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Telephone information: Southwestern Bell. Chesterfield, MO. Saint Louis. United states
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Post by chris,

6367333346 i got told that same thing too

Post by fedupwithdebtcollectors,

636-733-3346 HTTP credit. Around. com OD debt Set a Quit collectors. HTML

Post by Guest,

6367333346 sewer

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Missed phone. Left no voice send.

Post by jwilliams,

6367333346 Pleasant. . . U are thus correct within the post. Many people Only 've it got with a silver spoon Upward their and don't have any clue what battle is. . . I d enjoy for shove a few rusty forks Upwards there as nicely n see if life is still thus peachy

Post by just saying,

636-733-3346 these Men called. . . . told them for call Obama. . . he said there would be Shift and I would get Wellness care at a low and affordable Price. . . Ha. . . . let them work it out

Post by ---,

6367333346 Same case with a General s visit to your ER. On Societal security incapacity with gov. HMO. Once they took your insurance data but did not file with insurance. Another case they would not take the insurance information before releasing her from your ER. Workers were not Accessible to take it. When questioned Around it they stated they d have someone come in correct away. No just one ever came for get that info. Rather than doing their Occupations and insuring Individual info is being Managed Right they blame the Individual for not making confident everyone is doing what's Crucial. . . after being taken for the hospital via ambulance.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Account resolution corporation Medical bills that are real late collection agency

Post by Princess,

6367333346 That is a scam. I inherited a work phone number and they're trying for get money from me. LOLA

Post by PoFolk,

636-733-3346 Hello Mr. Ms. abundant and snobbish . 've you ever lost a loved one such as a Partner parent or sib and are stuck with their medical bills. Obviously not. Or you Only within love with yourself and your own cash. You seem to 've had a cushy and or sheltered life. Only wait maybe someday you may be in a unfortunate Condition and maintain the same boat as people who 've lost a loved one due to terminal cancer and or a job. Merely sit back and watch your House Movie place Upward on your designer Lounge in your million dollar mansion or maybe go for a Trip in your Mercedes or Jag and think Around this one. It Appears like you have alto of cash. Maybe you are able to donate many of the to that American Cancer Society American Lung Organization Supports Linked charities or a research organization. . .

Post by mstngs,

6367333346 You personally should keep your own Opinions for yourself. . You personally Would NT Know WHAT EVERYONE S Condition IS. AND GOD IS Our Simply JUDGE WHO Will Become Your Just one For JUDGE EVERYONE. Do NT Set THAT Burden ON YOURSELF. .

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 collections

Post by reynna,

6367333346 same as me

Post by Erin,

636-733-3346 Received a telephone on my cell phone Amount that I have had since I started Faculty when I was W I m W the year so Yep W years value of your same number asking for someone named Terri no last name . When I suggested your Girl that she had your incorrect number she became quite rude and barked my Telephone number back at me. I was like yes that's correct good for you personally but that is my last name Dwelling my cell is my Residence phone always has been . I don t even understand anyone named Terri. She sighed an exasperated and annoyed sigh and Installed Upwards on me. Actual professional let me tell you personally.

Post by jwilliams,

6367333346 Nice. . . U are so appropriate in the post. A few Individuals just 've it got with a silver spoon Upward their and don't have any clue what challenge is. . . I d like to shove a few rusty forks up there as nicely n see life is still so peachy

Post by dimples,

636-733-3346 I concur along with every 1 else you were from place

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Sales person

Post by no name,

636-733-3346 I have two Occupations and so does my Man so Close it you are foolish. Exactly why if they did not phone You're you personally even on the site. Many folks get injured and could not work for awhile and get behind and have special needs Kids that Need special care that cost alto. Expand Upwards. . .

Post by nonya,

6367333346 No you personally re silly these people telephone even if you personally don t owe or they mistake you for somebody else. They are enjoy roaches could t get rid of them. Within fact you are Likely one of this cockroaches or at least you personally work for just one.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 No

Post by Guest,

6367333346 The Amount has called repeatedly for over year. Sometimes leaves message saying to call them but message never includes details Simply a phone number.

