6142831954 / 614-283-1954

Telephone information: Xo Ohio. New Albany, OH. Franklin. United states
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Post by Stop It,

6142831954 I Simply got your millionth telephone out of this number and a man asked Is Beth there. . This number won t stop calling me.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Loo kin for Lucy

Post by Guest,

6142831954 calls W X a day Attempting to get me for pay my credit card with a false claim of saving cash. won t Quit calling even when told erroneous Amount.

Post by Annoyed Person 2,

614-283-1954 Me overly. Did she sound African for your requirements. She asked me my name how long I had had that number and if I knew the man woman she was asking for. O

Post by Megan,

6142831954 I keep becoming a telephone on all of my phone Amounts from that number. It was a southern girl but they did request for me by name and she said she was out of Find. I just told her I wan t here. I don t understand how they got all of my Amounts Notably my work Amount.

Post by kirby,

614-283-1954 They re at it again. Blacklisted. DATE TIME NEBR NAME Found telephone from the number since Oct. W W.

Post by Guest,

6142831954 block the number

Post by crystal,

614-283-1954 Yes its discover they call incessantly. Your first time I replied they were looking for someone I do not understand and never 've then they said oh Okay the must become a brand new number for you personally and ask for my name. I said justify me I told you I don't know the person so don t call again or I may report you personally for that FTC. But they keep calling from different numbers everyday in the least hours. I don't reply anymore. And 've reported them every single Amount for that FTC and your state Lawyer s office. And yes well your first telephone your person s Highlight was from India. But your remainder cause they leave a express message they 've an African accent. I vie had same Amount since W so don t understand if its a scam or not.

Post by CMVincent,

6142831954 Looking for Kenneth Poke or something. I 've a prepaid cell. Don t know that guy.

Post by John,

614-283-1954 Day-to-day calls from W W W asking for someone who dozen t live here.

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Credit card fraud

Post by I'm Fed Up,

614-283-1954 Got a call out of W W W. My Owner I D revealed Cell Telephone OH . A record Arrived on claiming for be my credit card Business although they recording never identifies your credit card Firm. Afterward they State I could lower my rate. I press 1 that simply Choice and I get an agent. She hangs Upwards on me as soon as Inquired her for take me away her call list.

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Learn Card calling 5 times a day

Post by faith,

614-283-1954 These Folks are harassing me morning. Noon time and niter time a few one needs to Discontinue them never had Find anything

Post by Guest,

6142831954 They're robotized people with no ethics.

Post by crazy,

614-283-1954 They called me today asking for a Leigh I told them no 1 here is by that name. Then your Female with a southern Feature tells me Well I May}n' become pronouncing within wrong its spelled L Y T D O Subsequently i hung up. HA HA how do you personally pronounce Ltd Leigh . . idiots

Post by Annoyed Person 2,

6142831954 Me overly. Did she sound African for your requirements. She asked me my name how long I had had the Amount and if I knew the man Girl she was asking for. O

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Learn Card they calls all that time minimal 5 times a day.

Post by Roderick,

6142831954 It s definitely Discover Card. They called me today and left a message for my ex wife. Next time they telephone I 'm going to tell them incorrect number hopefully that can get them off my back.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Spam

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Spam

Post by Bothered,

614-283-1954 i 've been receiving several calls a daytime this really is Learn Fiscal Services they a few how linked me along with someone who does not pay their bills. when i finally talker to Find they at first could not find the link for me. finally when i Offered them the Telephone number that's been calling they called that Monetary service and Guaranteed me the calls will Cease. we will see. i trust the remainder of you find a solution. Telephone Discover maybe you can look for an end for that harassing Telephone calls. great luck for your requirements all.

Post by irritated,

6142831954 Called 6 times today very annoying. . . Pretty Unhappy if this is there job to annoy Individuals.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Wrong Owner ID displayed

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Spam

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 This Amount calls multiple times each daytime saying they are Learn.

Post by Guest,

6142831954 The Amount is calling my Dwelling 4 5 times a daytime. Finally decided for answer it for tell them for quit calling and no just one is on the other line. Very frustrating and aggravating.

Post by wwwwww,

614-283-1954 aim pretty certain use of a public network telecommunication Product to harsh Folks in their House violates Puck and National laws these Individuals need to be prosecuted their not challenging for trace take action their bright . . . . . . . . . .

Post by boots,

6142831954 I 'm receiving these calls incessantly acquired W calls last week. And 7 calls already Now. Nobody is is on that line and nobody leaves a message. . The last call they left a message saying that i could get a tax refund in the National government and for call back ASAP 1 W W W thus they could show me the best way to invest. Do I make these ca ls stop

Post by JustinB,

614-283-1954 Just called asking for Mark Holmes. That Girl sounded really unsure of your Individual she was looking for. Odd your reddish is an total thread about this one number. . . .

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Spam

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 collector

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Calls 5 times each day never leaves message. I don t response unexpected Amounts. Really irritating.

