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Telephone information: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central. Nashville, TN. Davidson. United states
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Post by JM,

6158867224 amended for help THEM Enhance service and keep THEIR customers. . .

Post by tess,

615-886-7224 the Amount revealed W on my Owner id. and hanged Upward.

Post by Julie,

6158867224 Called 5 times in that last 5 day's 6 5 W PM 7 1 W PM 7 7 W PM 8 9 W Am W 4 W PM

Post by P.S. from PO'd in Georgia,

615-886-7224 I see that a lot of y all that 've Truly replied these calls say that they are asking Around exactly why you Moved from Singular. . . I vie never been a Singular customer. I used Run 4 years ago. Then Changed to Verizon after I proceeded for Ga because . . . well . . . I enjoy using my cell phone and along with Dash my cell had become nothing more than an expensive paperweight. I could t get any service available and Hence could t use my Telephone. With Verizon I don t 've to worry Around where I am. I know I ll have phone service. I like that.

Post by VARIES,

6158867224 For the guy who s got Money. . . INVEST In That Companies THAT Create Great Telephone BLOCKING Equipment Able of holding lots of Amounts and cannot be compromised or their Applications cant be hacked . . .

Post by MW,

615-886-7224 Update This really is WHO CALLED You Market Strategies International Business Review within Nashville Tn . . . W W W Royal Parkway Selection W Nashville Tennessee Leghorn. email W protected Www. market Methods. com . . . Show map of W Royal Pkwy Nashville Tennessee Internet. BBB. org . . . marketplace Methods international in Nashville Tennessee W Cached Similar

Post by Lon,

6158867224 Singular fraud division May}n' not become aware that when you Shift anything within your own Singular AT amp T cell phone that they Fairly obviously give out your own property line telephone number for your company Flake Wilkerson. Although a few might consider the fraud on that part of Singular s fraud department it is more likely Large incompetence as if they had performed the slightest check they would become conscious that their own company is exactly why you personally get those calls from Somewhat incompetent survey marketers.

Post by msmadm,

615-886-7224 hang up at 8 PM W W W

Post by bb,

6158867224 Many foreign language

Post by bg,

615-886-7224 the phone came on my Dwelling amp I did t answer it. I don t need them calling again.

Post by April R,

6158867224 Me too. What's this all Around. Are they Attempting for look for Outside exactly why we Changed. Whatever. . . I m with Verizon now. AT amp T sucks. Poor services. They charge you personally for every little matter. I was happy to be done.

Post by medicman21211,

615-886-7224 She called me for two weeks now and said that she is out of Art and I suggested her that I was on your don't call list. That list must be a joke

Post by kristina,

6158867224 My Man Shed Artwork and is now with Sprint. I believe we've found your culprit.

Post by sick of telemarketers,

615-886-7224 rec d a phone from Flake Wilkerson no response when I answered. I am going for Alert the Don't Call List. these Individuals can Subsequently get a big Wonderful. Perhaps Subsequently they may leave us alone.

Post by AT&T Newbie,

6158867224 I just switched from T Mobile for AT amp T completely because I Needed an iPhone. I was with T Mobile for 5 years and never received a telemarketer telephone. Now after 3 days along with AT amp T I started getting calls from the number. I took your advice to call that floor manager. But my concern is that this May}n' be Only the Starting. Does Anyone else with AT amp T expertise telemarketing calls. How I wish that Apple had got their deal along with T Mobile.

Post by Jess,

615-886-7224 I 've been receiving calls out of the for 2 directly times Upwards to 4 calls a daytime. Since I don t know your I don t answer. When my answering machine receives the telephone all I hear is about a minute of noise enjoy if they were within a vehicle driving with the windows rolled down . But no message is left. . . . .

Post by Craig,

6158867224 The company behind the call Flake Wilkerson was merged along with Marketplace Strategies International. I suggest that every who gets called should phone their Cost free . This can cost them . Only tell them you are calling intentionally for cost them and you will not provide your name or for them. Tell them you will keep calling each time you receive a call. Their is W. W. W

Post by Anna,

615-886-7224 When I Arrived Dwelling tonight the Owner ID showed a phone from the number. Knowing no 1 within Tennessee I go ogled it amp found all of the insane stuff. I called the amp it clarified that we re talk within Session telemarketers. My home and cell are both on the Do not Phone list. That Dwelling was called. I ll report to that Don't Call registry next. Everyone else should do that same. I Worth my privacy.

Post by annoyed,

6158867224 You re clueless. I think you work for among these Firms. Your calls every nighttime with no message or hanging Upwards on you are annoying no matter what your reason.

Post by Le,

615-886-7224 I acquired a phone from W. It is a telemarketer and I Don't want for be on their call list. I have no motive to Speak to them. I called back but got a recording. Blow off THESE CALLS. They are A Enormous WASTE OF TIME.

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Artwork survey taker

Post by Ms Grip,

615-886-7224 Gotten a hang up telephone out of the number at 9 W a. m. on my day off. . Called back and record said that when I acquired a telephone out of the Amount a survey was trying to Link and may call back again Subsequently disconnected. No Pick Outside Choice. Phone your Cops. .

Post by T MacCarter,

6158867224 unsolicited call from W W I am on your Don't Call list.

Post by R Lugan,

615-886-7224 Yep me too

Post by sugmox,

6158867224 I got this your day my singular account was scheduled for Fall among my phone lines. They must have Desired to attempt and Shift my head.

Post by Kat,

615-886-7224 I 've also been receiving Irregular Telephone calls on my property line from this Flake Wilkerson organization. I Now 've AT amp T had them within Chicago Around 8 months after transferring for Charlotte I switched to Nestle Subsequently went BACK for AT amp T in March. Two weeks after returning to AT amp T I called for Shift my Telephone number had kept my Chicago Amount so my aged Mom could still call me since I had proceeded her in along with me I no longer Wanted that Amount . . . . . in order for Alter your Amount since I was now in a different marketplace they Desired to End that just one account and generate a fresh just one along with that brand new phone Amount and send me a fresh SI Millimeters card as well . I suspect that is what got me a objective of Flake Wilkerson. I have not yet replied their phone in fact I Simply sent them an E-mail on their Website asking that they remove me from their list. This really is what I Delivered them and Everyone who needs to use my text as nicely may do so Your own organization has called a few times so Much and I have no knowledge of your Firm or its company along with me. I respectfully need that you quit and desist all calls instantly and which you add my data to your own Central DC list. I am already on your National DC list so if this really is unsolicited please become conscious which you are in Misdemeanor of FTC rules and any further calls will be reported for them. The E-mail also Functions as constructive find you are not to sell my number or email address nor are you allowed for contact me via either with your Exclusive exception of notifying me that you 've complied along with my request . Thank you personally within advance to your support within this issue. We ll see what they state. That Website says for allow three company days for your request to be processed thus if I get any calls or E-mails since I did supply an email ADD after next Tuesday I may become reporting them for my state AG that FTC and the BBB.

Post by annoyed,

6158867224 You re clueless. I think you work for one of these Firms. The calls each night along with no message or hanging Upwards on You're annoying no matter what your reason.

Post by annoyed by this caller.,

615-886-7224 I 've now acquired the phone twice. I did t know who it was so I ignored it and did t response. Both Times they left messages but did t state anything. They just Put up. I now feel better knowing I m not your simply 1 getting this phone. D

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Telemarketing

Post by thomas,

615-886-7224 That Owner said He called on Account of AT amp T Established on my most recent contact with Artwork.

Post by Sherry,

6158867224 This number Arrived up on my caller id but I was on another phone and did t take it. Your name said MT Strategies. I don t 've a Singular cell phone but did go to Tennessee where the W Region code is in June. Glad I power saw this. Won t response if they telephone back.

Post by Goddess,

615-886-7224 John all Firms charge for the not empty retail price of the cell Telephones at least here in California . I worked for a major cell Telephone Business for around 5 years. Don t annoyance disputing it can be a waste of your time. Read your Wonderful Images.

Post by January,

6158867224 Great one I ll use that overly.

Post by Jan,

615-886-7224 Repeated calls from this Amount several times Day-to-day for the previous week. And of course nobody on the other Finish when I response your calls. Canceled my Art cell phone service as of 2 weeks Past AND already Finished a satisfaction survey Along with Artwork during the cancellation telephone. Thus exactly why the marketing company is Striving to Duplicate your process is beyond me. Except that Clearly it s some type of automatic set Upward between this Business and Artwork. I may Merely wait and see if I actually get somebody when that next survey call comes in thus I can whine Around Art and their silly redundant Studies.

Post by U might be stoopid,

6158867224 I guess they never handed Outside your list.

Post by Dean,

615-886-7224 I left AT amp T a couple of weeks ago worst wireless service in Laos Angel es. Went to Verizon could t be happier. AT amp T SUCKS. Now i m becoming calls from that Amount as nicely. Sucks that AT amp T is giving your Amounts Outside to annoying market research people. Simply another motive exactly why AT amp T SUCKS so poor. . .

Post by d j,

6158867224 been receiving calls from the Amount for your previous few times read preceding Opinions here and they had mentioned that they were due to Lately cancelling at amp t which i had done so i answered that call and that's exactly what it was a survey for see exactly why i Ended my at amp t wireless service. i 'm in your running for a W Credit debit card if i Triumph they can call me back .

Post by Me,

615-886-7224 Calls everyday. I placed a complaint on your dentally. gov registry but so Way nothing has changed.

