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Post by Guest,

6137076284 This message is for you personally litigation and he s from CARA. My sin may be investigated and flagged forever. Nice attempt buddy

Post by Mannie,

613-707-6284 gt gt Can CARA inquire the unusual callers Lt Lt Canadian tax payers should read this HTTP Web. Cara arc. cg. ca newsroom lets W L Eng. HTML

Post by Bahumat,

6137076284 HTTP global news. ca news W RCMP warns against Cara phone scam gt SCAM an Eric Cultivate posing as a member of the CARA who threatens you along with a charge of tax fraud.

Post by melanie,

613-707-6284 Been becoming that CARA calls for a very long time. Now they called and said I wanna f you you personally wanna suck my meat . I could undoubtedly Notice someone within the background asking who he was talking for as well. This number is a fraud

Post by alberta,

6137076284 I got harassed by the number 1 W W W They called and Promised for become CARA I returned to harass them a few time during your day He ids himself as Specialist Eric or Ernie Cultivate Cline's there surely is a law fit against you personally and the police are on there way for Charge me What a scam. . . .

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 Left threatening message legal Activity reddish flagging my SIN. Really aggressive.

Post by Maria,

6137076284 I got that same message from Specialist Eric Cultivate and that first Telephone phone was from officer Scott Wilson from your courthouse who was sending a Sheriff to Charge me for tax evasion.

Post by Dave,

613-707-6284 Individual attempted for pass himself off as Canada Income Agency

Post by Usefulness,

6137076284 Got a telephone from these scam artists. Decided to response unrecognized s by waiting for a Individual to Answer. If I do not like their proposal I waste their time. If enough Folks waste their time Perhaps they gives Upward and do something useful for society. BTW no Person replied this call.

Post by Khalid Abbasi,

613-707-6284 I m receiving this phone weekly and replicating SE wordings that CARA has a suit against you etc. I Merely Discount it

Post by scam,

6137076284 I just called them back as they have called and left a few messages for me on my House Amount and your Guy that answered Inquired me for all my Information. I said no he called me a and said I was a Mom F . Could the Cops would something about it. . Or should I telephone Official Eric Foster back Lola

Post by Annie,

613-707-6284 C ta is John Nurture P} l Bureau Du Income Du Canada es tie escrow fraud mender.

Post by AMS,

6137076284 Got me too. . . Lola Scam Telephone Amount. . maintaining to become CARA my mother replied he left his name amp Amount. I called back it rung once then went to Call tone.

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 Posing as CARA official demanding payment of dummy tax debts or Experience legal action

Post by Guest,

6137076284 Called saying he is CARA and I m in a serious lawsuit. They will hold my SIN until I telephone back. This really is my Rd call.

Post by No Fool,

613-707-6284 These scampers arena t trying challenging voice message for you serious suit Official Eric Nurture did t sound like an Eric have a blessed day . . . Local number Ottawa Place for telephone back Indicates local operatives.

Post by TC,

6137076284 Man Approved as CARA said I did not file and RCMP is coming for get me. What a scam. Can CARA investigate.

Post by Dee,

613-707-6284 Said my social insurance number may become under investigated for ever. You will 've law Matches.

Post by winnipeg,

6137076284 Merely got a call stating that same as everyone is saying above.

Post by Eli,

613-707-6284 Oh my he Merely phone me Now mm Millimeters I trust he get Found

Post by Paterno,

6137076284 I will vote for that Celebration who have the guts for stop these scampers especially those maintaining for be along with your Authorities agencies.

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 Threatened my SIN is within danger forever unless I telephone him back

Post by Mj,

6137076284 Yes i am getting this overly but not answering that telephone . Cara dies not phone Rod.

Post by Jolanta,

613-707-6284 Lola. . He may continue for phone as I thought it was it and suddenly after a week of no calls. . he started again. . You should state. I 've been waiting for your telephone and that is Detective so and thus. . Lola.

