria being Managed by Your Real Directories In Us OUTSOURCED Billing Section. The BILLS ARE Fully FRAUD . . You WOULD Believe Your Government WOULD Be Able For Can SOMETHING Around SCAMS Enjoy The.

Post by Susan,

6137010864 It s a scam telephone. It s Directed} Outside by hackers to Key you personally into giving your own personal info. it s probably Click's they are consistently perpetrating a few kind of fraud with their multiple phone numbers. I would block that Amount in your fax machine.

Post by Susan,

613-701-0864 Despite being on the Do not Telephone list I get calls no messages out of this number. I did a Change investigation and discovered the number belongs to a Firm called Iris tel. As Way as I could tell it s a Business that sells VIP telephone services. Your Firm Web site Contains an E-mail address E-mail W protected thus I emailed the Business explaining that I am on the Do not Call list and Seeking that my number become removed out of their phone list. If I get another telephone from them I may report that Firm for the authorities.

Post by Lin,

6137010864 Call display shows INTER NAT L Telephone Afterward next telephone showed ONTARIO. Is actually a Facsimile machine calling our Residence acreage line. We don t have a fax. It calls every Monday Around W W. Tried blocking caller. No success. The was going on for many months. Help. . . .

Post by Susan,

613-701-0864 It s a scam phone. It s Delivered Outside by hackers to Technique you personally into giving your own private info. it s Likely Click's they're always perpetrating many kind of fraud with their multiple phone Amounts. I would block your Amount on your own fax machine.

Post by merleliz,

6137010864 It's a scam. See HTTP Internet. FTC. gov Suggestions Guidance company Centre little business scams directory

Post by Hoppin' Mad,

613-701-0864 The YouTube video Describes how to block calls on most services HTTP Www. YouTube. com watch. v does not appear that the block last caller function will work for this particular number you personally must Personally enter that Amount. Whether or not it works I do not yet understand. But hop pin Crazy after being awakened by 3 faxes to your House Telephone at 6 Am. Additionally get yourself on that Do not Telephone List out of whatever country you are in. Takes W days to kick in.

Post by Ray,

6137010864 They are calling me at 5 W 6 W and 7 W in that morning 've sent them fax to Quit it but they are always calling and which is a Facsimile line . will many one Quit these Individuals .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Do strive get my number

Post by Guest,

6137010864 We acquired a Facsimile quot Bill quot supposedly for a listing within your American Yellow Group publication. Invoice supposedly Times back to W and threatens being Directed} to some collection Bureau. Allegedly American Yellowish Group outsourced the accounting department for Bulgaria. Great Fortune with that.

Post by fed up,

613-701-0864 This can be a Facsimile solicitation for either fix amp roofing contractors. We get them every few days here within NJ. We now block your incoming Amount and find that info for your Specialist Recorded in the Facsimile. If we locate a fax number or E-mail for that Firm we present them a Flavor of what they can for us. Humorous how they look to Quit after we get done with them.

Post by Jill,

6137010864 Did the work. . . .

Post by Sharon Hough,

613-701-0864 I am receiving unwanted calls out of what appears to be a Facsimile out of Ontario W W W. Any help appreciated. Thank you. Sharon Hugh county hwy Barnes WI W W W

Post by scott,

6137010864 just call W W W and get removed from call list.

Post by Lin,

613-701-0864 Tried blocking this Amount. No great. Did not work this time. Called 1 W W W as shown on previous page here. Additionally no great. Female replied Meson Canada and Afterward said the number doesn't Fit for them. What Amount. I did not offer a Amount. She also said they're becoming loads of calls today. She said we should phone our service Service. What kinda sh t outfit are they. Could t even block them. Driving people nuts.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 Facsimile machine bastards

Post by Paula Suasa,

613-701-0864 They demand to Discontinue trying for fax my cell phone. Get a clue I m not responding to you.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 Repeated Facsimile calls for residence.

Post by Phyllis,

613-701-0864 please Discontinue delivering these calls. so annoying.

Post by bb,

6137010864 Call my company. 2 W 'm . Really. I keep fax turned away with this motive. I see out of my earlier posts they have called since at least January of this year.

Post by irritated,

613-701-0864 've gotten three unwanted Facsimile type Telephone calls out of W W W and W. Annoying. Purportedly out of Meson. Will to 've nothing for can along with that Business.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 violates do not phone list

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Facsimile telephone for residential number

Post by Guest,

6137010864 The has been going on for two or three months. This number appears but when answered I get a beeping noise not a faze sound . The Amount appears throughout your day and early morning Approximately 1 W 'm and 2 W Am. These people need for become arrested for phone harassment.