Post by incredulous,

6158867224 However another idiot who thinks that is the Amount Treatment service. It USN t. It is the World National Lottery Sweepstakes Entry page. And figure what. You personally vie won W Million dollars. Regrettably your Government requires you prepay your Fees on this. If you personally don t have that funds on hand for can the yourself we may pay it out of your own Profits but there's a processing Price for handling the for you. I ll be calling the phone Amount you posted to get a checking account number from you thus we can Problem a draft for the Price. And congratulations on being among your biggest idiots on your World . SERIOUSLY People Don t Set your personal Information on here that USN t what these sites are for. You personally re Only asking for problem.

Post by Joe M.,

615-886-7224 FYI. They Additionally record their outbound calls. By law they're supposed for notify you that they're record that telephone for quality Pledge Applications. The phone I got did not.

Post by Karen H,

6158867224 I Only received a call from the Amount from a guy that says he is out of AT amp T. He said that I would receive a 5 Assess for doing his survey. He Inquired me if the was a company Telephone and said that name of the Firm that I work for. He asked if I had AT amp T and I told him I did t understand. He asked again and I still said I did t know. He Inquired if I would love to receive that 5 Assess so I said sure. He then read my address for me and then Put Upwards immediately. I m sure he could Notice the unwillingness in my own express to each of his questions. It was very Bizarre he Only disconnected your telephone.

Post by anonymous,

615-886-7224 First call to my cell phone on 6 W second telephone on 6 W. Did not pick up because I don t understand that number and they did not leave express send. I 've had the same unlisted Singular Art number for around four years have not called customer service within nicely over two years haven t had a contract for over two years and don't have any Thought why they would try and contact me. Really irritating. Reported to your federal don't call registry after locating the Website. Cheers for your input everyone.

Post by Kevin,

6158867224 Got a call this morning from W W W. I also switched away out of AT amp T. They did not leave a message just Put up.

Post by alexnt,

615-886-7224 wan you see this number reply it dint say anything but hit your own pound indication 6 times fast it messes there computer up

Post by JF,

6158867224 For your requirements who knows all. . . this is sheer ignorance. If you call them back they would demand to identify that Amount you personally want removed. once you personally can that they sell or Give your number for HUNDREDS if not more robotic callers and from Fortune and would demand to Shift your own Amount. Here s the enjoyment part they can locate you again changing the Amount today and even non Released which Prices almost 2 Dollars a month will not Extra you. . . telephone them back and this can occur. The only real Option is a Large cal blocker which is on Amazon once blocked the caller or robot is given 2 gracious rings and then dead air . It dozen t Discontinue the calls but you personally won t detect or hear them problem is simply Fixed within the manner. This scenario of being Pleasant is the passive way to hell if you own a Telephone.

Post by Rico,

615-886-7224 Yeah except that they don t desire for keep calling you if you personally arena t going for buy anything. It wastes their time. They d rather take you away your list. I m not saying they Stadium t jerks Simply that they don t want to waste their time calling people that don t desire to buy.

Post by Urko,

6158867224 post your to HTTP dentally. gov to Quit this b. s.

Post by CUZ,

615-886-7224 Yep. Manner To GO CZ

Post by A,

6158867224 They're exempt under your DC if they state they're doing a thus called survey.

Post by msmadm,

615-886-7224 Hang Upward telephone.

Post by Guest,

6158867224 They Merely Installed up.

Post by just say no,

615-886-7224 Here is a Web site from this company for add info on do not contact . I Merely received the telephone less than W hours after cancelling service along with AT amp T . I go ogled and located this listing and them found their company Web site. HTTP Www. market strategies. com don't contact. aspics Fortune.

Post by bnewman,

6158867224 Called at 8 W p. m. Did t reply did t leave a message.

Post by F*ckThoseA$$holes,

615-886-7224 Looks like Flake Wilkerson was purchased by Marketplace Methods International. They have an Pick Outside form on their web Website HTTP Www. marketplace Methods. com don't contact. asp

Post by MARY A M,

6158867224 I 've REPEATED CALLS Out of Marketplace Methods W W W.

Post by Theresa Gabriel,

615-886-7224 Keeps calling my cell phone. I 've been ignoring that calls as they're an unknown number.

Post by John,

6158867224 Terminated my Artwork Cell service 2 times ago. Got the call about 5 PM EDT. They Inquired for me by name. Told me they were Doing a customer survey may be monitored entered into a drawing for something or other and jumped directly into your survey ST question Are you on your own cell Telephone now. ND question Would you personally or any members of your family work in this industries. . . . Told her I wan t interested amp Put up on her. The second question got me for Thinking what was going on which is why I m here.

Post by Sarah W,

615-886-7224 She States it's for Folks that got rid of Art. I am still with them. Exactly why on world would they become calling for request why I Moved. Sounds enjoy a scam to me. Frightening component I Merely got an email out of them. Right. . . let me sign on to that right away and have even more personal info stolen.

Post by Pissed off,

6158867224 Phone This Number AND TELL HER Away UNTIL SHE REMOVES Your own Number AND STOPS CALLING You personally W

Post by happy camper,

615-886-7224 Thanks for your post. Merely called today and Leigh Ann Decided Upwards directly and removed me from your list. No more annoying calls

Post by Guest,

6158867224 AT amp T wanting to know exactly why service was Ended.

Post by Ge Ge,

615-886-7224 This really is a telemarketing research Agency Flake Wilkerson . If you vie done company with AT amp T Wireless Lately they offer your own home phone Amount for this Firm for tease that Cr p out of you. I 've obtained a telephone Each Evening since I did company with AT amp T. Cheers for the man for the contact Information on Leigh Ann Horn buckle I left a message on her voice send.

Post by George,

6158867224 I Only got this phone on my Dwelling phone I Additionally did not answer my Telephone cause I did not understand that number.

Post by ellen,

615-886-7224 they did your same to me I frightened them and said I would report them for the cops

Post by Pissed off,

6158867224 Phone The Number AND TELL HER Away UNTIL SHE REMOVES Your Number AND STOPS CALLING You personally W

Post by Called them back...,

615-886-7224 They are a telemarketing research company from Tennessee according for their replying message. If you see them calling again answer it and tell them not for telephone you back and take your own Amount away their list

Post by jay,

6158867224 please Discontinue calling me.

Post by Ollie,

615-886-7224 Just acquired a call out of Flake Wilkerson W W W. Did not reply Owner id. Can wait to would anything about being called. May Alert Lawyer General for your state of Indianapolis if I get another phone but first phone your number for supply them a chance to Stop calling.

Post by D. L.,

6158867224 Phone my Residence and asserting for be AT amp T. The Individual Required to Talk to some family member who recently made a call to their customer service Centre. Told them the Person wan t home. Just for understand after hanging up that's can be scam. Call your family member and Learn they did t make any such telephone. Stupid me. Typically I can Find your scam but not this time. We've for become vigilant of nowadays of these unscrupulous individuals and or Firms.

Post by Annoyed but equipped,

615-886-7224 As 've you personally all I have obtained calls out of this Amount as well as other nuisance calls. If calling Leigh Ann has not worked go to some local Radio Shack or other electronics Shop and buy a Record Camera which you attach to your phone. It is Fairly astonishing that results that result when you personally describe you are record your talk and intend to turn over their nuisance calls to your own Lawyer General as nicely as your local Tv station who can do a Section on that company. After eight months of Attempting for Fix a phone Statement error on that component of AT amp T and numerous responses that they have corrected that error it wan t until I turned on my small recorder notified your local Tv station of my plight and then politely defined the to AT amp T. Magically your Malfunction was Adjusted. This was my Mommy s Invoice she is W and they had erroneously billed her for over W. Each month they would turn off her phone for non payment of that W component of the Statement. I had to Purchase her a pay as you personally go kind Telephone thus that she could telephone me for tell me that phone had been shut away each month. After hours and hours on your Telephone it would become turned on and I would get that promise the bill had been corrected simply to locate out next month that it Haydn t. They would explain that the next Statement would still represent the W blah blah blah. I would even call as a pare emotive quantify and become Guaranteed that the Sum had been removed and Subsequently the phone would become shut away. There is a reason they don't have any Stone and mortars for their phone services. You telephone and get a phone center of hundreds of Individuals you can never Speak along with your same Individual twice and there are some who will Merely pay that unscrupulous Prices Fairly than put up with their hassle. It is either they are incompetent or unscrupulous take your own pick.

Post by Ted F.,

6158867224 I 've received three phone calls out of this number this week. Two of the calls went to your brand fresh Verizon phone number that I 've simply had for six times. The third telephone went to my unpublished Google Voice Amount which I have had on your National Do not Phone Registry for nicely around a year. I Submitted a detailed Criticism via the National Don't Call Registry s website Instants ago. I really expect they charge a hefty fine against whoever is behind the repeated and unwanted phone calls in the W W W number.

Post by Todd,

615-886-7224 Mom I would say the classifies as a research survey phone. Definitely falls Underneath DC

Post by Flake-Wilkerson-Don't-Call-Me-Anymore!!,

6158867224 We Simply got your first phone PM from these idiots that don t response and I Think that we will become becoming another call soon on the House phone which we are on that National no call list. . . Boy a lot of great that list does. We won't answer anymore. . Cheers to all that posted this Amount so now we can ignore it. W W W

Post by MBR,

615-886-7224 Receive the call from your same number your person said he is calling me for take the feedback regarding the customer service feedback. After the telephone my cell is completely stuck and not working. I Moved on and away that cell still my cell s damaged. don't take the call

Post by Texan 2,

6158867224 It s just a survey. I left Art and they wanted my view. It s not a sales call in any manner. I had a relationship with Art so it s legal for them for phone me. Gosh get a life and quit stressing around this stuff. Only don t response the call.

