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Post by Ash,

6137010865 W W W 4 has called my number assuming I 'm a Facsimile machine. I Set my Amount on a fax machine and got the message for a Firm in town that changed its number and I got their old 1 my supplier said that they would change my number but I Given along with it myself . I 've acquired W area Rules for lots of other faxes around your years as definitely they are transferred Around. What I 've from hooking Upwards the Facsimile machine when they phone is a removal number from their list which works great. That Amount is 1 W W W but only for the aforementioned Amount.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Fax number that. calls all hours

Post by egfcu,

6137010865 Typically phone 6 W times around a few times. then it stops for a week and then starts again.

Post by Cunning Stunt,

613-701-0865 A fake Yellow Pages Firm. Good Master who is still using Yellowish Page Promotion these days. Are your dinosaurs back roaming the world.

Post by captnlen,

6137010865 Do we block these Men had 4 calls in a row

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Would adore to find Outside that source and direct it stand to his her bedroom for repeated calls in your earlier 'm.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 I acquired 3 calls within a question of W minutes from this and they left no message. Quite annoying.

Post by Bob,

613-701-0865 4 or maybe 5 times a daytime. . . . . It s always a Facsimile. Don t those dummies on the other end body it out the fax NEVER goes through and could possibly be a incorrect number. . . . . . Morons. .

Post by Perry,

6137010865 Called several times in W Minimum consistently a Facsimile. Dozen t create feeling.

Post by Tom P,

613-701-0865 That is a phished phone Amount Striving for send scam faxes. The just real Alternative is for 've politicians and law Administration Quit them. Great Fortune along with this. In case you haven t Detected most of your own politicians don't present a rat s about you personally and your Day-to-day problems.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 The fax machine W W W has called numerous times around your last few months. After I hang Upward I don t have a Facsimile machine that number calls again in 5 minutes Subsequently doesn't call again for a few days. I do not know anyone in Ottawa that would be Attempting for send me a Facsimile.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Calls cell and beeps enjoy a Facsimile machine. Calls again and does that same. Been doing for over two months.

Post by Barb,

6137010865 This number is calling your business fax machine. Facsimile machine Styles for hours pages and pages of spam. Nothing legible. Turning the fax away and unplugging it from the phone line does NOTHING. Attempting to 've your phone company block the now.

Post by bb,

613-701-0865 and again at W W

Post by someone illegal,

6137010865 Absolutely annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by someone illegal,

613-701-0865 Certainly annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Ben,

6137010865 obtained at least 3 attempts at faxing to me. Either it is a Rob Test or the the idiot paid some com artist for my voice number thinking he was becoming an excellent fax number. It used for become a business fax but I stopped that 7 years Past.

Post by Jerry,

613-701-0865 Facsimile out of American Yellow Distribution Inc except your Telephone Amount is out of Kingston On Canada when their address is given as San Diego CA.

Post by rb,

6137010865 I 've been getting calls from this number. I Simply BLOCKED IT Out of CALLING ME ON MY CELL. . HOPEFULLY IT May WORK .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 For months we have been getting quot attempted quot faxes out of this Amount on the Telephone line. I would love for 've a way for contact them and 've them Quit.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 Keep s calling Phone work line. repeatedly

Post by SD,

613-701-0865 I tried to Facsimile that Amount asking them for Quit calling but it says that Amounts are not within service. They telephone each W W minutes for several days in a row and Afterward Quit. W W W too

Post by bb,

6137010865 and again at W W

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Keeps calling me even at 2 'm. and Merely beeps. When I tried calling it back there s a message saying that Amount isn't within service.

Post by Ash,

6137010865 W and W. Messages left on our voice send from the Facsimile machine.

Post by Rachel,

613-701-0865 It s a scummier. As you can read through these pages the same Amount sends out of a Lot of Distinct got up company names. The just one I got Now is from . com. They Merely need Folks for telephone that Treatment Amount at the Base so they could Construct their database for fax numbers for scam sell for profit. You are able to consistently tell these are Fake faxes because they leave that sender header blank and or list your Receiver fax Amount as their delivering number. I 'm thus sick of these scampers.

