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Telephone information: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central. Nashville, TN. Davidson. United states
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Post by Mpls,

6153722999 Called at 3 Aisha essential time. Reply for hear no body on another Finish. Go ogled that number and located the Website. I could see it being Verizon or a Verizon collection source. My bill is 1 daytime past due so that would become pretty swift. When I vie had calls from Verizon in your past they haven't come from the same number or Region code W. I ll phone Verizon CS directly to pay my Invoice.

Post by Steve,

615-372-2999 The reply is Uncomplicated folks. If you question that numbers validity don t telephone it back. Just telephone the W Amount out of your Telephone. Afterward you don t run any Danger of Linking with a scummier. Additionally I have received calls out of the Amount but not an Associated express send. Your real Verizon constantly leaves a express send if they telephone you Yes I overly 've gotten a telephone out of them and they are consistently totally courteous and professional even though they're calling for Tell you to pay your own bill.

Post by Mindy,

6153722999 I got a telephone from the Amount Now. I did t response I never answer calls I don t understand or Understand. I blame your Telephone service provider. I don t 've an account along with Verizon never 've.

Post by bailey,

615-372-2999 what number might it be. Dint phone that Amount that keeps calling you call Verizon directly.

Post by Chel,

6153722999 Got a telephone from this Amount on my cell no message. . . Verizon. . not likely I don t now Or 've I ever had Verizon.

Post by ingenio,

615-372-2999 This Amount IS a telephone from Verizon Wireless Financial Services

Post by pc,

6153722999 ya why dint they leave a message ever.

Post by jl,

615-372-2999 I get a telephone once a week. Would they not understand most Individuals won't reply a phone from a Amount not recognized. If this was a Reliable Group phone they would become calling my Residence Amount which is attached to your wireless account OR giving me something via mail.

Post by Tammij9,

6153722999 I too don't nor 've I ever had a Verizon account. I 've been listed as a reference or point of contact by several Buddies amp when their account are previous due I get calls Additionally. I eventually figured this Outside amp had my removed from their system.

Post by Netdollars,

615-372-2999 That is that automated Verizon wireless number looking for payment. Occasionally they Begin calling as the Statement is printed and before you personally even receive it. However Owner ID Amounts are easily spoofed. Never make payment or give out personal data on incoming calls. Consistently initiate your phone yourself to your Amount on your own Invoice.

Post by Lyndz,

6153722999 Missed phone happy I did after reading post never work with a Rd party for Funds simply contact your Business directly

Post by gilspiel,

615-372-2999 I did not head your Memory but your Individual talking for me said they were about for disconnect my service. I Assessed online account and it revealed I had till April W for could my late bill and my Present bill Collectively. I believe who ever is making that calls is becoming a kickback out of Verizon for each bill they could get paid over your phone. I believe they Additionally do that same calls for other Credit Card companies.

Post by amber,

6153722999 Hi guys. I Really work at your vow phone center in Nashville. That is your generic acreage line number that shows up when an outbound telephone is made to a customer. If u Talk for some just one and they request for Confirm your Code that is Regular vow Evidence processes we would before we make any changes or release account data. Just telephone back and place Upward a time to pay your Invoice. No biggie. Other reps out of vow might not understand the Amount cause we are all given Universal W Amounts for other depots and not their True acreage line Amounts into their Particular phone Facility. Trust that helps.

Post by Annoyed Customer,

615-372-2999 W W W ring ring Welcome for Verizon Wireless. . . Within Spanish For Spanish please press 2. You have reached Fiscal Services. . . Me click . . . I know I m past due. . . Shush. . . It s a holiday. Provide me a break. .

Post by Angel,

6153722999 The Amount shows Upward on my land line Owner id. No just one has called me or left a message. Occasionally your phone rings three times and we response it and no one is there.

Post by gemcknight,

615-372-2999 no more calls please

Post by Dana S.,

6153722999 I acquired a telephone out of W W W with a message for call that Amount back seeing my Verizon bill I only have my wireless internet through them . I called the Amount back and it's Simply a Quickly occupied Sign. Around a half hour After I obtained a phone out of W W W but no message was left. I called back and they desire my W digit Verizon number before they can say anything else. I declined for type in my Amount. My bill is not due until W W W. . . so it is obviously not past due. Looks enjoy a scam or at least something not Fairly correct.

Post by Karen,

615-372-2999 I received two calls in the Amount of W W W. I don't have any Notion who this phone is from.

Post by bandeeboo,

6153722999 Okay all Half or more of you need for go back and discover how you can spell before Publishing messages. . . That is Verizon Wireless Attempting for get you personally to pay your own Statement. . . but. . . they don t ever leave a message on your own cell Telephone or acreage line. When the call comes through on your cell it tells you personally it is out of Verizon if you appearance at that Base of your own screen but they never leave a message in your cell as nicely as your own property line but if you Choose Upwards your own cell you will hear that this call is from Verizon Wireless. . . as shortly as you personally state hello a Actual Man comes on Seeking for get data and get you to pay your own Invoice.

Post by ME,

615-372-2999 phone em back they Simply keep you personally on hold forever. .

Post by Customer,

6153722999 Small correction They don t ask for the last 4 of your Societal. They actually just ask for that 4 Number account Code.

Post by [***],

615-372-2999 We always response your Telephone when they phone but they constantly hang up. .

Post by Ash,

6153722999 I got a call out of this Amount a week ago. Since I missed your telephone because I was out shopping i called it back and found out it was Verizon's Financial line. Thus I Joined within all your Information they asked me for and got a payment with my debit card. . . . so i idea. As shortly as I Completed entering in my card Amount and other personal info they said goodbye and my phone was disconnected. No verification number or even an automated express saying my payment has been confirmed. I called W when I got Dwelling out of shopping and they said they had no record of me Striving to make a payment. I checked my debit card Overview and there were no fees other than the ones I did myself. So far I ha vent had any Unusual Prices either. Perhaps a Trouble along with their automated payment service in the W W W Amount. It sure sounded enjoy Verizon but Afterward again scampers are getting more and more clever.

Post by Shreck,

615-372-2999 Your Supplier is South Fundamental Bell and it Provides from Nashville Tennessee. Your Verizon Reports are Upwards for date thus . . . . . Since this is coming into my cell Telephone we 're planning for turn this over for that FCC for investigation.

Post by Jay,

6153722999 I use automated bill paying Hence that payments are never late. Nevertheless I acquired calls out of the Amount at various times each day for Around a week. They never left a express send. I did not get a late Statement courtesy text or E-mail from Verizon as is their standard practice. I Tested along with my bank that the account I use for these payments had not been low on funds. I Validated with Verizon that my account along with them had never been from great standing. I fail for see how the could be a valid Verizon Amount or among their affiliates. All signs point to phishing. When a cold caller makes States over your Telephone Around their Identification or you personally Expertise an automated message identifying the number within some manner don t Simply presume they are being truthful. Taking an extra few minutes for find the verifiable Details as I did could save you personally an extremely Pricey Experience with a Legal.

Post by Anonymous,

615-372-2999 W W W is not A VERIZON OWNED LINE It is an Artwork land line run by Bell south Artwork Acquired them out of a Central Office within Nashville Tn who Additionally has a former address linked for Brent wood Tennessee. My situation is none of anything anyone is talking about here and Folks 've reported this Amount to various locations. Use Www. dentally. gov to report the Amount if your is on your Dentally list which it should be.

Post by gotjohni,

6153722999 Caller ID says Verizon Wireless. That Owner Inquired for that Individual that had the number before me who NEVER paid her bills as I get Set calls for her all the time . I suppose this is Additionally a Group telephone.

Post by Prepay customer,

615-372-2999 My boyfriend and I both 've prepaid service Thur Verizon it makes no feeling for them to call people for a late Statement when we buy a card each month and when those minutes are out your service is out until brand new card is added I absolutely agree that is a scam and told my bf not to reply.

Post by alkiddo,

6153722999 I obtained Telephone calls out of this number and finally decided to phone it back. It states that is it from Verizon. I m not sure if it is a scam or not. It says I don't have any Excellent balance and told me how Substantially my last payment was. . . and it was correct. I 'm quite broken. Not confident if it's a fraud or not. Looks to be but I just don t understand how it knew how Considerably my Telephone Invoice was if it wan t Verizon. I 'm your Main holder of the account and I 've NEVER been late for a payment or anything.

Post by Verizon Customer,

615-372-2999 I m late on my bill so it makes sense. . . I ll agree along with everyone else. It s likely Verizon but I must Need everyone for take all incoming calls asking for cash as possible fraud and offer for telephone back that official Charging Amount which you personally got out of your Statement or other trusted source and not from them If they refuse Afterward it s a scam.

Post by taken,

6153722999 You personally wonder how your number got Outside there it s not due to Verizon it s because our cell phone numbers are being got public so that telemarketers scampers can get it and harass people even more. I have been getting these calls from the same number as you People and they won t leave a message. When you appearance your Amount Upward on reverse appearance Upward on Guy. com it says it s a acreage line out of Nashville Tennessee and no information is available. Beware everyone the phone Amount is a scam.

Post by MJ-1,

615-372-2999 Consider me folks it s a scam. . . constantly and only Cope along with Verizon through dialing W or your online account. Even though this number has a recorded MSG of Verizon Fiscal Services it's NOT. . . I Merely got away your phone along with Verizon Monetary Services by dialing W. . . Let s see WHO would you believe is posting your messages below saying its legit maybe your SCAM ARTIST. Awaken up Individuals. . . Switch W now from your cell Telephone and Merely request. . .

Post by fr smith,

6153722999 They are stupid for not leaving a message and they're also quite rude for not leaving a message. They can go rot for all I care. Your company as all cell phone Firms charge for much for that meager service

Post by dgf,

615-372-2999 they called me too

Post by Kay,

6153722999 Ya I got one telephone Recently and another 1 Only now. . . . around that same time both days. . . what s the deal.

Post by Emmett,

615-372-2999 I think that this is a scam. I believe that it's a few Folks telling you that they are from your Verizon Company and Striving for get your info and for you to pay the Statement for them. If you can pay your bill for this number I would be really careful. You might be paying a few scummier. I m not going for response it. They have just called three times on my phone. If they telephone overly many more times I m going to go for my Verizon Shop and ask them there. If my payment is Late which it USN t then I m going to pay it at my local Verizon store not to a few unknown Telephone Amount. Even if you can consider that the Amount is Actual I would still go for my local Verizon Shop and pay it there because you can t really know if is Verizon or a scummier.

