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Telephone information: Peerless Network Of California. West Covina, CA. . United states
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Post by Guest,

6265215591 Spam

Post by JoeJ,

626-521-5591 I keep becoming calls from this entity 3 X a daytime. Give me a break. What protection from unwanted calls is there. There Must for be a law against the.

Post by Dana,

6265215591 Calls me 2 3 times a daytime and since they are calling my cell phone Amount I won t reply them. After reading other Remarks I 'm certain this Amount is out for scam Individuals at Christmas time. They need to leave me alone. . .

Post by Ears,

626-521-5591 Oh on a side note had a Firm strive this last year saying I took Outside a W loan and if I did t pay they were going for have that Authorities show Upward and Charge me. I called that local FBI number and reported your Condition to them and saved that messages they left on my phone and went down to my local Authorities Section and Registered a report and they called your number back out of my Telephone and told them to Discontinue that what they were doing was harassment and prohibited. Haven t gotten a call out of them since.

Post by Phil Burks,

6265215591 This Amount has called my cell phone 7 or 8 times Now and I am Recorded on that do not call list. . . . How do I stop these calls .

Post by phantom,

626-521-5591 Here s what I said First let me give the Telephone Amount for your local Authorities Section Afterward let me telephone Walmart and give them the number if all is legit I can telephone you back haven t heard out of them since that call. . . hmm Millimeter.

Post by Holloway,

6265215591 Got two calls both on my CELL Telephone a Mexican. guy named Disaster instantaneously attempted to sell me something. Had my service Company block them and filed a report to the FTC. That Match gentlemen.

Post by ladybug,

626-521-5591 I was thinking your same thing but I notion it was kinda Bad that I have to pay for get a PRIZE I won. . .

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Won t Quit calling they telephone every daytime um Min.

Post by Feli,

626-521-5591 I never reply the number calls my enjoy 6 times a daytime without leaving a message

Post by olive pendergrass,

6265215591 Simply got a call from them. . . i replied and they Installed Upward great matter i go ogled it wont response next time.

Post by amy,

626-521-5591 he did same matters for me feel peculiar i told me i 'm busy he insist for talk Peculiar

Post by Guest,

6265215591 I got a telephone out of this number a few days Past and replied no Result on the other Finish now they call multiple times a day. . Don't Select up if you personally see the number.

Post by ERic H Hupp,

626-521-5591 these jerks telephone day n night and they're calling my cell phone.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Oh my god. . the phone me each second I could even sleep please Cease telephone me. .

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 Said he was calling for a gift card Afterward I Began to request what Business he was calling from so I could Google it and he just kept talking so I Put up

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Walmart gift cards

Post by Dodie,

626-521-5591 Thank you that's good to understand I did t enter my Amount.

Post by dawn,

6265215591 please stop calling my phone number W W W

Post by Deb,

626-521-5591 I called that Cost free number and got customer service and was Inquired for become Chosen off the do not phone list. I waited and left a express message and I Offered them that Amount which was calling me and my cell Amount which is being called 6 times a daytime and when I reply they wont Discuss and they Merely hang Upward on me. I told them I Required the don't telephone list and they're still calling and They better take me that list as that is harassment and they are running Outside my minutes and if I get another call I may sue for harassment for your fullest extent of that law. Hopefully that works and if they continue and enough of us ban together Perhaps we could get them for Quit. Expect the helps someone

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Call amp hang up

Post by roselyn1231,

626-521-5591 These people are calling me W times a day. I vie told them to take my number away their list but they continue for phone.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Won t Quit calling

Post by Larissa,

626-521-5591 I believe this is totally random. I 've gotten 7 calls in that previous daytime and a half and when i telephone back the Amount is not a legit Amount. It is certainly not a Promotion company there is thus Substantially background Sound i can hardly Notice and after telling this guy that i don't want to get this because i don't desire to give personal Information around the phone or at that time of Bundle delivery he Requires thus you do not want to receive your W Money present. i state no he says i don t recognize why you do not want it. it is a free gift randomly selected. this exchange happened three times before he got annoyed and i Installed up

Post by cinthia,

6265215591 this person was calling me every morning for the previous month and i hate it

Post by skyler,

626-521-5591 Who is calling out of this number i demand data. . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

6265215591 They Desired me for pay a monthly Cost for magazines. So I would get free matters.

Post by NR,

626-521-5591 I acquired that same telephone offering W present card and asked for my card Information. Beware.

