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Post by Salman,

6139444000 Be careful. Do not offer out your private info. Your Man called my House Amount. He had no Notion about which Nation I immigrated from. Inquired me a few question I Offered him my cell number . He said he may phone my cell Telephone and I have for stay online with him thus I can pay W registration fee. Your minute he mentioned that I have to pay a few fee I knew it was fake. I told him for send me postal send and let me take legal Activity through immigration council. I Put Upward.

Post by N/A,

613-944-4000 I got same telephone and your person said his name is Jay Taylor Indian Feature

Post by naee,

6139444000 yes i agree that same matter happened to me.

Post by Geraldine,

613-944-4000 becoming the same calls her 3 times now. . saying my original Nation is Guyana LOLA

Post by SARWAR,

6139444000 I obtained phone telephone in the same number. That Individual told me that I 'm calling from ICC when I inquired about ICC and who is he. He instantaneously Shed that line. Please become thorough from such persons

Post by Fruad Phone Call,

613-944-4000 This really is Amount that gets displayed on that caller ID. The Individual said they were calling out of ICC and had an Criticism lodged against me by the Canadian embassy in my native country. He had a Latino accent. I Inquired him to send a notification and hanged Upwards.

Post by From Vancouver,

6139444000 I Additionally obtained a Telephone phone today just as everyone is discussing. A very rude Girl with aggressive mode said that she was calling out of Immigration and that the call was being recorded. She warned me that I cannot hang up the phone I said of course I can and I am. Please warn everyone in your own circle about this issue. Some Folks might feel threatened and nervous to Extreme criminals enjoy this. Do not Give THEM ANY Data About You personally they may ask to your first name your cell Telephone Amount anything from you personally.

Post by Vyanky,

613-944-4000 Just finished more than 6 hours of harassment along with these People. Luckily got out without any Monetary loss. Their Feature and asking cash by Western Union Credit Card made me suspicious.

Post by Gurmeet,

6139444000 A few Lady phone my Mother telling her Name Lucking Alkali telling me that she is calling me from Canada government immigration service she asked my mother to pay W otherwise she can become arrested by her police department i thinks it Only prank call

Post by Guest,

613-944-4000 Pretending to become out of ICC Immigration services. I figure was tiring to get my SIN Information.

Post by Guest,

6139444000 the person is trying for look for personal info. Fraud and cheat group.

Post by Mohamed Elamin,

613-944-4000 I got 2 calls out of Canadian immigration and they said they received Grievance out of Embassy of Canada abroad Around me and will telephone RCMP Charge me even though I did nothing incorrect.

Post by Canadian,

6139444000 I Merely obtained telephone from W W W and told me I 'm calling from ICC he wants many more info out of me so told him let me Join to local Authorities and he hangup. Please if anyone telephone along with this number or other Amount please do not provide your info or cash to them this is Huge SCAM is going on and police and RCMP know about them.

Post by E.H.,

613-944-4000 Similar for above reports guy along with Indian Feature . . . Quick questions about immigration standing along with threats the RCMP can Choose me Upwards in W minutes if I do not comply. Switched me around to RCMP Official Watson who made similar threats.

Post by Guest,

6139444000 Violent callers always making unwanted calls even by using Distinct Place codes and phone Amounts . . . . CR TC is being notified as I 've been on your Do not Telephone list for years . . .

Post by M Mathu,

613-944-4000 A Woman on your phone said mathematics you personally did t Complete your sort. we are calling from RCMP . you have to fill your type. no other detail given when I Inquired what type You're talking about I did t receive any sort to for Complete. she was bluffing she was rude with filthy language and Put Upward.

Post by kuppla,

6139444000 Same thing. Got a telephone allegedly drink immigration saying my Residence country was suing me. Inquired for details and was given the name Alex Weber and an id K's. he Additionally Offered me a call back W which USN t t even a number and he told me I needed for Discuss to some legal representative. I said why and questioned him and he then cut that line.

Post by i m matthew,

613-944-4000 The phone call me and telling me A Girl voice that i am from ICC and they filed a Criticism against me. I hang Upwards.

Post by Bharat Vaishnav,

6139444000 I have been getting calls from the Amount from someone who States for become calling from Canadian Citizenship and Immigration department. I know the person has got Nuisance calls before Additionally. Owner has think Indian Highlight.

Post by VRM,

613-944-4000 Merely obtained a phone out of a guy who informed me that my Residence embassy had registered a Gripe against me along with the ICC for not filling Upwards a form. Recognizing an Indian Highlight I told him to Place down your Telephone and Merely buzz away. He called me again and swore at me. Please be careful

Post by A J,

6139444000 Here are two pages of links for mostly Authorities sites within Canada and the Usa were you are able to report phone scams or discover more Around them. Appearance here first HTTP notes. com arts Inimical where to report phone crime If the reporting Website you personally Needed is not in that above list attempt the one HTTP phone help. Truth. com complaint's. HTML Please answer to this post to let's know you read it or have taken acceptable Activities to shield yourself.