Post by 321,

636-733-3346 W you personally obviously work for a Group Agency and are weary of hearing what a low life scumbag you are. Not everyone who fails for pay a bill does thus because they Pick for. Some people have to Pick between paying a bill or buying Goods. Maybe I ll get a second job for a Group agency thus I can make condescending statements and pass judgment on people enjoy you personally Clearly like to would. . .

Post by Guest,

6367333346 account resolution. Jackson county waste water collector but not accurate amount

Post by Jen,

636-733-3346 Wow ABC. 've any idea how karma works. Lola its been a few Times since Ur post. . . How Round u Upgrade people how badly has Juice kicked R .

Post by cmntr,

6367333346 Occasionally Individuals are in Scenarios where they can t pay specific bills due for VARIOUS reasons. It dozen t constantly mean they are sluggish and without work. If they are without work it s not Automatically because they choose to become. Don t use such Quilt phrases as in most cases you would look for that you don t understand what you are talking Around. .

Post by r,

636-733-3346 same as ABC said

Post by BAG,

6367333346 Obviously I can t kind. I meant I am now paying Cobra insurance prices.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Account Resolution Corp. Collection

Post by t james,

6367333346 Rude

Post by wow,

636-733-3346 this is crazy. I was within a Auto Crash that was another Men fault and got a phone out of these jokers. I refer ed them for my lawyer and they said your same crap the hospital wanted it ALL NOW and were really threatening would NOT even take my lawyer data. . . it s a Number of Oho EEO. . First of Hospitals NEVER anticipate payment in full upfront they're constantly willing for work out Funds. . . AND I can pay No a person who just claims that I owe them something with out going through your proper avenues and producing an itemized and legitimate bill. I vie heard that like there are those who watch news Documents etc. . . for birth announcements Injuries and your like and Subsequently make untrue bills and send them to the Folks named in your paper. . . and people unwittingly pay because they Simply assume it's a legitimate Invoice. I believe that is the scam these RUDE unprofessional folks are running. . It has NOTHING what so ever with Fair Individuals not Looking to pay what they owe. . And anyone who Recommend we should Merely be herded for your slaughter probably works for these creeps.

Post by Sherry,

6367333346 The Firm called me on my cell phone asking for my ex Man of W years. I told them he had died and that Inquired if I was that wife Yes W years Past. They called seeing his house I asked how they got my cell Amount and was told it was the number connected for the house. I got the Amount 3 years after your divorce so how could it become connected to the house. Replied I don t t understand this is that Amount linked for your house. Told them for loosed my Amount and never call me again.

Post by RS,

636-733-3346 Amen brother I feel for you. I work 2 Occupations and that wife works 2 a Girl having for have 2 surgeries at 1 time and crappy insurance we just as nicely paid for that whole Bloody thing.

Post by IDtheft victim,

6367333346 Many people not only PAY THEIR BILLS but are Additionally Victims OF Identification Thieving. . . . I have a job pay my bills and Regrettably am a Casualty of Identification theft. The Firm is calling me because many a Opening I trusted stole my identity and Afterward posted my private information on that Net. Thus NOT all Devices of a telephone from the company are lazy. NOT all are jobless and refuse for pay their bills. Don't judge lest you be judged.

Post by just saying,

636-733-3346 these Men called. . . . told them to call Obama. . . he said there would become Alter and I would get Well-being care at a low and affordable cost. . . Ha. . . . let them work it out

Post by the tuna can,

6367333346 request them for send you personally a Replicate of your First bill or note for that line of credit. . . . most times they don't 've a Reproduce of that Initial contract Deal note. . . . the can Additionally work if they take you personally for court. . . . . if they cannot Create the note or the proper documentation showing they're now the holders of the bill note. . . . . these Firms can buy these uncollected bills and such and buy them from debt brokers for a little Percentage of your total bill. . . . that's exactly why they are trying for get you personally to settle for a one time offer of less than half of the total Invoice. . . .

