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Telephone information: Pacific Bell. Arcadia, CA. Los Angeles. United states
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Post by Guest,

6264459134 Keep calling saying that I qualified for a auto loan advise not interested

Post by john,

626-445-9134 called to repair my Notebook or desktop . telemarketing and most likely fraudster

Post by Anita,

6264459134 Got that same Irs message and was given a Amount to call. . . . idiots left it on my replying machine. Amount for telephone is W W W. It goes to a Cellular telephone Amount within At water California. I will be turning the around for that Telephone Firm and state attorney general s office. It is Around time they earned their money.

Post by unknwn,

626-445-9134 These Base feeding Scumbags don t Discontinue calling. They are looking for a sucker who will give them Rural accessibility to their computer. Don t become a idiot. These morons are Scummier Scumbags. They're your worst of the worst.

Post by Kimberly,

6264459134 Called 2 Days within a row small Wait Subsequently said goodbye and disconnected

Post by AntiScammer,

626-445-9134 I got similar call today. A Man with Indian Highlight told me that I got virus in my own Laptop. He walked me many error message within my Computer and Subsequently told me that there's serious viruses in my own Computer. He then Needed for transport me to your Microsoft certified Tech. I Thought that was scam. I asked their Business and Telephone . They told me their Business name but not Telephone . Once I Inquired them again for phone . They hung Upwards. I Subsequently searched their Firm name and scam . I found there are many complaint about this scamming Firm. There surely is even Tv video from Australia about scamming evidence out of this Firm within YouTube. Caller Kind Prank Call

Post by Anonomous,

6264459134 Acquired recorded message saying that Irs is going to sue me. ha ha. It s time to add the for that block list.

Post by BIll,

626-445-9134 I am guessing they read that Forums. My Amount was slammed X by this Man or spoofed scummier.

Post by Lisa/West Marin,

6264459134 Left a message to call a W said they were from your Government and they were going to sue people. Anyone along with brains knows your Irs would contact you personally by send. They demand for get real.

Post by capitalanimal,

626-445-9134 I 've received 5 calls in the last W hours. The most current call I replied and Inquired who it was and why they were calling. Victor out of a cash loan department . I told him for take me away his list for Quit harassing me and to get rid of any info they 've of mine. If he dozen t I 'm going to press Fees. I have already Started contact with that local Experts and I will not hesitate to Follow legal Actions if the calls continue for come in.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 windows scam they may get hold of your computer and Strength you for pay them for a brand new quot windows Variant quot which is not Actual.

Post by Nick,

626-445-9134 They said the Authorities had selected me to get a government grant. Afterward she said something Around Education and I figured they got my Amount from a survey I filled out Around selecting a Professional school. Girl having an Indian accent. Hard for comprehend.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Think spam don t leave a message. I am on DC list.

Post by Mike B,

626-445-9134 gotten a phone out of this Amount at 5 W Am PST. who calls at that hour. called the number and it was absolutely bogus. A total scam company. Don t reply. They desire to service your own Computer and probably remove personal information at your same time. Report the for your local Cops Section Only like I did.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 No just one on the other end. Called the number back and recording says Amount not in service. Must become spoofing your show number.

Post by Delores Linscott,

626-445-9134 Good grief. You don t want unusual calls but you personally happily post your Telephone number in a People forum. Are you personally Actually that gormless or is that number that of your own worst enemy.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 this Owner is stating they are that Irs and threatening for sue . you should telephone the Amount W W W

Post by elle,

626-445-9134 Called out of CA saying he had info Around my lost dog I posted about in MN. Called from two Distinct Amounts.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Calls and when asked what Firm is this they hang Upward . . .

Post by Ed,

626-445-9134 This called me claiming he works for Microsoft s specialized assist and I was having a problem with my computer. Which is news to me since I 've an Comprehensive Schooling within computer science. . . . I told him to go f k himself and Put Upwards. I can become forwarding his data and Telephone Amount for the FBI.

