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Telephone information: Lucre. Zeeland, MI. Ottawa. United states
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6166132043 Did t ans

Post by private eye,

616-613-2043 today at W 'm I recd ANOTHER out of a nasally voiced girl saying she was out of Vista Mtg after I asked her twice. I said that I was called 8 W W and Inquired Then not for become called again. . I hung op on her.

Post by mouse,

6166132043 Simply got a telephone from them. a Buddy had sent me an Amazon gift card for my b daytime and i used it Recently. the could become your just Put i could believe of that would 've gotten my Information. told him not for send me anything not for charge me anything and not for phone again. he said 've a good daytime i kept asking are we clear. had for repeat the several times before he said he Comprehended.

Post by sceptic,

616-613-2043 Just obtained call did t reply they did not leave message

Post by Mike,

6166132043 The Amount has called me five times within two times. I refuse to reply calls that are not familiar. More Particularly out of a Amount that keeps calling and never leaves a message.

Post by Christopher,

616-613-2043 The number called 5 times 2 times Past. . I finally called back that number Selected your Choice not for get phone calls from the number Joined my Amount for become taken away that list and they Destination t called since. . I believe which you have for enter your own Amount thus they know which Amount NOT to telephone back. . . Otherwise how are they going to understand. I vie honestly never heard of Eland MI

Post by Josie Berlin,

6166132043 A reverse Service Web site lists this phone as going for LUCRE Inc. and Level 3 Communications they identified themselves as Vista Advertising Services.

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616-613-2043 The Amount has called my cell repeatedly during your past W hours. I finally Found it and was told I had Lately made a buy along with quot one of their marketing partners. quot My purchases online are Quite small along with choose Firms. I have got no purchases along with a fresh company within many months. I Inquired what Firm and he said that Seclusion Act of W prohibited him from telling me how he got my phone Amount. He intimated that it was a purchase of an intimate or embarrassing nature he insisted that I did not quot unchecked quot a box on my purchase which gave them permission for telephone me. I told him that I knew he was lying and I would be Processing a Gripe with Web. dentally. gov and for remove me out of his phone list. Allegedly they wanted to send me W in bonus coupons. A Change Listing website lists this phone as going for LUCRE Inc. and Amount 3 Communications they identified themselves as View Marketing Services.

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6166132043 Spam saying you won a W Petrol present card.

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616-613-2043 Has anyone within this post bought prepaid Credit cards. Everyday since Sunday I get a call from a Distinct number but they are all out of Mi. Sunday that man who Truly talked called me by my Kids name. There is simply just one Put that her name and my cell Telephone Amount are Jointly and which is on prepaid Charge gift cards. I am believing that the Credit database gift has been hacked.

Post by Josie Berlin,

6166132043 A Change Service website lists the Telephone as belonging for LUCRE Inc. and Amount 3 Communications they identified themselves as Vista Marketing Services.

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616-613-2043 Just

Post by Old Lawyer,

6166132043 Wandering what for do along with a unsolicited phone phone. Try this and cost THEM cash. 1. Answer your Telephone. Answering the Telephone starts Charging their phone Amount not your own Amount. 2. You are able to Only say nothing place your phone down and see how long it takes that idiot to hang up. Instead tell them You're the maid or the chauffeur and ask them for leave their phone Amount and message. 3. Alternatively if you are your sporting type engage the enemy. Your Uncomplicated Hello can start their spiel. Subsequently Head them on along with something like tell me more for keep them talking. Telemarketers are trained to keep talking as long as they 've you on that phone. You can actually keep them on your phone until they comprehend that they are that goat not you. 4. Offer them no personal info and suppose everything they tell you is a lie. 5. Request them the name and address of their Firm and your Amount at which the Owner could be contacted. 6. If you get scammed within any fashion call the Customer protection division of your own state s Lawyer general. If your AG gets enough complaints they can inquire and close your scam down. That Prison can Additionally become prosecuted for criminal fraud if your facts are egregious enough. 've enjoyment Previous Lawyer

Post by James Farris,

616-613-2043 Scam and took money out of my account

Post by demoth,

6166132043 I vie gotten W calls from the Amount. It s a few Islamic Man that now says something smart ass before hanging up. Got several return calls for that W W W and left threatening messages Essentially screaming into the Telephone when it prompts you for leave a message. Already contacted that FCC on the number. I d advise everyone for can that same. If they harass you personally you have a correct for Hit back. Keep calling this Amount if you are able to for free and keep Making them understand you personally dint value that ritualistic harassment Regular and refuse for pay cash for block their Amount.