Post by recently laid off,

636-733-3346 How dare you personally. . . It must become Fine for become perfect and 've never run into money problems. I try and reply this Amount every time it calls but all I get is a Registered message nothing more. I presume it s a Collector but there is no way for me to know if they never talk to me. I expect karma hits you for your terrible post for your rest of people Simply Striving for Set food on the Platforms after within my case not having a job for your first time within W years. My job was outsourced. I was Placed away due to no fault of my own. Waste ON You. . .

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Telephone always. . . . never leave message. . . . .

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Telephone repeatedly and don t leave a message

Post by Renee',

6367333346 Received telephone but did t Understand thus did t response. Assessed and found number belongs to the following maybe we should call and harass them. . Just a thought. Account Resolution Corp W Chesterfield Airport Road Chesterfield MO W W W

Post by bone collector,

636-733-3346 I would work for a collection agency and 've heard about ARC in the Communities. . . rude unethical corrupt. . . everything we don t do. If among my agents did the s t they did I d yank them off your Telephones. I vie had and still can calls out of ARC and I could play that Match overly. They deal in low Money amounts compared for what we phone for. The average is Approximately K a telephone. And we could t get away w anything ARC pulls. Wanna piss the collector away. F k Upward his handle time break Responsibilities ask away your wall questions. . . crap enjoy that screws w them. I Wager they are required for make x amount of calls per daytime. Keep them on the Telephone for a long time. They Likely graded on how many Funds that may become paid when we say that we will pay them. Ask them goofy questions that ll throw them away their game. Tell them you love them and wanna wed them they sound Hot cute you d enjoy for become their sugar Dad mother ma. . . they have a Program they have to follow and if you get mad w them they anticipate that. But if your sweet and quiet that s gonna mess them Upwards. Trust me. . . a bill collector calling a bill collector. Yeah I ll win that 1. I m a Supervisor Coach w my Firm. If I wan t good on the phone I would t have been Offered. Wanna understand what your rights are. . . look Upward FDIC federal debt collector Methods Work} . Ask them what their policy on calls are.

Post by Guest,

6367333346 arc Libraries

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Calls but will not leave message

Post by Jill,

6367333346 I get a phone on my cell phone out of this number each other daytime. No message Nadia. If they can t leave a message I m not calling back. It s all about that minutes.

Post by disgustedwithyou,

636-733-3346 for someone who Seemingly is not lazy and works pay his bills etc. what your . are you personally doing on Websites that enjoy to Start along with. My just thought is which you gotten a phone call Additionally and Subsequently in place of admitting which you did you come across like You're all high and mighty Perhaps you personally should get a life and Cease going to Websites such as the where Actual hardworking Folks come to investigate exactly why they receive calls that May}n' not even have anything to would with them we don t come here for hang out nor can we come here for put others down look in your mirror you idiot. . . You are your one that is the saddest case of . . . . .

Post by Elica,

6367333346 You're correct and no one no subject what they owe should have for listen for that or become called names.

Post by collectors-r-criminals,

636-733-3346 Expand Upward and Subsequently what. Become a Large mean stupid bill collector who can t do their Occupation on the phone Subsequently come on notes for post idiotic all caps messages. Like You personally. LOLA. ROB Excellent name matches your own low life justify for a Occupation.

Post by Really!,

6367333346 I m sure You're 1 that contributes to the displaced correct.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Don t know it was a Registered message for phone them Back

Post by Guest,

6367333346 They were calling to solicit money

Post by Idiot,

636-733-3346 Tell them you personally want to Set them on hold. . . . Subsequently hang up. LAO.