Post by Steve,

6137010865 Discontinue calling

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 rings earlier within am by fax

Post by Todd Hall,

6137010865 Phishing

Post by Pam Roos,

613-701-0865 I acquired an attempted Facsimile out of the Ontario Telephone Amount W W W on my acreage line Telephone in Montana not for that first time at 4 W 'm today W W . I Put Upwards on it and it called back and I picked up and Installed Upwards each time I power saw the incoming call data for least 6 attempts in a Line. It kept attempting for send a fax around and around until I attempted for phone it back and dialed my son s Amount by accident. My acreage line Telephone used for be a fax within a physician s office so I used for get attempted faxes out of hospitals pharmacies drug Businesses and the enjoy. I Discontinued most of these calls by looking them Upwards and calling them for remove my Telephone number from their fax list. Seemingly the 1 is not so innocent out of what I read within the previous notes. I 've a Facsimile that is not Connected Upwards on my printer when I get unidentified faxes hook it Upwards and send them notes for please remove my number and this has often worked. Perhaps I can send just one to the Amount Additionally.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 we dint have a fax. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Facsimile again no message

Post by Shane Dale,

6137010865 Quit calling me. . . . I try answering and many Mindless Facsimile machine is going off. . . .

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Incessant calls for your last 2 3 weeks. Fax machine Striving for get through along with SPAM. Needs to STOP

Post by Guest,

6137010865 I receive at least 6 attempted Facsimile transmissions a day to my residents phone number out of the Amount. If I don t response it goes to my replying system and I get 5 minutes of fax beeping on my machine. When I try to phone them to tell them that I do not 've a Facsimile I get a record that says the Amount is not in use. Can there be anything I can perform. My Amount is W W W Thank You

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Simply got a Chain of calls out of the Amount at the work phone. Only a fax sound. Would despise it if I was at House. . . only bothersome at work.

Post by Jenni Topp,

6137010865 That phone comes within and when I Select it up it's a Facsimile line. It's continued 3 times a daytime for over a week now.

Post by someone illegal,

613-701-0865 Certainly annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by 613-701-0865,

6137010865 I 've an office line that Frequently receives fax tones out of this Amount. I don t seem for be Capable to fax them back to take my name away the list.

Post by Marty,

613-701-0865 the fax calls at list 3 time s and i 've to Discontinue what I can and go to the Telephone and hear Beep beep beep

Post by someone illegal,

6137010865 Completely annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Ty,

613-701-0865 They telephone Frequently it s a fax sound each time would love for know how to permanently block it.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 Please block calls from the number

Post by someone illegal,

613-701-0865 Completely annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by George Wacha,

6137010865 Still becoming calls fax out of W W W. We get three and four per daytime.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Sounds enjoy a Facsimile number. The telephone comes within in the Mid of the nighttime and Simply beeps like a Facsimile when I answer it. When I hang up it calls back again within 5 minutes. I Finish Upwards having for take my Telephone away the hook for the rest of your nighttime. I understand no just one within Canada.

Post by Carol J.,

6137010865 About twice or more a day I received a call from W W W but it s a Facsimile ringing into my phone. I try to send a fax to that Amount and also to W W W informing them they are faxing for my Telephone please use that correct Facsimile Amount. When I Facsimile that Amount there s a message saying The Amount is not in use thank you personally . Would like to Quit the rubbish. The was going on for Fairly a few time.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

6137010865 Annoying Facsimile to Cell number can t receive it and don t understand anyone there. in Quebec. Jerks.

Post by TN,

613-701-0865 No 1 from the Website is calling you and those that arena t likely to see your own request

Post by NOT HAPPY,

6137010865 Who says you've for response. Save yourself time and Work and turn off your replying machine and let your phone ring or strive blocking the Amount perhaps consider a phone blocker. If you personally don t response in any way they get exhausted of dialing Amounts that have no answer and provide up.

Post by kathy moghadas,

613-701-0865 my office W W W continues to receive this calling Facsimile number


6137010865 These Men woke me up 3 times at 4 am .

Post by Sherrie L,

613-701-0865 calling back for back on the residential Residence phone attempting to fax us I 've blocked W W W Subsequently started your cycle again with W W W. . . . . . Really. . . . . if you personally desire to send a fax use a fax Amount.

Post by Katherine Smith,

6137010865 It is a Facsimile phone.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 They always call twice. Last four Numbers W W They don t talk

Post by Guest,

6137010865 Keep calling and calling

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 Called twice in 4 Min's of each other. Ottawa Ontario Actually. . Stop annoying people within your United States

Post by John Mak,

6137010865 They telephone my cell phone 5 6 times ever Min on each vacation long weekend or close to holiday try to Facsimile me customer delivery scheduled. Meson Canada Places Saint Laurent Head Office Dobbin Road Saint Laurent Que Beck Hr Rehabilitation. W. W. F. W. W. W

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 they called three times within W minutes after 9 PM and it was a fax machine.