Post by cindy,

6265215591 Individual they telephone me 6 times in a daytime while i was in school. this really is kinda creepy.

Post by Bill,

626-521-5591 Got an unwanted phone from the number today. Do not desire them to telephone again.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Lovers please let it go straight for your answer machine nobody here by that name

Post by jack zimmerer,

626-521-5591 remove

Post by annoyed,

6265215591 I got a phone out of the Amount as well and he said your same matter I Inquired him how he got my Amount he said Walmart. I didn't recently put stuff on layaway so Perhaps that is how. I am calling Walmart to Search Greater and see if they r giving Outside my info

Post by Dodie,

626-521-5591 Thank you that's good to understand I did t enter my number.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Walmart present cards


626-521-5591 Thank you to everyone who posted a message they were quite Useful. I received a telephone out of them today. I did t Comprehend that number but i Decided Upwards. I did t say anything though. I Needed for here them say their name or where or exactly why they were calling for first. It was silent at Subsequently your powerful Highlighted guy said is anyone there twice. I heard voices within the background enjoy out of a Tv then he hung up.

Post by betsy,

6265215591 I 've been receiving calls all daytime Beginning at W W 'm with my last at 3 W I concur with all NEVER Provide Your own BANK Info To your RAN DON Owner.

Post by Larissa,

626-521-5591 I believe this can be fully haphazard. I 've gotten 7 calls in the past daytime and a half and when i call back the number isn't a legit Amount. It is definitely not a Promotion Business there's thus much background noise i can hardly hear and after telling this man that i don't desire to get this because i don't desire for supply private info around the phone or at your time of Bundle delivery he asks so you don't need for get your W dollar present. i say no he says i don t understand why you do not want it. it's a free gift randomly selected. the exchange happened three times before he got annoyed and i Installed up

Post by Elaine,

6265215591 I called your corporate headquarters after receiving more than W calls within just one week from the Fake Business. Most of that times they called me no one was on another Finish. When I did Chat for someone with an extremely strong Indian Feature. I strongly told them for Stop CALLING ME. They Clearly don t comprehend English. I left messages on the Firm sales customer service voice mail and most Essentially the CEO s voice send. His name is John Barnacle. Telephone your Cost free W W W and get your Firm directly Choice. Input signal that first three letters of Barnacles last name and you may get his voice send. We should keep calling him. Let s see how he likes for be harassed.

Post by ReallyPissed!,

626-521-5591 They 've been calling me non Discontinue. I've endanger them like so many times and they just joke and say they are charging me W. W each month. i got a new card Amount thus they ll leave me alone. but hopefully someone Places a stop for this. . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by jim,

6265215591 it would become great if i had an address

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 Aha. . Annoying as F ck. . Keeps calling even after I yelled and told him for Stop CALLING. He said I won W out of Walmart then kept Striving for get my parents Telephone numbers. Also Desired my house address to ship me the reward. If you get a telephone from this 1 W W W Do NT Answer. . . once you response they just call back more often. .

Post by miz legs,

6265215591 I too have gotten calls for that last two days. I refused for offer him my card Amount told him I consider the was a scam and then hung Upwards on him. He keeps calling back. IDIOT. . . .

Post by Antonette,

626-521-5591 That is Mad. . . . I have gotten calls from the Amount W times within W hours. . . . . What the hell are they thinking. .

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Answer and they hang up

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 I don t know who they are but they phone constantly.

Post by Lisa,

6265215591 I 've gotten for many calls from this number in the last 4 days. . It Appears enjoy every time my cell Telephone Bands its them again. They cannot Discuss to you personally when they call Simply Air within that Telephone and hang Upwards. I have replied your phone without even a hello Merely a Quit eff en calling me and they still telephone. Your Dunn are placing telephone backs to people that do not need to be called. Looks like a waste of time for me. . They need to get to their fresh numbers if they desire a sale and Cease calling all of us who have expressed that we don't want for be called. A few Aruba needs for become fired for certain.

Post by Chuck,

626-521-5591 Invoice and I are headed around there correct now and open up a can of roundhouse kicks on these nuts. They 've it coming. If I were them I d leave town now. C. Norris

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Oh my god. . the phone me each second I can even sleep please stop telephone me. .

Post by december,

626-521-5591 Calls started the morning Left no message 6 calls already

Post by Denice,

6265215591 The caller kept calling and would not leave a message. I finally answered and a guy having an excessively Unusual accent said that I had Only won W of free groceries. I told him to remove my Amount from his list and he looked surprised that I would not take him up on his offer but said if that's what you personally want I will remove it .

