6143726636 / 614-372-6636

Telephone information: Ameritech Ohio. Columbus, OH. Franklin. United states
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Post by Guest,

6143726636 The Owner claimed that my security system needed many Changes. I 've never used the Business. False advertising

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Hang Upward but I 'm not in that disposition desire them to Discontinue calling.

Post by mary,

6143726636 Only got a call too. No answer when I said hell. SPAMMER. Simply hang Upwards or block em.

Post by Dayton oh,

614-372-6636 Constant calls from that Amount. After I response nothing but Stop. Called back that Amount. Answered by a recording that did not mention Google.

Post by Guest,

6143726636 Caller maintaining for be with DAT that is a scam don't offer them any info I called DAT Corporate for report them

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Telephone for Marketing things

Post by Me Too,

6143726636 W January Th Friday . . . Raleigh NC . . . Us . . . I got a call out of this number 1 W W W UNAVAILABLE on my acreage line. She Inquired for me by my first name but Afterward we got disconnected. I called your number back and got a voice message to please state my name and Google express would attempt to Link me. Your second time I called your express message said your Man was not Accessible and that I should leave a message. I though it might be a Buddy at your time.

Post by Noonie,

614-372-6636 Amount keeps calling. No message is left. I don t response unidentified calls unless I recognize the number

Post by Guest,

6143726636 Indian express alleging for Supply free DAT service upgrade.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 record says Goodbye

Post by Dee,

6143726636 I got a telephone Merely a couple of minutes ago. When I said hello about 3 times Subsequently a express sounded Physical said Goodbye .

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Calls each night and hangs up

Post by Debbie,

6143726636 They said they wanted to Discuss about my GE Dwelling alarm system. when I said my system is not GE they Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Hangup instantly upon answering

Post by Guest,

6143726636 have been receiving calls from this number and W W W it just beeps and says quot good bye quot then hangs up. we are on the don't call list and are becoming several calls a daytime out of these numbers.

Post by annie O.,

614-372-6636 I 'm Ill to passing of these companies calling my Phone no in purchase to sell something. . . . and yes I 'm on a Don't Call list. I wish that FCC would handle each call we send them and would something about it. Simply read where the politicians are planning for vote on allowing telemarketers for telephone anyone they want. Who pays their Earnings. Who can they work for. We all need for report each among these calls and just vote for legislatures that work for your American citizens. I attempted for phone them back but got Directed} to express send but it said they were a Google customer. . . I don t know what that means nor do I care but Desired for pass it on.

Post by Me,


Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Called to tell me my security system Wanted Upgraded but your brand is unknown. Untrue Marketing.

Post by Flynn,

6143726636 Got 2 calls Distinct number but previously mentioned they were DAT security and was calling because I 've had that system for years. I don t have their security . I Put up amp attempted calling number back and sets that number was disconnected.

Post by Pissed Off,

614-372-6636 gt gt my number is on that DC list that is not working Lt Lt Your DC list definitely is working. But not within the manner you thought it should become. This post has two parts. The second is for those who are interested within that realities of your Don't Call list. The first is for people who 've trouble understanding long explanations but believe that DC list does not work. 1 Your DC list is not a magic switch connected to your Telephone line that may block calls. Your DC list is meant for help Cease calls Beginning out of legitimate telemarketers. Your own calls were not out of legitimate telemarketers. Therefore that DC list won't Discontinue those calls. 2 The DC list doesn't automatically block calls. Instead it provides an inventory of don't phone Telephone numbers to valid registered telemarketers who pay a Payment for that list. That DC list exempts political callers survey organizations charities and companies along with preexisting company Connections as nicely as debt collectors but these organizations might have their own Interior Do not Call list request them . That DC list isn't Successful against criminals spammers and scampers because those Individuals don't subscribe to that DC list and don't attention if you are on or off that list. Its intent is to Quit calls out of valid telemarketers and it does a Very good job at that. Just think . . . if there were no DC you personally would become receiving incessant calls out of BOTH legitimate and scam telemarketing callers. Here is your reading Task HTTP Internet. dentally. gov HTTP Internet. FTC. gov news events media resource . . . strive enforcement Web. FTC. gov news events press releases . . . marketers pay Remember the FCC s Do not Telephone Website is a great 1 for report unwanted calls from Valid telemarketers. To report spammers and scampers See your FTC Website at HTTP Www. . gov If you personally get calls even after reporting them and waiting a sufficient time Subsequently you personally should consider using a call blocker Program Product or service as your own first line of defense. Google phone blocker for see such matters at Amazon or other Websites. _

