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Telephone information: Lucre. Zeeland, MI. Ottawa. United states
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Post by T Gill,

6166132057 Only received a telephone from them overly and have Additionally been receiving calls out of W W W that is purportedly another SCAM Amount Attempting to get you to verify your credit card Amount. Recently I placed Rather a few orders through Amazon so that'll have something for would with recently receiving these phone calls. . . . .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 It is some school

Post by Tammy,

6166132057 The needs for Quit . . will there be no way to get someone to help.

Post by Snoopy,

616-613-2057 Months Past I placed an purchase for the Bell amp Howell Creature repelled. Since then I get these calls stating everything is Okay with my credit card they just want to send me coupons for free gas. I tell them no don t send me anything and take me off their calling list. They state Okay but still call back a few weeks later. When I request to Discuss to your Manager they say Ok and they HANG Up. Your Trouble is don t Take Your COUPONS Shortly AFTER THAT In the Small PRINT THEY Begin Receiving Your own CREDIT CARD Various INCREMENTS. It started out of a valid buy I got but they shared my private data along with the third Celebration and your games started. It Additionally dozen t help being on your national do not phone Listing they keep violating that law as well.

Post by Susan,

6166132057 I received a telephone from W W W and they said they were calling out of Vista Services because I recently got a charge. They wanted for supply me W in free Gasoline if I Offered them my name and address. I talked to a man who said his name was Stephen and a Girl who said her name was Michelle Prudent. She said she worked within Customer Quality and the Business were Used by a couple dozen other companies. The Owner ID was Verified. I called my bank and they Guaranteed me they don't provide Outside such info thus the has to become a scam.

Post by Ruby,

616-613-2057 Only obtained a call out of this Amount did not response it

Post by Rosie,

6166132057 I Additionally 've been getting this call out of this Amount. I called your Amount and the Female replied and said it was going through her Telephone Amount and said she was sorry. Since Afterward I get a call every daytime. I don't response that Amount.

Post by Mindi,

616-613-2057 They won t Cease calling. Been calling for 3 days now. So annoying.

Post by cindy,

6166132057 just started getting calls. . . twice thus Way today

Post by Doc Sr,

616-613-2057 I vie keep becoming called by both that numbers mentioned in this Publishing. I replied that first time but no one was there out of either Amount. I think they might 've a Automobile Call er of many kind that dials Outside random Amounts. Once you response that's when they understand its an excellent number and keep calling to get you personally.

Post by ME,

6166132057 I 'm receiving a phone hourly. I refuse for response unfamiliar calls. Does anyone understand anything about exactly why they're doing your calling. The telephone Provider should understand their clients.

Post by serenerose,

616-613-2057 Be cautious that's what they said to me except they already fresh my card Amount . . . I am calling my bank immediately. .

Post by Brandon,

6166132057 Amazon could become a Chance but I never go on amazon. I did make a buy for massages from Internet. dwelling social. com Around 8 days before I received the first of many calls. I also bought my Partner the Royal Heirloom Ring out of HTTP Web. Treasure ring. com Practically just one month before the first call. I honestly believe dwelling social is Marketing the info. It makes feeling in my own head that a Website offering half off Prices would sell Information for create Additional cash. Simply my opinion.

Post by davidws,

616-613-2057 after several calls i answered. they Would 've a record of a purchase you got AND she read away your last 4 Numbers of my credit card which were correct. i m sure they have the same info on all of you. when i asked her where she got it she told me that anyone could get that info away the internet. that s when i lost it.

Post by jeff,

6166132057 I am receiving many calls a daytime out of this crap number when i called back they said i placed an order which i did not and have not on your internet. ITS Likely Enormous BROTHER. . . amp u e Fin despise you

Post by damnit,

616-613-2057 Only Began receiving call from the Amount got several attempts for return call because i had no Excellent who the telephone was from eventually they called back and your female that was on the line was exceptionally rude mocking me and playing on your phone i did phone that number again and left a message when prompted that my husband is a deputy sheriff and this was within the process to be reported for law officials

Post by Guest,

6166132057 I 've received 5 calls sort that W W W Amount Now. . Will there be a manner for me to get my Amount removed out of their call list.

Post by Loli,

616-613-2057 This phone Bands constant throughout your day. I Merely delete your ring but it is Operating me mad with all that Christmas matters for do for go see who is calling . . . Subsequently find out it is The Number AGAIN.

Post by Debbie,

6166132057 I 've been becoming that same calls from W W W at least W times within that previous two days day and night Around an purchase verification which appears on call ID or it shows Brand new Passion and Mi Blessed for caller ID cause if that number dozen t look familiar but not everyone has Owner ID. I 'm on that no phone list plus my phone Amount is unlisted thus do they get your number. The Government better measure within and do something Around these scams. There has got to be a manner they could hint these scam Telephone Amounts. What can we pay your Government for they certain as Hell don t protect the American Individuals. Place a Discontinue to this now. . . . . . . .