Post by lori m,

614-283-1954 i get this phone 3 to times daytime it state Find card that they talk to me before and they desire late Funds and Subsequently they asked for me tell them my address and last four SS and if their another phone they can phone me on

Post by Grrr!,

6142831954 Got a phone from this Amount Now and no one said anything when I said Hi .

Post by ughhhh,

614-283-1954 God. the stupid Amount wont Quit calling me. they consistently telephone asking for a Dumb Adele and they Merely get really annoying. seriously i Merely want to Impact your idiot who keeps dialing my number. . . .

Post by annoyed,

6142831954 called 2 times within a row earlier mornings before Am for my cell Telephone. left no vim.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Bills

Post by Irritated,

6142831954 Gotten 4 calls thus far out of Only Saturday. They don t leave a message and they're calling my cell. I m on the do not telephone registry but they still get through. Want that calls would Quit. . . . Enough already.

Post by Farx,

614-283-1954 Only called back again Learn credit card services searching for a Brent .

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Annoying

Post by VNY FLYR,

614-283-1954 Began in November W. Incessant calls Perhaps 5 or 6 per daytime even on weekends. Caller ID says Learn . I have never replied that calls letting my fax machine give them the beep. . . . .

Post by Guest,

6142831954 The calls the House phone every W min. Your caller I. D says quot Discover quot but we have called discover and they educate us our Telephone is not in their own system. We believe this can be a Fake number.

Post by wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,

614-283-1954 call and register Criticism with that Iowa People Tools commission and the federal communications commission they will prosecute

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Invoice collector

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Left no message.

Post by Jim,

6142831954 That is a scam Linked along with W W W. Sometimes they pass themselves away as Find Card and they may know your own name. They simply locate your name Someplace online Connected with your own Telephone Amount then call you personally within that away opportunity you personally could possibly 've a Learn card. . They provide a phone back number as W W W. Also Connected with W W W. Today some Ignorant woman trying for speak in a sexy express said her name was Christine last name garbled . She said she had W for my Child and that she should telephone back on that first W number above. There s background Sound that would t be out of a business office it sounds enjoy horseplay or other silliness. That total scam is ridiculously laughable. What a Group of amateurs. Anybody that falls for this has to become dumber compared to scampers. I don t think that s possible.

Post by Confused,

614-283-1954 Incessant calls. Discover card. No Individual on another end Merely beeps. That is just a partial list of the previous week s Fri Am Thurs PM Thurs PM Thurs Am We'd PM We'd PM We'd 'm Tues's PM Tues's PM Tues's PM Mon PM Mon PM Mon 9 'm Sat 'm Lay} 'm Sat Am Fri PM Fri PM Fri 9 PM Thurs PM Thurs PM Thurs PM We'd PM We'd PM Wed 9 'm Tues's PM Tues's PM Mon PM Mon pecan anyone tell me what this accomplishes. I heard Discover card Put off W s of Folks. If they Truly are PAYING a service to perform these calls which accomplish um let s see ZILCH then they deserve for go out of company.

Post by Farx,

6142831954 Has called my company several times Now announcing Please wait for a very Significant message. and Subsequently promptly hangs Upwards after a few seconds. gt . gt

Post by Jimmy,

614-283-1954 Do I create them Discontinue calling. I 've never replied but they telephone all your time. I am really sick of it.

Post by irritated,

6142831954 acquired 4 calls from W W W on my cell. Your first phone I answered they were searching for Mark Holmes. I told them they 've that wrong Amount and he Inquired if I knew him. I told him no and Installed up. They called 3 times after that. Your last telephone they left a message saying that i could get a tax refund from the federal government and to call back ASAP 1 W W W or go online Internet. . com. SOUNDS Like A SCAM. BEWARE. . .

Post by pastordo,

614-283-1954 I 'm receiving these calls incessantly maybe 5 or 6 a daytime. Say they are from Find but i never could get them for stop calling. I have requested Treatment of my number but they keep calling. I need for get them off my phone.

Post by mom,

6142831954 I got a phone from this Amount saying it was out of Find saying I had a late payment of 7. W i paid my my Invoice on line like constantly it paid that amount it said which was W. W it SW paid a man called me Now saying I owed 7. W because my payment was W. W Subsequently told me to hold on he kept saying this can be Strange really Odd i dint understand what's going on but you personally need for pay 7. W you didn't pay enough. I told him no I paid what was on there Web site and it said W. W and that's what I paid. he tried arguing along with me for pay your 7. W and I told him no way I paid that Sum due I fee i shouldn't have for pay it.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Find card

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Go to your own network provider log within to your own account the one you pay your Statement online and block each number you wish not to call you Agana

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 This number belongs to some property line in Fresh Albany Iowa through XI Communications they're using it for fraud. . . . . . Become ware of what data you personally supply them. . . . . . . . .

Post by miker417,

6142831954 Repeated calls leave no message. After a little research I confirmed it s Discover Monetary Services Columbus OH W. If you personally need to harass them for a little while their real Amount is W W W.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Spam

Post by Guest,

6142831954 Outright Invasive and disrespectful. Calls all your time weekdays Saturdays quite earlier. Sundays without Ending. I would love these people ARRESTED.

Post by Elizabeth,

614-283-1954 I 've W missed calls out of this Amount in the past week.