Post by MaryJane-TX,

615-886-7224 I Simply called them back and they have a message explaining that they're a research Firm and that they were looking at Performing a gratification survey. I Lately Changed from AT amp T for Sprint and I believe that's your motive for the phone. Since I Place Upward with at amp t s bad service for a few years I believe I can actually take your call and present them a few minutes for let them understand what I despise about at amp t and I decided to switch

Post by JF,

6158867224 For your requirements who knows all. . . this really is Absolute ignorance. If you call them back they would need to identify the number you wish removed. once you can that they sell or donate your Amount for HUNDREDS if not more robotic callers and out of Fortune and would need for change your Amount. Here s your fun part they will look for you again transforming that Amount today and even non Released which costs almost 2 bucks a month will not Free you. . . call them back and the can happen. Your just Actual solution is a mass cal blocker which is on Amazon once blocked your Owner or robot is given 2 gracious Bands and Subsequently dead atmosphere . It dozen t Cease your calls but you personally won t find or hear them Trouble is simply solved within this manner. The scenario of being nice is your passive way for hell if you personally own a phone.

Post by Guest,

615-886-7224 Art

Post by Mz PM,

6158867224 Called PM did t leave meas sage. I constantly appearance Upwards unknown number s and saw that posts for same number. . . . I can block Amount now.

Post by Donot Evercallme,

615-886-7224 Cheers for that Firm Information. Their website has a section you can click on and enter your phone number for be placed on their do not telephone list.

Post by liz,

6158867224 keeps calling and leaves no message

Post by HelloKitty,

615-886-7224 I feel like I 've to can the dentally. gov each other flip Flag month. We get overly many SPAM calls pout I ll state it again we don't response unknown unavailable calls. I think I vie Found that this could possibly have been many sorta survey call. Out of who we ll never understand. . .

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Calls incessantly. Quite annoying.

Post by Onepeedoffman,

615-886-7224 Someone was Attempting for get me to Purchase an anti virus protection stating the can mend my computer for a one time Price of W. W dollars. . . .

Post by Cleveland OH,

6158867224 Called back again today.

Post by Maria,

615-886-7224 I too got a call from the Amount and go ogled it. Thus I ended Upward on the Website. I did t response it but called them back and they state they're MS Research Center and tried to reach us to conduct a survey. I Simply cancelled my AT amp T cellular service to go along with Patel. com using T Mobile s Systems for a 5 cents a minute Pay as you Go Service that can save me a Pack. I was with Artwork for around 7 years. My plan was W a month for W minutes with Illuminates. Plus tax my Statement came between W W a month. Which is around 4 W for your past 7 years. I just Discuss W W minutes which will add Upward for W W a month. I m hoping for become joyful along with Patel s service I vie had it only for a week now and so Much thus good. All those savings for that upcoming year just bought me a Nexus 5 out of Google for W.

Post by Larry,

6158867224 I get calls out of the number Nearly every daytime and they are never there IF I response I 've learned not for . What can become done about this pathetic Firm.

Post by cat,

615-886-7224 Got 2 calls Now 3 4 W from this . Did t reply. No message let on replying machine either time. After reading above messages glad I did t.

Post by A,

6158867224 If they're doing a survey they're exempt. That and politicians and charities.

Post by Guest,

615-886-7224 I Reduction have Artwork. . . . I 've Neighborhood PCs

Post by Pissed off,

6158867224 Call The Amount AND TELL HER Off UNTIL SHE REMOVES Your own Number AND STOPS CALLING You personally W

Post by w,

615-886-7224 I dint think its spastic if you never did company and are receiving calls in any respect hours of the day and night from someone searching for an imaginary Man. they look to care simply about harassing you.

Post by madison,

6158867224 Answered phone but no just one answered. This was your first daytime I had my Telephone number and new Service.

Post by GLL,

615-886-7224 I Merely got a call and I 'm on your Do not Call List at W pm I 'm reporting the Firm as they hung up when I replied do you understand what time it's.

Post by nmg,

6158867224 Cricket was Lately purchased by AT amp T and either you ll enroll along with Singular or AT amp T. You have until March W to make up your mind. That s exactly why they are calling.

Post by None,

615-886-7224 Called me and Put Upward instantaneously.

Post by Sara,

6158867224 No message Though another obnoxious call from some sketchy Marketplace Methods group W W W

Post by Mark,

615-886-7224 Flake Wilkerson is a telemarketing Agency base here in Small Stone.

Post by Another AT&T deserter,

6158867224 Same Narrative as many of you personally. I Shed AT amp T two weeks Past and today I got that call. It was a missed call thus I go ogled it. I ll Merely Blow off it for now unless they keep calling. They should get it people Just don t want AT amp T as their provider anymore get over it. ha ha

Post by just mee,

615-886-7224 Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You are able to Reduce calls from Folks through your cell Telephone. I Browse my cell out of MENU Settings SECURITY then for Limit INCOMING AND OUTGOING CALLS go into your INCOMING and you can add the Amount thus it dozen t alert you. absolute best you can do is ignore it.


6158867224 I figure these People may 've job security for a while More if tons of Folks decide to ditch AT amp T for your Verizon iPhone. That s exactly what I did so I figure that s exactly why they re calling me. I agree it's so annoying for see people have been having dilemmas with this Amount since W. I could t stand how specific companies get away along with avoiding your DC list.

Post by J,

615-886-7224 We received a phone telephone this morning out of this Amount also. Your caller ID said 1 W W W and Flake Wilkerson. Not Understanding what it was we go ogled it. Nobody left a message. We have been receiving unknown calls where the Individual hangs up when I answer for that last couple of weeks. . . I 'm unsure if they are Related. Either way our Amounts are on your don't telephone list. We do not 've Art and never had Singular. . . we would Yet 've Verizon. I will not answer Notably after reading these other comments. I want Individuals would just Value your Seclusion. . . . .

Post by DH,

6158867224 I gotten a telephone and did t response because I did t know that number. Any Thought s.

Post by w.mclellan,

615-886-7224 This Company just called a few minutes Past. I am on a do not disturb list Additionally. I expect that was the last time. .

Post by rena 12/29/09,

6158867224 Ask for someone who has Approved away Lately. Told me he was sorry for the loss. His name was Kevin out of AT amp T.

Post by Kathy,

615-886-7224 Do not contact request Internet. marketplace strategies. com do not contact. asp

Post by Los Angeles,

6158867224 Caller ID shows Business name and your Amount 1 W W W. They call once a daytime usually late afternoon early evening. They never leave a message. I consistently Display calls and have no Objective of picking Upward.

Post by jm,

615-886-7224 You've to would that yourself. Look into that blocking options your Telephone Business offers.

Post by rae,

6158867224 yes i got this telephone and I'm in the military. its annoying as hell they called me a few times always Put up. i finally answered and pressed a bunch of buttons and it unsubscribed me from their telephone list. ha vent had a telephone since

Post by Florida,

615-886-7224 The Amount has been calling X daytime since we Moved out of AT amp T wireless to Verizon wireless service. Never leaves a message. Owner ID says MT Methods. The kind of behaviour Displays just the AT amp T company culture version strategy that sends customers fleeing. We are on the federal and state don't telephone lists. Market Strategies International CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS'S Victor Parkway Livonia Mi Phone W W Facsimile W W W HTTP investing. business week. com research st . . . overpaid W

Post by Flo,

6158867224 I 'm Additionally becoming calls from this Amount. I don't have Verizon AT amp T or any other service. Caller ID says Market Methods. Did t Comprehend them thus did t reply. I 'm also on your Do not call list.

Post by lynn,

615-886-7224 Registered message.

Post by will,

6158867224 I just got a phone from the Amount I did not response because I did not Understand it. Strangely enough I just switched from AT amp T.

Post by unknown,

615-886-7224 I don't Understand the Amount and they do not leave a message.

Post by D-Void,

6158867224 These People 've been pestering me overly. I read an earlier post that had their company Site address and I located a link where you can request no to become contacted HTTP Internet. market strategies. com en contact do not contact. asp Ironically the kind requires you for enter your first and last name e mail address and phone number. You Assess off what you need them for Quit and submit that sort. Your page states it can take up to 3 business times for process your request. I found it insulting they would ask for more private info to procedure that request thus I Joined this First Name Elastoplast Name Calling Subsequently created a disposable E-mail account at HTTP Malinda. com and Offered that E-mail address instead. eventually I entered my Actual cell phone Amount they have that already as that Amount to Quit calling. You are able to Google disposable email addresses and look for many free services you are able to use to fight back against these evil corporate Or ks from Middle World. Hope the helps your Usage could Change. P. S. Recall Tuesday is Quiet Green day.

Post by Asher,

615-886-7224 Take people off your own Calling list. We are on that Do not Telephone LIST and you might have been requested to remove people from your list

Post by telemarketbuster,

6158867224 call Leigh Ann Turnbuckle W She is that Floor Director for Flake Wilkerson and ask for become taken away their phone list. It s a swift and Uncomplicated Remedy. This works if it dozen t her Residence number is W W W

Post by Angel,

615-886-7224 Simply called me Now. Left no message. I did t Comprehend Amount and I found all of your posts. Thank you personally for Choosing the time to help locate out. Best of Fortune for your requirements all.

Post by Chris,

6158867224 I hate to tell you personally Individuals but if You're on your don't phone list a Firm can still contact you personally if it's in regards to any Business you currently would company with. These calls you still 've for ask to become placed on their don't telephone list. It's Dumb if you personally request me. I have been getting these calls enjoy crazy as well and now it makes sense since I did Simply leave AT amp T

Post by Bear,

615-886-7224 I use Coma for my House Telephone along with their Initial service. With it I simply Label each number like these for blacklisting and that phone is dropped automatically for me. Unfortunately these callers 've a relationship with people like AT amp T or such and the national don't telephone list dozen t help. Thus Coma does that job for you personally.