Post by Forge,

6137076284 Scam telephone That is not how that CARA works.

Post by Jay,

613-707-6284 Hey I vie Only joined your club. I m also flagged for ever. We should get Jointly sometime and Invite Eric Foster. That guy seems to become enjoyment at parties.

Post by S Allen,

6137076284 Received our second express mail the day out of Official Eric Foster . Phone display indicated an W for CARA but the return telephone Amount left was W W W. This phone Simply referred for me as you your last 1 used my name and was quite Extreme and threatening. I m going to face hard and unwelcome Effects and my SIN was going for become permanently reddish flagged. Your first call kept referring for tax crimes but his accent was so substantial I thought he said sex crimes and Only got a great joke. Your telephone today was Simply terrible and rude.

Post by jolanta,

613-707-6284 Spoofed numbers and most of these calls are coming from India and Pakistan. They are doing that same matter here within that Us. Consider getting a phone blocking System or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. If its a cell Telephone some already 've call blocking if not there are free Programs on that web that will work for a few. You are able to Google the. If you've a smart Telephone there is a free app called phone control. IPhone appear for have Programs Additionally. Another 1 is called Mr. Number. For traction amp direct Speak HTTP play. Google. com Shop Applications details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. straight Discuss. com instep Www. you personally send. com Dwelling carriers right Discuss block Amenhotep's Internet. . com See Subject. PP. f W amp t W

Post by Muhammad Johan,

6137076284 I got the same litany out of a very pitiful Man. You'll despise that sound of his grotesque voice. . . . .

Post by Ottawa,

613-707-6284 I got that first telephone on October. ST. Your man said his name was Officer Eric Cultivate out of R. A. C. that I owed them a lot of money. I would be charged with fraud amp that I would be going to Prison for 3 years. That R. C. M. P. were on their way for pick me Upward. When I first got that telephone I called them back for look for out what was going on. He swore at me amp told me to not call again. All Jointly I gotten 4 calls from Specialist Nurture. There was also Richard Harper that I was talking to amp he Additionally told to f off.

Post by Dean,

6137076284 A few foreign Individual aggressively babbling Around being from revenue Canada and having to call him appropriate away he talked more like a terrorist than a government employee

Post by Doug,

613-707-6284 Got a call from W W W stating he was from your CARA and there was a serious suit against me. I have to joke at these calls because they Really anticipate you to consider that crap. Regrettably some Folks must believe it otherwise you personally d never get these types of calls. It s Miserable these scampers could get away with this.

Post by pat,

6137076284 left Registered messages saying Income Canada Subsequently Now he called and kept asking for an Person not at my number

Post by Alberta,

613-707-6284 Received phone from W W W to my home Amount They must be checking account that white pages . He said Mr. my not empty name I m symbolize CARA and initiating a lawsuit against you for outstanding equilibrium. He asked who is your own Attorney. I told him I don t have one. He said then you may become Given one within court. I told him I may call CARA to verity this lawsuit.

Post by Eli,

6137076284 Oh my he Only phone me Now mm Millimeters I trust he get Found

Post by Mannie,

613-707-6284 gt gt Could CARA investigate the odd callers Lt Lt Canadian tax payers should read this HTTP Internet. Cara arc. cg. ca newsroom lets W L Eng. HTML

Post by Guest,

6137076284 Said he was searching for me for back Fees. Actually busted English. Was in the CARA or so he said. I Put Upwards.

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 This idiot called saying he was in the Canadian Revenue. His name. He said was Eric Cultivate Simply said I need for telephone back as a legal Dilemma was filed in my own name and my Societal security card number may become reddish flagged for life. No details of what your legal Problem was as nicely did not mention my name. That is a scam. Not falling for it. Had an excellent jest at the idiots attempt.