Post by chris,

6367333346 i got told your same thing too

Post by just saying,

636-733-3346 these guys called. . . . told them to phone Obama. . . he said there would be change and I would get health attention at a low and affordable Price. . . Ha. . . . let them work it out

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Unwanted Group company.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Never leaves a message. Consistently hangs up

Post by fedupwithdebtcollectors,

6367333346 HTTP credit. about. com OD debt Set a Discontinue collectors. HTML

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Called rang twice I was at work and Put Upwards before I could Select it up

Post by Jessica,

6367333346 I Simply talked with someone there and he was a Whole . And he had your erroneous Jessica. Of course he dozen t consider me but Hi there are more than 1 Jessica my last name on the World. A Hole.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Dozen t leave a MSG of who they're Attempting for contact I m not Related with the so called business Account Resolution Corporation I have never obtained any letters in that mail out of them.

Post by Guest,

6367333346 dint answer

Post by Miles Crandell,

636-733-3346 These Folks placing the calls are rude and disrespectful. they should become recorded and reported if they dot Quit harassing me and my wife I can Put a match against them. your arrogance of these people is unreal. they wont tell you who your are they cause you personally enjoy a dog If. U request anything and hang Upward. them they all need fired


6367333346 Shut Upwards punk. If you had a job you personally would t 've located the topic. I could tell You're a punk and probably 4 W and W lbs talking smack. You get a job small boy

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 need

Post by hater_of_haters,

6367333346 how about you go removed yourself. . . sometimes it's beyond just one control. . . . i lost my job of almost W years in W and still haven't been Competent to get my pay equaling what i got before. . . i am confident this is a common Design among st anyone receiving calls these times. . . there are a few that are lazy but for the most part it's old debt that's been placed on that back burner because keeping your roof over their head and food on the table along along with electricity and heat. . . i could care less if these Rd Th or sometimes Th agency Striving to collect on these funds. . . most times they dint 've your Initial contract or agreement and cannot viably Create enough documentation for your note. . . . . I had a credit score of W at the time i was laid off. . . . now after losing nearly W of that Family income out of W to W we lost everything. . . Either You're overly youthful to 've had a Occupation then or You're Blessed to have not lost your Occupation. . . display many empathy for that ones that are Striving but cannot keep Upwards. . . Lamps roof and food are more pressing than a W bill for Capitol one at the Second.

Post by RS,

636-733-3346 Amen brother I feel for you. I work 2 jobs and your wife works 2 a daughter having for have 2 surgeries at one time and crappy insurance we Simply as nicely paid for that entire damn matter.

Post by TRacy,

6367333346 Delivered them an E-mail 've a Reproduce of that read reception Told them not to telephone me for call my lawyer and yet they are still calling.

Post by Why,

636-733-3346 I acquired this telephone but I did not reply If it's a Group agency I don t consider in them. I just pay directly for my Doctors I do your best I can. I am old and on Societal security alone no Partner or family. I mean NO FAMILY Living. I rarely go to your doctor as I don't like for owe bills. I go without food at times or things to pay on bills. Here you are arguing around a collection agency that Supplies an extremely challenging Occupation for say the least For a person to be MEAN to others and tell them that they may take them to court or to garnishee their work Assess. What if you simply have Depressed. . . . What if your total Regular income is less then 1 W. W Not that I am ungrateful Maybe there should become MERCY killings at that age of Folks over W that manner they won t become ill and they will not become Offered for pennies on your dollar to a debt collector who had nothing whatsoever for due along with the services that Doctor did. And when You're ill laying within bed. A Individual calls from no where and tells you that if you don t pay 2 W. W by the Finish of that month You're going for court. Where is the debtors prison as I must go there.

Post by inca,

6367333346 See what happens if you ever become handicapped and have for depend on social security you vie payed for years but they won t pay you. Who s that Actual not alive defeat.

Post by Jen,

636-733-3346 Oh. . . . Sorry did t mean for direct that for ABC. . . I meant W.