Post by Verizon Customer in Tennessee,

6153722999 No message was Left did not response since i did not that Amount and it was a Distinct Region code. I understand my bill is previous due i set up a payment Organization already i paid half that daytime and another half of that just the past due was due 8 days Past thus there Very nice on what you personally owe them if you Simply Speak to them So i Simply called them and i asked her if she could lower my Statement and i also Inquired about the W number she said YES that's there number your reason they phone out of that number she said that's that last attempt at payment before disconnection happens that night. Thus my Gets were going to be cut away tonight. . Thus had i ignored that call and not telephone id had for pay a reinstatement Payment etc etc. . . So i told her i could not make payment until Finish of next week. She set me Upward on another payment arrangement to pay that. Thus they are super favorable. . . . Sunshine com Cellular telephone would never help us like that. . . Thus my Guidance Begin replying your own phone or calling back to see what people desire. . . dint come on here bitching about how people are calling you personally on BILLS You OWE T. V Phones CREDIT CARDS Aren't FREE You personally Do Have To PAY Your own Invoice For KEEP Your own SERVICE. . HELL I'm A Consumer AND Believe THAT.

Post by Steve,

615-372-2999 I 've received 6 of these calls so far. Your Invoice goes for my Mom not me thus I don t know exactly why I m getting these calls and not her or anyone else on the account.

Post by Crys,

6153722999 i acquired a phone out of the number it indeed is i had called your actual customer service and they Validated it by calling it there selves. i Nevertheless am not late on my bill i still have several times before it is due and it was Fiscal services calling to get a payment. I feel it is foolish to receive a telephone for a payment when You're not even late. i am really mad if i hadn't been with Verizon for 9 years now and like the True service i would become switching cell service. it litter ally has me fuming i am sure there are Individuals months behind on there Statement that it would be alto more appropriate for be calling.

Post by Jim Carey,

615-372-2999 Is this train of thought going to Finish. That Discussion is vain no just one s post can be trusted.

Post by whatswiththis,

6153722999 I got these calls on Oct Th Th and three of them today Th . I don t know if this phone is Actual or not however I don t owe cash for Verizon.

Post by 482B,

615-372-2999 For everyone who THINKS this can be a scam That s Trendy. Don t telephone back. Get your own Invoice paid. Your calls can Quit. Pay your own next Invoice late. . . as soon as you personally re late your SAME number will Begin calling you. VERIZON does not pare Software your own Telephone to 've a Set acreage line within your contacts. When you personally get that first Group call save the number to your own phone. You ll see it again when you personally re late next month.

Post by 5635.210,

6153722999 ya they called me to but i had no Notion who it was so i called and it was Verizon from some Tennessee area

Post by concerned,

615-372-2999 Will there be any manner you are able to block the number

Post by Tamara,

6153722999 Have been getting these calls for months now and do not reply them. Did your number search and found they allegedly had something to do with Verizon. QUESTION Why USN t Verizon doing anything about this. . . I 've consistently kept my Telephone Amounts registered on the Don't Call List so why can they keep calling and becoming by along with it. . . . .

Post by Mai Mai,

615-372-2999 I just got a payment for Verizon out of someone calling this number. it is a Verizon Monetary Services number and your payment did post for my account. The Amount is legit. Now if you are saying you are NOT late and Don't owe Verizon Subsequently that sounds somewhat terrifying. I KNEW I was late so I paid my bill. I was only 1 month behind but they tend for telephone you as soon as your 1 daytime behind Looks like. I have no worries here I Only put it within God s hands trust me if I did t feel correct Around it I would not have got your payment. i Checked MY ACCOUNT Over That Phone AND Also ONLINE AT VERIZON WIRELESS To Create Certain WHAT i Just PAID WAS POSTED.

Post by Olivia,

6153722999 I Merely got a telephone from the Virtually at that same time for your last 4 days. I don t answer the telephone I would 've Verizon Yet I m late on my payment. If you phone your Firm no one Looks to understand what S it going on.

Post by Guest,

615-372-2999 Verizon late bill

Post by whit,

6153722999 Try to Stop your contract forward of time see what happens. They are blood suckers. They will renew your own contract without your own permission and that law Permits them for would it. Recall your days when your Telephone Invoice was W. W a month. . . and we got free television. We have been all enjoy a Number of sheep we all had to 've a cell phone and cable Tv. Now what. . . They have people by your balls.

Post by dolphin,

615-372-2999 the number has been calling me even when my Verizon Statement isn't late

Post by Not Gonna Hide,

6153722999 I kind of expected the telephone. I am a bit behind. Payment to become sent next week. Sorry Verizon.

Post by Lydia,

615-372-2999 I get calls from this Amount always. Anytime of daytime dozen t subject. Even calls at work.

Post by (615) 372-2999,

6153722999 A certain scam for get your own password. They may purchase things on your account and destroy your credit.

Post by Nirvana68,

615-372-2999 This really is Verizon . . . I overly work for Verizon and this is a Amount they use among many to call for past due balances. If you doubt Merely phone your number back . . . . Actually it USN t that hard. Sup Increase they even ask you on your Verizon security pass code on your account prior for giving you personally or requesting info.

Post by diane dixon,

6153722999 called this back previously mentioned were Verizon but shut your time

Post by not verizon cusomer,

615-372-2999 Calls obtained daily reps are ruse multiple requests for them to Discontinue calling an AT amp T customer for no motive they refused unless I gave them that name of who they were calling for . . they called me.

Post by Guest,

6153722999 Spam it

Post by AnswerYourPhonecalls,

615-372-2999 I replied kept pressing 0 until I eventually got an Owner. It was someone out of Verizon asking me to create a payment yep my bill is a few days late . They did t request me for any info or credit card Amounts just asked if I was Capable to create a payment today. I told them I d make a payment online she looked fine with that told me to have a nice day and that was your Finish of it.

Post by lauren,

6153722999 the same Actual thing happened to me. second call overly. strange.

Post by jalaysia,

615-372-2999 you personally is co using your own but off guy you personally demand to get piped

Post by fr smith,

6153722999 If this is Verizon calling and they don t leave a message then they are rude and Dumb. My Statement is paid by Vehicle thus they don't have any motive for call me.

Post by NeedAJob,

615-372-2999 Yup. . . Verizon Wireless. . . I know I m late on my Statement. . .

Post by FromIowa,

6153722999 really. You're going for consider that Folks from your first page. Are you nuts. Just because someone says the could become a scam doesn't mean it's. You'll just get this call if you are around due on your own Verizon Statement. My wife is lousy at paying that bill and I get this Ignorant Telephone telephone a few times a year. I think call W and pay the bill. It's Simple and Uncomplicated. They Additionally don't request you personally for payment if you response that phone. They just tell you personally that your bill is overdue and for log into the Site or use W from your own cellar phone. This can be not a scam. Overly many paranoid people Outside there and manner too man gullible Individuals that consider your paranoid Individuals.

Post by itstrue,

615-372-2999 you can t block them because they're Verizon services. They can get within no question what. It s their service. If you personally don t 've an account with them it is unusual. Perhaps they're searching for someone else.

Post by Denise,

6153722999 I go ogled this Amount before I attempted for block it. . . thought it was a scam call like I vie been getting tons of regarding Web payday loans. It is truly Verizon Fiscal Services viewing my past due wireless Statement. There must be a glitch inside their system because they never call me 3 or 4 times a daytime and when they vie called before a recorded message was left. Anyway cheers everyone. . . I was planning for phone and make Measures Very soon to pay the. After Reading all of your own posts I called and took attention of it Today.

Post by Greenman,

615-372-2999 Yes Actually Verizon has always been great. Most everyone here is Merely complaining because they did t pay their bill and they are Crazy at Verizon for calling for request where their cash is and they are Simply overly scared and Mindless to reply that Telephone. .

Post by whispr,

6153722999 I get that phone and response that damn matter and no ones there Only static what a waste of minute sand Yep the Invoice is paid

Post by jr,

615-372-2999 it's Verizon financial services calling to either Get a payment or place Upward arrangements

Post by Chad,

6153722999 This is a phishing scam. . . . They called me and had no Thought who they were talking to or who owned that Telephone number. . . I Inquired them to whom they were calling and all's she could state was that Individual in charge of the billing . . I dint 've a Verizon phone Amount that Business i work for does. . They had no idea it was that type of Telephone. . Verizon would. . . My Telephone isn't that Primary line thus my Amount wouldn't even Look in Verizon s Information base. . . And your Huge kicker for all this. . . . Verizon doesn't call when your late in your Invoice they Just shut away your own Telephone when your own too Substantially over due. So your Butt bags on here saying its Verizon dint Stress are Ignorant and gave their name and what not to your scampers or they're your scampers. Dint autumn for it they re using your ID or they open dummy Telephones in your own name with your own last 4 digits of your SS . . . SCUM BAGS. . Get a Occupation. Cause your own about to be Directed} to National British pound you personally in your Penitentiary.

Post by tim,

615-372-2999 this is Verizon wireless Merely telephone your number after PM. it response es You've reached Verizon Wireless and yes I am late on the bill. This really is your Fine line where they need to 've you stay a customer. I 'm due to renew for 2 years but never have. There fore I believe its not a Choices Amount but a reminder Amount. acquired at 6 W pm on 6 W W. I am eating dinner pardon the lost Prices.

Post by Ashley,

6153722999 I called your Amount back and it was an automated saying I did t have a pass code place Upward on my Telephone. DUH Afterward how do I retrieve messages now. I did t fall for it but it keeps calling. I am at work and cannot reply your phone.

Post by justajil,

615-372-2999 the makes more feeling because i got calls from Verizon your individuals who Released me the number Attempting for Amass money from the Man who used to have this Amount. i Additionally got alto of calls from other people he owed cash overly. They're Actually Simply that Stupid. we paid the own Verizon Invoice Lately within that past month its our b of a mortgage that needs the Interest the payday.

Post by Jackie,

6153722999 I vie received two calls from the Amount and I was leery as shortly as I power saw it. I answer simply the numbers I Understand and or Place code recognizable to me. With your second call I go ogled it and read your own Remarks. Cheers People. You vie boosted confidence in intestine instinct and paranoia.

Post by Stephanie,

615-372-2999 Cease calling me i go threw cell com

Post by Tina,

6153722999 Got a telephone on among my Verizon cell phone lines. I called Verizon W from my phone. They told me this is a SCAM. I was guided to phone your Verizon FRAUD line their Amount is W W W their office hours are 8 to 6 EST. Don't Give ANY Information For this fraudulent number W W W. . . They're phishing for information to get on you. bank account social security Amount etc. Don't Provide ANY Info. . . This Telephone Amount is a South Fundamental Bell land line. It is NOT associated with Verizon Wireless. . .