Post by Joe R,

616-613-2057 They keep calling incessantly

Post by sneaky,

6166132057 I forwarded them to W

Post by Kris,

616-613-2057 I acquired 2 calls out of the Amount Now and when I called it back it dozen t say who they are or what i 'm confirming. I Getaway t ordered anything thus it's for become a scam.

Post by Linda Woltjer,

6166132057 I vie been receiving calls out of the Amount for days. I never response thus I don t understand who it is. I am currently on your DC list but it dozen t look to help. Please Discontinue these calls.

Post by K2,

616-613-2057 The Business is Truly Vista Advertising within Fresh Interface Richer Florida. They route their calls through Services in other states and use a number of slightly different names to help hide their Id. Promotion View People Road W Fresh Interface Richer FL W W W W vestment. net Criticisms can be Submitted with your New Port Richer Authorities Department. HTTP . org index. asp. Type Fundamental amp SEC DEA A AF W EBAY and along with that Florida Lawyer Generality . com pages. NSF Primary AC . . . W. Integument state Fraud Popular line is on the left of that page above.

Post by K.,

6166132057 I wanted you for know they called us several times. We got scammed thus don t autumn for it. Our bank account was hacked into now. We had for cancel the debit card. This really is a Pain and I expect it doesn't get worse for people.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 Spam

Post by sneaky,

6166132057 I forwarded them to W

Post by Sylvia,

616-613-2057 can t that law can anything Around the number. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by K,

6166132057 We got scammed too. Your bank account has been hacked into now.

Post by Paula,

616-613-2057 I started getting calls 3 times Past from W W W. It was some Credit sells pitch along with W free credit. I Only knew I did t desire and said no thank you and Put Upward. They called again 3 more times just I did t response it. Tonight same Folks different Telephone Amount W W. I told them both to Discontinue calling me and that I wan t interested. Who are these people.

Post by LEB Florida,

6166132057 Firstly what irritates me the is that I 've a private Amount and telephone block on my phone and these calls still come through. I can recognize that when I purchase something they ask on your Residence number or your purchase could not be place. I Additionally do comprehend that a few Firms buy numbers from organizations that have listings out of those who order. But the Specific call I don t Typically reply numbers I don t recognize but to my misfortune Now I did was not simply unethical but that caller was downright pushy. They were supposedly delivering me W. W Petrol card to use for free. I would have W days to appearance over this Bright Shopper Strategy and if I Selected not for join for W. W or something enjoy that I would Merely phone the 1 W number and cancel but keep the Gasoline card for free. I Inquired him if I don t telephone back that 1 W Amount even though I don t desire the Software would they automatically charge me anyway and he said Yes . I told him I wan t interested and don t bother sending it for me. He proceeded for continue reading his script as Rapidly as he could while I was yelling within that Telephone for him for Discontinue and listen for me for Can. He was really rude by ignoring me after he heard me saying not for send it. It was unethical rude and I am not going for stand for this type of business any more. I am at your point were I am going to contact the Lawyer general s office and your better business Institution. I have had for can this twice this year so Much. This can be becoming out of hand and Though it's allowed. It is all about your almighty Sale . Is this is what our Nation is all about now. I Gamble this dozen t occur to our congressmen. You personally believe. Sell everyone s number on the list. . . . . oh except these. I suppose I 'm not Significant enough to 've my Seclusion. Time for phone your congressmen people. Gee.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 I did t response it

Post by BA Carter,

6166132057 I obtained 4 calls from the number W W W Now I replied a few minutes Past. The Owner identified herself as Amanda. Your caller previously mentioned that I Lately made a purchase along with my visa card stopping in from one of their partners and was referred to them as a preferred customer. She mentioned that I would become receiving W. W in Gasoline vouchers in your mail and Desired for understand if I still Dwelt in that same Set. I told her not to charge anything to my account and if it had anything to would along with Purchasing something I was not interested. She said there was nothing for buy. She Subsequently proceeded try and verify my address. When I told her that I no More lived there she hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 The simply card I have is a debit card. Would they 've card s or might it be really previous info Ended cards

Post by John,

6166132057 It all Began when I placed and online or for three super blueberry Flowers about three months ago. Two of which have died. They're grim and they telephone out of two Distinct numbers. The one time that I did Discuss for them they Desired for present me W. W within free gas if I would join a savings club. I said no and Installed Upwards but they won t Quit calling.

Post by TJ,

616-613-2057 It's a phishing scam. I finally replied Only to locate out who it's. The woman kept going on her script even though I kept saying I don't participate in anything I 've for Select from. I told her this at least 5 times and eventually yelled several times that she is not listening for me. Afterward she hung Upward. The general statement of it being component of your own Visa card is a clever cover. Anyone with a Assess card has 1 so your odds are great Individuals will initially think they're valid. If you telephone that number back they are thorough not for supply a Business name on that message.