Post by RS,

6367333346 I m with you bud not everyone are deadbeats and some of us are having to work 2 Occupations Only catch Upwards out of unanticipated Physicians bills for a daughters operation.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Bill collectors

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Set company

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Don t know it was a recorded message to telephone them Back

Post by The*Real*Mrs!,

6367333346 called my cell looking for my husbands ex Partner. When I told them I was not her they said your a liar Marie I understand it s you personally. You might have the same last name. I replied my name isn't Marie and let me tell you personally first and foremost which you are speaking along with a member of that Attorney General s Office. . . . . . Subsequently I heard a click. Destination t heard from them since. LOLA

Post by Jessica,

636-733-3346 I just talked with someone there and he was a Entire . And he had the erroneous Jessica. Of course he dozen t believe me but Hi there are more than 1 Jessica my last name on this Earth. A Hole.

Post by Nikki,

6367333346 I did t reply it but they called on my cell i knew it was no one i knew b c they did t leave me a message so i wan t stressed Around Afterward i determine for appearance the number up and that is what i have located out I am happy i did t reply it.

Post by kay,

636-733-3346 i totally agree. they're collecting on a Invoice which was handed to them out of a medical hospital that Fiscal Support at that hospital said it was covered and then i was harassed at home cell Telephone work by these people. They 've refused my Funds 3 times. they 've told me if i cant pay within not empty then they would take me for court. finally i told them for. when i stated they had refused partial Funds they said they would never would thus. They are Grimy underhanded people and no business who goes through them could become respected.

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Call repeatedly and don t leave a message

Post by just saying,

636-733-3346 these guys called. . . . told them for telephone Obama. . . he said there would be Shift and I would get Wellbeing attention at a low and affordable Price. . . Ha. . . . let them work it out

Post by jkennbuss,

6367333346 Hey moron I Only gotten a call from ARC asking for my W year previous daughter and refusing to tell me what it was about. I had to appearance Upward their Amount to see who they're which is exactly why I reached this site. They apparently had a combine Upwards because the service Service had the incorrect data. BTW I Do work and Would pay my bills and the 1 WAS paid. . . .

Post by NotMe,

636-733-3346 I have called this Amount back twice and verified I 'm not that 1 they're looking for. They said we can take your own Amount off of our list. Yes that is what you said last time. . . One more and I contact that Lawyer General.

Post by Ann,

6367333346 I missed two calls out of this Amount. First time I called they mumbled something that sounded like Choices Bureau. I don't have any Excellent bills knew it was a scam and Installed Upwards. I decided for telephone back and state something. Thus I did. But this time a different express replied saying Mo police department. Lola really. Where within mo. Silly

Post by another one,

636-733-3346 I just got a telephone out of them cause of an unpaid medical Statement the Difficulty is from the company that sent it for them I called that First company that I have on record written down with whom I talked to they said that they would Invoice my insurance Accurately they kept giving my insurance the wrong SAN and I told that hospital ten different times even that head Manager what my SAN was so my insurance would pay each time they got it incorrect. Thus now they Delivered it to this Put and this place wont send it back for Statement it correctly.

Post by Jen,

6367333346 Oh. . . . Sorry did t mean to direct that for ABC. . . I meant W.

Post by Elica,

636-733-3346 You're correct and no 1 no question what they owe should have for listen to that or be called names.

Post by just_saying,

6367333346 I have spoken for Individuals out of this Amount. They threatened to take me for court even though I offered to pay the bill. My attorney is now Managing everything and they won't become getting paid because they refused for provide me or my attorney with any documentation on that Invoice. I 'm not just one to Only not pay my bills. I Only refuse to Just pay a Invoice because many threatening express on my phone said to. These Individuals aren't using fair Group Methods and should be Ceased.

Post by Jen,

636-733-3346 Oh. . . . Sorry did t mean to direct that to ABC. . . I meant W.

Post by mind your own buisness,

6367333346 you personally must work for one of those Set Companies to run your own mouth like you are. they must pay you personally really well to appearance Ignorant on these forums.

