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Post by Guest,

6139025705 Record mentioned they were along with CARA and the immediate Interest was Needed. Instructed us or your Lawyer to call your Amount back as shortly as possible. Additionally previously mentioned Jeff Wilson was looking after the file.

Post by Rob,

613-902-5705 We Only gotten this same affecting phone message from Mary Wilson. It is quite disturbing to get the type of telephone and I feel sorry for a few individuals who would become taken by these goons. CARA website has a warning on their main page. . . HTTP Web. Cara arc. cg. ca menu Eng. HTML

Post by Amazing,

6139025705 I got your same telephone. It is thus Evident that the telephone is a scam. There are thus many unreasonable matters within the message. I don t need for point them out Merely within case they would right them and make the call more real. Use your common feeling. That guy dozen t know Canadian tax law and Offered Fully incorrect Recommendations. That Merely dozen t sound correct in the least. Don t waste your time for phone back.

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 Fake CARA threading phone. Called CARA in Ottawa and they do not do this Strategy. Notices are Directed} out in that mail. Why don t you personally get RCMP to inquire instead of supporting the individual. This number has been reported before. .

Post by Hazel,

6139025705 most alarming SCAM creepy Methods. . . . Unsuspecting Individuals should become warned

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 Claimed to become CARA for telephone immediately Jeff Wilson handling file

Post by Joe,

6139025705 Pretends to become CARA. Authorities organizations sends you personally official letters and never calls you by phone.

Post by Dominique,

613-902-5705 Acquired just same message the morning at 9 W. Absolute scam.

Post by Guest,

6139025705 CARA scam call

Post by Sandra,

613-902-5705 Gotten a threatening message from Jeff Wilson of the CARA called the Amount back. After at least W rings an South Indian sounding man just understandable said Hi. So I questioned who he was then he said CARA I demand your own name it's Around your tax. All you Notice in the background is lots of Individuals talking enjoy a phone Facility. Thus I told him I was not giving him my name and Inquired for Talk to a supervisor Subsequently he hung Upward on me.

Post by Jeremy,

6139025705 obtained a voice mail Around fraud on Fees it did t state whose taxes and it said that I or my attorney should call back asap and that it was a time sensitive question. If I did t telephone back Afterward we will 've to wait and see what events unfold against you and good luck . there was some name Additionally spoken but I could t ensure it is Outside.

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 Threatening fake telephone says it s from CARA

Post by Guest,

6139025705 Telephone maintaining for come out of Income Canada accusing of fraud and Demanding prompt Result to agent at RCA Tom Wilson. Received September W W.

Post by John,

613-902-5705 yes get same call Pretending to be the CARA. really threatening

Post by nkc,

6139025705 Call out of CARA Indian accent quite threatening.

Post by Verve,

613-902-5705 In 1 word . . . . SCAM. If you personally obtained a telephone from the number and a rude guy using an Highlight left a message about Canada Revenue Bureau don t even hassle calling them back. This can be simply a SCAM. .

Post by Eer,

6139025705 Got a second message on answering machine Similar for last weeks. He needs to become stopped before someone gets conned.

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 Had a Wonderful chat along with quot Tom Wilson quot who was type enough for let me understand that when I did t send money in W minutes of our Telephone telephone every Resource I have would be seized my Manager would become notified my bank accounts frozen and my passport revoked. I mentioned the Remarks on this website he hung Upward. Merely for fun I called him back several times to request exactly why he Installed Upward on me. They blocked my Amount LOLA.

Post by Jenn,

6139025705 Simply gotten an exceedingly pressing time sensitive message from CARA yes you personally heard it appropriate. . . Canadian Revenue Agency about legal issues seeing tax evasion and tax fraud due to your tax miscalculation. And before things get out of my control I must call them at W W W. Thus obviously fake but a very threatening tone that could alarm those unfamiliar along with CARA. They always contact you by send. Gotten the telephone on an Edmonton property line.

Post by Michelle,

613-902-5705 They called and left a message Recently and called again Now and i picked Upward that phone. Consistent along with everything that's been said here. I told your caller i knew the was a scam and told him not for call again.

