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Telephone information: Lucre. Grand Rapids, MI. Kent. United states
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Post by y do u have to know,

6169802150 Mine 2

Post by Anon,

616-980-2150 My Partner and I 've location tracker on our Telephones. his location kept Performing as address W W Baltimore 5 Clinton MD W. we live within CA. idea this was Simply a technical Malfunction. until we got that telephone from W W W. it s Clear someone has broken into his Telephone. when they Inquired for private info asserting for be FBI. protect Ur Telephones. And hopefully prevent them becoming into it private Records on Ur Telephone. I d enjoy to see them brought to justice tho. I hope the helps.

Post by rachel,

6169802150 annoying calls

Post by Randy,

616-980-2150 Called me twice now on my cell phone. I did t Understand the Amount thus I did not reply. No message left. Must become a telemarketer or scam. I m going for file a Grievance along with that FTC. You should too.

Post by Emily,

6169802150 Calls Regular i never response from Region calls

Post by MoMoney,

616-980-2150 Scam. Don t Answer

Post by Mel,

6169802150 Called my House phone a few minutes ago but I did not Choose Upward. No message I will block the caller.

Post by Erwin,

616-980-2150 Calling my cell costing me No reply no message

Post by Henshaw,

6169802150 That s humorous. No wonder these scampers work so tough it s because there are so many gullible Folks out there that don t even know what lure and Change means. That FBI is prosecuting Firms that buy leads from this buckler because what they're doing is illegal. Thanks.

Post by Annoyed,

616-980-2150 Add one more for your list of those annoyed by these jerks.

Post by A concerned member,

6169802150 Yes the Telephone number telephone my parents and said that they called from your FBI. . They frightened your heck out of my parents. . . I attempted to call the number back and it was active tone your overall time.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 calls always. spam. .

Post by Anonymous,

6169802150 Got a phone this afternoon out of this number to my cell did t pick Upwards cheers to this Website. thanks.

Post by Vegasmom1976,

616-980-2150 Scare Promotion Sources FBI to Press home security services. Automated telephone prompts for press 9 to become removed from call list. Attempted it they called a business within the first Put.

Post by Txsqt,

6169802150 Yet they do not describe that you are signing into a contract. So technically you are not getting it for free. The MR you personally pay really pays for the dismay system. I work within Home Security and it is called being Slammed in that industry. Alto of aged customers get suckered into the happening. They can end Upwards being within contract with 2 Firms.

Post by Valeri,

616-980-2150 Scam

Post by tom,

6169802150 That infamous Rob phone Around putting a indication in the yard for a free security system phone. they telephone from many numbers.

Post by haha,

616-980-2150 That s kinda what they re doing. . . working for a dwelling. They re certain not doing it for pleasure. P

Post by y do u want to know,

6169802150 Called me W times at school got my Telephone Chosen away for a day because this hole

Post by Indiana Hoosier,

616-980-2150 Calling my cell that is unpublished. No message left.

Post by B,

6169802150 Message promises a free Dwelling security system if you let them Set a sign within your own yard.

Post by Connor,

616-980-2150 Edit called back and its Merely Fixed.

Post by Anita Gray,

6169802150 Registered message. Says they desire to Mount a House security system and they got my Amount out of a friend. Simply 1 Issue. This can be a business number. Put Upwards each time. Thus Much the morning they have called 3 times within less than W minutes. Same Amount each time.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 missed the telephone called back to beeping. . SPAM

Post by Guest,

6169802150 The Amount called me I did not answer I 've been Attempting to phone it back for a few time. I looked it up that s how I arrived here. Fast note I was in the military I Views many previous buddies had looked me Upward a tried to get a hold of me. I also have been called by the Amount 1 W W W it s a NY number. I dos have buddies out of MI and NY this can be why I notion they were trying for phone me. I can believe that NY number is another telemarketing co.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Did t reply. No message.

