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Telephone information: Tw Telecom Of Ohio LLC. Columbus, OH. Franklin. United states
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Post by Milly,

6142127554 That are creditors for Lane Bryant Victoria Secret Comenity credit cards Comenity Bank basically

Post by World Financial - Store Credit Cards,

614-212-7554 I 've acquired a phone from the number today. I did t response it. I Generally don t along with Amounts I don t know. No message left. I consider they called last month looking for someone else though. Told them no one by that name lived here. They asked would you understand them . I told them I said no 1 lives here by that name . Afterward they Inquired how long i vie had the Amount. . oh. . . Around W years now.

Post by Guest,

6142127554 Universe Fiscal network

Post by AmyinTexas,

614-212-7554 I screen all my calls and never Select Upward if it s a name I don t Understand. FINN has been calling W or W times a day for several months and they never leave a message. I see in the web that they are Invoice Lovers and since I have no outstanding debts they are looking for someone else. I suppose there s no manner to prevent the Telephone from ringing all daytime and nighttime. . . .

Post by oi812mny,

6142127554 Worthless without a Sal

Post by Sick of the Scammers,

614-212-7554 Phone a Customer credit attorney. . . this is harassment.

Post by Di,

6142127554 I reported the number for that Authorities. They said don't give them a matter and block the number. They are scam artist and there are numerous complaints about these people.

Post by Guest,

614-212-7554 Unwanted sales _

Post by Annoyed in colorado,

6142127554 your same guy keeps calling me around and over again being really rude. they won t send me a statement within your send thus I could make payments either. then tells me he s going for send my paperwork to some Attorney. I told him go forward you are able to t get blood from a turnip. Subsequently I tried to call the number back on my caller ID and lo and behold it won t go through

Post by Deb,

614-212-7554 Ty for researching that and letting me understand who it belongs to

Post by Tiffany,

6142127554 They re collectors from Small Brands. I. E. Victoria s Key Express Limited. . . They re rude and Nearly never leave a message.

Post by Sick of Scammers,

614-212-7554 If You're Truly filing for Insolvency you offer these people your name and the Telephone for your attorney Managing the Insolvency. If they continue you personally phone them you personally sue their off. By law they cannot continue for call you once you have an attorney.

Post by CC,

6142127554 someone named Amy wouldn't tell me who she was calling out of or exactly why.

Post by ValleyGrr,

614-212-7554 It's against National law for a debt collector to create threats that they do not intend to act on. Please save any express messages where they Speak Around recourse against you. It's also prohibited for them to tell you they may sue you if you personally do not pay and Afterward not sue. If you personally go to Internet. FTC. gov and appearance Underneath Client protection Credit laws for discover Around your rights. A debt collector can be fined W paid to the Client for any violation of the FTC s Group Guidelines.

Post by Guest,

6142127554 They every now and then

Post by Guest,

614-212-7554 Statement COLLECTOR Along with Terrible Ways. Avert THEM. Great Luck.

Post by Dana,

6142127554 I Simply received a call from the Amount but when I replied they did t say anything. So I decided to Google your area code and stumbled across the site. Thanks for the heads Upward. I love the phone bully s great thank I can hang along with them.

Post by Sick of the Scammers,

614-212-7554 Call a Buyer credit Lawyer. . . this can be harassment.

Post by Sick of Scammers,

6142127554 If you are actually filing for Insolvency you personally offer these Folks the name and the Telephone to your own attorney handling the bankruptcy. If they continue you telephone them you personally sue their off. By law they cannot continue to call you personally once you've an attorney.

Post by Guest,

614-212-7554 Bills

Post by nicole,

6142127554 Betty you are so correct. Under National law all valid debt Set Companies are required to follow your FD CPA. I used for work for one Around a year Past and I could t even Start to Envision this Business is legit. I proceeded for Florida and got a new cellphone number six months ago and started receiving calls for Audrey . I however 'm not her Recently I obtained a call out of the number and no 1 was there. They called again the Night and again no one on another end. So I Put up and called back a woman answered along with your whole universe national whatever and Inquired for my name I told her I was Nicole but I did t understand exactly why I was becoming calls she asked for your Amount I was being achieved at I told her. She Afterward Inquired for your same Audrey I told her that I did t know her but I d acquired calls within the previous for her Afterward along with no warning I was transferred to your man who Began grilling me Around Really being Audrey and was I lying. I could t consider it. Thus I Inquired for please 've my number removed since I am not who they re searching for then they Installed Upward. About W minutes After they called again a woman the time who was the rudest Individual I d ever talked for I ended Upward telling her to off and if I got another phone I d report them to the better company Office which everyone should say. All within all a horrible expertise and I m not even the Person. Anyone becoming harassing calls out of the company should threaten them along with your better business Office and the FDIC. Trust this helps.