Post by Anonymous,

6264459134 Bacall about Irs said that I had a debt with them The pare Registered Bacall obligates me for paid about W grand I hung up don t consider on any trap that makes these delinquents get what they desire money and empty Our Bank Reports These people adore to see others Experience. Become careful of these crooks.

Post by Quebecois,

626-445-9134 If you did not get the call from that Amount Merely don t define many thing about that Unique if you personally don t understand at all that Subjects. . . The number is regular working Amount from telephony Business VIP system. Folks when use Interior VIP subjoins phone outside. . And this really is Amount that system put on their call.

Post by Foulmouth,

6264459134 Have experienced this a few times. Now responded for Owner s offer for help along with my Windows Issues by calling him a burglar and a liar. Also told him to go f k his Mum. Got back Around W calls telling me what he was going for do to my female relatives. Expect he s now considering a Livelihood Alter.

Post by Anonymous,

626-445-9134 1 W W W my Owner ID says is from Arcadia CA. That phone I got was similar stating that I would get 9 W. W within W from calling this 1 W W W to Confirm the confirmation G is a Authorities Grant fund Lola. . . . . amp Additionally says for Check go for Web. Authorities grant. org Ha Ha Ha man those Scampers certain do there research MFA . . . . . That is Only Around your same sch rind that I got lolls got a telephone from an unknown number I decided to Select it Upwards for giggles Understanding it would Likely be some prank Owner they told me they were from your Government and that I 've won a once within a lifetime allow in the government they Subsequently gave me this Amount W W W for telephone and receive my info about my allow. When I called my phone said your Owner ID was District of Columbia and when they replied they said they were from your Government they told me that because I paid my bills on time which I do not 've any as I Merely turned W and because I had no bankruptcy that they're sending me a tax refund when I do not even 've a Occupation also they said I was 1 of W Individuals which were chosen for this particular grant. He Inquired what payment I would want my money within I said cash Afterward he said it would become at your Western Credit Union and that when I got there I would have to telephone him thus he can walk me measure by measure on what for can Subsequently he said I Desired my identification card and W dollars for a security deposit that I would get back. I did not can it but please beware of the telephone. That guy said his name is Alex Johnson but has an Highlight of someone out of a different State that would not 've such a common name enjoy that.

Post by Quebecois,

6264459134 If you did not get your telephone from that Amount Merely don t define many matter about that Unique if you don t know at all that Subjects. . . The number is regular working Amount out of telephony Firm VIP system. People when use Interior VIP subjoins phone outside. . And this is number your system Set on their phone.

Post by Margaret in Virginia,

626-445-9134 Woman with a significant Highlight called your Firm switchboard and Inquired for speak for John . Having around W employees we have more than 1 John and I asked for John s last name. She told me she did t understand. I told her that I could t help her if she did t understand who she was Attempting to reach. She did t answer and then Installed up. About 2 minutes After I obtained a phone from W W W an a different woman with that same type of Feature as the other lady Inquired to Chat to some John but provided a last name this time. That Specific person Hans t worked here within years and I simply told her that we did t have an Staff by that name. She Afterward spelled his name out and I told her that we STILL don t 've anyone here by that name. She ongoing to request until I finally said Mum 'm what component of we don t 've a John . . . . working for our Firm. . . I don't have any Notion who either of that girls were along with or exactly why they were calling and I really did t care enough to request.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Don t reply. Scam.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Something Around a computer at midnight

Post by Nina M.,

6264459134 I 've been called by this Amount several times. I was told that it is a Tech out of Dell and that my computer has been sending them error messages through your windows Upgrade. He tells me to open specific windows as proof that my computer is in instant danger and under attack out of viruses. He needs for take over my computer thus he can rescue it. That first time I was Mindless enough for assist. Then had major Issues Several months later they called again with that same spiel. I have learned.