Post by Ed,

6137010865 Facsimile beeping Sound left on voice mail.

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 W W W keeps calling me thus I blocked them from calling again

Post by Craig H,

6137010865 Calls everyday from 1 W W W OTTAWA ON Striving to send a fax but dint understand who it is and they dint have your right phone number

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 fax

Post by elva jester,


Post by Cunning Stunt,

613-701-0865 A fake Yellow Pages company. Good lord who is still using Yellow Page advertising these times. Are the dinosaurs back roaming that earth.

Post by hildy,

6137010865 I 've gotten this same telephone 3 times Now as nicely.

Post by Bobbie,

613-701-0865 I get this telephone X a daytime minutes apart Fax machine. not certain but I cant body out the best way to block them

Post by Ben,

6137010865 more information on what one may do. Go ogling that Region code and Afterward scrolling down for that prefix I was Competent for identify your Telephone Firm which owned the block of Amounts. It was within Ottawa Canada Go ogled that and got Cost free Amount and Chosen security from their menu. Surprisingly someone answered and it was after 5 PM. That woman was very courteous and took my Grievance. The number had been re sold for another Business but she also took my contact information and Offered to telephone back along with that results of Calling this second Business. Requires many effort but if we all do it things could change. Hopefully I can also contact my People Representative.

Post by Connie,

613-701-0865 Sounded like an replying machine. I tried replying and did t Notice anything. X in 5 minutes. W W W amp W W W

Post by Guest,

6137010865 Same Dilemma as other complainers . Just fax sound. Duplicate calls on same day. Normally early morning.

Post by TN,

613-701-0865 No one out of the site is calling you and those that arena t likely for see your request

Post by Guest,

6137010865 repeated Facsimile to telephone calls

Post by dots,

613-701-0865 Called me numerous times in a ten Second period. Really annoying.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 repeated calls out of a Facsimile machine for the office Amount today

Post by eaj,

613-701-0865 Folks Companies Telemarketers You personally should be ashamed of yourself WE should be Competent for file criminal Fees against you personally so you can spend at least a day in jail for each phone you personally make. . Perhaps EVERYONE SHOULD CHARGE Statement You 5 Dollars PER Call THAT WE GET Out of You personally. .

Post by Spanky,

6137010865 Now blocked with your remainder of that Pool scum.

Post by mickel,

613-701-0865 Quit fax Calais



Post by hildy,

613-701-0865 I have gotten this same call 3 times Now as nicely.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 Fax call. There BLACKJACK. .

Post by NOT HAPPY,

613-701-0865 Who says you've for reply. Save yourself time and Work and turn off your answering machine and let your phone ring or attempt blocking the number perhaps consider a call blocker. If you personally don t answer within any way they get drained of dialing Amounts that have no response and present up.

Post by Guest,

6137010865 Called two times back to back fax sound

Post by Guest,

613-701-0865 This Amount HAS CALLED W TIMES In W HOURS AND Won't STOP

Post by Amy Nordstrom,

6137010865 continuous fax call

Post by someone illegal,

613-701-0865 Absolutely annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by carlod maldonado,

6137010865 don t phone people NO more. . . . . .

Post by someone illegal,

613-701-0865 Absolutely annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by someone illegal,

6137010865 Certainly annoying . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Keith,

613-701-0865 Calling my cell phone with a Facsimile tone. Can t phone back says Amount not within service. Attempted other Amounts from internet all 've been disconnected. Who in the hell is doing this and how do we get it to Quit.

Post by Michael Tipton,

6137010865 Calls multiple times per day and night

Post by phyllis,

613-701-0865 please have this fax Amount Cease calling my office Telephone W W

Post by bb,

6137010865 and again at W W from W W W

Post by N Hill,

613-701-0865 We get around a dozen unwanted Fax calls on your company line Regular morning midday and nighttime. Very annoying.

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7082719972 Complains by Guest,

Just gotten this number on my cell Telephone. Did t understand who it was did not reply. They did not leave a message.

3138625400 Complains by Guest,

Detroit High school

8174736422 Complains by Guest,

I got a friend request on facebook & once I friended him I got phone calls from him. He never answered any of my questions with a direct answer. When I tried to call the number back that he called from I got some sort of wierd message about pay as you go phones & text messaging.