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616-613-2043 This is among those telephone centers. They Switch a Lot of Amounts and that first one that answers they Discuss for and that remainder are left Hanging. Not that we want for Discuss for them anyway. I 've Set blocks on them on my Residence Telephone but don t understand if I can on my cell. But may become checking account. The 1 has called twice within your last hour.

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6166132043 Verify a purchase

Post by Laurie Waldron,

616-613-2043 I am on a no call list 've been for a very long time dint understand who this can be or do I desire for. 've called me 2 times in a Line.

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6166132043 I vie been doing a bit more research and located a Website called Telephone Catalogue. COM Really fascinating the Appears to be a scam of many variety. Everyone should go to the Site and Assess it Outside.

Post by PAMELA,

616-613-2043 The number has called my cell phone repeatedly during your previous W hours. I finally Found it on first ring and was told by that operator that I had Lately got a buy along with one of their Advertising Associates and they had my credit card data. My purchases online are Very limited and I only due business with choose companies. I 've made no purchases along with a fresh Firm in many months. I asked your User to tell me what Business and he said that the Solitude Act of W prohibited him out of telling me how he got my Telephone Amount. He intimated that it was a buy of an Personal or embarrassing nature he insisted that I did not Uncontrolled a box on my buy which Offered them permission for telephone me. I told him that I knew he was lying and I would become filing a complaint with that Do not Telephone Site Www. dentally. gov and to remove me out of his phone list. Allegedly they Needed to send me W within bonus coupons. A Change Listing website lists the phone as going for LUCRE Inc. and Degree 3 Communications they identified themselves as Vista Marketing Services.

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6166132043 I Merely received your same Telephone telephone . . . out of quot View Services quot . . . your Congressman stated he Desired to support a buy that I Lately made along with one of their partners and offer me W within free gas Discounts all that I would demand to pay was 2. W in Transportation. He mentioned that there would become several other offers in your sending and that they were free for me to appearance over for W times. He previously mentioned that an W Amount would be included within the packet for me to telephone if I did not desire to receive your offers but your Petrol rebates were mine to keep. They already had your last four of a credit card Amount but Desired for support my address that your card number for shipping. Your Man was Actually Advanced and could t believe it when I told him that I wan t interested. Broken exactly why my phone block did not Find this Amount.

Post by Missyg,

616-613-2043 Got a telephone out of the Amount they said they were calling Around a recent per chase i got. Asked them what purchase they mentioned unable for give me any info. I Subsequently disconnected the call.

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6166132043 Spam. . . . Call all that time and when they call it s two and three times each time if u don t answer your first call. Striving to state I am getting a Gasoline card and wanting cc Information for shipping Applications and Subsequently indication me up for other for more money.

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616-613-2043 don t call

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6166132043 They said they were out of Credit service sand Found I had Lately got a Exchange on my Charge. They said there was nothing wrong along with that charge and I had been Chosen to get W. W in has Incentives.

Post by Everett Crosiar,

616-613-2043 Obtained multiple calls on my cell phone out of W W W. When I called that back I obtained a message seeing a Bundle delivery. I attempted calling that number and that phone was replied by a record asking me to Pick 1 and leave my Amount. My cell phone is listed as a don't phone . I Strategy for file a suit in little States court California Underneath that provisions of W U. S. C. W b 3 i. e. A Man or Thing may if otherwise permitted by the Guidelines or rules of court of a State bring in an appropriate court of that State A an Activity Established on a Misdemeanor of the subsection or the regulations Recommended under the subsection for enjoin such Misdemeanor B an action for regain for actual Personal loss from this type of Infraction or for receive W in damages for each such Infraction Whatever is greater or C both such actions. If the court finds that the defendant willfully or knowingly violated the subsection or the Rules prescribed under this subsection your court might in its discretion Grow your amount of the award to an amount equal to not more than 3 times your Sum Accessible Underneath Subscription Part B of the Section. Want me Fortune.

Post by Shelley,

6166132043 I gotten a several calls from this when I answered I was told that I won a free Petrol card and they asked me for Confirm my address. I asked them what this was Around and they Put Upwards on me.