Post by Annon,

626-521-5591 I have been becoming calls all day out of this and don't know who it is. your first time i replied it they hung Upward and when I called back Inquired for be Set on that DC list but still have gotten at least 2 Added. I Only got another and someone who sounded enjoy they we Book from your Us was talking and said their name which I could not recognize and when I told them for please stop calling they Installed Upwards. sounds Very sketchy. .

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Shows up on my caller ID at my office Nearly daily

Post by Christina,

626-521-5591 I got a call from the number a few times. I did not reply the first time but called back to see who the foreign Amount was from. I tried to put my number on your DC list and they called back. when they called back I talked to two really pushy Folks who did not sound like they were in the People. Ones name was JOHN SMITH. They Promised for become out of an Firm in Arizona and were Striving for present me W within Walmart vouchers. When I refused for supply them my credit card Amount they became even ruder and pushier. I hung Upwards on them after I spent minutes Attempting to become Fine.

Post by Melissa Pampalone,

6265215591 This number was calling me always and Subsequently hanging up.

Post by amanda ritzler,

626-521-5591 I get calls all daytime they demand to stop please

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Individual called saying that I had won a prize drawing and proceeded for ask me for my credit card information.

Post by Haydee Pelosi,

626-521-5591 I get Telephone calls all day long and they do not leave a message. . . I do not answer that Telephone unless I know that Owner. . . Thus keep on calling. . . Maybe someday I believe I know you

Post by Mary Anna Gordon,

6265215591 Someone from the Amount is offering me W gift card with 2. W payment at time of receiving card. Subsequently goes on to say they need my bank card number now for display i could pay that Price later. They phone multiple times a daytime for Times. SCAM.

Post by Rachelle Ussia,

626-521-5591 This Amount called me 6 times alone today. I have pressed your number for it for stop calling. And it still continues. I will file charges against the company if it continues.

Post by jim,

6265215591 it would be Amazing if i had an address

Post by its a scam,

626-521-5591 This man has called Regular for your past two weeks. I eventually replied for see what kind of scam he was running. I could barely recognize him but I did hear W present card but you must pay s amp h. Bahama was my reply I am not Stupid enough to autumn for your own scam. I Additionally said unless you really want for send me some free money I Recommend you take me away your own list or I may file harassment charges.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 They phone me each hour and when i say Hi they hang up on me. its starting to piss me off and i can go off on them. annoying as hell to become Fair.

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 No 1 will speak

Post by Sherry,

6265215591 This number keeps calling my cell phone but does not leave a message. When I would answer there's Stop thus I hang Upwards. It keeps calling and I don t get it. I called that number back out of a different line and got Registered express saying for enter your own Amount if you do not want to be contacted. I did this but your Amount keeps calling. Annoying. . .

Post by jeff binkowski,

626-521-5591 were are they becoming your numbers out of . i live in Iowa and 2 days ago posted a add within the Sacramento grisliest my figure is that's were mine was picked Upward from

Post by 777,

6265215591 Got two calls in half hour. Did t answer looked Upwards your Amount located it was a telemarketer. Filed a Grievance. Read a few Sites from others. Won t answer later when they phone back. Looking to block number Verizon did t offer that Characteristic before can attempt again if need for.

Post by Pam,

626-521-5591 The Amount keeps calling me on my cell phone. When I answer they hang Upward. I called the Amount back and it says this call is out of a telemarketer. I goes on to say if you don't want to receive calls out of there company again please press on and Subsequently Set your own Amount in and it may take W hours to remove your name.

Post by Randi,

6265215591 This can be definitely a scam. You personally don t get randomly Picked. Your own data was Offered by some other company. Do not ever provide a random Owner your own bank card info. When they called me your third time in just one daytime I Inquired them for take me away of their list. . . then they Installed up. When they called me the fourth time in the same day I Inquired them again for take me away of their list. They did not acknowledge me instead they started reading their Software again. I interrupted them and Afterward they Installed Upwards on me again.

Post by chris,

626-521-5591 W calls out of just that number yesterday

Post by chris,

6265215591 W calls from just that number yesterday

Post by Ears,

626-521-5591 Oh on a side note had a Business try this last year saying I took Outside a W loan and if I did t pay they were going for have the Authorities show Upward and arrest me. I called the local FBI Amount and reported your Condition for them and saved that messages they left on my phone and went down to my local Cops Section and filed a report and they called the number back from my Telephone and told them for Discontinue that what they were doing was harassment and prohibited. Haven t gotten a call out of them since.

Post by annoyed,

6265215591 I notion the same matter about this train of thought being related. But I am believing of taking this to your higher source

Post by art wall,

626-521-5591 The keeps phone in same Man call within 2 days within a Line. Each day the Business name was Distinct and when Inquired for an address and they Hung Upward. You would your math.