Post by PG,

613-944-4000 I obtained an identical phone from Mouthy gt Jason Poor Canadian Highlight and rude guy gt Visual Sham gt Jack Robert today at W W am. After 1 hrs of threats and Waste I Put up your Telephone.

Post by Now why,

6139444000 on God s green world would you need to phone a Legal Beck.

Post by A J,

613-944-4000 Here are two pages of links for mostly Authorities sites within Canada and your Us were you are able to report Telephone scams or discover more about them. Look here first HTTP notes. com arts Inimical where to report phone offense If your reporting site you wanted isn't in your above list try this 1 HTTP phone help. Truth. com complaint's. HTML Please answer to this post to let's know you personally read it or have Chosen appropriate actions to protect yourself.

Post by Mike,

6139444000 I had your Specific same experience Now. The phone Amount that got displayed is W that is a bit Tough because if you appearance at Simply W Afterward this can be a number for Canada international Bureau. Don't ever supply any data on that Telephone.

Post by Pokey,

613-944-4000 My Mother got a call yesterday the number was W W W. . . . same matter. . . . there is a case against you. . . pay cash or become arrested. My Mother has been a Canadian Citizen for years and we have Instructed her for Comprehend a scam. Man go rude. . . I tried for call him back. . . . but their was a message that Amount could not be Related. Thus we get another telephone Now. . . your number is W W W. And when I called it back. . . it went for that Foreign Matters Trade Development office. That is not their number. I called the office and they proposed that they're aware of scam and are investigating. Really Unusual that when you W. . . you personally get led to an official Canadian Gov t office.

Post by Afzal,

6139444000 Call from W caller along with poor Indian Highlight calling himself Jay ICC your Canadian Embassy has a lodged an Immigration case against you personally. . . and so on. I called him a terrorist and he became very agitated and Installed up.

Post by Guest,

613-944-4000 This caller pretends that he s from immigration Canada and will try to get your own contact details from you and can Additionally ask you personally for pay W immediately when you are on the phone

Post by John,

6139444000 Your worst Indian accent ever waited on hold when next person Arrived on they started swearing and hung up

Post by Now why,

613-944-4000 on God s green earth would you desire to phone a Legal Beck.

Post by Carol A.,

6139444000 Man having an Indian accent called out of Immigration . Inquired for Mr. There's no Mr. here . He insisted your your guy on my Telephone was Mr. and he was illegally within that Nation and he was going to send the police for my door and arrest him. My friend said go forward. Was asking all sorts of questions which we not replied so my Pal Inquired for a phone that we could call back but he would t present just one. Eventually your Owner Only hung Upwards.

Post by naee,

613-944-4000 yes i agree the same thing happened for me.

Post by Geraldine,

6139444000 getting the same calls her 3 times now. . saying my Initial State is Guyana LOLA

Post by A Gupta,

613-944-4000 I just recd a phone from this number the Individual tells me he is calling out of ICC viewing a case against me in my own House country. RCMP have sent me a notification and he needed a details out of me to Complete Outside a form. Then I said should I present you personally any details You're frauds tell me where are you calling out of. I may report for RCMP and Subsequently he Moved to my language and said if you personally understand it Merely hang Upwards. What's being done along with these callers.

Post by Shweta,

6139444000 Containers finished talking for this guy who called himself Official Austin White . . . . sounded brownish as f . . . told me thy re Eat send the RCMP officer for Charge me within another half hour. . . . i told him I'm gnaw get dressed for get arrested. . . no 1 revealed.

Post by nazia,

613-944-4000 I think by now Canadians should now that NO Authorities Bureau or banks and Monetary Companies would ever ask you Around your own personal data around phone ever. I snubbed your caller and hung Upward never for Choose the Amount again.

Post by Aruna,

6139444000 All Bad English Thai Thai the. . . . . yes I would agree

Post by Now why,

613-944-4000 on God s green earth would you need to telephone a criminal Beck.

Post by George,

6139444000 Phone came out of this same Amount today. Same Specific text that Canadian embassy in my own native State lodged a case against me. An arrest warrant was issued and i will become deported back by your next flight. And i wont become Capable to return for Canada for next W years. For avert i need do OCR. Out of court resolution for a Cost if W dollars. He said his Specialist can come to my House to register this and Amass cash. I told him not to come House but come for my Attorneys office. He said your Cope is only along with me. He was rude and could not comprehend his English. name is Roberts and when i refused for pay he threatened that i can become arrested by RCMP today. And hang Upward. While i was go ogling call came 2 more times. What a pity. . .