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616-613-2043 after the Th call I eventually Began for request . . . . . . . . . I talked w John That company is Vista Service Corp Vista Provide Corp W Clark Facility Avenue Fort Myers FL W W map Fort Myers Cape Barrier FL Neighborhood Region Telephone W W W and he suggested me that they got my Information because I Required for get Information on a MasterCard purchase out of their company. . . . . . . I never would the so not confident how they got your Information but. . . . . . . . . I called the Amount under the name of that company and they did ans thus. . . . here you personally go Folks. . . . . . I believe inundating them w calls might be fun. . . . . . . . . anyone up for the Problem.

Post by Mike,

6166132043 That Amount is Associated with Vista Service Corp Vista Offer Corp W Clark Facility Method Fort Myers FL W W Phone W W W. Business is Related to several food delivery services enjoy Naturists Schwas Jenny Craig.

Post by anonymous,

616-613-2043 The sounds enjoy a version of that automatic debit scam as described by your FTC here HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Ed Cafes Buyer telemarketing tel. sham They vie mumbled it within this case but your typical scam has authorization to auto charge your account each month along with bull sh t hard to End Subscribers buried within the Excellent print. To Discontinue your billing contact that scummier to kill that Membership and get your cash back and if that fails tell your own card issuer or bank that fraud has happened and 've them refund the cash and Change that account this really is Significant that account must be replaced because criminals have it and they can charge again or sell account info for other criminals. Report to that Net Crime Grievance Facility HTTP Www. ICC. gov Grievance default. asp that Federal Communications Commission HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML your National Commerce Commission HTTP Web. . gov and your state AG as Proper.

Post by quin,

6166132043 I got a telephone from the Amount times Now. . it reads I ordering confirms. but they won t leave a mes sag. thus I think it May}n' be a crank call

Post by DanJ,

616-613-2043 I just got a telephone from them. I Additionally see that they called twice yesterday Sunday while we were out. When I tool the Amount and Owner I. D. Arrived up with Affirmed I just had to talk to them. The Man on your Telephone went on for say that I had ordered something out of one of their Sellers View in the last 6 months and that because of the they were going for send me W in free Petrol and also send me a Bundle for preferred customers He said there's no obligation and you can send it back any time. I knew from reading about the CONFORMERS on the Web that it's a scam and that they are Striving for get you for supply them your own full credit card number and expiration date of your own card. Understanding that I told the Man that I already knew that he was Striving to scam Individuals and he should take that little packet he was going to send for me and roll it Upward Actually tight and Leave it up his butt. of course my language was somewhat more course than that . . . . . . LOLA

Post by SSS,

6166132043 Yes 5 times Recently. I don't have any on line orders on file with this number as a record so It Simply trolling for fools

Post by Trish,

616-613-2043 I had Regrettably ordered shampoo online. I 've cancelled it a few times only for be charged the monthly fee over and around. after I telephone to End AGAIN I look to get calls from this Amount or 1 similar with no MSG etc. but they can call around and over and around again. . . I have Required a brand new card and Amount and vow NEVER for order anything online again. . . . .

Post by barbara,

6166132043 no message Simply not alive air time.

Post by anonymous,

616-613-2043 If you need a contact phone number Subsequently read through the thread. It s called due diligence.

Post by Kharper,

6166132043 Trash phone. Did t answer.

Post by Kasey,

616-613-2043 Keep calling at off hours i don't answer if i don t recognize your telephone. . . . really annoying.

Post by Shelley,

6166132043 this number has called my husbands cell Telephone four times today about each two hours they strive again. He said he dozen t know the number so he s not answering. Yesterday a Distinct unrecognized number called several times. . .

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616-613-2043 Sales pitch

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6166132043 kl l

Post by kOSHA,

616-613-2043 REC D telephone out of this Amount twice left a partial message caller id states support order. Don t know them.

Post by richard,

6166132043 I Merely got a call out of this Amount as well

Post by Jean,

616-613-2043 Got a telephone Now saying they were sending me a free Gasoline card. Told them I had ask them before not for call me and was going to report them for that do not telephone enroll.

Post by anonymous,

6166132043 If you want a contact Telephone number Subsequently read through this train of thought. It s called due diligence.

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616-613-2043 ID

Post by ga,

6166132043 I m always receiving Telephone calls from the number. I don t response and delete your number.

Post by Tony,

616-613-2043 These guys are Publicity Writers. They 've personal info on every person they phone. Not empty names last 4 s of my credit card. and by that manner what are they doing along with my cell . I m going for that Experts and see where that leads. personally I feel violated. I Additionally had for Shift another credit card . Cheers for reading and I hope we nail these awful Men.