Post by Chrissy,

6265215591 I had already Changed my Amount before thus the would t occur and it Quit for Practically that complete year and now the Amount Simply Began calling me today and its idiotic. . I don t reply Telephone numbers I don t understand thus I haven t picked Upward but I m thus over this.

Post by chris,

626-521-5591 called W times after asking to become taken away your phone list.

Post by Ven,

6265215591 Suppose am not that simply one is been harassed.

Post by SSDW,

626-521-5591 On Thursday W December W Calvin VOA of that Peerless Network based within West Jovian California called telephone four times stating that That is your Evidence Department telling you which you have won a W grocery voucher within a powerful Indian Highlight with a distinct background of Sound. When we got to that point Around Transportation he Needed you to Supply credit card data for that prize that would become charged for 4. W but you personally would not instantaneously comprehend that Gifts should become Free and the became a scam these people attempted to steal your card number. Additionally Mr. VOA told you personally for state YES during your record process for quality insurance for when that recorded express said Please verify YES or NO you are in least that age of W but you said NO since you are Yet Mr. VOA Afterward told you personally to state YES within purchase for create that procedure complete HE Got You LIE Around Your AGE. Additionally you then talked to another Indian sounding person in who States herself as Samantha Jones but you do not consider within a Indian Calling herself Samantha Jones since her real name is probably Sumatra Johannes. These people would continue for bug for Around five to seven times after your Original talk Contains not replying that Telephone in which your last dialogue happen Edward within the final week of December W when an unidentified guy from your Verification Department he was again not not unwilling for identify the Real Firm wanted the verification Amount for the Market voucher but he hung up when telling him that Amount no More exists . These Indian scampers 1 worked under possible false names 2 continuously harassed on that phone and 3 Required lying about age.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Walmart gift card

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 Always call but never says anything

Post by shanno7721,

6265215591 I have and yes they're very remain ant. . . . . they have been call in me since the end of November. . . . and I still won t response. . . i called and that answering service asked if I would love to be Set on that don't telephone list but. . . . . . they still call

Post by amy,

626-521-5591 he did same matters for me feel strange i told me i 'm occupied he insist to Speak Odd

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Unknown

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 oh my gosh i confident like to tell these guys not to telephone but they consistently say there mail box is not empty they telephone each W min on my cell Telephone eating up my Minimum what to do

Post by Amanda,

6265215591 He has called me 6 times Now. And it s difficult for hear a word he s saying.

Post by lori,

626-521-5591 this Man calls all day every day using up my mint es if u cant leave a message then Would NT call

Post by PPLSUCK,

6265215591 Yep its your same Distinct day. . Clearly. They may take your cash so do not offer out any private Information. . its never legit. Additionally I believe we should call your owners Amount Always from all of our Telephones ALL Daytime LONG asking him if he d like a prize. . AKA A Suit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by mp,

626-521-5591 Entire wont Discontinue calling even after i ask for b Place on DC list please Cease these people

Post by Amanda,

6265215591 He has called me 6 times Now. And it s hard to hear a word he s saying.

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 We must destroy them I vie gotten for the point to where I m quite brief along with people who call out of the Amount they telephone several times a day despite me asking them to remove me from their call list every time I Chat for them. Someone should Construct a Blast.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 Automobile warranty

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 Wt won t stop calling my Telephone I m Around 2 shout ever hour on Thai hour seriously Quit on my Telephone. . . . . .

Post by David,

6265215591 Same matter on my cell. Called a few times earlier Now. I Simply said Pleasant strive good Fortune on your next telephone and Installed Upwards.

Post by Missheather,

626-521-5591 I 've received many calls from the Amount as well. I get them on my cell. I looked within my phone and there is an Alternative to add for Avoid list . I am hoping the can block that calls. If you are receiving calls on your own cell you May}n' try your same. Good Fortune everyone. Happy Vacations.

Post by phantom,

6265215591 Tell them You're going to phone that local Authorities Section for Evidence you won t here from them again.

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 Spam

Post by miss muffet,

6265215591 Great suggest did your same. Thank You

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 Won t stop calling they phone every daytime um Min.

Post by K Neal,

6265215591 Be careful not to reply phone numbers you personally don t Understand Particularly in your cell and Do not Call BACK. I power saw a report on that news that some foreign Nations have learned the way to use Folks s cell phones by calling them out of unrecognized numbers that do not Direct everywhere. Once that person calls back they are able for access info regarding your cell phone and then create international calls using your own Amount. You don t understand until you get the Statement and phone Businesses are Frequently less forgiving than credit card Businesses in matters of fraud. Thus if you get a phone from a Amount you personally don t Comprehend see if they leave a voice send for see who it's. Don t Only telephone them directly back.

