6166081011 / 616-608-1011

Telephone information: Local Exchange Carriers Of Michigan. Grand Rapids, MI. Kent. United states
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77 complaints
Post by William C Gurley,

6166081011 Calls but does not Talk. Disruptive and annoy ting. Unwanted calls. . . .

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 They did t say anything when I replied that phone.

Post by ashar,

6166081011 Quite Dubious. NO answer no Face tone Very annoying. I 'm on do not calk

Post by Ma,

616-608-1011 Called at W a. m. Wednesday. Did t response. No message left. Idiots. . I almost smashed my dog getting for that Phone. Plus I m W years old.

Post by Tiffany,

6166081011 I Simply yelled at the Man who called. They call every single day of your week including Saturday and Sunday Recently Saturday they called 3 times no 1 speaks

Post by DA,

616-608-1011 i got call on W W W at 8 W pm. No just one answer. no 1 called back However but i will keep an eye. Someone has overly Considerably time on their control for bother people i see.

Post by Marie,

6166081011 It just comes Upward unknown name. They 've called a few times but what I don t enjoy is that they phone at PM. My own Children know not to telephone me at PM.

Post by champ,

616-608-1011 Likely using some variety of devil Switch er program that dials in numerical order. My cell is unlisted kept quite only private and on the Don't Phone list but I still get scam calls. Scampers are going down a Statistical list i. e. W W W W W W and thus on. It s that Uncomplicated.

Post by Gail,

6166081011 We've obtained at list 6 calls in two days in the W W W number. Caller ID just shows Grand Rapids. When I reply that Telephone most of that time no just one Addresses but you are able to hear History Sound as in case a lot of people are making calls. On one occasion when someone did Talk they Inquired for my Man by his first name but your caller did not identify himself. I asked if they wanted for leave a message and your Owner replied no. I may use the contact information for your Business posted above to request your Amount be removed from telephone list. Thank you personally for providing it.

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 Rec d quot Michigan phone quot ID 3 W pm no message

Post by angel1,

6166081011 I tried it and it did t work. They had me enter my phone and Subsequently I got a occupied Sign

Post by bullheadmike,

616-608-1011 Priced my wife's card W. W just pledged W. W. Don t understand what to can. Happy Christmas anyway.

Post by Andrea,

6166081011 Superb thank you. Swift procedure to remove your own number. . . . now for see if it Truly works.

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 quot Penetration Charity quot for leukemia they report.

Post by Ali M,

6166081011 let it go to express mail and no message left annoying I too am on don't call list

Post by Bartz,

616-608-1011 None

Post by Slayton Mingh,

6166081011 Man Inquired me for Larry Canny Apple of Interface Charlotte FL . . . He owes Enormous . . . Told him to telephone later . . .

Post by Lisa,

616-608-1011 I gotten a phone out of the number as well. They State they're from your Allow a Wish Foundation not Make a Wish seeking Contributions for Kids. When I told him I already Contribute to other Kids s organizations and that I was not interested he continued to Press me and said to me several times What you personally don t desire to help other children. Again I told him I was already donating for Create a Wish and St Judas and he continuing to push. I told him not to call me again. The organization seems funny for me and would become careful about pledging over the Telephone or sending within Gifts. Reputable charitable organizations do not harass a Owner for a pledge unless they are Think. Be careful of your Benevolent Organizations as many of them are scams as well

Post by Pattie Ong,

6166081011 Becoming hang Upwards calls from the number for 3 months.

Post by Gogi,

616-608-1011 Remove me out of your own phone list

Post by Guest,

6166081011 Got a phone from this at W W Sat in Illinois. No just one came on the line. Did not telephone back.

Post by sdl,

616-608-1011 I have Inquired to removed out of their list and it does not work.

Post by KM,

6166081011 repeated telephone multiple times a daytime they constantly hang up

Post by Judy,

616-608-1011 Affecting Telephone telephone from this representative from Allow A Want not for become mistaken with Create A Wish . Was Driving challenging for a pledge and would not take No for an answer. I was dubious of him and felt like I was being harassed by this Owner and he would not hang Upward when I told him several times I was not interested. They should be reported for harassment and demand for abide by brand new rules put within Put for protect Customers from telemarketing scams.

Post by AP,

6166081011 Calls and dozen t state anything when I answer. Telephone is from grand rapids MI. Next time I may Blow off but it gets annoying.