Post by Nik,

6158867224 Funny I m not becoming these calls for my cell Telephone but for my WORK Telephone. I 've been an Art singular customer for YEARS and Lately merged my account along with my bf s to sort a family Strategy. I am guessing they appearance at the as a Ended account. So yeah my work Amount. That s sweet.

Post by daisy,

615-886-7224 We added service last night at your AT amp T store and they told us we would be contacted for a survey Around that service received they Only did t state how we would be contacted. I work for an Executive firm which requests client feedback as it is that only manner to Enhance the service you receive if you personally don t tell them what they are doing incorrect they could t repair your system. Reply the call tell them exactly why you personally left or how your service was or not to phone back You're not interested in your survey and they can Stop calling. Ignoring them will not solve the Issue. They do not violate that do not telephone list when they are requesting feedback on service you requested emcee is right be joyful they attention enough to hire the Agency. I constantly Supply feedback when I 've your time if they offered you a chance to win W like the stores that print you personally receipts can i m sure you would go online and Complete those Outside nicely now you get a chance to tell a real Man how you were treated and what you personally would love changed. Take advantage of it you personally would become surprised the change 1 response can create.

Post by C'est di Bon,

6158867224 A telephone out of the number came while I was on your Telephone along with someone else. I checked this Website to discover that Identification. Seemingly it is a marketing number. Typically we do not answer that line if we question your Identification of that Owner. It is Fine that we can screen the calls in this style and not become bothered.

Post by MIa,

615-886-7224 I got 2 calls from this Amount W W W Your name on my Owner ID was Flake Wilkerson. I let both calls go to VIM. W is a Nashville area code

Post by JM,

6158867224 amended for help THEM Enhance service and keep THEIR customers. . .

Post by G,

615-886-7224 They called and asked to can a survey thus I did. Gave them all untrue answers while fondling myself. Good time.

Post by Tiny Arms,

6158867224 I Simply bought a fresh cellphone this weekend and Regular at least 3 times a day I get a phone out of W W W. Without a message left. What's along with this Amount.

Post by Joanna,

615-886-7224 Obtained three calls this week all Approximately 7 W pm for our acreage line which has no connection to your cell Telephones. We Simply added a fresh line to your AT amp T family Strategy and after reading your posts I would think it related if we had the numbers cross Recommended. I never have answer that calls when I see the unknown Amount. The places get a little away tract thus I m not sure what to believe in provisions of phone Source but will strive a couple of Tips. Cheers.

Post by Nomore,

6158867224 Called interrupting my company. Really irritating

Post by Booyah,

615-886-7224 Phone center that's spamming you Nashville Tn Royal Parkway Collection Nashville Tn W W Corp HQ Marketplace Methods International Corporate Headquarters W Faculty Parkway Livonia MI Telephone W. W. Facsimile W. W. W

Post by suckerPunched,

6158867224 In a day of moving that wireless line out of AT amp T to another company that calls from W W W Began. They called my acreage line each time. Telescope session when I finally answered one of that Established Hello my name is XX XX calling seeing your AT amp T wireless line. Can I Chat with First Last name. That is not a Sales phone. This is Merely a courtesy telephone. ME Ok . Scummier Could you personally please confirm if we have attained you in your acreage line or cellphone . ME IF You're out of AT amp T you should understand my wireless number. I dint want to listen to the courtesy phone anymore. Click.

Post by Corkey Cone,

615-886-7224 I M Getting Your CALLS Too. Your NAME FLAKE WILKERSON Days A LOT. Excuse MEW I Have To GO For The Don't Telephone Site AND Do However ANOTHER REPORT. IT WOULD Be Nice IF I COULD Gather DAMAGES From Individuals who AR EN T Supposed To Phone ME I COULD 've THAT CORVETTE I VIE Consistently Needed.

Post by wj71,

6158867224 Three calls Now all hangups along with no message.

Post by robert stowell,

615-886-7224 the system calls my Dwelling and cell Amounts at least half a dozen times a day do we get them stopped

Post by court03,

6158867224 W W W called me but i didn't answer. i searched your Amount online and was directed here. i went to the Wilkes Web site someone posted on here and Required my Amount become removed. hopefully this works. .

Post by Tiffany,

615-886-7224 Got a phone from W W W did t recognize your number or name so did t answer.

Post by 4rosie,

6158867224 They keep calling me from the Amount. I never have replied. . .

Post by chris,

615-886-7224 i Additionally received that same telephone first time no one said anything second time i did t response . That calls come at least three times a daytime i Merely don t response. What is going on.

Post by rae,

6158867224 yes i got the call and I'm in the military. its annoying as hell they called me a few times always Installed Upward. i eventually replied and pressed a Number of buttons and it unsubscribed me from their phone list. ha vent had a phone since

Post by American hero,

615-886-7224 Oh I m sure you will Dale. Lawsuit joyful Individuals like You're among the great problems within society today. Right behind telemarketers. . .

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Did t response no message left. I Think it was AT amp T judging out of previous Remarks I recently jail broke unlocked my iPhone and left AT amp T for Straightforward Cellular telephone.

Post by Condor,

615-886-7224 With Nov W elections coming Upward i 've had to resort to private Approaches for Remove the thus called practice by purchasing a Telephone blocker transforming Telephone Amounts after W years of having that same Amount and get many throw away cell Telephones with a Telephone card for recharge the time providing they don get too ACTIVE when they would i ll Only throw them away. No i m not paranoid Simply weary of racing for that Telephone for find it s NOT friend or relative calling socially but a few either telemarketer stupid F king Studies political idiots using their private lines for for harass you into voting for many Various crooked politician or a few Mindless third speed Statement collector Attempting to Amass on a debt that was either paid away years Past or the Individual has long since died and left you along with his her phone for call 6 times a daytime . and Businesses like W service Turning their Accessible phone Amounts thus just one day you personally get a survey your next you personally get a Debt Set Bureau . . . I don t blame people like your Amish or Mennonites for rejecting the fresh manner s and Shunning brand new technologies cause it DON T get better Only WORSE as your times pass and there USN t any Substantial Electricity or Govt. Bureau gonna help . . . Don t believe me. . . . vote for them and locate out . P. S. who do you think Gains from the Site. you and your own complaints or the shady business that reads and Functions on the data for better their business sales . LOLA . . .

Post by Lilshaker,

6158867224 I Lately changed my cell Telephone service from Artwork for Verizon and the call was a due for making that change. They called when I was on my work lunch break and said they would telephone back that Night but I turned away my cell Telephone to avert the telephone. Thus they called me again at work today and I did not take the call during work hours. I Strategy for see what it is that they desire and hopefully Finish calls.

Post by curt mason,

615-886-7224 Stop calling me

Post by Kevin,

6158867224 For that previous 3 4 days I have been receiving calls from this number at least 5 times a daytime. I eventually decided to response among the calls and only heard silence. I want to become Chosen away their calling list and file a report against them.

Post by baretruth,

615-886-7224 but we may be turning them within that FTC as well as your National Can Call Registry. And they can become trembling in their Shoes right. No they ll just joke at you personally and keep on along with what they are doing. First they may become Included by one of your loopholes and second that DC is Almost unenforced as is Can SPAM unless You're that poor at Kodak and you personally accidentally create a Small transgression . Those laws were Composed so that they can never become used because your politicians of both Events are overly occupied getting their pockets lined by these sleazeballs for do anything that can Actually create them mad. They would Yet like passing empty laws along with Outstanding sounding names within purchase to fake Outside the Bad dumb voters.

Post by CUZ,

6158867224 Yep. Manner To GO CZ

Post by Bobby,

615-886-7224 they call my Dwelling all your time and when you personally response they Merely hang up and if you phone them back to Opt Outside they have Simply have a record.

Post by mrhawaii,

6158867224 I got called by the company. I did t Select Upwards. If it Warren t for this particular forum I would t understand what your heck it was.

Post by Scott,

615-886-7224 Did t reply due to your goofy name.

Post by Petern,

6158867224 Thank you personally for your solution. I called and left her a message to remove me from their list. how did I get on a listing anyway. .

Post by T wilson,

615-886-7224 Many one for this particular Amount has been calling me when I answer your Telephone they hang Upwards I did not understand who it is but they could say something. They demand to Cease calling me now. The name comes up on my caller ID as marketplace Method W W W

Post by Meeka,

6158867224 I received your phone but Simply sent it to voice mail. I figured if it was anyone Significant looking for me that they would leave a message. I gotten no message. I then go ogled the number and Arrived upon this site and your Opinions got Around that same Amount. Thank God for Google and caller ID. The humorous component about it's its connection along with AT amp t. I Only shifted my service provider out of AT amp t and kept my phone number. Your Identification theft Remark has me concerned very concerned.

Post by Jason,

615-886-7224 I talked to Lee Ann last week and she said she would remove my cell number out of their list. But I gotten yet another telephone Now Saturday afternoon. When I answered there was no one on another line.

Post by Concerned...,

6158867224 But we should t 've to. I for just one will be Processing complaints along with your FTC viewing the question and I Need everyone to contact their congressional Associates in relationship for this On-going problem that plagues that United States in support of tougher regulations on Promotion Techniques.

Post by SoCal Gal,

615-886-7224 This Amount has called my cell phone twice the week. I just switched from AT amp T for Race. I called Leigh Ann as previously mentioned earlier within the Newsgroup and left a MSG. We ll see if that works. . . .

Post by Mar,

6158867224 Simply obtained the same phone as everyone. . . could they become stealing or affirming phone to Shift their caller id info. Someone has a cell phone listing of or a few Art customers. . .

Post by ugh,

615-886-7224 Brenda Walker out of Advertising Strategies. Says she wants for speak to that person who Addresses that Telephone Invoice. Desires their view on Net and cell use. I have an view on HER phone use and she s not gonna like it. What a waste of my time.