Post by Irene,

6137076284 Attempted to pass off as Income Canada that they had a court case against me . I told them for never Telephone me again. Its a scam

Post by larry,

613-707-6284 attempted for pass as rev could name of caller Eric cultivate what a scam telephone back disconnect

Post by Guest,

6137076284 Same as above says he is from the CARA. . . that Authorities demand to pay him a VISTA

Post by SC,

613-707-6284 They keep calling and never answering when you personally Choose Upward. But then you locate a message within your mailbox that a suit has been filed against you personally and that you should telephone them back. Calling back is hopeless. The number gets disconnected.

Post by Original Prankster,

6137076284 They don t enjoy when you phone back and supply them a taste of their own medicine

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 Threatening legal Activity States to become with CARA

Post by Eli,

6137076284 Oh my he Simply call me Now Millimeters Millimeters I trust he get caught

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 They Simply call to say my Partner demand to make a payment right now to CARA because he would be in problem for not paying the taxes if we not make an Organization for pay now that Authorities coming to Charge him. They have an Indian Feature The call is as scam or fraud

Post by Arthur,

6137076284 Just got a telephone Around the same issue.

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 Owner phoned mumbled something and Afterward uttered a profanity when told he had the erroneous Amount.

Post by Guest,

6137076284 Asserting for be CARA. Must phone back as serious law match against your own name. Immediate legal Activity can Follow if you personally do not contact my extension as shortly as possible. Maintaining for be a quot constable quot

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 Officer Eric Cultivate called 2 time in 3 minutes amp left your just same message each time. East Indian Highlight. From CARA time sensitive issue. Difficult amp unwanted legal action inc. Red Banner SIN eternally. Last Shift for resoluteness this case. Call his dept Ph asap. SCAM from Crustal Inc. Within Belle See ON. Expect your Officers get your creep amp would difficult legal Activity on him.

Post by john fortin,

6137076284 attempted for pass himself away as a Canada revenue service and telling me Around a suit Underneath my name

Post by Mike,

613-707-6284 Keeps calling Around the same matter. . . Scam. Call Called RCMP for report it

Post by NR,

6137076284 Called and did t even understand who to look for.

Post by Jolanta,

613-707-6284 Lola. . He may continue for telephone as I idea it was it and Unexpectedly after a week of no calls. . he started again. . You should state. I 've been waiting on your phone and that is Detective so and so. . Lola.

Post by Alberta,

6137076284 Owner Id himself as Ernie Cultivate from Canada Income Agency. He is a scam He mentioned there was a law suit against me phoned him back a few times and was told the fit no More exists. But he did request for my credit card. . . 1 W W W is on my caller ID

Post by MB,

613-707-6284 CARA scam. Ignore them.

Post by Senior in Nanaimo,

6137076284 They left a message A serious law match was Registered against you. Telephone people back instantaneously . Definitely that. . . you personally owe the CARA back Fees scam.

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 has called 3 times said he is out of CARA India accent

Post by Jessy,

6137076284 I called back and around whit him for hours the Eric nurture guy

Post by Raq,

613-707-6284 Gotten two phone calls out of the number exact same message Caller identified himself as Eric Nurture out of Canada Revenue Agency asserting there was a serious lawsuit against you if you don t call back instantaneously they may proceed with legal Activity get my SIN and make certain I could never use it again. . . . 've a blessed daytime. When I called back Eric said CARA had audited my Fees from W for W and I was owing over W how did I want for proceed when I said I Desired the Files Displaying where that Errors were got on my online tax return he Installed Upwards on me. I phoned back and asked him exactly why he hung Upward on me and he Only said don t call this number again I called a third time and many other Man replied and started making derogatory remarks. . . . . . sexual connotations. . . .

Post by Guest,

6137076284 Claims for be Official Eric Nurture with CARA maintaining a lawsuit and threatening legal Actions if he does not receive a telephone back

Post by Leah,

613-707-6284 A Man with the Indian ascent Striving to pass himself off as a Canada Revenue Representative saying I was being investigated for fraud.