Post by JJ,

626-445-9134 Automated female phone from W W W. Claiming to become that Government. They vie been Attempting to reach me. Of path no name of who they re trying for reach. It was my last call they were going for make a lawsuit against me. Who Discussions enjoy that. I was told for telephone W W W viewing your claim. SCAM.

Post by CJ,

6264459134 They even call to Switzerland. Become aware of them they state that they work for Microsoft Web Security and they desire to 've your own computer ID etc. This can be SCAM. . . . I talk along with them Around W Minutes let them wait on that Telephone. . . . they may become charged 3 per Second Bahama. I telephone Upwards within between Microsoft Switzerland and request about the cruel service Microsoft told me that it s SCAM. Subsequently I called the Police they located that source at Eli Monte. Eventually I told them that I use an Mac. . . Bahama. An now there surely is a criminal objective. . . .

Post by Jen,

626-445-9134 Got my first telephone from this number a few months ago. I told your Indian Man on the phone which he was packed with amp and this was a scam. He Subsequently threatened for have each telemarketer within India calling me and which he would post my phone Amount on the Web. Got another call this evening and told the Man I did t know how he would get the number because this was my W year old grandmothers house and that there was no computer in this House. That guy did t know what to state after that.

Post by Sue,

6264459134 Dodgy phone. . Man said he was from a Home company just Needed for request me 3 simple questions. Told him I belonged to your Phone Taste Plan did not Take unsolicited calls and for take my number away his list. He came back along with it s just 3 brief questions . I told him it was still an unsolicited telephone so when such I was not accepting it and Installed Upwards. Reading previous posts Around the number it Appears like they try all sorts of scams. .

Post by Lee,

626-445-9134 Keeps calling little Wait and Subsequently hang Upward calls a couple of times a daytime.

Post by Anita,

6264459134 Got that same Irs message and was given a Amount to call. . . . idiots left it on my answering machine. Amount for telephone is W W W. It goes to your Mobile number within At water California. I may be turning the over to that phone Business and state Lawyer general s office. It is Around time they earned their money.

Post by Karen,

626-445-9134 Left a message saying I m within trouble along with Government and Offered a totally Distinct to call back W W W. Scam. .

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Message on vim. Calling out of Government. Have called several times they have and this is final discover that they're Processing a suit against me. Phone W to discuss

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Keep calling saying that I qualified for a Vehicle loan suggest not interested

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Did t response. Don t know what they Needed.

Post by Quebecois,

626-445-9134 If you personally did not get your telephone from that number just don t define some matter Around that Specific if you personally don t understand in the least that Themes. . . The Amount is regular working Amount from Telephone Business VIP system. Individuals when use internal VIP subjoins phone outside. . And this really is number the system Place on their telephone.

Post by Richard,

6264459134 I found the owner of that Site through who is. com. Sponsoring Registrar Go Dad. com LC R'S LR MS Standing Client Delete PROHIBITED Status Client Restore PROHIBITED Status Customer Transfer PROHIBITED Standing Customer Update PROHIBITED Registrant ID Registrant Name Alex Registrant Organization Registrant Street Ukraine Street Registrant Street Registrant City State State Postal Code Registrant Nation Registrant Telephone W. Registrant Phone Ext. Registrant Facsimile Registrant Fax Ext. Registrant Email gm ail. com In case Anyone would like for Begin making the same calls to him.

Post by Michelle,

626-445-9134 I acquired a phone out of this Amount 3 W W at W fundamental time. Automated female express just said . . . We vie been trying for reach you personally. It s is Processing a suit against you. . . Write this Amount down. . . 2. . . Subsequently repeated Amount. And Installed Upwards. . . . I 'm hoping it was a spammer. . . From the sounds of that history of this Amount. . . . Must become spam

Post by Martha,

6264459134 Bloody recording of a Girl s express saying That is that Irs. . . . we have been trying to get a hold of you personally. . . blah. . . blah. . . blah. . . phone people instantaneously EC. . . Just person I m calling is the National DENTALLY. . . . Bloody jerks. . . BLOCKED.