Post by G,

6166132043 I vie been receiving calls from the number the whole week the morning I got annoyed and picked it Upwards . . . There was a woman on the line who asked if she could speak to my name . . . I told her I m speaking already and she Put up. . . .

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616-613-2043 They won t stop

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6166132043 The was a scummier calling at 7 W on a Saturday morning pretending for become out of Charge. He told me I had been Chosen for W of free Gasoline if I just paid a 5 Transport Cost for that quot voucher. quot I stopped him within your Mid of his spiel for request him exactly why he was scamming me and how he slept at night. He became angry and said quot I sleep really nicely at nighttime. I get paid W an hour to call Folks. I ll Likely sell your next guy while you go back for your drunken stupor. quot I said quot Sell. I thought you personally said it was free. . quot

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616-613-2043 Constantly calls. All hours of that daytime and nighttime.

Post by 616 613-2041,

6166132043 I received 4 calls today and they are still calling. I do not response unknown calls. I expect the gets reported to authorities.

Post by Knancy,

616-613-2043 Obtained three calls already today from the number. ID shows RECONFIRMS. I eventually answered that last time. Telephone is definitely from a call center took some time for someone to Answer and I could Notice lots of talking in the background. I could not recognize what Individual who Decided up phone was saying voice wan t clear. Hung Upwards after a few seconds.

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6166132043 Did t answer

Post by Barbara Needham,

616-613-2043 Gotten multiple calls hung up on caller then Viewed online and found this information. Your caller said you have used your own Visa card and qualify for Petrol vouchers which are on their way for your requirements . . . Afterward he Began confirming my address. If they already Delivered them why would they demand my address. So I Put Upward on him. He has since called back again Now and had already called a couple of times within the last few times. I don t like telemarketing calls of course but this looks more like a scam than a telemarketer.

Post by kay B.,

6166132043 I just received a phone out of the I Purchase Confirms . . . . they call each 2 or 3 days. . . . . can t that powers to become shut this down . . . .

Post by Cheryl,

616-613-2043 Thank you personally for posting the Information. I Additionally received a phone out of the number and knew to Remove it cheers to your post.

Post by Cheryl,

6166132043 Thank you personally for Publishing the info. I Additionally acquired a telephone from this number and knew for delete it thanks to your own post.

Post by private,

616-613-2043 Seemingly having your own Amount listed on that national Do not call list dozen t Use to these marketers.

Post by Guest,

6166132043 Many View Co. Striving for get me for provide my credit card . They won t leave me alone even though I told them for remove out of their list.

Post by Cheryl,

616-613-2043 Thank you personally for posting this info. I also gotten a phone from this Amount and knew for delete it thanks to your post.

Post by Tony,

6166132043 These guys are Publicity Writers. They have private info on every Man they phone. Not empty names last 4 s of my credit card. and by your way what exactly are they doing with my cell . I m going for the authorities and see where that leads. personally I feel violated. I Additionally had for change another credit card . Cheers for reading and I trust we nail these awful Men.

Post by Lori,

616-613-2043 I answered the first time and they said that they Needed to support my address because I was going to get W Gasoline card. I told them the address that they had on file was erroneous and the line cut Outside. They 've called me several times and I have either not reached the telephone within time or your phone has cut within the Mid of your person asking me something. If they have all my info that is terrible.

Post by anonymous,

6166132043 The sounds like a Variation of that automatic debit scam as described by your FTC here HTTP Www. FTC. gov BC Edward pubs Buyer telemarketing tel. sham They vie mumbled it within the case but the Standard scam has Agreement for Automobile charge your own account each month along with bull sh t hard to End subscriptions Hidden within your fine print. To Quit that billing contact the scummier for kill your Registration and get your own money back and if that fails tell your own card issuer or bank that fraud has happened and 've them refund that cash and Exchange the account this can be Significant the account must be replaced because criminals 've it and they could charge again or sell account info for other criminals. Report for your Web Offense Grievance Centre HTTP Web. ICC. gov Gripe default. asp the Federal Communications Commission HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. HTML the National Commerce Commission HTTP Www. . gov and your state AG as Suitable.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Thanks to all your reports I blocked the just one Immediately when they Began calling about a week ago. . still getting calls multiple times a day at least they re blocked.

