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2017-08-31 04:27:17
They claim to be Charter or Spectrum but THEY ARE NOT. DoNT BE FOOLED into giving them info. Its a scam.
2017-08-28 19:35:22
I got a phone call from this number. Dude was very rude. Didn't introduce himself. Said i was being summoned for a debt collector. Didn't say bye thank you have a nice day. Hung up phone on me.
2017-08-24 21:26:06
Won't stop calling. Doesn't leave a voicemail. I blocked this number
2017-08-24 19:01:21
Got a text from this number saying "Hi" I asked who it was and they said "This is Matt Jones, a friend of mine gave me your number. Whats your name?? Do you know anyone that is a nurse?" i asked who gave them my number and never got a response. Really weird.
2017-08-10 19:28:49
Just got a call on my home phone from phone number 636-487-5682. My caller ID said it was a St Charles call. I didn't answer and whoever it was didn't leave a message. No clue who it was.
2017-06-19 21:42:35
This number calls my house everyday, but when I pick up the phone they won't answer.
2017-05-23 21:14:29
Very nice guy no complaints here. Very buff and muscular wish he called me more. But all around a stand up guy. God Bless
2017-05-15 19:50:24
Have asked Brook 3 times to be removed from call list. Hangs up. This is harassment.
2017-05-10 22:33:32
Irregular calls with no answer or info. Must be scam.
2017-05-04 02:28:04
Received Scammer call from (636)-373-9659 VoIP in Saint Charles, MO on Wed. 5/3/17 @ 2:31pm that didn't leave a message on my unlisted phone & don't answer unwanted Scammer/Harasser calls - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
2017-04-12 17:17:48
Claims I entered a contest at a home show for a free washer and dry or water chest system. I haven't gone to a home show in 3 years. But they did have my name and address. I hung up
2017-02-10 16:36:16
Keep getting texts from 636-253-3794 telling me I have a new voicemail from (409)291-7205, (401)-262-5682,(314)-666-8263. My voicemail is not set up to send me text messages when I have a new message. The obvious intent is for me to call one of these numbers but I won't.
2017-02-06 23:53:41
Crank caller
2017-02-01 03:16:03
2017-01-17 16:26:27
Just got my purse stolen like a few days ago and the thief use this number to ask for my Debit Card Pin and my Social Security Number.
2016-11-18 18:29:45
My husband got a text that said it was from one of our friends (it wasn't) and to click for some kind of "chat". We did it together, and it popped up with a bunch of porn videos.
2016-08-15 22:26:07
This number calls and hangs up. Tried calling it back but it always goes to VM.
2016-05-30 15:23:56
rude comments and lies.
2016-05-26 03:22:09
the Amount called me at H's in Sunday Mormon. A few minutes before 1 W W W called me. They just rang 2 times and Afterward they hang up. . . When I looked on W it s a number from Calgary Alberta. Who are those People that disturb me within the Mid of my slumber. Most of that annoying call come from GT group Talcum. Appears like a Firm that Supplies services for disturbing calls. . .
2016-05-25 08:14:05
Places above Have you personally been Offered along with Summon s Complaints Lawsuits out of your District or Local Court. I could help you. These threats are illegal if you Stadium t actually served. Please see my posy with my email contact information and disclaimer above. I know a few Methods to really surprise these kind of Debt Lovers Collection Agencies even if they can Sue you.