Post by Tetm,

6166132057 Lola that s a great one I so should 've tried that. .

Post by Tootsie 2,

616-613-2057 These people have your last four Numbers of your own credit card. They are hoping someone may autumn for their Plan and tell them for Check their Total credit card numbers to them. . . They can attempt and tell you personally that they demand for Confirm your order and to please tell them your own credit card account Amount for Check that they're speaking to the right Celebration. This can be B. S. . . . . Whatever you personally would Don't supply them any info. HANG Upwards on them . . .

Post by K,

6166132057 We got scammed overly. The bank account was hacked into now.

Post by Carol,

616-613-2057 Becoming message from this number about an purchase when I did not purchase anything

Post by Guest,

6166132057 The number has called me 8 times today. . They don't leave a message and our continually calling me Regular. . .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 Please tell me what U found OE Arrived across they had my info gave me a spill amp I declined Gasoline card amp they Put Upward on me. . . .

Post by Richard,

6166132057 I m receiving calls out of the Amount to my cell phone a couple of times a daytime. I don t response because I vie been through this with other numbers despite the fact that each Telephone Amount I have is listed on the Do not Call Registry. What a farce. I trust that there s many Bureau which is prosecuting your offending callers if and when they're identified. There s no motive that People should have for request Do not Phone status for each of these scam numbers individually.

Post by Raddog724,

616-613-2057 Several times a daytime I get a phone any solutions.

Post by robert,

6166132057 6 times in your last W hours the number has called my work cell quite irritating. how you can make it Cease.

Post by Anon,

616-613-2057 For that previous few weeks the Residence phone gets multiple calls a daytime occasionally two calls within an hour. 6 PM 6 PM 7 PM all within that same day. I m going to keep a log of the amount of times this Amount calls and the times and report it to that Do not phone list. If enough Individuals did the they d probably become fined a load of times.

Post by mike,

6166132057 iv e gotten calls that previous 2 days out of W W W about an order i DID NOT PLACE

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 I get a call out of this Amount several times a day they are really pissing me off.

Post by CB,

6166132057 Gotten a call stating she was from Vista services in reference to a Credit credit card that I owned. She even gave me that last four Numbers for this card. She previously mentioned that I had been added to some preferred customer list and they wanted to send me W in FREE Petrol. I told her that I was not interested. She persisted I had to tell her 3 times she finally gave Upwards. Also of notice I simply use the card for Petrol so where are these lists being generated from. . . . Sounds like benefit Shops are Marketing info for me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . People should keep a listing and Afterward we could whine for the C stores corporate offices. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 Two missed calls today on cell phone no message was left on express mail.

Post by BJW,

6166132057 I Simply got a phone out of this number as well saying I placed an purchase. . when I questioned it they hung up

Post by Inez,

616-613-2057 I vie becoming calls for my cellphone from the Amount W W several times offering me Free gas thus I Only Put Upward so I Getaway t reply any more.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 I received Likely W calls out of this W W W number. Since I did t Comprehend it I never replied it. And I won t.

Post by K2,

616-613-2057 That Business is actually View Marketing in Fresh Port Richer Florida. They Option their calls through Suppliers within other states and use a Amount of slightly Distinct names to help Cover their Identification. Marketing View People Highway W Brand new Interface Richer FL W W W W vestment. internet Criticisms can become filed along with the Fresh Port Richer Authorities Section. HTTP . org index. asp. Kind Basic amp SEC DEA A AF W EBAY and with that Florida Lawyer Generality . com pages. NSF Principal AC . . . W. Integument state Fraud Hot line is on the left of that page above.

Post by Leah,

6166132057 I 've received 2 calls out of this number within your previous 3 hours I 've not replied because I have no Thought what who this is. . .

Post by Rcechser,

616-613-2057 Only got a call out of W W W I Additionally got a phone out of an unknown and 1 out of W W W I don t reply and they don t leave messages on my cell phone.

Post by John,

6166132057 It all started when I placed and online or for three Very blueberry plants Around three months Past. Two of which have already died. They're grim and they call from two Distinct Amounts. Your just one time that I did Discuss for them they Needed to present me W. W in free gas if I would join a savings Team. I said no and hung Upwards but they won t Discontinue calling.

Post by Lola,

616-613-2057 I have been receiving calls out of the Amount and is quite annoying. Stop CALLING. .

Post by Phyllis Purcell,

6166132057 I 'm weary of becoming calls from this number at all hours of the daytime. When I select 1 for Talk along with someone they hang up on me as soon as I say I desire my name Set on the Don't Call LIST. I demand them for Quit immediately.

Post by Kell,

616-613-2057 7 6 W this Amount is still scamming people Additionally left no message for me first time i replied they told me i was Automobile enrolled in a savings Application for a little monthly Payment they would take from my credit card i made a buy with 6 months earlier i told them NO in multiple manners and they kept Moving and got furious when i demanded they NOT enroll me in anything and that i demanded i not have to call back to UN register on something i did NOT need completely a scam and rude. . .

