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Telephone information: Lucre. Zeeland, MI. Ottawa. United states
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Post by beth,

6166132079 got phone Put Upwards on them too awful thus Unhappy not. dint plan on replying if they phone back either.

Post by BAC,

616-613-2079 THC for that info.

Post by shelly,

6166132079 I received this phone it s a record saying if you personally want for lower your own attention rates press 1. This really is your own last and Closing telephone but they phone X a day. Do I get it for Quit. I m on your do not telephone registry. Ugh. . .

Post by CID,

616-613-2079 recorded message was left on my express mail. Something about press 2 if. . . . . . . . . . . . . . whatever.

Post by L,

6166132079 These are not legitimate telemarketing calls. They're scampers. Clean and simple. Asking them to take you personally off your list is wasting your own time. Answering your own phone is wasting your own time. Reporting that Amounts for the FCC is wasting your own time because the Amounts are spoofed. Your absolute best matter for would is Only not reply your phone. Yes your calls are annoying but replying your phone lets them understand they have a working Amount.

Post by Jonathan,

616-613-2079 That's an Outstanding Strategy. I would something similar except I 've just one massive contact list of spoofed numbers W that gets bigger each week at least 1 a week . I have a jail broken iPhone and use blacklist which handles everything for me. Once I add your newest Amount to your blacklist I never hear out of that number again Telephone never rings . These calls are among your very best reason exactly why you personally should jailbreak an apple Telephone.

Post by Jonathan,

6166132079 That is an excellent method. I would something similar except I 've just one Significant contact list of spoofed numbers W that gets bigger each week at least just one a week . I 've a jail busted iPhone and use blacklist which handles everything for me. Once I add the newest Amount for that blacklist I never hear from that number again phone never Bands . These calls are one of the best reason exactly why you should jailbreak an apple Telephone.

Post by Ernesto,

616-613-2079 Rx Help with a Registered message.

Post by MORGAN,

6166132079 GOT A Telephone Now NO MESSAGE

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 Automated call about becoming your own prescriptions cheaper.

Post by Tom,

6166132079 Merely another among their spoofed numbers. That s not where they re calling from. That card services scampers are trying to get persons credit card Amounts and those foolish enough to provide it to them will discover hundreds if not thousands of dollars charged to it on their next statement.

Post by Larry,

616-613-2079 Appears a brand new outfit is using this Amount. calling themselves RX Guide. Registered Jeanette asks if You're paying overly Considerably upfront for prescriptions

Post by Allan Mallette,

6166132079 We 're drained of these calls and desire them Quit.

Post by JoAnn Wilbur,

616-613-2079 The following number was displayed on my cell Telephone W W W. I did not answer it.

Post by dannyb,

6166132079 robot telephone Around saving cash on prescriptions. press 1 OT see you qualify Waste. I Put up.

Post by DLE,

616-613-2079 Acquired a phone on my cell phone which is on a current do not telephone list.

Post by Saint Ana,

6166132079 These morons won t Stop Dropping for it.

Post by Ernie,

616-613-2079 Merely put that number on Particular Call Forwarding . Forwards their number to another telemarketer s Amount.

Post by luke,

6166132079 I have credit card debt Seemingly. . Miserable to Notice that

Post by JimBob,

616-613-2079 However another Fake female voice Rob call This can be an Significant message about your credit card account. That is your own second and Closing detect to lower your credit card attention rate and Funds. Press 1 now to find Outside your provisions and conditions and Related changes for the next billing Pattern. Again that is your own Closing discover as it relates to the Financial Stimulation. So press 1 now for take edge of the today. As normal no Firm name was given. The Owner ID read RX Support. Reported to DC list violation at HTTP complaints. dentally. gov Criticism complaint Assess. asp

Post by DeletedMedia,

6166132079 Nicely Recently was that Huge daytime that FTC announced its Large Victor for very best Remedy to that Rob Legal telemarketers. They should have Released it Monday as an April Fools Joke. The simply thing that may Quit this crime will be Felony charges and Penitentiary time for all your scumbags Rob calling out of cardholder services House security and fake sweepstakes Tournament criminals. Contain your bottom feeder debt collectors and Rob dialing call Facilities overly. HTTP Www. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall. sham

Post by Had Enough?,

616-613-2079 This callers Rob Caller System left a message. Most disconnect when Afterward reach my replying machine. Telephone was a Regular scam. The 1 was for Prescription Help. Press 1 to see if you personally qualify Press 9 to become removed out of their list and become tormented eternally when they call you back endlessly and sell your own Amount for other telemarketer scampers.

Post by Anon in Mississippi,

6166132079 Telephone Arrived in Approximately 4 W in the day . . . Owner ID displayed RX Aid . . . although your Registered voice on that Telephone did not state it was Rachel . . . . it was your same message Around lowering interest rates on credit cards . . . NF amp Closing opportunity . . . take edge as it relates to the federal stimulus . . . MSG said press 1 for become Related just Alternative offered .

Post by Barbara Miller,

616-613-2079 Infraction of don't phone list

Post by Guest,

6166132079 credit card lower rate

Post by don,

616-613-2079 Similar matter Merely happened to my wife. . . she went away on your Man you phone that Amount back and its a not alive Finish. . what else could we would. . . .

Post by Annoyed in SC,

6166132079 Called my cell Around lunch time. I did t reply not expecting any calls out of W Place code AND my Amount seems for become a target of these Sorts of calls. Not too astonishingly they did t leave a message.

Post by Sally Smith,

616-613-2079 Don t trust these people. . . they're Merely here to Grab you personally away. . . .

Post by Call Screener,

6166132079 Telephone Now out of RX Help offering low or no Price Rx. So different name but same Narrative. I 'm on your don't call list.

Post by Billie,

616-613-2079 Caller id said RX aid which Actually XTERM calling for rip people off. Don t autumn for their scamming Frequency or your own credit card account will be badly Reduced. Your same Folks or closely Associated for your card services scampers.

Post by Roger,

6166132079 My replying machine gotten a phone from the Amount for a Prescription Reduction service for Individuals ages W W. They wanted me for push 1 if I was interested and 9 if I wan t or something to that effect.

Post by tracy,

616-613-2079 this really is for for lower attention rates and for Rx assistance

Post by la,

6166132079 i am so Ill of these holes calling me non Discontinue and never leave a meas sage. . who that are these Individuals.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 W W W called today and was blocked by the Digit 1 call blocker. We block every area code 9 8 . . . 0 . We did t reply it it was blocked. Someone from town who desires to talk to people would phone back just happens once or twice a year so the works great. We have been on state and federal don't call lists for years and re register regularly thus almost any telephone that's blocked is a scam.

Post by BAC,

6166132079 THC for that info.

Post by Wanda,

616-613-2079 They called me Now. I keep adding these idiots for my Telephone book Underneath garbage with your custom ring tone of silent.

Post by GR In MI,

6166132079 Got a phone from these losers asking if i Desired to lower my prescription cost small to no co pay. Ripoff.

Post by Delilah Otts,

616-613-2079 no more calls please I need no telemarketers.

Post by Madame troll,

6166132079 Did t reply when they Only called but next time I may now that I understand what it's. I 've a list of that Latin names of parasites that I present Outside as my name. For my cc number I used your Pub code off a can of soda and added a couple Amounts for get W. And used that expiration date on the can as the cc ed. I enjoy for keep them on your Telephone overly. U Crazy annoying phone scampers. Trollop.

Post by it's just me, returning your call!,

616-613-2079 use W telephone them back leave a message request them to phone you personally back with a Phone Amount out of among another spammers. Really filling and enjoyment.

Post by Barbara W.,

6166132079 GET LOST. Do not Phone ME At all ON ANY Amount. . .

Post by sktopks,

616-613-2079 Quit calling me. I have an unpublished number and 'm registered with your do not telephone registry.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Telephone traces to Eland MI Your same Put as RX Assist W W W

Post by Bob,

616-613-2079 Go for dentally. gov register and Afterward report them every time they telephone you personally.

Post by Press1,

6166132079 Got a call out of the number. Did not Decided Upwards and caller left no message. Bloody them. Damn them all.

Post by De Powell,

616-613-2079 I replied for find out your company name so that I could report it to that Do not Call . I know since they have changed matters that the Don't Call list is essentially worthless but I despise it when they tell you personally for remove your own number it just removes it from one number not that whole company. I pressed 1 for talk to someone but when I asked what Firm it was she instantly hung up.

Post by Buffalo, NY,

6166132079 Rec d telephone from RX Aid 3 W W 2 PM. Did not reply cause I Calculated it was many type of scam. Who are these idiots.

