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Post by Joanie Vester,

6139279688 Your word salad Really makes sense if you personally study it a minute and emotionally Place all your words and punctuation that you intentionally Simply left Outside. Great job.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 gotten a Registered call saying CARA has been Striving to reach me the phone is a Closing see that they're quot launching a litigation quot . sounds enjoy rubbish.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 They said there was a litigation filed against me from CARA for a mistake on my tax returns from W W and that the arrest warrant was being issued that i would be arrested unless i made a payment arrangement or Resolved that complete Statement 3 W . That Man said his name was Official Rob Peterson along with a substantial East Indian Highlight. I could hear a din of voices in your room he was calling out of I vie worked in phone Locations .

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Hardhat called back many times after Ignorant ring someone finally answered. I led that dumb a on for a bit and let him 've it. I could t stop laughing. Dumb f ks. CARA my a

Post by Guest,

6139279688 States they were Striving to reach me and that Revenue Canada was going to launch a lawsuit against me. I hung Upward at that point because I know that Revenue Canada doesn't call.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Obtained a message from the number automated that the CARA was filing a match against me.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Purported to become out of Canada revenue Bureau threatening legal action. Asked me for call back I did not.

Post by Tori,

613-927-9688 said i m being sued by Cara.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Threatening suit from CARA

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 got record phone for call the Amount when I called was told owe CARA Fees and would become arrested if I did not pay cash. When I insisted would pay at the bank and send receipt they hung Upward. . Brand new SCAM. .

Post by StillNaive,

6139279688 Yes I spent one hour on your phone along with these people calling out of W W W. They had all my personal data and Actual Sum the CARA had contacted me in the past Around. How did they get all this information. They Really had me go to my bank and withdraw funds and I almost took your next measure of making a payment for your Lawyer General of Canada until they told me they wanted me for E-mail confirmation to your gm ail account. Red flag. Subsequently with that cash in my bag I noticed someone following me out of my bank. It was so dubious. Finally I got to your computer where I could check the Amount. Thank you personally everyone who Additionally reported this Amount. I am going to phone the Cops now as these Individuals have my Dwelling address.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 It s a scam. Gotten a Registered phone saying they were CARA and that a suit was being Registered against me and that I demand to call this number right away.

Post by Nasa,

6139279688 I gotten called 3 hours Past Owner left express message saying phone back immediate W. I did t phone back felt shocked. Aim aware After that it s Joke call or scam. Become careful everyone.

Post by Cathy,

613-927-9688 They called my cell and was a recording message saying a law suite was Submitted again me. Fresh correct away it was not real.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Same CARA message received did not call back

Post by Willy,

613-927-9688 Received a message the morning with the same thing you talked Scam be careful

Post by Martin,

6139279688 Acquired a call said I was going for be sued by CARA and for phone W W W for info. When called it rings a amusing ring Subsequently hangs up. Needs to become Ceased.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Automated message says they CARA advising that a suit is being Submitted against me and to press 1 for more data.

Post by Mal,

6139279688 Only gotten robot phone asserting legal action by CARA same as everyone else. CARA doesn't phone and threaten for sue. CARA won't leave a message of meant Activity CARA will only discuss with the taxpayer directly and not leave any message of the nature for who ever answers your Telephone or listens to some voice mail message. Legal Actions by CARA would also only commence after offering Composed notices by Enrolled mail and other advance conversation.

Post by Steve,

613-927-9688 I Pleasant robot Female called in the Canada Revenue Agency W W W telling me I was having a Litigation Registered against me. Glad I located that places.

Post by IK,

6139279688 Simply got the same phone. My wife called back and talked for someone using an Indian Feature who was really belligerent She was told that same Storyline about not me paying taxes out of W W and that a sheriff was Giving an Charge Guarantee. We don't 've sheriffs within Quebec so she send him for hell and Installed up on him. I wonder where they are getting names and Amounts from. Anyone knows.

Post by CK,

613-927-9688 I just got the same call. My Original Stress made me call back instantaneously ready for conflict. Thankfully no just one replied. When I felt it was sketch I searched and located you personally all 've that same Problem. Great for understand it s all a scam. I Actually want they would solve this Waste. I win Visits for the Bahamas and free plane tickets every week. So Annoying.

Post by Glen,

6139279688 Simply got within and noticed that I d received your same voice mail as everyone else. . . I recognized the scam right away as last year I acquired over W phone calls on my People Skype number which had the last two digits reversed to the number they were giving as that telephone back number. . . Based on your information that I was given by a few of that individuals who I talked with the message being left and your line being fed is just your same as your one they were using within that Us Consequently that reference for Marshall s and Sheriffs. . . Be diligent People. . . . Don t supply Outside private information or even affirm it along with someone who calls you. . . find Outside who they're calling on behalf of and let them know which you can have for follow up along with your CARA directly and thank them for their time. Then go Outside and look for that real number for call and Twice check with them in this case your CARA. . . The Canada Revenue Bureau does not telephone you personally and tell you personally you made a mistake in your own Fees. . . They mail you the data first. . . If the first You're Reading of something enjoy this is a threatening Telephone call or voice mail comprehend which is a reddish flag of a scam. . . Don t let these scum bags cheat or bully you personally into giving data or delivering them money. . . .