Post by no name,

636-733-3346 you might have no business saying stuff enjoy this. You don't understand what caused a Man for Finish Upward within a Condition. CANCER. . . .

Post by GoGe,

6367333346 You are idiotic and you personally Seemingly 've nothing better to do than harass Individuals. You are no better than these A holes trying for get cash they don't deserve Or are owed. Answer to Exhausted to be pulled by loud mouths You say that Not for mention many times those calls are misplaced calls. I gotten 1 for a W. W charge. They did not identify themselves or who they were collecting your Price for. Of course I 'm not going to pay it it could become a Waste. You are correct it Likely is a sham and most of your calls are for old debts or for other Folks s debts they're Attempting to get Simple Folks to pay. Assess Outside my Storyline. . . Number revealed Upward on caller ID and they left an automated message that is prohibited for debt collectors for do within Pennsylvania. i called back and that Woman who replied knew that number I was calling out of and knew exactly why I was calling. I asked along with whom I was speaking and she said Account Recovery Corporation and blah blah. She told me Your account was referred to the agency for W from service Made on June 4 W. I asked what Firm said I owed them money and she replied Scarborough Memorial Hospital and physicians in Philadelphia. I 've never been for Scarborough Two problems along with the. One I never went for the hospital the year. I was in your hospital December W but never this year. Two I 've never been for Scarborough in my life nor that hospital there. I can prove using my medical records that I 've never been there. I don't owe that money but So W what do you say to that. You personally say we 're all lazy deadbeats that should pay our bills. I don't have any bills that I owe. I am probably your only Individual in this country who doesn't owe any cash. Go screw yourself and get a life. Phone Amount belongs to Records Recovery Corporation. Here is their full information W Chesterfield Airport Road Selection Chesterfield Missouri Phone W. W. W and W W Facsimile W. W. E-mail E-mail W protected

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Don t answer

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Account Resolution Corp does not leave MSG. debt collector Allowing for BBB.

Post by mstngs,

636-733-3346 Got your phone phone again the time with the English Highlight. . could not understand what she said except for return your call for an W Amount. . If you personally cant comprehend them should we phone them back. . and yes I concur know 1 knows what kind of situations that Folks are going Thur. Keeping a roof around our heads is more Significant at your Second Afterward paying medical bills the Set said would become Chosen attention of. . . then they go by what you personally got last year not what you might have at your moment NO Occupation and are on welfare for a short time. . . . okay enough is said. . I am 1 that's Striving to get back in your swing. . just one daytime there wont become any creditors calling. . .

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Collections

Post by Haha,

636-733-3346 Appears enjoy your own a not alive beat jobless too because for you for respond on this number means you personally had same number telephone you Stupid ass . . . Lola oh and by that way i do have a job but your own Mother dozen t create me enough money to pay off the bill . . .

Post by [***]....,

6367333346 Never even heard of them let alone understand what they desire. But no cash from me I 'm on Long Period Handicap. . . What money. . . . . . . ha ha em. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Miya,

636-733-3346 I got a telephone out of them. . . did t Comprehend your number but decided for response. . . your Girl asked for a Individual and i Inquired who she was and she said Someone from ARC and I said what's ARC and she said i have identified myself now could you do that same. . . i said no could possibly i request what is ARC and she said could you please identify yourself. . . i said well you have a Fine day now. . . and she hung up

Post by BAG,

6367333346 Obviously I can t kind. I meant I 'm now paying Cobra insurance prices.

Post by A+ credit,

636-733-3346 Obtained a phone on my cell a number I don t give Outside no ID returned phone Account Resolution Services Place me on hold for 5 Min's. could t locate my number within their records did t understand who called me No idea. . . . Oh appropriate. . . .

Post by JBSGIRL,

6367333346 Called my work Amount and left a message

Post by John,

636-733-3346 BTW this can be Barack Obama.