Post by Why,

616-613-2079 Your FCC has briefly halted 7 Small unprofitable boiler rooms who can get a Punch on that Hand and become back at it in a few days. In the meantime that calls may continue since they're making cash with what is called a Camera revenue sharing Software through Firms like HTTP Web. Phone management. internet and HTTP Internet. Galleria's. com Within their own words Every day your Firm makes thousands of outbound phone calls. Each one of those calls Provides Income for many companies exactly why not yours. The Cam revenue sharing program helps you personally create cash every time a Caller ID request is got by a Telephone Service. A high traffic phone Centre could lose hundreds to thousands of dollars a day to Telephone Companies by allowing them to charge for access for your own Information. You are able to now see why that criminals keep calling even though they know you personally won t autumn for their scam. They are making money even if you don t answer that phone. If someone does make the error of replying your Telephone and falling for their scam Subsequently it's just icing on your cake for them. These people are your lowest type of filth on the planet. What To Do When You personally Get an Illegal Bacall HTTP Web. FTC. gov BC Ed micro Websites Bacall's. Hang Upward. Don't press 1 or any other numbers for get away that list and NEVER telephone them back. Consider blocking the Amount or on a cell phone add it to some contact list and Determine NO ring tone. Report it at HTTP Www. FCC. gov complaint's. Report it at HTTP Www. . gov. People should continually file Grievances with their Attorney Generals office. Report any Legal activity to that FBI here HTTP Tricks. FBI. gov That is an all out assault out of these scum suckers. EVERYONE should be reporting them everywhere that they could. Since this can be an Apparent attempt at Identification Larceny the FBI should become forced to get included. Prosecute them within criminal court rather than civil punishments . Register your own Telephone Amounts online at HTTP Web. dentally. gov or telephone W W W must call from you desire removed . There surely is a Website site that has info on one of these operations HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com Please read the blog and report violations for that Right Experts. HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com W W . . . licit bailsman of these calls are coming from Cos ta RCA and India and they're using spoofed false numbers which within itself is illegal. They can cold calling for or sell that leads to numerous Businesses in the State and they all understand that what they are doing is prohibited. Tomorrow this same Amount could possibly be selling Cruises Timeshares or Security Systems but if you personally follow your cash it Normally ends Upwards in the hands of an American LC. Most of your inbound Rob phone numbers are spoofed as most of the birdhouses both away and on coastline are using VIP Sip Trunks services. Throwaway DID numbers are also used. A few of the recalling is Ran by the Finish use scampers directly. Others are contract services who earn a Affiliate fee once you are transferred for the scampers. Your criminals behind this operation arena t going to pay focus on you asking for be removed from their list. Their calls cost them Practically nothing and they create millions of them so they have no intention of ever removing someone. When you press a Essential to Discuss to them all that is accomplished is to verify that they have a working number. Unfortunately blowing an atmosphere horn or whistle dozen t work either. Their headset have noise dampeners plus they are expecting it. Nevertheless along with that said if it makes you are feeling better Afterward by all means supply it a shot. Your Bank system is Additionally at fault here without Business Records and ACHE processing these criminals could not Amass your scammed funds. Though your criminals use obfuscation layered corporations multiple bank accounts and offshore stashing Styles of Apparent fraudulent activity become Clear after an extremely short time. This is an all Outside assault from these scum suckers. EVERYONE should become reporting them everywhere that they can. Since that is an Evident Test at identity theft that FBI should be Required to get included. Prosecute them in Legal court rather than civil penalties . If you personally want to Discontinue these calls then you personally need to dry Upwards their Income source. Your own Telephone company is Getting you a Cost for Caller ID. Your own Telephone company pays the scummier for sending their Owner ID information. Your own Telephone company pays simply a fraction of a cent per telephone and you personally pay your own phone Firm for have your Owner ID displayed. The scampers send out millions of calls which amounts to your Essential Sum of money Yet your Telephone company is Getting a big amount for millions of customers. The may have something to would with that phone companies inability for stop these calls. In purchase to Cease this we need legislation making it prohibited for charge for caller ID. In case a phone service wishes for Manage it would need to provide that Caller ID at no charge as part of that service. Here is that W W Option that the FCC is searching for and it dozen t Price anything. There surely is an Superb Site site that I found that explains how one company is becoming away with this activity. HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com

Post by dust,

6166132079 i thus tired of the people phone me on that don't call list but it don t can no great thank don't telephone list Is a joke

Post by CC,

616-613-2079 I have frequent calls from this Amount. It is a nuisance that needs for Quit.

Post by larry,

6166132079 Can these Individuals Make income out of telemarketing. Who in their own appropriate head would can anything with these Individuals. I trust they all rot in hell.

Post by sue,

616-613-2079 Becoming several calls a week from this number. . . . when response no 1 there. . . so exhausted of becoming these annoying calls

Post by Tom,

6166132079 Being on the do not telephone list dozen t stop your card services scampers they're crooks. As reported in your Oct Nov Dilemma of that AA RP Message your Folks Pets Applied there as telemarketers are mainly drug addicts Attempting to scam people for get cash for feed their habit.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 Credit card BS

Post by Tracy,

6166132079 This number came Upwards on my caller ID as RX assistance. Of course I did not response and no message left. Looks like they're transforming their identification for this as others have stated it was out of a credit card company .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 Spam

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Appears to be another annoying scam.

Post by odelay,

616-613-2079 Telephone telephone from W W W. My cell phone said the call originated out of Eland MI. No message.

Post by Miona,

6166132079 Only got a telephone from W. Did t answer but CID said RX Support. I also got another call from W along with CID showing LOWER Attention. I consider it s your same Business but they re Merely using different names on Owner ID. I hate these scum bags. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by cb,

616-613-2079 another annoying phone call bah. would they ever Cease. . .

Post by Leonid Armenovich Takhtadzhyan,

6166132079 Thank you for listing those Linked numbers. It's a good idea to block these Amounts. But it is not adequate. Just one should also report these violations for that Federal Trade Co mission. Sometimes these violate rs enter into a resolution and 1 may get a sum of money. I was paid W by a fund place Upwards by among these automated callers. Also normally 1 can simply block a limited quantity of Amounts and shortly the recollection can become not empty. Additionally most people do not own a CID Able of blocking calls or your blocking provided by the Phone company is small to only a few numbers. That more we block these numbers the more that Individuals with Decent defenses can suffer. Leonid Armenia Taklamakan

Post by Kim,

616-613-2079 Calls from W W W that I don't answer. We 're ON your don't phone list but that Appears for make no difference. Saying we can lower the attention speed as it relates for your Fiscal stimulus . Suspected SCAM and see many other Grievances online.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 It is a scam. Call your own service provider and ask for a hint. Stop them.

Post by Tom,

616-613-2079 Being on that do not telephone list dozen t stop that card services scampers they're crooks. As reported in the Oct Nov Dilemma of the AA RP Message the Folks Animals employed there as telemarketers are Primarily drug addicts Attempting to scam Folks to get cash for feed their custom.

Post by savannah43,

6166132079 Nope. They call you. They infringe your Seclusion and are Attempting to rob you. They started it and you can Complete it. Get them. Make it totally hopeless for them to Take out of you. You might have the right for Secure yourself. Use it.

Post by Saint Ana,

616-613-2079 These morons won t Leave Dropping for it.

Post by somebody,

6166132079 Buyer Credit Group Colophon W W W Disconnected Fax W W W W Tall Pines Doctor Ste W Largo FL W The Indianapolis Lawyer General s Office has Submitted on February W W against Consumer Credit Group. Your suit States that Client Credit Group has violated your Indianapolis Don't Phone Law and and your Automobile Switch er Act also Understood as your Rob telephone law. It also states the business violated Credit Service Organization Act and Deceptive Customer Sales Act by not Finding a W W. surety Connection with the state. Contact Info Major Mr. Dale Robinson Supervisor Mr. Matthew Franklin Mr. Mary Jenkins Mr. Scott Klein Reproduce this and keep posting contact that Client finance. gov Firm info live for success today W W shutdown their Web site after I first posted W W Consumer Credit Group Telephone W W W Disconnected Facsimile W W W W Tall Pines Dr Ste W Largo FL W Your Indianapolis Attorney General s Office has filed on February W W against Customer Credit Group. That fit States that Client Credit Group has violated your Indianapolis Do not Telephone Law and and your Automobile Switch er Work} also known as that Rob telephone law. It Additionally states that the company violated Credit Service Organization Work} and Fake Consumer Sales Work} by not Finding a W W. surety bond with your state. Contact Data Primary Mr. Dale Robinson Manager Mr. Matthew Franklin Mr. Tom Jenkins Mr. Scott Klein Wide Road HOLDINGS Client Credit Group Tall Pines Doctor Ste W. Largo FL W St Peters burg FL W W W W W W W CG is Associated along with Firm Name Broad Road HOLDINGS Lactates Active Filing Date W W Thing Type Domestic Small liability Firm File Number Business Age 1 Year 5 Months Major Address W S. Red Path Orlando FL W Sending Address P. o. Carton Orlando FL Enrolled Representative Rios Elk within D'S W. Esther St. Suitable. Orlando FL Customer Credit Group Colophon W W W Disconnected Facsimile W W W W Tall Pines Doctor Ste W Largo FL W The Indianapolis Lawyer General s Office has Submitted on February W W against Customer Credit Group. That match States that Client Credit Group has violated that Indiana Don't Telephone Law and and your Vehicle Face er Work} Additionally known as that Rob phone law. It also states the business violated Credit Service Organization Act and Fake Client Sales Act by not obtaining a W W. surety Connection with the state. Contact Information Key Mr. Dale Robinson Supervisor Mr. Matthew Franklin Mr. Ben Jenkins Mr. Scott Klein Also . com The Web site lists a seemingly Fake address W Starkey Seminole fl. That is a shopping Centre. It's a Ups store they might have a carton at the store. Some further research on Internet. . com Shows Registrant Buyer credit group W Th st. n clear water Florida W United States Registered through Go Dad. com LC HTTP Web. go daddy. com Domain Name . COM Created on W Dec W Ends on W Dec W Last Updated on W Dec W Administrative Contact Robinson dale email W protected Buyer credit group W Th st. n clear water Florida W United States W W Robinson is connected to your Lakeisha S. James who is Additionally affiliated with several other B. S. probably companies. Data on James out of county tax collector s office JAMES LAKEISHA S Actual Estate at W TH ST N ST address W annual bill JAMES LAKEISHA S'S IOWA AVE Nest PETERS BURG FL W Paid W W W W. Receipt W W Homestead exemption Account number R Parcel Amount W W W W W JAMES LAKEISHA SIMON Real Estate at W TH ST PIANOLAS PARK Owner address W annual bill JAMES LAKEISHA SIMON TH SPINELESS PARK FL W Paid W W W 1 W. Receipt 0 W Homestead exemption Account number R Package Amount W W W W W WELDON CHARLATAN P Actual Estate at W IOWA AVE NE ST address W yearly Invoice SINGH TAMIKA JAMES LAKEISHA IOWA AVE Nest PETERS BURG FL W Paid W W W 7 W. Receipt 0 W Homestead exemption Account Amount R Parcel Number W W W W W W Weldon could only be that prior owner of this Home he may or may not 've any business affiliation with James Robinson. Owner Broad Road HOLDINGS Creepily . 0

Post by bca,

616-613-2079 Intrusive

Post by Tom,

6166132079 Simply another one of their spoofed numbers. That s not where they re calling from. That card services scampers are Attempting to get persons credit card numbers and those foolish enough to give it for them will see hundreds if not thousands of dollars charged for it on their next statement.

