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Telephone information: Verizon New York. New York, NY. New York. United states
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37 complaints
Post by Andrea,

6462545765 Called at 7 Am and left no message.

Post by Janet,

646-254-5765 This guy called from medical Payment on Friday. . . . Also this guy has called explaining about fixing messages from unwanted e mails. The guy claims for become out of Google. . He could Discuss English quite nicely when you personally tell him no not interested. . Appears like a scam to me. Google needs to inquire Additionally.

Post by Arno,

6462545765 Scam alert call from virgin isle the scum is calling from a computer in an Net cafe FBI could not can anything they say. . .

Post by Terry Snell,

646-254-5765 Same as everyone above. Desired for help me with my medical State. I was enjoy Oh Yes. which just one. He had no response I have no State. I told him I told you personally Folks to Cease calling me last month and click Installed up within my face. called back not in service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

6462545765 Spam Owner reporting to Do not Phone List

Post by Mommy2ee,

646-254-5765 Obtained two calls from this Amount no message left. Quite annoying.

Post by Guest,

6462545765 spamming people

Post by Guest,

646-254-5765 They won t let you personally call back they say the phone isn't in service

Post by Rb361088,

6462545765 Keep becoming called out of this Amount tried to called back Amount not in service they won't leave any messages so I don t know what Business they're from.

Post by Guest,

646-254-5765 They called I answered they Inquired for me I said incorrect no. Lola

Post by Raquel,

6462545765 I 've several missed calls out of W W W around that past Virtually 2 weeks. I don t response numbers that are private and I for confident don t reply numbers I don t understand. The 1. . every time I missed this phone I attempted for phone it back but I keep becoming a recording that the Amount isn't in service. Thus I decided to response my cell if the number called again. . and the morning it happened but all I heard was what sounded enjoy and Actually loud Tv in your background and I said Hi 2 or 3 times and Subsequently whomever it was Put up. This can be getting Actually annoying and pissing me away. . the calls never come in at that same time of day. . the morning s call woke me Upward.

Post by Guest,

646-254-5765 I received a telephone out of this Guy along with a lousy Highlight when I told him that I did not desire any more calls from him because he is bothering me at work and I Put up he then called me back several times.

Post by Scarlet307,

6462545765 Did not leave a message. I called it back and the Amount is no longer is service. Millimeter. . weird

Post by l,

646-254-5765 unwanted call

Post by Guest,

6462545765 Man had a thick India Feature. He Needed for know about my operation history to see I Certified for Payment. I acquired these calls within earlier January. I 'm reporting it now because I vie W other calls from Distinct Amounts all calling about the medical scam.

Post by Guest,

646-254-5765 They called. I didn't response. Then I called back number not n service.

Post by Roberta Phillips,

6462545765 Quit calling this Amount. you are blocked.

Post by Cindy,

646-254-5765 They called me and said they pulled my medical history and power saw that someone in my own family had operation in W and wanted for verify that data. When I told them it was not their Issue what your medical history is he was not from my Doctors office and I will not present out such private information on that phone. He Put Upwards.

Post by Wendy,

6462545765 The person called me twice once from a Amount and Subsequently a blocked number and I told him he better not call back. I am a Nanny for family and cannot leave calls unanswered. Something about being compensated for implants and I told him you personally got that erroneous Man and I don t need Payment. I 'm on do not phone lists. It is a joke already. I get more calls from solicitors the previous few months than within my whole life combined. Annoying.

Post by Dee,

646-254-5765 Continually calling. Appropriate i have W calls on my Owner id. The does not Comprise that calls that have been deleted. They're annoying and at this point harassing.

Post by SMJ,

6462545765 Cheers. I did file a Gripe the morning. Everybody use this link. Thank you.

Post by Rb361088,

646-254-5765 Keep becoming called out of the number tried to called back number not within service they will not leave any messages so I don t understand what Firm they are from.

Post by Tired of Unwanted Calls,

6462545765 I got a telephone on my Residence phone out of the same number. When I answered that call I heard fumbling of your Telephone and Subsequently a hang up. You are able to t even relax in your own own home these times. Where's your universe headed.

Post by Mary,

646-254-5765 The same as above. He has called me as many as five times in a day. He now is using the name John. I 've repeatedly Inquired him to Quit calling. I have attempted being nice and 've gotten belligerent. . . neither work. He calls repeatedly. Any notions on what to can. I vie had that same cell Amount for more than ten years and would despise for Alter it.

Post by Jody,

6462545765 This guy told me he would telephone me back anytime he wanted and knew where I lived was calling for 3 times now 5 6 times a daytime.

Post by Guest,

646-254-5765 They telephone twice a daytime they need to quot help quot with medical Payment for anyone who has had a mesh implant or bladder sling. I vie Inquired for be taken away their list but Afterward they Only telephone from another state. also within Organization along with W W W W and W W W

Post by Guest,

6462545765 I received a call out of this Amount a couple days Past at 8 W a. m. A man along with a very significant Indian Feature asked for Chat to my Partner just he had the last name wrong. I constantly know when it is a telemarketer because they mispronounce the name. So I told him he had that erroneous Amount and he Installed Upward. The next morning at 8 W a. m. this Amount called me again. The time I asked who they were. The guy on another end again same guy with your significant Highlight told me it was quot Alex quot out of many medical data company. I Inquired him what he Desired. He said quot I don t want anything Mother am. quot Thus I said quot Well if you personally don t want anything Subsequently we have been not interested in having you personally call back ever again. quot His reply. quot Yes I m not going for can that. I understand where you personally live and I can call you all daytime every daytime and harass you. quot He Subsequently hung up. I had for contact the phone Firm to block the number since he threatened my family.