Post by 5 Star Cleaning Co,

626-521-5591 This number is harassing us and we've Inquired them NOT for call

Post by miss muffet,

6265215591 Great advise did the same. Thank You

Post by Guest,

626-521-5591 They did t say ANYTHING when I answered. I called back and Sent your Alternative of being Chosen away the calling list but they re still calling.

Post by Guest,

6265215591 They keep saying I vie won a W grocery Certification and i need a credit card to pay for Transportation and handling but this really is Presume for become a quot free Marketing quot .

Post by cindy,

626-521-5591 Individual they phone me 6 times in a daytime while i was within school. that is kinda creepy.

Post by Sam,

6265215591 I received W calls within two times from W W W and don't live message

Post by ridiculous calls to minors,

626-521-5591 this Man is calling minors under Years previous and asking for personal info now it s getting really lousy. what would we do now. unable for contact them back. . . . very upset.

Post by DavidWayne,

6265215591 I Simply got a telephone out of the number and a very strong accent said his name was Chelsea Thompson and freely listed his ID Amount bosses name and number and Place. He offered me W present card due for my buy points from Wall mart Afterward goes on to say the present card is W. I Immediately looked up that Amount for find out very similar data and calls. Something that screams Scam is a scam Control Down Scam. For me it would be like having someone Quit you personally within that street offering a free meal but you've for go for your kitchen to Prepare it. HA.

Post by Ryan,

626-521-5591 I called the number back to get my name off their list. The message said to wait until the beep to leave my Amount there was no beep Only hanging on that line. There s gotta be a manner to get away that list because they phone about W times per daytime but I don t response.

Post by David,

6265215591 I just got a call from this number and an extremely strong accent said his name was Chris Thompson and Easily Recorded his ID number bosses name and Amount and location. He offered me W gift card due to my purchase points out of Wall mart Afterward goes on for say the gift card is W. I instantly looked up the Amount to locate Outside really similar data and calls. Something that screams Scam is a scam Control Down Scam. To me it would be like having someone stop you within your street offering a free meal but you might have to go to your own kitchen to Make it. HA.

Post by annoyed,

626-521-5591 I notion the same thing about this thread being related. But I am thinking of taking the to a higher source

Post by Janet,

6265215591 I have been receiving calls out of the Amount since before Christmas today I answered and that Person said his name was James and would not tell me James out of Where when I asked. I have been a Sufferer of fraud before and I 'm not inclined for become so again. What ever could become done to Discontinue the as I don't offer my cell number out for any Business or company use thus shouldn't 've gotten any telephone enjoy this within that first Put I would value. Thank you thus Substantially.

Post by Jenn,

626-521-5591 I 've obtained 5 calls thus far and your daytime USN t around. I don t reply number I don t know either. Unless they leave a voice send. I found this link and happy I Getaway t replied. I did call it back and put my Amount on your DC list. I think I may reply that next time to tell them to Leave also.

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Electrical business

6613415986 Complains by Guest,

Cease calling

9802154503 Complains by Inna,

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really your re frig is running get a few brand new material

4804541953 Complains by Guest,

Breast cancer donation solicitation.

8053095642 Complains by annoyed,

This number calls my house several times per day and hangs up as soon as anyone answers. When I telephone back that phone cannot go through.

8176981082 Complains by Bea,

Phone and click nobody replied after I replied your phone. After the I got the same kind of calls out of W W W and W as well.

8284893209 Complains by A.P,

my husband Additionally received Facebook request except she said her name was Nick drab and Afterward she Inquired Hume to satisfy at a local Pub if he Needed someone to would or share pics along with wt whats incorrect along with people

8002460657 Complains by Guest,

got a phone out of W W W did t answer. they left a message for quot James quot not me. . saying James won many type of time share vacation out of quot Smoking on that bay quot which I think quot James quot went for. lame ale telephone.

8002272757 Complains by K,

It's a call Out of Electronic Ins Company

8044516268 Complains by spooty,

Another hangup

8045712728 Complains by Mel,

Obtained two calls Recently but attempted calling that number Now to get more information but it's been disconnected.

8003313177 Complains by Badge714,

Web site is not AT amp T it's a phishing Information mining site. They're searching to Take your own user ID amp password.

8003164320 Complains by jose kmumore,


8046210051 Complains by ME,

Constantly calls. No message.

8003201705 Complains by POLICE,


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