6158619005 / 615-861-9005

Telephone information: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless. Franklin, TN. . United states
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Post by Betty,

6158619005 I don't need him calling anymore . . Told him I do not desire what he was selling . Told me it was free. . Darn you personally don t get nothing for free. .

Post by Guest,

615-861-9005 Replicate calls out of Amount. Saying purchase to deliver and I haven't ordered anything.

Post by Larry,

6158619005 My Telephone noted wireless caller I replied they Put Upward.

Post by Polly,

615-861-9005 Simply received a call out of the Amount saying that they Simply demand to verify my address and get a credit card Amount for my I vie Fallen and I can t get up system. I told him that I knew this was a SCAM which our local news station did a Narrative on this last week. He got quite rude and upset.

Post by Curtis,

6158619005 After becoming this same telephone every other day I eventually pressed 1 for Discuss to your sales rep. Typically I would Simply hang up but last night the news reported that these calls were a scam and that peaked my curiosity. That Congressman said they were from Senior Alert Attention and someone had paid around W plus shipping for me to get the I vie fallen and I can t get up monitoring system. I Simply Used Virtually W min. on this telephone and she was Striving to get me to supply a credit card for monthly medical monitoring fees. It was humorous at your many efforts she attempted for indication me Upwards before she finally Offered up. I told her that I would never give card numbers to an unsolicited Owner she previously mentioned that I solicited their product when I pressed the 1. That is definitely a scam.

Post by Tracey,

615-861-9005 SCAM. . . They keep calling. . . the Owner shuffles papers mutters for himself about a medical alert system being paid for and asking me for let them know when I need it shipped. I did not request with this system.

Post by Robert,

6158619005 Trying for Supply my fallen and could t get Upwards thing which i did not need or need. Scam telemarketing.

Post by jay28,

615-861-9005 They called and said they wee shipping a few kind of Security system to me which I never ordered and before the re coding ended I Merely yelled no I did t purchase it. You personally never half for pay for anything you personally obtained you did t purchase but be cautious never press Amounts on your phone keypad of anyone you personally don t know the could trip something enjoy the also can put you to an overseas long Remote phone you most likely 've for pay for and they won t tell you Around and they get part of that long distant call money if you personally ordered anything or not Specially if it s an unknown number and you have caller ID. just hang up.

Post by Elaine,

6158619005 Gotten call today not Residence no message left on ans. machine.

Post by tmary,

615-861-9005 Acquired a Registered message that they 've medical equipment for become delivered to my house and they demand for schedule a time for delivery. I had not ordered any medical equipment. That is a scam.

Post by Guest,

6158619005 He

Post by Guest,

615-861-9005 Block Amount. Fake

Post by Leonard Sutter,

6158619005 I receive these calls Often They're a scam and I am not interested and want them to stop

Post by DJ,

615-861-9005 If everybody would go to Www. tn. gov and file a Grievance or fill Outside a salivation Grievance sort under don't phone list we May}n' see this Discontinue. I 've had your same Difficulty.

Post by Feed UP,

6158619005 Same thing happened to me same number. I Installed Upward. I blocked your number out of my Telephone. I used a block service from AT amp T. W then Amount Afterward sign. If you personally get lost after W Only follow that immediate. You are able to phone AT amp T and they may Check what I 'm saying. Good Fortune and expect the data helps.

Post by FedUp,

615-861-9005 Same as above Needed to Provide medical alert. Told them I had heard all about them they said oh great Subsequently you personally know the product. Told them knew it was scam and please hold on while I transferred them to your local Cops department as had been instructed. So rude they didn't even tell me great bye. LOLA

Post by Annoyed,

6158619005 Got a telephone today and didn't pick up i instantly go ogled the Amount knew it was a scam. . .

Post by myself,

615-861-9005 no name Recorded must be a scam internet investigation said land line within Franklin TN

Post by Guest,

6158619005 Believe it was a scam call

Post by jas,

615-861-9005 Has called numerous times. I eventually picked up that Telephone. No one would answer. I can be reporting them.

Post by Guest,

6158619005 Multiple calls no 1 there. I m on the don't call list and their still calling.

Post by Guest,

615-861-9005 Spam.

Post by James,

6158619005 It's challenging to look for Outside who these Folks are. They are within Franklin Tennessee. Cell co Alliance Pat Verizon Wireless. Additionally ID d as VIP. Still looking for company. Could anyone Help.

Post by larry,

615-861-9005 yep an type thing I would not press 1.

Post by ANNOYED,

6158619005 Your first time they called I Installed up I knew it was a scam. They called again today with your same someone has already paid shipping on a security system something or other blah blah blah I Recorded to that overall message. If you personally listen for your overall message you've the option for accept press 1 or Decrease press 5. I expect the works.

Post by TOD,

615-861-9005 Amusing this number called and called other times after I turn my computer on.

Post by gw,

6158619005 The Firm telephone Frequently saying something Around senior alert system that I 've ordered. I have ordered no such thing.

Post by ko,

615-861-9005 Got a telephone out of this Amount and that Man said he needed to place up a delivery for a Medical Alert System which I did not purchase. I called him a low life good for nothing burglar and told him to never call my number again and hung up on him. This is a scam.

Post by Lee,

6158619005 Owner ID read wireless caller. Caller was trying for place up a delivery for a product I did t purchase. He would not let me Speak he just kept saying he need for place Upwards delivery. I told him no just one at this Amount ordered any product. I never pressed 1 for get to your Representative he was on that Telephone when I replied. I just Installed Upward on him. I just stayed on that line for a few seconds and Recognized this was a scam.

Post by Kassow Terrell,

615-861-9005 trying for Offer I vie fallen and could t get Upward kind thing.

Post by Guest,

6158619005 Spam called me around Five times within 1 week. I have saved that Amount as spam. If I answer it instantaneously hangs Upward.

Post by Guest,

615-861-9005 Don't Reply to the spam call for free crisis alert system with free Transportation e

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2165928699 Complains by echo,

it is W. 3 ks cs calling for present details on co nest to faithful listeners

3102183272 Complains by Sandy,

no message

4128185891 Complains by Guest,

Man is an idiot

3193317272 Complains by Guest,

filed a complaint at the FCC and I suggest everyone else does as nicely. Follow that link HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaints I Additionally called back at 1 W W W for notify them of their quot spoofing quot Owner ID Amounts. A guy named Lynn answered and denied they would that then Accepted that quot that s the way they decide for would business quot only after I demonstrated for him that the quot spoofed quot W number above is tied for Cube Group. I told him nicely it s illegal and that many Folks out there are going for file Criticisms with that FCC. He said quot Sorry you feel that manner. quot I told him it s not feeling it s fact.

8038100662 Complains by lisa,

whats the very best time to call you personally. thus i can describe to you everything. my name is Lisa from Direct Buy

9712201926 Complains by Guest,


3203603527 Complains by Guest,

Obtained texts requesting sexual acts for money

8662355660 Complains by Guest,

Generally really rude

9544067653 Complains by Guest,

Sending text for Tia

3477539291 Complains by Guest,

This caller is calling out of various numbers. Don't accept his calls.

8049652809 Complains by Sandy,

These Folks are Bad.

8435165894 Complains by Guest,

Remain away from him he is a picture collector.

9134613534 Complains by Guest,

don t let. leave a message

7634028744 Complains by Guest,

st ocker

8175253871 Complains by Guest,

Silver Leaf Resorts

8438819409 Complains by Guest,

At 3 W am we were called by this number and Subsequently beeped twice. When I tried to redial all it did was beep once.

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