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Telephone information: Lucre. Zeeland, MI. Ottawa. United states
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Post by tired,

6166132199 same old credit card phishing scam Recall Rachel along with Card Services . probably a faked number since I vie gotten same type of calls out of many different numbers. i think they call every Amount at random or they use your Don't Telephone list as a Advertising list of active numbers.

Post by RICK,

616-613-2199 Followup for my previous post. The Business Is LUCRE Inc. within Gran Rapids MI. It s regular Telephone Amount was disconnected. It s talcum Provider cut away its service and LUCRE went for Federal court which upheld talcum s choice. Service cut off likely because the valid talcum Company was getting Criticisms. The number used is probably a spoofed number. BBB ha black Recorded this Business. Likely FTC is investigating because I 've obtained several calls all along with that same record but Distinct numbers. So your long and short of it takes time to whine but I always whine for FTC and valid talcum carrier if I can locate it. The Provider Normally disconnects that Amount. Additionally as I did fro an identical scummier operating 2 blocks from the Wyoming Lawyer General s office I Will check and see if state is Choosing any action. Spoke by having an Associate attorney general who said she is Managing your case along along with FTC and Justice FBI it's or could become a Federal case because it is classified as interstate Cable fraud. Thus everyone Simply take a few minutes in your daytime and make the Gripes. Companies are cracking down on there crooks.

Post by Maye,

6166132199 All scampers. I never reply calls I do not recognize. I press button and let fax pickup.

Post by steelcitygirl,

616-613-2199 it worked until 3 4 years ago because telemarketers 've located fresh manners for make calls from Offshore and using VIP and other Telephone masking technology that Permits them to Prevent that law and prosecution. Gee not hard to body out.

Post by Guest,

6166132199 Reduce credit card debt.

Post by Billie,

616-613-2199 The druggie card service scampers make it challenging to identify and locate them because they use all spoofed false Amounts and change them Regularly. If legislation that is Now underway passes for outlaw spoofing they won't be able for hide from prosecution. These lowlifes aim Largely for cheat that aged and that gullible. In your meantime beware of these scummy Pets and warn others before they are taken edge of.

Post by James,

6166132199 I get 2 or 3 calls every daytime. I 'm on the Don't Call list. Make THEM Discontinue. . .

Post by Marmax,

616-613-2199 Please add W W W to your own list of numbers.

Post by NH,

6166132199 How many times would we've for tell these People we re on your DC list and to Discontinue Calling. They need for become fined and we need for become compensated for the troubles.

Post by whathappenedtothis country,

616-613-2199 It s Verizon and all another Telephone Firms that have allowed spoofing of numbers. I Gamble they may do something Around the. After all there are Programs that allow someone to send a text message under someone else s account. I vie seen this on the Individuals s Court where a defendant said he did t send a particular text message and it was demonstrated he truly might not 've because of this Program. We should all whine to the representatives about that Telephone Firms not stopping this. They must be making a few money out of it and that s exactly why they won t unless required for. I asterisked representatives because I used that word for understanding not because they are representing us they're simply Signifying their own individual interests Clearly .

Post by abrewmeister,

6166132199 i got just one also. Viewed here to look for who out of. DC is a joke. i 've Coma VIP Telephone service saves me cash and it has a black list which uses a community black list and i can add any Amount. the number will never get through to me again. . aha Haas marketers. . Coma Stone. . .

Post by lisa,

616-613-2199 W W W called again and i hit 1 Inquired to Talk to Manage. they hung Upward the phone. it s a credit card services number. what is Actually crazy my number is on Don't Phone LIST. I Place it on there every month. I wonder if your Do not Phone list is being Offered to these Businesses. really wish that Telephone Business would cut their number.

Post by margaret,

6166132199 message left on my machine is Somewhat nasty enjoy I 've done something wrong I have listed thus many times your DC stop

Post by Grandma Jan,

616-613-2199 Tell them for quit calling NOW. . . . . . . . .

Post by Lemme A Lone,

6166132199 Registered Bacall with Owner ID LOWER Interest. Another version of that final discover chance to lower interest rates Underneath your financial stimulus. Similar Bacall hit us a couple days Past from W W W

Post by Rodnil,

616-613-2199 2 W W W W W Provisions shifted final notice W W W W W Lower attention talks around my outgoing message W W W W W Bank Card Services Fiscal Stimulus Around for expire Discussions over my message 7 W W W W Bank Card Services Financial Stimulation last call Discussions around my message W W W W W Bank Card Services No message hangs Upward when machine picks Upwards See that Design Rob calling in the least times of that morning day earlier evening. Exactly why would anyone follow Recommendations from unknown caller. They did not telephone you personally believing they would Upgrade their harassing calling list BUT now you might have validated your number and they will sell it to other spam callers. They don't have any fascination with doing anything nice for you. Difficult to block calls because that scampers Shift the numbers Frequently for avert being blocked.