Post by Mary,

626-445-9134 Yes see HTTP Internet. Facebook. com posts W Theatres is indeed a scam. The FBI page has a whole list of Amounts Folks 've been called out of. HTTP Fox's. com W W W Difficulty solvers . . . lost Dog Residence The company is Simply a front no just one looks for that lost pets no Hospitals vets shelters etc in that area are advised of that missing Dog. They take your own money don t would anything and will not refund your own money within spite of their money back ensure that simply matter guaranteed is they are scampers .

Post by California,

6264459134 Got a phone before 7 W a. m. this morning with an automated message. That message said that it was the Government Striving for Find me because I 'm in serious trouble along with my Fees. The message Offered another to call. A Absolute SCAM. . .

Post by Not Buying It,

626-445-9134 Just got a Telephone phone at 3 W CST Saturday. . . Saturday. A phone message said the Irs was going to file a lawsuit against people. First off your Government consistently communicates through snail mail. The terminology used is wrong Additionally. What an evil matter to try and do. Hung up before anyone live came onto the Telephone. That was another clue that government barely works regular hours let a Only on a Saturday.

Post by MNGal,

6264459134 Rec d a vim out of the number Now saying that they are the Irs and that it s Closing Notice that they re Processing a suit against me. . . scam for certain.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 On Feb at 2 W PM CT I obtained an automated call on my replying machine maintaining to be the Government. They told people that the Government was filing a suit against us and for phone W W W. Scam.

Post by les,

6264459134 got a call from someone named harry said he was calling about my computer. Having Merely Decided my computer up from your store a few times prior I knew there was nothing wrong along with it. I Installed Upwards on the guy. He called again Around an hour After my son replied and hung Upwards again. He called back within a Second asking to speak to my daughter. That idiot said he talked for her a few minutes ago and she explained I wasn't home so he helped her Cope along with that Dilemma on that computer. She hadn't been home all daytime and I was Residence all daytime. I told him he could not Talk to her and Put up. No sooner did I hang Upwards he called again twice. It is a scam. Microsoft won't telephone you about Difficulties along with your computer. He called out of a different number each time thus beware

Post by NotStupid,

626-445-9134 Called Registered message saying they were your Irs and I was being sued. Yep I don t believe so.

Post by Rupert Rabbit,

6264459134 Wednesday March W 7 W PM. Was out came home and had been left a message Around Microsoft. This can be that first time I 've been contacted. I consider this to become a SCAM. .

Post by Nick,

626-445-9134 Got a message on my House Telephone out of this Amount that they were your Irs calling and they were Around for sue me and the was their last find. Your message Required I call them back at W W W. I m as summing this was a scam I think that actual Government would 've mailed a page first.

Post by Not that stupid,

6264459134 I gotten a call out of the Amount and after to was Related the caller said him name was Sid Watson and he was calling Around a security Dilemma along with my computer. I responded along with a sarcastic oh really and Subsequently he hung up. Second telephone Now regarding my computer.

Post by Surrey  BC,

626-445-9134 8 W p. m. PST Got your phone like your others. A Girl within the case appeared like she was learning the process as she was stumbling. After your brief Speak re my computer I said she was full of baloney and Installed Upwards. Perhaps your notion is a Girl will get in for your scam. I won't become as courteous if they attempt again.