Post by M Dopico,

616-608-1011 I 've Inquired these Individuals many times to Cease calling and I 've also opted from future calls with their own option at your Finish of each phone and still they telephone. Even though they state they are a charity I believe that they're Only a scam Striving for get cash from Individuals since they telephone non Cease. I 'm also on the don't telephone list. They continue for phone even on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I am sick to departure of them and their annoying calls. Simply a scam would Follow people enjoy this as a Reliable charity would not harass people on a daily basis.

Post by Guest,

6166081011 Called for Michael there's no Michael here. She still wanted for sell me whatever even though she called the wrong . would these marketers believe were all just stupid.

Post by Larry,

616-608-1011 Attempted that. Dozen t work.

Post by Guest,

6166081011 Call all hours of the day and nighttime. I let answering machine take message. Last time they called was 8 W p. m. Western time. They finally left a message if you call whistling a message. How rude is that.

Post by Tiffany,

616-608-1011 I 'm so sorry that I ever Offered money for one of these charity Contributions. Now when they telephone and someone DOES speak I tell them for take me off their list. I have called numerous Amounts back and 've removed myself out of lists but apparently that dozen t can any good. They just call out of a Distinct Mi number and its the same matter all around again. I don t understand what to would anymore. All they would is harass me and wake up my infant each single daytime sometimes numerous times per day.

Post by Guest,

6166081011 They telephone every day

Post by q,

616-608-1011 by dialing your Amount on a telephone

Post by john,

6166081011 I tried to I called and tried to Prefer Outside Next daytime calls came uni called Insight Televises direct and talked to your gal who said she has heard of the Choose Outside not working. Gave her my number and was told i would be removed Next day the calls continue It's a Day-to-day matter and no one answers when i pick Upwards that Telephone. I am reporting them for your Mi Lawyer generals Gripe Amount at W W W. Will see the works.

Post by lp,

616-608-1011 same matter telephone Arrived through last night and again tonight. 1 Second to 9 PM. They say nothing. With all of these posts Clearly the caller is a harasser. I think it s time to call that police. May phone AT amp T tomorrow and Begin the process. Would Promote all others to do the same.

Post by PO'd,

6166081011 Here is that Business information I encourage you personally for E-mail or telephone since they have no issue calling people around and around again. I called and told the female who answered who was actually quite nice astonishingly to take my number away of their list immediately or I would file a complaint along with that MI Lawyer General s Office. Penetration TE LE SERVICES email W protected W W 9 Distance Road STE W SOUTH Subject MI W W Us Telephone W W W Facsimile W W W

Post by sdl,

616-608-1011 I did it overly but Began Upwards again.

Post by Laurie,

6166081011 Calls repeatedly but when I response there's no one there.

Post by Mike,

616-608-1011 We get calls from the number always early morning late night weekends. I attempted for call that number back for remove the number out of their list and Only get Put Upward on without any Alternative for can anything. I am going for contact the Cops and report it as harassment as Proposed by someone earlier.

Post by mino,

6166081011 keeps calling. leaves no message

Post by Stiless,

616-608-1011 Man called and Inquired for Larry Canny Apple of Port Charlotte Fl . . . I told him that Canny had moved . . .

Post by marlinda,

6166081011 I 'm on your do not call list but I am happy for have Owner ID. That solves many puzzles. I Simply don t respond.

Post by Mac,

616-608-1011 I have gotten at least 6 calls from this no. but haven't replied because I don't understand anyone within Grand Rapids.

Post by Matryx,

6166081011 The Owner talked to my grandmother and Inquired for my grandpa. My grandma said he had Approved away will there be anything I could help you personally with. Owner I Presume that d do. he was with a Paralyzed Veterans Organization trying to get Contributions to help that vets. He started Outside saying my grandmother must become very proud of my grandfather Subsequently started talking Around how supporting vets who make sacrifices for us is important. My grandmother already supports 3 organizations enjoy that . He overcame that by saying that they would send Outside a card and she can Contribute for that organization Nearest for her heart. When she agreed to send W he had for transport her for his boss. Your manager thanked her for her Contribution and asked if she could pay by credit card. My grandmother said no she doesn't would that. They thanked her again and said they would mail that Package. Most of that phone appeared a bit abrasive but not rude. Your boss was courteous. I had to look Upwards your number myself I wouldn't have let her pay with credit card around your Telephone and Reading a few of these reports I dint see Anyone else talk Around veterans. I have just one eyebrow raised correct now. We could possibly not and Likely won't return that Cover.