Post by Yeah, they bug me too,

6166132199 Recorded phone lower credit card int. rate

Post by Billie,

616-613-2199 If your own Amount is removed from the card service s rototiller after you personally called them back and requested it become You'll become famous. You'll be that first person in history to accomplish that feat.

Post by Jacque,

6166132199 They keep calling and saying that they may lower my int remainder Speed I am on that no telephone list thus what can I would to stop them

Post by Bob,

616-613-2199 The Night April W W at 6 W I got a phone which was a recorded message about lowering my attention rate on my credit cards. My Owner ID said Lower Interest and your message did not state the name of your caller. I had the same call Recently about 4 W pm about lowering my mortgage speed even though I don t 've a mortgage.

Post by michigan,

6166132199 It s an identity Thieving attempt

Post by Marmax,

616-613-2199 Please add W W W to your list of Amounts.

Post by Jim Russel,

6166132199 Closing Warning huh. . . Afterward exactly why are you still spamming me along with calls. This is harassment. If someone kept coming to my door along with the message I would 've them arrested.

Post by RICK,

616-613-2199 Followup to my previous post. Your Firm Is LUCRE Inc. in Grandma Rapids MI. It s regular phone number was disconnected. It s talcum Service cut away its service and LUCRE went to Federal court which upheld talcum s selection. Service cut off likely because your valid talcum Service was becoming Gripes. That number used is Likely a spoofed Amount. BBB ha black Recorded this company. Likely FTC is investigating because I have received several calls all with that same recording but different numbers. Thus the long and short of it takes time to complain but I consistently complain to FTC and legitimate talcum Provider if I could find it. That carrier usually disconnects the Amount. Additionally as I did fro a similar scummier Running 2 blocks in the Wyoming Attorney General s office I Can Assess and see if state is Choosing any action. Talked using an assistant Lawyer general who said she is handling that case along with FTC and Justice FBI it's or could be a National case because it's classified as interstate wire fraud. So everyone Only take a few minutes in that day and create that Grievances. Agencies are Breaking down on there crooks.

Post by Flo,

6166132199 I just got this phone I Strike one to see if I got a Individual and I did when I told her that she had Simply violated that law since the number is registered with that DC she got sort of lippy and I went off on her. She Put Upward and I instantaneously went to that National Don't Call Registry and Submitted a Official Criticism.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2199 Left voice message Relates to your Monetary stimulus thus press 1 now for take advantage of the Now.

Post by Angie,

6166132199 It s amusing though I did press 1 for talk to someone to get info on Them and when I Inquired what company they were Signifying they Instantly Hung Upwards. . . . The has happened twice I did report them for your DC

Post by Arthur,

616-613-2199 Called the afternoon. Owner ID shows Lower Attention . Registered message talked Around the was my last opportunity for lower my attention

Post by Bongo Bob,

6166132199 My Owner ID Truly said Lower Interest . I did t fuss to reply. That best advice if you have caller ID is simply not for answer. If I need to Meet my fascination I Compose the number down amp Google it. I always end Upwards at a Website enjoy this reading how your number is a scam. Then I take that few minutes to report the Amount for that FCC at the Do not Telephone Web site. Does it can any good. Likely not but it makes me feel like I vie done something to fight back.

Post by Cathy Croteau,

616-613-2199 These callers are criminals. Homeland Security should be Following down these individuals who could obviously accessibility all of our Telephones in place of searching for shampoo smugglers on planes. CC

Post by Guest,

6166132199 credit card BS

Post by mms,

616-613-2199 I 'm on that no phone list and continue to get these annoying calls.

Post by JD,

6166132199 Called left no MSG.

Post by DeAnna,

616-613-2199 They're calling my dad and he dozen t 've any credit cards. What can we would to get them for stop.

Post by NSAhole,

6166132199 It s not hard in the least. There simply is no will for protect Individuals on the part of your garment. That telescoping Sector collectively is a Large Strategy finder at every Amount. If you write to your own thus called representative in congress to Strategy make certain you enclose a Info that outbids them Sign You are able to T Manage IT.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2199 Telephone Around the way to lower you personally credit card interest speed. Credit card spammer.