Post by Heather,

613-701-0864 This Ottawa Place code continues Rob calling our Residence Telephone That is unlisted all hours of your daytime and nighttime.

Post by advanced,

6137010864 Quit these calls I have for stop my work and answer to a fax . at list 4 times a day

Post by yea yea,

613-701-0864 Repeated fax from NAACP. ORG. Their telly is W W W and is faxing out of W W W. Their spoofing fax no s W W W and W W W. I got W faxes on my express mail and got your faxes for see who were sending them. All from them.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 Calls work phone constantly 2 3 times within a Line no message left

Post by Carol,

613-701-0864 Acquired 3 calls 5 minutes apart from this Amount starting at 4 W am. It beeps like a Facsimile machine.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 The number has called my number for your past 7 years 6 for 9 times Virtually Regular clogging my answering machine and waking me Upward and family members are furious many times I vie tried to call Quit the Amount from calling me . . . . Thur bell Allan . Unreal tormented by these Folks Thur the service this can be the first time I have a name to the number

Post by KO,

613-701-0864 Calls my line everyday Striving to send a fax and I don't have any Notion who or what company this really is. Really annoying.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 The number was a fax.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 fax machine bastards

Post by Worker Bee,

6137010864 Got calls out of W W W and W. Meson USN t included. This USN t their Amount. Your Female there Recommended blocking but there surely is nothing they can perform.


613-701-0864 WE GET A Facsimile CALLING The Company NUMBER

Post by becnc,

6137010864 2 from this same Amount which were 7 minutes apart from Ottawa ON which I refuse for reply because this has happened thus many times in your previous fax machine beeping. Now your intriguing part here is that I Really have a phone blocker device and I had Strike block caller during your first phone telephone. However I got the ND telephone supposedly also from this same Amount 7 minutes After. This Amount is obviously spoofed. I am wondering if somehow these jerks have found a manner Approximately your telephone blocker System and if I ll be unable to blocker it. That would become a new just one but I certainly would t put it past them.

Post by Scott,

613-701-0864 I have been becoming these types of calls for two years from W W W through W . I Only keep blocking them through Verizon temp for W days . I have eventually added a contact for my cell along with these numbers and Vehicle forwards to express mail it dozen t ring or charge minutes . This really is for another set of numbers but I Gamble it s that same Road Bash service that Firms use numbers are W W W and W . Now I saw the Increase Begin for come so I forwarded my cell to your Facsimile machine you might have to do the. Your fax I got was out of Vancouver airport and came along with a number to call if it was acquired in Malfunction. I called spoke to your nice Girl and she previously mentioned that my area code is just one off from theirs and that all of their exchange numbers are the same as mine. Someone fat fingered the Region code W in place of W . She sent it off to be removed. Hopefully that stops some if not all of them. I 've Simply removed your block for the W W xx numbers to see if they Quit and I can forward them to your Facsimile if they can come within. Bottom line here Businesses are using the Road Bash Firm and they are getting wrong Amounts. I m not so sure that these are all spam faxes.

Post by Jill,

6137010864 Did this work. . . .

Post by bb,

613-701-0864 and again at W W from W W W and at W W out of W W W

Post by Guest,

6137010864 Fax machine dialing each few minutes for regular land line.

Post by hELEN,

613-701-0864 Best Did it Discontinue the calls after you personally called the W W W to report that .

Post by Pissed Off,

6137010864 Keep getting faxes out of the joker on my cell Telephone 'm local time. Who could I send for Prison. . .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Telephone comes within all day long sounds enjoy a Fax . . . . .

Post by Jerry,

6137010864 I had to block that number using Run Choices block express calls

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Calls and has no idea Around the phone Guidelines. Calls all hrs of day and night.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 keeps calling and never leaves a message

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 The Amount continues for phone my House Amount a few times a day at random times. Times that are also in your Mid of your nighttime and early hours of the morning

Post by TT,

6137010864 SCAM. . . . Don t waste your time. Block them if you are able to.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 I get a telephone out of the Facsimile number every day. Cease it please.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 Leave a Opinion Around your caller here You are faxing a voice Telephone for many months remove W W W Freon your own Switch er

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Since 7 W this morning seems like every W minutes 2 or 3 times in a row. Do you personally Discontinue the. It s annoying. My boss is Beginning to get Actually Crazy.

