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Telephone information: Global Crossing Local Services-tn. Ashland City, TN. Cheatham. United states
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Post by Guest,

6152462871 They called me and I live in Md. I did t Notice it and they left no message.

Post by WallE,

615-246-2871 Yesterday and today I acquired calls out of this number. When they called they got my VIM heard my Introduction but did t leave a message instead both calls left one of those unintelligible 4 second non messages. . .

Post by Guest,

6152462871 Marketing phone. Leaves no message.

Post by LJ,

615-246-2871 Called several times if telephone again I could reply and tell them to discontinue my Com project service since they're so irritating.

Post by Annahlee,

6152462871 This can be Com throw telemarketing. Annoying as hell.

Post by Jack,

615-246-2871 Eventually got them and the Fairly rude woman was defensive when I told her I wan t interested and kept Attempting to get her Message Outside despite my telling her that not simply was I not interested but was about done along with Com project due to your aforementioned support debacle. I expressed my annoyance at the repeated calls and empty voice mails and she said that they arena t allowed for leave express messages and that it s not their fault because the computer keeps them on hold while it goes to voice send. I don't have any Notion how they believe that's Satisfactory or not their problem. I asked to be Chosen away your list and she Offered me a whole spiel about how since I 've a business relationship with Com project that it was legal for them for telephone but that they would remove me etc. They re going to keep calling until you answer I reckon.

Post by Alan,

6152462871 They called last week left a express send message that it was Com throw calling Around Items and services. I called back but got a beep Afterward nothing. Now they telephone 3 or 4 times a day. I just let it ring.

Post by Ryan B,

615-246-2871 Here is what you would when they telephone. Each time they call me and tell me that their records display that I 'm a com cast customer I quickly tell them I 'm not anymore. Afterward they tell me for have an excellent day and hang Upward.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 Com project Up sell Spam

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 States they're calling for Com cast

Post by CO,

6152462871 I also gotten calls and did t pick Upwards. They don't leave a message. Called 3 times now.

Post by Lynn,

615-246-2871 They call Regular and don t leave a message. I believe I may response and tell them I don t 've Com throw and see what they say. My service is listed under my House phone but they 've been calling on my cell. No one has that number.

Post by Susan,

6152462871 I vie been getting 2 3 calls per day for 3 days now. I Strategy on giving Com project a telephone to whine not that it will can any great . Looks enjoy I ll 've for block this 1 overly. Cheers everybody for the great info.

Post by Jack,

615-246-2871 Okay Merely called back out of my Workplace phone. It s Imper ion Advertising calling on behalf of Com cast. If they attempt to sell me Items and or services I am going for Burst into a ball of unmitigated fury. I had to can your dance of that retards along with them earlier the month where one of their Indian goon squad tried to Throw me into Rate two paid support for something as Straightforward as registering a new Device and Afterward hung up on me when I demanded for Chat for his Manager. Rage Virtually surely spam. I ll Upgrade if I manage to Get them on the line.

Post by Gabe,

6152462871 Com cast Striving to Upward sell to some Distinct package.

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 Never a message

Post by Chris,

6152462871 Called twice in the last 2 hours. . . just blocked your number. . . if they telephone back out of another god have mercy on their Individuals cause I confident wont. . . I vie just got Web along with com crap and don t need anything else. . .

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 I 'm on your DC list. They have called 3 times and not left a message Or is there anyone answering when called back

Post by Guest,

6152462871 This is I believe your third telephone out of this Amount. . . never leave a message.

Post by Michael,

615-246-2871 It s a Promotion Firm in Tn calling for Com cast.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 Com cast telemarketing

Post by ben huynh,

615-246-2871 unwanted telephone.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 Com cast is Very annoying. I already pay them enough money.

Post by Doug L.,

615-246-2871 I gotten a phone yesterday and Now. When I Decided there was a beep and the phone ended. I blocked your Amount on my cell.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 Advertising Co never leaves a message

Post by Kaycee,

615-246-2871 I have receiving two calls a daytime for awhile now. I finally answered it and it was Com project. I have them for Web They were offering a Television internet Cope for your same Cost as my internet plus 2 Years free HBO. If I did t 've Directive I May}n' 've accepted it. Kindly declined that offer and I am STILL Becoming CALLS. . . Seriously I feel like Processing a harassment fit or something.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 They called me too I live in MD. No message Simply phone. Promotion I guess.

Post by Tim,

615-246-2871 I vie gotten a call out of this number Regular for that last week now. Since they re not within my Telephone novel that number mechanically goes to express send and they never leave a message. Funny that they re actually calling my Google Express Amount which is what i gave Com cast when I Closed up a couple years Past I Upgraded my profile with my True cell phone number Around six months ago thus I am guessing they sold my info to your third party.