Post by CD,

616-613-2079 Report them to that DC and request that they become fined.

Post by Jason,

6166132079 Card Member Services. Reported them for dentally Site.

Post by SR,

616-613-2079 Only got a call from number above but Owner ID lists as RX Assistance . Did t answer if it was a valid call a message would become left on answering machine thus don t understand if this can be a brand new scam or not. . . Could see how elderly etc May}n' become duped into replying phone with this ID. SCUM. . .

Post by LaughingGasser,

6166132079 Here You're bitching about spammers and you personally put your own data at the bottom of your post. Either you are a spammer or not too. bright.

Post by LG-Maryland,

616-613-2079 Recd telephone at 4 P ET from this unidentified Rx Aid Amount W W W identified from Eland MI. No message obtained due to Region code W block out of ringing my private Amount. Total Scam Do not answer or Reply for this number. Registered complaints with FTC and FCC to help Federal and State Companies identify and locate the unknown SCAM Owner s hiding Behan untrue Id using spoofed OTC wireless sunburn Telephones. Added SCAM Lower Attention Amount out of Eland MI are W W W amp W W W these Amounts are also a Complete SCAM Do not Reply or Reply.

Post by Gibbs,

6166132079 Called my work cell did not recognize the Amount did not reply.

Post by annoyed,

616-613-2079 I never answer numbers I don t know. I turned off my replying machine. These type of calls have Actually slowed down since then from several a day for just one or two a week. As long as you personally or an replying machine picks Upward they understand they could harass you.

Post by CT,

6166132079 Same as above Owner ID lists as RX Help Called a company phone They Installed Upward before I replied which was perfect. Definitely scummier of a few sort.

Post by Bill R.,

616-613-2079 W Amounts. Well I guess that's my future. I got about W numbers and now just one Region code blocked. Absolute best W I ever Used.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Credit card account

Post by dt,

616-613-2079 Left message. Believe it was about credit card services. Essentially Bacall.

Post by johnk,

6166132079 Been on that Dentally list for months and this BS Firm keeps calling. I would love for Get them within a Fine dreary street and then Discuss about lowering my interest rates which they can t they just sell a BS Merchandise.

Post by Donald,

616-613-2079 Called Telephone rang about four times did not reply. They left no message. Your Don't Telephone list it s a joke.

Post by KD,

6166132079 Received a telephone out of W W Owner ID shows Unavailable Concealed ROB Telephone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Another Legal Telemarketer. . . . . . harassing that private Amounts of the public. I 'm Enrolled on that. . . . . . Do not Telephone LIST . . . . . . I attempted for phone that Amount and tell them for Discontinue calling the number stays occupied after several efforts.

Post by Silly Putty,

616-613-2079 This is a credit card debt management Business. Who cares. I don t Choose Upwards that phone for unknown numbers. Go forward and leave me a message. Perhaps I ll telephone you personally back.

Post by Arle,

6166132079 I pick these up Merely to listen but never Discuss. Figure if there s a Individual there it ll waste their time and they won t get a commission or whatever it is they expect for get. Anyhow the was a Registered message about my last chance for lower my credit card rates. Your intriguing matter the caller id said it was RX Help which would make you think it was the Wellness alert scam instead.

Post by Tom,

616-613-2079 As reported in your Oct Nov Dilemma of your AA RP Bulletin the Individuals employed as telemarketers by the card services scampers are Primarily drug addicts Striving for make a few cash for their next mend by cheating Folks. I can Graphic them sitting in their own Lines of phone banks making your offensive vulgar Comments while they shake uncontrollably and sweat profusely.

Post by Arnold,

6166132079 Acquired an unwanted and unwanted phone telephone out of W W W today.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 Bacall

Post by msar,

6166132079 W W W

Post by Jake,

616-613-2079 Don has the right idea. If you are able to Speak to some live person and waste their time. Remain on that line as long as they may let you. Become pleasant Shift the Issue Often request Dumb questions but don t supply them any useful Information. It wastes their time and cost them cash. They despise it. It is your only manner for get at them. If you are able to before they hang Upward let them understand what you are doing. They May}n' even take you away their list. It Looks for work for me.

Post by Jedisolo,

6166132079 Hi Deb You are able to t press 1 on there and anticipate them to Quit calling. I did that back last summer and it took them at least a month to Quit calling. I got a telephone from them Recently Approximately PM or thus and they're a scummier. Nevertheless I Simply hung Upwards on them and that is all you are able to would correct now. Even if you personally would block their number they have a String of Amounts that they could phone you personally on and so it would be no use to block them. You can report them for your FTC to that dentally. gov Web site as a Criticism but who knows if they can be stopped or not. If they keep calling you personally Regular enjoy they did for me last summer for a entire month Afterward I would whine and 've them Discontinued. Actually I did complain for that FTC about it and they traced that calls and got them to Cease finally. All you really may do at the point is for screen your calls and if it is a number you do not know hang up on them or Don't answer in the least and let it go for express send.

Post by Flo,

616-613-2079 Do not press any number would NOTHING these Individuals are a SCAM. My Owner id said RX Aid since my son was within the hospital recently I notion it was within re of that. when I replied I was told the was my second and LAST warning for get lower credit card Interest RATES. SCAM Reported to DC fat lot of great THAT will can.

Post by muther fockers,

6166132079 How come we get these calls when we re on the Don't Phone List.

Post by don,

616-613-2079 Similar matter Merely happened to my wife. . . she went away on the Man you phone that Amount back and its a dead end. . what else can we do. . . .

Post by Leonid Armenovich Takhtadzhyan,

6166132079 Thank you personally for listing those Linked Amounts. It's a good Notion for block these numbers. But it is not adequate. 1 should also report these violations to your National Commerce Co Vision. Sometimes these violate rs enter into a settlement and just one may receive a Amount of cash. I was paid W by a fund set up by one of these automated callers. Also normally 1 could simply block a limited Amount of Amounts and soon the recollection can become full. Additionally most Individuals do not own a CID Able of blocking calls or that blocking provided by the Phone Business is small to just a few numbers. Your more we block these Amounts that more the Folks along with Acceptable defenses will suffer. Leonid Armenia Taklamakan

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 credit card spam

Post by tiredofitall,

6166132079 Have told them for remove your number several times. Next move phone phone company and 've Telephone number disconnected. File complaint along with FCC. We 're on Don't Telephone gt gt gt simply they dint care

Post by Jasper Hatfield,

616-613-2079 Your Don't Telephone Registry is brought for your requirements by the same people that Stuck the Nation along with around W Trillion Dollars within Debt. They are functionally useless at doing anything but enriching themselves.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Rachel

Post by Ann,

616-613-2079 REPORT The Business. I filed a Official Gripe and can continue to would so every time these annoying SOBS telephone which is often. HTTP Internet. dentally. gov Grievance complaint check. asp

Post by Jesse,

6166132079 W W W called Now and was blocked by the Digit one phone blocker. We block every area code 9 8 . . . 0 . We did t response it it was blocked. Someone from town who needs to Discuss to us would call back once or twice a year thus this works great. We've been on state and National don't call lists for years and re enroll Frequently so almost any telephone which is blocked is a scam. In case a legitimate business calls again after being Inquired for Quit they're subject to your Wonderful of W W. W.

Post by dt,

616-613-2079 Left message. Think it was about credit card services. Fundamentally Bacall.

Post by Yuliah,

6166132079 Looks like they re making your Units again. We re on the DC list but it dozen t look to question these calls come in at least a couple of times week. Wish there was a manner for block them so they simply got the busy Transmission out of my phone.

Post by bob,

616-613-2079 keep getting calls. they dint leave a message

Post by Oops,

6166132079 Sorry left out one w but I m sure you personally get it.

Post by Fed Up,

616-613-2079 A partial voice send was left from the scamming buckler Again press 1 to see you qualify for our prescriptions support or press 9 to become removed out of your phone list. That woman s voice was foreign with a bit of a British Highlight but I believe English must become her second language since she made prescriptions unnecessarily plural. When you get these calls from unknown Amounts do not reply. If you can reply hang Upwards and instantly report the phone for Web. dentally. gov. Don't press any Amount. Doing so only verifies to your scampers that yours is a valid Amount. Add them to your own phone s address book under SCAM or block that Amount if your phone has that capability.

Post by savannah43,

6166132079 If you Found someone in your own house robbing you personally would you be polite for him or her. That s what these people are trying for would. Quit answering their Telephone calls. Alter your Amount. Would something to protect yourself.