Post by Greenman,

615-372-2999 Don t believe this Man. It is not a Set agency.

Post by Mike,

6153722999 It s a scam. When you call Verizon for make a payment it says I the such and such. Within my case it says is the removed when you phone the it Requires for Amount name and last 4 digits of SAN. It has your own Amount info and when you call it mechanically knows who You're based on your number. Don t offer them anything.

Post by anne,

615-372-2999 I want someone would Remove the Opinions in the years before W. These Set calls on that cell phones can be a danger my Year. old Mom is on my family Strategy amp they phone her instead of mine. No just one calls my Mom except the family amp she gets worried when it's someone she dozen t know. A reply for WOW what did Elvis have for state. I feel the same manner maybe I will phone Michael Jackson. Any time I demand a laugh I look up these answers a few are great. I need to thank every just one for the Amusement Particularly the CRAMMER Folks . Tanks

Post by jomo,

6153722999 Got two calls out of them Now I was late on my payment and got that payment on my Telephone same as consistently. I Subsequently called the Amount back a few minutes later. It went to VOW financial services. I had it tell me that Sum due and when last payment was got. Your equilibrium due was right and it knew that i had Simply got a payment and within the Sum of that payment was right. It must become VOW if it's a scam they're tapped into VOW payment system. That is just my opinion of your that Amount i really don t care if you personally still think it's a scam or not. I m Merely Publishing to help people looking at the Striving and figure it out for themselves.

Post by Debra M,

615-372-2999 I can t explain that differing reactions within the but it is a legit . It's Verizon. They called me yesterday and I did t reply. I called that back and they told me my Invoice was past due. It was previous due and I paid it got credit for it instantly end of story. Really legit.

Post by NotNeeded,

6153722999 Sounds enjoy Green guy works for this Business or he would t become trolling this site insulting his customer base. Get a life Green guy and rather than calling other Individuals ignorant at their skill for Blow off a call from a number they don t Understand try arranging a message and leave it on their voice mail instead of spamming them. That Chronic and hang Upwards calls are what P people away the most about your own Kinds of activities.

Post by Shelia,

615-372-2999 I 'm ahead on my Verizon bill. . . so exactly why would they telephone me. And Moreover. . . I 've a land Amount. . . why don t they telephone that.

Post by Habie,

6153722999 they telephone dinner time late at nighttime and earlier in that morning never leave a message when I Select Upward no 1 Solutions. . .

Post by Jonathan,

615-372-2999 W W W is Verizon. Wow confident are a lot of you personally behind on your own Verizon bill. Yes that is Verizon yes they're calling for tell you personally which you are late in your Statement. Large Firms like Verizon own MULTIPLE phone numbers. If you are so paranoid that it s someone else trying for telephone you to get your money you Clearly don t 've since you can t pay your Verizon bill Subsequently Only go online and look at your own Verizon bill. It s late. Or Merely phone them.

Post by T,

6153722999 Exactly . . . . . . W not a Nashville number

Post by steve,

615-372-2999 it is Verizon BUT they called my wife and told her that when payment wan t made instantaneously service would become suspended. My Partner called me flipping Outside and i knew that i was simply a couple of days late. i paid bill online and called for whine about threatening phone phone and Registered a report against Girl who called me. she truly did cross your line as that call Only should have been a courtesy call reminding me that payment was previous due and my account was not on your verge of Suspensor. I 'm quite close for canceling VOW service given the episode.

Post by This is a real Verizon Wireless Number,

6153722999 My send is being returned because I did not Select it Upwards for three weeks while sick and your correspondence Company notion I had went. I got a telephone from this Amount and it was Verizon Wireless telling me that my bill was returned. They wanted to verify my address since a Invoice was returned. I told them that I had not resolved your mail Problem Though but would go on their web site and pay the Statement. She thanked me and Installed up. The must become real any fraudulent scam Business would not understand that my bill was returned as deliverable and the woman calling me did not pressure me for any info other than an Upgraded address to get my Invoice for me.

Post by AJ,

615-372-2999 Gotta telephone the morning from the Amount. . did t answer because I don t reply Amounts I don t recognize. After reading through this I gave it a call back. It s Verizon financial services.

Post by Angel,

6153722999 This Amount shows Upwards on my property line Owner id. No 1 has called me or left a message. Occasionally your phone rings three times and we reply it and no 1 is there.

Post by Greenman,

615-372-2999 Don t consider the Man. It is not a Group Bureau.

Post by Ryan,

6153722999 I wonder if they call Outside fraudulently and Subsequently forward that number to the Actual VERIZON AL Monetary on inbound calls. . . Just a thought because when I called your Amount all that prompts are your same as W calls. Additionally that lady that answered looked to be a legit Verizon customer Congressman. I WOULD TELL EVERYONE For Simply PAY ONLINE OR AT Your Store AND NEVER Give Info UNLESS You Truly Telephone VERIZON DIRECT

Post by Nick,

615-372-2999 Got a call from this Amount earlier no message was left. I do 've a Verizon account Nonetheless your number that they're calling me on is my Skype number. Verizon dozen t have that Amount within their files Everywhere. When I called back and Joined my Skype Amount it could t look for an account. That is a spoofed Amount being used by a collections Bureau or a spammer.

Post by Matt,

6153722999 The just Individuals on here who state that it's a valid Amount and a collector for Verizon is component of the scam. Losers. . . every among them

Post by GrahamaHamma,

615-372-2999 I get a call at least once a day its getting a bit ridiculous I am happy i Destination t replied i had a feeling there was something Bizarre Around it

Post by Smarter THAN Smarter 'then',

6153722999 What a tool. You chastise someone who misspelled a word but you personally re too Ignorant for realize your grammatical error within your own own freaking Display name. Must be out of Michigan.

Post by Ag4,

615-372-2999 I just tried for block the number my Verizon wireless Telephone and number blocking I kept getting an Malfunction message saying this number could not be blocked. They are persistent they called every hour and a half enjoy clock work and would not leave any express mails Around what's was regarding.

Post by parannoyed,

6153722999 recognized Region code as being Tennessee but not rest of number so thought it was my ex Upward for no good did t reply but no voice MSG thus Viewed it up located this Website. we do not have Verizon nor live anyplace close that state of Tennessee. unexpected truly.

Post by It is VZW!,

615-372-2999 this can be def Verizon calling regarding previous due account. consider me i vie been late along with my Statement amp each month they telephone out of the Amount. if you response amp Guarantee for pay in the next seven times they may Quit calling you personally.

Post by Trying to help you,

6153722999 This really is A SCAM. Don't provide them any info. I called to report it to your Verizon fraud department but it seems like the was going on for some time thus I 'm not confident that Verizon may do anything about it.

Post by david benefield,

615-372-2999 The Telephone is a Part of crap. Could not Notice any of my messages. My Statement is way for Large for this type. Missed calls that i could not reply.

Post by Brody,

6153722999 Hey. Within a text message When you press your send button it can phone that number within that circumstance of your text message. Additionally if there's more than 1 number it usually gives you personally an inventory. Thanks.

Post by kim,

615-372-2999 Questionable They tell me your same thing. . . That my Primary phone is that one that can be telephone but Though they phone one of the others on my account. . . Its Simply Verizon. . . I get this number calling me Approximately that same time every month. . . they don t leave a message and I don t answer it. . . They don t alto thus its not a Trouble. I Go my payment the month but until it gets Set into that system this Amount calls me. . . But once its go Thur they Leave. . . . So I would t Stress Around the Amount overly much. . . . Merely don t reply it. . .

Post by RT,

6153722999 The Amount is Verizon Fiscal. I called them and everything does check out. Like so many others out there money is a bit tight for people these days. This can be that first time I vie had for pay my cell Invoice late and this really is your first time that I got a telephone from this number. Coincidence. No. Scam. No. Paranoid. No.

Post by it's a secret,

615-372-2999 Yes they vie called me twice and i am under my in Guidelines Strategy. . . .

Post by Artcat32,

6153722999 Hmm I vie had this AT amp T number amp iPhone for two years now. This number keeps calling me asking me to pay a Verizon Statement amp keeps calling me Victor. I vie NEVER been a Verizon customer amp I don t know anyone named Victor. I finally Stop answering.

Post by Anon,

615-372-2999 I got a phone Now. . . . I verbally abused your Man and Installed Upward.

Post by Cautious,

6153722999 Got calls from the number about W times a day for a week at that Starting of March. Never answered or called back due for several reddish flags. 1. My bill for the month was already paid. I checked my account by Telephone and online my equilibrium was 0. I owed nothing. Also within preceding months when my Statement was overdue I never gotten calls from this or any other Amount. 2. Verizon Generally texts and emails about account issues. They never telephone me. 3. Most legit numbers don't phone you personally in your Mid of your night nor can they phone W times a day. It could become legit but just to be safe don t reply the Amount or call it back and present them your info. Simply check your own equilibrium and telephone that official Verizon Amount or W for pay your own Invoice if it s overdue.

Post by Silvia,

615-372-2999 Please block these calls Additionally becoming repetitive calls. Cheers.

Post by pissed off,

6153722999 I got a telephone out of the number a few minutes Past all I got was Never mind and they Installed up. No info as to who it was or exactly why they were calling.

Post by Justin,

615-372-2999 I m not confident if it's Statement Choices or not. They called my Pal who is that ND name on your account he relayed your message to me. I went on Verizon s website as I consistently pay my bills online and it turns Outside my last payment did t process. So this Amount could become legit but I wan t confident so I did the Research personally.

Post by Marc in MA,

6153722999 This really is legit call from Verizon. I did not recognize I was late on payment and they called. Took my credit card around that phone. One Warning here of course is to make confident they are not fraudulent thus I Merely Inquired them to support my E-mail address that they had on file. I Additionally Assessed your Verizon site instantly afterwards and sure enough my payment had been instantly posted

Post by justajil,

615-372-2999 the makes more sense because i got calls out of Verizon that people who Released me that Amount trying for Amass cash in the person who used to 've this number. i Additionally got alto of calls from other people he owed money too. They are Actually Simply that dumb. we paid the own Verizon bill recently within your past month its our b of a mortgage that needs our Interest the payday.

Post by OVER_it,

6153722999 I received a Telephone telephone today Additionally they did leave a message saying . . . Wireless. BA LC. calling regarding a service we provide for you. Its Significant you return your call no After than 4 PM tomorrow. Or you could contact us by dialing BAAL or MT out of your own cellular Telephone or at W W W. Thank you personally for choosing Verizon Wireless. Anyone get the same message because they leave the each time they call. what your heck.

Post by Wow,

615-372-2999 You personally re all Nut within crazy. . .