Post by Anonymous,

6264459134 1 W W W my caller ID says is out of Arcadia CA. Your telephone I got was similar stating that I would get 9 W. W in W from calling the 1 W W W to Confirm the verification G is a Authorities Grant fund Lola. . . . . amp Additionally says for Confirm go for Web. government allow. org Ha Ha Ha guy those Scampers confident do there research MFA . . . . . This can be Merely about that same sch peel that I got lolls got a call out of an unknown number I decided to pick it Upwards for giggles knowing it would Likely be many Joke Owner they told me they were from the Authorities and that I 've won a once in a lifetime allow from the Authorities they Subsequently gave me this number W W W for phone and receive my info about my allow. When I called my Telephone said your Owner ID was District of Columbia and when they replied they said they were from your Government they told me that because I paid my bills on time which I don't 've any as I Simply turned W and because I had no Insolvency that they're sending me a tax refund when I do not even 've a job also they said I was 1 of W Individuals that were Selected for this particular grant. He asked what payment I would desire my money within I said cash Afterward he said it would be at the Western Credit Union and that when I got there I would have for call him so which he can Go me step by step on what for can then he said I needed my identification card and W dollars for a security deposit that I would get back. I did not do it but please beware of the call. The Man said his name is Alex Jackson but has an Highlight of someone out of a Distinct Nation that would not 've this type of common name like that.

Post by Mr. Apcmaker,

626-445-9134 Just got a telephone out of W W W asking for Chat for my wife. Told him he had a erroneous Amount but proceeded to talk to me about my computer within a heavy Indian accent. Installed Upward after he started his pitch. Should vie kept him on that line. I m a computer Technology and would vie had lots of enjoyment dragging him along for W Minimum.

Post by Miguel,

6264459134 I received a call out of the Amount but it was family out of my House State using many kind of VIP service

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Said it was the Government. when i called back that number wan t in service.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Calling from Irs. Have called several times they have and this can be Closing detect . I Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 computer express record. Government scam.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Dint understand what they desire.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Only got a telephone out of the number on my cell phone no message left

Post by Alfred 1950,

6264459134 Intriguing At 9. 'm Ontario time I gotten a Telephone telephone out of a woman who claim to become a representative of Microsoft Showing that they 've obtained connection from my system saying that my computer is malfunctioning and Consequently they would love me to go for my computer and they may direct me step by measure on the way to correct the problem. Due to that she has a very strong Indian accent I told her that I could t comprehend what she was saying. Then she told me to wait a bit and she pass that Telephone to another Individual. The time that Man I was talking to was a guy also with the powerful Indian accent. After he repeated the same matter that the Female said he asked me if I could go to my computer and he can guide step by measure for him for 've accessibility to the system and create the Always corrections to solve my Difficulty. Thus I asked him for tell me what problem my computer has because as Way as I know I don t 've any Issues. Afterward he says that I m not conscious of it but your Firm he is working for which is Microsoft knows. I asked him again he should tell me that Issue so I could become aware of it and can the correction myself. He insisted that the Problem is really Complex and if he tell me I would not become Competent to mend it because he is that one who is Approved by Microsoft for can that corrections. Afterward I asked him if he works for Microsoft you must have given a Amount as Large Corporations would I can check on your credentials. Subsequently he hang Upward. I know one matter Around Microsoft and other Institutions or Corporations they don t telephone you you personally telephone them if you have a Difficulty. Never was another way Approximately and never may be

Post by colleen s.,

626-445-9134 My phone was not about my computer your message said it was that Government and were going to file a suit against me I despise scams like this. They attempt to get cash out of Individuals they mostly try to target the aged. Got a phone enjoy the before but your phone number was out of back east. If any of you might have aged parents or aunts and uncles warn them about this thus they are not taken edge of. I am going to report them to your Irs there is a hot line to let them know Around these scumbag scampers.

Post by Guest,

6264459134 Called my Norwegian Telephone number. Dint understand what they want

Post by mickey finn,

626-445-9134 the Asian Man first called from a pay phone Amount and said his b s i told him where he could put his computer that he called back using the Amount cussing within Chinese. dint autumn for it

Post by Anonomous for obvious reasons,

6264459134 The leach called me here in Australia. Must become Actually determined for make a telephone international. . . . I Simply blocked his number on my iPhone S. Loss.

