6169804005 / 616-980-4005

Telephone information: Lucre. Grand Rapids, MI. Kent. United states
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218 complaints
Post by Charles,

6169804005 Phew makes me want I did t even have a phone. How that hell do these scampers get all of your numbers.

Post by cev,

616-980-4005 amusing when you call it back it's a non working number.

Post by krd,

6169804005 Same Amount actually Merely called me. I go ogled your Amount and obviously they're calling other people overly. no voice mail and I did t response it

Post by Jerry,

616-980-4005 My wife and I got a cell phone out of the Amount about SEC apart. We did not reply.

Post by Troy,

6169804005 Called at 2 W pm e. t.

Post by chantavia,

616-980-4005 I Simply got a phone from the . Missed it amp amp attempted to phone back but it didn't work.

Post by Dom,

6169804005 Left an automated message saying it was DAT.

Post by damnit,

616-980-4005 Wife n i Simply got these on our cells 1 hour apart thus Calculated id Google it. Says Michigan no vim. Bloody spammers.

Post by Joe,

6169804005 Medical Alert Scam. They falsely claim for have been referred by a Buddy family or medical Supplier. They Afterward try to get your credit card information thus they can start robbing you. I redialed and got messaging saying it was non working Amount. These recalling scummier scum ought to given W year prison sentences.

Post by Lori,

616-980-4005 Calls 2 times in a Line . . no message

Post by Kaisu,

6169804005 I obtained a telephone from this number on my cell phone but did not answer it until I Go ogled it to see what s Upward. Glad I Go ogled it and glad I did t answer it as it appears for become scam of some sort.

Post by beth,

616-980-4005 I have gotten a lot these calls

Post by Tampa,

6169804005 I Simply got this telephone as well No VIM left.

Post by J. BIll,

616-980-4005 Tel scum. Left VIM w many BS Around dismay system.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 House security system

Post by Cody,

616-980-4005 Also got a telephone at W W a. m. Did t leave a message thus I called back and it said that my account isn't authorized to create a call for this Amount. Actually Strange.

Post by Mila,

6169804005 W. W. W it accidentally left a 5 sec vim Automated message saying Dwelling Security System no charge. . .

Post by fed up,

616-980-4005 Called at PM left voice mail alarm system Firm for House owners.

Post by Bob,

6169804005 Called W W same as all. No VIM.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Telemarketer

Post by I was sleeping,

6169804005 IV announced that I vie been selected for a Wireless House Security system. The must have been that Th or Th phone out of them around the previous month.

Post by jmac,

616-980-4005 I'm in Austin got a telephone on my cell I did not reply they didn't leave a message

Post by Syd the science kid,

6169804005 Did would. I state. Dominions pizza what s your purchase.

Post by joannie,

616-980-4005 Same Amount called me left no message

Post by Laughs as scammers,

6169804005 Scam phone on cell

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Owner Identified This number along with a debt Group agency

Post by Ken,

6169804005 Scam. Wireless House security system.

Post by PK,

616-980-4005 Same phone kind Mi along with no voice mail left. W W am

Post by SLB,

6169804005 This Amount came Upwards on my caller ID at work and came to my direct line. I don t give that number for anyone so I did t answer it. They did not leave a message.

Post by J,

616-980-4005 Got a call out of the number at PM on a Monday. no message no phone back.

Post by Katherine,

6169804005 And it s always my work acreage line.

Post by Jessica,

616-980-4005 Caller ID on Apple iPhone said MI Usa. No message left. Others 've also acquired the arbitrary phone no messages left either and referring to this number as a Scummier. I don't wish to get these calls anymore.

Post by jo,

6169804005 same here. No message.

Post by meg,

616-980-4005 W W W keeps calling my number

Post by FedUp,

6169804005 Obtained another telephone out of this Amount today. Calls also gotten on 3 W W 3 W W 1 W W 2 W W 3 W W 2 W 1 1 W 2 and 1 W 4 that is today. The consistently calls my work which USN t Released everywhere and the simply company I 've given this to is my mortgage company. I m assuming that mortgage Firm is selling my data as between Dwelling Guarantee calls refinancing calls home owners insurance calls security system calls and water line Guarantee calls I m drowning within calls. Each just one states either a friend or family recollection referred me which none of them 've my work or I have signed Upwards for receive these messages and Offered them my work . Neither of which has happened. The continue for phone even after Seeking my to become removed once a week for Around 6 months.