Post by larry spears,

6367333346 ca int pay your bill

Post by JO,

636-733-3346 Only got a phone from them Now the guy was Okay but sounds a bit Poor for me. Exactly why is it they desire me to mail it to some PO carton. I think first I ll call the hospital and see whats going on I vie been paying every month but hospital desires it all I don it all. . so I told them Simply for send me for that Group Bureau.

Post by LD,

6367333346 Simply because you personally receive a call out of a collector doesn't mean anyone is lazy or dozen t have a Occupation. It could also mean that someone had a tragedy that resulted within Earnings being diminished or it could become a incorrect number. Don t spout judgments. Clearly you personally got your telephone overly or you personally would t have commented.

Post by Guest,

636-733-3346 Invoice collector

Post by Guest,

6367333346 Dozen t leave a message of who they are Striving for contact. Rings once maybe twice Afterward hangs Upwards.

Post by Fred,

636-733-3346 If you idiots would Really send mail stating who you are your alleged debt and your Assumed Sum maybe Individuals would t see you as a scummier. Expand Upwards.

Post by Mad as hell,

6367333346 These guys called my Business about your own bill and told two Distinct Workers your basic data Around what was going on. Inquired one of my Workers if I had informed my staff I was going to shut down that Business. Fantastic tactics got even worse because I had agreed to pay that bill in your first place.

Post by Sharon Thurmond,

636-733-3346 Back to back calls never leave a message. I answered 1 time because I did t understand who it was and really rude. Could t produce copy of Initial Statement they say I owe.

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at just one point within your life you personally replied questions and they're calling you back to see you personally re interested within life insurance. they Likely tired calling you personally before when you personally were interested and could not get a hold of you personally. your came Upward again this year and they're offering that information again.

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Keeps calling

8507640464 Complains by Guest,

Who is this

8604953482 Complains by Guest,

Calls all day

9258124097 Complains by Guest,

Prank phone rude hang up

4842379538 Complains by Guest,

Many one out of a credit card Firm Striving to get you to offer them Information for sign Upward for lower attention rates

8280631282 Complains by JB,

Obtained a telephone from the number but no one will there be when I answer. Cannot return a call for this number

3364062485 Complains by Alex,

Also got a call from these guys. Lol "Accurate Intelligence" — scam artists I'm sure. They can also be reached at (877) 319 4282. I'd suggest if you're thinking of doing business with these guys think twice. Why would they be calling people if they're so good at what they do? You'd think they'd have plenty of business. Must be that their intelligence is not so accurate.Their website is: www.accurateintelligence.com

8002865805 Complains by Vickie,

I also received a text MSG from W last night along with the following Official Prize Notice Call W W W Now for Significant Claim Information. Keep R amp R text act active. text stop 2 Enid Additionally called your Amount out of a land line after a few seconds automated system said I d won W tunes and transferring me for what sounded enjoy Sunlight Property but I could t recognize the Female that answered really nicely. She Desired for get my Charge and charge W for it. I politely told her they won t become delivering anymore messages because I 'm reporting them which I did.

8002572582 Complains by Julia,

Unknown number.

8002182653 Complains by Guest,

Nu chi

8002274180 Complains by Guest,

she is a Turn smoked out who re

8002812203 Complains by T,

A Man named James Patrick who asked for someone I do not understand for phone him back at W W W ext W. He did not state what Business he worked for.

8002568553 Complains by cmc,

asked for my boss placed on hold Upwards Installed in 1 minute.

8002104479 Complains by Bob,

They called and left a message at our office Looking to speak along with the Business Owner or someone within Bookkeeping amp mentioned it was not a sales telephone. I phoned your number and Inquired the Congressman. what dept. I was calling and she said the Returned Check Department. Clearly they phoned the business in Malfunction.

8002811055 Complains by Peter,

I keep becoming fake calls out of W haphazard combine of Amounts wanting me for go to your random Site to claim a rebate Prize. Any manner to block these Outside.

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