Post by 214-451-8974,

6153722999 Just answer your Telephone. . It's Verizon. They were searching for someone who I 've never heard of that apparently gave them my cell as their home Amount. It took all of W seconds for me to state You have your incorrect Amount . . . Verizon s response Can you understand a Josh Thomas. . . . my response No. . . . Verizon s response He gave your own Amount as his home number. I will remove your number from our records. Haven t heard from them since.

Post by ME,

615-372-2999 call em back they Only keep you personally on hold forever. .

Post by thunder,

6153722999 We have been on both pare paid Telephones and Telephones along with True Strategies. But we only received calls for your pare paid phones. Yes we've been late on the actual Strategy phones but they never called us out of the number for payment Simply on the pare paid. Why would they phone about a pare paid phone. .

Post by DonkeyPunch,

615-372-2999 You personally worked for an outsource not Verizon. Don t become misleading on that.

Post by bill,

6153722999 I 've gotten a phone 3 times from the never responded b c I did t recognize your . 've challenging time believing it s Verizon Linked. W is customer service.

Post by marshall,

615-372-2999 it was a guy that called me asking for my girl friend and when i asked who it was he would not say . and it was at 1 PM today

Post by anne,

6153722999 My o my what is the going speed for harassment. another day I had an unknown Owner picked Upwards that phone and pressed O till I heard it was disconnected. The Power Firms should send a Enrolled letter if you are late with payment saying if not paid in W times amp no interaction along with us your Application may be shut off but don t forget you will 've for pay to 've it reinstated. That should Set an end to calls. Pray for our soldiers amp for calmness. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Post by A Verizon Customer for 10 Years,

615-372-2999 This number W W W is among many Choices agency's that Verizon uses for late payments and other Monetary Issues. Verizon may phone ALL Amounts Enrolled on an account until they Speak to someone. They don t constantly leave messages though in my own experience they can leave a message on the Principal phone line AFTER they 've called all the other lines.

Post by inhighspeed,

6153722999 I mean green guy no gunman but it s probably that same Lover.

Post by dORIS,

615-372-2999 what WAS The Phone To MY CELL About I Can NT Response WHEN I Can NT Understand WHO IS CALLING

Post by ruparanoid,

6153722999 Sorry but the DC list doesn't exempt your own out of Libraries. It may out of solicitations just.

Post by Scam Scam Scam,

615-372-2999 That is a scam for get personal info. Verizon would only telephone the Main contact Amount on an account. My Amount isn't your primary contact number thus Verizon would not phone it. Verizon also has your name of your Individual Given for each Amount inside their records thus they would not phone my Amount looking for someone other than me. Don t supply these people any information.

Post by grumpy,

6153722999 they keep bug gin me even though we make a payment over the phone

Post by whit,

615-372-2999 Try and cancel your own contract ahead of time see what happens. They are blood suckers. They will Continue your own contract without your permission and your law Lets them for can it. Remember the days when your Telephone bill was W. W a month. . . and we got free television. We have been all like a Number of sheep we all had to 've a cell phone and cable Television. Now what. . . They have us by the balls.

Post by Right,

6153722999 Accurate Storyline.

Post by ANGELA,

615-372-2999 I Merely got the telephone Around W minutes Past. . I Simply paid my Statement. . And I Merely got a text about me being late about W Minimum before that. . I was late. . I am late each month. . Cant pay bills with you dint 've However. . I Normally consistently get the call on Around that Th or so. . I think that's when that new Invoice Reductions. . I Simply Strike Blow off. No Large deal.

Post by B,

6153722999 I don t nor ever had Verizon but the number just called me. I don t owe anyone any money. They did t leave a VIM either so it s Rather suspicious

Post by Dan400Man,

615-372-2999 I did t answer your telephone I gotten today. But I had just paid the past due amount online and not that not empty amount due which USN t late until next week . Fraud. It d be a freaky coincidence if this wan t Verizon. It s your first time I vie received a telephone out of the number.

Post by helloall,

6153722999 Lots of Pope are saying that its Verizon calling but this USN t your number Verizon uses to phone me Usually. . . and no just one Solutions when I Choose Upwards when Verizon calls there s an automated message that plays telling me to telephone them or go online. . . thus I don t believe this is Verizon. . . plus Verizon has never called me at three o clock within that morning. . . this Amount has

Post by justajil,

615-372-2999 my acreage line is AT amp T and MY CELL is Verizon

Post by theplanna,

6153722999 It is Verizon Wireless Striving for Gather for past due bills. They told me they Stadium t allowed to leave a message on a cell phone.

Post by angelima,

615-372-2999 why Verizon r so stubborn for not listen me when i am asking dint telephone me to use express. . can i Notice them CZ i am deaf. . do use text . . if Man who are deaf. . write us on Time mail for request about payment or bills or whatever. . . . or use Ty. . . . or E-mail. . if they demand us which whose people are deaf. . there is no business to keep calling people for nothing. . waste their time for keep calling people. . Okay look and read information if there r whose deaf . . use only text. . . . . i want they r knowable better than that keep calling us for nothing waste times. . presuming. . Ur Charging Threat overly. . alright thank u Verizon. . . . i dint understand them Substantially. . keep asking for my name refuse to request for help your others which their family help for phone for them whose r deaf. . that confuse people how we could speak. . . . they require use use Ty or text us. . which is simple easier way. . why cant they dint use. . and read and look up profile information which whose are deaf list DEAF LOTS OF DEAF USE TEXT OR TY. . . . Would NT KEEP CALLING Us FOR NOTHING. . LISTEN AND Learn For Appearance Up PROFILE WHICH WHOSE ARE DEAF FIRST. Subsequently CALLING ON TEXT OR TY. . . . . . Recall DEAF ARE MOST WONT Answer . . Idea TELEMARKETER. OR Erroneous Number. . . Ok Thinking Appearance Up PROFILE. ON VERIZON LISTS. . . Be Nice FOR DEAF. . . . . BUT WE Understand THERE ARE NO Fine To People. . NOT Good. . NO Business OF Mind. . . . PLEASE HELP Us. . LISTEN AND Appearance Upward PROFILE LIST ON Ur WORK Company For CALLING Us ON TEXT IF THERE 've CELLS OR ON TY ON Dwelling Phone. . LISTEN R WASTE TIME To Telephone FOR NOTHING Okay. . . . . . . . thank u

Post by Brujo,

6153722999 I Only received a call as nicely. I happy I found the Newsgroup i could 've a few pleasure.

Post by Becky,

615-372-2999 I haven t replied my cell yet when I see the no. come Upward on your screen since I don t Comprehend it. If it's Verizon Wireless calling because my Statement is late I don t understand what for tell them since I m on Vehicle pay and 3 times ago rec d. an e send thanking me for my MT. . . . .

Post by Brody=],

6153722999 The best thing for would when they overcharge charge you personally for something you personally did t get pay along with online Charging. Because online you can Pick how Substantially to pay them at least along with Sovereign Bank and just pay them that Ordinary Invoice. And then they could credit what's left around.

Post by RGDG,

615-372-2999 missed call on cell out of 1 W W W. No me sage left. My Verizon Statement cane within that send a couple of days Past. I m not late.

Post by Jazzy-Jaz,

6153722999 They keep calling me found Outside it is Truly Verizon so if you are possibly close to reining your contracting or being close to Improving your phone that is what they are calling about I Truly Only paid my bill and they called me your next daytime got that Representative Check that they're in fact Verizon and he discussed which he is just calling for find Outside if i am considering upgrading my Telephone next month or if i would like to wait until July when both mine and my sister s Telephones can be upgraded. not Actually a big Cope I am confident they May}n' use this Amount for do collections too but hopefully the helped a few of you personally. Within all honesty I 'm considering not even reining my contract along with them since Verizon took around All tel my calls are always becoming Shed my service is once I hit Conflict Creek when i had All tel your service was great your problem is that Verizon has better service than Race does here within Michigan and we 're limited in the state as for what Telephone Firm Companies reach all parts of it.

Post by JustMe,

615-372-2999 Think of it out of their perspective or that of any business . . . how Regularly would you personally think they 've heard that previous cliche that Assess is within that mail Result. Whether you heaver or not until they 've obtained your check out of a company perspective it dozen t count.

Post by Don't Care,

6153722999 It Perhaps Versing or Perhaps not. . . Established on what I 've to go on I m not going to answer. They don t have a caller id and they're not Making any voice messages. I m Simply going to play it safe and not reply.

Post by Cajun,

615-372-2999 The number must belong for Verizon Wireless anyone worrying Around it's the same matter within common. They're behind on their payment but to better prove it for all I Simply attempted to add it to that five lines you are able to block through that Verizon Web site and it told me I could not block that number. Don t believe me attempt it yourself.

Post by Jackie,

6153722999 I overly have been receiving calls out of this number I consider everyday for that past 2 weeks. I 've been along with Verizon for over 4 years and within the past if they were calling about a previous due bill they would leave a message in your own voice send if you personally did not response. Thus if it's Verizon calling about past due bills then why Stadium t they Making messages. I 'm certain it is a scam. Their Group Section is in North Carolina I consider.

Post by you irritate me,

615-372-2999 It s Verizon you personally idiotic Folks. It is an automated call Thus Verizon will not actually display that they called you. You are late your account is being Delivered for Libraries they can mechanically telephone you until either a you pay your bill or b you personally Discount their calls and they disconnect your Strike. keep Preventing your calls and see what happens.

Post by jeb,

6153722999 Amusing Verizon dozen t have my Societal Simply a 4 digit pass code that I made Upwards. But now these scampers have yours. Hope you did t offer them a credit card number too.

Post by Angela,

615-372-2999 I paid my Invoice off for your month yesterday morning. It USN t due until tomorrow. I haven t missed a payment to date. Now was the first time I 've see the number but since I get haphazard Invoice Lovers calling and looking for people I have never even heard of I did t response that Telephone. I Only Arrived right here for see who it might 've been and I think that it s Bizarre that it would become Verizon calling to tell me my bill that one that USN t due yet is late. Hmm Millimeters.


6153722999 I 'm Somewhat LATE Additionally BUT The THEY Phone Like THEIR Your F. B. I. I Could possibly GO BACK For ALL TEL.

Post by Guest,

615-372-2999 Keep calling Perhaps that can help me come up along with my Invoice . . . Or maybe it may just piss me away and create me curse someone Outside. Simply say within.

Post by TammiJ,

6153722999 I overly don't nor 've I ever had a Verizon account. I 've been listed as a reference or point of contact by several friends amp when their account are past due I get calls also. I finally figured this Outside amp had my removed out of their system.

Post by tg,

615-372-2999 Got 2 calls from this number. When I response nobody can there be.