Post by philly,

6166132043 Do I Discontinue calls.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Spam

Post by Christopher,

6166132043 The Amount called 5 times 2 days ago. . I eventually called back the number Selected your selection not to receive phone calls out of the Amount entered my Amount for be taken away the list and they Getaway t called since. . I consider which you have to enter your Amount thus they understand which Amount NOT for telephone back. . . Otherwise how are they going to understand. I vie honestly never heard of Eland MI

Post by DavidD,

616-613-2043 I keep getting calls out of this Amount about each 2 3 hours. I don t reply if I don t understand who s calling. I Simply got a notice from my bank Around a questionable attempted withdrawal the bank Discontinued. Tomorrow I will Follow the Problem with them to see if they could identify that source and Perhaps file fraud Fees against the Business individual.

Post by Charm,

6166132043 The Amount has called me about 4 time today Merely Began getting these calls. They hang up as soon as the answering mach comes on. I also used a Cockney Gift Card the last week. Appears enjoy they have hacked into something concerning gift cards. I don't reply any calls anymore unless I recognize that Amount as I get thus many of these calls.

Post by Tom,

616-613-2043 These idiots are Attempting for sell you personally Petrol cards or coupon books etc. If you personally reply that Telephone it starts Outside like this hi you personally recently got a buy on using your whichever card and we have been offering the to you personally. . . . Whether you concur to purchase or not they Can charge your own credit card. Check your statements for 2 or 3 months and if you get charged report it to the fraud department. After they call you W times or thus they Alter Amounts and if you personally don t answer they Alter it again. There are plenty of these goofs trying for just get you personally to response your Telephone. Once you do You'll be Priced on your own credit card. A few online Stores are selling your private info for these idiots. Be careful

Post by j,

6166132043 Acquired a phone from the Amount last nighttime. Says reconfirms on your caller ID. I replied because I vie just bought a Sleep Amount bed and idea they May}n' be calling about that. That Man asks for me Subsequently when I affirm it s me he thanked me for using my Charge card and said I had earned W in Petrol awards. He then told me where I Dwelt and Inquired me to affirm I was still there. At that point I said I m broken what company are you with. And he Put Upwards. It was Clearly a phone Centre as you could her Substantially acting in the background. They vie Merely called again but I won t reply more calls. And I m now monitoring my bank account as my only Credit is my debit card.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Unknown caller out of Michigan. Most notes state predator or scam on line.

Post by dumpy duck ut,

6166132043 They called my Amount and used my first name for support an order and Afterward hung Upward. I attempt Edward calling your number but got a record. Asked whats the Around. Long distance so I used my cell Telephone. Probably a mistake. Haven't talked to some live Man but I Don't Offer Out card Amounts for anyone.

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616-613-2043 Did t answer

Post by Ben,

6166132043 I get calls from this Amount all daytime long. I don t response when I check missed calls its out of Mi. Don t know anyone there. Don t owe anybody any money. It's starting for aggravate me if I knew who it was I could sue them for harassment.

Post by mb,

616-613-2043 same here but the Unhappy matter is i ha vent ordered anything online and i have been becoming calls from them and i work night Move. . . but thus far just 2 times 7 W a. m. and W W a. m.

Post by Josie Berlin,

6166132043 A Change Listing website lists this phone as going for LUCRE Inc. and Amount 3 Communications they identified themselves as Vista Advertising Services.

Post by Robert Crozier,

616-613-2043 Stated they Desired to offer people vouchers for a credit card that was no More active that we did not have.

Post by Crystal,

6166132043 The called me 3 times in the roll like Ox days. I blocked my then I called back. it told me that it was Simply a verify Around my ordering. i didn't order anything. its thus annoying.

Post by misstc,

616-613-2043 Humorous I don t see any places previous to Now and the calls Only Began for me Now. I received 4 calls myself Began at 9 'm W Am W 'm and 5 PM. Out of RECONFIRMS. I wan t conscious that when someone you personally do company with shared your own Information with Rd parties that they actually gave them your card Amount. That's scary. If I could think of that people I did business along with I would phone them and Improve hell. . . I did order an AS seen on Television Merchandise on 1 W W and Merely rec d your thing 3 times ago. . . hum Millimeters. . . .

Post by Guest,

6166132043 I never have replied to this number However. This Amount has been calling me since from your beginning this morning. This is the first time it's started. I m happy this Program has that capability for not just block unwanted numbers but for Really ascertain whether its spam or not. This can be astounding.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Assholes

Post by Okie,

6166132043 Got a phone call on home Telephone today at Approximately PM and Subsequently again at 1 PM. Caller I. D. said Eland. I answered and a Girl asked for me by first name I asked who this was and she said something I didn't comprehend. She said something about they're giving me W in Gasoline coupons and had the last 4 digits of my bank card. I 'm Enrolled with the Natl Do not Telephone. I told her I wan t interested and for remove me out of their list and Subsequently I Put Upwards. I trust this stoppers them.