Post by prelives,

616-608-1011 they 've called here at least W times and yes i m on that don't telephone list.

Post by sdl,

6166081011 I did it too but Began Upward again.

Post by metalman247,

616-608-1011 They keep calling back. I Give a when i choose for as per send. They Afterward Began calling me over and over and around again. I have REMOVED my number over a half dozen times in the last year and a half.

Post by Annoyed,

6166081011 This number continues for hang Upwards on me and my machine I tried for telephone back and get disconnected. Quite annoying. .

Post by dm,

616-608-1011 from Grand Rapids Michigan using Change appearance up

Post by champ,

6166081011 Likely using some kind of demon Switch er Software that dials within Statistical purchase. My cell is unlisted kept quite strictly private and on your Don't Phone list but I still get scam calls. Scampers are going down a Statistical list i. e. W W W W W W and so on. It s that Uncomplicated.

Post by Meg,

616-608-1011 same experience as everyone else and have been receiving calls out of this Amount for a little while. caller id only says Mi phone .

Post by Guest,

6166081011 I got a phone out of this number the Amount on caller id was Distinct that this number. If that makes feeling. A guy on there was talking about someones booty and thighs I 'm certain he notion he was not being Registered by an replying mac hing. Sick of these calls. . . . . i dint reply that Telephone but review the message when they leave one.

Post by Gerry,

616-608-1011 Would not identify himself before I Verified my name. Subsequently Put Upwards on me. Called back and got active Sign. Consider it's a charity or bogus charity org. BLOCKED Amount through Verizon online residential blocking.

Post by Wisconsin,

6166081011 You might have for call your number back and they offer for remove you personally out of their list by pressing 1 then entering your own Amount. I have gotten calls from W W W and also W W W Additionally from Mi. Would the for both numbers. Hopefully it can work.

Post by mike p.,

616-608-1011 I did that same matter called the back and pressed 1 to 've my removed from the list. Less than W minutes After I got another phone out of them.

Post by Guest,

6166081011 These Folks 've been harassing us for days. . . they refuse for take our number away their telephone list and actually harassed me on the phone because I Required they Cease CALLING. . . I Only called W W W and there is an automated response which lets you personally enter your own Telephone Amount for become Chosen away their phone list. We ll see that works. These Individuals are Incredible. I hope they get Close down.

Post by angel1,

616-608-1011 I tried it and it did t work. They had me enter my Telephone and Afterward I got a busy signal

Post by Jenny,

6166081011 Annoying Man named Josh called asking for my husband by a name none of his Buddies use. Right away I knew it was many type of sales phone. Would t give me his Firm name Simply said it was Grand Rapids. I used W and got your number that manner.

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 call each night . Identified as Adam but would not identify name of Firm or organization after repeated questioning. Very rude. Did not respect my request to have number added for do not telephone list. Mocked power. I can bury the Man.

Post by Tired of calls,

6166081011 I have been receiving calls out of them. W W W for weeks. Each time I telephone and press 1 for do not phone. Afterward I get calls that next day. I talked to John at 1 W W W which is a satellite office of Penetration Televises. He was putting out a detect. I ll see if this works.

Post by Sue Z.,

616-608-1011 No MSG I let machine answer but no MSG. left. They have called many times.

Post by Max,

6166081011 We repeatedly get calls out of the number and when we reply no one can there be. how can we Quit them out of calling.

Post by fed up,

616-608-1011 that is Only like the continuous calls from PM 8 or 9 times a day every daytime. when a live person was eventually on that line i told them i had filed a Grievance Humor the atty gen office they never have called within over 2 weeks Hit on wood. i 'm going for tell these jerks the same matter and expect its works. if you attempt to block them they ask on your cell phone no. FAT Opportunity they can get that.

Post by Guest,

6166081011 Not House when telephone was acquired Desired to understand what telephone was about. Note from A Web User could have replied my question . . . somebody asking for cash.

Post by Ray McMullen,

616-608-1011 Remove form my No.