Post by John K Johnson,

616-980-4005 Reporting an unwanted Telephone call out of W W W

Post by Virginia,

6169804005 Same as everyone else. at W W am

Post by Meme,

616-980-4005 It happened to me twice

Post by Spencer,

6169804005 Received call no VIM. Added for my Avoid list.

Post by Dan,

616-980-4005 Attention this is not a sales call. . . but of course it's.

Post by Yve,

6169804005 Simply got a telephone from the Amount appropriate now . I see lots of people got a phone from this Amount too and many not overly long before me. I don t know what they desire. I don t desire for know. Seeing some haphazard Amount from a Way away Put USN t exactly what I m wanting for see on my Telephone. O's

Post by Robyn,

616-980-4005 Got a call out of the at 1 PM No message left. Go ogled your number and got for this page I want there were a page for strategies for all spam callers. An unknown Amount comes within. . . Google it and unit with others that have been targeted.

Post by LJ,

6169804005 Acquired two calls out of the Amount 1 on my personal cell Telephone and one on my work Telephone. Both mentioned that I had been nominated by a Buddy or Friend to receive a free security system installed at no cost to me. When I attempted to phone back to ask to be removed from their calling list the message I gotten previously mentioned that I had reached a non working Amount .

Post by mark,

616-980-4005 called Now I m within NYC W PM no message.

Post by Ben,

6169804005 Merely got a phone from this Amount. Owner ID said Reservations. I did not reply your phone. Message was a record Around some sort of security system.

Post by Spring TX,

616-980-4005 Ditto s to above

Post by KCMO,

6169804005 Same as everyone else. . . no message left. Calculated I d Google it.

Post by ron,

616-980-4005 Got one overly Recently Merely after lunch. . . did not leave vim

Post by joe,

6169804005 Same telephone for my phone as well

Post by no one,

616-980-4005 free House security system or a few such BS

Post by Troy,

6169804005 Called at 2 W pm e. t.

Post by Stephanie,

616-980-4005 called at W W left a message that I could t accessibility called back and the line was busy second time I was told that Amount I dialed was invalid. UGH. What's the point to these calls. . . .

Post by TL,

6169804005 This Amount called and left a message about a wireless dismay system. Your message begins Outside that it's not a sales phone and that we vie been referred by a friend or family member. I Gamble they also 've a bridge they ll sell me.

Post by Janelle,

616-980-4005 Rev called 6 W no message or VIM . . .

Post by Kentucky,

6169804005 Only called me same Amount. . . . Automated voice

Post by K,

616-980-4005 Called Me At 2 W PM. .

Post by Frustrated,

6169804005 They left a message for a wireless House alarm system

Post by Shannon,

616-980-4005 Gotten a telephone W 'm Now. Directed} call for my voice send and no message was left. Attempted for telephone back and obtained a occupied tone. Blocked the Amount Personally on my phone.

Post by Kazz,

6169804005 got a call from this Amount a few minutes ago it's a security cysts offer they left a message on express mail prerecorded message

Post by Kat, MD,

616-980-4005 Only got a call no message. Huh I wonder who they're in the looks of it they re really busy today.

Post by Amanda,

6169804005 Merely got call. . . called back and its busy.

Post by Shiloh Meece,

616-980-4005 This Amount called my Telephone and did t leave a message. I don t understand anyone within Mi.

Post by Phew,

6169804005 Thank you for providing an actual response vs I got a telephone and I did t Select Upward how does that help anyone.

Post by Chris,

616-980-4005 Got a phone from them on my work extension let it ring for VIM amp got a recording Press 1 if you are interested in having people install this dismay system

Post by jack,

6169804005 called ten minutes Past did t leave message

Post by Anonymous,

616-980-4005 They called me at 1 W

Post by Les,

6169804005 Left message on my cell. Rob phone offering for install security system at no cost.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 great bye

Post by Gunner,

6169804005 Yes called me at school at 3 W

Post by GI,

616-980-4005 I Only received telephone from same no message

Post by Me too,

6169804005 We got same but i did not comprehend what it say .

Post by Front Desk,

616-980-4005 Vehicle Face er eventually got Approximately for my Amount. I Needed to know what they re selling thus I replied This really is not a sales phone. You have been referred by a Pal or family member. You are eligible for a free wireless House monitoring system. To take edge please press 1. Or press 2 for become removed. Clearly a recording and that telephone quality was bad though that May}n' become more for would with your Hurricane that Merely moved through.