Post by giya,

616-613-2043 This number calls my cell phone Amount everyday nonstop at 5 minute increments for 3 days in a Function. THEY Need To Quit. . . . . . . .

Post by Roy,

6166132043 View Card Services. It s an eff in Petrol card Application sales Message that tries for tell you personally you won a few hundred dollars within Petrol cards Subsequently tries to hint you personally up for their Returns program. After joining it s Virtually hopeless to Stop. Telephone back your Amount and you personally get a computer. press 2 enter your number and they claim for take you personally away that list. After that report your Amount to dentally. gov.

Post by Patricia,

616-613-2043 got two calls Now did t response and don t Mean to cheers everyone for posting

Post by Ashley,

6166132043 I 've obtained 5 of these calls within the last W hours. Have not bought tux out of southwest or ordered any as seen on Tv Things. I haven t ordered anything online since before Christmas and I vie gotten a brand new card since then.

Post by Josie Berlin,

616-613-2043 Why don t they identify themselves or leave a message quite annoying

Post by steve,

6166132043 I fell fortunate after reading your e mails about these turkeys. Must be computer generated calls. I had Notion my cell Amount private. Must 've been a Rd Celebration they obtained your Amount from. But your People I give my info to are consistently State they don t share that info. Now i know that one or more of them don t live up for that.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 6 calls within the last W hours. Striving to send me a W Petrol card for being a quot preferred customer quot and confirming a recent buy. Gave me your last four Amounts of a classic credit card and Inquired if I still reside in the town I live within. Said they would send a Booklet of coupons for House Website Objective Chile's etc. for W. W a month but I could phone that Amount and Stop if I did t want it and still keep your gas card for just 2. W Transportation charge. They stated they wanted for switch me to a Distinct representative to confirm my data. . . I Put up. Attempted to request them questions Around their Business and how they gotten my info and they defeat around your bush and avoided all questions.

Post by private eye,

6166132043 The number Merely called my cell. View Advertising saying they were calling about my MasterCard Visa on a new purchase BUT THERE WAS NO Difficulty THEY Merely Desired To OFFER ME W In FREE Gas. That simply Petrol I get is when I eat beans or when these types of jerks telephone me. .

Post by Eric,

616-613-2043 Anyone know someone in Eland MI. . . . I Don t. That is where that call is coming out of. Will not reply too many nuts Outside there.

Post by Guest,

6166132043 Support a purchase

Post by MP13,

616-613-2043 Has called every 2 hours Now. First phone I ignored. Second telephone replied and instantaneously muted your call. Heard them request for a Peter Afterward hung Upwards. Third telephone answered they asked for a Ruth. Put up on me before I could Complete telling them there s no Ruth here and for f off. Caller ID shows them as RECONFIRMS. Definite scam thieves phishing on your personal info there are several news Posts I Arrived across while looking for Information on them.

Post by Kate,

6166132043 Did you personally receive a charge for your credit card. I Discontinued your women on your Telephone and said excuse me can there be anything within the that s going to become mechanically Priced to my account without Notice and she replied There is a W daytime trial and after you ll be Priced for which I said Cancel me immediately and then she said Have a Fine day and Installed up. I tried calling back but can t get through and 'm unsure if something is going to become Priced. . . .

Post by Chris Mazur,

616-613-2043 I obtained 2 calls out of the number Now on my cell. That first was Approximately W W Midday and the other at 9 W PM. I was not able to answer either telephone and no message was left.

Post by jeff,

6166132043 I think I 'm going for turn on my Automobile dial er and Only Complete Upwards there express mail. I could phone out of Approximately W different phone Amounts thus I believe I can would that. They're a scam Perhaps if we get enough Individuals for scam them they may stop.


616-613-2043 AND W W W Upward AS UNREGISTERED ON MY CELL Phone even though I had set my phone not accept unknown Amounts which Subsequently my Pals and family can 've a hard time calling me. Any other Strategies from those who are having this Trouble. Thanks within Progress.

