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Telephone information: . Ottawa, ON. . United states
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Post by Jimmy R,

6138668284 Its among those We ll pay top Money for your own house scams. They desire a ton of information to link you personally to some Shopper that may pay top dollar. . . I have a house Recorded on Web. militarizing. com and they have called me twice. They use your data off the Website which I posted my cell number.

Post by Max,

613-866-8284 I got the phone but no answer on another end.

Post by Guest,

6138668284 SE me extra bio Eli cellular

Post by Pete,

613-866-8284 Called your Amount back and got a recording that I had accomplished David. He could t come to your Telephone because he was probably enrolling someone at the moment. I m assuming he s an ML leader searching for Get more people within his down line.

Post by Guest,

6138668284 Explicit

Post by Guest,

613-866-8284 scam scam

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9734547784 Complains by Guest,

Bill collector

8774824860 Complains by Guest,


4434679433 Complains by Secret Squirrel,

http://phoneowner.info/Number.aspx/9162364575http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/9162364578Fake Debt Collectors and Collection TacticsIf consumers did not have enough to worry about having to deal with rising credit card interest rates, late fees and over-limit fees, zombie debt, and fervent bill collectors, now we have to worry about collectors calling about fake debt.While many legitimate collection agencies follow the FDCPA, there are some collectors out there that are only running a scam operation and will be quick to use threats and scare tactics to get you to pay up quick. Their scams turn up in mailboxes, on the internet and through the telephone every day. Some collectors pose as national banks, government agencies (FBI, CIA), or even popular celebrity stars to gain personal information. These phony collectors may threaten to repossess your house, issue a warrant for your arrest, or even garnish your pay check, all of which are against the FDCPA rules. Some of which are even laughable (for example, there is no debtor’s prison in the United States).Fake debt scammers rely on the fear and lack of knowledge about debt collection laws within the population. They also figure that a certain percentage of their calls will be received by individuals who may be carrying debt on credit cards anyway and may be susceptible to intimidation. When collectors use misleading statements and fail to provide identification, they are breaking the law. Never pay money to a possible thief. Keep cool when you hear from collectors to avoid this collection abuse.Many times, people who took out payday loans online in the past are most susceptible. If you took a payday loan, be aware scammers may have access to your Social Security number and other personal information, and keep your guard up against such tactics.Ironically, real "deadbeats" probably wouldn't fall for these scammers, since they have no intention of repaying their creditors anyway. But upright citizens may doubt themselves, thinking they've forgotten to pay a bill. Many times, the sums involved tend to be fairly small, so some people may be tempted to just pay the "bill" and "get it over with."Ways to Protect Yourself Against Debt Collection ScamsReview your credit report frequently to find inaccuracies. Be aware of your current creditors and how much you owe. Ask creditors for identification before you provide any information over the telephone. Reporting Fake Debt CollectorsIf you ever receive a call from anyone identifying himself as a debt collector, the law requires that the debt collector provide you with identification, and that the debt collector refrain from making misleading and threatening statements.You can report any problems you have to your state Attorney General’s office www.naag.org and the Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov. Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your Attorney General’s office can help you determine your rights under your state’s law.http://www.internetautoguide.com/credit-cente ... on-tactics.html

3012442424 Complains by Guest,

jugful trot HTTP present egotist Gregory Nantucket identikit verdict

3015364259 Complains by Guest,

waste of time.

8663820331 Complains by Guest,

TD credit sales

2075583918 Complains by Guest,

Calling several times a week computer robot call

2134389366 Complains by Guest,


7632102299 Complains by Guest,

Hangs Upward on all phone es.

9043288160 Complains by Guest,


8182301470 Complains by sally,

Yes people do fall for this scam. Your callers are hard Key Indian or Pakistani scummier extortionists. What they are trying for do is scare you personally into paying cash for them but threatening you with all sorts of lousy matters. But of co use they can create your whole matter go away if you Only send them many cash by untraceable means. Generally by green dot cash Parks or something similar. Mad scam but it s Successful enough to keep them in company for years.

7738975685 Complains by Guest,


8484592843 Complains by Guest,

too immature

4403324011 Complains by Guest,

Enjoyable opportunity to buy golden. Blocked.

5102787807 Complains by Guest,

calls and hangs Upward at niter

7725199472 Complains by Guest,

i received that same message that web user got scared me to departure. didn't sleep a wink that niter. thank goodness i Assessed here before i tried to contact him. . . . loosening

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