8294699193 Complains by Guest,

Called at 1 Am. When I called back someone Decided up and Afterward Installed up.

3852528260 Complains by Guest,

when i called back it said it was not within service

8183126743 Complains by madgrama,

Receive dirty obscene text messages from this Amount and a Web site for visit don t understand how they got my number

8183928158 Complains by Meg,

Just gotten among their spam messages on my cell phone. What jerks.

7088438030 Complains by Guest,

Annoying calls for three or four years out of these Individuals looking for Cheryl Ward who I don't have any connection to WHATSOEVER. . they keep telephone within my cell

8002443247 Complains by sqam,

4 calls within just one day each hour

8002300086 Complains by Lea,

I m so glad I found the site. She Linda Only called me and attempted that same matter. I told her I needed proof in Composing. I felt like she was playing along with my mind with how she went on about what I supposedly said last year. I told her she could send what she Needed but I had for Confirm along with my CPA. I can take the directly for my Attorney for handle these Men. Cheers again Guy company owners. .

8002441111 Complains by Kelly,

No we dint want your own Tv service. I 'm not confident how Nam times you personally demand for hear NO.

8002167336 Complains by Tiffany,

I got calls by this foreign guy also. Said he was from Microsoft and wanted me to get on my computer to help me with errors from my computer. He asked if I was near my computer, I said no, and he said that he would call back. Now I know not to answer them. Just today, 7-12-12, I received 3 calls from 11 am to  pm, once every hour until I answered.

8002452270 Complains by Dan,

Owner left MSG that W. W was going for become auto deducted out of my bank account . . . . . Attempted calling back. Automobile Result said it was a unassigned Ma W . . .

8002235986 Complains by Emily,

Stephanie Asserted for be out of Pier One Fraud department calling Around a brand new account Inquired for the telephone for be returned and for me to have my Account Prepared. I do not have a Pier 1 Account but I had Only opened a Low es account. When I called I accomplished a recording asking for my account I do not have a Pier 1 Account so I try ed pressing zero and the recording said it did not Comprehend my response and Inquired for my Account again I Installed Upwards and requested my credit report through . com everything looks to be in purchase.

8002190993 Complains by DAVE,

I got this same Facsimile along with a different phone number but Exactly that same Advertisement. . . they State to become At THO MES AVE Suite W CHEYENNE WY. If you personally investigation on that address you will locate many Firms there but none at Collection W highest Package NR I found was W s. . . . so perhaps W is that Increase room. I ll file along with your FCC again. . . anyone phone them and jerk them around after they understand your own voice they block your Amount you get a active Sign

8002462160 Complains by JENNIFER,

The So CALLED Company OR Little Business IS HARASSING Folks BY Always Delivering UNSOLICITED FAXES THROUGH Individuals S Products AND Thereby CAUSING Folks Spending Money ON Tattoo TONER. AS You personally ALL Understand NO Fax MACHINE Will PRINT Outside THOSE Facsimile WITHOUT Your Ink Within Your MACHINE AND Along with The Poor Market WE Do not Need To SPEND Cash UNNECESSARILY For Exchange INKS TONER Merely Because of The UNSOLICITED Huge Dreary AND Fearless People THESE Folks 've Sending THROUGH The Fax MACHINE ASKING People For Phone THEIR W W W FOR Little Company Funding. WHEN I CALLED The Amount Yesterday BEGGING THEM NOT For WASTE MY Ink TONER ANY MORE BECAUSE I 'm NOT INTERESTED In This Kind OF Fax THEY 've BEEN Delivering Then Your Guy WHO TOOK MY Telephone GOT Crazy AND CALLED ME CRAB Afterward Hung Upwards ON ME. I CALLED BACK For LET HIM Understand I Have BEEN OPTING Out In the Amount The OFFER HERE BUT THEY STILL KEEP ON FAXING Your SAME Huge Bold Ads WHICH HAS NOTHING To Can With ME. Then HE Installed Up AGAIN ON ME. AND NOW I Hope WHOEVER IS In CHARGE OF This REPORT May Would SOMETHING Around IT AND Phone Your W W W For Quit OR CUT DOWN ON FAXING ALL THESE JUNKS To Individuals Enjoy ME EVEN WHEN I Opt Out BUT THEY STILL Can IT Over AND Over AGAIN. OTHERWISE Afterward WHAT WOULD Be That Demand FOR ASKING People To REPORT About This BECAUSE I 'm Exhausted Of all OF People KEEP TALKING WITHOUT Activities Taken.

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