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Got a suspect call that was a recorded message that informed me that the Canada Revenue Agency CARA was Around for Begin a suit against me. When I called back another record told me that quot No one is replying your Telephone. . . call back again later quot . Go ogled Cybernetics Oration and Directed} a complaint to HTTP Web. cybernetics. ca legal nuisance calls

Post by dj,

6139279688 Sorry there is no way for get your phone novel numbers if you telephone back. But I m not sure if you personally re trolling or not. . .

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Scam leaving a Registered message the CARA was filling a final find law match against me Amount traced back for Cybernetics Corp landmine in Athens Ontario. the Amount is a scam.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 scam scam scam don t waste your own time

Post by Rick,

613-927-9688 I work in Sales and Taxes and after becoming contacted by 4 Distinct clients I contacted CARA directly. It was Affirmed that this is a fraudulent phone number and not CARA. They're becoming bombarded by Telephone calls so it Looks this number has exploded within the last W W hours. Be thorough Outside there Folks and don t give out sensitive information to Everyone over that phone. Recall if they're calling you personally they already have all of your info.

Post by Steve,

6139279688 Got your same call. A female voice recording that threatened that CARA was imitating a lawsuit and i Desired to phone W W W

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 called when we were not House left message . previously mentioned that CARA was filing litigation against people. Absolute SCAM.

Post by AZ,

6139279688 I Merely got a telephone from the number along with female voice recording saying that CARA is filing a law match against me and I 've to call your same number back.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 States they were Striving for reach me also from Revenue Canada and launching a lawsuit

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Scam. CARA filing a lawsuit Bahama Attempted to telephone back busy Transmission. Can attempt to call back tomorrow and tell him for go f k himself after I Direct that pecker on for a bit Lola. It s the least I may do.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 They said this was that last discover the CARA is Processing a suit against people and I had to phone this number to discuss that file.

Post by anon,

6139279688 They said there was a lawsuit Registered against me from CARA for a mistake on my tax Yields from W W and that an arrest Guarantee was being issued that i would become arrested unless i got a payment Organization or Completed your entire bill 3 W . Your guy said his name was Specialist Rob Peterson along with a significant East Indian Highlight. I could Notice a din of voices in that room he was calling out of I vie worked in call Stores . I go ogled your number W and found this page.

Post by Sam,

613-927-9688 Exactly I got your same phone telephone and I called back for that Amount twice but hanged Upward on me

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Received a call out of the number. Voice on another Finish was automated and proposed the phone telephone was a Closing see out of Canada Revenue Agency and they were going for Continue along with legal Activity.

Post by Louis,

613-927-9688 I got that same phone that threatened that CARA is commencing a lawsuit against me.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 They called me . I called them back and they said they're from Indianapolis. He gave me his name Paul Smith. I told him he was going to become reported when I said that he was like u Millimeters mm. . I Put Upwards .

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Scam. . . . . CARA

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Received a call from the Amount. Express on another Finish was automated and proposed the phone phone was a Closing see from Canada Income Agency and they were going for proceed along with legal action.

Post by Heather,

613-927-9688 Got your telephone from W W W saying I was being sued. It was a record. I Viewed Upwards that number on the Web and located this site. Quite glad I did. Expect your powers that be stop the scam.

Post by Joanie Vester,

6139279688 Your word salad actually makes sense if you personally study it a minute and mentally Put all that words and punctuation that you blatantly just left out. Good job.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 I Merely called the number and the man that replied said his name was Official Darren Marlin of the CARA.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 CARA scam number

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 called when we were not home left message . mentioned that CARA was filing suit against people. Complete SCAM.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Claims to be revenue Canada

Post by dj,

613-927-9688 Sorry there is no manner for get your Telephone publication Amounts if you personally telephone back. But I m not sure if you personally re trolling or not. . .

Post by Jim,

6139279688 That Amount revealed as W so I normally don t Select Upward international calls I don t recognize but did the time for a few Ignorant motive. I got the CARA is going for sue you personally message which sounds curious. Based on this train of thought I m not going to telephone that local State code Variant of the Amount. Thanks

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Acquired your same recorded message saying CARA was Processing a suit against me and for call this number. Glad a checked up on the number clear scam.

Post by Ellen,

6139279688 Message left on Telephone said Canada revenue was filing law fit against me I checked on Goo notes saved myself a very long distance telephone.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Obtained a call out of this number. Voice on the other Finish was automated and advised the Telephone call was a final find out of Canada Revenue Bureau and they were going to Continue along with legal action.

Post by Sam,

6139279688 Exactly I got the same phone phone and I called back to that Amount twice but hanged Upward on me

Post by Donna,

613-927-9688 Got that same telephone. Simply hung Upwards. happy I did as I see it's a scam.

Post by Tim,

6139279688 Got a phone out of this Amount an hour Past. Initially was told I was going for be sued and for provide my Lawyers Information to them. After a few Min's on the phone they said they Additionally had an arrest warrant Outside on me through that police. Kept them on that phone a bit longer and was told i was being audited for a miscalculation within W for an error of W at this point I Installed Upward. I hope these guys rot in hell. They had all of my private data. Full name Delivery date address. . . Expecting people don t offer up any more personal info. Become careful.