Post by Guest,

6142831954 They have been calling my cell Telephone for Around three weeks now three times a day each day. As of today they have called me W times. Usually Approximately 8 W 'm midday and again Approximately 6 PM. I Only added them for my quot block Owner quot list so the Telephone won t even ring and immediately rejects the phone. I still see it on your calls list that they keep on calling though three times a day seven days a week. Since I 've never replied any of their calls I don t understand who they're Or do I care. It's annoying Nevertheless and plain harassment.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Find calls every two hours.

Post by Megan,

6142831954 I keep becoming a phone on all of my phone numbers out of that Amount. It was a southern girl but they did request for me by name and she said she was out of Learn. I just told her I wan t here. I don t understand how they got all of my numbers especially my work Amount.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Spam

Post by dk downs,

6142831954 PLEASE Quit calling. . . . W 7


614-283-1954 i have acquired around W calls in less than a week out of the Amount. . . 6 calls all Prepared today and its simply W W within that flipping afternoon isn't the harassment. . . . . . . Discontinue CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by TX,

6142831954 They 've been calling my cell Telephone for Around three weeks now three times a day every daytime. As of today they 've called me W times. Typically Approximately 8 W Am noon and again around 6 PM. I Only added them for my block Owner list so your Telephone won t even ring and instantaneously rejects the phone. I still see it on your calls list that they keep on calling though three times a day seven days a week. Since I have never replied any of their calls I don t understand who they're nor would I care. It is annoying Nonetheless and Basic harassment.

Post by Guest,

614-283-1954 Find card they call at least 3 times a day

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8174005493 Complains by TC Pa.,

Beware. . . They are back. I got a telephone out of a so called Julian Marshal along with Holland and Hart Associates. He previously mentioned that I owed money for a payday loan with Usa cash advance. I 've never heard of the Firm. He Additionally had an Indian Feature. I also obtained an E-mail from them stating your same thing and that I was facing Legal charges. This can be a Complete scam. They Additionally use these s W W W and W W W.

9497514598 Complains by Guest,

have had numerous calls I am Enrolled along with don't phone. I don't response when I see the Amount and they do not leave a message

2489469012 Complains by Guest,

i dint desire this Amount phone within me or text within me

8325515654 Complains by Woody,

Obtained calls from this Amount three times. Simply music was heard no message left no discussion. Must be some kind of scam. Called them back and simply got occupied Transmission.

9166287148 Complains by Guest,

Offers 2 different names mike when testing and Chelsea when calling

9544556060 Complains by Guest,

The Amount comes Upwards with quot CASH quot as that name. I never have answered it but they have called a few times over the past week.

9108762526 Complains by CSG,

Capital 1 Vehicle Finance. . . . . pay your own Statement.

9259512500 Complains by Guest,

Buckler. Rang three times and then Installed up. Called them back and could t reach Amount as dialed. Scam.

8002657685 Complains by Perturbed,

solicitation Registered telephone.

8002145381 Complains by rhonda,

I snapped into a Man name Joe Johnson looking for someone name Harrell. Don t know WT they are calling me for I told him no 1 Purchase that name lives here or ever lives here and to Cease calling my Amount. He never identified whom he was I really don t attention. He best not phone back again or I can file a complaint all that manner up your Sequence for get his Interest. Ill of these Set agencies arbitrary calls.

8002224700 Complains by Claudia,

I had a call requesting I telephone this number and they identified themselves as True Water Sound and wanted for Check that I had ordered something.

8002800426 Complains by Shannon,

They're a scam they are going for ask you personally to pay W. W for get you personally listings of homes that are in foreclosure Large fat scam they are trying for Metal your own tough earned cash. . .

8002385888 Complains by NONE OF YOUR [***] BIZ,

Express Recovery Services Tricks for Avoiding the Collection Agency Lawsuit. Get any property you personally own from your name. 2. Leave your own weekly paycheck Occupation. 3. Go into company for yourself no wage garnishment . 4. Maintain a Narrative of no job no assets and a glooming future. 5. Move for MS SOL 3 years or TX SOL 4 years . 6. Consistently deny any knowledge of that debt. 7. Don't answer their Telephone calls. 8. Record their violations of that FD CPA and sue them or jeopardize to . 9. Prevent a court summons until the Statute of Constraints 6 years for Utah has passed. W. Leave that United States with no forwarding address.

8002749036 Complains by JBnTX,

Called and left a message on my Mom s cell phone. Something Around A message from God

8001233443 Complains by mammy,

I got a Telephone phone out of this Amount saying they were FedEx supposedly delivering a notification and Desired a current address and eventually asking for my birthday. I did t provide it to them and After tried for call this Amount and your Agent said it could not be Finished as dialed. I Subsequently called FedEx Amount Recorded within the phone publication and asked them Around it they said they would not request for a birthday for verify identity. Has anyone else experienced this.

8002648818 Complains by Peter,

The thread is sprinkled along with older Remarks wagging a finger at the audience and advising that we all make payment arrangements along with that strangers on the phone before lousy things happen. Take a think who would have an curiosity about giving such advice.

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