Post by Guest,

6139025705 CARA impersonator scam telephone.

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 phone phone out of W W W. tom Wilson is Choosing attention of that file. tax fraud call asap or Lawyer to call. I am in Toronto a W number

Post by Guest,

6139025705 really Extreme message seeing tax fraud done purportedly by me . Called twice. Jeff Wilson is to become called back

Post by Mike,

613-902-5705 Same here. Said he s from Cara. A few babbles about taxes been audited and frauds. but when i Inquired him to send the letter for my address he said that hey 've Directed} your notice for my address and your address is wrong and you personally don t live there. Funny ha so i told him either send me a letter or Simply f. . . Upwards.

Post by Guest,

6139025705 Quite aggressive message regarding possible fraud accusations.

Post by JPM Kamloops,

613-902-5705 My goodness. . . . so quite threatening. This guy has called five times within that past month. He used that name Mary Wilson Now. He says we must call back as we 're being Priced with tax fraud. That express is an East Asian Highlight. Your first two times he used that name John. I called Income Canada to let them know and they told me everything is Excellent along with my Man and I. They knew about how threatening that calls can be. They said they vie had many people whine Around the same matter. I panic for your elderly that May}n' fall for this particular and that personal Information they might offer the Owner. Scary. . . .

Post by Jay,

6139025705 pretending to be CARA Canada Income Bureau . . . .

Post by Vancouver Senior,

613-902-5705 This Owner left a message saying it was pressing and time sensitive. He has an Highlight saying he s out of Canadian Income Bureau.

Post by laurence packer,

6139025705 name provided was Tom Wilson pressing and really threatening

Post by Joe,

613-902-5705 Same here. Said he s from Cara. Some babbles Around Fees been audited and frauds.

Post by Guest,

6139025705 CARA scam

Post by R Romman,

613-902-5705 Received the same call the morning Jeff Wilson having an East Indian Highlight urging to phone immediately as fraud on your own CARA account . I called the Amount back and acquired a busy signal. . This really is certainly a scam but could Look legit for unsuspecting people. .

Post by Laura,

6139025705 I vie received 3 or 4 of the same message from Jeff Wilson. .

Post by Dominique,

613-902-5705 Acquired exactly same message this morning at 9 W. Absolute scam.

Post by Tara,

6139025705 This really is really scam my afraid a few May}n' fall for it.

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 CARA scam call

Post by Guest,

6139025705 Additionally got that CARA scam telephone Now asking for my lawyers contact Information because a lawsuit was filed against me although he just had the last name

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 fake telephone out of CARA

Post by Guest,

6139025705 This really is thus clearly a scam and thus badly done that it made me jest.

Post by Ron Toto,

613-902-5705 Indian accent pretending to be out of CARA Canadian Income Bureau Around legal Request regarding tax evasion and tax miscalculations urges for phone Jeff Wilson at W W W instantaneously before matters get from hand .

Post by Leslie,

6139025705 Gotten a threatening call about fraudulent task regarding my tax claim. Clearly a scam but stressed about the aged who May}n' not understand this.

Post by From Mississauga,

613-902-5705 obtained same telephone Someone calling from CARA allegedly about tax fraud really time sensitive amp urgent amp to phone Jeff Wilson. I understand Revenue Canada dozen t phone people amp we have no tax dilemmas.

Post by AA,

6139025705 got a call from W W W and a guy has Canadian accent same threatening call from CARA if I don t call W W W Subsequently said great Fortune to Cope with Results.

Post by Sushi,

613-902-5705 Gotten a threatening Express send out of Cara on Friday regarding fraudulent task on my tax account. Called back this morning an Indian Feature guy replying your phone and said he will get my information Subsequently he Installed Upwards.

Post by Sam,

6139025705 Same as other posters. The guy left a voice mail. Threatening phone allegedly from CARA . Contact Ben Wilson. Indian Feature. It s thus terrible it s laughable. He said that if I did t return that call or my Lawyer that I would 've see what would Distribute and wished me great Fortune . Certainly faked Amount out of W Ottawa Place code.