Post by Lynn,

6166132057 Its Vista Print. . . quite rude Individuals.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 quot order confirmation quot company. SPAM

Post by Guest,

6166132057 I Getaway t answered the yet but I started becoming that calls after I did a Telephone verification matter on Facebook. Now that I know what it's I may reply and tell them for f off.

Post by Kelly Mesteth,

616-613-2057 I keep becoming calls from the number at AL hour I do not response but they keep calling

Post by Carole,

6166132057 I have obtained phone calls from the number for that past few days. I Set my self on your National Do not Phone Registry. They're not allowed for phone you any More and if they would you can file a Grievance. Trust this really is Useful for others. Carole

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 I keep getting calls from this Amount. I Merely Blow off them because I won t reply my Telephone if I don t Comprehend your Amount. If it s Significant I figure they ll leave me a message. It is quite annoying and this USN t that simply Amount that I get calls out of. . . .

Post by Linda Woltjer,

6166132057 I have obtained 4 more calls out of this Amount in that last two days. Please BLOCK this number. .

Post by L IN Georgia,

616-613-2057 I 've been receiving calls from the number for 3 times at least 4 for 6 per day shows unknown name Hence I do not answer. I am reporting for Customer Matters. I found this blog when I went online for appearance Upward Place code.

Post by David P Burke,

6166132057 I ordered two Christmas items decorations then gotten numerous calls out of Verified I eventually replied the phone after the umpteenth time. First she had my name incorrect then told me she was giving me a packet for obtain W worth of gasoline and discount coupons. I said I wan t interested blah blah and Put Upwards. I notified your Initial Supplier Pay Companion who shared the Information your FTC and the office of the NYSE Attorney General. That outfit of the scam is located in Eland Michigan thus buyers beware.

Post by Cherig,

616-613-2057 These people keep calling me several times a day. I 've place my caller ID for Hit them off after the second ring but it s very annoying. Do I report them for that continued calls.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 Spam

Post by Kevin,

616-613-2057 Me Hi Them Is this Kevin. Me Yes Them You Lately got a buy . . . . . . and can receive free Gasoline. Are you personally between your age of W W. Me Take me away your list please. Them What list. then they hung up

Post by Guest,

6166132057 Purchase things

Post by merlin,

616-613-2057 I received 2 calls the evening but I do not response unknown numbers. If it s important enough they whoever They are may send me something through snail send.

Post by IAmSickOfTheseCallers,

6166132057 Lola Merely as i was leaving this message they called again. . Mg. . . I have been becoming these callers for a week now. . . numerous times a daytime. I 'm also on the Do not Phone List but that doesn't look for help. My Man has a fantastic Thought. . . he has a whistle and that next time they phone he plans for strike it. . . think it may work. . . we can see Lola.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 Replied Once. Recording Was Asking If I Would Become Interested In Installing Their Security Equipment. I Hung Upward. Has Called Back 4 Times Since Just Today

Post by Fred,

6166132057 Just received phone out of Confirmed my answering machine caught it and played outgoing message and the normal tone Clunk as the Child hung Upward. I ordered a Sharper Picture Very wave Range overly and same as a preceding poster I love it overly but not the c p. thus it was either that mob Plaque Assault or Amazon. I do not believe it s PayPal and I m not about for take a call for locate out what last four they 've which would narrow it down as I use three Distinct cards for on line purchases but can watch my statements. How come these folks Stadium t Close down. I trust what they are doing USN t Really legal. Many of people are on DC list thus they must 've an association with some party we already would 've done business along with. Watch for those time sensitive Solitude inserts in your card and Statement statements People or your small print on net pages I think that s how they get Approximately your DC. A department or subs id of I consider it was Hilton Hotel group was doing that last year calling mobile and Dwelling numbers for peddle vacation Offers or something related. At least they appear to have responded for take me off that telephone list . Would t Worldwide Elect in be nice. . .

Post by Rowland Miller,

616-613-2057 7 8 W Telephone phone from W W W. Trying to sell many credit card Application. Someone named Nathaniel said it was Credit calling and they were delivering me W in Gasoline purchase Loans and Beginning a trial membership. The phone was passed to someone else and said it was being Registered. They had that last 4 numbers of my card and address and asked me to Confirm the zip code which I did. After I said don t Begin any Account Established on the call and they hung up.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 Telephone telephone from this number at W W 'm Western Now. . . Left no message. That is that Rd day within a row.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 I 've gotten 8 calls in that last W hours in the number W W W caller ID identifies as from Eland MI. They telephone at arbitrary times throughout the daytime and nighttime. No messages left. I 'm on that Don't Call List but that dozen t look to issue Considerably correct now. I 'm an 8 months pregnant mother of two and I don t 've time to Cope along with spammers or scampers not that anyone does but that is annoying. I need them to Quit calling me instantaneously.