6153722999 Amount was traced for Northeast Ga and is used within a SCAM for harassment. The Owner has nothing to would but Stay Residence and send harassment text and Fake Calls This Man is Understood for have around W different numbers. . . . . BEWARE They have been reported to the FBI

Post by Flyfast7,

615-372-2999 Verizon Wireless. . . . .

Post by Chuck,

6153722999 Yes i Merely paid them your W which was past due and i only owe W more thus they could Simply wait til i get that cash for pay em

Post by jen,

615-372-2999 This is DEFINITELY Verizon. I got a call out of them last month when my account was over 3 KS previous due and they were going for cut me off. They expanded me just one more day thus I could pay. The month I got a phone again from this number I 'm a week and a half late . I was unable to reply thus I called it back and the record said Verizon Financial Services. I entered my password as prompted as I constantly must do when calling Verizon about my Statement and got for an operator worked Outside a payment Strategy and all is well. I can t state I m thrilled with Verizon but I 've been consistently late along with my Funds for two years since my divorce and layoff and they re sensibly accommodating and understanding.

Post by Cebastian,

6153722999 I replied the telephone the morning and was that ghost of Micheal Jackson. . . . . Thus its not definitely not Verizon. . . Its your king of Place.

Post by JK,

615-372-2999 Verizon likes to phone you personally and tell you that your payment is late before it actually IS late. Subsequently they say that when you personally don t create your payment in 3 days it s GOING for be late. Perhaps they should Stress Around reminding Individuals for pay past due bills when they actually are past due.

Post by Brody,

6153722999 Hello. In a text message When you personally press the send button it can telephone your Amount within that circumstance of that text message. Additionally if there's more than 1 Amount it Generally gives you an inventory. Thanks.

Post by SStrom33,

615-372-2999 I had for just answer and tell you. . . you personally cracked me up with the Opinion . . . . . no 1 asked for it but I vie got to add my 2 cents. . . within my opinion Verizon Wireless is thus Considerably better than AT amp T within every way any old daytime of the week. . .

Post by Dood,

6153722999 I am a Verizon Reader along with a little balance staying after last month s payment and this number calls me every single daytime. I constantly pay that same daytime of each month that is in 2 times.

Post by Person with common sense,

615-372-2999 So you think that Verizon Wireless dozen t even understand which Telephone numbers are theirs. Actually. . . . . .

Post by Greenman,

6153722999 Oops. I mean Emma not Susan.

Post by flabbergasted82,

615-372-2999 I have 3 phone lines through Verizon and I 'm Simply Interested as for why just one of the three lines gets this call. It Looks for me if the call was out of Verizon Subsequently that Primary line would be called.

Post by Silent Bob,

6153722999 Set your number in your contact list and assign the hushed ring for it and never become bothered again.

Post by cassie,

615-372-2999 Really i got a telephone out of that Amount and replied. it is not a automated phone it's an Real Individual. due to the fact that they ask for my mom and recently my mother was called by a scam guy named John holster i Installed up when he asked for her so i dint know what that call is really Around but i know it's not automated.

Post by nne2008,

6153722999 They are a FRAUD. Do not give them any personal data. They don't work for VERIZON WIRELESS. They attempted becoming my bank account information over that Telephone. Verizon Does not do courtesy calls this way. They send a double Statement first and a text to your cell Telephone with past due data. I received the phone call yesterday and I'm not even behind. They Asserted i owed them 2 months worth. HA.

Post by bob,

615-372-2999 i Only got the telephone from the Amount and i did t recognize it so i go ogled your Amount. Luckily I found this Website and could tell you you should t answer it.

Post by AME,

6153722999 I 've rec d calls numerous times they never leave a message. I suppose it s Verizon which yes I m late but I made a payment arrangement online do they not get that data. Frustrated.

Post by thisnumberisascam,

615-372-2999 Yes. I don t 've Verizon. I 've Com cast. This is a fraud.

Post by kms,

6153722999 It's Verizon wireless collections. You personally don t 've for had ever had an account along with them for Libraries to telephone you. You could now Merely 've a cell Amount now that many deadbeat who did t pay their Invoice used to 've. They recycle cell Amounts really Usually these times. VOW sucks. I mislaid my Statement and had a previous due of 1 and a few Shift and they non Discontinue called me. When I finally picked up I don t reply unusual Amounts and located Outside it was them and was told I had a previous due of this type of small Sum I laughed told them I would pay it along with my next bill and that if I received just one more telephone for that I was Processing a harassment complaint and Installed up. They stopped after that.

Post by Alias,

615-372-2999 Serious Folks that is Verizon they may usually telephone just a few times before service is about for suspended for non payment usually when You're almost 2 months behind. I understand this because I have spoken along with them several times. It is no grand conspiracy Only a Group call.

Post by Nope,

6153722999 Won t let you personally block the Special number or any other of that Verizon collection Amounts which Shift periodically. Strive it see for yourself. I did Control to block the number however with Extreme Phone Blocker which is an Program I found for my android phone. Looks for be working fine.

Post by Barbara L,

615-372-2999 My Mom received a telephone from this number and they told her she owed Verizon W and she better pay it instantaneously and they got her to present her credit card info. She did t owe Verizon ANYTHING and Verizon told people the was a scam and that they would NEVER phone a customer for ask for credit card data even if your customer was delinquent. It is a scam and they Simply desire to get credit card info from poor unsuspecting Folks.

Post by Bailey,

6153722999 Many calls out of W W W the week. they left no MSG. Only obtained text from unspecified sender W W W. Message V E R I Z O N account frozen. Contact HTTP mm. wireless Upgrade. com to update my lo gin data. Call for Verizon confirmed this telephone NOT out of them. That W number originates in INDIA. What could I would for shield out of these invasive scumbag calls.

Post by Bonnie,

615-372-2999 It is Verizon and it is not a scam I even paid my Statement to this number and never had a Trouble no service interruption or anything. It s not a scam and if it Put Upwards on you personally it may have been a poor connection. But it is definitely Verizon Libraries. My bro is in the army and sometimes the payment Works late because I could t always get within touch with him to send his half but it s Only Libraries out of Verizon don t freak out Folks.

Post by Alan,

6153722999 Thanks for your explanation you probably saved me from a cutoff.

Post by Ken,

615-372-2999 If you personally need the calls to Cease Afterward pay your freak within Statement.

Post by nitram,

6153722999 any time I am late on my viz bill i always get a text message and a Telephone call with a message.

Post by annoyed,

615-372-2999 if you pay your own Invoice they won t phone you personally so many times. you might have time to complain on this board Simply take the time for pay your bill

Post by TN Caller.,

6153722999 That is a Nashville Place Code. I don t know if it s Verizon or not but honestly I Don t care. We paid the bill on time so screw whoever it's. If it s a scam I m not gonna fuss to reply IF it Was Verizon they would 've Delivered an email first to provide people a see. So I m gonna go along along with this is a scam of some form. Or Perhaps Only someone making prank calls for screw with Individuals. That s not uncommon Simply so you understand.

Post by cyph911x - bri,

615-372-2999 Verizon payment line ha vent payed bi Ailing for X months still on waiting till they turn off to pay

Post by Steve,

6153722999 I got a call out of the on my cell. It was from state thus I did t response. No message was left thus I called to see who it was. Your automated express stated it was Verona Wireless. I Picked that option for Talk along with someone for see what your phone was about and they said that I was past due. I Assessed and Regrettably they were correct. So that calls are legit. I suggested them it would create sense if they text Edward me or left a voice mail for suggest me as others may believe it s just a wrong or solicitation phone.

Post by Bob,

615-372-2999 They phone me on my cell number asking for my Partner. They make it Search that the call is a personal 1. They ask for my wife and I Merely tell them they have that wrong Amount. They never introduce themselves. Is the anyway to can business. Verizon could you say AT amp T.

Post by Don't Answer,

6153722999 This can be A SCAM. That Individuals posting here that it is not a scam are Part OF The SCAM. Don't reply. Don't telephone them back. If you might have a question Around your wireless Statement Telephone Your WIRELESS Company not many mysterious number.

Post by Scott-Vegas,

615-372-2999 1 W W W I did not answer since I did not recognize the Amount. No message was left. I owe Verizon.

Post by Titan,

6153722999 The number has appeared multiple times over that previous year. Each time I have been behind on payment and owed two months. Merely Face MT and you are able to understand You're using the Verizon service for payment.

Post by Felix896,

615-372-2999 Verizon Wireless calls out of this Amount repeatedly when your own Statement is not paid. I called back once and the message started along with Don't hang up. . . and then it continuing on saying that my account was previous due and within purchase to avert interruption for pay now. I do not believe this phone number is fraud but I would not provide Outside Significant data over the Telephone to some recording anyway. Very best thing for would is for check your own equilibrium at Internet. vow. com. If there surely is a blunder you should phone customer services.

Post by Guest,

6153722999 Verizon

Post by Ed,

615-372-2999 Got a call from the number on 3 W and again 3 W. My Verizon Statement is Present and isn't due until that Th. Got the paper bill on 3 W. They suck.

Post by Patrick,

6153722999 I attempted that MT Alternative turns Outside i was past due because I d forgotten to update that card number for my Vehicle billing. Still not confident if this Amount is legit since I did t telephone it but at least within my case I was actually previous due.

Post by lycidas,

615-372-2999 It's most likely a Invoice Set Firm that works for Verizon. They 've more than 1 customer. So if your getting your phone on a Distinct service. THEY WORK FOR THEM Too. Josh Folks believe it through.

Post by Thelma,

6153722999 The Amount is legit. I called them back because I don't have a Verizon account and was Thinking what they Desired cash for. They told me that they had my Amount down for someone called Robert Steele. I don t care Around posting his name because if he has me as a contact he shouldn't. I do not understand anybody by that name. They said they would remove my number from the account.

Post by Tim,

615-372-2999 For many of that geniuses on here IT SAID VERIZON WIRELESS ON MY Caller ID. And I m late on my payment. CASE Closed.

Post by noone special,

6153722999 i have gotten W calls from this number never answered and never got a message. and my account is paid on time on line every month. i called Verizon and they don't have any Bureau along with this Amount. . . .

Post by Brody=],

615-372-2999 The absolute best thing to would when they overcharge charge you personally for something you personally did t get pay with online Charging. Because online you can choose how Considerably to pay them at least with Sovereign Bank and just pay them that Standard bill. And Subsequently they can credit what's left over.

Post by unknown,

6153722999 Nicely if it s Verizon why don t they leave a freaking message. No overly easy instead it rings when you personally re you personally at work and you are able to t get for it. Leave a message or a test message. . . .