Post by dave,

6158867224 Called twice left no message first time I picked Upwards second time amp heard History noise but nobody spoke

Post by Patty,

615-886-7224 This is a follow Upwards survey to Evaluate the service you acquired with a cell phone provider. I called last week to end my plan with Singular Artwork and was told I could possibly get a survey phone for ensure I had no Difficulties.

Post by Pentz,

6158867224 I also Merely got a phone out of the Amount. . . Strange they Needed for know how my cell phone service was. Could they charge a Price for you personally answering your Telephone or something. Its enjoy they Essentially did not 've any point of calling. . . oh besides for 've become take survey

Post by Secret,

615-886-7224 Got a phone from W W W. I never answer. Caller id said Flake Wilkerson . .

Post by Guest,

6158867224 hang Upward call

Post by Denise,

615-886-7224 Two times Past I Moved my cellular service from Singular AT amp T to Verizon keeping your same number. Tonight I acquired a call out of W W W and an African American male identified himself as being from AT amp T. Presuming that this was a few sort of Test by AT amp T to win me back I did t hang Upward on him. I Desired to supply AT amp T a Part of my mind. This Man assured me this was not a sales phone and informed me that the telephone could become monitored for quality Applications. He asked me if your Telephone number that we were speaking on was my Residence or cellular number. . . and Afterward he asked me if I had a Dwelling phone number. I told him no. Afterward he quite fast said Thank you and hung Upward. Really peculiar.

Post by telemarketbuster,

6158867224 telephone Leigh Ann Turnbuckle W She is that Floor Director for Flake Wilkerson and request for become taken away their call list. It s a quick and Uncomplicated Alternative. The works if it dozen t her House number is W W W

Post by Dee,

615-886-7224 Nicely I got a phone out of them Now and after reading these posts it Appears for me that Singular AT amp T Offers the Business your names and numbers for many reason or another. I Changed to Verizon 4 times Past and now that annoying phone calls. It Looks an intriguing coincidence but it's not I consider. All throughout your posts Singular and AT amp T are Introduced. If I did t understand any better I d state this really is part of AT amp T s Abuse for switching to another Supplier. I feel if they Desired to know exactly why I Moved they could 've Inquired me when I called them to tell them I Moved but no questions.

Post by Monica,

6158867224 I got many phone from 1 W W phone no. I did send her for Hell. I called back for 1 W W W. Inquired the other Woman to remove my Telephone no. from your list. She said she can do so. Who are these Folks.

Post by Bonez,

615-886-7224 I gotten a call out of this Amount and Merely did t answer. They keep calling but I won't provide within for this telemarketer.

Post by Amy Drongowski,

6158867224 People have called from W. W. W repeatedly for the previous 2 weeks. I receive approximately 2 calls per day. When I reply they Only hang Upwards. When I phone back for ask them for remove me from their list and to Quit CALLING I get an automated message stating they are a marketplace research Firm White Wilkes Marketing Research Company. . and a representative will phone me back shortly. Afterward it disconnects. I need my information removed instantly and I d tell them myself except they don t even hassle to state anything when I can Choose up. That is Quite frustrating.

Post by Nancy,

615-886-7224 I do not Understand this number and they do not leave a message. That is your second times.

Post by Ryoshi,

6158867224 I don t think you quite recognize your Internet. This site isn't affiliated along with that Amount within any way you personally d have for contact them.

Post by April R,

615-886-7224 Same here. I Moved the same as you. . They're disgruntled. Wait till they phone me tonight. . . Greer. P. S I took my at amp t s with me thus that Likely burnt them overly.

Post by annoyed,

6158867224 You personally re clueless. I guess you personally work for one of these companies. That calls each night along with no message or hanging up on You're annoying no matter what your motive.

Post by john,

615-886-7224 answered Stop Put up

Post by MAXINE R,

6158867224 DID NOT Response Only GO OGLED That Phone NO.

Post by Employee Bothered,

615-886-7224 You can phone them back on their own number and see how they like being bothered. Your is W W W. That is their Tennessee office. Tell them to Stop calling you.

Post by sam,

6158867224 REMOVE MY Amount. . . Do not Phone ME AGAIN

Post by Stupid AT&T,

615-886-7224 Flake left me a message Now but it was just someone respiration on the other Finish. Afterward Flake called Today and I answered it and there was Stop on the other end of that line. I was stressed until I read your places here. Thanks All. . I vie called and requested to be removed out of their list.

Post by AT&T Wireless/Credit Card Scam,

6158867224 Caller female w thick southern accent from W W W accomplished me at work asked for me by name and queried exactly why I had cancelled AT amp T service that was opened a week Past fraudulently using among MY credit cards with MY House address etc. etc. . when informed of such replied Oh it was. and Just Put Upwards. . . could t ask who was calling or exactly why. . .

Post by Pat,

615-886-7224 If you work for them why within the world are they calling Individuals continuously won't Chat when you personally Choose Upward your phone is that the same thing as working now times. I could tell you this if they keep on I will turn them around to the BBB in Nashville have no problem doing it either. My phone is for my private use not for Folks to keep calling even when you tell them for Leave and they STILL CANNOT Discuss. . . I have Additionally Trailed them along with AT amp T W and I can prosecute them for that fullest for harassment. . . .

Post by Patrick Camm,

6158867224 I continually get Telephone calls out of W W W. They're not leaving messages and are calling as late as 8 W p. m. I found a name on the Web for call to request to become Chosen away their telephone list and 've left two messages. I continue to get that Telephone calls.

Post by areyouintoxicated,

615-886-7224 So what are you smoking. What on world can you personally think posting your Telephone Amount here may Complete. If I were a Telephone scummier and I saw your own Amount here I d believe gee this person is a moron and an simple objective. I m Getting this clown at your top of my list. And I m sharing your Amount with all my pals. But I m not a Telephone scummier. Or 'm I .

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Added for my brand brand new telephone blocker. .

Post by annoyed in NJ,

615-886-7224 Most Individuals on here are correct. No just one should 've to become bothered along with any of these useless wastes of life calling them daily weekly or even monthly to can some Dumb survey that no 1 may benefit from anyways. That girl on your Telephone sounded like she had a freak in firearm for her head when she was talking for me. . . fumbling Documents and words as she struggled to make her telephone sound Significant or Important. You shouldn't have to telephone back a Firm you never asked to be contacted by. . . . its spam. . and technically could be considered harassment if done repeatedly. . . .

Post by Vicki,

6158867224 They called and did t leave any express message. I m glad I located this Newsgroup. I understand I could Blow off it.

Post by Guest,

615-886-7224 Called and I replied. . . they instantaneously said they could t can call at the time and Put up

Post by Ali,

6158867224 I Lost Art cell service a week Past and that number showed up on my home Telephone Now. I wan t Residence to reply it but came here after a Google hunt. I m confident they need for understand exactly why I ported my Amounts for another Business. . . . . . . simple that service was crap. I would get better Contacts within Europe and Australia than I got within your People. More bars than any other Firm. . I don t think so. Hell I was simply becoming one signal Tavern in my own Dwelling and I m in a suburb of Chicago. Waste I had to buy out of my contract but your service was horrendous.

Post by Rae,

615-886-7224 I Changed from AT amp T for Sprint for and they say I owe them W for a contract termination which my contract ended a month before I switched to Run.

Post by PS,

6158867224 Actually you can get your Charge company for credit you personally for any item of buy you personally return. Even if your Business won t accept your refund Only call your credit card company and describe it for them. They should present you credit no Trouble. I know my mother did the before when a retail store said they would t take an item back that she did t need she called her credit card Firm and they gave her credit for that item and she still had your item she did t want. It s worth checking account into.

Post by bothered in ct,

615-886-7224 hang up

Post by mike t. (alaska),

6158867224 i got a telephone out of the Amount never answered it. left a express send didn't state anything. they called 2 times. when i go ogled Only that Region code the Amount Arrived Upward on my hunt.

Post by Holly,

615-886-7224 I agree with Mom H. These Individuals should 've their phone wires cut that keep calling everyone. It's worse now that we have registered along with that Do not Phone List. Might it be that everyone that's Enrolled Merely opened Upwards a new could of worms. It's Incredible who can call you personally and they keep calling. I would t mind answering some of your calls but when I can I could not understand the person. . . . they don't talk very great English. USN t our language in this Nation.

Post by Casey,

6158867224 Within my case it is a marketing Business Used by AT amp T Performing Studies for individuals who 've switched from AT amp T to another wireless Service. They are Just looking for feedback on their service and you personally Changed. They could possibly try a few times to get ah old of you but Subsequently will stop. Trust that helps many people.

Post by He,

615-886-7224 If you had to contact customer service Lately they call for survey that service you personally got from customer service. I had dropped among the 3 Amounts as it wan t Wanted so I had to telephone for 've it removed. So now the Mindless calls.

Post by Carol stpierre,

6158867224 Saw your post and here is what you are able to do along with your own Verizon Cell Telephone for block unwanted calls. Trust this W. Go into your Verizon Wireless Account on line. My Verizon Please make certain you have an account all Prepared or you Merely created an account Measure Afterward Go To My Services Measure Select the SPAM Control There you are able to add up to 5 phone Amounts that you don't need to contact you. This Additionally prevents these s out of text messaging you. Press Use Subsequently You're done. They block these s for 3 months at a time. Thus You'll have for Duplicate your measures in 3 months. For Unblock these s can that same Specific steps as above except Simply delete the Amount you desire for unblock. Press Use and the number is unblocked.

Post by hey,

615-886-7224 Advertising Methods International HTTP Www. BBB. org Nashville company reviews . . . LL Tennessee W

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Spam calls. Block.