Post by WashingtonRob,

6169802150 Only got a brand fresh cell phone with fresh Amount 2 times ago. Didn't response as I 've just given my brand new Amount to my Partner.

Post by Captain Balls,

616-980-2150 Fantastic thing Around modern cell Telephones is you are able to block callers. This is Merely another 1 added for my list.

Post by rhonda ya know,

6169802150 Lola. too lousy type them eh. BA ha ha ha.

Post by pj,

616-980-2150 I 've three lines at work and they called ALL THREE. They called from the number and from W W W. I stayed on that line for Talk to someone to 've them remove your number out of their phone list. That Representative Kelly out of promotions Put up on me when I said that Amount Desired for be taken off their list.

Post by Bily,

6169802150 This number Merely called and said Your FBI reports a break within every so often. They said when you allow them to Place a indication in your yard they may Mount a free House security. Press 1 to Mount and 9 for become taken off phone list. Not letting these Individuals anywhere close my house. SCAM.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Could u please email me a name that s using the number thanks. Lumberman gm ail. com

Post by S,

6169802150 I Additionally got a phone from this Amount 5 min ago but did t response. I blocked the Amount after reading these Remarks.

Post by rhonda ya know,

616-980-2150 Lola. too poor form them eh. BA ha ha ha.

Post by TXgrl13,

6169802150 Called at PM just. no message

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 These Pol 've been calling me for over a year even after I signed Upward at the national do not phone registry AND even after I altered my number when your calls did t stop. I expect this Programs quot block caller quot Characteristic can Really keep them at bay. BTW you personally Actually don t get a free security system that s Only their Frequency. They Subsequently notify you that it s W a month plus down payment these guys are nothing more than crooks and scampers Do not Give THEM Your Personal Data.

Post by Robocall Police,

6169802150 That is an unauthorized Owner. Please Discontinue the phone Amount Owner calling me. . .

Post by cheyenne,

616-980-2150 this phone Amount called me while i was at work and i did t reply. don t know who it was and from the appears of it it must 've been a scummier.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 They may always harass you personally with unwanted calls. Don t response.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Call me every few days thus annoying

Post by anonymo,

6169802150 Calls and l 'm annoyed

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Rob telephone for my work number. Gets half manner through your message and Reductions off. 5 calls in the past hour not including calls for other representatives at that company. Attempted calling your number and got message all Tracks busy

Post by Kirsten Alonso,

6169802150 Has called the business W times in that last 1. 5 hours. Been hung up on 've pressed 2 for Quit your calls they don t attention.

Post by Sr,

616-980-2150 It really well could be someone Striving to look for Outside weather or not you might have a Residence security system so that they could enter your Home and remove all your life insurance policies your own theft ID policy your own retirement data your W B info and STA information the way they did me. They could possibly Crack your cell phones and then when they Notice you personally Discuss about having another Panel top that someone has placed a notification for an insurance company on making it Look as if you wrote it they May}n' call you personally from W W W and then come and steal your own laptop. Don't request me how they get in because my locks were changed.

Post by KW,

6169802150 When you personally press 1 to let them install they are of foreign Good and when you personally request that they Discontinue calling you are instantly hung Upward on.

Post by Blue daze,

616-980-2150 Called my cell twice but I did t reply. Got 1 yest W W W did t response either.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Says hello and dozen t leave a message

Post by The Cure,

616-980-2150 I Additionally 've gotten calls enjoy the. I 've found the can Cease them. I reply that phone with Specialist XXXIX you Complete within that last name . You might have called into a crime scene and I find which you have called the Amount several times. What's that nature of your business. Usually by the time they have hung Upward. They could possibly phone again but that is that end of it. It worked for me.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Won t Quit calling. Don t answer

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 calling my cell phone for your past week every daytime Around Around six times. they left a message that was nothing but voices in some call Facility. Becoming weary of this

Post by Nickie,

6169802150 Most likely Government scam Coming within India. Don t return that telephone and block it.

Post by Yolo!,

616-980-2150 thanks Authentic bee i will look him up

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Spam

Post by Bill Childers,

616-980-2150 Cheers about your Bros by Amount.