Post by honest,

615-372-2999 Acquired a telephone from this Amount. For those who state it is not Verizon Afterward telephone your number. Keeping within mind you will actually 've to pay your Verizon previous due Statement.

Post by Alyssa,

6153722999 They have called me that past week at 8 am every day. That account isn't even under my name. That also refuse to leave a message. Whenever Variation calls me for tell me I m late on a payment they at least leave a message

Post by JustMe,

615-372-2999 That Don't Call registry would not Implement here since you already can business along with them.

Post by Mander,

6153722999 It's humorous how so many people think so many others can Only openly consider anything that is fed for them. Not only is the bill NOT late they keep calling MY Amount which USN t even the secondary. . . it is that third. Individuals do not listen to anything these others say about the being legitimate. trust your gut instincts. . . if they request on your social or anything private for that subject don t even leave a message and PERSISTENTLY call and hang up Subsequently it's Fairly Evident this can be NOT legitimate. don't fall for it.

Post by Shelia Carlisle,

615-372-2999 I don t recognize this Amount. . thus I don t pick Upward. I Additionally don't provide my cell Telephone number out . Annoying.

Post by Guest,

6153722999 Only silence

Post by Tiffany,

615-372-2999 This is NOT Verizon Wireless. I called by dialing W for Check since I vie had my account with them for around 7 years and I have never once received a phone telephone. They may only text you if they demand for contact you personally. That simply time they would be calling is for a survey follow Upward or a work purchase they were unable for Entire your daytime before. When I asked what this Amount was portraying to become them they said that happens Approximately this time of that year and to NEVER offer out my info. Don t become Dumb. It s not them. It is some Business Attempting for get your cash.

Post by jp,

6153722999 Ok. I Simply finished reading all the preceding texts. Cheers for Publishing your own experiences. It does sound potential it could be fake and the inbound calls for that W number are forwarded to Verizon or something that SOUNDS enjoy Verizon. Thus yes I consider this is a scam. I don t create your Funds on that account so I am happy for have found this for warn my Partner within case he gets those calls.

Post by ticked off,

615-372-2999 Gotten phone from the number and no message left. Annoying and harassing got road on cell phone. 1 more phone and authorities well be notified

Post by Leola,

6153722999 I vie been getting calls out of the number and another W area code . I don t 've Verizon for anything. when I answer they request for random names never your same one. Feels enjoy a scam but I m Simply weary of replying their calls. Nice trick a Pal Offered me. . . I downloaded a hushed ring tone for my iPhone. When these random s telephone me I add to some Contact that is Designated as SPAM Don't Answer w the personalized ring tone. I m not interrupted by your ring in the shower or a mtg again. Still wish they d Discontinue but small tricks for not become annoyed definitely helps.

Post by pastthetaste,

615-372-2999 Amount keeps calling me. anyone 've any Notion s how they got the numbers. and Additionally any manner for create em stop. they telephone like twice a day. . quite annoying.

Post by Fraud Fighter,

6153722999 This is NOT Verizon. Its seems for become a phishing scam. Someone is Attempting for dupe you into believing its Verizon thus they could scam you out of personal data.

Post by liz,

615-372-2999 Got a call out of a few ignorant robot worker. She was munching on her lunch and when my answering machine picked Upward that did t Discontinue her. She kept stuffing her face sighing whining and going Hi. on your machine. Mindless People.

Post by Annoyed,

6153722999 I have obtained a phone from this Amount today and two times Past. They never leave a message thus I Very uncertainty it's from Verizon or a Invoice collector. But I don t reply numbers that I don t recognize on my cell.

Post by Ess,

615-372-2999 I Merely got the call a minute Past and I don t even understand where that Place code W is.

Post by Greenman,

6153722999 thank you personally Angie

Post by G,

615-372-2999 VERIZON SWEARS ITS NOT THEM. I have a Pal who when she is late or behind gets a telephone out of these hacks saying that they are Verizon. Thy have Inquired her ID about you personally all but I was there and taped the conversation Inquired for her Societal security Amount her bank card credit card and other private info. I told her not to supply it for them but to hang Upwards and telephone VERIZON and when she did they had no Thought who when where that phone was created out of. She was able to work out a payment plan but all parties on Verizon side said they never. . NEVER ask for that Substantially info and def. not to supply it out. Now it could be a Rd Celebration caller for Verizon and that peeps did t understand Around it but seriously when u have a Verizon acct they will text. you personally email you personally Around your own services and tell you for call them back not they or someone for them will phone you and ask for private sensitive Information. Please Be Bright. Don t Provide Outside that Information.

Post by Slam Funk,

6153722999 This is Verizon Wireless or at least a third Celebration that Addresses their bill collections. I m leaning more towards your possibility of a third Celebration Invoice collection. Recall that there are Additionally franchise Shops that 've not empty contact along with the Verizon database. Your Operation Shop close for where I live gets a commission styled Motivation for any Exchange they procedure ex. Invoice Funds and many 've been known to Cool phone. Your just one time I acquired a telephone from this Amount they humored me and Offered me comprehensive data of my account. I did t post a payment along with them and they did t request me for present Upwards any data. Yes it's possible that its a Verizon link along with unrestricted accessibility to customer information but I uncertainty it. Anything fraudulent would Danger their job and since that Telephone Amount was Setting Telephone calls for months I uncertainty it's a scam. Why would Verizon permit Individuals to become scammed. They might not be liable if you Release sensitive data but it does Place their Business at Danger if they knew and did nothing to protect their customers. I apologize for any grammatical mistakes English was my worst subject in school.

Post by KJ Ferguson,

615-372-2999 I keep becoming calls out of this number Regular. they state they're Verizon wireless and my bill is Late. I do not supply them any info and 've Began not replying the Telephone.

Post by Pat,

6153722999 Verizon Wireless Will Only phone you from an W number. Phone customer support and ask them it is W they may tell you it's not Verizon calling and will block your number for you. . Its a SCAM SCAM SCAM. . . . .

Post by Guest,

615-372-2999 Spam

Post by ssc,

6153722999 IT S VERIZON Fiscal SERVICES. . I CALLED IT BACK AND THEY SAID RECORDS Show A PAYMENT OF WAS POSTED Today. THANK You I overly don t like for reply s I don t Understand.

Post by fr smith,

615-372-2999 If this can be Verizon calling and they don t leave a message Afterward they're rude and Dumb. My Invoice is paid by Automobile thus they have no motive to phone me.

Post by kimberly,

6153722999 they will not send a bill unless u requested it. It costs 1. W extra for them for send a paper Statement. U look at R bill on a online Verizon Feature. I have Verizon and i 'm becoming rid of them. . .

Post by bama,

615-372-2999 Your Good date collection act must not Implement for this Firm they desire leave a message Firm name Telephone number nothing Underneath the law your 've for tell who they are real name not got Upward company name and Telephone number and extension thus you can Check who they are

Post by Not a Verizon Customer,

6153722999 The cannot Perhaps be an actual Verizon Collection Agency. They called my Dwelling number and I don t use Verizon for Mobile service.

Post by Kathy,

615-372-2999 This same number called my home Telephone . When I replied it was a recorded voice telling me to phone W and free from my wireless phone. TH. We've already paid your Invoice for that month thus we don t owe them anything. Believe it's a scam for get into my phone line. W W W

Post by frabar,

6153722999 overly many calls from this W W W we don t answer

Post by Greenman,

615-372-2999 Oops. I mean Emma not Susan.

Post by Late,

6153722999 If you call the back that tel immediate says Thank you personally for calling Verizon Wireless. You might have accomplished Monetary Services. If we pay our bills they may stop calling.

Post by G,

615-372-2999 same thing happening along with me i Merely don t Select Upwards.

Post by sunny,

6153722999 I Simply got a phone from this number and it is a definite scam. I 've an account and my bills are paid.

Post by Jona,

615-372-2999 This Amount keeps calling but never leaves a message. This can be annoying. I believe this is a scam because I 've never had a Verizon acct.

Post by speshmonkey,

6153722999 definitely Verizon calling Around a late bill. not a scam.

Post by Toney,

615-372-2999 How many times can they phone in a daytime. I m within a mtg amp it s every hour with no message.

Post by MJ-1,

6153722999 Believe me People it s a scam. . . always and only deal with Verizon through dialing W or your online account. Even though this Amount has a Registered MSG of Verizon Financial Services it is NOT. . . I Merely got away the phone along with Verizon Financial Services by dialing W. . . Let s see WHO would you think is Publishing your messages below saying its legit maybe your SCAM ARTIST. Wake up Upwards Individuals. . . Face W now out of your cell phone and Only ask. . .

Post by Jacqueline,

615-372-2999 The number was calling for times never leaves a message. Eventually picked Upward today and was told it was Verizon. I don t have nor 've I ever had a Verizon account. Before I could say anything though she asked for my Partner s ex Partner whom I have never even met . The has always been my Telephone even before I met him thus no Notion how they Associated me for her but when it was not her phone they Installed Upward on me.

Post by elizabeth,

6153722999 Lousy Folks Large scam do not reply the phone or they can continue for telephone you personally numerous times a daytime everyday.

Post by cecropia,

615-372-2999 I vie been getting calls out of the Amount 5 times a day for 3 weeks now. It's not Verizon. Only Google the Amount and You'll readily find Outside its a scam out of Tn. Lots and lots of posts and Grievances.

Post by fr SMITH,

6153722999 I 've been called by this Amount several times. If it is a legitimate Amount for Verizon exactly why don t they leave a message. I will not reply if I don t Comprehend that Amount or a name that I understand appears on the screen. For many sluggish folks Outside there Striving to steal their way through life.

Post by MAL,

615-372-2999 I forgot for mention he refused for provide me his name. . . he also said he was not with Fiscal services he was along with Verizon. . . something not right. . . stationed din Tampa calling out of a Nashville Amount.