Post by JB,

626-445-9134 Just got a call from that Guy within Arcadia California telling me that same as other Gripes further Upwards asking for an Unusual name supposed for live at my place. I can speak french his English is . I m Around miles away. SCAM. . That odor bad. . . Telephone Firm should investigate on those buggers. Quebec Canada

Post by Mr. Phauster,

6264459134 the number is now a Government warning telephone. watch out. . .

Post by 626-445-9134 / 661-748-0240  ,

626-445-9134 Called again different today See above BLOCKED. . had not empty name Just thing along with full was GSA listing that added company new. . Removed today could become 2 late. . . Scum demeaning of are you certain this isn't he. . . Consistently request the name of business who is calling Concerning of What. No he she isn't in may take a message Click they hang Regrettably not for Actual. . .

Post by Ole Mygård,

6264459134 I obtained a telephone out of this number Now at. W W Mph Ole NY rd

Post by Bird,

626-445-9134 Long pause. . . Afterward mentioned from windows and my computer was delivering Malfunction messages. . . I asked which computer they said the one with windows. . . they all 've windows. . . I told them this can be a scam phone and Put up

Post by Guest,

6264459134 E insisted several times that I go sit in front of that computer for offer him that permit number. He called back amp spoke for my Man who called him a criminal amp discussion got heated. Your numbers he called out of are the 1 amp W W W. He had a heavy accent amp could not use Right English. SCAM. . .

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Said phone was out of Government along with final see and may file match.

Post by Flook,

6264459134 I got a telephone out of the idiot but I Merely Love winding them Upwards. . Here are a few matters I 've done attempted along with these calls. . . . . . . . 1 When they say they're out of Microsoft I state Oh Excellent. I having a problem along with messages from Ukraine on my Ubuntu system. They then Normally state What. there really IS a Ubuntu system. . I Subsequently Entomb then within technical rubbish Around how Ubuntu works Underneath Windows and I need an expert for translate from your Chinese. etc etc 2 I hold that Telephone somewhat way away and shout quite loudly I have that id ion from your Ukraine. Can you personally Area my phone through for that FBI agent. If they remain on your line Afterward I use my rotten People accent and provide a click on that line then say Representative Yuri DOT or whatever. . . . a few microseconds later they are gone. . 3 Or. . . I Place on my terrible fake strong African Feature and ask what is this matter that's Gentle etc etc The could Head for lots of pleasure. Or Oohed yes. Macro gentle. Yes. Thank you. . . . Can I order some more condoms or maybe HIV pills. . . . anything bizarre that Offers you a joke. 4 Or. . . I use a white static Sound I Registered on my iPhone and state Just one moment. . . I demand for send a few Info down your line for your telephone and computer system. Subsequently start your electronic noises. . Baum. Gone in a flash. . 5 Lots more I 'm sure you can think of. . . Good Fortune. . Le Flock

Post by Mary,

626-445-9134 Yes see HTTP Web. Facebook. com posts W Theatres is truly a scam. The FBI page has a entire list of numbers people have been called from. HTTP Fox's. com W W W problem solvers . . . lost Dog home Your Firm is Simply a front no one appears for the lost pets no Hospitals vets shelters etc in your area are suggested of the missing pet. They take your cash don t can anything and will not refund your own money within spite of their cash back guarantee your only matter guaranteed is they are scampers .

Post by Me,

6264459134 I had a phone Merely now saying that Irs is suing me. . . Lola

Post by Michael Grant,

626-445-9134 I also received a telephone along with the number Offered in the caller id. Indian sounding express. Said his name was John Smith in the windows support team . I asked him for that name of the Firm he Signified. He refused for answer. After I asked him Around 6 times he Installed Upward on me. He has called me same voice probably same Individual 3 times now at various times.