Post by Joe Bob,

6169802150 If you are on that DC list and you personally get a telemarketing call It's A SCAM. Don t even response unless you are the type that likes for make them waste time thinking You're a sucker Afterward state never mind and hang Upward.

Post by Lee,

616-980-2150 Its probably a scummier using a Rob Switch er for phone each number.

Post by Info free,

6169802150 Bill collectors use this method for verify name and other info since their Charging efforts Stadium t working. They may Additionally contact your own neighbors co Employees and family members for look for you personally. The just manner for make these calls Discontinue is for pay your own bills or create payment arrangements. That bulk of telemarketer or scam calls are for the goal of collecting a debt owed. Everyone constantly say s they don t owe any bills but they can Someplace even if from way back or they forgot. It might Only become that a Invoice paid wan t credited Accurately and needs to become straightened Outside only then can the calls Discontinue for you personally. You may still get them for knowing someone else and you personally demand to tell them you are filing charged against them harassing you.

Post by Joe,

616-980-2150 A few phony message talking about home security telemarketing using FBI reports as as attention Strategy.

Post by Lavarock7,

6169802150 Get Straightforward Safe and install it yourself. Monitoring should cost W or less a month.

Post by Nickie,

616-980-2150 Most likely Government scam Coming within India. Don t return your telephone and block it.

Post by Tran,

6169802150 Please block the Amount is called for my cell.

Post by Doesnt matter,

616-980-2150 Ill of calls that are unauthorized. never give my Amount out even on websites. must be my phone Service virgin cellular telephone.

Post by 4permits.com,

6169802150 If you might have a smart Telephone you can download an app to would it. It you personally don t Afterward you are able to call your Telephone Firm and have them block it.

Post by N/A,

616-980-2150 Got a call at that same time for my cellphone as nicely as my sister s posing as a telemarketer asking for install a Dwelling security system. Please block this Amount.

Post by hangup hater,

6169802150 called my UNPUBLISHED mobile number. scam.

Post by Heshaw,

616-980-2150 That s amusing. No wonder these scampers work so difficult it s because there are thus many gullible people Outside there that don t even understand what bait and Change means. The FBI is prosecuting Firms that purchase leads out of this buckler because what they're doing is prohibited. Thanks.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Spam Owner need to block

Post by Ann Onymous,

616-980-2150 Called my cell at Approximately W W PM. I did t response and they did t leave a message.

Post by Paula,

6169802150 All that would matter IF it was a legitimate sales phone which it s not.

Post by do u really hve 2 know,

616-980-2150 No Sherlock

Post by Motty,

6169802150 Sales phone selling GE dismay systems

Post by Connor,

616-980-2150 Edit called back and its Only Fixed.



Post by haha,

616-980-2150 That s kinda what they re doing. . . working for a dwelling. They re certain not doing it for fun. P

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Don t reply numbers I don t .

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 called me i did not answer and Viewed Upwards number Describes exactly why I'm here

Post by magius,

6169802150 received it did not response. It Looks an extremely active number so no reason to answer.

Post by Maria,

616-980-2150 I got phone from the number today

Post by JimJim,

6169802150 Calls everyday i never answer from Region calls

Post by holmeschick,

616-980-2150 Called my cell Telephone Recently day Merely after PM. Since I don t reply calls out of Individuals I don t understand I let it go to express send. They did t leave a voice mail and in the looks of this train of thought I m happy I did t phone it back.

Post by jenkins,

6169802150 Didn't response.

Post by AB,

616-980-2150 W W MI USA

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Spam

Post by Txsqt,

616-980-2150 However they don't describe which you are signing into a contract. Thus technically you are not becoming it for free. Your MR you personally pay Actually pays for the alarm system. I work in House Security and it is called being Slammed within that Business. Alto of elderly customers get suckered into this happening. They will Finish Upwards being in contract along with 2 Firms.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Around Residence security. Already have it plus Partner is a cop son is certified security coder analyst Specialist. We have it all. Merely block these calls.

