6169802148 / 616-980-2148

Telephone information: Lucre. Grand Rapids, MI. Kent. United states
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Post by tj,

6169802148 I got yelled when I Inquired what vehicle they were calling me Around they said I had to tell them what type of vehicle I 've. I knew it was a scam thus I told them they called me so they should understand what vehicle they're calling Around he h u on me. Within W minutes they called back I did the same matter amp the time a Girl was also rude for me. I 'm so Ill of hearing from these people.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Take my Amount off of your own list.

Post by Guest,

6169802148 ON your MO no telephone list Stop CALLING

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Preying on fears Record said quot WARNING did I you personally understand the FBI reports a home break in every W min call us and we may come Mount a free home security system quot

Post by Me,

6169802148 Got phone. No message. Arrived for W notes. Posted the message. Thank you personally to all who post your own Activities. Blocked Amount.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Burnt

Post by Human Backpack,

6169802148 Blah blah blah That FBI reports robbery occurs each hours. Click.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Sales

Post by someone,

6169802148 got a phone they did t leave a message

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Promotion call

Post by D.J.,

6169802148 I did the same thing.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 keeps calling.

Post by annoyed,

6169802148 Called did not leave message

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Telemarketing

Post by ray ray,

6169802148 I dint response numbers I dint know but I Additionally adore caller Id but there s no reason why these Individuals or the BS company should even become calling me multiple times back to back and not even have that courtesy for leave a voice mail but they are obviously Ok along with wasting my battery life and there is no reason they should 've my Amount seeing as its a newer Amount and simply Folks I personally have given my number to have it this is annoying and idiotic that is my cellphone not a way for people I did t present my number to for attempt and BS me and sell me I don t demand and have no use for and call multiple times battery life is Important I don t want it wasted on these Individuals calling me unwanted multiple times in 5 W Min's of that last call

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Spam

Post by NPA,

6169802148 Will there be ANY Charges FOR CALLING BACK.

Post by bob,

616-980-2148 MICHIGAN

Post by jd,

6169802148 Same matter called work cell no message. Viewed it up and now posting this.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Discontinue calling

Post by Joe,

6169802148 Got 2 calls Now. 1 on my private cell and just one on my work cell. I called them back. You get a message you can press 1 for talk to some representative or 2 for become placed on their don't call list. I pressed 2. Let s see if they telephone back.

Post by MMS,

616-980-2148 GOT A Phone WHILE I WAS AT WORK. NO MESSAGE. I Would NT Answer CALLS I Can NT Know. IF IT WAS Significant THEY WOULD Have LEFT A MESSAGE. SORRY Around R Fortune. NO MESSAGE. . . NO Phone BACK

Post by xxx,

6169802148 If i desire R service. . . Sick call u.

Post by Anonymous,

616-980-2148 Called my cell phone at 6 W a. m. and did t leave a message.

Post by Guest,

6169802148 didn't response. .

Post by Somebody,

616-980-2148 Your Owner ID said GB Advertising Co. It was your security system sales phone for me. They have called 3 times this week.

Post by Guest,

6169802148 Home Security systems

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 spam

Post by Not Falling For It!,

6169802148 The Owner ID Shows W W W MI Usa and a partial voice mail is a pare recorded message that says there's no Price for that system or that installation whatsoever. For hear more press 1 now. For be placed on that don't telephone list press 9 now.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

6169802148 your FBI reports a break within each. . . . . so many minutes. . . . I hung Upward. . .

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

6169802148 Registered sales call

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Called my cell and I did t reply.

Post by Guest,

6169802148 scam on Dwelling security

Post by Thanks,

616-980-2148 Thank you for everyone for Choosing your time to post what these annoying Telephone calls really are

Post by Guest,

6169802148 telemarketers

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 a few Dumb spam bull

Post by An Ony Mous,

6169802148 Call for my cell number 5 W PM. Did not pick Upward as the W Region code was unfamiliar and I don t pick Upward calls which are not identified as someone I understand. Seeing the other posts once again reinforces not Finding Upwards calls from numbers that are not someone known.

Post by Me,

616-980-2148 The call and hang Upwards when I reply. Never state anything.

Post by Eddie,

6169802148 Call is Around a free Vacation to Cancun purportedly offered because you signed Upwards for something at Wall Mart Wall Mart knows about that calls says they don t know where it is coming out of BUT i wouldn't Place it previous Wall Mart for 've something like the. Your phone isn't From Wall Mart it is out of something which was done at a Wall Mart. Do not press 1 potential callback Costs. Eddie Bell Canada.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 criminals in Place press 1

Post by Guest,

6169802148 keeps calling me and asking for somebody who isn't

Post by Mary,

616-980-2148 Called but did t leave a express send.

Post by angry,

6169802148 They called me at 'm. Left no message. Argo. . .

Post by Jebus,

616-980-2148 That Registered Girl s express said that I had won a Vacation for Cancun plus a remain around at Disney World. She did t even mention Wall Mart she mentioned a store that someone had entered my name for a bring and that I won. I Put Upwards before Reading your whole message as Clearly it was a scam. The first clue is that the phone is out of Mi. I don t understand anyone in Michigan let alone someone who would enter my name in a attract at a Shop within Michigan.

Post by Guest,

6169802148 Spamming.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Telemarketer

Post by Cookie,

6169802148 I got a telephone about an hour Past when I was cleaning I did t Select up since I don t response numbers that are not in my address publication or from state. I can block that Amount.

Post by NepaScranton,

616-980-2148 Also called the cell Now. No message left.