Post by Annoyed,

615-886-7224 I have acquired two calls form the number not even 1 full daytime after Changing out of AT amp T to Verizon. Judging by some of your above answers it appears that AT amp T has something for would along with this. I have blocked the number using the Verizon Wireless Spam Blocker and Submitted a complaint along with your National Do not Telephone Registry. You personally would think that since I ported a number that has been on the registry since W these telemarketers would at least check against the registry before they start harassing Individuals. Aside out of being a nuisance they also use up your minutes in my cell Telephone plan if I answer them.

Post by SomeDude,

6158867224 Do not Call Registry website is free quick and simple Simply like at amp t s mom Mum. F k You AT amp T. . . HTTP Internet. dentally. gov enroll reg. asp

Post by stupid,

615-886-7224 Paranoid leave me alone

Post by Guest,

6158867224 Only left AT amp T. Wanted to understand why.

Post by william thomas,

615-886-7224 Yep Artwork probably went to another Provider with my same number. . . . Cheaper better faster service than Airtime to block .

Post by Ann Blackmon,

6158867224 They called me Sat. afternoon and again Sunday day. I did not reply either time and I never may now.

Post by peg,

615-886-7224 keeps calling my house leaves no message .

Post by annoyed,

6158867224 see Leigh Ann Turnbuckles Director at Market Strategies Internationalist Www. Joined in. com Club Leigh Ann horn Belt 6 A W

Post by Guest,

615-886-7224 Never leaves message

Post by Chas,

6158867224 I recently worked as a customer service representative at an inbound call center for AT amp T Mobility for around 2 years. I have been a Verizon customer for almost W years now and in spite of Choosing edge of a significant W Reduction on my cell phone Invoice to switch for AT amp T I remained a steadfast Verizon customer. There are a few quite great reasons for that that 've to would with the policies and customer service history of both Firms. To those who could possibly read this comment use your own Creativity.

Post by CHUCK,

615-886-7224 ROB CALLS Beginning Out of W W W MT Methods I'm REPORTING THEM ON Site . GOV TAKES ALL OF 2 MI NS AND SINCE I 've Began The Telephone CALLS 've CUT DOWN From 5 W A Daytime To 1 2 PER Day. Perhaps IF WE ALL DID This THEY WOULD Become Put From BUSINESS

Post by M,

6158867224 You can Complete out their Do not CONTACT sort on their Web site at this address HTTP Internet. market Methods. com do not contact. sixths is what information they request for Do not Contact Please Whole and submit the type below. If you are looking for information seeing Changing or removing postal sending addresses please read your Generally Asked Questions. All contact information which you Furnish is kept Discreet and can only be used to process your own Don't Contact request. Please see your Market Strategies Solitude Policy for more data. Once you submit your sort please permit 3 business days for your request to be entirely processed and your contact information for be removed from your lists. Your own telephone Amount must become provided in purchase for ensure which you won't get any future calls . Required Areas First Name Last Name E-mail Address Alternative E send Address Telephone Amount Second Telephone Name description of the survey You're Calling us about if Understood Please Pick which Market Methods contact lists for become removed out of. You personally must Pick at least one of these options and Provide the information requested in purchase for your own Do not Contact request to become processed. Telephone number list Don't Call Email list Don't E mail Please leave any other Remarks viewing your Don't Contact request below. First name required Last name Needed Email Demanded Invalid E-mail You personally need to choose at least among that lists for become removed from


615-886-7224 PLEASE REMOVE MY Phone Number Out of Your own Call LIST.

Post by paul,

6158867224 I m reporting it to your Actual AT amp T as we Chat. Maybe they sold our numbers to your Promotion Business. Rule of Flash NEVER present Outside any data until they have replied a few questions about who they're and your intent of their telephone. When you personally Begin asking THEM questions and they hang Upwards. . . Reddish Banner.

Post by Jamie,

615-886-7224 I went that attorney general route for another set of annoying non answering could t leave a message Telephone calls and your calls stopped immediately after 4 months of regular Regular calls. I hope it works the time.

Post by csbell,

6158867224 I located the on their net site and may call tomorrow for get away their list. Flake Wilkerson Marketplace Ideas Flake Wilkerson Market Ideas LC Executive Court Suite Small Stone Illinois W W W W Facsimile W W W

Post by DCH,

615-886-7224 i Only received a call from this . I too did t pick it Upwards because i did t understand your . I 've Verizon if that makes a difference. I usually wait for a voice mail but i acquired none so i am not going to bother anymore along with it unless they telephone again.

Post by C.S., Texas,

6158867224 Survey calls aren't covered Underneath that National Don't call Registry Q What Around telephone Studies. A If your call is really for that sole intent of Doing a survey it's not covered. Only telemarketing calls are Included that is calls that solicit sales of goods or services. Callers purporting to take a survey but Additionally offering for sell Things or services must conform to your National Do not Telephone Registry. You personally could still complain but you personally need for Alert your company to discontinue calls. 1 Company itself start using an Agent or CST Customer Service rep Afterward escalate to their Manager Supervisor etc. all the way Upward through that departments to that Business president if need be 2 Better Business Bureaus Better Business Bureau K Street N. W. Package Washington DC Phone W W Fax W W HTTP Www. dc. BBB. org dc. HTML 3 State Customer Protection Office or Office of Attorney General States HTTP research. lawyers. com State Consumer Protection Office Sites. hemostats HTTP Internet. USDA. gov Us offices listing's. HTML Federal Commerce Commissionaire Washington D. C. Cost free 1 W FTC HELP W W HTTP Internet. FTC. gov Choose File a Gripe from your buttons on that top line. Comments Customers could also create complaints for the Federal Commerce Commission if they feel their problem could become relevant to some national problem. That FTC does not work for resolution individual Customer Grievances but uses Gripes as part of their ongoing fraud investigations. 5 National Communications Commissioned Web. FCC. gov CB complaints. HTML That Client Sentinel Buyer Grievance database Consumer Sentinel Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC Site HTTP Internet. Client. gov sentinel Client Sentinel is a Client Grievance database maintained by the National Commerce Commission. Your database was created for allow law Administration to Monitor consumer Criticisms involving Internet cons telemarketing scams and other consumer fraud Associated Criticisms. Consumers can file complaints on line on your Site mentioned above. 7 Post within public online forums such as HTTP notes. com HTTP who called. people HTTP wholesome. com HTTP Web. Owner Criticisms. com HTTP Web. number zoom. com HTTP Web. Gripes. com HTTP Www. ripoff report. com HTTP Web. cents. com HTTP Web. Customer matters. com etc. Useful Links Complaints. Turn Em In. HTTP misgiving. Around. com library Regular AA. Someplace amp The way to FILE Criticisms ONLINE AGAINST RUDE CST Supervisor Lousy SERVICES NEVER COME Incentives DEFECTIVE Products Guarantee Dilemma HTTP Www. fat Budget. com Newsgroups deal discussion W Customer Info Advocacy and Protection HTTP Web. DMZ. org Home

Post by R Lugan,

615-886-7224 If you are on the Don't Phone List Subsequently that Wonderful they Bear is W. They should t become calling without checking account that list. Individuals who state they don t thoughts fooling Approximately Taking the telephone and making a call for get away their list either 've a boring life or are within your call center company.

Post by Marci,

6158867224 Don't Call Registry does not Use if the person who calls you is not Attempting to sell anything. In the state these calls are coming out of it is legal for telephone for conduct a survey. They cannot Bear a fine by calling you for actions a survey even if You're on the do not call registry until you tell them for remove you personally from their calling list your next time they telephone.

Post by receptionist,

615-886-7224 Caller Inquired for one of your owners. She said they were doing a survey.

Post by confuzzled,

6158867224 I m still on AT amp T and i get your Telephone call. i don t believe it matters if u 've Verizon or not

Post by Guest,

615-886-7224 I 've received 2 calls within the your last two hours. I don t answer any unknown numbers.

Post by wayne,

6158867224 Flake. How appropriate

Post by Unknown name,

615-886-7224 I got a two calls from this number W W W. It says Tennessee telephone. When I say Hi that don t say anything. I won t answer anymore. They will Speak for my answering machine for this particular point on.

Post by B,

6158867224 W W W Has called 4 times within your last W hours each time I response no 1 is there.

Post by U might be stoopid,

615-886-7224 I suppose they never Approved Outside the list.

Post by Giacomo,

6158867224 Got a telephone Recently on my House Telephone line out of these Individuals. Viewed Upwards that number online and located my way here. I ported my cell out of Artwork to Verizon earlier the week that is apparently what triggered that phone. Fortunately I could block their number on my Dwelling Telephone so they may never get through to me again. Burn in hell.

Post by PO'd in Georgia,

615-886-7224 They call dang close each day. I don t response calls out of Amounts I don t recognize because I ll become danged if I m gonna PAY for Speak for someone I don t know.

Post by Join the Boycott of AT&T,

6158867224 I overly have Changed from AT amp T wireless service Bad and switched back for Sprint. Simply Began getting these calls. When I switched from Dash. . . . . . . . . . . . . nothing. Within fact they were quite helpful in the Alter of service so Considerably so I almost felt guilty. Well I 'm back along with them because of the Specific Reverse treatment by AT amp T during my troubles along with their service. They were horrid. Continually deflecting responsibility and no 1 it seems could create a selection on their own. I mean no issue how high I tried for climb your ladder along with Telephone calls it was consistently sorry I could t etc etc it s your policy the and that and thank you for being a component of the AT amp T family. . . . . . . . . . . . . what. Now i get these calls and I 'm certain it's because of them. I am also getting W Collapse your number of spam in my email box. Great. . . Thus what I Offer is this. . . . . . . . BOYCOTT. Boycott everything and each other business that AT amp T has their fingers in. They do a lot more than wireless. They Clearly believe they are Huge Photo and are dictating your mode of Business. Well hopefully not for long. Recall People we are your Folks. The Nation was founded just because we get for order. For get allegiances for just one political Bash or another. We are Americans and we decide. Thus I say be band Collectively and decide how we want to become treated. If they want to fight it fine. They could go from company.