Post by Mary,

6137010864 To block unwanted callers on Century Link system 1 Call W. 2 Use security code W. 3 Add your own own pick to your private security code. Choose call rejection option. 5 Follow Instructions using that number of that unwanted telephone.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Get these calls before 8 'm and get three of them.

Post by Jean gosselin,

6137010864 Calling over and around it s a fax i dint 've any but it wont Discontinue calling . . .

Post by DEBORAH,

613-701-0864 This fax phones me several times a daytime. I attempted to connect to it by fax Nevertheless this isn't within service.

Post by Guest,

6137010864 I keep getting calls from this number and when I Select Upward it sounds like a fax.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Keeps calling your company

Post by Jess,

6137010864 W Facsimile attempts from 1 W a. m. for 3 W a. m. I do not have a fax machine at Residence.

Post by S T,

613-701-0864 I called your Amount that nicest posted on Jul W Platinum Asset Services if you need your own Amount to become removed phone 1 W W W.

Post by Ann Noid,

6137010864 My Caller ID comes Upwards along with Ontario And I got a fax Advertisement from Yellow pages from California for an insurance Business that had my House number over a decade ago. They are Chronic in Looking your own business but arena t intelligent enough to comprehend Amounts Shift or for Assess before faxing their Advertisement. So it must be a third Bash distribution Facility since other folks 've gotten Distinct ads .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 They Keep calling whoever they're and no answer or anything it dozen t question if you response or not their is constantly a Facsimile machine sound every 2 seconds

Post by Donna Delaronde,

6137010864 Thus drained of these people

Post by Tom,

613-701-0864 sounds like fax machine. 4 calls the am

Post by Penpal,

6137010864 Gotten 2 fax and 1 ring through out of this Amount at 5 Am today. The places are Useful. I m going for telephone Meson within Canada as Recommended and 've them remove my number. I had to can that same thing along with calls I was becoming daytime and night from another Firm. They removed me out of their list and I never heard from them again.

Post by Mary,

613-701-0864 3 phone within Five Minimum

Post by Guest,

6137010864 Repeated Facsimile calls to Dwelling. cell Telephone.

Post by TT,

613-701-0864 W. Message left on the voice mail from the Facsimile machine

Post by Bev,

6137010864 talked along with SEAN District Manager within Ottawa W W W. He s the guy at Meson for Cope with.

Post by Jenna Burns,

613-701-0864 beeps when answered calls at all hours. . . Afterward end number changes out of 4 6

Post by Guest,

6137010864 This number calls your Dwelling land line in Alberta 3 times each day. Our answerphone picks up but no message left. Facsimile Sound is heard and then it hangs Upward. We do not 've a Facsimile machine. We've attempted phone blocking the number but unable. Occasionally the Amount is Revealed as W W W. Nevertheless the Amount we have successfully blocked. Both are fax Products and Operating people insane.

Post by Public Library,

613-701-0864 We Frequently get unwanted calls out of the number W W W. Will there be a way to get them for Quit. It s unrelenting. . . .

Post by hELEN,

6137010864 Best Did it Discontinue the calls after you personally called your W W W for report that .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Call my business. 2 W 'm . Really. I keep fax turned away with this reason.

Post by Ray,

6137010864 They're calling me at 5 W 6 W and 7 W in the morning 've sent them fax for Discontinue it but they're constantly calling and that's a fax line . may a few just one Quit these people .

Post by db,

613-701-0864 W W W. ID shows from Ontario. Fax rec d where their latest scam is for try and get you to pay Upwards for Debt Group for listing on Facebook and Facebook send them W. W. HA. Paperwork shows Bulgaria Verna W PO Carton W Whatever. They signify themselves as Debt Lovers Inc. What they are is a lazy Group of corrupt people that scam honest people who 've Real jobs. . Blow off AND BLOCK Number AND FILE THEIR Facsimile Within Trash Can.

Post by Ben in Michigan,

6137010864 Please People don't call W W W to get your Amount removed. I called it as suggested by Scot on W Jan W. The very nice Girl defined that they had nothing for do along with being able for remove your own number out of any telephone list. They are not originating these calls. She suggested that we phone your Telephone providers for help. Your Services demand Short tons of Gripes Subsequently they may go to your regulators for help in preventing these unwanted calls.