Post by Tess,

6264459134 I got a phone out of 1 W W W . A guy who said his name was Charlie Began rambling on about how my computer was in serious trouble. He said he had all my Information So he was valid. He said Private Information was being hijacked out of my computer. He was from Microsoft and was going to walk me through the best way to let him accessibility my computer slightly so he could mend this Trouble. If I did t let him can it my personal Information would continue to be stolen via my IPA address. He had an extremely thick Indian Highlight and repeated your same lines around and around. After letting him ramble for a few minutes I told him I worked for Microsoft and at no time would Microsoft Begin this kind of Telephone telephone. Silence. Subsequently I made him listen for my 2 Second Observation about him being a con artist a low life and a fraud. And how he should be ashamed of what he was doing. I went on and on. . . . Oh that drama. . I Recommended he hang Upward and never telephone me again I was calling your authorities.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 SCAM State they are out of Windows Support and my computer is changed.

Post by Delores Linscott,

6264459134 Good despair. You personally don t desire unusual calls but you happily post your Telephone Amount within a public Newsgroup. Are you personally really that gormless or is that number that of your own worst enemy.

Post by swedish dude,

626-445-9134 I got your telephone W W Swedish time. I did not answer but it said that it rang from Arcadia CA. Why do this Individual telephone Individuals around the universe.

Post by Susan F.,

6264459134 W W W called me this morning at 8 W 'm a recording of path stating the Irs is filing a suit against me and to telephone this number starting along with a zero. DON T ANS ER The Call. . .

Post by Nikki,

626-445-9134 Maintained to be southwest airlines. Complete scampers

Post by Sharon,

6264459134 Called at W within your morning stating they were that Government and filing a law fit against my grandmother. They rambled out a Telephone number and did t offer her a ch ace to even write it down before they Put Upward. Ridiculous people.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Did not answer. Message on voice mail was automated saying they were the Government and were filing a litigation against me and Offered me a W Amount for call. Clear scam.

Post by atcnavy34,

6264459134 Acquired the call at 8 Am here within Central NY and having grown Upwards in California I can assure you that there surely is no business which is going for phone me at 5 'm out of California.

Post by jesus rivera,

626-445-9134 Poe favor devolve lambada no SE lien es Garcia's

Post by Guest,

6264459134 A few dumb machine

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Dint understand what they need.

Post by Bob,

6264459134 Same Irs Trick as Joey above. Offered a number to call back. . . W something or other. . . did t last that long for actually listen more.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 've called several times to tell me that my quot windows quot computer has sent them Malfunction messages and that they could quot fix quot the Issue. SCAM.

Post by Ducking Scam Calls,

6264459134 Gotten phone from W W W could hear Folks talking within back ground and Installed Upward. I 've seen Amount before and been given the your computer has a problem scam.

Post by bunch of scammers,

626-445-9134 claimed to be from the Guarantee of my lap top saying that they demand to Personally guide me threw that difficult drive to get rid of UN Needed malicious software

Post by Montreal, Quebec,

6264459134 They phone me at PM and hang Upward. Cheers for the warnings guys

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 People DRUG

Post by Sage,

6264459134 Trash. Do not reply. British Columbia.

Post by Alyce,

626-445-9134 They said they were that Irs and they are Processing a law suit against me

Post by San Diego,

6264459134 They called my cell phone and then just sat their respiration. Lame.

Post by Guest,

626-445-9134 Scam Irs asking for settle

Post by Me,

6264459134 I had a telephone Simply now saying that Irs is suing me. . . Lola

Post by dipstick,

626-445-9134 What gets me is exactly why can t Telephone Firm block that numbers. They should Assess the scam Websites for these s and block them. don t Simply take take take out of customers. get that IPA address Discover these low life's and amp Place them in jail.

Post by Eugene,

6264459134 same Cope called saying he is from Best Laptop SUPPORT representing Microsoft and he desires to help me fix a few problems on my computer by providing him a Rural session. . . . . . . Being a software Builder for W years never seen a Dealer being so nice. . . . . . . thus I asked him for his company Telephone number and address and he bailed. . . . . . .