Post by crob,

6169804005 Number called and allegedly Offers home security systems

Post by Chelsea  tennesee,

616-980-4005 Only acquired a telephone from this MSG and missed it I attempted to telephone it back and it would ring for a second Subsequently busy tone it it would be quiet for W seconds and have a active tone

Post by Vicki,

6169804005 It looks like they go Area to Area Granting to your Remark. I too gotten the number did not answer did not understand it do no need it. . .

Post by lenelson,

616-980-4005 did t recognize number did t answer. added it for my phone blocker Program. . number added to your national phone block Information base. it now mechanically gets blocked if u run the Program. Phone Control free app out of Google play store. works Fantastic. blocks calls and texts. 've enjoyment. . .

Post by Syd the science kid,

6169804005 Did would. I say. Dominions pizza what s your own purchase.

Post by Russ,

616-980-4005 Called W minutes Past no voice send.

Post by sanemom,

6169804005 Merely got a call. . nothing. . . no message.

Post by s,

616-980-4005 called me twice. says its from Mi. won t leave message

Post by A.V.W,

6169804005 W W W Merely called me and i m in Central school i could 've gotten within trouble. . . .

Post by Brian H,

616-980-4005 Gotten telephone today from the number has recorded message about offer for free security system scam . Got same telephone the other day out of Distinct along with W Region code.

Post by Kelly,

6169804005 Other posters said it s an alarm Advertising phone. Only called my cell. I did t answer.

Post by Ken,

616-980-4005 Same phone for my mobile Product. No message


6169804005 Merely called me must become scummier making their Units no VIM

Post by Julie,

616-980-4005 I Only got a phone on my cell. No message left. Phone says Mi.

Post by marilyn,

6169804005 Declined phone Now no vim left

Post by Dee,

616-980-4005 Called me Merely now no express send. Thus annoying.

Post by Brenda,

6169804005 Just got a phone from the Amount did not leave a express mail

Post by Nikki,

616-980-4005 Called me at W W 'm I did t response and no vim left

Post by Guest,

6169804005 security system scam

Post by JJ,

616-980-4005 Unavailable. I thought I Discontinued unavailable calls

Post by Tired of this,

6169804005 Got two calls from the Amount. No Message. No answer when called back.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Record said that a Buddy or family member recommended me for security services.

Post by Brandon,

6169804005 Had this Amount call at W the morning. No VIM.

Post by Dennis703,

616-980-4005 Called at 'm. Mr Amount Program flagged as potential spam so I did not response. Left no message

Post by vickey,

6169804005 got same telephone did not leave message.

Post by Brian S.,

616-980-4005 Just got a call from them. Pause Record comes on Attention That is not a sales phone I hung Upward appropriate away as I vie gotten many of these calls around that last few months.

Post by Meme,

6169804005 It happened for me twice

Post by Vicki,

616-980-4005 Received a call an hour Past.

Post by Chris,

6169804005 Additionally acquired a telephone out of them nothing though

Post by HGZ,

616-980-4005 did not left a message.

Post by shannon,

6169804005 Morons keep calling Around a wireless House security system. SCAMPERS at their finest.

Post by Aiden,

616-980-4005 Same thing W is Grand Rapids no Notion exactly why they're calling and not Making messages. Likely a scam

Post by Guest,

6169804005 not able for return telephone rapid busy

Post by Calhoun, GA,

616-980-4005 Simply got telephone from the number no VIM was left

Post by nw,

6169804005 W W 'm Now no message.

Post by Terry Routh,

616-980-4005 Call at 9 W Am. Don't have any idea who it's. Did t answer. Assumed it was many form of junk phone.

Post by Front Desk,

6169804005 Automobile Switch er eventually got Approximately for my Amount. I Needed to know what they re Marketing thus I answered This really is not a sales phone. You have been referred by a friend or family member. You're eligible for a free wireless Residence monitoring system. For take advantage please press 1. Or press 2 to be removed. Obviously a recording and the phone quality was terrible though that might be more for do along with that storm that Simply went through.

Post by no point,

616-980-4005 northern Virginia got the on cell Telephone. W PM. no vim

Post by Jason,

6169804005 Replied and nobody was there. Getting annoyed with haphazard calls at AM

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Security System

Post by Katherine,

6169804005 And it s consistently my work land line.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Security Firm trying for sell their system.

Post by Cabana Boy,

6169804005 got a telephone on my cell at 1 PM on W W W. Left no MSG VIM.