Phone list in area 636

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
6363291745Tex ted me saying that someone is using his for scam others. . . After that night I got a phone from the same that text Edward me . . . offering me W. W dollars within National grant money I think he heard me joke and Put Upward . . called back no one answers LolaGuest52016-01-28 20:45:15
6365241098this number Promised I had a regions debit card and it was deactivated and for reactivate I Wanted to phone the Amount. . I have never had a Areas account Or is the a bank Amount. Guest142015-11-04 16:01:58
6363900010I think it s a Invoice collector. Guest52015-11-04 16:09:58
6365903647COLLECTORGuest1242015-11-04 16:18:12
6366866332Pathological liarGuest72016-03-06 16:16:31
6367543150No cantata. . Guest302015-11-04 16:51:59
6363448653stalkerGuest22015-11-04 17:33:00
6368561359right personGuest12015-11-04 17:55:01
6364521830ViagraGuest22015-11-04 18:05:00
63624391024 texts within several hours. I m within Ma W on T Mobile using a fresh THC phone running Android. This can be now being reported across several sites. Guest872015-11-04 18:34:11
6367070073rude. . Guest52015-12-18 17:18:03
6365342876I got a telephone at 8 W 'm and said quot Hi quot several times but your caller never responded. They were on that line for W seconds before hanging Upwards. . . . . Guest12015-11-04 19:24:12
6369234323Car protection SpamGuest182015-11-04 19:58:12
6363972695StalkerGuest42015-12-15 00:40:33
6363767041it s not within service at the timeGuest42015-12-16 12:13:56
6365524142Making money at home spam. Guest42015-11-04 16:58:12
6367300541Sorry I am currently busy driving please strive again laterGuest62015-12-14 20:48:43
6365449077telephone me everydayGuest72015-12-10 02:04:23
6364321766This appears as DOOR Video AFT on caller ID. The may become the same as W W W. Neither leaves a message no 1 talks when Decided upSwhite3782015-12-20 20:40:03
6367443914Called me at work. Alma52015-12-21 13:16:54
6368124000Choosing agency not spamGuest2902015-11-04 15:55:12
6366344851Only called my Telephone Attempting to make confident it was me. . . before i Approved it was me he would not tell me what that phone was pertaining to. Inquired org my D. o. b. and everything. Said he was out of Monetary Resources Direction. Guest42015-11-04 16:12:58
6364292945Called W W 'm 4 W W. No response after answering callGuest172015-11-04 16:57:58
6362396749Actual jerk Todd Plain out of Bland Fencing. Guest12015-11-04 16:58:00
6363739659Received Scammer call from (636)-373-9659 VoIP in Saint Charles, MO on Wed. 5/3/17 @ 2:31pm that didn't leave a message on my unlisted phone & don't answer unwanted Scammer/Harasser calls - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.Unlisted312017-05-04 02:28:04
6362933455policeGuest32015-11-04 18:03:58
6365843069not sure if legitimate debt collector or scummierGuest42015-12-09 13:40:22
6367421221Calls repeatedly then hangs upGuest62015-11-04 19:02:59
6367450171Female called Inquired for owner BY NAME when told he wan t home she whispered to someone quot She says he s not there quot . I said quot Hi. quot three times Subsequently she hung Upward. They called a Mi Amount out of Mo. When I phone the Amount back the system says it s been disconnected. Guest12015-11-04 19:07:59
6362991575Com cast Invoice CollectorGuest52015-12-14 09:22:00
6366342125Telemarketer that won t leave me aloneGuest302015-11-04 19:13:58
6363234009Stop calling and not Making a messageGuest72015-11-04 19:15:58
6365245308Automobile warrantyGuest42015-12-18 04:49:17
6363739899ALAMO Rent Auto asking for survey of service. I completed a survey when I rented auto. I completed survey when I returned Automobile and I told these Individuals this isn't going to become an excellent surveyGuest212015-11-04 19:39:58
6365870742they dint leave a message either. Mad123742015-12-19 19:09:10
6367333346Phone repeatedly and don t leave a messageGuest1082015-11-04 20:41:12
6363459214its a unknown number that calls my Telephone W W WGuest82015-12-13 17:24:10
6363738956Quit callingGuest292015-11-04 15:59:58
6362558172Market research agency Maritza based in St. LouisGuest192015-11-04 16:50:58
6362243229Relentlessly callingGuest52015-11-04 17:43:00
6362668506blockedGuest42015-11-04 17:45:11
6363953631Doesn't leave people aloneGuest72015-12-19 14:57:27
6363233178I get a phone late PM every Night there is no one on the line Afterward it s disconnected. Guest12015-11-04 18:38:11
6362905350Obtained 3 text messages saying Hi quot Each Results IS GO Within To Become Great quot LE XI. Guest12015-11-04 19:01:11
6362322761post dispatch binding me for paper serviceGuest392015-11-04 19:03:58
63698042572 calls out of by Amount the morning on cell phone. Only made a loud beep when answered. Guest12015-11-04 19:15:12
6368755555Automobile placeGuest62015-11-04 20:51:12
6362037045Was calling for Around 6 months now never leaves a message sometimes calls several times a daytime. Guest62015-11-04 21:08:58
6369783673Card Holder Services B. S. Guest72015-12-09 08:45:23
6367891660BlockGuest42015-12-14 10:47:07

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