Post by lisa,

616-980-2150 I got a phone from this Amount didn't reply thus do I block the Amount on my cell

Post by Ed,

6169802150 Blocked this caller

Post by Al,

616-980-2150 Called me and I did t pick Upward. No message. . Sounds insane from the Opinions. . I m blocking this number

Post by Info free,

6169802150 Invoice collectors use the Process for Confirm name and other Information since their Charging efforts Stadium t working. They may Additionally contact your neighbors co workers and family members to look for you. Your only manner to make these calls Discontinue is for pay your bills or make payment Plans. Your bulk of telemarketer or scam calls are for the goal of collecting a debt owed. Everyone always say s they don t owe any bills but they do somewhere even if from way back or they forgot. It May}n' just become that a Statement paid wan t credited Right and needs for become straightened Outside simply then will that calls Quit for you personally. You personally could possibly still get them for Understanding someone else and you need for tell them You're filing charged against them harassing you personally.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Scam

Post by Guest,

6169802150 annoying automated telemarketing

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 called my phone and my mothers 3 times today

Post by Kati,

6169802150 These Folks called for present me a free House security system they went for transfer me to a security Expert and accidental Installed up on me. Folks are talking about blocking them but i dint know how on my house Telephone.

Post by GorillaSnacks,

616-980-2150 This is telemarketing gentleman.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Spam

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 called me i did not answer and Viewed Upwards Amount explains why I am here

Post by lisa,

6169802150 I got a phone out of this number didn't answer so how do I block this Amount on my cell

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Spam

Post by TeaATL,

6169802150 Merely called my cell automated message left on my VIM about a free Dwelling security system. I suppose that same call as everyone else. They're Chronic today.

Post by Bill Childers,

616-980-2150 Thanks Around that Bros by number.

Post by TMG,

6169802150 GOT A Call Now W PM ON MY CELL DID NOT Answer Drained OF UNWANTED CALLS. GET A Occupation.

Post by comcast,

616-980-2150 Yvonne Leave screwing along with people

Post by Alert Do,

6169802150 Registered message warning me not for use wireless Telephone unless amp otherwise your Authorities gonna Ariosto me Men how the legal body can Cease the offensive scaring .

Post by p,

616-980-2150 dint know who this really is

Post by Guest,

6169802150 o

Post by Txsqt,

616-980-2150 Nonetheless they don't describe that you are signing into a contract. Thus technically you are not becoming it for free. The MR you pay Actually pays for your dismay system. I work within Residence Security and it is called being Slammed within your Sector. Alto of elderly customers get suckered into this happening. They can end Upwards being in contract with 2 Firms.

Post by Ola,

6169802150 Did t even leave a message called back X and it says to strive again. Most likely a Joke or scam

Post by 4permits.com,

616-980-2150 If you might have a bright phone you can download an Program to can it. It you personally don t then you are able to phone your Telephone Firm and 've them block it.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 SPAM

Post by Katrina,

616-980-2150 The number is calling and harassing senior Residents. Scaring them.

Post by LH,

6169802150 Called Recently no message. I don t response calls from numbers I don t Comprehend.

Post by annoyed,

616-980-2150 Called both my work AND my cell Telephone Amount that few Individuals know. What the hell.