Post by "Anthony H Slowitz",

6166132199 Another among that spoofed numbers used by the card services scampers in their own efforts to cheat us. Google my name to learn the best way to Discontinue their annoying calls while also having many enjoyment.

Post by Tom,

616-613-2199 The do not telephone list works well with legitimate businesses. That card services scampers are far from being legitimate they re out to cheat people by trying to dingbat people into giving them our credit card numbers.

Post by Hilda Flanagan,

6166132199 Merely gotten a phone from this Amount no message

Post by weif,

616-613-2199 This Firm calls Amounts on your don't telephone registry illegal with a Registered message and no Driver on that line when that telephone is replied prohibited and when you get to an Owner if you request them for their non Cost free Telephone Amount or physical address which they're Needed to provide when asked they hang up. Their recording states this is your last opportunity to lower your attention rates and lower your payments. They Only want your credit card info so they can Grab you off. If their prohibited activity did not ensure it is completely clear that this was a scam that content of the message definitely should.

Post by annoyed,

6166132199 7 W W W For your Th or Th time this has been my last opportunity to lower my attention speed. Hopefully now with call blocker may no longer 've for Cope along with these creepy calls any more. Thus d n fed Upward with the Things and actually don t recognize exactly why we don t seem for 've any rights and scampers just keep coming.

Post by abrewmeister,

616-613-2199 get Coma

Post by Ms. Loret,

6166132199 Bank Card Services. when I pressed one many black Man replied and I told him to take my name off of your list this is the police Section and he called me a God D lire. I told him God last name USN t DAM and Put up

Post by Guest,

616-613-2199 Indicated quot low interest loan quot .

Post by Detroit Area,

6166132199 Registered phone trying to phish out private data. Dint response.

Post by Myk,

616-613-2199 I vie posted similar messages regarding other spam numbers and can do thus here. 1. Publishing here along with Cease calling or something else doesn't work. 2. For have ANY chance of having unwanted calls from a Special company Quit you MUST fill out a Criticism form on the DC Site. HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism complaint Assess. asp. Screen 2 B. This web page will also tell you personally who is allowed to telephone you and what for do when a company or group dozen t listen for your Needs. 3. Keep a log of every Amount that calls and your time they phone. I update my notebook each Night and even created a spreadsheet for particularly persistent Amounts. B. Most telemarketers and spam callers record calls for quality Pledge Applications . Most times this can be an automatic Operate of their phone systems which means it records a call no issue who starts it or what is said. If you personally don t thoughts Making loose with some profane language strive cussing out whomever picks up when you want to Talk to a Actual Individual I press every number BUT 1 . Then hang Upwards mid sentence and wait for them for phone back. Many times they may Only Strike redial but that number that show Upward in your Owner ID will not become spoofed. If the happens congrats. You can Miss for 5 and prevent having for ask a judge for a Guarantee to Get your own Telephone records. 4. If you vie tried everything else and someone STILL continues to telephone contact a local Lawyer they may become joyful for work on Backup once they realize you re going after a potential big pockets Firm. They could Get within most cases IF you might have sufficient hard Signs for justify a Guarantee a record in the phone Business as to which numbers are calling you personally. This log may Additionally tell you the Real Amount not the spoofed number that shows Upwards on Owner ID. Once you've your real number you are able to easily locate Outside that offending company and Function them with court papers. Any violations of the DC list that 've happened could result within a W Wonderful PER Telephone which you can also ask for as punitive damages . Does the take a bit of work. Yes. Does it create a difference within that long run. YES. Is my Guidance Established on personal experience. YES. Happy Shopping.

Post by Scooter,

6166132199 This can be who they are HTTP Web. times. com W W W your money . . . Gripes. HTML a Grievance along with dentally. gov although it Appears to can no great and Tweet to the two People servants listed within your Post.

Post by Guest,

616-613-2199 Spam Spam SPAM. A robot offers to lower credit card attention.

Post by Guest,

6166132199 Did t Collection. . . Whatever happened to your Do not Call list. . . . USELESS. . . . .

Post by John of Lower Merion,

616-613-2199 Rob phone recorded 9 July W Lower your rate. . . second and Closing call Owner ID Lower Interest I want I had a quarter for every time a Rob call express said . . . this really is your second and final warning. . . The 1 s thus Dumb Though Folks fall for it. Don t answer your Telephone people if you personally don t Comprehend that Amount. Lt female express gt This is an important message Around your Present credit card account. That is your own second and Closing find for lower your own credit card interest speed and payments. Press 1 now to locate Outside that terms conditions and Related changes before that next Charging Period. Again that is your own Closing find as it relates to that Monetary stimulus. Thus press 1 now to take edge of this Now. Cheers to Google Voice Web. Google. com express you can Notice our talk on my Spam Calls net page HTTP Dwelling. com cast. internet ache's spam spam calls. damasking for your own free Google Voice account at Internet. Google. com express and avoid Phone phone spam

Post by Mary,

6166132199 Actually Simply that fact that they re Capable to leave a message on an replying machine lets them understand that it s a working good Amount overly.