Post by jolanta,

6137076284 Spoofed Amounts and most of these calls are coming from India and Pakistan. They're doing your same matter here within that Us. Consider becoming a telephone blocking System or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or thus. If its a cell phone some already 've telephone blocking if not there are free apps on the net that may work for some. You can Google this. If you might have a bright phone there's a free Program called call control. IPhone Look to have Applications Additionally. Another 1 is called Mr. Amount. For traction amp directly Discuss HTTP play. Google. com store apps details. id . . . . traction amp Hal instep extras. directly talk. com instep Web. you personally mail. com House Companies straight Discuss block Amenhotep's Internet. . com See Theme. PP. f W amp t W

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 First Owner hollers and you cannot understand what they're saying do for Highlight and hollering. Calls and says your Cops are on that way within W minutes because you owe income tax. Second caller Requires if you can recognize him better. Tells you not provide his name for any agent and which he will maintain touch for you personally for create income Funds he is now the Representative within charge of your own debt. Dozen t desire you personally for use bank for Funds which you have place up.

Post by Alison,

6137076284 left a message urging me for phone back. . . CARA. . . this is my LAST WARNING. I did telephone back Simply to play with this monster but no reply.

Post by Guest,

613-707-6284 SCAM regarding quot Pressing CARA criminal Activity quot against your social insurance number.

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9034394877 Complains by Guest,

They phone me and hang up. When I call back that Telephone just Bands and rings. . Block list stuff.

9035564152 Complains by Guest,


2092249592 Complains by Guest,

they called stating they re out of Government Fraud Investigations. BEWARE SCAMPERS. .

3136181875 Complains by Guest,

all circuits are active right now

6166081011 Complains by Guest,

These people have been harassing us for times. . . they refuse for take the Amount away their telephone list and Truly harassed me on the phone because I requested they Discontinue CALLING. . . I Only called W W W and there is an automated answer which lets you personally enter your Telephone number for be taken away their telephone list. We ll see if that works. These people are Fantastic. I trust they get Close down.

7542012044 Complains by Joe Bifflestick,

Robot call advising me that my car warranty was running out. Odd thing, "she" had a very mechanical sounding voice, so I asked her if she was a computer, which of course she denied. I asked her what the weather was like where she was and her response was "Did you know your auto warranty was about to expire". I told her I would tak to her if she could tell me what the weather was like there..., then the phone went dead. The new AI computer generated voices are very good, but it's still illegal for the company to call, and the computer is easy to fool if you ask easy questions that are not related to what ever service or product they are trying to scam you into buying. Of course the phone number was spoofed to, which is also illegal.

4242181285 Complains by Guest,

quot Your own mortgage company quot

4242238944 Complains by Guest,

Harassment won t Cease calling

8001903128 Complains by Sam,

Claims for become AT amp T and says to go to Mbini's. com to claim a W reward.

8132522355 Complains by Matt,

Some Man out of Orlando FL stating you can create W W a daytime. . .

8002510699 Complains by Guest,

Something Around a free massage

8044333273 Complains by J Boogie,

I keep getting called by this number as nicely. . Frustrating as crap. . .

8048356757 Complains by tori,

got a text out of them asking to call W Amount for hear customer service banking message sent back a stop Assessment request

8064102451 Complains by Kendra Clark,

We have been still shocked to see how Considerably KR AP just one person can kind within a short Span of time. . .

8003534873 Complains by Dave,

If you knew who the Telephone Amount belonged for exactly why did you appearance it up. You personally felt your need for leave an answer for a 5 year previous post. More than likely that's what they told you. But within reality they did nothing but take your own cash There's nothing you are able to can to repair your own credit except pay your own bills on time and don t overextend yourself. If there is a mistake within a credit report that could become taken attention of by writing a notice and doesn't Need a law Firm . It Appears this wonderful company seems for simply have a B rating with the BBB but i locate that challenging for believe since they 've W complaints against them HTTP Www. BBB. org Utah company reviews cred . . . lake UT W

8064781117 Complains by Annoyingly Pissed,

Visual E-mail services is the Pet s meow within my novel. Is filing a lawsuit against you. . Who is going for file it. . The scampers. . Lt I would be laughing hard if this happens

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