Post by Ive Already Filed Complaints,

616-613-2079 At least I 've Owner ID

Post by Guest,

6166132079 To Update MY GOOGLE LISTING I Do not HAVE

Post by JOE THE TOE,

616-613-2079 PRESS 2 For REMOVE Your own Amount. May SEE HOW This WORKS Out.

Post by Cathy Herrick,

6166132079 I gotten a telephone out of the Amount on my cell Telephone which I don't supply Outside for anyone. I don't owe cash Or 'm I delinquent on any Records and don't desire anymore calls to my cell Telephone. I do not wish to consolidate or utilize any services of yours or anyone else calling me. Please remove me from your own list immediately.

Post by jj,

616-613-2079 This number must cater to all sorts of calls. I did t response but they left a message that when I was between W and W years old I might become Competent to get my prescriptions at little or no Price. I 'm older than that and I wonder what info they May}n' need. I Only deleted your phone and wrote down your telephone Amount thus I could report it. Your Amounts above your Telephone Amount were U

Post by BAC,

6166132079 THC for your info.

Post by savannah43,

616-613-2079 So you personally confirmed that your phone number is legitimate. Clean. They make lists of numbers that are answered by live Folks and sell them for each other. If no 1 answers they don t have anything to sell and will go out of business. Do not response calls out of numbers you personally don t know. You are able to disconnect your answering service or machine and really frustrate them. You are able to tell who called you out of Caller ID. Works quite nicely.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 card services

Post by KW,

616-613-2079 That is another of Lucre Inc. s telemarketing boiler room numbers. Their physical address is W Simple area Opportunity NE Grand Rapids MI W W Owner name Steve Steven R. Steven Hale Phone contact W W W Steve acted cordial on that phone when I called him but he still Permits his Workers for Break DC. I vie Registered a report on him with MI Lawyer General. That more People that would that the better chance something could possibly get done. His Business already has had lawsuits and charges Submitted for various infractions.

Post by Liz,

6166132079 Your Owner ID said RX Assist but when I answered it's that same recorded message about lowering that attention on my credit cards.

Post by Sheila,

616-613-2079 I gotten another call from another Region code W they 've so many area Requirements. I did t answer it this time but I am getting Actually drained of soliciting calls on my cell Telephone. Get a Actual job people.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Lucre telemarketer Simple subject MI

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 prescription support Rob call

Post by TB,

6166132079 They called I answered. Record advises to press 1 to address Dilemma along with credit further explaining it was it that ND and last opportunity to can thus. They Additionally try and correlate it to the The Stimulus . I Virtually pressed 1 long time since a good fishing expedition for get recognizable with their Methods. Maybe Talk along with them for W W min to Discuss my debt down from K or so down for K by agreeing for wire them K cash cash. Once conditions are agreed and its time at hand over my banking and private info I would autumn victim to a carjacker and request them for phone your Experts for me.

Post by Donna,

616-613-2079 no message did t reply assumed it was a telephone from someone I do not KO or need since no express send was left

Post by GWAndroid,

6166132079 Called back Amount prefixing along with W. FYI the company overrides blocked Owner ID s either that or they have a generic record that tells the Owner that Telephone Amount s been added to their don't phone database when that Alternative is Selected.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

616-613-2079 Even if you personally DID change your own number it would not Discontinue that calls as that card services scampers use a rototiller which Merely dials numbers in a arbitrary order. Google my name to discover how I Quit their annoying calls while also having some pleasure.

Post by I love those Card Services Calls!,

6166132079 I must because I keep getting em . Distinct Telephone numbers same Registered messages.

Post by mr billy,

616-613-2079 They called me saying I 'm in credit card debt and I dint even own a credit card liars

Post by Guest,

6166132079 credit card reduction

Post by George,

616-613-2079 The R X Support scampers and closely Associated CARD SERVICES scampers try to make fools out of us by becoming the credit card numbers thus they can make a commission in order to pay for their drug addictions. These scummy ex felons and that owners of the scamming companies who Seemingly suffer that same Difficulties because they can your hiring have no morals as they attempt to take advantage of your aged and the people that are trusting of others. Individuals who 've been cheated by these scampers 've lost many hundreds of dollars and more. These scampers use all spoofed false Amounts within an attempt to Cover their Authentic Identification and location and they have been using the Amount for a Amount of months These scampers will soon Quit using the Amount and go to another one so it s important for search your notes most recent posts to be conscious of your next spoofed Amount they can display Upwards on. If anyone believes what I 've posted isn't Accurate or exaggerated they can check out your Oct Nov W Dilemma of the AA RP Bulletin. Feel free if you want for transport my post for any other card services or RX Assistance scampers post.

Post by Jolly Roger,

6166132079 Scam Bacall from Card Services or RX Assistance or whatever. I m sure it s fraudulent and they don t Really Supply a valid service. All they want is your credit card Amount.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 SPAM. Calls and hangs up

Post by Rufus McDufus,

6166132079 There's absolutely NO way to Cease these calls. If you response. . it verifies your number to them. If you personally select that Alternative for become removed out of their list it doesn't remove you out of their list. If you let your telephone go to express mail it verifies your own number to them. If you personally call them back it verifies your own number to them. All you are able to would is curse and Sometimes fill out among these worthless report and Opinion forms just for get a false and temporary Experience of vindication. Only another example how this Nation is in a downward spiral to h ll. Cheerful USN t it.

Post by chuck,

616-613-2079 This same Amount W W W caller ID listed formerly listed as card services Now 3 W W 3 PM ET it was listed as RX Support. I am on both that state and federal Do not Phone Lists and these jerks keep calling regardless. They just Alter their name and keep calling.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Rob spam prescription assistance

Post by BOOTS,

616-613-2079 We 're ON Your Don't Phone LIST Don't Call HERE Whatsoever Cheers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Tracking Schemers,

6166132079 This is Merely that surface of a bigger illegal Structure propagated by those who create money along with every single phone call made by your toddlers. Here is your best info assembled that I 've seen Consequently Way HTTP telemarketer spam. word press. com It s a very in-depth expose but knowing this we as that recipients of their illegal activity can help in catching and prosecuting them. At that Root of these years value of billions of Telephone calls is Pacific Talcum Communications owned and operated by Fred Accord his son and Attorney F Antone Accord Charlie Hamilton and several other Accord family members using a Belize registered Cover Firm called International Phone Corporation. The URL Supplied above may Supply the details of how these guys have engineered Offered and profited from your prohibited telemarketing calls that we have had for suffer through. It s intriguing to notice these Individuals including your Attorney son live and work within Oregon where thus many of that Phone number Trades Start from. Your FCC other federal entities and a few state governments are Striving for Quit them but they're limited by that law that burdens your government along with having to overcome the subterfuge and obfuscation erected by these Individuals to cover Upwards their illegal action. We could help. It requires that each Amount gets reported every time a telephone is got and it requires that we contact the own state agencies. It takes a mass of reports for display that Design and Scale of that illegal Structure. Re posted info What To Would When You Get an Illegal Bacall HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Edward micro Websites Bacall's. Hang Upward. Do not press 1 or any other Amounts to get off your list. 2. Consider blocking the number. Report it at HTTP Internet. FCC. gov complaint's. Report it at HTTP Web. . gov Register your phone Amounts online at HTTP Web. dentally. gov or telephone W W W must phone from you need removed . BTW through a few idiotic legal loophole if you personally Strategy to tell these scampers about Choosing you away the list you must say Place me in your Do not call list or it will not be binding. Only saying Take me off your own list will not work since certain they ll take you away but they 've many lists and will Set you personally back on Only as fast. The law requires that these Firms keep a Do not Call LIST. This really is your list you need them for Set you personally on. Subsequently the companies are lawfully bound to can thus. Only that scampers don t care and they ll hang Upward on you before you can End your own sentence. Your person named Nobody posted several URLs that include information that are parts of that bigger scheme at HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W And distribute that data because that is how we can help each other fight back even though it may take time and Determination to Quit these perpetrators.

Post by Steve,

616-613-2079 Caller ID Arrived Upwards as RX Help as previously mentioned above. Message was a pare Registered 1 female express not live Owner. Typical Rob telephone. Let your answering machine Complete deleted it.

Post by savannah43,

6166132079 Rule 1 Only Fair businesses attention Around your DC list. All others are Attempting to Take from you.

Post by savannah43,

616-613-2079 Rule 1 Simply honest Companies attention Around that DC list. All others are Striving for steal out of you.


6166132079 Merely another scam left a MSG on my ans mach said it was for people W to W. Subsequently it said you could qualify for senior aid at small to no Price to you. Sounded like a fake Foreign or South African Highlight. At any rate they're now BLOCKED. A appearance of strong joy comes across his face as he exits Level left .

Post by LMB,

616-613-2079 My read as RX Assist on caller ID. Don t understand what that's about.

Post by Marie,

6166132079 Phone for unlisted cellphone no message left.

Post by Jackie,

616-613-2079 Create them Discontinue. On don't call registry

Post by losers at 616-613-2079,

6166132079 Losers are now blocked along with T Lock Pro 2. 0

Post by Osh,

616-613-2079 Card member services. I d enjoy for Chat to your Manager now. Correct now. Can there be a reason you personally wish for speak to a Manager sir. Yes Place him on your line right now. Could I ask your motive Friend. Certainly. My name is XXX XXX XXX with your Federal Office of Commerce Fraud Investigation North Carolina divisional office and I am Demanded for inform you the phone is being recorded. Now could possibly I Talk along with your own Manager. OH SH click . Not Accurate of course but I body if I get scam calls they kinda deserve to get the poop frightened out of them. Absolute Rob phone scam to Crop your credit card info. Address it like free phone sex if you need to answer that phone in any respect.