Post by cjr1411,

6152462871 They were calling on a Day-to-day basis I ignored their calls but eventually gave in and answered. I was told by that Individual on your telephone that since I was a steadfast Com cast member that I would become entitled to 2 free Video routes at no extra Price. I obliged but I do not have access to that 2 free Video channels and it's now been a week since your Telephone telephone. they told me I would have access for your channels in W hrs. I Merely called them back and I was put on hold because of their high volume of calls. I was on hold W minutes and eventually hung Upward. Sounds really fishy to me. Live and discover I suppose.

Post by Jack,

615-246-2871 Same Cope they just called again. I vie received three or four all along with vague talking within your background left on the express send. Has anyone replied to look for Outside who they are. I m not able for response because I m in a building with very Bad cell service.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 They phone and hang Upward never leave a message SCAM. . .

Post by Mark,

615-246-2871 I happened to become home Now as your Telephone rang and I answered it. . . Hello Afterward silence for 3 seconds and I knew it was a computer created call. I said Hello once more before hanging Upward and I heard a female express reply with Hi Merely as the phone was cut away. . . . My wife says that Amount has called Regular Approximately PM Pile Daylight Savings Time for your past two weeks and she got exhausted of replying a expressionless telephone thus she just let s it ring. Constantly comes up as Ashes property City Tn

Post by TRACIE,

6152462871 Don't CALL

Post by Lis,

615-246-2871 Got two calls yesterday and today. I ignored both of them and I m happy I did. I wonder if I could block them. I really despise getting calls out of solicitors.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 com cast

Post by CHRIS IN VA,

615-246-2871 Wow. appears enjoy that common train of thought is Com cast. I got 2 calls Now. 1 to express send no message I answered the other and got Installed up on. Perhaps this is an Affordable Wellbeing Attention survey.

Post by Guest,

6152462871 I believe there calling Attempting to scam people. They never leave message and call around your same time Regular. .

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 Claims for be Com throw and wants to 1 understand if we may be House and 2 if we desire a security system installed. Looks super scam.

Post by Jay,

6152462871 They called me overly. I ll tell them I desire to downgrade my service.

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 Advertising Firm maintaining for telephone on behalf of Com throw.

Post by Justin C,

6152462871 Just got a call out of them. No voice send blocked that number

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 It s com throw they Inquired me Around how I like my current internet service and Striving for Upward sell me a Tv Bundle to go with it.

Post by James Medley,

6152462871 I keep getting calls from 1 W W W Ash property Tn. No one was on Th line and no message is left.

Post by Andrew,

615-246-2871 1 call each day with hangup beep. Directed} for spam.

Post by sk,

6152462871 i notion it was com project and placed an order with them no cash but took my San. later on i talked for com project and they have no order info. it s a scam Id theft

Post by juli,

615-246-2871 3 calls within 2 times.

Post by J&P,

6152462871 Com project. . . allegedly. 9 PM every daytime enjoy clockwork. First time I replied and they began trying for Frequency an upgraded service. Com throw USN t open and pitching at PM for Anyone. I 'm guessing they d get suckers to provide Upward their credit card data for an upgraded Bundle and next matter you understand you re bankrupt. these Man with their foolish stupidity. Don t present them Only tell them to take your own Amount away your account or tell them you don t 've Com cast. Or if you re feeling peckish toy with them for W minutes Afterward give them an excellent Large you personally.

Post by Guest,

615-246-2871 The appears for be a phishing Structure.

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4702042334 Complains by Guest,

Inn appropriate texts this person has an illness.

3234845578 Complains by Guest,

Caller rang twice and Installed up

2012839153 Complains by Guest,


2294352169 Complains by Guest,

Unrecognized number thus I let it go for the replying machine and they immediately hung Upward.

8134496440 Complains by Chantillian,

Voice message. She said she s out of GSA Survey . Offered the same as what others have posted above.

8668002202 Complains by Guest,

Duplicate Owner along with no awns er

9125063224 Complains by Guest,

dint need no text or calls out of the number

2153833399 Complains by Guest,

Calls at least once a week. Leaves no message just hangs Upwards when replying machine picks Upward call.

8001131753 Complains by Guest,

Impersonating Michael Jackson s to pursue women into having sex

8002474747 Complains by Guest,

Contacted my cousin first thru text and didnt state their name. My cousin called to find out who it was and the unknown person threatened my cousin sayin he was gonna cut her throat and her heart out.

8002607731 Complains by Guest,

stop telephone ling my number please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W

8001094267 Complains by Guest,


8002644274 Complains by Guest,


8002670077 Complains by Gallvatron,

I m getting the beeping calls overly late at night. I want them for Cease.

8002747240 Complains by Magoo,

Ditto for California . . . but fortunately my charge was only W. W.

8002805040 Complains by Kara Latteri,

It s a scam. . . I did it and it wan t what they said. I Delivered me Package back for a refund and they Refused my refund.

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