Post by B,

616-980-4005 This company called saying that this was not a sales call and that someone has referred me to get a free wireless Dwelling security system . . . And Afterward I Put Upwards. I don t even 've a Dwelling.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 telemarketers

Post by Genghis Swan,

616-980-4005 Got a telephone and it said Collecting a debt as soon as I heard debt I said Nope and went on with my daytime. Haven t gotten a phone from them ever since.

Post by GA BOY,

6169804005 got telephone on my cell no message. Called back and immediately occupied . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Non working number

Post by David,

6169804005 Robot Owner Marketing home security systems.

Post by Ace,

616-980-4005 Called me at 9 W 'm for 3 days direct during school hours. My phone won t let me block that number that is a Leading bummer.

Post by Allen,

6169804005 Same here. no message

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 They called out of several numbers

Post by C,

6169804005 my son acquired a telephone at 1 W and did not answer. no voice message. He s underage so I check his calls. Called back and got a your own call can not become completed as dialed message

Post by Dan,

616-980-4005 Got a Telephone all same number. No message left.

Post by carlos,

6169804005 Demand Fairly calling

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 A few alarm company spam.

Post by D,

6169804005 Same matter that everyone else has mentioned offering to Mount many variety of dismay system free of charge. Scam city.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Supermom

Post by Guest,

6169804005 no MSG ND call today

Post by rose,

616-980-4005 Rec d phone out of the Amount. No v m left.

Post by Jay,

6169804005 Ha ha i do your Actual same matter. My Amount W W xx xx

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Phone cannot become completed at the time. Sounds enjoy a scam or telemarketer

Post by GI,

6169804005 I just gotten telephone from same no message

Post by Micah,

616-980-4005 I got 1 the morning at W W CDT. Caller ID said GB Promotion Co. Left no VIM

Post by p,

6169804005 got a telephone at W W a. m. says telephone is from Michigan no message left

Post by matt,

616-980-4005 got call at W 'm essential and Recently Approximately same time. no vim.

Post by TankMorgan,

6169804005 Called to tell me that I Simply won a wireless dismay system.

Post by april,

616-980-4005 just called me as well did t response and no vim was left. . . .

Post by Vle,

6169804005 Same at W W

Post by Magnolia,

616-980-4005 Simply received a telephone and a Registered express mail from W W W. Selling security systems installs and such.

Post by TMI,

6169804005 Add one more for your list of those annoyed by the telemarketer.

Post by Ben from MD,

616-980-4005 Called at 1 W est. No message was left. What an excellent site.

Post by John in Ga,

6169804005 Called I did t recognize that number so I let it go to VIM. No message was left.

Post by Donna,

616-980-4005 Rec d a call W W PM at my work number. Owner ID says GB Marketing CO . When I search for them it gives a Lot of listings for that company s name but nothing particularly in Grand Rapids. I m certain it is a marketing phone.

Post by Karen W.,

6169804005 Got one Recently on my cell phone. Did not leave message.

Post by Lori,

616-980-4005 Only called. Number out of MI. Did t reply. No voice mail.

Post by nick hartman,

6169804005 several unwanted calls from the Amount W W W

Post by Jake,

616-980-4005 Called earlier no vim left.

Post by Migdalia,

6169804005 I Merely acquired a phone out of the number no message left. I acquired a Telephone call out of this number before. They never leave a message.

Post by fg,

616-980-4005 Got telephone 8 'm. Appears like its a Rob Owner.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 Southern

Post by KD,

616-980-4005 Dave Out of State Farm

Post by Guest,

6169804005 Automated record quot This can be not a sales phone. . . quot before I Put up.

Post by Don't Know,

616-980-4005 Only called says Mi no express mail nothing. . . I hate these Sorts of phone. Scampers. . . . Telemarketers. . . .

Post by ELT,

6169804005 Got a telephone no message

Post by Rocky,

616-980-4005 Keep becoming calls from the Amount don t answer as my Telephone is prepay and it uses Upwards my minutes my phone is for emergencies only wish they would Cease calling

Post by Smac,

6169804005 Received this phone on my direct work line when I was from office no message

Post by JMM,

616-980-4005 Don t know this Amount they left no message.

Post by tml,

6169804005 called me Around 2 minutes Past. left a express send. that message had that Starting Percentage cut off but it sounded like they were selling Dwelling security systems. i don't have any Notion how they even have my number as i 've it on your don't telephone list.

Post by another,

616-980-4005 Merely called my cell. no MSG. W W pm.

