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Recent reviews 616 Telephone area codes 2019-08-21T22:33:07+02:00.

2017-09-27 17:25:49
Claims to be IRS
2017-09-07 17:27:45
2017-08-09 23:53:54
Calling me & my husband claiming we owe 5/3rd Bank over $6000! They know our personal info. This is a csam. We do not owe the bank any money nor have we received any notification via USPS. How do we stop these people!
2017-08-03 02:55:48
Continually calling 2 calls in an hour do not leave voice mail
2017-07-20 00:25:14
Called from different # said to call this one about i entered into a drawing for a lawn mower at a mow. Ummm false, have not been to a mall in years.
2017-05-31 23:07:50
Rapist , this is not a joke he is a rapist
2017-05-12 15:50:43
Called 2 times back to back. Only partial garbled message left fall alert button. Caller ID shows Caledonia,Michigan. SPAM
2017-05-10 20:49:27
I keep getting calls from 66-466-7303 and they don't leave a message. You would think after the first 10 times of a person not answering they would get the hint but no not these people. They just keep calling and calling several times a day. I'm tired of it. It's straight up harassment. I've asked all these strange numbers to put me on the do not call list but that still doesn't stop them. There has to be some way to stop this.
2017-03-27 02:55:53
His name is Glen. I met with him today for a 1 hour massage. All went well and i would see again. Grand Rapids, MI
2017-02-08 01:58:10
Received a call from this number yesterday. The person claimed to be with DIRECTV and told me I was going to get 3 months free premium channels. So I called DTV and they are running no such promotion and know nothing of the call.
2017-01-25 16:56:37
"Mary Smith" says she wants to sell her dead husbands motorcycle fast and it is at a shipping facility ready to go. Absolutely do not fall for this garbage. "She" is a scammer!!
2016-12-29 03:36:50
Called but would not say anything
2016-11-22 03:03:12
This is charter internet ie spectrum collection call
2016-10-07 16:43:17
Caller shows on my phone as Deleon Salena--at 1-616-828-4856 No message left.???
2016-09-21 20:36:56
616-643-2743 keeps calling my home and it's an automated fax re-dialer
2016-07-13 15:16:50
Calls from a local Region code claiming we have an unpaid debt from AT T. First off we have not had service along with AT T for around a year. Second if the company really was calling on act of a debt Group out of AT T it would become from an W Amount. It s Interested especially since hunting the number procured no results pertaining for AT T or a collection agency. Additionally called out of W W W W W W and W W W. Reporting the company for FCC.
2016-07-08 10:57:21
they phone all that time and send emails saying that Purpose going for be charged from federal agents and if i dint telephone them they will go ahead and charge me who are these Folks and what should i do.
2016-07-06 16:05:44
Calls from a local Place code claiming we've an unpaid debt from AT T. First away we've not had service along with AT T for over a year. Second if this business Actually was calling on act of a debt Group from AT T it would become from an W number. It s curious especially since hunting the number procured no results pertaining to AT T or a Set Bureau.
2016-07-02 18:15:49
Girl called Upwards searching for a Kent. She sounded drunk and stoned.
2016-06-16 19:13:39
Discussions quite sexual on phone. Offers away poor vibes.