Post by whitesand,

6166132079 If I Desired for Discuss to these Folks I would phone them.

Post by FS,

616-613-2079 Owner ID read Rx Aid. As I was expecting a medical call I answered. Same crappy express of Rachel came on your line Bacall Around credit card rates. Another one for block. . . Seems I go a few weeks without being bothered and they Begin right Upward again.

Post by kittee,

6166132079 Owner has Indian Highlight enjoy Lark on Taxi . . . I doubt quite definitely your calls Come within Us or are in any way legitimate.

Post by Tom,

616-613-2079 The card services Rx scampers Usually simply use a spoofed untrue Amount only so long until Folks Get on to it through Websites such as the. If you personally don t need to get a System along with bigger blocking Potential try unblocking a few of the older blocked numbers. Additionally if you have some patience and need to Quit them out of calling go to notes W W W page 4 for an Thought. It worked for me and apparently others.

Post by Anon in Mississippi,

6166132079 Google voice blocked cheers posters.

Post by Maggie,

616-613-2079 Receiving 3 to 4 recalls enjoy this one per day since registering for Texas sales tax Let. Cheers a lot Texas.

Post by Chuck,

6166132079 Got call did t answer no message left. Gotten a telephone out of them a Amount of times ago and incorrectly replied. It was many credit card services Bacall thing.

Post by Alex,

616-613-2079 I vie acquired calls from card services a Amount of times and each time they d enjoy me to press 1 to lower my attention speed as it s my second and Closing warning . If something could be done for Quit them from calling me sign me Upwards.

Post by postman,

6166132079 I attempted that but when I ask about your physical stimulation part she hung Upwards.

Post by Bill R.,

616-613-2079 W Amounts. Nicely I think that is my future. I got about W Amounts and now 1 Place code blocked. Absolute best W I ever spent.

Post by Annie,

6166132079 Owner ID says LOWER Interest . I don't response these scam calls.

Post by Jedisolo,

616-613-2079 Hi Deb You can t press 1 on there and anticipate them for Quit calling. I did that back last summer and it took them at least a month for Cease calling. I got a call from them Recently Approximately PM or so and they are a scummier. However I Only Put Upwards on them and that's all you can would right now. Even if you do block their number they 've a String of Amounts that they could phone you on and so it would be no use to block them. You can report them to that FTC to your dentally. gov Site as a Grievance but who knows if they may be Ceased or not. If they keep calling you personally everyday like they did for me last summer for a whole month Then I would whine and have them Quit. Really I did complain for your FTC about it and they traced that calls and got them to Cease eventually. All you personally Actually can perform at this point is for screen that calls and if it's a number you do not know hang up on them or Do not reply in any respect and let it go to voice mail.

Post by zues,

6166132079 yes i got a call from the number. I don't reply calls i dint understand until i look that telephone number up on hunt Websites such as the site. i text back instead W W W please telephone me back after April W W

Post by Tony Chicken,

616-613-2079 got a phone from them Now at 9 W 'm. I was Striving to sleep and I ignored it. They did t leave a message so I called them back and did t get for Speak for anyone there. I don t know how many times they have called me since I got my phone Connected Upward a few months Past.

Post by savannah43,

6166132079 So you confirmed that your own phone number is valid. Clean. They create lists of Amounts that are answered by live people and sell them to each other. If no one Solutions they don t 've anything for sell and may go from business. Don't answer calls from numbers you personally don t know. You can disconnect your answering service or machine and really frustrate them. You are able to tell who called you out of Owner ID. Works quite nicely.

Post by Jorge,

616-613-2079 Criticism made to Eland MI BBB Reception of repeated annoying unsolicited phone calls about resolving credit card debt when we've none. Recent calls received from W W W W and W. These s obtained by a personal Telephone phone back tracing Characteristic and identify Eland MI as the location. s are Revealed simply as a cell or unlisted number. Your calls received 1 PM EDT 7 2 W 3 PM EDT 8 1 W and 2 PM EDT 8 8 W respectively. Registered message Offers press Crucial Alternative for help. When pressed a Person Solutions. I request for be removed from your calling list but no Reputation. Person hangs up upon inquisitive questions about Place and Identification of company. I have Enrolled on your Nat. Don't Phone list. I hereby file this Grievance on repeated annoying unsolicited Telephone calls invading my Solitude and urge BBB for Discover your company and Discontinue your Bad company practices.

Post by r hill,

6166132079 Your Firm contact me the morning but when I called back I had to leave a message. Hopefully they won't phone back.

Post by Raoul Duke,

616-613-2079 Scam Around prescriptions. Talked to some Girl that sounded enjoy Miss Cleo. Wasted her time rattling off Prozac Viagra and Comic as my melds. Put Upward on her after a while and she called me back out of another spoofed Amount and Inquired if she could supply me with Bud overly. . . and she got mad and Put Upwards. Morons.

Post by mike,

6166132079 these people are rude hang Upward on me when speaking to them Around Choosing my number away of their phone list. rude rude rude. . . . . . . . . . . please help but them out of company or have then Cease calling me and others the way. . . . . . . . That Don't Phone LIST National LAW Does not WORK. . GEE SURPRISE. . . . . . . LET ME Understand WHERE AND WHO They are. . . I May Cease THEM ON MY OWN. . . . You Demand For Hear Your DISRESPECTFUL Mode In WHICH THEY Speak To Individuals. . . . HELP PLEASE. . . . . . . . .

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

616-613-2079 Simply another one of your spoofed numbers used by your card services scampers. Google my name for learn how I have Removed their calls while also having some enjoyment.

Post by Kim,

6166132079 Here is your link for your FCC Grievance sort. You can submit it electronically. I do Each time I get one of these calls. HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaints

Post by Ernie,

616-613-2079 Merely put the Amount on Particular Call Forwarding . Forwards their number for another telemarketer s number.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Nicely if this dozen t defeat all. When I politely asked the market caller for remove my from the calling list she yelled at me amp called me an obscene name.

Post by Bill,

616-613-2079 Called today I suppose they have altered their scam or Offered the demon Face er with spoofed number to your different scummier. The one was for my prescription drugs and caller ID revealed RX Assistance . It does no good to call these numbers back that telephone probably did not come from the number displayed on your own Owner ID and really likely not in the U. S. The caller today had an Highlight probably India. They are immune for the U. S. Do not Telephone Guidelines because they're not in the U. S. Your own phone company and or your FTC cannot do anything unless there are sufficient Gripes or Recorded Legal Activities. I Imagine your NASA could body Outside where that calls come from. Perhaps they could transport your address to the CIA drone Centre. That May}n' Decrease them out of continuing. I would consider that becoming my monies value from my government. As a side notice the Website needs for add an Alternative for the Call Kind Move down list something enjoy Criminal Scum Scummier would be Around right. I don t enjoy to Brand them Telemarketer because they're not Marketing anything Only taking and they are well below a Actual telemarketer on your scum scale.

Post by Sharon May,

6166132079 I 'm tired of unwanted repeat telephone on cell out of telemarketers and spammers. I 've my number on your do not call registry and I still get these annoying calls Can thy become stopped

Post by Beth,

616-613-2079 Lucre is that Telephone Carrier I told them I would call them for each spam call I got. Lets see how long this take's

Post by DougW,

6166132079 lucre. Northrop lucre. net Associates. PP Lt file Grievances here time CST Date Owner Kind Owner ID'S W Feb W Credit card scam Lower attention W W Feb W Credit card scam Lower interest Looks enjoy they have a entire class of numbers.

Post by Brooke,

616-613-2079 I did t response because I did t know that Amount. It was an automated call that went for my express send. It started record Around half manner through Perhaps. Something and qualifying for prescription assist.

Post by DeletedMedia,

6166132079 Well Recently was your Enormous day the FTC Released its Enormous Victor for very best solution for the Rob Legal telemarketers. They should have announced it Monday as an April Fools Joke. Your just matter that will Quit this offense will be Felony Fees and Penitentiary time for all that scumbags Rob calling from cardholder services Dwelling security and fake sweepstakes Tournament criminals. Include your bottom feeder debt collectors and Rob dialing call centers too. HTTP Internet. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall. sham

Post by St Paul MN is Sick of Scammers,

616-613-2079 Rob phone out of W W W on Wednesday 1 W W W 'm. This can be a slightly Distinct last 3 digits on the Telephone number that they have forged on their calling Robot in the preceding call I received from them on Monday. Phone rang 3 times tool it was CARD SERVICES and Decided your Telephone Upwards and it Ceased ringing. Likely they Decided up another line that answered before I was Competent for answer.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 What's this. .

Post by disgusted,

616-613-2079 Got a telephone from W W W to Pa. These people are Invasive annoying and harassing. If no 1 picks Upward why do they keep calling.

Post by Dave,

6166132079 CID said RX Assist. Phone rang just one and a half times and Installed up before I could reply. Bizarre. I suppose spammer scummier Viewing as we have no prescriptions and are on your DC list. The just reason I response these calls anymore is so I can report who they are here.

Post by Andre Jackson,

616-613-2079 Want for report Unwanted calls from the number W W W

Post by Guest,

6166132079 No message

Post by Linda Gail,

616-613-2079 This Amount was calling me daily with no name and leaves no message W W W.