Post by jstchecking,

6153722999 Be PARANOID. . . APPEARS To Become A SCAM I obtained multiple calls out of the Amount in that last 2 days at times when I was overly active for reply that telephone. No one ever left a voice send. Verizon does and will leave a message for you personally to return their telephone seeing your own account. I finally Go ogled your number and found this forum. Interesting Remarks. Some state It's Verizon It s not Verizon. Everyone Appears to have an opinion but name calling does not add Upwards to some real response whether or not this can be a legitimate Verizon telephone. I don t understand if it's a valid Verizon phone but all the data I received indicates that it's definitely a SCAM. The number traces to Nashville Tn. Brent wood Tn. for become specific. but your call Truly originates from Essential Florida. If you personally Switch your Amount back that automated answering does Say it's Verizon which is easy for anyone for set Upward and record. The recording on this number is definitely NOT the same 1 you get when dialing Verizon at W from your own Telephone. I eventually got to reply that Amount Now. Something did t seem right for me Around your call or within the fashion within which the representative spoke. I have had Verizon service for many years and have NEVER obtained a phone out of them seeing anything. I 'm not your primary account holder for my Verizon phone However they are calling MY phone for your first time ever. They did 've your name of the account holder and ask for Talk with them. Verizon has always contacted that primary account holder on their cell number home number and communicate by E-mail. Exactly why are they calling me . . . . because it truly appears for become a SCAM. Verizon has my name within reference to my cell Telephone Amount in their computer records. Anytime I speak along with them my name is Related with my private number but the W W W did not have that information. Just beware. . . It pays for become paranoid before you personally supply out your private or Fiscal information to anyone. PS Your FREAKING Invoice WAS PAID ON TIME AND Figure WHAT . . . . IT STILL HAPPENED. DEFINITELY APPEARS For Become A SCAM

Post by bob,

615-372-2999 It is Verizon wireless calling to let you understand you bill is due and a bit late that s all. . . . .

Post by redbarn,

6153722999 yes. The number is Verizon Fiscal services. I called.

Post by kt from tn,

615-372-2999 This number keeps calling me but they state they are out of Verizon but Verizon says it's a scam. Don't Provide them any info request for a Manager and they may Discontinue. I 'm not even the name on your Verizon account thus i know it's not Verizon.

Post by huckster,

6153722999 I wonder exactly why Verizon would be calling me on my AT amp T Telephone to tell me that my payment is late when I don t have an account with them .

Post by Cindy,

615-372-2999 I also gotten a phone from them Now. Yet I am not late on my Statement. I have paid it and they wanted to know when I would become paying my next bill which USN t even due till late July. Quite peculiar and somewhat fishy. . Likely a SCAM. .

Post by VZ CUST,

6153722999 To create a payment Dali MT on phone to check balance Baal Verizon does not outsource cu st service to another country

Post by JJ,

615-372-2999 After seeing this on my phone. . I called it back and your first few things they state is Welcome for Verizon Wireless its their Fiscal service. .

Post by NETT,

6153722999 That Amount belongs for my aunt. In Tenn. That is Strange. I I did t understand who the Amount belonged to at first then I Viewed it Upward and power saw that it was Aunt Bernie. That Line must be becoming crossed or something

Post by Orville,

615-372-2999 Honest for GOD truth. I received a phone out of this number this evening 6 W 6 PM. There was NO message left. So I came to the site for check out who it was so that as I WAS READING the first couple of places THEY CALLED BACK. 8 PM . I answered and spoke to your guy that told me my payment was late. . . I already knew that . He said my equilibrium was W. W and which he could take my payment for me correct now over the Telephone. I said No Trouble. I ll pay that not empty Sum now using that same Process I used for my last payment. Only for see what he knew OR didn't know. He said O. K. That would become your own Credit card stopping in XX XX is that right. I told him yes it was right and paid that full Sum. Within just a matter of seconds I gotten my free text message out of Verizon letting me understand my payment was gotten.

Post by Mander,

6153722999 It is humorous how thus many Individuals believe so many others may Simply openly consider anything that's fed to them. Not only is your Statement NOT late they keep calling MY number which USN t even that Extra. . . it's that third. Individuals do not listen to anything these others say about this being legitimate. trust your own intestine instincts. . . if they ask for your own Societal or anything personal for that issue don t even leave a message and PERSISTENTLY phone and hang Upwards Afterward it's Rather Clear this really is NOT legitimate. don't fall for it.

Post by Mark,

615-372-2999 Seriously. The many responses Around a Stupid

Post by Patricia,

6153722999 Guy you certainly liven these comments Upward I m laughing again. . .

Post by boomin,

615-372-2999 I did a call back and it's definitely is Verizon

Post by Greenman,

6153722999 Oops. I mean Emma not Susan.

Post by Zach,

615-372-2999 I ignored your call and obtained no voice mail after. If it is Verizon Wireless Fiscal Service than it's a scam because I Just paid my Statement today and even my account online says my balance is 0. W. I'm certain if it were that important they would have left a express mail and I still wouldn't 've called them back.

Post by bitten,

6153722999 These people asserting for be Verizon call me 3 for 4 times a daytime. they tell me they are going to disconnect service . I have been paying my Invoice . next time I m going to tell them for go correct forward and disconnect me. I could get a Telephone for W month with unlimited text and talk and NO HARASSING Phone CALLS

Post by not getting scammed,

615-372-2999 NOT VERIZON they asked for my W yo Lila brother no manner they would ask him Around billing

Post by Guest,

6153722999 Did t answer

Post by mlige',

615-372-2999 I do not desire to e connected by this Amount Reagan.

Post by Patricia,

6153722999 Man you surely liven these Opinions up I m laughing again. . .

Post by UNIQUE,

615-372-2999 I Just Phone IT AND SAID IS VERIZON Fiscal FOR LATE PAYMENT I Simply PAY Recently BUT AT The LAST I Understand WHO IS CALLING . . Interval. .

Post by Shirley,

6153722999 Someone keeps calling my cell phone out of the number. No message left. Need it to Quit.

Post by jessica,

615-372-2999 That is Verizon. I Merely had a missed phone and called it back. . . it prompted me for enter my W digit phone Amount and my 5 Number zip code. It NEVER asked for my San or even your last 4 digits of my Societal. It said my account was previous due and told me just when my last payment was and for how much it was for.

Post by Dan,

6153722999 This can be Verizon s Set Section. They phone me at this time every month. I have Inquired Verizon for change my Statement due date to that Road Wednesday of the month but they wont. I am on social security thus I pay my bills the Rd Wednesday of that month. Everyone 1 else that I owe electricity insurance etc all work along with me. But Verizon doesn't. Thus they telephone and call and telephone but they get paid your Rd Wednesday of that month. If you Chat with them they're the atypical Choices Individuals that sound like they worked for a debt collection Bureau. I can know when my contract is up I will leave Verizon Purchase a disposable phone and get Second cards instead. Verizon has no clue about customer service. I had an internet card along with them. Delivered them a termination notification when your contract was Upward. They continuing to bill me past the termination date. They Desired for terminate when they wanted. I refused to pay for that internet card even though that Net service was terminated by them on the termination date. Again no hint Around customer service Simply cash cash cash. . .

Post by Karma,

615-372-2999 Nicely it s humorous that you mention calling W and asking about the number because I did that really thing. They Do not claim this number to be among theirs. In fact. . . they told me they would become calling out of a 1 W number if anything. And it s amusing how they called ME rather than that Main line on that acct. to which they did t even know the Amount. . . they Inquired me for it Lola . So regardless if it s Verizon calling from a collection Amount or not. . . pay your bill if it Implements for you and DON T present Outside any data that they should already have in front of them. It s that Uncomplicated people

Post by smthgcorp,

6153722999 I received a Telephone phone yesterday which I did not pick up for and Afterward I obtained that phone earlier this morning which I did pick Upward for. The particular Man had informed me that they were your insurance company who Includes my phone. I was a bit broken along with the info and Thinking exactly why would they phone me within the first Set. Anyways the Individual man informed me that I owe W something dollars for my phone Invoice. I Merely paid my Invoice a couple days about through my Phone Business and I told the Man that I had already paid. First of all your W something dollars was NOT your correct Sum In the least that I had to pay for my Invoice. That last matter that man said was that they would appearance into it. I Simply got away that Telephone with Verizon and their Employees tell me that Assuring that is your insurance Business that Includes cell Telephones Do not make personal Telephone calls. They had Additionally enforced me in telling me that I Should not Supply Outside Personal Data Around Your Phone. I Need everyone to do the Specific same.

Post by Devo,

615-372-2999 If this can be really Verizon. . . Afterward exactly why within the h ll would they not leave a message. . . . very funny for me. . . .

Post by SR,

6153722999 I also obtained 2 calls out of the number. Go ogled that Amount and located the post thus I m happy I m not your simply one getting it. Has anyone figured out who it's.

Post by RW,

615-372-2999 People ITS VERIZON. . . . If you personally paid your own Invoice on time you personally would not become getting this phone. It's an automated voice message telling you personally which you are late on your payment and to go for their Web site and pay the bill or Call W from your cell phone to get the amount owed. Pay your own Invoice ON TIME and you WONT get these calls. . . Ok.

Post by Bubba,

6153722999 The Amount is a valid Verizon number. I obtained a call last month and was told that my Statement was Late and was going to become disrupted. I gave them the data they already had my credit card info on file and your payment was got. I Assess online and truly the payment for Verizon was made on that date.

Post by thor,

615-372-2999 It's not Verizon they called my all tel Amount. Never provide Pol your own private Information I read that several idiots within the train of thought did. How naive could you become.

Post by Customer,

6153722999 Small correction They don t ask for your last 4 of your social. They Really only ask for your 4 digit account password.

Post by Janice,

615-372-2999 if you personally Switch the Amount back it goes straight for Verizon wireless and these calls out of them are very annoying 2 times after a text i get phone from the Fiscal Department.

Post by Annoyed,

6153722999 I Simply called Verizon after becoming a telephone out of this Amount. The account is totally up for rate we don't owe and thus we blocked the Amount out of calling me again. You are able to block Upwards to 4 or 5 numbers for free. That block only lasts for W times but hopefully it puts an end for this Amount calling you personally. Yes if you call it back you personally ll get a Verizon recording which sound legit. But that Verizon Individual I talked along with said if it were really Verizon the would have left a message which the number never does. Legit or not telephone Verizon back directly to either square away your own company or block the number.

Post by kaity,

615-372-2999 I Only got a telephone from the Amount didn't response but Needed to know who your heck it was. . . Viewed it Upward on here. . . is it really a scam. .

Post by Butcher,

6153722999 Called Verizon told me my bill was Excellent and we were all paid up. Called that Authorities after that and talked to your fraud division. Turns Outside there surely is Now a case against these scampers. If you personally offer Outside your own info You're an idiot. Do your Preparation Folks.

Post by 615 372 2999,

615-372-2999 there are no phone details except Telephone no.

Post by rayp11n,

6153722999 I for 've obtained numerous calls out of the Amount but refuse for answer your phone. They will not leave a message and no just one picks up on a return call.

Post by EW,

615-372-2999 I vie gotten several of these calls around that previous few days. It is Verizon Choices. Scampers Phishers use phone Amounts for weeks not months or years. That first post on the board is out of May W W. Definitely not scampers. Only a rude Group Supply of an extremely substantial Firm.

