6143219167 / 614-321-9167

Telephone information: Nuvox Communications Of Ohio. Columbus, OH. Franklin. United states
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Post by Guest,

6143219167 . . . MORONIC political Rob calls from MORONS. . . . . . appearance at who s running this State these times. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Keep Calling.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Keeps calling and no 1 there

Post by Rooster,

614-321-9167 I just obtained 2 calls 7 minutes apart no message attempted to appearance it up and found a Site had been got an hour and a half prior seeing the number.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Same as Bamboo below. . . . two calls in minutes of each other. No voice message left. And I am also in Dull. Fascinating.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Same here central Alabama I hate these type calls along with a vengeance block this number. . . Check.

Post by Addi,

6143219167 Its a political campaign they called I didn't response they called back. Judge patellas Sp Only LOST my vote. . . . Calling me with a recorded message with two options OR 2. . . Nothing to have yourself Removed from your list. Thus she lost my vote. If I look for her oh she may get a mouthful.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 they telephone Around twice a week. no just one ever Addresses.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Political Rob call

Post by trixie,

614-321-9167 Obtained two phone calls from the Amount W minutes apart. Returned the phone and it went straight to express mail so I Installed up. I live within Va.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Repeated. Calls and leave no MSG.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 this is your link for whine. . . . HTTP bandwidth. com report potential AP violation

Post by Tim,

6143219167 I get calls from the Amount without leaving a message

Post by Eema,

614-321-9167 I too 'm within that Memphis area amp Simply rec d telephone from this 8 W p. m. which I did NOT ans no VIM left. Sick of your canned political MSG's amp or Reviews amp Only recently you vie WON blah blah. . . . Humorous that it Appears that all Types of Sites use that same Kansas for phone many different Places. .

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Constant calling. Leaves no message.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Ill and exhausted of these calls. What has happened for your don't telephone list. This can be obviously many type of telemarketer. .

Post by JJ,

6143219167 Furthermore from Alabama. 2 calls no message. 6 minutes apart.

Post by Deb,

614-321-9167 Me too cause they called twice and did t leave a message

Post by gs924,

6143219167 Place code W isn't out of Chattanooga Tn. The area code is W.

Post by avoided,

614-321-9167 Simply got a telephone out of the Amount in Chattanooga. No 1 said anything. I hate these Folks. There seems for be no Ending them.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 We obtained two calls in 5 minutes from the number. First time picked up waited for a Custom in the Much Finish no thin happening. Second time did t fuss for Choose Upward Desired for see if the Owner would leave a express mail. NIH uh. Screams quot computer call quot to me if they get a real quot answer quot your number is cataloged as a quot live quot Amount most likely subjecting yourself to a never stopping String of calls from various solicitors.

Post by east tn,

614-321-9167 I gotten 2 calls W minutes apart and I 'm from East Tennessee. I have wondered if your Don't Telephone lists were being sold and I Verified it tonight. I went to your Tennessee Regulatory site and typed within Don't Call Telemarketer FAQ and it plainly states that anyone could buy a Replicate of the list for W. W that's great for 1 year and must become renewed yearly. They even update that lists Regular and send them Outside. Go for this Website and Assess it out. Www. tn. gov Tara dentally telemarketer FAQ. HTML

Post by Deamore,

6143219167 Simply got two calls from the number six minutes apart. Left no message. Another pest. . . . .

Post by Charles,

614-321-9167 Merely called me twice and did t leave a message. Anyone know who what this is.

Post by Sarah C.,

6143219167 I find these political calls disgusting. That politicians State that it s their correct because they 've independence of Presentation. But I request does their correct to freedom of Talk trump my correct to calmness and quiet within the privacy of my own home. I have made it your own policy of not voting for any Customer who places a phone for my number. That Actually narrows your field.

Post by Mary,

614-321-9167 7 calls from W W W within 5 hours. Says out of Channel Winch OH. I live within OH but do not understand of this city. I did not Select Upwards. Don't need for let them know alive person is here. Very annoying.

Post by Phyllis,

6143219167 Your DC doesn't Employ for survey s. . its for telemarketers. It does not cover charity or political either and debt collectors have their own set of rules they 've for follow. Thus reporting it for the DC is not going for help. Go directly to the FCC and FTC as well as that county who is having it conducted and perhaps your own state AG. They can still get into trouble for not Setting you on their internal DC. You personally should Additionally check your own states DC Guidelines. Do consider maybe becoming a telephone blocking Unit or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. Report your callers here not Simply to that DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Actions By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. HTML. nag. org you can locate your state AG at this link .

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Repeated calls. When replying machine picks Upwards they hang Upward. Nuisance calls. I refuse to reply calls from unknowns.

Post by Alabama and irritated,

6143219167 This is a political spiel. I don t know HOW In Your HECK they got my non published Amount. I am not even registered to vote and Telephone number is required here on your form .

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Hangs up on replying machine. I screen all unknown callers.

Post by kacey,

6143219167 7 W pm today a Bacall for east Tn computer Requires questions about many political Match or problems. I despise Rob calls. And Afterward a Rob chat. I listen to that first question Actually Dumb hang up.

Post by Debbie,

614-321-9167 I got another number for add for Tube Winch 1 W W W they telephone I answer request Debbie I state yes and he hangs up o call back 'm told long line of callers please wait I m on A Don't telephone list believe I m just blocking that number I would advise you to do the same

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Repeated calls no message.

Post by ca&va38017,

614-321-9167 My Owner I D says the phone was out of Ohio. No message left. I live within Colorfully Tn. Why would someone running for office in Al become calling someone in Tennessee. How stupid and this kind of waste of cash.

Post by E. Morrison,

6143219167 Now I acquired 2 calls out of the Amount W min. apart. I did t Understand that Amount thus I did t reply. . . . they did t leave a message.