Post by Kari,

646-254-5765 I Simply got a phone out of this Amount W W W 5 minutes Past and that significant accent India guy said he is with a medical firm and Began to ask personal questions. I told him we 're not interested and which he needs for not phone ever again. he said f you and I know where you live and I could telephone and harass you all I desire and there's nothing you can can Around it.

Post by CC,

6462545765 I acquired a phone from the number a couple days ago at 8 W a. m. A man with an extremely substantial Indian Feature Inquired to Chat for my husband simply he had your last name erroneous. I consistently understand when it is a telemarketer because they mispronounce your name. So I told him he had your wrong number and he Put Upwards. The next morning at 8 W a. m. this number called me again. This time I asked who they were. That man on the other Finish again same man with that heavy accent told me it was Alex out of some medical data company. I Inquired him what he Needed. He said I don t desire anything Mother 'm. So I said Well if you personally don t want anything Subsequently we are not interested within having you telephone back ever again. His answer. Yes I m not going for would that. I understand where you live and I can phone you all day each daytime and harass you personally. He Subsequently Installed Upward. I had for contact your phone Business to block your Amount because I feel he threatened my family.

Post by Jena,

646-254-5765 Alex out of Us Medial Payment. Asked me Around private Well-being questions first Around mesh and Afterward Drug. I Afterward told him that no thank you personally i was not interested within his services I 'm quite certain I heard him say F you personally as he disconnected. I instantaneously attempted to telephone back your number in my caller id W W W for report him to a supervisor I was going for suggest they review his Videos but that Amount was not within service.

Post by SMJ,

6462545765 The Amount called the house Amount at 6 W Am awakening up my Partner. When I replied the phone your guy at another Finish asked for my Partner. When I told him what time it was in California he Installed Upward. I believe that Fresh York State Lawyer s office should get included to get this Firm to 1 Identify itself 2 Locate out exactly why this number is no More within service when called back but they could create calls for your House and bother your own family the phone Business should take Responsibility and DISCONNECT or allow people that get called from that Amount your opportunity to call back for be Inquired to become removed. But Fresh York dozen t attention. The phone company dozen t care. And our lawmakers only care Around what is great for them.

Post by SJStrickland,

646-254-5765 Answered the telephone. There was a guy with the Feature on your line. He said he worked for a few medical compensation Firm. He kept asking Around mine and my family s medical history. He was quite difficult for recognize.

Post by SMJ,

6462545765 Thanks. I did file a Criticism this morning. Everybody use this link. Thank you personally.

Post by Guest,

646-254-5765 Road call. Requires personal medical questions and make themselves sound official. Started getting them last week. They state they ll get you personally an attorney

Post by Chris,

6462545765 Obtained a telephone from this non English speaking turd at 6 W a. m. . Yes you personally read that Right. Legally they cannot call until 8 W a. m. wt. . Something Around medical Payment humorous Getaway t had any medical claims. He said he would telephone back I told him no due for being on that DC list. Lets see how well that works out.

Post by bev,

646-254-5765 continuous calls out of this number. . i finally answered one day. . told your Man who i could not understand that this Amount is on your don't call list. . . not to phone again. . not heard from them since

Post by ANNOYED,

6462545765 2 Calls appropriate within a row on my work cell Telephone. Called back for see who it was says number is disconnected.

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2177593933 Complains by Guest,

Rude caller swore Frequently at me

2522879606 Complains by Guest,

Sorry I m busy

8014176000 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collect

3106924905 Complains by Guest,

Attempting to sell me something

6015088883 Complains by Guest,

The Man is certainly psycho.

9374100717 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling my Telephone everyday at least twice a daytime.

5143155739 Complains by Guest,

Asked if I m your owner and wanted for sell me Opportunities and windows and install it. Consider suspicious persisting

2843692774 Complains by Guest,


8022813427 Complains by jackie & emmie,

Messaged us and told us he was the stalking and that hes watching people we live within Mainer. . .

8022643761 Complains by Calif - 2nd call,

left recorded MSG Around a survey they will give you personally 5. W off Enzyme when you call them back on A W amp leave your name amp Time undoubtedly for someone for telephone you personally back. . . . . Ya let me jump correct on that. . . . Rolling Eyes

8003103935 Complains by Guest,

you obviously don t understand the significance of don t phone me

8003168064 Complains by TexasNative,

I got a telephone today out of a local W Ph searching for a family member and it gave the Cost free Amount for telephone. Unfortunately for some local business the local ph belongs to your funeral Residence. Any company that spoofs the Ph they're calling from is never W legit in my own novel. Your automated message never Offered your name of the Business it Simply asks for a Particular Individual and press 1 if you personally re that Man or press 2 if you personally re not.

8022844139 Complains by Staff,

Don't supply any info to this Owner SCAM. . . .

8003223479 Complains by no thanks,

Called for day Th June could t comprehend a word he said as he had a thick accent and hardly talked English. Never heard of them never done business with them and i have no debts thus if it s a debt collection Bureau they 've your wrong Individual. told them in no uncertain terms politely to take my number away their list.

8045543035 Complains by bob,

Sacramento Ca. I got that same phone out of officer Marcus of that Government. Telephone back number was W W W. After I stopped laughing I reported it on your treasury web site.

8045493252 Complains by sally,

Sends text messages claiming he cannot create calls due for internet Problem. Big Scummier. .

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