Post by ken,

6166081011 they called for make a wish . SCAM

Post by Todd,

616-608-1011 no message

Post by Tiffany,

6166081011 I Only yelled at the Man who called. They phone every single day of the week including Saturday and Sunday yesterday Saturday they called 3 times no just one speaks

Post by mike p.,

616-608-1011 I did your same thing called the back and pressed 1 for have my removed in the list. Less than W minutes later I got another phone from them.

Post by Wisconsin,

6166081011 You might have to call the number back and they offer for remove you personally out of their list by pressing 1 Afterward entering your number. I have gotten calls out of W W W and also W W W Additionally from Michigan. Would this for both numbers. Hopefully it will work.

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 Do I ensure it is Discontinue. these callers need for get a life. Phone and hang Upward all day long. What would they want.

Post by Larry,

6166081011 Attempted that. Dozen t work.

Post by Nita Kromer,

616-608-1011 They telephone all hours of your day and Night and weekends.

Post by alice magnum,

6166081011 obtained calls out of here repeatedly. i did answer it once and the caller said he was calling someone else.

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 I 've been becoming calls all through that day for a month. No message is left on my machine and when I can Select Upward no just one says anything. This can be quite annoying and rude. Who wants what. . .

Post by Guest,

6166081011 rings no 1 there spam

Post by Guest,

616-608-1011 Here is the Business data I encourage you personally to E-mail or call since they don't have any Problem calling us around and around again. I called and told that female who answered who was Really very Pleasant surprisingly for take my number away of their list instantaneously or I would file a complaint along with that MI Attorney General s Office. Penetration TE LE SERVICES hammed . com W W 9 Distance Rd STE W SOUTH Area MI W W Us Telephone W W W Fax W W W

Post by kay turner,

6166081011 we get badly calls a daytime out of this Amount and no one is there can we Discontinue the. . . .

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Recent comment

5855631724 Complains by Guest,

Incorrect number

8185389546 Complains by Nile,

Same kind of Telephone telephone demanding I telephone their special Cops unit or Chat to my Attorney. If not hies sorry for that Impacts that I would face. Foreign Feature and could t hardly understand what He said. idiot.

2164964453 Complains by Guest,

Please be aware of this caller. He is a scam artist and will rob you personally.

4259981820 Complains by Guest,

Someone impersonating an Irs agent telling me I owe Fees.

8326152132 Complains by Ammo,

calls no response each day

8772982627 Complains by Guest,

Called but did t leave a message.

8002971811 Complains by Guest,

Getting calls that are missing the last digit/ Hang ups/ as well a someone who said he was "Michael with Windows and how was our computer working/ Said just fine and hung up/ getting many of these so will use 0-9 as the last missing digit to see if Windows* surfaces as valid calling number/ then since this number called for emergency only will turn tel over to Police Dept to get it stopped .........

7755274529 Complains by Guest,

Sent me on a fake telephone Spanish Springs

8002303266 Complains by libradad,

Same Storyline here Always get some Man along with an extremely thick Highlight but quite English sounding name. I have Discontinued arguing with them turned number over for AG office. Scam artists and always with that same message in the within God bless you personally You'll need it. I have told them for send me something within writing never happens

8002298620 Complains by ajacz,

Yep they are a Group Bureau. I m disputing a bill with an insurance Company and they had Edward it away to these comedians. Man called Jumble threatened for tell all my relatives and neighbours if we did t pay within W hours. That was about a month ago. Female from the same outfit left a message last week. . . .

8002508877 Complains by sherri norred,

keep becoming Telephone calls out of the number searching for my ex husband. I have told them continuously that I no More talk to him. at that time i was told that until i could provide them using an alternative number for him that they would continue for harass me. . . And they still continue for call for this daytime. . . .

8002123811 Complains by Guest,

A girl kept calling and was respiration heavy

8002525889 Complains by TN,

I don t plan on responding for the text I got same as other places here . Only Needed to give more Information from a swift search.

8002442625 Complains by Yeah,

This is your Amounts that ladies telephone. . . to talk to me

8001291261 Complains by Ignorable,

Another call from Unknown Name that I was easily Competent for Discount.

8002514576 Complains by Pat,

Anselm. They installed Semantic protection on my computer Additionally Only as shortly as I gave them my charge card Information they sent it through so that when I called my bank to cancel they had already obtained their money. If you can get your own bank to get your money back do it because you personally Don't want for Cope with what may come.

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