Post by gotemback,

615-886-7224 same thing as well Flake Wilkerson. Here is something that works well with all these type calls. . . i answer and fake i don t Talk nicely and can t recognize Subsequently question them how they know my Mommy daddy and keep question them along with stupid matters. . . keep it Upwards and they get quite angry and will hang up on you personally within no time and they can never phone back. It also makes that call amusing in place of annoying. . . try it it works. .

Post by virgin,

6158867224 Simply Displaying THEIR NUMBER

Post by emily,

615-886-7224 The Amount keeps calling me for quite some time and it is becoming quite annoying. Please Cease calling me.

Post by Frank,

6158867224 receiving calls from W W W. not interested. don t need them calling.

Post by Pat Edwards,

615-886-7224 Please remove my Phone Amount out of your own calling list.

Post by jm,

6158867224 You might have for can that yourself. Look into the blocking Alternatives your own phone Business offers.

Post by Pissed off,

615-886-7224 the idiot Girl keeps on calling. she says she s out of Mrs research. i told her for remove me out of her list as i m on that don't call list. Afterward Baum. more calls. here s her direct Amount thus everyone could phone her. W. Merely keep on calling her until she removes your number.

Post by ST,

6158867224 Keep getting calls from the Amount. I don t answer because I don t know the number. They never leave a message. I went for your Web site found below and completed a Do not CONTACT kind. After Posting it that Web site said it would take Upward for 3 company times for update. . . . we ll see if they Cease calling after 3 days. That is your website HTTP Www. market strategies. com don't contact. asp

Post by Larry,

615-886-7224 They are still calling cell Amounts I was Simply called a few minutes ago. would be Pleasant if someone could get Good enforceable legislature against these Kinds of people so that if say W people file a complaint against your Business it would be reviewed for Analysis and an excellent levied that would give state W to each of the Criticism ants and a few thou for your Authorities for pay that Wages of the Researchers. . . . they think they're above reproach and people like the will continue calling because nobody can Cease them.

Post by Leann,

6158867224 I receive 1 2 calls Everyday from the number at my company. I eventually decided to answer their survey to get them off my back. I answered crazy BS response es and the survey took enjoy 2 HOURS. Ok W minutes Actually but that s crap Hopefully they can GO AWAY. P. S. John Singular sucks 1 more month on my 2 Year Understanding and they're OUTTA HERE. woo oho.

Post by Barn,

615-886-7224 Got the telephone same Amount no 1 on your line when I replied. Just showed the Amount no caller ID info.

Post by Marfa,

6158867224 I totally concur that we should Getaway t for phone these people for be taken off their list. They don t pay for my phone service. I should t 've to call them to tell them NOT For Annoyance ME. Unless I request your phone they should t telephone me.

Post by LaurieW,

615-886-7224 The Amount has been calling me each night the week Around 8 W p. m. and not Making a message. I vie Simply Registered a Gripe with that Better Business Institution and i can revisit your Do not Call list to make certain I m still on it. This is annoying.

Post by Ashley,

6158867224 Same here i never fanciful it would become a telemarketer using someones name but it's i guess. . . .

Post by January,

615-886-7224 Great one I ll use that overly.

Post by TelemarketersStink,

6158867224 Oh please. Simply leave us alone for crying Outside loud.

Post by Cleveland OH,

615-886-7224 Called back again Now.

Post by Guest,

6158867224 calls constantly pain in butt

Post by Cheryl,

615-886-7224 I keep getting this Amount on my Owner ID. Never picked Upward because it says Tennessee . I don t understand the number I don t answer. They desire me they ll leave a message but never do.

Post by Coke,

6158867224 Flake Wilkerson or someone calming to work for them called me saying your represent AT amp T. I had seen there name and Telephone Amount on my caller id formerly and used this website to locate Outside if there were any strange goings on along with that thus called Business. The Man I talked to said they were contracted by AT amp T for conduct a survey and would I mind talking for them for a few Instants. One of that first matters that went through my head was exactly why would a communications giant like AT amp T farm Outside communication work for another Business. That did t create Considerably sense for me. I ended Upwards telling that Man that when AT amp T Desired to Discuss to me Around my service they could telephone me directly. What I found unexpected was AT amp Ts Result to the. Clearly they told me never to give Outside data about my account for anyone but them. They Additionally told me there was nothing they could can to create them Discontinue calling me. They told me not for response your calls. DUH

Post by Lisa,

615-886-7224 Got a telephone out of the number at 9. W PM horrible . . . I don t mind doing survey as I called AT amp T couple of days back and got a very great service from your rep. But don t need for be disturbed at 9. W PM

Post by Larry,

6158867224 They're still calling cell numbers I was just called a few minutes ago. would become nice if someone could get Good enforceable legislature against these Sorts of people thus that if state W Individuals file a Gripe against your own Firm it would become reviewed for Study and an excellent levied that would supply state W for each of the Criticism ants and a few thou to your Authorities for pay the Earnings of that Researchers. . . . they think they're above reproach and Folks enjoy the can continue calling because nobody may Discontinue them.

Post by ac,

615-886-7224 unknown caller

Post by BBG,

6158867224 Don't CONTACT Web site The number called amp Installed Upwards instantly when I answered. I called the back amp a message said MS is a market research Business for that telecommunications Sector. MS does not 've my permission to phone me amp I desire to become Set on their don't call list. Yet there was no opportunity to leave the message. Thus I went for HTTP Www. market strategies. com don't contact. asp demanding for not become bothered by these calls within that future. I hope it dozen t create my contact Information open for more of the. How rude to call and hang Upward denying me that opportunity for request for be Set on that Don't Phone list. . We have to pay extra for your Telephone company to NOT be Recorded within your Listing simply because of bothersome calls like the.

Post by dwhite504,

615-886-7224 I have Additionally obtained a telephone out of this Amount W W W and they Additionally request me for my first name Yet when I came to that phone they did not say anything.

Post by Scammed,

6158867224 Forget about their Do not Phone list it s Only a phishing scam to get your own number for more telemarketing. Report them to that National Do not Call list first.

Post by Rina,

615-886-7224 On Wed Could W at 8 W pm I got a Telephone call out of W W W Owner ID indicated Flake W . Whoever was never spoke and then Put Upward.

Post by Oksana,

6158867224 Obtained a call out of W W W. Decided Upwards they Installed Upwards. .

Post by ninner,

615-886-7224 Merely seen the on my cell as a missed phone no message left. It just thus happens that I left AT amp T last nighttime and changed to Verizon.

Post by Guest,

6158867224 At amp t

Post by Jess,

615-886-7224 That is the first telephone my parents 've received this. My Mother searched it Upwards and it's a research company. W . . . . the call Arrived directly after that Unknown calls that 've been calling us ever synced we moved for the Place. We constantly ignore them. . . We've a listing of telemarketers calling people MG MT not Substantially anymore. . . and now that Marketplace Tragedies. .

Post by Spockly,

6158867224 I gotten a call out of Flake Wilkerson at 1 W W W. When I Decided Upward they hung Upward. Unusual. 4 W W 7 W p. m

Post by Dee,

615-886-7224 I tried this. I trust it works. Cheers for that Information. Dee

Post by been through this before,

6158867224 I would become really surprised if those of you personally who've talked along with Leigh Ann Quit becoming these calls. I 've been through this before. I even obtained your number of a manager whom assured me the calls would Cease. They did not. I tried Reason with them Afterward I became furious Afterward I started stringing them along and eventually Only pleaded along with them to Quit calling me. Your calls kept coming four or five per daytime Frequently waking my sleeping baby we have an unlisted Amount and those who 've it understand not for telephone during Sleep time . We are very fortunate that we have an attorney within our family who Directed} them a letter on our Part. I Additionally contacted your state s Lawyer General and obtained a reply that they would contact them. I don t know which 1 did your Key but the calls abruptly Ceased. If I were you I would contact my Lawyer General. You are able to can that online. Great Fortune everyone.

Post by Joe,

615-886-7224 Simply called me twice. I had double on a phone 2 times Past and they sounded enjoy a follow up to make sure service was good. Attempted to verify my information and when I responded that I was on my cell they Inquired for a number that was not cellular and if they could phone me back on it. When I said it Combined to my cell they Simply Put Upwards. Located this site after go ogling that Amount so when I am reading places called me again. Told your guy to take me off his list. Expect it works.

Post by Robert Knotts,

6158867224 I 'm on a do not phone list 'm being harassed by this Owner.

Post by chandro bandaka,

615-886-7224 The people MT Strategies are calling each daytime at that same time

Post by nmg,

6158867224 Cricket was Lately purchased by AT amp T and either you personally ll register with Singular or AT amp T. You have until March W for make Upwards your mind. That s why they are calling.

Post by R Lugan,

615-886-7224 I got that telephone in the number this evening at 8 W pm. A guy on your line said he was from AT amp T and had a particular offer for me but Afterward said he could not continue the call at the IE and had for hang up and apologized. . . . . all said as though he was reading from a Software.

Post by American hero,

6158867224 Oh I m certain You'll Dale. Lawsuit happy Individuals enjoy you are one of your great Difficulties in society today. Correct behind telemarketers. . .

Post by Guest,

615-886-7224 survey guise AT amp T Lawyer annoying telephone fishing for info.