Post by Grandma Jan,

616-613-2199 I repudiating for MO Attorney general. Ill of these Folks. . .

Post by Dave,

6166132199 5 W W W The time reads Card Services has read lower interest . WHATEVER I have no need for either and even if they did not show on ID I would t answer. Nearly never answer phone anymore if I m not expecting a Special call even though I may have placed a telephone if the return caller isn't using that I called I won t answer and hope a message can be left so I can identify a returned phone.

Post by Tom,

616-613-2199 The don't telephone list works well along with valid businesses. Your card services scampers are Way from being legitimate they re Outside to cheat us by Attempting to idiot us into giving them your credit card Amounts.

Post by Billie,

6166132199 Simply valid businesses obey your don't call list your druggie card service scampers are Much from legitimate.

Post by Billie,

616-613-2199 These lowlifes could come up along with whatever name they want but it all boils down for them being that CARD SERVICE SCAMPERS who try to fool Folks into giving them their credit card numbers by pretending for become Correlated with their credit card Businesses. Individuals who have been tricked into giving these drug addicted felons their credit card Amount 've suffered serious Fiscal losses. Beware of these scummy creatures and warn others before they're cheated.

Post by Guest,

6166132199 quot Love quot your message quot your Closing find. quot Ha. This makes a joke of that don't call register. Where would we report these Bozos

Post by Ramesh V. Iyengar,

616-613-2199 They keep calling and saying that they will lower my int rest Speed I 'm on that no telephone list thus what can I would to stop them

Post by John,

6166132199 That card service scampers WON T lower your interest rate on your own credit card but they Will lower your net worth if you personally provide them your own credit card number.

Post by steeb,

616-613-2199 Long live that Digit 1 Telephone Blocker. I m it for a year now and I would t live without it.

Post by Mary,

6166132199 Really just the fact that they re able for leave a message on an replying machine lets them know that it s a working great Amount overly.

Post by Rachel from Cardholder Services,

616-613-2199 HTTP Www. card Evaluations. com FTC Reductions off credo . . . operators. horticultural Researchers widened your hunt for Businesses suspected of scamming People with Claims of credit card rate decrease services. According to officials at the National Trade Commission eight more defendants 've joined that original list of seven alleged fraudsters accused of using recalls for indication up brand new members for a Software called Prize Your Success. Within a statement for Journalists FTC officials described Prize Your own Success as a Bacall operation it halted within November W. Customers who replied their Telephones heard a Registered express claiming that Rachel from Cardholder Services had an Significant message for them. Players in the Application paid advance fees as high as 1 W. W with that expectancy that they would get zero APR equilibrium transport offers or other Prices that would significantly reduce their credit card finance Fees . . . . . . Although the Better Company Business and U. S. Senator Charles E. Schemer have warned People about phone spam Businesses since at least W FTC officials state that fresh Engineering makes it easier for fraudsters to spoof legitimate Amounts on caller ID systems. International Bacall Businesses 've become harder to Identify and can reach more Customers by randomly guessing Telephone Amounts. Your FTC s Grievance notes the organization s desire to Decrease future fraud operations by disabling their skill for procedure Buyer payments.

Post by Grandma Jan,

6166132199 I repudiating to MO Attorney general. Sick of these Individuals. . .

Post by Maddernhell,

616-613-2199 Hello y all Specially grandmas and Dave. These matters look for go within cycles. It s been quiet on the phone for several weeks Then Now two of these despicable buzzards called. I filed just one Grievance already and I am reading you folks Opinions to Learn information before filing my complaint on your second Owner. By the By there's just one message on here that I would pay no mind. I could be not alive incorrect if so I apologize. . . . . but it could be a phishing attempt. Keep hammering away at these low life's. Would what you are able to to make their existence more miserable. Hookah.

Post by NSAhole,

6166132199 It s not challenging whatsoever. There Just is no can for shield people on your component of that garment. Your telescoping industry collectively is a big Strategy Hunter at each Amount. If you personally write to your own so called representative within congress to Plan create confident you enclose a Info that outbids them hint You are able to T Afford IT.