Post by Fred The Cat,

6166132079 Your Firm is Established within Grand Rapids MI. Call R Steven Hale to enroll your Gripe. View that corporate Subscription here HTTP Internet. deg. state. mi. people backstop Picture. asp. TELETYPE APO amp FORENAME R W CAD. Tiffed is Additionally the Pres of Triton Technologies W W W. Call them overly.

Post by block these robocalls,

616-613-2079 Simply buy an excellent blocker and block them for great.

Post by Bill E,

6166132079 Well this is a fresh just one. These a holes telephone me relentlessly. Today I was thus annoyed that I decided to offer your caller a Part of my thoughts . . . to which he replied along with Visual death threats. He said he was going for come to my house mentioning the address and blow my head wide open . He said which he was going to rape my wife and mentioned her name . The went on for Around W minutes . . . repeated death threats out of many guy along with a powerful Mexican accent. A classy Lot these a holes. Fortunately both my Partner and I are armed and nicely trained but this should let you personally all know what sort of people you personally re dealing along with. Watch out.

Post by Bill R.,

616-613-2079 W Amounts. Nicely I think that's my future. I got about W numbers and now 1 Region code blocked. Absolute best W I ever Used.

Post by REMY,

6166132079 Caller ID Credit Card . . . 4 PM I don't answer callers I don't know. Registered message cut off by my replying message. Prior W notes Show this is a SCUMMIER.

Post by Bee,

616-613-2079 The Amount W W W called Recently 3 W W It went for voice send and they Installed Upward without leaving a message. That caller ID read RX Help. Not 5 minutes later I got a phone from W W W again I did not answer they Installed Upwards without Making a message. That Owner ID read Lower Attention. They must think I m Mindless. If I did t response that ST unknown call what makes them think I would answer your ND unknown phone.

Post by Tom,

6166132079 As reported in your Oct Nov issue of the AA RP Message your Folks employed as telemarketers by that card services scampers are Chiefly drug addicts Striving to create many cash for their next mend by cheating people. I could Image them sitting in their own rows of phone banks making the Bad vulgar remarks while they Move uncontrollably and sweat profusely.

Post by mair,

616-613-2079 All the feds did was delete Rachel these nuisance calls last and nothing Appears for Quit them. i m on don't phone I vie clicked 2 i vie told them i have no debt and they continue for become nuisances. if that feds could get rid of Rachel exactly why can t they get rid of your Trouble.

Post by Mad Dad,

6166132079 They called my teen Children Telephone the morning. Called that W above and they fast removed her Amount from the list.

Post by Phillygirl,

616-613-2079 My message said when you are having Issues paying for your prescriptions they might become Capable for help. I don t believe they Offered a Firm name.

Post by Disgruntled Postman,

6166132079 I vie finally tracked the Amount down to the those who own that company that makes these calls. It s a Somewhat notorious attorney who owns a local talcum through an overseas shell company. They get paid by that ping away the Owner ID system. Whether you personally create any buy or not dozen t subject for them. As long as that toddlers are working that cash Sheets in. This time your telephone was a recorded message about health attention.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 offer for lower my credit card rate. I don t have a credit card and don t need one

Post by frito,

6166132079 Time Warner cable phone internet Mix package has a net page you are able to post Upward for W Amounts to redirect and Quit unwanted numbers. . . .

Post by TAL,

616-613-2079 RX Aid scam for see if I qualify for free melds. No manner I can give them any info. Scam I suppose to use my Information and Invoice that Authorities of my insurance Business.

Post by jbartman,

6166132079 telephone your number back and listen for your prompts. that ND immediate Sets you personally on their don't call list.

Post by Andre Jackson,

616-613-2079 your infamous Rob credit card phone to lower your interest rates scam.

Post by Cathy Herrick,

6166132079 Google Voice Automobile spam cheers to previous users. W Add Eland MI W W W W 'm W minutes ago Heads For lower your own credit card attention rate and payment. Press 1 now for locate out your provisions conditions and Related changes before your next Charging cycle. Again this is your own final detect as it relates for that financial stenos less. So press one now to take edge of this today.

Post by cat,

616-613-2079 Just received a call from the Amount. Came up on Owner ID as Rx Aid. Put Upward on them without waiting for see what they had for say. Am sick and exhausted to be bothered and annoyed by these so called telemarketers read as SCAM ARTISTS .

Post by AnimalCalls,

6166132079 Send these Amounts W W for FCC Do not Call.

Post by MEH,

616-613-2079 My Owner ID said Rx Aid . Think they could become whatever they want for become to get our attention. Jerks.

Post by annoyed,

6166132079 final notice . . . . Fiscal stimulation

Post by Hah! Try this!,

616-613-2079 I reply the phone and Set it on speakerphone. Press 1 for get an Owner. Play along. Make up lots of Information you have it on speakerphone thus other s could appreciate or you personally could consistently can something else while you personally re on the line . I vie Additionally been curious to see how daring they can maintain trying to get SAN or CC out of me. So Way no clear scam has surfaced. Subsequently eventually I state something along that lines of how 've you enjoyed this. I vie Only been doing this for annoy you. Somewhere in there they hang Upwards.

Post by Big Tex,

6166132079 Owner ID revealed up as RX Assistance . Did not Select Upward.

Post by MeBeUBe,

616-613-2079 I obtained a call from this Amount today and answered as if they called a radio station. It was a recorded message along with a British Feature saying something about being a senior and paying too Substantially for Medicine. However your Owner id showed CREDIT CARD DEBT.

Post by NickelKitten,

6166132079 My number is on your don't phone list. When I waited for your service representative to response I informed him that I am on that do not telephone list and his phone was in Misdemeanor of California Law. He said that he could telephone because they were along with card services. Think what he could t tell which credit card. He is not with your credit card Business and is violating your law. I called the Business back and Required to be removed out of their calling list. I may pursue legal Therapy if this continues. I gotten two calls in W minutes of each other.

Post by Lisa S.,

616-613-2079 Hang Upwards Now. Caller ID read RX Assist

Post by Derek,

6166132079 I have gotten calls out of them before. They Ceased for a month and they started back again Now. Maybe AT amp T has a call block for unwanted calls from the Amount.

Post by savannah43,

616-613-2079 Exceptional advice.

Post by Moonshine Maker,

6166132079 Has anyone idea of forwarding all these calls for the Congressman's phone numbers. Their s are public information. Vehicle forwarding is an Alternative on most phone services. If the Associates won t can something about these calls because that calls don t bother THEM lets make these calls fuss THEM overly until the Associates Can would something about them. I just add your a Opening Telephone for my ever growing list on a phone blocking Application on my computer.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

616-613-2079 Even if you DID Alter your number it would not stop your calls as the card services scampers use a rototiller which Only dials Amounts in a random order. Google my name for discover how I Ceased their annoying calls while Additionally having many enjoyment.

Post by Azzie,

6166132079 I 'm reporting the number W W W every other daytime I 'm receiving calls from the number. Enough is a enough

Post by zelly,

616-613-2079 Owner Id says RX Support along with that Telephone of W W W . I did t response because I presume all calls from numbers I don t Understand for become scams. They left no message. Do you personally go from credit cards for prescription Drug.

Post by postman,

6166132079 I attempted that but when I request about the physical stimulus component she hung Upward.

Post by savannah43,

616-613-2079 Nope. They call you personally. They intrude on your own Solitude and are Attempting to rob you personally. They Began it and you are able to Complete it. Get them. Make it Fully impossible for them for Take out of you. You might have that right for defend yourself. Use it.

Post by Oops,

6166132079 Sorry left out one w but I m sure you get it.

Post by LBUG1A,

616-613-2079 Like everyone before keep becoming calls from fresh W exchange s. Never response unknown numbers. I block calls instantly on receipt. For people who need to waste their time wasting the spammers time that s Fantastic and makes You're feeling better. However I won t waste my time or cell Telephone minutes giving within for these crooks. Good luck everyone.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 Telemarketing

Post by savannah43,

616-613-2079 Exceptional Guidance.

Post by Larco,

6166132079 I acquired a telephone from W W W and a women Driver was on the line after a brief wait. She identified her Firm as card services . But when I asked her who was calling she refused for response. When I Inquired her is she was going to Talk to me she refused. I Put Upwards and called back for request that my Amount become removed out of their phone list. I 'm on your national don't telephone list and I Registered a Gripe with that organization too.

Post by Ace,

616-613-2079 I wrote for Al Fran ken three times to complain about the and he never replied to my messages. They don't have any intention of enforcing that don't telephone law

Post by Ree,

6166132079 LOLA. . I see several Individuals have posted the Firm this number is Recorded overly Lucre. . . Did Anyone else recognize that word Lucre. . . as within Filthy Lecture Lucre from the Lat. fulcrum meaning gain within terms of cash something tells me they don t attention about the DC. I 'm getting calls from this Amount coming Upward as RX Assist. .

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 spam

Post by nycgirl,

6166132079 This scummier called today and I did not answer. Caller id said RX Aid which I doubt. I don t have any Rx anyway and Only re registered along with DC which is useless.

Post by Fred,

616-613-2079 I called and of course Hale did t get on. I spoke for your person at the front Workplace and was told my number would become removed within W hours and they are just a phone co enjoy Art. That said they should vet who they sell Amounts for and these crooks who prey on elderly Folks should be Set out of business. They are not only doing something prohibited but they hang Upward on you when you personally try and request for be removed no subject how considerate. Keep calling and get them shut down.