Post by Jay,

6169804005 Ha ha i do that Specific same matter. My number W W xx xx

Post by GNU from Tampa,

616-980-4005 Merely got a phone too. Declined it.

Post by JML,

6169804005 amp SPAM From MICHIGAN

Post by Radishmom,

616-980-4005 6 W PM ET Pare recorded Rob crap. I see they re Quite busy Now. This can be not a sales telephone Baloney 1. You've been referred by a Buddy or neighbor. . . To some Firm supposedly from Mi when I m on a cell Telephone with a FL Place code. I believe not. Baloney 2. . . . free wireless Residence security system. . . Doubtful there s Constantly a Find. Baloney 3. YER Outside.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 Bacall Suez this really is not a sales telephone. . .

Post by SChen,

616-980-4005 Merely got a call from the Amount no message. Established on everyone s comments I ll be blocking this number.

Post by August West,

6169804005 Received call at 1 W pm no message left. . .

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Security systems

Post by Harry,

6169804005 Considerably enjoy everyone else they called at 5 PM I did t response they left no express send.

Post by Celeste,

616-980-4005 Got a call from this number. Left no MSG. 6 PM Got another phone out of some W caller said he was along with Irs. Subsequently Put Upward. I called back non speaking male answered. My response don t call my number again.

Post by Michael,

6169804005 Merely called me at 1 W PM CST. . . . left a express message. Automated message Around a security system for homeowners.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Fraud

Post by kent,

6169804005 Got the telephone Now NW Indianapolis no VIM at W W Am Did not answer No Owner ID.

Post by stacy,

616-980-4005 They called me on my Google Amount. Left a 3 minute Hushed voice mail

Post by jon,

6169804005 I 've an unlisted number for which I pay great money every month but these Bloody people constantly locate their way for Split away honest people

Post by Phew,

616-980-4005 Thank you personally for providing an True answer vs I got a call and I did t Choose up how does that help anyone.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 Attempting to gather info to sell a security system

Post by Blandweather,

616-980-4005 Please remove my number out of your list.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 dismay system

Post by nohup,

616-980-4005 got call from W. W. W

Post by mike,

6169804005 got a phone and left no express send did not pick up

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Eligible to win a wireless home security system. No cheers.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 Recorded message about being referred for home security system

Post by sdk,

616-980-4005 I got overly Merely rang for couple of Min's and Subsequently Installed Upward. no vim

Post by dan        06/ Nov. 2014,

6169804005 Same no. no message

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 gt gun piggy

Post by Charles,

6169804005 Number called warning me Around my local fire Cops Section doing something funny that a Mi number was calling Around a non Mi locality s Cops fire dept and Inquired If i was interested in a home security system. I got an Owner on that phone and Inquired for become Chosen away the telephone list.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 They were Marketing Dwelling security systems.

Post by ugh!,

6169804005 No message

Post by georgia,

616-980-4005 Telephone no message.

Post by Ted Daniels,

6169804005 I received a phone no message left out of the number as well

Post by Cyndy,

616-980-4005 I got a phone from the number. . . no message and it s not a Amount I recognize.

Post by derejie,

6169804005 Called me a Second ago

Post by joe,

616-980-4005 They Simply called me and I could t response Afterward when I called back it said that number could t become Finished as dialed

Post by Kristine,

6169804005 Acquired a Telephone phone did t leave a message. When I called back Verizon s message saying your telephone could not become Finished as dialed. I just need it for stop.

Post by Allen,

616-980-4005 Same here. no message

Post by Kentucky,

6169804005 Only called me same number. . . . Automated voice

Post by Bobby,

616-980-4005 Called today and left no express message.

Post by DeeVah,

6169804005 Got a call at W 'm EST . No VIM left.

Post by Cliff,

616-980-4005 Left message offering security system installation

Post by James,

6169804005 Got a phone on my private cell did not leave message

Post by GNU from Tampa,

616-980-4005 Only got a telephone overly. Declined it.

Post by John,

6169804005 Wow these knuckleheads sure are active Now. They called me too but I missed your call. No express mail message. I figure it s time for get out my bullhorn along with your Constructed within Alarm. grin

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 Non working Amount when you personally try to telephone back. They left message on express mail Seeking for press a quot 1 quot if desire for 've access to an quot application quot . What does that mean. . . .

Post by Jenny,

6169804005 Gotten call at 1 W no message left

Post by don't call me,

616-980-4005 Solicitor.