Post by p diddy,

616-613-2199 i love how they keep touting that Monetary stimulus making them appear legit we have moved way past stimulation like 4 years ago and now your News word is sequester. Idiots. I harassed them by pressing your Amount and when they Inquired me about my credit cards I told them the simply credit card i had was Washington Common and asked them if they worked along with them. They would I was told. Subsequently I proceeded for waste there time by with follow Upward questions until they Put up on me

Post by annoyed,

6166132199 How the heck do these darn people get away with bugging people the manner they do. . . . . . . . I got a phone today and they Truly Installed up before I got to your phone. I m quite Wonderful getting exercise on my own don t demand for be jumping up searching for that phone for someone to hang up before I even get to it. . I did get for it before they hung up once and they even called me by your incorrect name. How are they going to lower attention rates if they don t even know who they re talking to. . . .

Post by abrewmeister,

616-613-2199 get Coma

Post by Jack Malone,

6166132199 Obtained a phone from this number today Tuesday 4 W W at 3 PM. I Installed Upwards on them.

Post by Billie,

616-613-2199 If your own number is removed in the card service s rototiller after you personally called them back and requested it become You'll become famous. You may become your first person within history for accomplish that feat.


6166132199 Thus exhausted of continually receiving these same unwanted Telephone calls. For each and each unwanted phone please report at both Federal Communications Commission FCC websites. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Please squeak loud. Web. FCC. gov support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. action

Post by Guest,

616-613-2199 said it was info on my credit card. spammers.

Post by John,

6166132199 The card service scampers WON T lower your attention rate on your credit card but they May lower your net value if you offer them your own credit card Amount.

Post by Marmax,

616-613-2199 I obtained a call again the morning out of W W W. The company is Recorded as Bank Card SACS on your caller ID. I called the number Recorded on my Owner ID from a private Amount and when that record Began it was within a male s voice Welcome for the Customer Communications Direction Platform. It's likely you have been contacted by among your Associates and are calling back for additional information or to request that we refrain from calling you within your future. Please listen for this prompts and choose that info that absolute best meets your own needs. If you would like to be Related to one of the customer service Associates please press 1 now. If you personally want for 've your own Phone Amount Set into our don't call database please press 2 now. If you would love for leave a voice message please press 3 now and it can become delivered for the customer attention department. If you personally would like for report your concerns seeing your Advertising practices or for provide your own Remarks for the regulatory Bureau which governs the Sector please press 4 now. If you personally would like for hear the Options again please press 9. Subsequently switches to a female voice and goes back through all that same prompts but actually Offers out a number for that National Commerce Commission help line 1 W W W. So of path I have to press 2 to be removed from their database and when I do it states my number may become Taken by their system and will become added to their do not call list but might take Upwards for W hours for my number to become processed. Nicely I called from a private blocked Amount so that's not going to occur. Beware. . . tough list for get away. Looks they have a brand new system with new prompts. The last 1 would hang Upward on you personally when you called within and pressed any quick. Great Fortune to anyone who has for Cope with them.

Post by Mercy,

6166132199 I had the same recorded message as Sue and they phone repeatedly. . . several times a week out of Eland MI.

Post by Mato Wambli,

616-613-2199 I have acquired a phone out of this number. I did speak to some Man and they Desired my credit card info. I am not ignorant. They're scampers. BEWARE.

Post by jj,

6166132199 I wonder if this Bureau is becoming paid by tax payer s money. HOW Fine. I expect all calls are Additionally recorded and listen for. Keeps that gov. occupied since they 've nothing better for can anyway.

Post by jj,

616-613-2199 DC list is a joke. I believe they Simply Accumulate Phone Amounts for sale.

Post by PSO,

6166132199 I 'm Calling my state Representative Around these harassing calls.

Post by Arthur,

616-613-2199 Owner ID showed Bank Card SACS . Message left Around lowering interest rates.

Post by disgusted,

6166132199 Got a phone out of W W W the morning. That is two calls from many out of this Amount. My Telephone is blocked by Verizon. I could never turn my phone on. I pay for that Telephone but can t use it due to these creeps. If no 1 Solutions why do they keep calling. I figure they trust for just one Individual signing Upward. Let them wait.

Post by Mr. Benz    7-1-2013,

616-613-2199 Forget DC LIST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Do not EVER provide these people any private Information as you will soon be Capable for State poverty and apply for state and National Applications and 've all types of Pals calling you Around money. Absolute best is if your own Telephone can block their Amount s . Do not answer calls Blow off them.