Post by sharen rogers,

613-902-5705 message on replying machine for contact CARA immediately

Post by Guest,

6139025705 This really is your second phone I 've acquired purportedly from Revenue Canada. That first time they just left a message and said that if we did t call back within W hours we would be arrested. This time I said quot hello quot twice and finally spoke to your person who could just pronounce my Man s first OR last name. He sounded like he was out of an African country. Once he said he was out of Income Canada I said quot this is a scam and you should find something better to do with your own time quot and hung Upwards. Thus annoying. . . . .

Post by Karen,

613-902-5705 They called my W year old grandmother and thankfully that caregiver gave them my number. He said his name was Steven Cole son and he had an Indian Feature with ID Amount W and Telephone number W W W

Post by kurt,

6139025705 garble amp difficult for comprehend computer generated voice message says he is calling out of Income Canada and something Around tax evasion and fraud fraud my he should be charged with fraud amp his call back dozen t even work .

Post by Mary,

613-902-5705 LOLA Rick. I just got a call. Let it go for express send i Simply delete it

Post by Mary,

6139025705 LOLA Rick. I just got a phone. Let it go for voice send now i just delete it

Post by purrbollina,

613-902-5705 Someone calling out of CARA supposedly about tax fraud really time sensitive amp pressing amp to telephone Ben Wilson. I know Revenue Canada dozen t Telephone people amp we have no tax issues. Scampers.

Post by Annie,

6139025705 Man voice East Indian accent claiming out of CARA did t mention my name Simply CARA my first clue claiming automated but definitely not says pressing and time sensitive again I or my attorney must phone instantaneously as legal petition against me for tax fraud. As others 've said very threatening Actually frightened my Children when they heard the message. Will report him for Experts as well. CARA does not even leave private info along with a spouse or partner and they always state who they are calling for. That said I could see the scam reeling in some exposed folks.

Post by Guest,

613-902-5705 Scam Telephone telephone maintaining to be CARA.

Post by Guest,

6139025705 Mary Wilson re tax evasion

Post by N.T.H.A. Winnipeg,

613-902-5705 I phoned the CARA within Ottawa whose Representative told me this was a fraud brought call to get cash from inspecting Individuals. It needs to become investigated by your RCMP. That white pages is conscious of the fraud W but does nothing.

Post by John,

6139025705 yes get same phone Pretending for be that CARA. quite threatening

Post by Del,

613-902-5705 Rec d express MSG from this Amount Complete scam. CARA dozen t leave personal info on a machine and consistently addresses your name of your person they are Calling. This your ND such telephone I vie rec d. Please don t fall with this.

Post by Joe,

6139025705 Acquired the same phone today. Significant Indian Feature and threatening. Someone needs to would something with these tools. . . this really is from hand.

Post by Carla,

613-902-5705 Pretending to be the CARA. quite threatening. Phone CARA for verify Around that Fees.

Post by Laura,

6139025705 I vie gotten 3 or 4 of that same message from Ben Wilson. .

Post by Eer,

613-902-5705 Left a threatening message telling me or my Lawyer for contact them instantaneously due for property Fees being miscalculated. At end of lengthy message said he wished me luck if I did t contact them. Since when does Revenue Canada 've anything for can along with property taxes. Ignorant guy Reed s for be stopped.

Post by paul,

6139025705 horrible. . . . scared an aged family member. . . . . they should maintain jail.

Post by Gpatmar,

613-902-5705 Fraud telephone Cara

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2013832222 Complains by Guest,

unknown caller

6467571615 Complains by Guest,

said It s out of Irs. that i owe them a lot of money.

8133796930 Complains by Tommy,

They been telephone in my own house for a week now after that third time today of calling I replied told that guy for stop calling hung up on him and he calls right back cussing at me and threatening to rape my family and numerous other curse words coming out of his mouth

8053282815 Complains by Charles,

Robinson s Help Bond's South C Street Oxnard CA W W W W email W protected Robinson s Bail Bonds is a trustworthy provider of Bail Connection Services in Oxnard CA and that area. Help Bail Bond Help Bonds Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Service

8183869691 Complains by Annie,

Called Recently and three times today. Never a message. I refuse to answer any call I don't know. I let it ring eventually they quit.