Phone list in area 616

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6165701651they do not honour your national don't phone list report them and earn money. dr n.72016-04-18 04:39:15
6168279108This number has called our office numerous times searching for someone inside won't give last name or company name any data would become appreciatedGuest42015-11-04 15:45:08
6162151059Cops. become carefulGuest72015-12-15 12:30:44
6169801449Debt Comfort Firm. Desires to settle my debtGuest62015-11-04 17:23:09
6169711901Repetitive telephone and hang Upward insane person. No breathing Merely phone and hang Upwards. Guest42015-12-14 21:37:50
6169886891getting the on the home phone and cell Telephone same number. . . getting Actual annoying no name just that Amount never reply it. Guest522015-11-04 17:34:10
6163593059Calling to sale magazinesGuest32015-11-04 18:00:20
6169802150calls always. spam. . Guest1332015-11-04 18:05:09
6162280658calls never leaves a messageGuest72015-11-04 19:08:07
6162338509Mi blood reminding me it s time for donate again. I disagree along with that Individual who said to Contribute with that red cross instead. I enjoy Michigan blood and when I Give with them I know my blood is being used in my community which is not always your case along with reddish cross. Guest242015-11-04 16:03:07
6166132079What is the. . Guest2812015-11-04 16:08:08
6165947166no voice send ever just keeps calling meGuest202015-11-04 16:40:34
6166132199Spam Spam SPAM. A robot offers for lower credit card attention. Guest1232015-11-04 16:47:08
6162884798My friendGuest62015-12-16 12:23:49
6168187054no name no answer. Guest32015-11-04 17:17:21
6166443443A Plaintiffs user that has stalked me and went as Way to Alter Amounts for stalk me after blocking his calls. Guest32015-11-04 17:46:08
6166132043Some Vista Co. Attempting for get me for provide my credit card . They won t leave me alone even though I told them to remove out of their list. Guest1282015-11-04 18:09:34
6169710233SPAMMERS Illegal CALLS they are calling State wideGuest612015-11-04 18:22:09
6167482904Don t knowGuest202015-11-04 19:33:08
6162934969This is becoming tiresome. Guest12015-11-04 19:33:20
6169710231Hung upGuest502015-11-04 19:34:37
6169538070Indecent text message. Guest42015-11-04 20:29:09
6165284243At least three calls a day SUNDAYS Comprised. . No one on that line. Quit CALLING. . . Guest152015-11-04 20:36:34
6167996615called and did not leave message. Guest12015-11-04 20:44:21
6164190142calling about Plate network moneyGuest62015-12-18 16:22:49
6167956385Left a message for call back. Ain't Happening Potna!72015-12-14 01:14:53
6164336944Keeps callingGuest12015-11-04 16:01:20
6163899838call someone elseGuest12015-11-04 16:35:20
6166132057 quot order confirmation quot company. SPAMGuest1532015-11-04 16:46:34
6169804005security system scamGuest2182015-11-04 16:59:10
6162413188Called about a Occupation Program for a girl who is using my phone Amount on eBay and her Occupation Programs. Her name is Brianna Brenner Marco out of Grand Rapids her number is W. The lady who owns the Business when i told her this information was untrue and the girl was listing my information as hers hung up on me. . . So if anyone else has other people Outside there on that web along with my info tied for it and they're using it to attempt to impersonate and or create money please let me or your police know as nicely as the websites as i have been Set on W media Sites by hackers. . And they 've accessed all my E-mails FBI and other private information as nicely as Outside Outside pics and things that i dint know about to make cash on Sites with my name connected. Thanks on your help. . . Shawnee MellowsGuest62015-11-04 17:08:33
6164307088Spam wants credit Information. Guest162015-11-04 18:15:07
6169292123actual companykiller62015-12-14 22:45:01
6163378282No answerRichard Barrier62015-12-15 03:11:17
6167962114City Bistro City Flats Hotel W E Th St Th Fl Holland MI W HTTP Web. stiltedly. com Holland bistro Pub city Guest12015-11-04 19:53:36
6164662411I replied and they hung Upward all I could hear is staticGuest52015-12-17 13:16:38
6166081011These people have been harassing us for times. . . they refuse for take the Amount away their telephone list and Truly harassed me on the phone because I requested they Discontinue CALLING. . . I Only called W W W and there is an automated answer which lets you personally enter your Telephone number for be taken away their telephone list. We ll see if that works. These people are Fantastic. I trust they get Close down. Guest772015-11-04 20:21:07
6162149842SpamGuest42015-12-08 13:23:34
6167731116They keep calling and never leave a message. Guest42015-11-04 16:44:08
6163347181Owner is doing sales not a great hint. Has a vision but Bad sales skills. Said he would send information and did t. I emailed him and he called with excuses and Put Upward on me. Stay away another dreamer who could t Manage his wish but desires us to finance it. Bozo Alert62015-12-20 03:32:39
6166132797This is spam out of a company calling you about your credit card account even if you personally don t 've just one. Complete scamGuest1112015-11-04 16:50:08
6169802782spammer info gatherers prob graftersGuest1172015-11-04 17:00:10
6169802148Shouldn't become calling me if I don t know you personally or have requested anything from you personally. Guest652015-11-04 17:05:09
6166040279Receive on phone daily from the number at our company and caller hangs Upwards. Guest32015-11-04 17:15:07
6168285212I get a phone Practically every daytime in the morning. I don t answer it and they don t leave a message. Guest172015-11-04 18:26:08
6169880241insane aggressive rude drug Seller wanna b pimpGuest72016-05-05 19:55:07
6169903387Text messages about getting free Objective present cards. Guest42015-11-04 18:49:10
6165893009blocsGuest72015-12-19 01:57:32
6168550659MarketingGuest42015-11-04 18:57:36
6162232035debt consolidatorGuest22015-11-04 19:14:19

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