Post by Yvonne,

6166132057 receive many calls from scampers and annoying telemarketers who won't response or are just rude. This is Only among your Amounts. Why is not Ceased.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 I Merely Began becoming these calls never have answered them yet. Here is there BBB profile not Very. . . HTTP Www. BBB. org western Mi business reviews telephone companies lucre within grand rapids mi W

Post by lola,

6166132057 've had several calls from them overly. I Only dint answer. May appearance into reporting them. I'm on your DC list.

Post by Reesh,

616-613-2057 Thus Annoying. I m Currently Occupation Shopping and Calls enjoy these could become Actually frustrating.

Post by Aaasam06,

6166132057 I Only Began getting phone calls from them today and they have called 4 times within your last 2 hours.

Post by davidws,

616-613-2057 after several calls i replied. they Can have a record of a buy you personally got AND she read off that last 4 Numbers of my credit card which were right. i m certain they 've the same info on all of you. when i asked her where she got it she told me that anyone could get that info off that Web. that s when i lost it.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 Same purchase company

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 I would get a brand new card number if you are getting calls out of the Amount. They had all my info and I did t enjoy the sounds of it thus before I even looked it Upwards I called visa quot who they claimed to become quot and they canceled my card and are giving a brand new one. It s better to be safe Afterward sorry. .

Post by Annabel,

6166132057 I have been getting dozens of calls Day-to-day out of the number over your past two weeks but my mailbox was full and I 'm Making it that manner. I called your number from another phone and got a message that they were confirming an purchase and if I did not response it would not affect Transportation. As I Haydn t ordered anything Lately EXCEPT From AMAZON it would seem they are selling the info. I am on your don't telephone list and Plan to report this for them and hopefully will be Given your W W they will 've for pay within fines for me. I intend to go after Amazon as well.

Post by bill m,

616-613-2057 I got a call from someone saying he represented Credit they had that last 4 Numbers of my credit card and my Termination date my name my phone Amount and my address. They offered a W daytime buying service. I could Stop that service before thirty times at no Price to me. I would get many free Petrol vouchers for Attempting that service. I accepted. I instantaneously called Charge and they told me it was a scam. I reported the incident for visa fraud department with their phone Amounts. I instantaneously canceled my credit card and had a fresh just one issued.

Post by thomas,

6166132057 2 times they 've called. . . . . . . i am on a don't phone list. . . they would not tell me how they got my number and also didn't know where i had used my Charge card. . . they're in fresh Interface Richie pas co county. . . . . told them i would become Calling National trade commission as nicely as your local attorney generals office. . . . . see mes they are phishing for info. . . . . and they're harassing. . . . what's your very best manner for find out what they are Upward for.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 They said they were calling Around my visa card and Needed to enter me within a chance for win a Vacation or Awards Yet I m simply W years previous and have never owned any type of credit card. I told your Girl I was working and to take me away her list but she kept talking about that Awards so I just had for hang up on her not confident if my number was removed or not.

Post by again? and again?  and again!!,

6166132057 I vie obtained many calls out of the number within your past several times. I don t response that Telephone they don t leave a message. It s annoying. . .

Post by pinay,

616-613-2057 Discontinue calling its really annoying. . we have better matters for do. . dint scam people. . you personally want money. . you gotta actually work Merely enjoy all of us

Post by Kitty,

6166132057 don t fuss calling me.

Post by mrs.g,

616-613-2057 It s amusing because I vie never purchased anything from amazon though I vie been on their Website. What I did do today is update my Windows 7. . Afterward like clock work I vie been becoming calls from the Amount. . . I Recommend u all pay attention to your Changes . . .

Post by Wray Thomas,

6166132057 Received a phone from W W W asking me to verify an purchase I placed and requested I leave my Telephone Amount. Region code is in Mi and I never have ordered anything out of there. Research shows this call for become a potential scam.

Post by Ryder,

616-613-2057 Received your telephone out of W. W. W no message was left for me I called that Amount and rec d that same type data Around a delivery. That phone is out of Eland Michigan. Whatever don t fall for it. Good Luck.

Post by Cathy,

6166132057 I get calls from this all daytime long it says unknown or Verified.

Post by RLJComm,

616-613-2057 I wonder what I ordered to get the same Issue I haven t taken the phone out of W W W and they leave no phone message. It s holiday time and I vie made many online purchases where I vie added my Ph for tracking a blunder no doubt .

Post by Wally Dutchess,

6166132057 I keep getting annoying Telephone calls from W W W. When I answer no lad s on the other Finish. . . Merely not alive space. Please put a Quit to this. Genuinely Wally Duchess

Post by J. Wood,

616-613-2057 I too have been called several times. I answered once and they asked for my Man. The phone Amounts are different thus I Inquired who was calling and they hung Upward. My Partner will Likely Stop the credit card. He knew of this scam and reading all that posts Tested it thanks.

Post by Davis,

6166132057 I m never ordering online again. . .

Post by Mike,

616-613-2057 I Merely started getting calls out of the Amount I Required twice through there automated Amount for become taken off their list. i didn't order anything thus I know somethings Upwards.