Post by Badge714,

6143726636 If you are on the do not call list amp get a telemarketing call you now understand 1 quite important fact. Your Owner is a Legal out to Take your own cash or private info. Honest company follow your DC. They can. But Merely as criminals Take Autos even though we've Guidelines that say don t so criminals may call for Take from you personally. Please consider a call blocking Product for acreage line or app for cell phone. As soon as you personally cut off that cash Walk that calls will slow down. Cease. No. I uncertainty it but Recall your Telephone is a direct Link to you. Get that calls you personally Actually need.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Caller keeps saying hello Afterward hangs Upward.

Post by Guest,

6143726636 calls and hangs Upwards this is a scam

Post by CandyGirl,

614-372-6636 I just got a phone from the number caller I. D. as Columbus OH woman with a for pleasant express asking me Around my GE security equipment and I said what to get her to Replicate her self and she said GE and Subsequently I said who is this. Subsequently she goes on again talking Around GE so I request her about what Firm she is along with and said GE again I said not that Gear I m asking you what Firm are you personally out of and she told me she could t tell me cause it was private laughing out loud I told her for private this and Installed up on her Dumb Az.

Post by Guest,

6143726636 No just one says anything after I response and they don t disconnect either. How annoying.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 . . . Simply 1 more scummier. . . . where s your NASA and all of the worthless elected officials when we demand them. . . . none of the phone Firms Google within the instance supply a crap as long as that biol is getting paid. . .

Post by fran,

6143726636 a lady called with a very heavy French Feature. She said my alarm system was Around 3 years old and Produced by GE. she Asserted that they were offering an Improve for brand new equipment for free because your system was becoming old. I told her that when I were to get an upgrade in equipment it would come from DAT and not from an unknown caller along with no Sources. She Put Upwards on me.

Post by Dayton oh,

614-372-6636 Continuous calls out of that number. After I response nothing but Stop. Called back that Amount. Replied by a record that did not mention Google.

Post by Guest,

6143726636 This Amount called I answered and they Installed Upward. The number I d now blocked.

Post by justasmalltowngirl,

614-372-6636 Just spoke with authorities who urge that no issue how many times an unknown Owner calls you personally do not answer do not telephone back just do not entertain them whatsoever. BLOCK if potential. .

Post by music man,

6143726636 That caller did t Answer until I said Hi about 4 times. They Inquired for my Mum. They said they were from DAT Alarm Systems and that we d had an dismay for 3 years which USN t Accurate . I Put Upward dialed back using W and was asked for the Google Customer name.

Post by Z,

614-372-6636 Obtained a phone from a lady that did not Chat quite great English. Your way she referred to me was very odd. She used only my first name other callers Normally use Mr. Last name . She said that she was out of DAT and told me her records revealed that I have been a customer for a couple years. She then proceeded to tell me how much money I could save from upgrading my service. I Put Upward and called back. All I got was a express Seeking your name of your Google Customer.

Post by Guest,

6143726636 I am Disabled and I am registered on your Do not Call Registry. I would value the help in stopping these telephone and hang Advantages.

Post by Concerned,

614-372-6636 . I just got that Actual same call. She Installed up when I started questioning her. They seem for be searching for many private info.

Post by disgruntledonotcallgirl,

6143726636 the Business called me Upward having an old name from W yrs ago asking for this particular person saying i 've a G. E. alarm system Okay this really is out of Kansas while I'm in Baltimore. i do 've dismay system but it no manner has anything to do with Kansas nor EMERITA. but since they called up saying it wasn't for sell me anything and were sketchy about your phone i got annoyed Rapidly. we told them don't phone again your Individual that used to live here amp has not for W Times. i felt it was Cool fishing us searching for something else. . i expect another gets this number and could Compose more Information.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 No response calling. Answered that phone no one there. Quite affecting for Home.