Post by Amanda,

613-944-4000 Chronic scampers all along with bad Feature Called several times already and are becoming irked when i Begin laughing after hearing ICC Attempted to frighten me along with RCMP during a third telephone today Won't tell me from which Nation I m supposed to come out of though true ICC would understand all my Info and would never phone on that Telephone without ID.

Post by Jameel,

6139444000 How scaring is this gang . They understand for dodge and create a Individual idiot. I had twice telephone from the Amount and harping on that same story that they 've a file for not filing your form and get Prepared to become deported or otherwise waive this away by depositing W. W which will become returned for you when you personally reach airport and hint your Forms with CB SA there. What a Bluff . They should rightly taken over by the authorities for avert for make fools for the innocent.

Post by A J,

613-944-4000 Here are two pages of links to mostly government sites within Canada and your Usa were you are able to report Telephone scams or learn more Around them. Look here first HTTP notes. com Artwork Inimical where for report phone offense If the reporting Website you wanted isn't in your above list attempt the 1 HTTP Telephone help. Truth. com complaint's. HTML Please reply to this post to why don't we know you personally read it or 've taken suitable Activities to protect yourself.

Post by DS,

6139444000 Obtained that same call from W saying he is calling from ICC and there's legal case and an Charge warrant against me. Told him I ll become at home waiting for that RCMP to come get me he Put Upward.

Post by SSN,

613-944-4000 I had the same call from W W W and that Man along with east Indian accent told me there is a case against me as I did t Restore my Strange Amount. they asked for my cell Amount which I declined at hand it over. the Man introduce him as Henry Wright and Inquired me to go to post office and Subsequently call W W W to present me the Teaching for Whole some forms. after reviewing above notes I understood it s a Enormous scam and thanks.

Post by TT,

6139444000 yes they Additionally said you that they're out of your own Dwelling country Canadian embassy and you personally forget to fill Upwards a legal paper called IMAM W but do not Stress it's a fake telephone. and do not supply your own full name or date of Start. and even sometimes they do not know what's your Residence State.

Post by Leena,

613-944-4000 I Additionally got the same telephone and I new it out of quite first sentence that they are fraud.

Post by Rom,

6139444000 I got telephone at Residence with W your Man Jason mirror saying complain been Registered against me within back Dwelling Nation. I replied oh Yes I can see subject in court than. I said I am gonna phone local police and go from there. . The Man hang up.

Post by Anjum,

613-944-4000 That Man pretended to become an immigration service advisor out of ICC Ottawa. He Offered his name as Jason Cooper along with Staff ID ON. And Offered my case file as Cache told me that there is a case lodged against me by Canadian embassy abroad. That manner I talked to him he got frightened and cut away the line.

Post by Miss Osman,

6139444000 A few Lady or Gents call me whose name was Roy Roy Parker might become I don t understand than she transferred for some one who tell me that i 'm calling u from ICC and they Registered a Grievance against me. I hang Upward.

Post by khan,

613-944-4000 I received a telephone today with a person talking to me in English. He told me that I have a case for my deportation and when I was arguing with him he transport ed to your translator in within my language. He discussed and tried for rip me away with W and when I hang Upwards he attempted for reach me again calling my number he Inquired my cell Telephone but i did not offer him my number. He told me when I do not conform to him my file can be transferred for RCMP and they can arrest my family if I 'm not home and they can get me too as well

Post by Guest,

6139444000 Nail Gupta phone me again and again and tell me I am talking you government of Canadian Citizen immigration office and emotionally harassment of the person and quite abusing language Discuss this Individual thus please investigation the person the Individual telephone me W I am already complain of your police station I 'm Currently remain in Edmonton Alberta city .

Post by mkhan,

613-944-4000 Guy with accent claimed he was from ICC and said their was a Gripe lodged against me. Needed to support my Local Nation. Could hardly understand him. Said the was Clearly a Joke telephone so I was going to report his Amount. He Put Upwards.

Post by DK,

6139444000 Gotten a bizarre telephone out of W W W from someone called Kevin along with Indian Feature. He said that I Haydn t filled a Bureau of Customs kind on March W and I was to become deported. Wanted my SIN Amount. When I refused for give it his Manager came on that line and used threatening and abusive language. Don t answer or discuss anything. Let s expect someone can catch m and defeat your crap out of them. . .

Post by RIIJ,

613-944-4000 I 've received the exact same call from the Amount and they threatened to deport me to my Residence country. After making untrue accusations they said your RCMP is following me and have a warrant against me. First it was a lady who called and talked very rudely and After passed on the telephone to someone named James using an Indian accent . They Promised that everything I state is being recorded but failed to Supply any credibility within their words.

Post by Amanda,

6139444000 Guy named Jason called out of the number today saying it s ICC and duplicating your canard about legal case brought against me I Inquired exactly why his gov. ID dozen t show and hanged up. He attempted again 2 more times but I was already on the page so I did t response. Thanks God for internet where you are able to Assess those scampers correct away.