Post by Bill,

6169804005 They say that it's not a sales telephone. Nicely what on world is it Subsequently.

Post by huh,

616-980-4005 Me overly on my private cell. No vim.

Post by texas,

6169804005 Wow figure they're occupied Now I obtained a call no voice send at W W 'm.

Post by Phill,

616-980-4005 Got a phone from them stating someone referred my name for them it was your House Protection Network When I ask who referred they Put up

Post by Amanda - Atlanta,

6169804005 Got a phone at my work This can be not a sales phone. You have been referred by a Buddy or Friend. . . automated message Installed up at that point as it was clearly a sales telephone D

Post by john doe,

616-980-4005 Unregistered Amount no message. If whoever this number belongs for read this get a life and Discontinue harassing people for a dwelling.

Post by Callmenomore,

6169804005 Just acquired a call from the Amount. Did t leave a message.

Post by Lynn,

616-980-4005 Obtained phone from the Amount at W W a. m. today. Did not answer. No message left. They called my cellphone Amount. I never offer that number to Anyone only use that phone for emergencies so I want to know how they got it.

Post by Guest,

6169804005 quot Do not Reply quot potential Information Larceny. Mentioned won family Holiday non working when you personally phone back.

Post by Guest,

616-980-4005 One telephone Now W 6 W and 1 on W 4 W. did t reply either time.

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4239261171 Complains by Guest,

It s that Expert administration hospital apt cs ll

5032087338 Complains by *believe not belwive.,

I misspelled a word.

5202658961 Complains by Guest,

Tested my name said going to ask a few questions Afterward hung Upward. Don't understand what they were calling Around.

8177106279 Complains by Rob,

Ah that previous debtors prison gig huh. What a bunch of tools.

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Not here

8176072000 Complains by slimy,

Oh I think I have your erroneous number . . . . . felt instead enjoy someone trolling numbers to see which ones get replied.

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no calls no texts

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Drug dealer

8042120832 Complains by jgc,

got a text from W along with your same message as the others. when I text Edward back Verizon said it was a land line and for 0. W I could can a text for voice message. I Subsequently called that Amount along with Place code that return text gave W and got a phone could not be Related as dialed. SCAM. I reported that testing number Additionally.

8002846066 Complains by Amanda,

These people called my parents for me . . . or my ex sister in law along with that same name. After I stated numerous times that her name and my name are your same as if the first time wan t Clear enough I Inquired for info to Check the account was mine because I get calls daily for her Unhappy but Authentic. That Bizarre matter for me is he Inquired me to verify my DOB and SS . . . which I refused I never supply that information around the Telephone. He asked again and I again refused. He then placed me on hold came back Around a Second After and said my system is frozen will there be a manner you are able to telephone back. I was shocked as I could hear people in your background certainly typing and reading from the Displays I asked him for phone back when the system was Upward and running . . . 3 hours Past. Still nothing. I think of it this manner you personally called me for a debt so you've my info read it to me and I ll Confirm. Perhaps I m incorrect but I think this can be a spoofing scam as Hal stead is a credible agency but does not use the number Allowing to them. Interesting huh.

8042177156 Complains by Jessica,

Same here and I would have an account and I create all my payments thus I do not understand that continuous calling. I have been receiving 3 4 calls an hour from two separate numbers Around Linda. It's annoying and when I response it is a Registered message or I get hung Upward on. It makes no sense. . . even after asking not for get calls the just one time I was able to Talk for an True Man.

8042144024 Complains by Annoyed,

Received 3 calls on W W and 1 call on W W no messages. Name within Caller ID is variations on that Amount W W W which has a lot of notes reports thus I m guessing this brand new W number is Simply a disguise.

8002662279 Complains by Guest,

Sorry but you have the erroneous Amount.

8042104077 Complains by MStangGurl83,

Same here the number called me at 4 W today on my cell it rang once and then hung up

8003073588 Complains by Robocall,

I Simply got a telephone out of W W W. It was from many Illinois State Senator. Can t Recall her name. Within any case it was about some Nov. 1 Occasion for a Customer for People Senator David Hoffman. So that Amount probably dozen t Fit to Global Knowledge. It s probably many Rob dial er calling service that various companies hire for Advertise their message. Thanks for your Senator s message I believe I ll Place Hoffman on my list of Individuals NOT to vote for within that upcoming election.

8042123862 Complains by Michelle,

A record asking for an individual who isn't at the . Stated that is not a sales or Advertising call. and id this really is press . I hung Upwards.

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