Post by Brenda,

6169802150 Calling my business line W times in your last hour. House security system. we stopped answering but its annoying.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 Marketing security systems. and Striving get credit card numbers

Post by CW,

6169802150 W W W and similar like W W W are same illegal scam with security systems . Both Amounts phone my cell Generally never leave messages and won't remove me from phone list even after being asked. Never got these calls until I Ended with a supposedly legit alarm company that provided Bad service. One that calls itself your second largest Protection in Us. And your only company Thing that had my cell they were my dismay Business. . After we Ended at that Finish of our service Understanding they attempted all Forms of unauthorized charges and these calls started. A Risk for open case along with BBB removed unauthorized charges and stopped your harassing attempts to reactivate account out of them especially but Subsequently these Rob calls started so most likely the Amount was just sold down your river thus to Talk. Do your Preparation even before becoming alarm monitoring service from even that known Businesses and anyone who would autumn these Rob scams for their dismay service is totally insane.

Post by Guest,

616-980-2150 SPAM

Post by Cookie,

6169802150 I got a phone out of the Amount a few minutes ago. I don t answer and from what I read I m glad I did t the Amount will be blocked.

Post by John,

616-980-2150 From your phone log Touch on that number gt Touch your Menu Placing button gt Touch add to Avoid list . It s absolute best not for reply calls out of unknown or anonymous callers Specially if they re out of out of state. If it s a legitimate telephone or a friend or family member they can leave a express send. NEVER do anything the Owner says to be added to their Don't Phone list Just hang Upward without saying anything or pressing any buttons on your own keypad. That is Merely a ploy for Check they 've attained a working number. You can add your own House or cell Telephone number for your legitimate National Don't Telephone Registry by clicking here HTTP Www. dentally. gov or Writing Internet. dentally. com into your browser window or by hunting for National Do not Telephone Registry on Google or a search provider of your own selection. This is the National Commerce Commission and you may 've to enter a working E-mail address you've accessibility to in purchase for verify your own entry. I vie been using that National Don't Phone Registry for years and 've Significantly reduced unwanted calls especially on acreage line numbers home office etc . You can now add cell phone numbers to your list. It s Additionally a good Thought to get a second E-mail account with Gm ail Hot send or Yahoo mail for use along with websites or sources you personally don't trust but are Demanded for enter an email address. Good luck love your own serenity. John St Peters burg Florida

Post by michael wilson,

6169802150 obtained a call on my business phone in the above number.

Post by tom,

616-980-2150 rang Telephone 6 times Afterward they Put Upwards before i could response. Web search shows that they're probably a Rob telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 Tired of unauthorized calls

Post by rhonda ya know,

616-980-2150 recd telephone from W W W didn't answer. I go ogled once I got to work and it took me for here my favorite Put your VIM was a record on my cell Around a security system. Do NT Reply Just BLOCK IT. Owner is out of Grand Rapids Mi.

Post by y do u have to know,

6169802150 Mine 2

Post by marvin jackon,

616-980-2150 don t understand who this is

Post by RingRing,

6169802150 Acquired two calls minutes from 1 another. No message did t answer.

Post by Theax,

616-980-2150 Called Now no message. My think it is a douche.

Post by Lee,

6169802150 Its probably a scummier using a Rob dial er to phone every number.

Post by bobby,

616-980-2150 scummier calls each week or thus.

Post by Phineas,

6169802150 Everyone knows this can be bogus. . . but after multiple call back I Comprehended that there surely is someone there. Each time I ring it takes between 0 and 3 1 2 rings before it tells you you re phone could t become deleted at the time. I say we all just start calling for block his outgoing line. I m praying someone picks up cause I have a Link to sell that Chap. . . and for just 5 simple payment s of W. W.

Post by Annoyed,

616-980-2150 Only got a call. Quite annoying.

Post by The Curmudgeon,

6169802150 That is not a sales phone yeah right . . . but they want to sell you personally a security system. Even with that brand new number at work they still got through. Ganja smoking criminals demand to get a real ricking job. .

Post by Calvin,

616-980-2150 They're trying for sell Security dismay. Only tell them you a renter they wont even hassle pitching you.

Post by Guest,

6169802150 I can get a free home security system. . It's monitored by Authorities W 7 astounding. . Pressed 1 to get my free setup of my free system but got disconnected. Thus Depressed.