Post by Duffman,

6143726636 Caller with THICK Indian Feature calls and says he is Kenny McCormick with DAT. Kenny McCormick is a character on that Animation South Park. Oh my god they killed Kenny. . Anyway. . got rid of his saying yes I have DAT. . just upgraded my Gear 6 months ago. don t your own records show that. Guy was Truly friendly. LOLA

Post by Pissed Off,

614-372-6636 gt gt my Amount is on your DC list which is not working Lt Lt Your DC list definitely is working. But not within that manner you personally thought it should be. The post has two parts. That second is for people who are interested in that realities of your Do not Call list. Your first is for those who 've difficulty Knowledge long explanations but think the DC list does not work. 1 The DC list is not a magic Change connected to your Telephone line that can block calls. Your DC list is meant to help Cease calls Beginning from valid telemarketers. Your calls were not from legitimate telemarketers. So that DC list won't Quit those calls. 2 Your DC list doesn't automatically block calls. Instead it provides an inventory of do not telephone Telephone numbers to valid Enrolled telemarketers who pay a Cost for the list. Your DC list exempts political callers survey organizations charities and Firms along with preexisting company relationships as nicely as debt collectors but these organizations May}n' have their own internal Don't Phone list request them . The DC list isn't Successful against criminals spammers and scampers because those Individuals don't subscribe to your DC list and do not attention if You're on or off that list. Its motive is to stop calls from valid telemarketers and it does a pretty good Occupation at that. Merely think . . . if there were no DC you would be receiving incessant calls from BOTH valid and scam telemarketing callers. Here is your own reading assignment HTTP Web. dentally. gov HTTP Internet. FTC. gov news Occasions Advertising resource . . . strive enforcement Www. FTC. gov news events press releases . . . marketers pay Remember that FCC s Do not Phone Website is a great 1 to report unwanted calls from Valid telemarketers. To report spammers and scampers See your FTC Website at HTTP Internet. . gov If you personally receive calls even after reporting them and waiting a satisfactory time Afterward you should consider using a phone blocker app Unit or service as your own first line of Safety. Google call blocker to see such matters at Amazon or other Websites. _

Post by anon,

6143726636 Got a call from this number which was identified by my Owner I. D. as Columbus OH. I live in Essential P. I Decided Upward the phone said Hello several times to no response. I hung Upwards and they have not called back Though. Calling your Amount back results in being led to an automated Google Voice system prompting that caller to leave their name while it attempts to Join you.

Post by Jackie Anderson,

614-372-6636 Unknown caller annoying calls

Post by Linda Van Pelt,

6143726636 I got that same DAT call I reported this for your local Experts. suggest everyone to do your same if you live within a small community.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Your script for their security system upgrade scam has progressed from Signifying DAT to general Electronic express sounded Indian as mentioned by m a t on 7 W W.

Post by Badge714,

6143726636 If You're on the don't telephone list amp get a telemarketing telephone you now understand 1 really important fact. Your own caller is a Legal out to Take your own money or private data. Honest company follow your DC. They would. But Simply as criminals steal cars even though we've Guidelines that state don t thus criminals can call to Take out of you personally. Please consider a phone blocking System for land line or Program for cell phone. As soon as you cut off that money Path the calls may slow down. Quit. No. I doubt it but remember your Telephone is a direct connection to you. Get your calls you personally really desire.

Post by Dave,

614-372-6636 Called at 7 W pm and left no message. I called back and left a message along with them. It was bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep. Leave calling .

Post by Guest,

6143726636 Hang ups

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 The number calls my Residence at least once a day and nobody says anything. Thus annoying.

Post by l pearce,

6143726636 telemarketer Nuisance call

Post by Martin9964,

614-372-6636 Simply got your same call saying they were out of DAT wanting to Update my service. I Truly can have DAT and I called them Around your telephone. They were super Pleasant and told me that it was not their Firm calling. She warned me not for provide them any data.

Post by PUTZ,

6143726636 Cease CALLING ME IF I Want Your SERVICE I Can Telephone YOU

Post by andy,

614-372-6636 this is a telemarketer boiler room located within grove city Kansas telephone them back and tell them to take you off of their calling list

Post by Guest,

6143726636 Asking about our security system.

Post by B,

614-372-6636 Put Upwards when I said Hi. . . . so annoying

Post by Guest,

6143726636 Telemarketer. Phone Amount says from area. You ask them to phone and they still ca

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 have gotten several calls from them all with misinformation. I 've asked them not for call back but they always hang Upward.