Post by steeb,

6166132199 Long live the Number one Telephone Blocker. I m using it for a year now and I would t live without it.

Post by jj,

616-613-2199 DC list is a joke. I believe they Only collect telephone Amounts for sale.

Post by Billie,

6166132199 If you personally Offered the card service scampers your credit card number hopefully after you had second thoughts Around the Cope you personally Ended your own credit cards immediately. If you did not can that or did not do it soon enough you can expect for see Large Costs against it in your next statement. Your motive of the scampers is for Key Individuals into giving them their credit card Amounts so they can rip them away.

Post by sherriem,

616-613-2199 4 W W W Just don t present Upwards. Once again Rob phone message telling me that is my second and final phone for lower my credit card rate. OH Nicely. I Merely wish it was my Closing call.

Post by Janice LeLievre,

6166132199 Getting calls every daytime even though we have been on that do not telephone list.

Post by Rodnil,

616-613-2199 6 7 W 1 PM Rob message record around my outgoing message last component said this will e my last telephone regarding that financial stimulus. Rob scampers they phone once or twice a week using a different Telephone number each time. I do not answer unknown Amounts.

Post by Billie,

6166132199 These lowlifes could come Upward with whatever name they desire but it all boils down to them being your CARD SERVICE SCAMPERS who attempt to dingbat people into giving them their credit card Amounts by pretending for be associated with their credit card companies. Those who have been tricked into giving these drug addicted felons their credit card Amount 've suffered serious Monetary losses. Beware of these scummy Animals and warn others before they're cheated.

Post by Heidi Scholes,

616-613-2199 I got a call from W W W. When I talked for one of the Associates and told him to Quit calling me he spewed me with obscenities.

Post by Billie,

6166132199 If you Offered the card service scampers your credit card Amount hopefully after you personally had second Views about that deal you cancelled your credit cards instantaneously. If you did not can that or did not would it shortly enough you are able to anticipate to see Substantial charges against it on your next statement. The purpose of that scampers is to trick Individuals into giving them their credit card numbers so they can Grab them away.

Post by Billie,

616-613-2199 If you Offered your card service scampers your credit card number hopefully after you personally had second thoughts Around your Cope you personally cancelled your own credit cards instantly. If you did not would that or did not would it shortly enough you are able to expect to see Big Costs against it on your own next statement. Your goal of the scampers is for Technique Folks into giving them their credit card numbers so they could rip them away.

Post by Guest,

6166132199 Prohibited recalling for DC Registry Amount. Destination t gone Much enough to body out if they're actually offering something or just phishing for CC but they are definitely not your own credit card company and definitely illegally telemarketing.

Post by Bearsden,

616-613-2199 Called. Not alive Stop on your recorder for a few seconds followed by a click

Post by Guest,

6166132199 Unwanted credit card solicitation.

Post by michael,

616-613-2199 I got that same phone Now saying to your own Closing see to remove i just let it go for my answering machines

Post by Buddah,

6166132199 scam bank card services

Post by RoseMary,

616-613-2199 calls aged Individuals behind my parents 4 5 a week for last year and half they don t know the way to make them stop

Post by disgusted,

6166132199 Got a call from W W W this morning. They spoofed your number by adding that date and time and the notice V within your Starting. They are now blocked by Verizon. We pay for your Telephones and are afraid for Choose them Upward. Another credit card scam for a Alter.

Post by joe flasch,

616-613-2199 calls Around 4 7 times a day. Same message each time. No Man for talk too.

Post by Mr. News,

6166132199 Got a telephone from the today at W 'm. Owner ID says Lower Attention. As several people within this train of thought 've pointed out the DC list works well with valid Firms who surely don t desire for break your law and would want your own company. It has little or no effect on scampers and criminals who are using spoofed numbers fake Owner IDs and offshore call routing for Take your cash or Identification. I can block Upward for W numbers via my talcum provider and enter them online. I add numbers for the list if they telephone me 3 times in less Afterward 3 weeks. I could Monitor your calls via a little desktop app in the talcum Service. Callers on this block list Notice a short recorded message saying within Better terms Bugger off. Once they're on my block list they stay there for at least six months Subsequently I delete that Amount. If they Begin calling again I keep a written record of blocked numbers and dates on and away the list Subsequently they go back on my list forever. This has only happened once within 2 years. I 've a total of about W W numbers on my list thus plenty of headroom. If a scummier calls just 1 2 times I let it be and Simply don t Choose up that Telephone. My telephone Device Additionally blocks Unique Amounts or area Requirements. though that is a last resort. That phone can ring Generally once and the call is automatically drained. They don t even hear it ringing it s as if that line is not alive to them. Pleasant but I do get that 1 ring. I just have 1 2 numbers blocked that manner. It may Additionally help for keep your own replying machine message very Universal I use that factory installed just one which my Mum always used for call the Butler . It could Set scampers off but become certain for tell your Buddies and family as they may hang up presuming it s not you personally. . . All within all I am becoming Way fewer telemarketing calls now than I did 5 W years ago. On Typical about 2 5 per week. Additionally occasionally get a few legitimate telemarketing from Firms I do business along with bank etc though most of these could also be Quit by Processing that appropriate Prefer out forms.