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2148450460 Complains by Guest,

keep phone in me and toxin me

4235359523 Complains by Guest,

It was Around the upcoming election and Needed to know my stance on Ace Life Pro Selection. If you provide any Signal of a selection then they hang up and it's a active signal. Even though that Amount showed Upward on caller ID when I answered it vanished on all house Telephones. thus I W for get the number

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It s that Expert administration hospital apt cs ll

5032087338 Complains by *believe not belwive.,

I misspelled a word.

5202658961 Complains by Guest,

Tested my name said going to ask a few questions Afterward hung Upward. Don't understand what they were calling Around.

8177106279 Complains by Rob,

Ah that previous debtors prison gig huh. What a bunch of tools.

2294027025 Complains by Guest,

Not here

8176072000 Complains by slimy,

Oh I think I have your erroneous number . . . . . felt instead enjoy someone trolling numbers to see which ones get replied.

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8002671177 Complains by mary awotwe,

pals i didn't revive my packages how can i Excellent my Bundle pals my registered no Re W ca

8002223333 Complains by dan,

Called regarding my mortgage. Promised it was apart of many National gov t Software for help reduce my interest rate.

8002678096 Complains by R.,

Would consider maybe becoming a phone blocking Product or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. HTTP notes. com arts Jibe Edgar harass within . . . oi need for know See People post here also HTTP notes. com forum ta affable unending Group calls Themes of Letters HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP Www. FTC. gov OS statutes . shortstop Web. Customer finance. gov hunt . . . HTTP Www. consumer. FTC. gov articles PD W fair credit reporting Work}. pettifogged Www. Buyer. FTC. gov Posts W debt Set And see HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta ABC . . . service attacks HTTP Internet. clearheaded. com news Clark Howard . . . r phones NFC HTTP Web. internet security. org Post. PP. id W HTTP notes. com forum ta behaved . . . W HTTP Web. Buyer. FTC. gov Posts W fake debt collectors HTTP Web. diversion. USDA. gov pubs press releases extortion's. HTML HTTP Www. FDIC. me fake procedure server injunction HTTP notes. com forum ta CBC . . . internet S's Methods HTTP DI. Oregon. gov Customers alerts cash internet payday. HTML HTTP Web. cachets. com Buyer notices To File Gripes FD CPA TC Philadelphia violations Your State Attorney General Their State Attorney general. nag. org you are able to locate your own state AG at the link . HTTP Internet. . gov amp Section HTTP Internet. Buyer finance. gov Criticism For Extortion Scam Operations File reports with the FBI your own state Lawyer general and Department Of Justice CB FTC amp FCC. . HTTP Web. NW's. org HTTP Web. ICC. gov Standard. Internet. FBI. gov HTTP Internet. Quit fraud. gov report. Web. . gov amp Cell HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. auctioned Internet. Client finance. gov complaint HTTP Www. fraud. org

8002488823 Complains by Nicki,

about what.

8002070102 Complains by neKr0w,

Seclusion Star Rim Program says its Connected with Taichung Mayhem. Name dozen t ring a bell for me whatsoever.

8002190950 Complains by Rodney Hartman,

he said something Around a Firm name with WEST in it and i started to laugh and he got mad and said you personally believe this is amusing and I'm Simply trying for do my job and hung up on me

8002255837 Complains by Suzanne,

We vie acquired a barrage of calls out of the number. Caller ID just says Cost free number . They won t leave messages on our ans. machine. Last nighttime I called that number . . . a few Vehicle robot answers TADS Telecommute Sales . After Unlimited Records I finally got through to some real Individual. He looked surprised that we were becoming thus many calls. I informed him I Desired NO MORE calls. He assured me that this would become taken attention of. Surprise. . . another phone earlier Now. I answered and a real Man was at another Finish. While she was nice as she attempted for sell me improved broadband service I reiterated there are for be no more calls. . . period. While we 're TADS customers Maybe not for long I consider these calls unwarranted and excessive.

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