Post by R,

6143726636 Acquired same phone today. Said they were DAT. Read some similar places claiming that they are locating Residences that don't have security systems.

Post by Anonymous Coward,

614-372-6636 DAT Security telemarketing crap

Post by Guest,

6143726636 Attempting to get our info for a product we don't own.

Post by Guest,

614-372-6636 Block this call. Reasonable spamming. .

Post by R,

6143726636 Acquired same call Now. Said they were DAT. Read some similar places maintaining that they're locating homes that don't 've security systems.

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4176127425 Complains by Guest,

Text MSG quot Hello Hun believe you re hot lets cam along with yahoo JENNIES quot . . . I do not use quot yahoo quot nor do I enjoy an unknown person for phone me quot Hun quot or that they state quot you personally re hot quot and whatever quot lets Camera quot means I m NOT interested in doing it with them or quot yahoo quot 've had multiple similar text MSG's from quot yahoo quot waste of my time and minutes.

7176096261 Complains by Guest,

1 call

3232323232 Complains by Guest,

They have called Practically everyday for about 2 weeks. Sometimes 2 3 times in just one day. I haven t replied. My co worker Viewed Upward Amount and found these Remarks. But another number called me 3 weeks ago saying they were Microsoft and an Malfunction message was Delivered from my computer. I said I was at work and asked for their number to telephone them back. Never did and they called me again anyway. I hung Upward on them when I heard the recognizable quot Indian quot express again. Microsoft Won't telephone you for tell you there s an error. SPAM. I am going for see how you can block this Amount from calling my cell.

4178128983 Complains by Guest,

hey my name I enjoy Ur FBI page . Pl friend my SKYPE Jean Strut's so we could talk. . . . ciao Jenny

9733889507 Complains by Guest,

Vulgar and hateful racist slurs

3232842728 Complains by Guest,


5037490979 Complains by Guest,

Received text message out of this number. Your text stated that he or she Simply got a brand new number and for me for text back and he or she would send Filthy pictures. I replied you must 've erroneous Amount. The was before reading another Opinions. I believe this should be reported to local Authorities. Your Amount is an Oregon number and I 'm in South Carolina. If I get any more messages I can definitely report for Cops. This Man needs to be stopped before they send something to some child.

6019427204 Complains by deepee,

5 W p. m. phone phone along with no response on that line . Bothersome.

8003541579 Complains by South Bend Indiana,

Only obtained a phone telephone from the Amount asking for my mother. I Inquired who it was amp the guy said he had something for would with medicare amp heard I had Issues with my back. I Inquired how he knew amp he said Either replied a survey on line or filled out a survey. I told him I was on do not call amp I would report him if he called back again.

9132840405 Complains by Guest,

Jennifer would sent sound enjoy she gives blow Occupations so. . . . . . . . shes spam in my own eyes Sorry Jennifer life sucks u should too

8434084339 Complains by Guest,

that caller Recommends me that my credit card attention can be reduced to 6 . I stayed on the line to see what the Individual express had for say. . . No one came on your line it went to a occupied Transmission. I get a call out of the scam at least 3 X a week. I am on that Don't Telephone LIST but this was a waste of time. I wonder if these scampers etc did t get the number from that list. . L. S.

8181006500 Complains by Randy,

Got a telephone out of the did t answer and they did t leave a message. Tried to call back to tell them we have been on DC list but as mentioned above Amount is spoofed and could t even become called back.

8044210191 Complains by Guest,


8000753040 Complains by Guest,

San Juan Capistrano

9122283007 Complains by Guest,

leaves express mails for making thousands of dollars. yeah correct. get a Actual Occupation Lloyd.

8003471631 Complains by Gail A,

This number calls at least three times a week seeking in a fake British Highlight an Anthony James Harmon . I constantly hang Upward but sometimes there are messages when I vie been away instructing me to press 1 if You're not. . . but of path I Getaway t done that either. The Bacall Declares that it's an attempt for collect a debt. I Imagine which is how they trust for get Approximately the do not telephone Guidelines. I don't have any idea who the person or Firm is. Could somebody make them stop.

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