Post by Sarah C.,

614-321-9167 I locate these political calls disgusting. That politicians State that it s their right because they have liberty of Talk. But I request does their correct to freedom of Presentation trump my correct for peace and silent in the Solitude of my own home. I have got it your own policy of not voting for any candidate who Locations a telephone for my Amount. That Actually narrows the subject.

Post by Melvin,

6143219167 Just got the telephone within Memphis. Concealed ID. Did t response but we have been within the midst of elections and I m being bombarded by calls most of which I duck.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 two calls within five minutes

Post by Shane,

6143219167 Lawrence burg tn Got a telephone tonight

Post by Phyllis,

614-321-9167 The DC does not Employ for survey s. . its for telemarketers. It doesn't cover charity or political either and debt Lovers 've their own set of rules they have for follow. Thus reporting it to that DC is not going for help. Go directly for that FCC and FTC as well as the county who is having it conducted and perhaps your state AG. They could still get into problem for not placing you on their Central DC. You personally should Additionally Assess your states DC Guidelines. Would consider maybe becoming a phone blocking device or phone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or thus. Report your callers here not just for your DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. action By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. HTML. nag. org you are able to look for your own state AG at this link .

Post by Annoyed,

6143219167 I live in Virginia too. They called twice within about W minutes without leaving a message.

Post by Ron,

614-321-9167 The Amount keeps calling. Caller ID shows Canal Winch Kansas. Huh. . . We re within Roan Co. Tennessee.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 They Only keep calling and hanging up when replying machine picks Upward. Second phone this evening. Obvious telemarketer.

Post by danl,

614-321-9167 One more for Chattanooga. wonder why they re calling here.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Why would so many Folks believe if their Telephone Bands they must response it. You have Owner ID USE IT. Do you let anyone coming to your own door into your own Dwelling. Awaken up Folks these are crooks Do not Answer when they phone you. If you must reply don't Drive a phone for remove yourself out of their list . They won t Remove you personally. All the does is support you personally re a valid which they ll sell to other telemarketers. You vie already Validated your when you answered anyway thus that is a moot point. If you don t Comprehend that CID don t reply that Telephone. The confirms your valid for them also.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Political telephone out of this Amount. I don t even live in Ohio anymore. What ever happened for the quot do not telephone quot registry. . .

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Continuous caller

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Calls but doesn't leave a message thus this number may go on my quot blocked caller quot list.

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Registered spam

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Keeps calling. When I try and return phone automated express says quot Sorry the Google customer isn't available.

Post by Allen T.,

6143219167 This Amount called twice along with no response. Alabama here.

Post by c-bob,

614-321-9167 avoided Simply got 1 as well here within Chattanooga. My Telephone could block calls but just W. I demand more like W. A few people call me that have W W Amounts that they use.

Post by tb,

6143219167 I 'm within VIRGINIA for God s sake

Post by gs924,

614-321-9167 Area code W isn't out of Chattanooga Tennessee. Your Region code is W.

Post by GKP,

6143219167 I 've been receiving these calls for your past few weeks. I live in Roan County Tn. Your caller ID says it s from Canal Winchester Kansas. I have my Amount listed on that do not phone enroll and don t understand exactly why I am still getting calls like this.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 scummier or idiot or both

Post by Guest,

6143219167 Another p within your a Rob call

Post by Sarah C.,

614-321-9167 Same here. Two calls in minutes. If it is Judge Teresa Petals she won t become getting my vote.

Post by Red Tiger,

6143219167 That telephone is from Judge Teresa Petals Seeking your own vote. Hello you Bug two calls 5 minutes apart. You Only lost my vote. Any more calls and I will rip Upward every yard sign poster I can locate. If I had her Dwelling Telephone Amount I would post it. Her Bessemer Jefferson County AL Court House number is W W W. Hello everyone give her a phone and leave her a Wonderful message telling her how much you appreciate being bothered. Complete her within box. No threats remember she is a judge.

Post by EAISE,

614-321-9167 Appears like this Amount Merely reactivated. I am becoming multiple calls telling me I won a lottery and brand new truck. They want to come for my house with a check and escort me for my bank . Additionally desire 1 of cash. Smells Actual lousy.

Post by riceville ,tn.,

6143219167 Got the same kind of call no Result from your Owner when I answered after a few Seconds they hung Upward. What the heck . .

Post by griffith,

614-321-9167 don't phone me unless you are able to present a name

Post by Robbie,

6143219167 Simply got that call within Chattanooga Tennessee as nicely at 8 W p. m.

Post by Guest,

614-321-9167 Per FCC Legislation as of 1 January W Rob calls are prohibited quot unless you might have given the caller permission quot .

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3304012742 Complains by Guest,

U have your incorrect number

7082679449 Complains by Weaz,

Called didn't leave message called back and sounded like a Facsimile line.

8035600314 Complains by Shavon Gary,

I gotten Thebes message and I told him I was at your police Department and they Desired to Speak to him and he hung Upwards and disconnected your number.

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8018503465 Complains by Guest,

I get a recorded message from this Amount once a week about an Help Holiday.

8133935351 Complains by Guest,

missed call

3176446942 Complains by Guest,

FRAUDSTER. Tried to sell a Auto around that Net which was not his.

8054138713 Complains by annoyed,

Got two calls out of W W W. . . Vanessa Hernandez supposedly. . . If this can be viewing newspaper Request. . . they need for get on the same page like Deck says. . . I too have changed my Registration along with my local paper.

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7737566225 Complains by Guest,

Political phone.

8003282215 Complains by Guest,

don t answer

6027539864 Complains by Guest,

annoying advert

6466008237 Complains by Guest,

T mobile Attempting to Gather a past due balance

7875464262 Complains by Guest,

Pied diner

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