Post by Linda,

6166132079 I live within Colorado. This comes across as Rx Assistance. I did not answer.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 credit card scam

Post by Army Dawg,

6166132079 Another credit card scam. . Not so much can t idiot me . . No reply Discontinue calling.

Post by Joe,

616-613-2079 just go to Www. spamblock. com download the brief program and kind in your message and send them thousands of emails


6166132079 This really is A CREDIT CARD Attorney. Also CALLED BY W W W W W W W W W AND W W W

Post by DEA FBI CIA,

616-613-2079 They called knew my family Summarize and asked if we d enjoy to receive Drugs at a Reduced price. Obviously terrorism.

Post by Linda,

6166132079 received phone at 4 PM. All that Owner id says is lower interest. Thanks for reading here I learned it's for credit card. I reported it for that can no telephone list.

Post by savannah43,

616-613-2079 Everyone should place Upwards an E-mail account Only for your intention of emailing these Individuals at least once a day. USN t turnabout fair play. Yes it is. If politicians won t would anything about this Afterward exactly why can we need to pay Fees. Let them live off of what your corporations pay them. Enough of the harassment time for fight back.

Post by Private User,

6166132079 spam phone phone something about prescriptions for older Individuals. I hit 1 for talk to a human as we should constantly do for create them less profitable and was put within a hold Line.

Post by Animal Callers,

616-613-2079 If these are the People at least helping for Start all these calls Subsequently why don t we all complain to FCC with all these s W W etc. .

Post by Alex,

6166132079 Please people Do not press 2 to become Place on their Don't Call list. . . . . These are scampers. They 've AND I Replicate they have nothing to do with Congress or any legitimate company. If anyone gets Client Reports they know all Around these Sorts of calls. If you press 2 they now know they 've a live Amount and will Frequently phone you along with forwarding your own phone number for their other scummier Buddies. Also your FCC will do nothing because they constantly are bombarded along with Folks complaining about these Folks. I tried Calling them and got an automated email saying thank you personally we re working on it type of response. What to can My phone service has a free Particular Telephone Rejection where you can Place these Amounts within and the Amounts can become rejected thus you personally don t 've to response. Unfortunately this just works if you have Owner ID and could Compose down your numbers that come in thus you are able to Avoid them. Additionally when I first started becoming these calls I attempted blocking them. Regrettably my phone just holds Around W numbers thus that really did t work. These people have numerous numbers they could call from. So before we found out Around that Selective Phone Rejection when I tool a number come Upwards as Owner unknown Amount unavailable etc I Decided up your receiver waited 1 second and Afterward Instantly Put up. I believe this helps as before that Selective Telephone Rejection Characteristic that numbers went down immensely. Was becoming Around W or more a week now i get maybe 2 and now they immediately get telephone rejected. Expect this helps.

Post by postman,

616-613-2079 I tried that but when I ask Around the physical stimulus part she hung up.

Post by Drew Blood,

6166132079 That Significant thing is if you personally pick Upward for them Merely totally disrespect them. Remember these scampers aren't even Individual. They're drug addicted scum. They crawl out from under their stone each day and invade your Seclusion of your Residences and insult your wives daughters and sisters along with Actually filthy language. Simply let them know that they're Subscription Individual nobodies and Subsequently scrape them in the bottom of your shoe. Phone them degrading names and Stick enjoyment at them. Afterward hang Upwards. Or would what I would and block your Mindless retard ohs.

Post by jacks,

616-613-2079 This can be the Telemarketer Company that supplies whatever Scampers use this Amount. Call Your out of them I called three times for like 3 minutes each until the ringing strangely stops eventually on your Last phone telephone after annoying them they replied and said they would remove me from your list. So badger that out of them. Corporate Headquarters Lucre Inc. W Simple area Ave. N. E. Grand Rapids MI Local W W Facsimile W W Email email W protected Office Hours Mon Fri Am PM

Post by Henry,

6166132079 Lucre again. Within Eland Mich. A live British sounding Female told me that I could buy a monthly plan to get W Viagra Challis or other Edward pills a month and get a bonus box of sex toys each month by send if I Offered her my credit card data. She told me the pills are a name brand Common and come with a guarantee that they may produce a real woo die that may last several hours without damage to my . I told her that I was not interested and she Installed Upwards. This is your company 2 Connected that keeps calling offering all sorts of scam items and services W W Lucre LC Lucre LC. Kent County Friends of Court building. W Simple subject Ave NE W Ionian Ave . NW Grand Rapids. MI W W Grand Rapids MI W Local W W W W W Fax W W W W W W email W protected Lucre LOO KURD. . . . . brief for lucrative. . . . . R. Steven Hale . . . . . . President Owner Jon Hale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Finance Executive Scott Carlson. . . . . . . . . . other

Post by patti,

616-613-2079 left message Around prescription help on my answering machine. nothing said about card services.

Post by wwb,

6166132079 got a phone today 3 W Registered MSG. pressed 1 to Speak for rep. when he answered i Inquired who that Business was and he Installed Upwards. i called them back pressed 1 rep and got ans machine. amp Offered them about 2 min of cursing insults. i 'm handicapped amp get these calls all your time . i have Required for become removed from there call list tried the national don't call what a crock crap that simply matter i have found for work is reply your Telephone and go on an all out verbal Unusual attach. they Typically apologize for me amp tell me my can be removed w o me having to request. my wife thinks the awfully but if you personally for Cease a bully attract first blood amp don t Quit until your ambulance shows Upwards. . . . . . . it works.

Post by Ryuu,

616-613-2079 Jeanine out of Prescription Help Rob phone scam reported for HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism Gripe check. asp

Post by LaughingGasser,

6166132079 Here you are bitching about spammers and you personally Place your own information at that Base of that post. Either you are a spammer or not overly. bright.

Post by JimBob,

616-613-2079 CID said RX support but phone was from your Ordinary Account Services scumbags. I got a guy on your line and he asked if I was Performing in purchase to lower my interest rates. I was very enthusiastic when I said Oh Yes I m Rather interested in that. and I think it threw him because he paused for a few seconds before going into his Q amp A. He asked what I owe and I said Nothing. So if you are able to get my interest speed BELOW zero that would be great. And he hung up. I was disappointed.

Post by Dave,

6166132079 Robot. I thought I recognized the Amount out of a Consistent robot I Only opted out Recently but it turns out even that Region code was a Number away. Picked up and the robot Began within about Well-being insurance. I Strike your erroneous button for Elect out thus it put me on hold for an Owner. I Put Upward.

Post by David Clark,

616-613-2079 W W W W W Am. Owner ID said RX Assistance . There was a record offering to reduce my credit card interest rate somehow Related to that National stimulation. For file Criticisms go for HTTP Internet. dentally. gov HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML When I have filed a complaint with the ND Amount FCC even though that form takes More for fill out than for the ST Amount Do not Telephone simply on one occasion have I gotten another phone in the Amount that I reported.

Post by Walt,

6166132079 It was a Registered message offering me prescriptions at a Reduced Cost.

Post by Larco,

616-613-2079 I acquired a telephone from W W W and a women Agent was on that line after a short wait. She identified her company as card services . But when I Inquired her who was calling she refused for reply. When I asked her is she was going for Chat to me she refused. I hung Upwards and called back for request that my Amount be removed out of their call list. I 'm on your national don't phone list and I filed a complaint with that organization overly.

Post by Guest,

6166132079 unknown.

Post by AnimalCalls,

616-613-2079 Send these Amounts W W for FCC Don't Phone.

Post by dh6000,

6166132079 A fresh scam. . . Purportedly offering a service to reduce my prescription Prices. . . if I qualify. Played a recorded message when my answering machine Decided up.

Post by Billyb,

616-613-2079 So now they shifted their bogus caller ID for RX Support to Mug in that unwary. We don t 've any RX s thus why would we need assist. That s how Stupid these morons are.

Post by Jake,

6166132079 Don has that appropriate Notion. If you are able to talk to a live Individual and waste their time. Stay on your line as long as they will let you personally. Become pleasant Alter the subject frequently ask Ignorant questions but don t supply them any useful info. It wastes their time and Price them cash. They hate it. It's that simply way for get at them. If you can before they hang Upwards let them know what You're doing. They May}n' even take you off their list. It Appears for work for me.

Post by The Don,

616-613-2079 I 'm using Telephone Dish Free for block calls. When they telephone the phone Bands just one time Afterward hangs Upward on them. Just one matter I did that got the Actually suitable was using a very old computer that had Simply enough resources for run Telephone Dish on Windows PX. I Set the within a out of that manner location where I could run my phone line to your Device and Subsequently ran a KM Change for my Chief computer and that old computer thus I could use the same keyboard video and mouse for both computers. I leave that previous computer on all the time to Get the unwanted calls and Only use the main computer as needed. I was ready for purchase among that phone screening Products but as it turned Outside I had each matter I Wanted. All I had to do was a lot of go ogling and read a lot of posts from all you great folks thus I could place each thing Upward and stop all the harassment from your annoying calls. This system blocks ANY calls not Simply the W blocked calls that my phone service allowed which everyone knows is NT enough. Folks should not 've for go through the Substantially Work to keep from being annoyed.

Post by Tom,

6166132079 Your card services Rx scampers Usually only use a spoofed false Amount only so long until people Get on for it through Websites such as the. If you personally don t want for get a Product with bigger blocking capability try unblocking many of your older blocked Amounts. Additionally if you have many patience and desire for Cease them from calling go to notes W W W page 4 for an idea. It worked for me and apparently others.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 credit spam. .