Post by John L.,

6166132043 I got several calls and my Telephone caller ID identified this Number W W W as RECONFIRMS. A couple of times they did t response. Thus I called them back and left a message for a return call. They did return my telephone and and twice someone informed that they're supporting a charge for my Credit card for Publications subscription and I only once did I get your Shift that I did not. They all hanged before a dialogue continuing. What I did is to call my Credit for let them know that I will dispute any magazine Request Fees. They did suggest that I phone BBB to educate and I will can it the morning. I do not understand what else to can for stop the type of scam Specially to seniors enjoy me.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Credit Card Solicitation

Post by mb,

6166132043 same here but your Gloomy thing is i ha vent ordered anything online and i 've been getting calls out of them and i work night Change. . . but thus Much just 2 times 7 W a. m. and W W a. m.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Trying for state I ordered something and wanted to Get Information to offer me a gas card Nothing was ordered.

Post by Guest,

6166132043 Did t ans

Post by Summer,

616-613-2043 I gotten many calls out of the number of that previous three days. I eventually answered a moment Past. As someone already mentioned the Man talked thus Quickly. I told him he is Attempting to sell me something and for not call me again.

Post by Tony,

6166132043 These People are pr Publishers. They have personal data on each Man they call. Not empty names last 4 s of my credit card. and by that way what exactly are they doing along with my cell . I m going to your Experts and see where that leads. personally I feel violated. I Additionally had for Shift another credit card . Cheers for reading and I expect we collar these bad Men.

Post by mb,

616-613-2043 same here but that Depressed thing is i ha vent ordered anything online and i have been getting calls from them and i work night Change. . . but so far only 2 times 7 W a. m. and W W a. m.

Post by Karen,

6166132043 Business offering W. W of free gas. They were calling out of W W W that I had blocked now they re calling from this number. Verizon Wireless will block up to five numbers free for 2 months. Just keep mewing your blocked Amounts.

Post by rosalyn,

616-613-2043 This number called me but when you personally response no Result. weird

Post by Chris Mazur,

6166132043 I have cell service through Verizon. After reading all the Listings Around this Michigan based Telephone number I called Verizon and had your Amount blocked from my cell for BOTH voice and text.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Three times now same number no response. After reading whats below I went ahead and blocked that number on my Android. I am Additionally going to your national do not call registry to let them understand of their Methods. I suggest when any of you might have been receiving these calls that you do your same. Once they get enough of these calls Perhaps they ll Discontinue. its Www. dentally. gov Great luck. .

Post by Carole,

6166132043 Did anyone purchase anything from Amazon before becoming your calls. Seems that every time I order out of Amazon the calls Begin.

Post by Sammy,

616-613-2043 I 've gotten four calls on my cell from the Amount amp I can never answer a Amount I don't Comprehend. They never leave a message. Must become terrorists. . .

Post by Shelley,

6166132043 this number has called my husbands cell Telephone four times today Around each two hours they attempt again. He said he dozen t know your number thus he s not answering. Recently a Distinct unrecognized Amount called several times. . .

Post by Tina,

616-613-2043 Acquired a telephone out of this number. Rejected it. Don t know anyone in the Place code.

Post by Private,

6166132043 I started receiving calls from the number a few days ago. They re calling 2 4 times each daytime to my cell. I replied once they Inquired for me by my first name. I Inquired who was calling and she Installed Upward on me. Will there be a way to block unwanted calls along with AT amp T cell phones.

Post by jj at fl,

616-613-2043 I got 2 calls to my cell out of this number thus I redialed and got a a message for prompted 1 for support a placed purchase for contact you 2 not to become call on your order or 3 not to receive future calls from their Interior Department. Subsequently asked to Set your own Amount for your don't call list. I don't remember giving my cell number. There was no Business name so it makes me funny of their intent. I did Purchase something online but I had received your Shipping 4 days Past. But not from any area near nor Approximately Michigan. And again I do not remember giving my cell Amount when I purchased online. It scent like many kind of scam. I placed a fraud alert on all 3 credit agencies.

Post by Jim,

6166132043 Caller ID and no 1 there. This can be the Next phone I 've gotten today. Three others from International asking for someone who does not live here. All traced back for cell phone Amounts in different locations Concord NH Sou ix Falls SD and Trenton NJ. Called each just one back and the same guy answered Daniel . Responds International . When asked they would not provide any info about exactly why they're calling who they are and what kind of company they're within. Must assume that it's some kind of Set agency with some really old debt data. Asked to become removed from their call list. Was rewarded with more calls. Works like SPAM E-mails along with Prefer Outside lists . If you respond Subsequently they understand 3 matters It s a valid E-mail address you personally read E-mails with offers within them and you respond. Perfect.