Post by TT,

613-944-4000 yes they Additionally said you that they are out of your own home State Canadian embassy and you forget to fill Upward a legal paper called IMAM W but do not worry it is a fake call. and don't give your not empty name or date of Delivery. and even occasionally they do not understand what is your own Residence Nation.

Post by Nj,

6139444000 Received telephone out of W saying he is calling from ICC and there surely is legal case against me at my native country. When asked what type of case and details he Desired me to Supply my personal details. I told him that I dint supply it on Telephone thus send me mail and he hung up.

Post by Guest,

613-944-4000 exactly why they constantly telephone us

Post by Guest,

6139444000 Caller Estimated to be from Immigration Office. Harassed more than 6 hours. Initially Inquired to pay W through Western Union for quot NBA Jamar Singh quot . Then their Canadian High Commission officer Stuffy Inquired for pay W by Credit Card. Went for Local Police Station and got out of it.

Post by Ron,

613-944-4000 Same as everybody else out of ICC but Actually could not even recognize them thus I hung up.

Post by George,

6139444000 I got a telephone from this Amount. Seems enjoy a Pakistani accent.

Post by Seema,

613-944-4000 Man named Jason called out of this number Now saying it s ICC and duplicating that canard about legal case brought against me in my Local State I asked for details . . i was told that they are keeping eye on me and RCMP can anytime Resource me. Upon further discussion i was asked for go for western union and pay W if i need to become safe in the court.

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8174931918 Complains by rjm65,

foreign speaking girl sounded enjoy heavy Indian Feature Striving for tell me my computer was infected with viruses and if I let her into your machine she would fix it for me. . . I told her I run Linux and have no viruses because Linux can not get a virus and hung up. . . . LOLA Afterward I blocked their a . . .

2146989103 Complains by Guest,

Dint like her

4702252571 Complains by Guest,

credit one bank

2147749123 Complains by Guest,

green acres

8155569931 Complains by Guest,

Today got a telephone from quot James quot who said something about my Lately quot being on among their Occupation sites quot . When I asked what job site he Put Upwards. When I did a net search there are listings for Juliet amp Simple field Il for Messiah Lutheran Church but Additionally some Unusual mentions of the same within Honolulu Hello amp Tuscon Az.

6178614963 Complains by Guest,

Potential spam

4044001128 Complains by Guest,


5165901850 Complains by Guest,

Idiot. . could i Talk to that owner. . response This can be a corporation. . Nicely could I speak for your owner. Response Described it was a corporation again. . They hung Upward. . Guy I am sick of calls enjoy the. .

8003117847 Complains by Fed up,

No message left.

8003088020 Complains by EdJack,

Pursuit calling to attempt and get me to refinance my loan.

8003160361 Complains by Stacey,

They telephone a couple times a day. I don t reply amp they don t leave a message. Occasionally I pick Upwards n hang Upward on em but they still keep calling back. ANNOYING.

8002809770 Complains by tb,

they were quite rude and said they are suing me and i was a liar and Put Upward and won t answer my Telephone call since they Put Upwards on me.

8003194934 Complains by nice guy,

Calls Practically Day-to-day stating they can cut mys bills within half this can be Only among that numbers.

8042120832 Complains by jgc,

got a text from W along with your same message as the others. when I text Edward back Verizon said it was a land line and for 0. W I could can a text for voice message. I Subsequently called that Amount along with Place code that return text gave W and got a phone could not be Related as dialed. SCAM. I reported that testing number Additionally.

8002846066 Complains by Amanda,

These people called my parents for me . . . or my ex sister in law along with that same name. After I stated numerous times that her name and my name are your same as if the first time wan t Clear enough I Inquired for info to Check the account was mine because I get calls daily for her Unhappy but Authentic. That Bizarre matter for me is he Inquired me to verify my DOB and SS . . . which I refused I never supply that information around the Telephone. He asked again and I again refused. He then placed me on hold came back Around a Second After and said my system is frozen will there be a manner you are able to telephone back. I was shocked as I could hear people in your background certainly typing and reading from the Displays I asked him for phone back when the system was Upward and running . . . 3 hours Past. Still nothing. I think of it this manner you personally called me for a debt so you've my info read it to me and I ll Confirm. Perhaps I m incorrect but I think this can be a spoofing scam as Hal stead is a credible agency but does not use the number Allowing to them. Interesting huh.

8042177156 Complains by Jessica,

Same here and I would have an account and I create all my payments thus I do not understand that continuous calling. I have been receiving 3 4 calls an hour from two separate numbers Around Linda. It's annoying and when I response it is a Registered message or I get hung Upward on. It makes no sense. . . even after asking not for get calls the just one time I was able to Talk for an True Man.

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