Post by Joseph,

6166132079 Thanks for that info. I Merely called your W and spoke with a Man named Kevin. Not certain if he was sincere or not but he was quite friendly apologized for all that calls and said he would get my Amount taken off your list. We ll see if it works but at least it wasn't someone hanging Upwards on me.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 credit card spam

Post by KD,

6166132079 Gotten a Telephone from W W Call ID show RX Aid . . . . . . . . . . IT IMPLIES . . . . . . . Prescription drug support. Rob phone Around CREDIT CARD loan This is another. . . . . . Criminal. . . . . . telemarketer harassing your public. I Am Enrolled ON That gt gt gt gt Do not Telephone LIST. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Savvy,

616-613-2079 Lt sigh gt . Another daytime another one of these calls. Likely connected to your similar scam number W W W which called a month ago or thus. Was Simply Beginning for appreciate several weeks of no calls Subsequently our FIRE Section Offered our NAMES Amounts to your TELEMARKETER for a fund raising Plan and go body these calls are started up again. Lower your Attention Rate SCAM. Amusing if you personally pay all your own bills In Not empty you personally DON T 've ANY Interest and therefore don t Need the SCAM. At least they Odd themselves as the scam so I could Select Upward hang up without replying for break the call and mistake that rototiller computer. Appears for help cut down on and even Cease these calls for a while.

Post by Chase,

6166132079 That Fresh SCAM. . . . . . . . They are now trying for solicit Inexpensive prescriptions. . . . . Registered a complaint along with DENTALLY. GOV.

Post by Larry,

616-613-2079 Rx Assist Rob Owner Picked up w o looking. I understand . Stupid me . .

Post by BOOTS,

6166132079 Receive message like this twice a week Monday and Fridays Caller ID read V W W W. This can be the last time for lower your own credit rates and something to would Around that Obama s stimulation. Only another scam. I would just hang Upwards or let voice mail take your calls. You can block the Amount too if you might have that service with your Telephone Company like I would I 've Optimum Express.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2079 Credit card services

Post by DeletedMedia,

6166132079 Nicely Recently was your Large day that FTC Released its Large Victor for best Remedy for that Rob criminal telemarketers. They should 've announced it Monday as an April Fools Joke. That only thing that can stop the offense may be Prison charges and Prison time for all your scumbags Rob calling out of cardholder services Dwelling security and fake sweepstakes Match criminals. Comprise your bottom feeder debt Lovers and Rob dialing call Locations too. HTTP Web. FTC. gov IPA W W Bacall. sham

Post by Live Free in NH,

616-613-2079 Caller ID Only displays LOWER Attention Spoofed name scampers with this kind of Cope for you personally.

Post by Michele,

6166132079 Owner ID revealed RX Aid. I 've ignored the Telephone Amount many times and finally answered it for find out exactly why they're calling when we have been listed on the Don't Telephone list. When I was Related for that customer service Representative he Inquired if I was calling for lower my credit card rate. When I replied by Starting for request why he was calling me since I am on that Don't Call list he interrupted me and said something along the lines of he Needed for understand why my express was thus screechy and high. I said sorry and ongoing for ask my question. Before I got three words out he said he could t listen for my voice anymore and hung Upwards on me. Quite the avoidance Process. I called that Amount back and was not surprised that all the reps were busy. I left my number and Inquired to be called back. I will become quite surprised if I ever hear out of anyone.

Post by Alaska,

616-613-2079 The number keeps calling me even though I 'm on that do not phone list.

Post by Lynn,

6166132079 That latest turn from this number is RX Assist Clearly extending your scam to seniors.

Post by LaughingGasser,

616-613-2079 Here you are bitching Around spammers and you Place your own information at the Base of that post. Either You're a spammer or not overly. bright.

Post by 6166132079,

6166132079 Credit card scam forward to your own wireless carrier SPAM or W acreage line users Www. dentally. gov and Internet. spoke. com.

Post by Emma,

616-613-2079 Called my cell Telephone. Automated message Around credit card debt or something similar. I did t listen long before I Put up.

Post by jack with them 2,

6166132079 If you are Blessed and have Telephone service with Com throw like I do here is a fun manner to Port with these sorts of companies. Com project s Telephone system Enables you personally to block Upward for W Telephone Amounts Additionally blocks all anonymous Telephone calls block all Offshore Telephone numbers and that one I love it Enables you personally to forward Upward to W regular Telephone calls not W or W etc. . . to another phone number. I find legitimate phone Amounts for these kind of Businesses that repeat offenders and forwards all that calls I don t want for that legitimate phone Amounts of companies which are repeat offenders and block Upward their incoming Telephone lines with similar Waste Telephone calls. I just want Com cast would Improve your Sum of numbers you can block and forwards.

Post by BOOTS,

616-613-2079 We 're ON Don't Call LIST. . . Cease CALLING Us Cheers . . . . Thanks 1 W W W Stop CALLING People You personally Call Make ME Sick . . WE ON Don't CALLING LIST . . . . . . Cease CALLING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LOWER Attention Discontinue CALLING. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Brian,

6166132079 I got a call from this Amount but they mentioned something Around prescription drugs the time. I have been making a listing of Amounts that would these scams so that I could report them to your FTC. There is a pattern of Replicate Amounts where just a few Numbers have been changed out of their last telephone. That previous call out of them ended along with W. You personally People if you personally don t know these numbers are spoofed. There's no point within calling them back since they could just as readily get you personally for phone a Amount within that Bahamas that Costs your Telephone Statement W Minimum. Only get your Amount spoofed or not Subsequently report it for that FTC. Your more reports your FTC gets that better opportunity something legal can be done to Discontinue them. They are breaking 2 Guidelines. Calling people on the DC list and giving fake Owner ID. Simply become honest with what you would. Let law Administration can their component. I read a Load of suggestions on how to get even waste their time etc. . . Even though I sympathies along with your own the plight. That Bible says a liar will never enter that Kingdom of God. If they won t turn out of their evil ways God may be their judge. . We need to keep forgiveness within our hearts. We need for Hope for them and that people they attempt to cheat.

Post by LB,

616-613-2079 Answered phone amp there was no reply. They call several times during that week. We have been also on DC list.

Post by FS,

6166132079 Gotten a phone at W W 'm from Rx Help while I was on this site reporting another Amount. I don t Typically answer but I was waiting for a call on a prescription. Many record of a Brit to lower my Prices. From what I read on earlier posts this can be a classic recycled Rachael from Card Services Amount. Enough said blocking your W Region code.

Post by Ace,

616-613-2079 I wrote to Al Fran ken three times to whine Around the and he never replied to my messages. They don't have any Objective of enforcing that don't telephone law

Post by Dean E,

6166132079 Called my cell at 9 W 'm Saturday. They left no express message. I am on do not call list.

Post by Walt,

616-613-2079 I state Blast them with E-mails until the calls Quit. If enough of people would it their email will Complete Upward and maybe even crash. Payback is. . . well you personally know the rest. Just Directed} them the first 3 and there may be more. It s easy to can after you compose and send that first one Merely click on sent messages Strike forwards fill within their address and send them another. . . . and another. . . . and another. . . . Lola. . .

Post by s,

6166132079 they called multiple times. i replied and Inquired him which company he is with. he said visa and MasterCard. i asked him why they are calling when i m on don't telephone list. he had a clever Remark back for me. i Inquired for the supervisor. he told me no and he does not enjoy my Approach. i Inquired again for the Manager. he Installed Upwards on me.

Did you get an unwanted call from 616-613-2079? Is 6166132079 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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7323795530 Complains by Guest,

Statement collection

8136064420 Complains by Leslie,

Four missed calls over that last month from the number within Florida . Never leave a message. Happy I Viewed it Upward online before wasting my time Attempting for phone back.

8183374455 Complains by Pete,

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2562826586 Complains by Guest,

left no message

6016602754 Complains by Tia,

Anyone else becoming calls out of the number.

8039602346 Complains by J. Fred,

They say they are some sort of united Wellness attention but exactly why do they phone every daytime. And when you telephone them back you personally simply get a recording for be removed out of their call list.

8133792999 Complains by anonymous,

If the call cannot be completed as dialed, it means the number is spoofed and the caller should be treated as hostile.

8135742608 Complains by Oughtm,

These idiots keep calling and calling and calling. I m not replying it. . . . They leave no message.

8002687068 Complains by K,

There are software programs that log that time and times that your own phone is answered. Your Information is Offered to or used by companies that telemarketer or serious scam artists. Usually that s exactly why there is no express the system is doing it s job. By Making your Telephone away that hook it only Lets them more time for Gather the Information. Absolute best isn't for reply all. If it s an XX Amount of any type or your caller cannot identify who there are on telephone show I never answer as irritating as it could become they will Cease eventually.

8001533074 Complains by mark,

acquired a phone out of Verizon W W W telling me for log within Web. V's for take W. W dollars away my next bill

8002363100 Complains by [email protected] /* */,

they Additionally call using W W W

8002160117 Complains by Um...,

7 years of receiving Legal telemarketer calls. . . and YES you are blocked eternally.

8002767993 Complains by TCH,

Called left no message

8002410560 Complains by Tracie,

We got your same matter. Twice. Called back the morning after they called and no answer. Looks fishy.

8001641487 Complains by Guest,

sorry not excepting calls or messages

8002738255 Complains by Melissa,

This is Crisis Call Facility. 1 W W Speak . W hour suicide prevention and Disaster intervention Popular line National Hope Line Network member sexual Attack support services kid Folk abuse and neglect reporting senior services youth education and outreach Children of Suicide loss support group sexual Attack Children support group. Your Crisis Phone Centre provides intervention prevention and Instruction services to your community and those individuals in crisis by helping them identify Options and offering support.

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