Post by mi mi monroe,

616-613-2043 Free Petrol is the scam on a Visa for an purchase placed in that last W months Nevertheless you may become asked to your card Amount for Transport just Inquired for be Chosen off your call list

Post by KARREN,

6166132043 I GET NUMEROUS CALLS From This Amount. WHO Could it be. . . .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 View services Attempting to sell me a discount Account for W. W a month that can save me cash on Things I quot already purchase quot . . . blah blah blah

Post by Guest,

6166132043 Don t waste your time.

Post by Wanda Pierce,

616-613-2043 Got a phone call Now along with your Information Reconfirms on Owner ID. It was an Test to sign me Upwards for a few sales Team based on an order I d got with a Visa card. When I Test to Cease that non Discontinue talking the caller became quite rude. I Inquired to Chat to your supervisor and gotten no Result. Line acted enjoy it was dead but it wan t since I could t hang up for Around W seconds. Attempted to phone them back for speak to someone and Registered message said they were trying to call me for affirm an purchase but that Transport of the order would not become delayed if they did t get me. Destination t used my Visa for online orders within weeks and won t thus I could keep an eye on unapproved Costs. Am calling Visa now and telling them the same thing. W

Post by rilsejr_1,

6166132043 got many calls out of the Amount about my current purchase I Merely Installed up

Post by Guest,

616-613-2043 Verify a purchase

Post by JK2,

6166132043 I Only GOT A Call From The NO AND TOLD The Female NOT For Call ME AGAIN OR May SUE THEM

Post by B C,

616-613-2043 Receiving calls from this Amount Around each 4 hours for the past two days. I do not know who they are.

Did you get an unwanted call from 616-613-2043? Is 6166132043 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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7323795530 Complains by Guest,

Statement collection

8136064420 Complains by Leslie,

Four missed calls over that last month from the number within Florida . Never leave a message. Happy I Viewed it Upward online before wasting my time Attempting for phone back.

8183374455 Complains by Pete,

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2562826586 Complains by Guest,

left no message

6016602754 Complains by Tia,

Anyone else becoming calls out of the number.

8039602346 Complains by J. Fred,

They say they are some sort of united Wellness attention but exactly why do they phone every daytime. And when you telephone them back you personally simply get a recording for be removed out of their call list.

8133792999 Complains by anonymous,

If the call cannot be completed as dialed, it means the number is spoofed and the caller should be treated as hostile.

8135742608 Complains by Oughtm,

These idiots keep calling and calling and calling. I m not replying it. . . . They leave no message.

8001923617 Complains by atch,

did not reply. obtained 4 calls within W minutes. where W.

8002083830 Complains by Jeremy,

This can be that Amount for Poincare Contacts. They having been harassing my Mom for months even though I 've been making Funds. That creditor is Palisades LC collecting a cell phone Statement.

8002451494 Complains by Rusty,

I m along with Monique I got that sick feeling also. Marc told me he could not send me any data without my credit card number first. He kept talking Around that BBB but I could not locate them Recorded along with the BBB everywhere. I was looking for help along with my divorce. Monique were you Capable to look for out anything more. Cheers Rusty

8002297590 Complains by T,

Someone called me out of another number which was blocked out but the Amount revealed up on my bank statement along with another Amount. They vie Chosen money from my account for a magazine Membership and something else and I dint like it. Will there be anyway I could get to the bottom of this.

8002280859 Complains by Guest,

They Installed up as shortly as we answered. Called back phone dozen t t receive incoming call

8002452139 Complains by harpo,

YPR calls at least 3 times a day. There is no one on the line when I say hello. I now leave it go to message but there is none. I am listed on the do not call list for 3 years now. Who are these people & why are they allowed to call? Send me their home numbers & I will call them at all hours of the day like they do. lol. This should automatically be stopped by the DO NOT CALL LIST

8002743009 Complains by Guest,


8002786560 Complains by Jeffrey Springborg in Minnesota,

I hate to 've for tell you personally this but I almost got scammed from the Business which of path is bogus. Within my old age I was shrewd enough to Assess these Individuals out and found out your worst. Granting for Scam Novel they're totally a scam operation. What amazes me is the Actual Money One Hans t done anything Around it. They must know what s going on. . Anyway I m sorry I had for tell you personally the. Where can Folks like you and I go out of here. Are there any Fair loan Businesses out there.

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