Post by Joe Belluz,

613-701-0864 This really is a scam

Post by merleliz,

6137010864 What a scam. . . got a fax from this number today claiming to become a debt collector for your American Yellow Group Facebook and Facebook Characteristics of that Yellow Pages using that Yellowish Pages Symbol. . . and instructing me I Desired for pay instantaneously by credit card for avoid Group or I could send a Assess to their offices in Bulgaria. Never heard of them and we don t Market within that Yellowish Pages Getaway t for around a decade.

Post by bb,

613-701-0864 and again at W W from W W W and at W W from W W W

Post by Cindy Chrenek,

6137010864 This number keeps Striving for fax me

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 spam mm

Post by Guest,

6137010864 I get a phone few times a day. Your only sound it comes is your Facsimile. how to i stop it.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0864 Spam Line like a gentle fax spam bot. My line is cellular

Post by Guest,

6137010864 This really is a Facsimile number.

Post by TTG,

613-701-0864 I don t even have a fax machine and I m getting these calls. My company Hans t used a Facsimile machine for 5 years.

Post by Robert Pope,

6137010864 PLEASE. Remove my Facsimile Amount W W W from your database.



Post by jakej,

6137010864 7 calls out of the just one Now alone. A few months ago it was only 3 calls every Monday but around that last few weeks it's escalated for anywhere Upwards for 7 calls a daytime. they Begin along with a unknown Owner id and Afterward strive W W W and Afterward W W W. after months of no Result you personally would believe they would give Upward. but i think that's how Questionable psychopaths work enjoy a pit bull that never lets go.

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7082719972 Complains by Guest,

Just gotten this number on my cell Telephone. Did t understand who it was did not reply. They did not leave a message.

3138625400 Complains by Guest,

Detroit High school

8174736422 Complains by Guest,

I got a friend request on facebook & once I friended him I got phone calls from him. He never answered any of my questions with a direct answer. When I tried to call the number back that he called from I got some sort of wierd message about pay as you go phones & text messaging.

8294699193 Complains by Guest,

Called at 1 Am. When I called back someone Decided up and Afterward Installed up.

3852528260 Complains by Guest,

when i called back it said it was not within service

8183126743 Complains by madgrama,

Receive dirty obscene text messages from this Amount and a Web site for visit don t understand how they got my number

8183928158 Complains by Meg,

Just gotten among their spam messages on my cell phone. What jerks.

7088438030 Complains by Guest,

Annoying calls for three or four years out of these Individuals looking for Cheryl Ward who I don't have any connection to WHATSOEVER. . they keep telephone within my cell

8002292252 Complains by kathy tippets,

keeps calling cell but Amount is disconnected

8002443247 Complains by sqam,

4 calls within just one day each hour

8002300086 Complains by Lea,

I m so glad I found the site. She Linda Only called me and attempted that same matter. I told her I needed proof in Composing. I felt like she was playing along with my mind with how she went on about what I supposedly said last year. I told her she could send what she Needed but I had for Confirm along with my CPA. I can take the directly for my Attorney for handle these Men. Cheers again Guy company owners. .

8002441111 Complains by Kelly,

No we dint want your own Tv service. I 'm not confident how Nam times you personally demand for hear NO.

8002167336 Complains by Tiffany,

I got calls by this foreign guy also. Said he was from Microsoft and wanted me to get on my computer to help me with errors from my computer. He asked if I was near my computer, I said no, and he said that he would call back. Now I know not to answer them. Just today, 7-12-12, I received 3 calls from 11 am to  pm, once every hour until I answered.

8002452270 Complains by Dan,

Owner left MSG that W. W was going for become auto deducted out of my bank account . . . . . Attempted calling back. Automobile Result said it was a unassigned Ma W . . .

8002235986 Complains by Emily,

Stephanie Asserted for be out of Pier One Fraud department calling Around a brand new account Inquired for the telephone for be returned and for me to have my Account Prepared. I do not have a Pier 1 Account but I had Only opened a Low es account. When I called I accomplished a recording asking for my account I do not have a Pier 1 Account so I try ed pressing zero and the recording said it did not Comprehend my response and Inquired for my Account again I Installed Upwards and requested my credit report through . com everything looks to be in purchase.

8002190993 Complains by DAVE,

I got this same Facsimile along with a different phone number but Exactly that same Advertisement. . . they State to become At THO MES AVE Suite W CHEYENNE WY. If you personally investigation on that address you will locate many Firms there but none at Collection W highest Package NR I found was W s. . . . so perhaps W is that Increase room. I ll file along with your FCC again. . . anyone phone them and jerk them around after they understand your own voice they block your Amount you get a active Sign

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