Post by steeb,

616-613-2199 Long live the Digit 1 Call Blocker. I m using it for a year now and I would t live without it.

Post by Rodnil,

6166132199 2 W W W W W Terms shifted final detect W W W W W Lower attention Discussions over my outgoing message

Post by Jon L,

616-613-2199 I don t worry Around these calls. I just look at that Telephone and let it ring unless it is in my own address publication. No answer machine. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

6166132199 Unwanted solicitation. I am Enrolled for Do not Telephone.

Post by Richard Crebs,

616-613-2199 W W Got However another phone with that same Equivalent message Around lowering interest rates and we don t even USE credit cards. . . and talking Around this being that last message don t I wish. . seeing this and talk about some stimulation .

Post by Billie,

6166132199 If you personally Offered your card service scampers your credit card Amount hopefully after you personally had second thoughts Around that deal you Ended your own credit cards instantly. If you personally did not can that or did not do it soon enough you are able to anticipate to see Big Costs against it on your own next statement. Your intent of the scampers is to trick people into giving them their credit card Amounts thus they could Grab them off.

Post by Dave,

616-613-2199 I Strike 1 and was connected with a Guy with a strong Indian Highlight. He said you personally pressed one are you personally Prepared for lower your credit card speed. I asked him for what card and he said any MasterCard or Credit. Would you might have at least 4 W within credit card debt. I Subsequently asked him if he was familiar along with that Don't Phone List and he quickly Put Upward on me. I vie done that to other callers and that s what made them Quit calling. Hopefully it can work here overly.

Post by Guest,

6166132199 credit card Advertisement.

Post by Angie,

616-613-2199 This really is the Rd time. . . after that pare recorded message . . . I overly pressed 1 and a guy Arrived on Saying Oh so you desire for lower your own credit card attention rate . I Inquired him what Business he was out of. . . Afterward he Instantly Installed Upwards

Post by steelcitygirl,

6166132199 it worked until 3 4 years ago because telemarketers 've found new manners for make calls from Offshore and using VIP and other Telephone masking technology that allows them to Bypass that law and prosecution. Gee not difficult for figure Outside.

Post by Billie,

616-613-2199 That druggie card service scampers make it challenging to identify and Discover them because they use all spoofed untrue Amounts and Shift them often. If Regulation which is currently underway passes for outlaw spoofing they will not be able to Cover from prosecution. These lowlifes aim mainly to cheat your aged and that gullible. In that meantime beware of these scummy Animals and warn others before they're taken advantage of.

Post by lisa,

6166132199 I got a telephone with a recording for lower my credit card rates. i pushed 1 and when that girls replied and said Card Services I said My Amount is on a Do not Telephone list how did you get it. She Put Upwards without saying anything else. I realize these Individuals need to work but really they demand to discover many manners. and your Business needs to Cease calling individuals who are on your Do not Telephone LIST.

Post by Texan,

616-613-2199 I did t get a express send out of them. Caller ID is V they re not even bothering to come Upward along with a name anymore.

Post by Brian,

6166132199 I wonder what second and final detect really means since these losers never Cease calling. They changed their number but same scam. Your last number they called from was W W W. If we keep reporting them for that FTC 1 W W W something can eventually become done but simply if we make as much an Work as your scampers who keep calling. . . I have not heard out of Rachel within a long time.

Post by Disgusted,

616-613-2199 Got a phone out of W W W the afternoon. I fast Put Upwards on them. It said something like Bank Services. These scum bags may strive anything. They're Questionable persistent and rude. I am Ill of these calls.

Post by sad,

6166132199 I don't want them for Cease. I just want to be Capable to forward calls from the and similar numbers to the attorney general s office number or a number at NASA.