Post by j,

6169802148 called somewhat bit ago claiming to become the FBI reporting a Chain of break ins within my Region. notion it was fishy thus I Put up

Post by claymanscher,

616-980-2148 Got your call on my work cell Telephone today identified only by number. I heard the entire pare Registered spiel Around your criminals dwelling among us and your demand for 've a security system. At your press 1 to Notice more press 9 to become placed on your Don't Call list immediate I pressed 9. Your interesting matter Around this can be that I heard exactly the same recording on another phone I answered Only a few weeks Past out of a entirely Distinct Amount and now it appears that in Merely that past week they vie Began using the Amount which was last used for telemarketing several years ago.


6169802148 Telemarketer selling security systems. Automated system left component of a message on my express mail.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Got a Registered message from this number asserting that the FBI Desired for Mount security on your Garden within order for prevent break ins free of charge. Sounds fishy to me

Post by Guest,

6169802148 Selling Residence alarm systems

Post by D.J.,

616-980-2148 I did your same thing.

Post by amanda,

6169802148 The number keeps calling block OT Pl. . . .

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Should not be calling me if I don t understand you or have requested anything out of you personally.

Post by Relic28,

6169802148 Phone all that time no messages left. Research indicates LOKI Industries.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 automated telemarketing

Post by Margarita Chavez,

6169802148 I keep receiving calls from this number W. W. W that a robbery Happens every hour. I don t understand how they got my Amount please block the caller thank you.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2148 Sales Call

Post by Mary,

6169802148 That number called me around 6 PM 4 W W telling me that there are FBI most Needed residing among us and that within order for protect ourselves we must Purchase a security system from this Business and for your Auto and if we don't that we have been likely for be mugged. They said the mugging speed Approximately people is about W possible due for FBI most Desired dwelling very close within proximity to my location. My questions along with this BS is why don t they call the FBI and report this Information and get a reward rather than call me and try and sell me a security system for my house and Auto when I don t have either 1. They called my cellphone which very few Individuals have and having this number within your past I randomly got odd scampers calling me trying for Press Distinct BS. The was that first I believe for that FBI most Needed scam sell from what I remember. I told them that I 'm not here to get scammed. It was many type of record. I Put Upwards after this

Post by amanda,

616-980-2148 The Amount keeps calling block OT Pl. . . .

Post by DM,

6169802148 keeps calling and leaves no message as I 'm within Arizona and don't know anyone there and they leave no message

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2148450460 Complains by Guest,

keep phone in me and toxin me

4235359523 Complains by Guest,

It was Around the upcoming election and Needed to know my stance on Ace Life Pro Selection. If you provide any Signal of a selection then they hang up and it's a active signal. Even though that Amount showed Upward on caller ID when I answered it vanished on all house Telephones. thus I W for get the number

4239261171 Complains by Guest,

It s that Expert administration hospital apt cs ll

5032087338 Complains by *believe not belwive.,

I misspelled a word.

5202658961 Complains by Guest,

Tested my name said going to ask a few questions Afterward hung Upward. Don't understand what they were calling Around.

8177106279 Complains by Rob,

Ah that previous debtors prison gig huh. What a bunch of tools.

2294027025 Complains by Guest,

Not here

8176072000 Complains by slimy,

Oh I think I have your erroneous number . . . . . felt instead enjoy someone trolling numbers to see which ones get replied.

8002310700 Complains by Scav,

Yes Simply for gotten this same phone telephone . Can i m doing Criticism for. I m from Mon tr AL Que Beck.

8002664615 Complains by Jim Lea,

Update to previous. That call came in out of W W W.

8001263070 Complains by Guest,


8002671177 Complains by mary awotwe,

pals i didn't revive my packages how can i Excellent my Bundle pals my registered no Re W ca

8002223333 Complains by dan,

Called regarding my mortgage. Promised it was apart of many National gov t Software for help reduce my interest rate.

8002678096 Complains by R.,

Would consider maybe becoming a phone blocking Product or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. HTTP notes. com arts Jibe Edgar harass within . . . oi need for know See People post here also HTTP notes. com forum ta affable unending Group calls Themes of Letters HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP Www. FTC. gov OS statutes . shortstop Web. Customer finance. gov hunt . . . HTTP Www. consumer. FTC. gov articles PD W fair credit reporting Work}. pettifogged Www. Buyer. FTC. gov Posts W debt Set And see HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta ABC . . . service attacks HTTP Internet. clearheaded. com news Clark Howard . . . r phones NFC HTTP Web. internet security. org Post. PP. id W HTTP notes. com forum ta behaved . . . W HTTP Web. Buyer. FTC. gov Posts W fake debt collectors HTTP Web. diversion. USDA. gov pubs press releases extortion's. HTML HTTP Www. FDIC. me fake procedure server injunction HTTP notes. com forum ta CBC . . . internet S's Methods HTTP DI. Oregon. gov Customers alerts cash internet payday. HTML HTTP Web. cachets. com Buyer notices To File Gripes FD CPA TC Philadelphia violations Your State Attorney General Their State Attorney general. nag. org you are able to locate your own state AG at the link . HTTP Internet. . gov amp Section HTTP Internet. Buyer finance. gov Criticism For Extortion Scam Operations File reports with the FBI your own state Lawyer general and Department Of Justice CB FTC amp FCC. . HTTP Web. NW's. org HTTP Web. ICC. gov Standard. Internet. FBI. gov HTTP Internet. Quit fraud. gov report. Web. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. auctioned Internet. Client finance. gov complaint HTTP Www. fraud. org

8002488823 Complains by Nicki,

about what.

8002070102 Complains by neKr0w,

Seclusion Star Rim Program says its Connected with Taichung Mayhem. Name dozen t ring a bell for me whatsoever.

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