Post by Tulsa OK,

626-445-9134 They are calling my Workplace from many diff rent numbers but they are asking for an employee who no More works here . said they are calling from Pay Day Loans and needing to collect on a debt. Once my coworkers and myself describe this really is a company and Remove the phone Amount from their records they begin to curse and swear at people. We have giving your s for your supervisors and they have giving that Telephone numbers to our Phone Service to have them blocked. This is a scam Validated by Payday Loans themselves.

Post by AJ,

6264459134 Called for tell me he was out of Windows and that I had a security issue with my computer and that it was giving out personal data IE. SS address phone Amount. He told me that I could fix it online if I would remain on your line and work with him. I refused and told him I would take attention of my own dilemmas along with your Geek Team. He said that they could t fix it. I Put Upward.

Post by G,

626-445-9134 They called at 6 W a. m. and Began telling me this was my Closing notice out of Government and the Government was filing a litigation. What a horribly nasty scam artist. Likely can frighten a few Folks into calling back. Totally bogus. Plus woke me up. .

Post by scooter,

6264459134 keep calling out of this i demand to Quit them

Post by Judy Morris,

626-445-9134 At 6 W pm this evening August Th small Wait within a voice. I Subsequently Installed up. Garbage.

Post by Mary,

6264459134 Yes see HTTP Web. Facebook. com places W Theatres is really a scam. The FBI page has a whole list of Amounts Individuals 've been called from. HTTP Fox's. com W W W Difficulty solvers . . . lost pet House That Business is just a front no just one appears for the lost Animals no Centers vets shelters etc within that Place are advised of the lost Dog. They take your cash don t would anything and won't refund your own cash within spite of their money back ensure the simply matter guaranteed is they are scampers .

Post by sam,

626-445-9134 Hey soy P} Seville Spain a mi me Han llama do y me London taro Eli numeric AIs Que no lo corgi despise he busked information ceca Del numeric y me he encountered con to can es to . Garcia's chi cos Poe advert

Post by Humpty,

6264459134 Yes this can be a nuance. One manner of getting them back without too Substantially problem is Used W seconds to fake that you are interested Afterward Place your own Telephone apart and let them Discuss into your blue as long as they enjoy. It may Price their time not your s. It may Show them. For myself I used for hate it when I got these calls. It used for piss me off. Now I Ike it when they phone. It gives me a good Experience I get to waste their time 8

Did you get an unwanted call from 626-445-9134? Is 6264459134 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

8314266998 Complains by dino,

Received a call out of a foreign accented speaker saying they were from PG amp E SAVINGS To FOLLOW. I Hung Upward.

9785702402 Complains by Guest,

An unknown Wellness Application. Called out Of nowhere

8323976116 Complains by Lynne,

They call Practically Regular. Shows UNAVAILABLE on the Owner ID. It Looks I get more unwanted calls than I 've ever had before I registered on your Don't Phone Registry. What s your point.

9789652090 Complains by Guest,

hang up

8003643209 Complains by Carmin,

Please dint telephone anymore. You personally call each daytime at Distinct hours. Yesterday you call at W. W pm. An no one is speaking. just loud Bands.

8068538393 Complains by Guest,


9093191586 Complains by Guest,

the Man no More take telephone from you. . . . . bah

2025808532 Complains by Guest,

Hang ups. I wont reply after that.

9099613203 Complains by Guest,

Spanish spam after Getting a Target app.

9202319772 Complains by Guest,

searching for cash out of Firms I vie never heard of.

9203707429 Complains by Guest,


8474886050 Complains by Guest,


7134391111 Complains by Guest,

dint permit for send messages

5124579020 Complains by Guest,

They say its about a loan I haven t Used for. They telephone out of different numbers W times a daytime. . . .

3364967849 Complains by Guest,

no longer taking messages if you are complaining and refusing 2 would anything Around it

8642265373 Complains by Guest,

don t know who that is

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