Post by Kat,

616-613-2199 Hey People. . listen Upward. The DC DOES NOT WORK. . It is a waste of time to register these numbers. I have been registered with that DC for around W years now. I 've several Amounts registered with DC and that calls Simply keep coming. Your Amounts these scampers are using cannot be traced Or tracked by the DC or that FCC or anyone for that question. By your time they research just one Amount. . . these jerks are calling out of another number. There surely is no motive for these jerks to even be calling me in that first place. . . I don t own a credit card and never had 1. . . and don t Strategy on having one within that near future. Simply due to BS like this. If you need to take Actions. . . here s how. . . Begin calling our phone Businesses and start making threats to have your service turned away. Tell them you are Ill of these harassing calls and you personally refuse for pay a Regular phone bill Merely for become harassed by these jerks. Eventually our Telephone companies will get the hint and come Outside with many tech that Permits people to block all these calls. Your Telephone Companies don t want for lose your company or cash. I called my phone Business and made a complaint for turn away my phone all because I was Ill of paying for a phone when nothing but telemarketers and scampers telephone me. They begged me not to turn away service. But for some unusual reason. . . that recalls have Reduced to like 2 to 3 a week. Thus maybe your phone Firms can do something or maybe they Simply don t desire to and Perhaps they too are making a cut along with these scampers. So take my advice. . . start making your complaints with your phone Provider. . . tell them it s enough and you refuse to pay a Telephone Invoice each month Only for these jerks. I m willing for Gamble. . . it wakes them Upward.

Post by Mr. Benz,

6166132199 Cool phone to reduce your own credit card attention. . . . . . They never mention my name or supply theirs if you would provide Outside your own info expect for see many Prices on that card s and Perhaps some brand new cards and loans. NEVER Cope with the kind of scummier Simply Blow off or hang Upward or you may become sorry.

Post by sherriem,

616-613-2199 4 W W W Don t recognize how but Rob message left when phone never rang. 'm I mad. Message was that usual lower attention but as usual interest on what is not mentioned threatening this really is last chance. Don t I wish. I keep expecting but Clearly there is no such matter as last

Post by jj,

6166132199 I wonder if this agency is getting paid by tax payer s cash. HOW Fine. I trust all calls are also recorded and listen for. Keeps that gov. active since they have nothing better for would anyway.

Post by Eddie the Hat,

616-613-2199 Last chance my . This loan Firm has been calling me for around a year now. Telemarketing dirt bags with a spoofed phone Amount.

Post by Guest,

6166132199 Unsolicited credit card call

Did you get an unwanted call from 616-613-2199? Is 6166132199 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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7323795530 Complains by Guest,

Statement collection

8136064420 Complains by Leslie,

Four missed calls over that last month from the number within Florida . Never leave a message. Happy I Viewed it Upward online before wasting my time Attempting for phone back.

8183374455 Complains by Pete,

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2562826586 Complains by Guest,

left no message

6016602754 Complains by Tia,

Anyone else becoming calls out of the number.

8039602346 Complains by J. Fred,

They say they are some sort of united Wellness attention but exactly why do they phone every daytime. And when you telephone them back you personally simply get a recording for be removed out of their call list.

8133792999 Complains by anonymous,

If the call cannot be completed as dialed, it means the number is spoofed and the caller should be treated as hostile.

8135742608 Complains by Oughtm,

These idiots keep calling and calling and calling. I m not replying it. . . . They leave no message.

8002533561 Complains by Barbra,

I received several hang Upwards calls out of these People. When I called back blocking my number. Each time your name altered. Your first 1 was something like Allied Medical. Your second one was Wellness Benefits and the third time that Man just said Hi . It sounded enjoy one Home. Little time crooks.

8002008054 Complains by joe,

got a call claiming to become citified Looking for some Information. it sounded too Poor since their record had certainly no mention of Citibank in it. thus i Put Upward.

8002501365 Complains by Rhonda Irving,

Called and left messages threatening to sue me and telling me that there is a Table warrant Released if I do not pay them. I located out that it's a scam I have paid them and when I Viewed Upward your phone number it is not linked for their business it has Chinese symbols.

8001912082 Complains by Guest,


8002622203 Complains by Joy Zimmerman,

No one here can perform that. No one here is calling you.

8002572142 Complains by mcD,

Scam. I called them but they gave automated Result This 1 W number is currently being Assessed for problem . Sounds like they got bent along with your law

8002362600 Complains by Nate,

Same as Samuel

8002461976 Complains by Rowdy Gardner,

When calling American State customer service I incorrectly dialed W rather than W and was guided to the unique rewards Software that represents American Express. SCAM. . . be thorough and don't participate.

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