Post by Carolyn,

613-927-9688 gotten the same message the morning called back humorous ring on your line no one answered. Does anyone understand if they will now have access for my phone Associates.

Post by Guest,

6139279688 Acquired a Registered telephone saying they were CARA and that a litigation was being Registered against me and that I demand for phone the Amount appropriate away.

Post by Guest,

613-927-9688 Got the same recorded message on my machine. When I called back after a couple of Peculiar sounding rings another recording told me that quot No one is replying the Telephone. . . telephone back again later quot Go ogled Cybernetics and sent a Criticism to HTTP Internet. cybernetics. ca legal nuisance calls

Post by terri,

6139279688 Got your same call. I phoned and got through but the Girl on the phone wanted private Information and would t supply me her name or Banner . When Inquired for the Special Section she is within she said Taxation but could t tell me if it was corporate or para. . . private. Definitely not CARA. . .

Post by Shannon,

613-927-9688 Got a call and it said i was going to be sued and to Telephone that Amount for info. And when i called it rings a funny ring Subsequently hangs Upwards.

Post by Masoud,

6139279688 I Additionally got a telephone out of the Amount and enjoy others it said Purpose getting sued by CARA. thanks for Google and these places that got me feel great otherwise it could ruin my daytime. trust CARA and Phone Experts Cease it ASAP before they can actually do any damage.

Post by faro,

613-927-9688 Got the same message. Go ogled your Amount. All Websites Validated it was a scam. Called CARA and they Supported it was a scam as nicely. If everyone like people can their Research and verify before calling scampers scampers may become gone. . . until next scam. cheers everyone.

Post by Lini Jones,

6139279688 Alleging lawsuit against me from CARA Scared that breezes from me until I checked with CARA found all is nicely hope someone takes reprisal please post online when they're caught

Post by weaponsout,

613-927-9688 got your same call. . . don t Stress. i take a lot of pride f King these Folks Upwards.

Post by Lisa,

6139279688 Got that same telephone overly felt sick did t call them back thank goodness. I m guessing that is a Check for look for this many other Folks. Where could we report that number for get it stopped.

Post by rob,

613-927-9688 Merely got a phone and message from the number the first component was cut off thus all I heard was . . . is suing you please contact this Amount immediately . I notion it was for something I downloaded so I Assessed and located this thankfully it s Merely a scam instead Lola.

Post by dj,

6139279688 Sorry there surely is no way for get your Telephone publication Amounts if you personally telephone back. But I m not sure if you re trolling or not. . .

Post by Tim,

613-927-9688 Got a voice send and called it back. . . Absolute scam. . . from your Canadian Revenue Agency . . . poor English speakers. . trouble is I don t know what they already understand.

Post by MJ,

6139279688 Got that same message Left within my express mail saying that I was being sued by your CARA. . Did not phone them back because I was sure it was a scam.

Post by Tracy,

613-927-9688 I got call from W said suit and need phone the number

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2512693594 Complains by bob miller,


3362951534 Complains by Guest,

consider it Spam really rude Man said I ask him to phone me about Vehicle information I never did and when I told him for stop calling became very argumentative. said for be LCM who ever that's.

7189300000 Complains by Guest,

No no

7865773470 Complains by Guest,

call several times and no answer then they keep calling all hours of daytime and nighttime annoying. .

2175244720 Complains by Owner,

Received a call from this number stating they where from the dept. of revenue scam did not return their call!! Beware

7877777775 Complains by Guest,

them keep selling asserting I owe a loan for a Auto. i have never took a loan. its annoying. them telephone 2 3 times a daytime each day.

8002145304 Complains by Guest,

This really is Absolute Card a credit card Business out of South Dakota. They strive using local Amounts in the trust which you may reply your phone. Disregard them Particularly if you might have formerly paid them away. Assess in to class Activity lawsuits against them.

9176345304 Complains by Guest,

They phone and Installed Upward I tried calling it back and I get a occupied tone

8132906001 Complains by Cat,

i get a call Regular at midday. once at 4. PM. each time i Getaway t been Approximately for reply it and they never leave a express send. i talked to some Verizon wireless representative who looked at my account and he told me all my bills were on time and that Verizon had no motive to become calling me and if they did 've a reason they would have left me a message. he said he d never heard of the number and that it was coming from Tampa Florida. he also said if i kept receiving that calls i could talk to another representative and 've them block that number for me.

9184420332 Complains by Guest,

They are looking for someone else

9182961611 Complains by Guest,

I dint have any Notion who this can be when i did answer it was a computer. I attempted calling it back amp it never said who what company they are with.

4046252327 Complains by Guest,

I get a call out of the Amount several times a day. They do not leave a message. This morning they called 5 times in an hour.

4154662093 Complains by Guest,

Calls every daytime. . . Annoying. . .

4435073097 Complains by Guest,

Would not leave MSG

6302754259 Complains by Guest,

no good.

6612830230 Complains by Guest,


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