Post by kbr from MA,

6153722999 I 've gotten calls out of this Amount daily then Lately they started leaving express mails Please call W W W for speak with a security specialist and learn your details of the offer . . . so that caller ID says W W W . . . . I Simply called that Cost free out of my work phone and it clicked and then there was Switch tone. Hmm NOT gonna phone out of my cell I can tell ya that much and I may create my Funds on line or out of MT within your future.

Post by John Lant,

615-372-2999 This really is not Verizon. I Assessed along with Verizon and W W W is a scam Associated with W W W and W W W. They are trying to Take people s credit card Information and identity Larceny. They State that they are Verizon but they're not. I am not late on my Statement w Verizon I have been getting calls from these scampers too. That Prints on here insisting that say this is Verizon are part of your scam group. Never trust a company asserting to be your bank or credit card company. Simply telephone that bank Mobile provider and credit card company directly out of a valid number which is in your Statement or their Web site. Anyone that tells you different is a con artist.

Post by Verizon customer,

6153722999 Well I get that same calls as everyone else. My Invoice isn't late it's due your Th which is 4 more days away. And I 've been becoming them for Around. a week and a half. It s awl entirely funny I Begin receiving these calls directly after I Ceased receiving calls who left express mail from a M. Callahan Organization that states they have a affidavit connected to my Telephone Amount drivers permit number and my SS for check fraud on an Company passing a Fake check across state lines and 2 other malicious accounts of Fake activity. These calls were for a Guessed payday loan that I never had either. They would phone and hang Upwards as well when you personally replied and occasionally they would leave a message when you personally did t response. And that is what that message would state. Anyway that calls out of these Folks were cut in half and then I Began receiving these calls at almost that Specific same the other calls used for come. Only sounds Lila Bad. It might not be a match and they could not have anything for would with 1 another but it's Very coincidental that they started when the others slacked away.

Post by vern,

615-372-2999 the number calls my phone several times a day. No message amp when reply no Result. Quite rude

Post by reality check,

6153722999 1 it is not Verizon but a Road Celebration Business. Verizon may Constantly Search on Owner ID as Verizon. . . no Conditions. . ever. Feel free to request at your own Verizon Store. . . they will confirm. 2 If you bill is due on say a Monday this Rd Bash company can Begin calling at W W Am on Tuesday. 3 If you reply even if they don t speak to you personally and then you personally pay your own bill as you Usually would. . . they get credit for becoming you personally to pay that Statement. 4 This Rd part Business can not and do not accept Funds. They simply act as motivators for get you personally to pay. Thus. . block that number. Of course you have to pay your Statement but you do not have to see that this Rd Bash gets paid. They could constantly get real Occupations. . .

Post by Edward Jaikisshun,

615-372-2999 I may Take attention of my Statement asap

Post by Private Investigator, ATLANTA GA,

6153722999 I 'm a Verizon Customer and acquired a call from W W W. I called the Amount back and it said You vie attained that Verizon Wireless Financial Section and proceeded to request for my account information. I tried this on a acreage line as nicely and got that same Result. Don't Place Your own ACCOUNT Data In. This is A SCAM. I ran a database investigation and that is the data I obtained. Todd Zit Climbed Nicely BROWNSVILLE OH W W W CST Possible Cell Nobelist Thus CONTENTIOUSLY Tennessee Do not Put Within Your ACCOUNT Information. . . I called Verizon by dialing W and was told that if your payment is past due they will phone and leave a express mail and send you a text message. . . neither of these things occur ed with the telephone. This is a scam. . . and I may Find you personally. These morons f ed with that erroneous Individual.

Post by marsranger,

615-372-2999 It's Verizon. I Simply called the Amount from another phone and got Verizon wireless.

Post by elvis,

6153722999 Can someone explain if this is Verizon Libraries why am I becoming at least one call a daytime on my Sprint Telephone.

Post by G,

615-372-2999 same matter happening with me i Merely don t Select Upwards.

Post by Ronisloss,

6153722999 Bull. . . . . . W W is not a freezable prefix. . . . . . I understand the because I live in Nashville. . . . . Verizon Wireless Phone center is located within Freezable Tennessee and the phone prefix there surely is W All other Verizon locations are retail stores. . . . and they do not create collection calls Or can they create courtesy calls for remind you that your bill is late. Get your own scamming outta here This can be that information that came from looking this number Upwards. . . . . I Very uncertainty The Fiscal Section at Verizon uses a cell phone for phone its customers for tell them their Invoice is previous due. Wireless Verizon Phone Kind Mobile Company Bell south Telecommute Inc Dab South Fundamental Bell Tel Place unknown W Telemarketer Complaints

Post by HADES,

615-372-2999 I 'm glad I read the Post about the number W W W and a few minutes ago I received a call out of that Amount and I did t answer it due overly I did t understand the number so I did a Google hunt and found the Post. Cheers for all of you personally for you help. P. S. I just paid ed my bill within full two weeks ago and I owe nothing.

Post by Sighs,

6153722999 I vie had my Telephone about 2 1 2 weeks. Your first Amount that called was out of Verizon s collection agency. I returned that call defined that I had simply acquired the number 2 1 2 weeks ago and that I had no idea who the Individual was that they named. She Offered that she would take me away the list for that number. Now this week I m becoming yet another Amount calling me for Group. My Invoice is not due until Feb. W and I have already Directed} your payment. Why 'm I becoming calls for other idiots who won t pay their bill. The keeps up and I ll become going within and asking for a brand new number. This can be not an excellent indication the earlier. Sighs. . .

Post by gun shy,

615-372-2999 that is a scam. . . they aren't with Verizon. Verizon Folks state they simply text you personally when you are late. . . these people Only need your personal information. . . very best not to even answer your call

Post by 12bzmom,

6153722999 This number was calling my Children phone not the Chief phone line simply. Never any of the other Amounts. After reading all the post on here I was still undecided as for whether or not this might be a scam. There were Merely enough differences when I called the number back that concerned me. I won t list them because if that scampers are on this post which I assume they are they would be Capable to correct your Problem. So I did what should become done and went direct to that source that could tell me that truth. Verizon. Phone the Released number. First You'll hear a difference in how it's replied. I Only got off the phone with Verizon s Charging Centre. I was told by your Congressman that when it is a Verizon number of any kind they would not be able for block that number. That Amount blocked. Thus that tells them at your call Facility that it is NOT a Verizon Amount in any respect. They blocked that Amount from our phones for free and are going to monitor our lines for that number for come in. Problem Fixed. That Guidance of one of your preceding Cards on here was Excellent. Telephone the W number or that main Released number if they are asking for money. Don t trust that Telephone number. Finish of our Issue. Expect the helps someone else.

Post by Kelly,

615-372-2999 I got two calls out of this number Now. . . i did not answer as I normally don't response Amounts I don't understand. I go ogled that Amount came for this Website and decided for telephone it back. Certain enough it said Verizon wireless. I do not know exactly why they would be calling your bill is paid and I share a family Strategy along with my Father who is the account holder. Kinda Poor. . . hoping if I keep ignoring them they may Cease calling if not I can become dialing W out of my Telephone and finding out what's Upwards.

Post by mark,

6153722999 said they were Verizon wireless asking for private info

Post by simply,

615-372-2999 Interested as to how this could be Verizon when I have Dash. 've had the same cell Amount from Race for your previous 4 1 2 years and all the surprising the Amount is calling me. Sounds fishy for me.

Post by Jenna,

6153722999 The Amount called me 3 times within a Line two days Past and never left ed me a message. Afterward they called me today and would not leave me a text or a voice mail. The number is something Bad because i understand I am not late on my payment. Do NT Response This Amount People. . . If you are late they may send you personally a text or leave you a express mail. . . they would never Only keep calling. . .

Post by Kim,

615-372-2999 It s Clear why they called your T Mobile Telephone. Someone that had that number before you personally and had Verizon.

Post by Jim,

6153722999 That is not necessarily a scam. I Simply got a call as nicely. It was for Verizon Wireless BUT they had my Amount as an additional contact Amount for someone Elise's cell Telephone. My Residence Telephone was the persons phone number before Mine. If you personally recently got your own phone Amount you personally may become enduring due to your Man who had your Telephone before you personally. It Appears as if Verizon s right hand dozen t know what their left hand is doing. My Telephone is a Verizon Telephone and listed under my name Though they call for your customer that had the number before me. IT SOUNDS enjoy a Set group in Verizon or perhaps outsourced. It would create feeling for Verizon for GET ITS Work} Jointly.

Post by larry,

615-372-2999 This really is a Complete scam. We have automated Invoice pay thus we 're never late on paying our Statement. We have calls out of this number and its Only a scam.

Did you get an unwanted call from 615-372-2999? Is 6153722999 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8054914066 Complains by ASHLEY,

Same as everybody else. Said she had a warrant for my Charge and search warrant for Dwelling. That is A SCAM. Please phone W W W To REPORT The Amount. . .

2483383799 Complains by Guest,

These Folks call around and around. Do not care how sick or what conditions You're within. They telephone for several different Folks and do not consider you your Man does not live there.

4807378978 Complains by Guest,

Spam on tinder

7572776054 Complains by ANS,


3144543068 Complains by Guest,

Telephone number used within Fake Virus pop up as toll free Technology support Popular line.

8002442575 Complains by Betty,

I did not comprehend how many 've been scam Edward on this CAI. Your provisions and condition was changed and they refused to email or send me Duplicate of your conditions etc before your Alter and your reason will there be were no provisions. . . . After they Directed} me trial. . Paid Transportation and then I was sent not 1 but two Containers and my account was charged W. W another W. W. . I called and was told for return the bottles which I did along with a Cong and address I was given by an employee Chan tel. . i mailed both back in just one envelope and they only credited my account with 1 bottle not two. . now i 've late fees finance Fees and still working for clear the up. Benefits Master Card is no help. . even though it's disputed. Any one have an Telephone address for these scampers other compared to the People mentioned. . . . .

8002464153 Complains by jmkarch,

I received call around 6:00 pm with suspicious caller ID, "Serious Material". I do not have voicemail, so I do not know anything more.

8002433429 Complains by what,

don t know what Firm this really is

8002444253 Complains by Guest,

spammer. . . uses numbers for telemarketing

8002796277 Complains by rs,

no Result when Telephone is answered

8002700988 Complains by Anne,

I had acquired a Telephone call from this number rang twice no express mail either. Now i understand it is from Finite I won t answer their phone on my cell phone

8002221167 Complains by Guest,

don't let the number phone or text my phone

8002255929 Complains by David,

Got several calls out of the Amount on a Saturday within Hawaii. Your caller did not leave any message.

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