Post by graphic,

6158867224 It is thus unfortunate that we the People 've to Place Upward with these calls. Out of MK Methods and left message about Artwork survey. We pay for the phone service each month and it is Reasonably Pricey. Now i am paying an additional 3. W per month to block unwanted calls. So Way I 've blocked W numbers within that last 6 months. A few days we get 5 and 6 calls out of all types of sources. It is not appropriate that we have for 've these Individuals calling at all hours. I am on the do not call list I 've Inquired a few for remove me out of their calling lists. Those matters don t work as we keep becoming calls. Gotten about 5 new calls today and blocked them.

Post by Holly,

615-886-7224 I was at work Today 1 5 W but when I got Residence I power saw this number on the Owner ID of the house Telephone. I suppose my family talked to them I don t understand did t get a chance for ask them what was said. But I did switch out of AT amp T for Right Talk on Sunday 1 3 W and I called and had my AT amp T account cancelled that night. I think I am really gonna like paying like less than 1 2 what I was having for pay with AT amp T. I understand it s a bit simpler and you personally could possibly not get a few of your Alternatives AT amp T has to offer but your Direct Speak Appears for Match my needs Only Wonderful so Way. Now that I have go ogled the number it Describes why we received a telephone from them. Cheers.

Post by olga,

6158867224 Simply Ended with AT amp T and I got this telephone. . . I m not answering.

Post by Hiteck,

615-886-7224 That is about a pathetic Result. If I'm on a do not phone list you better not f within phone or i will scold u like a step youngster. F that s. .

Post by Chris,

6158867224 Called and Installed Upward . . .

Post by A T & T  cell owner,

615-886-7224 I got the same call Today from W W W. A man saying he wanted for Discuss for me Around my telephone a few days ago to AT amp T. He told me chat would be Registered. I told him it was not me that called it was my Partner and he said Ok and Put Upwards. I then called AT amp T and talked to there customer service department and they told me that it was not them. There were no notes to show a follow Upward telephone was got or that a survey was conducted on any of my Telephone Amounts. I 'm wondering if this can be like that bank one matter where they said I had said yes for there Charging me for insurance and I never even heard of them. Could this become that type of matter. If someone could Monitor down this please post it. I 'm really concerned now that I can have to fight another charge on my credit cards due to this phone.

Post by BTeal,

6158867224 This Amount keeps calling.

Post by Robert Knotts,

615-886-7224 I m on your do not telephone list and keep being harassed by the Business Attempting to sell me stuff. They won t Discontinue even after being told I m on the don't phone list.

Post by Marie,

6158867224 It is a law which you are not for receive calls from telemarketers or Lovers after PM local time. If you personally do get any calls after PM log down your Telephone Amount Firm date and exact time and report them. Sadly these marketing scams look for always get Approximately government Guidelines whether they re calling from Offshore and or using untrue Amounts that you could t hint. . . and even if you personally do they Simply get another Amount. Gloomy not simply do you might have for deal along with it on House land lines but on your personal cell phone you get Priced your minutes when these calls happen.


615-886-7224 ASKING ME IF I HAD AT amp T AS MY WIRELESS. . . SAID YES. . . PAUSE ON THEIR End. . . So I Hung UP

Post by LS,

6158867224 Thanks for your Web site should t 've for can that not become harassed but wan t too hard.

Post by Russ,

615-886-7224 Become Careful that these Folks don't Shift your own service for 1 you personally don t need and haven't agreed to they use this survey bull for ensure it is appear you wanted for use their service if called by this number telephone AT amp T and provide them your Amount and details of the telephone don't give any personal info as this might become used for indent theft

Post by Barn,

6158867224 Addendum Contact data for various principals Professionals and others for Fla Crucial Wilkerson could be located here HTTP Www. Fe mi. com contact

Post by vikie,

615-886-7224 I Only got a phone from them i answered but no 1 was on another side. . .

Post by huy,

6158867224 If anyone wants for tease these Men here s their Site HTTP mail. Fe mi. com contact

Post by Zantac,

615-886-7224 SPAM. Added to block database.

Post by Erynn,

6158867224 I get calls out of the Amount Day-to-day. I 've Registered a complaint with the Better Business Institution and would urge which you do that same or else this will continue for happen for others Web. BBB. org

Post by Ace,

615-886-7224 I took the telephone after reading out of others. It is a non sales phone in Association on why I turned off my AT amp T cell Telephone. Since I don t 've any resident ail phones they did t continue along with the questions. They Inquired for my E-mail and mentioned more questions to be Delivered there. I believe they cannot record calls or don t 've any interest if you personally response away a cell Telephone.

Post by Kaffe Kvinde,

6158867224 W W This Amount has called my personal mobile several times consisting of inappropriate hours of the nighttime. No reply. There is another Amount that Simply happened to hit Upward my Telephone on the same day W. I located another Site Site with the same survey info. about that Amount. How silly.

Post by April R,

615-886-7224 Thank you personally Thank you Thank you

Post by PS,

6158867224 Actually you can get your Credit Business to credit you personally for any thing of buy you return. Even if the company won t Take that refund Simply phone your own credit card company and describe it to them. They should give you personally credit no Issue. I know my mother did this before when a retail Shop said they would t take a thing back that she did t need she called her credit card Business and they gave her credit for that thing and she still had that item she did t want. It s worth checking into.


615-886-7224 I suppose these guys will 've job security for some time More if tons of people determine to ditch AT amp T for that Verizon iPhone. That s exactly what I did thus I guess that s exactly why they re calling me. I concur it is so annoying to see Individuals have been having issues with the Amount since W. I could t stand how specific Firms get away with avoiding that DC list.

Post by Alabama caller,

6158867224 On Saturday July 9 a few Girl called me to request some questions but that just thing that she asked was if I were talking on a cell Telephone or a property line. I told her after a couple of efforts at at Striving for understand her that she was talking overly Rapidly. She suddenly Installed Upwards. No explanation no excuse. . . Only rudeness. .

Post by Trebor566,

615-886-7224 Hello I Simply Shed Artwork Did you Understand its illegal for Telemarketer s to telephone Cell s Gone back To Cellular telephone my number has been on that Do not Call Register for Ever Artwork can be Sued for that had Artwork for 5 Weeks They Tried for Charge me W but i said for them your own the 1 that Approved my number out They can Write it away.

Post by chris,

6158867224 i Additionally received the same telephone first time no just one said anything second time i did t response . Your calls come at least three times a daytime i just don t reply. What is going on.

Post by OK Lady,

615-886-7224 These Folks will not Quit calling. We acquired a telephone out of Wendy Bennie's and she said she was an employee of Flake Wilkerson. As the questions got more intrusive we Put Upwards. Yet she has continued for phone Today for example at PM INAPPROPRIATE. These scampers just telephone your Dwelling phone Amount to ask questions about you personally wireless. Kinda sneaky. . . We vie reported them for Artwork that BBB and your AG and you personally should too. . .

Post by Teddy44,

6158867224 I received a phone from the guy who said he was following up on a customer service telephone I got for Artwork. He started asking what I called about etc. and got really Invasive. I Only said everything was Amazing and Put up on him as he was asking when he could telephone back. As of Now I haven t heard back out of him.

Post by help,

615-886-7224 I got 3 calls in W minutes all from Amounts I don t know. I did t Select Upward that Telephone since I am not feeling well. I 'm on national don't call list and don t understand exactly why this is happening. W W W then W W W then W W W which was from your latest for earliest phone. Who ever they are please take me off all their lists.

Post by van,

6158867224 I vie gotten 5 calls out of the number your last two times and I too Only Moved out of Artwork Singular to Run thus there Appears for become a Design here. It infuriates me that Artwork is not claiming any ties to the Owner.

Post by TAM,

615-886-7224 PLEASE Don't CALL

Post by Ednarb50,

6158867224 I Merely received that same phone phone and 'm stressed about your same matter. I 'm on the Telephone along with Art correct now. They referred it to your manager and they notion it strange that they would disconnect along with me without asking any other questions. I 'm Enrolled on that Do not Telephone List so I don t understand what it s Around. They seemed for believe it was a satisfaction survey but they Warren t for sure.

Post by MB,

615-886-7224 I have T mobile and its been happening to me for a couple months and all they can is hang up. Only went for their website and it had a do not contact sort they Needed me to Complete out. Not for sure I can trust them enough for me for Set down more of my Information. I figure they think I m a Nut in idiot. It would t piss me off as Considerably if they Warren t calling my cell. I constantly idea which was prohibited.

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4694538208 Complains by Guest,

Said they were calling out of a law Organization in California. Kept saying quot i ll transport you personally to my senior Specialist quot or something like that.

6158296911 Complains by Guest,

I returned that call and someone named Scott replied your Telephone. I have received several calls out of him. It's a telemarketer.

7863744930 Complains by Guest,

Do not answer

3232428340 Complains by Guest,

called Put up no message

8089896810 Complains by Timmy,

Who is this.

2146134038 Complains by Guest,

don t understand this number

3234399571 Complains by MICHAEL,


5042200782 Complains by Guest,


7172017296 Complains by Guest,

Also acquired message Irs has a lawsuit against us. SCAM.

8182195234 Complains by Guest,

A sex spam Website Delivered the text

9016911203 Complains by Guest,

Will bug you to death. Collects for Century Link for one. Want you to provide them with the information they should already have!

8063293013 Complains by Guest,

This woman is seriously crazy & she is really really angry at some "Ron" guy. She has left a dozen or more messages on my phone, despite the fact that I told her wrong number.

8708205272 Complains by Guest,

Tease a boo

9182966508 Complains by Guest,


8063708552 Complains by Linda,

The Amount has called my cell phone twice. That first time I replied and said Hi and Subsequently a Bacall started That is Carol with Home Security . . . . . I Installed Upwards. The second time they called I answered and did t state anything and that phone disconnected. That Owner id Merely revealed that Telephone Amount and TX Usa. My number is on the no telephone list. Scummier.

9162843168 Complains by Guest,


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