5058041840 Complains by Guest,

I use for smile before I met u now all I do is Holler its time we both Expand Upward and discover to live alone.

7172560472 Complains by Guest,

Called and hanged Upwards there surely is a lot of Sound within that background sometimes when they telephone sounds like they're calling me wile driving. Merely tell them they're a scam. But don t tell them how you understand its a scam which is what I do.

2055238196 Complains by Guest,

Calls in your wee hours of your morning. No response and no message. Call back message says Amount not active.

8045543033 Complains by R. Workman,

Used W Min's messing with these scampers daytime off and nothing for would figured if I can this Subsequently that s someone he could t steal from. Absolute scam but really pleasure for mess with. If you have the time waste there time like they're wasting other

8046786200 Complains by SHOFI,

It s happening to me now. Cheers for that posted Information. . . I now know what s going on.

8043725691 Complains by Virgina,

These are Legal extortionists operating within Offshore boiler rooms using VIP for alter their identities and Places and out of your reach of Us law enforcement. If someone calls saying he s an Irs Representative and demands which you send money instantly hang up. It s a Telephone scam. Within fact it tops that Irs Filthy Dozen list of tax scams this year and it s been surging in new months your Bureau said Thursday. That Treasury Inspector General for Tax Management DICTA which oversees that Government has acquired reports of W W scam calls since October W and said nearly 3 W Sufferers have been swindled out of W million so Much. By Transforming their caller ID number to make it look enjoy they re calling out of an Government office these scampers often endanger vulnerable Individuals like your aged and fresh immigrants along with matters like arrest deportation or your loss of their motorist s permit if they don t pay instantly for money purportedly owed. Regularly Making messages that state it s pressing you personally phone them back your scampers use common names and occasionally state they are from the Government Criminal Department. They could even State to know the last four digits of your Societal Security Amount and send follow up Email addresses that Search for become from your Irs DICTA said. They Regularly need that Funds become got by prepaid debit card. Once they create their threats the scampers have been Understood for telephone back and again disguise their Owner ID so it appears they are calling in the Cops Section or your Department of Engine Cars DIV . Or occasionally when they phone they might state you've a refund due and ask you personally to Supply personal information so you can State it. Your Actual Government will Generally contact you by regular mail first if it needs for contact you in the least. And that agency never demands prompt payment by Telephone or asks for credit card or debit numbers if they can phone. It also never asks for personal or Fiscal data by email text or social media. If you get what you personally suspect is a scam telephone report it to DICTA through its Net site or telephone W W W. HTTP money. CNN. com W W W pf Fees Government tax scams

8003457439 Complains by Andi,

Consider getting a call blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or thus. If its a cell phone many already have phone blocking if not there are free Applications on your net that will work for a few. You can Google this. If you have a clever Telephone there surely is a free Program called telephone control. IPhone Look to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number. Report your own callers here not Only to the DC alone HTTP Internet. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism Assess. asp. Cell For text messages forwarding any text message spam you get to that short code W which spells spam on most Telephones for alert your network Driver for the abuse. Artwork won t Take W But they may accept BLOCK and return a message the web site is blocked. forwards your texts for W or BLOCK depending on your own phone carrier. By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. HTML file complaints on Foreign company s Client. gov Report Your own Grievance mail E-mail W protected

8002183474 Complains by Guest,

scam scam scam

8003195851 Complains by Guest,

Do not text or telephone me w your own Crisis. you are blocked.

8002220661 Complains by ScamAlert,

Claims to be from Union Bank of San DiegoUses the name Michael Anthony Smith and states that he has a check for you from a sweepstakes and just needs the insurance paid to get it delivered to you.  Asks that you get a MoneyPak and give him the number off of it.  Complete and total scam.

8043183309 Complains by festival,

I did t answer

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