Post by Fred,

6166132057 Went round and round and Upward through two supervisors. Little by small I learned Vista Services is in Florida not MI. Tampa Bay Region Granting for that Agent. Last supervisor identified himself as David Libel . Awful Go David. Here s what appears to be his mugshot. Notice that occupation is listed as View Advertising Manager . HTTP Florida. arrests. org Arrests Dividable

Post by In Fl,

616-613-2057 this is a scam don t provide them any info

Post by K.,

6166132057 I Needed you to know they called us several times. We got scammed so don t fall for it. Our bank account has been hacked into now. We had to End your debit card. This really is a Headache and I trust it does not get worse for people.

Post by Fred,

616-613-2057 More on Mr. Libel. Fairly your Reputation sheet. Could this be the View Services Manager. HTTP Www. dc. state. fl. people Offender Releases Delta . . . ion ID W

Post by Guest,

6166132057 I got a phone several times from W W W I didn't an Sewage called the number was a message Around a purchase that was being Validated I didn't purchase anything so I ignored the call once again I strive ed to Change look Upward but nothing was located Subsequently I came across the. . .

Post by T.Long,

616-613-2057 Discontinue calling

Post by Guest,

6166132057 In your previous 2 days they have called like W times. I won't response and they do not leave a message. The caller id reads quot Confirmed quot . . . like I was going to reply that kind of crap. I pisses me off that I 've to hear that phone ring all the time from them. There has to become a manner for people to get back at Businesses like this at their own game and Close them down.

Post by Sarah phoenix,

616-613-2057 Continuous calls same thing back in could possibly Merely a Distinct Amount. Is there a solution because of this . Appropriate when Owner ID pegged it as Mi I Simply knew it was many vista services crap. Extra us

Post by Debbie,

6166132057 I have gotten both of the above mentioned phone Amounts calling my cell Telephone. They're both SCAMS. . . Do not present them ANY info what thus ever. They can Clear your own account. . .

Post by tomlhc,

616-613-2057 Did any of you personally order from Archibald. Sounds enjoy a talk I had along with a saleswoman shortly after I placed my purchase. . .

Post by Aris*mom,

6166132057 I kept receiving calls from this Amount your first 5 times that they called I did t answer then I decided for Google your Amount. When I was within the Central of the Google they called again. It was a few guy and he said he was calling Around your order that I had Only placed using my visa card he said that there was nothing wrong with my account and he was Simply calling for let me understand that I was eligible for get W within Gasoline vouchers. I told him no and that I wanted for become placed on their do not call list he kept saying that I was eligible for these vouchers I had for tell him like 3 more times that no I did not need them and to Set me on their do not call list. I now understand who is Marketing my info it is AMAZON. . . . . . This has happened before for me it was just after I got a purchase online with AMAZON. Don't Purchase Out of THEM . . . . . . they sell your own info I got a purchase with them today and 2 hrs later they Begin calling what is frightful is that they 've your own visa card info Buyers BEWARE WHEN You personally Purchase From AMAZON. COM THEY Will Call You TOO

Post by X,

616-613-2057 The Firm is actually Vista Marketing within Brand new Port Richer Florida. They route their calls through Suppliers in other states and use a number of somewhat different names for help Cover their Id. Promotion View People Road W New Port Richer FL W W W W vestment. internet Criticisms could become filed with your Brand new Port Richer Cops Department. HTTP . org index. asp. Type Fundamental amp SEC DEA A AF W EBAY and along with the Florida Lawyer Generality . com pages. NSF Principal AC . . . W. Integument state Fraud Popular line is on the left of your page above.

Post by serenerose,

6166132057 Be cautious that's what they said for me except they already fresh my card number . . . I am calling my bank instantly. .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 Mr Number is a PAID app I Simply bought they desire my Telephone Amount on the net the appearance Advantages are 5 cents each free on safari. . . . . . free if within Associates so they 've accessibility to Connections. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Tetm,

6166132057 I got your same phone and she said they were going for send me a gas card and charge me for Transportation. They were also Striving to sell me something and Asserted they were out of Charge. So I turned around and called the Amount on your back of my Credit and got my card Amount shifted.

Post by Kevin,

616-613-2057 This Business is a Advertising Organization for Leisure Time. They have discount coupons and all that Things if you get your Bundle they can Statement 2. W for that Bundle but call and cancel asap you would get that gas coupons.

Post by D L Price,

6166132057 They have called me at least 3 or 4 times a day for your last 3 times. I don t pick Upwards unknown callers. Finally for try to Place an Finish for it I Only Decided Upwards and said Page County Sheriff Department could possibly I help you. Please become conscious this telephone is being recorded . Nobody talked at another end. I live within Page County so I Desired your Region code for match . I trust the may Set an Finish for them calling my number.