Post by Cassandra,

614-212-7554 They are trash. . Many idiot Only told me I was a Bad excuse and that I should become ashamed of myself. When I called back for Chat to some manager about that Problem she said I don t mean for cut you personally off but I 'm simply concerned Around what You're going to do Around this Invoice I was Striving to describe that I have cancer and a W month old. With all your pain I Havel I do great to work enough to keep that lights on and my youngster fed. She said Lad you really have a Storyline and LAUGHED. . These Folks can someday rot in H LL

Post by Guest,

6142127554 Rude if you personally awns er and won't Quit calling

Post by angeline,

614-212-7554 They have called my house probably W or more times a day. They're abusive harassing rude and argumentative with me Around my Kids debt with that buckle. They phone and call and call. The Man they are searching for doesn't even live at my address anymore and I have asked them to Stop calling and they wont. They Begin calling early in your morning and continue until 9 o Time at night. I have ongoing to ask them to Stop calling and they don't. They state they understand about fair Libraries Work} and practices but continue to harass when they 've been told not overly.

Post by Guest,

6142127554 Did t answer

Post by Lanie,

614-212-7554 I get calls out of this Telephone Amount W W W at least three times a day. Always a few Man who acts enjoy we are previous Buddies or something and Afterward your threats Begin. I here that same thing about getting a Attorney and being forced for would matters I won t like. He never gives his name or tells me where he is from. I concur this can be not your way for get Individuals for pay their bills.

Post by shelia,

6142127554 the same matter happened for me Now 8 o Time within your morning. After I told that Man which he had that erroneous number he asked since when enjoy I was lying to him. I asked him y he needed for understand how Kong I vie had my Amount he informed me that someone had recently used my number for omitting but never said what. he Afterward tells me he may continue for phone since I would t give him n e info. after he rudely hung up on me called your company back n he replied and after I Inquired for his Very he Put up on me again. they Actually demand for get some Actual help for the people that work for this particular company.

Post by annoyed n frustrated,

614-212-7554 if you've a Street Bryant account overly they call you personally for that company as well

Post by Dee,

6142127554 I owe W and a few Alter on an account. . . I understand I owe this money and I Strategy for pay it. I am Placed off at this time and Strategy for pay with my taxes. They call AT LEAST once a daytime and that is Wonderful I know they 've a Occupation to would. We discuss my Alternatives Regular and it is consistently your same conversation. . . And then Today a few insane wants to telephone and create threats. . . Subsequently hang Upwards on me. Nut Occupations. . . . .

Post by Anomynous,

614-212-7554 They have called me 1 3 times and I of path behaved coy along with your Individual who clarifies himself as Representative McLean . Asking for a Girl who I did not understand. I playing Approximately said she was not alive and messed around and this Man got quite rude and Crazy repeatedly talking vulgar so I Inquired and they state their out of Ohio of path I went on this site and read your comments to the Representative and he did not comment and said did I understand that lady out of earlier of course I said I did t and he said have a Fine daytime.

Post by Deb,

6142127554 Ty for researching that and Making me know who it belongs to

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Don't Answer.

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text acquired. spam.

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calls Around loans and need that express send blocked too.

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Kalb medical Statement Accumulate er

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message viewing taking survey s to become heard. . . . not spam

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So annoying guy. . . . I wonder who Offered my cell phone number to them. I vie been nothing but harassed out of these guys

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Spam about credit cards.

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I missed that call

8663198181 Complains by Guest,

That are Marketing office supplies.

8172591403 Complains by kathy,

hang up

8322600416 Complains by wes,

called W time no message and Subsequently you personally awns er they dint Speak for a min that keep saying Hi its really annoying and needs for become st oped we all need to report them to that BBB and your don't call registry

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6195248745 Complains by Guest,

Text message sent at 3am: Your FedChoice Federal Credit Union card has been suspended. To restore access to your card go to your personal link http://omeba.com/fedchoiceFCU

8777564104 Complains by Guest,

hacking computers

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