Post by diander,

616-613-2057 i gotten that same W gas card call from confirmed they 've called a dozen times in the last 2 times thinking there was a Difficulty with something i ordered that i did t Recall purchasing i replied. after the spiel i said i wan t interested. he said but it s free exactly why would t you desire free Petrol Merely for look around your brochure. . . another guy Arrived on the line Seeking for affirm my Information and told me they were Receiving 2. W X. and i would get the Package in 5 7 days. i told him to cancel it because i did t agree to pay for anything. . . he laughed and said i had no choice told me not for yell because he is a human being Yes correct. creep. . . he hung Upward after laughing and telling me to have a great day. i called your back and got a Registered menu but the given for Speak to some Representative rings a Rapidly busy signal. not joyful a few one has my name and last four of my card. So drained of that scams. someone has got to can something about it. .

Post by Brandon,

6166132057 View Services apparently has many different phone numbers. I got a telephone from a W Region code which i consider is Michigan but i never have checked. Either manner if you personally consider that they are calling you personally here is what I did to get them to Quit CALLING So Way. I let them present their sales Frequency and asked them if i could request a question. Your Representative said yes. I simply told him Do you personally understand that I 'm included in a Course Actions suit against your own Firm. That rep then hung Upwards and I haven't received a phone since. May}n' work for you People might not. Its been three weeks now since that telephone. Any thoughts on how to shut these guys down.

Post by 616-613-2057,

616-613-2057 A Fake Firm that records your own voice and tries for Secret you personally into saying yes. Subsequently they 've your own votive and you saying yes which they use to Statement you for W. W on your own credit card saying they have express evidence you said yes. . . . Don't Speak along with them NEVER state yes. . . . . You are able to say they are fraud and You'll report them and hang Upward. . . . . . . . .

Post by ByrdHill,

6166132057 I overly have rec d calls from the Amount offering me Gasoline coupons enjoy poster above . This all started after I order a Super Wave Oven got by Sharper Image after watching infomercial. First let me state I Love That Appliance Love IT. But don't value follow Upwards Telephone calls. If I need something Ahoy s I ll let you personally understand. I located you personally Th first time did t I LOLA. Notice Keep an eye on your own credit card charges if you might have got an order. They could possibly tag on Prices you didn't agree for. But highly urge your Range ha.

Post by Matthew,

616-613-2057 I mistakenly did your same matter as you personally. I can be cancelling my card along with the number as to if it was a scam they can no More use that Amount.

Post by Oz,

6166132057 Simply got a phone from W W W. . . . yesterday got a call out of W W W like many others reported. Did t response either. Only added them to your contact along with a quiet ringer on my cell. Kinda creepy that many others are getting calls from the same two Fully Distinct numbers. Tool a post for the W W W number Recently that Recommended you response future calls from these Amounts along with Hi. . . Laos Angel es Police Section could possibly I help you personally Might Merely would that for pleasure next time they phone o

Post by Stacey,

616-613-2057 Merely rec d. my ST telephone out of them 6 PM EST. Caller ID says Confirmed. When I decided to response it they d already hung up.

Post by Scott,

6166132057 I have had several different calls from Distinct Businesses and it is not technically a scam. What these guys can is offer for send you personally many type of Gasoline or something card and some discount publication and all you might have to pay is your Transport. At your Finish of the confirmation and explanation they Steal in the fact which you are Truly signing up for 2 different trial memberships and if you don't Stop in W days you may become billed W. W. That is how they make their money. People forget for End and the cash starts rolling in. I 've fun along with them. I get them for explain everything in extreme detail and request lots of questions. W minutes later they have wasted all that time and missed Outside on a potential W sales. They waste my time I waste theirs. They are Vista Billing. More than likely got your data out of Amazon or another company that sells its info.

Post by JAS,

616-613-2057 I got a telephone out of them today and they too had that last 4 Numbers of my credit card and they would not tell me how they got it. They were rude and pushy and creepy. Should I get a fresh credit card with a fresh .

Post by Joe,

6166132057 When they telephone request for Chat for David Libel. Afterward request David if his probation Specialist knows what he s doing.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 View Promotion I believe is who he said he was along with and was calling for tell me they re giving out Gasoline rebates since I m a proffered customer. Subsequently Needed me for pay for a trial period for a few savings Account.

Post by K,

6166132057 We got scammed overly. The bank account was hacked into now.

Post by Eloise,

616-613-2057 I 've had several calls around your last few days from this Amount and I 'm not answering. Your phone goes to my voice send but they hang Upwards without Making a message. Can I get them to Discontinue. My Amount is on the official do not call list.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 They say I won a free Gasoline card through my credit card that I Ended months Past.

Post by Kat,

616-613-2057 Received a telephone from Vista Services about a W Gasoline card I won. They said that it would be 2. W in Transport and they could charge it to my Visa. I asked who gave them that data and they said they could t tell me but it was Around a purchase I made within that past 3 6 months. They Affirmed that last 4 of my Visa card Amount. I canceled that card when I gotten a telephone enjoy this a few months ago. I told them that I did not 've a credit card anymore and they thanked me and Put up. Your Company is Lucre Inc HTTP Internet. lucre. net contact. PP. They 've a Put on their Site for reporting Amounts like this. Seemingly they have a problem. I 've Registered 2 Criticisms along with them already.

Post by Skipper,

6166132057 I 've been receiving your same thing on my cell . . . . and when I phone it and leave a message for a more in-depth message to become left . . . I get your same message about an purchase I've placed. . . Also when I answered it there was no Result. . irritating. .

Post by Tetm,

616-613-2057 Lola that s a good one I thus should 've attempted that. .

Post by JDA,

6166132057 I get called by the Amount 5 6 times a daytime everyday

Post by TC,

616-613-2057 I have received a couple of calls from the Amount. Have never spoken to anyone. I Only reply the Telephone Afterward place it down and Go away. Not confident how long it takes for them for body out I am not listening but they're paying for the call. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by David Lobel,

6166132057 Vista Services is in Florida not MI. Here s your mugshot of Vista Promotion Manager David Libel. HTTP Florida. arrests. org Arrests Dividable

Post by xx,

616-613-2057 I keep becoming calls from this number last night that caller left a message on Crash I think they thought they had Put Upwards but I could hear a Celebration going on in that History when that Owner Understood they were Making a message they said what your hell. . and Installed up. Afterward they Began calling my number again Now. I never reply thus hopefully it ll Discontinue shortly.

Post by Jeanne,

6166132057 Hello I got a call from the Amount today and replied it. Your caller ID says Confirmed. It says it s from Pursuit Drain hire because I have a card along with them. It was offering free Petrol rebates of W but then Desired for verify two Costs or 2. W for Shipping to send me your Application that goes along with that Incentives. If I like your Software a program that will save me LOTS of money on Prices from that card they begin Getting my credit card W. W a month. I said no cheers and I don t think they can call me again. I m poor along with giving Incentives in anyway but charging me W. W a month is insane for me.

Post by barb,

616-613-2057 Two Telephone calls Now and Additionally 2 private s. I got many calls several months ago after I made a purchase away Television. They finally Ceased but I think this can be the same matter. Really Attempting appropriate now as I have sick uncle within hospital. There Should for be a law but they seem above it.

Post by Randa,

6166132057 Continually receiving multiple daily calls from these Individuals. I don t response amp they hang Upwards when my machine picks Upwards their call. I would like it for Discontinue now. . . Please help. .

Post by Vivian Hassett,

616-613-2057 We acquired two calls in 2 minutes out of phone W W W and W W W. A Girl your first time and a man that second time. Both Needed for reward me for my credit card Application along with a present card but never mentioned which card. When I declined the first time your Girl still Needed info. I said no and Put Upward. In seconds a man called same deal and was insistent with my Partner who Put up on him. I feel they were definitely a fraud and want to understand how we could Discontinue them.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 I called and get recorded message that it s quot purchase confirmation department quot says nothing of alleged Firm order is with says no contact will not affect order shipment says press 1 for more info 2 for Quit calling. I pressed 2 and it desire me for re enter that common spam Strategy for verify valid email addresses . Info is simply hours of operation and Requires for Additionally.

Post by tomlhc,

616-613-2057 . . . It s a marketing Firm that gets your own gets your own Information out of Suppliers who sell your own phone Amount to them. I still don t know the name of your Promotion company.

Post by Jenny Harris,

6166132057 Cease CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by amanda,

616-613-2057 This number called me 3 Thames Now.

Post by Guest,

6166132057 Spam Amount.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2057 Purchase things

Post by murphy,

6166132057 Discontinue CALLING.

Did you get an unwanted call from 616-613-2057? Is 6166132057 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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7323795530 Complains by Guest,

Statement collection

8136064420 Complains by Leslie,

Four missed calls over that last month from the number within Florida . Never leave a message. Happy I Viewed it Upward online before wasting my time Attempting for phone back.

8183374455 Complains by Pete,

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left no message

6016602754 Complains by Tia,

Anyone else becoming calls out of the number.

8039602346 Complains by J. Fred,

They say they are some sort of united Wellness attention but exactly why do they phone every daytime. And when you telephone them back you personally simply get a recording for be removed out of their call list.

8133792999 Complains by anonymous,

If the call cannot be completed as dialed, it means the number is spoofed and the caller should be treated as hostile.

8135742608 Complains by Oughtm,

These idiots keep calling and calling and calling. I m not replying it. . . . They leave no message.

8002492215 Complains by Guest,

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LOLA Do not PAY.

8002545915 Complains by larrikin1,

can you personally Compose them there is no postage return address.

8002669085 Complains by DRE,

telemarketing calls

8002580166 Complains by Voyager,

The number is Junker. com I called for inquire about Marketing an old vehicle I had.

8002576155 Complains by Guest,


8002609972 Complains by JH21155,

Caller left a message indicating they were M amp T Bank returning a telephone from a Mr. Griffin that s not me thus I won t be calling back.

8002566947 Complains by Flor,

Who is using the toll free Amount. Thank you.

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