6464345429 / 646-434-5429

Telephone information: Omnipoint Communications. New York, NY. . United states
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59 complaints
Post by Gatekeeper,

6464345429 Clone of W W W. Distinct number same b. s.

Post by David In KY,

646-434-5429 Called twice. Said they were FedEx and had a package for me. I said then Provide it. He attempted many questions within broken English before I hung Upward. Obviously NOT calling from FedEx.

Post by Herman,

6464345429 Scum of your World.

Post by Dan,

646-434-5429 I get calls multiple times a daytime. We have been a Basketball club and they call with info on True people in your Team Instructors board members and even players. Annoying. . . .

Post by connfused,

6464345429 i just got one at work Additionally. Had my given name that i barely use and then got disconnected twice within a Line.

Post by Not a Happy Camper,

646-434-5429 I gotten 3 calls from the Amount to three different Amounts. When he finally got in Contact with me he Installed up. I tried to telephone your Amount back and it said that the Magic Port number You're Attempting for reach is not accepting calls leave a message.

Post by LR,

6464345429 Got a phone out of them saying they were Bank of America but asking for me by an old name. Become suspicious.

Post by Guest,

646-434-5429 Called me at work and Inquired if it was me. I said yes and he Installed up

Post by Annoyed,

6464345429 Telephone my work Telephone. Asked for me and I told them which is me. He said hello along with my name which was mispronounced and Subsequently Installed Upward. Did not address himself nor the company within which he is calling out of.

Post by dee lynn,

646-434-5429 CORRECTION Significant accented guy wanted to speak with Sean boy property. I searched and told him we've no one by that name and he wanted to confirm the was a Chief line of the W W university which it's. I get calls like this ALL that time and most of the time they hang Upwards are rude and your Man NEVER exists here. I wish it would Quit. The other numbers that I 'm aware of W W W and W W W. Someone please tell me exactly why they create Folks names up and make them go away. . .

Post by connfused,

6464345429 i Only got one at work Additionally. Had my given name that i barely use and then got disconnected twice in a Line.

Post by Bubba,

646-434-5429 Many mumble mouth called asking for your owner. Wanted his express mail and Put Upwards when I said we don t 've voice mail. Probably a Crack Attempting to sell something. I called your Telephone Amount back and it s a Magic Port Telephone number.

Post by connfused,

6464345429 i Merely got 1 at work also. Had my given name that i hardly use and Afterward got disconnected twice within a Line.

Post by Switchboard,

646-434-5429 Nicely that Excellent matter about Caller ID is that I Just disconnect the phone instantly after Selecting up the call when I see their number Place up the Telephone system works off our mouse and computer . Fly your phone down in my own ear and I m not even going for response the phone. Bahama.

Post by Weird,

6464345429 I got a phone out of W W W the morning asking for me. When I said this really is her they hung up.

Post by mad,

646-434-5429 i got a call out of this Amount W W W at work. He asked if i was Mr. XX XX i said yes and he Installed Upwards instantly.


6464345429 they called asking for my previous name I asked them what they wanted with this person and they said they had for Speak for your Individual within which they were calling I said my first name and Afterward they Installed Upwards p. s. they did not even renounce my first and my old last name correctly HUGH SCAM

Post by Term,

646-434-5429 These people have called me twice re guarding to Law Fit against my brother. I have given my brother your Information and he has returned their phone. These Individuals had all his info in their data erroneous. I Simply received another call out of the same number and they tried for tell me I was responsible to provide them your correct Societal security Amount. I told them that I was not giving Outside the Amount because I did not 've the appropriate to would thus. Afterward they told me that I could be held responsible to pay for his debt being that I was his brother. This can be a scam Folks and they should become Quit. If you personally get anymore calls from these Individuals you personally demand to contact the Cops and turn them in.

Post by Luke,

6464345429 I vie gotten multiple calls Now from non English speakers knowing my name and saying company names occasionally unintelligible. Whenever I ask for any more Information they hang up. They re using Distinct numbers I vie gotten about 5 calls Now a couple out of No Owner ID.

Post by Kate,

646-434-5429 A man speaking within busted English called our front office asked for me by the incorrect first name was transferred for me and whispered how are you when I Decided Upward. Actually creepy manner for start. . . Asked if my name was W I said no. He said he d call me tomorrow and hung Upward. Definitely blocking that number.

Post by Guest,

6464345429 Asked for a Associate Afterward Inquired if this was my direct number Put Upwards.

Post by JED,

646-434-5429 Got a phone from the number they said they were Citibank. They Inquired for me and Afterward Installed Upward.

Post by Fed Up Receptionist,

6464345429 This Amount calls frequently asking for a Distinct person each time they telephone. Constantly within broken English with a very thick accent. I let him understand the Man he is asking for Scott Thompson is not an employee of the Firm. He Inquired if I was the Owner for the Firm he tried to pronounce that co. name and butchered it so I got confident for correct him I told him I was the User and again there was no just one in that company by that name. He asked me for appearance in our Listing and point him in that Course of Scott Thompson . Eventually defined for him a final time that Scott Thompson isn't an employee here. Also reminded him of his calls for our Firm last week looking for David Griffin that is also not an Staff here. He never indicated who what Firm he was along with OR exactly why he was calling.

Post by Switchboard,

646-434-5429 Male along with accent called and Inquired for former IT manager mangled his last name . Did not ID himself or Firm. I said that Man he was calling for is now available through E-mail contact just works remotely from state . Owner said Ok and Installed Upwards. Lola. Caller ID shows simply Fresh York NY.

Post by Guest,

6464345429 Same as noted by Jaime and Scott he Inquired if I was Ms. XXX and I said yes Subsequently he Inquired if the was general Business line or my direct line. When I said general Firm line he Put up.

Post by Main Line,

646-434-5429 Gotten two calls Now asking for same Individual. First time said they were Ups. Second time did not identify themselves. Both times they Required we look within your International Index when we told them we Warren t recognizable with that name.

Post by Switchboard,

6464345429 Nicely the Excellent thing Around Owner ID is that I Just disconnect your Telephone instantly after Buying Upwards the call when I see their Amount pop Upwards the phone system works off our mouse and computer . Bust that Telephone down in my own ear and I m not even going to reply your Telephone. Bahama.

Post by Thomas,

646-434-5429 Calls asks if he s speaking for your own name then hangs Upwards when you response.

Post by n,

6464345429 They previously mentioned it was ENC corporation. They are verifying Individuals info for Assemble a database to sell. They phone businesses and Residences. They're scampers.

Post by Guest,

646-434-5429 Has called Firm cell Telephone twice missed once and the other Inquired if I was Mr. XX XX as soon as I said yes hung Upward.

Post by CAM,

6464345429 Called today on my company line maintaining for be along with Fed Ex. Affirmed my name Subsequently quickly Put Upwards. I called your Amount back and the message says the magic jack customer is not available but you can leave a message. I did not. They got a Big error calling my Business. . .

Post by K.,

646-434-5429 They Simply called me asked my name and Put Upwards. . . . . W W W I tried for phone back for find that I consider its a magic Port number.

Post by Another one,

6464345429 Work phone. Got a call from Private which I ignored I never response Unknown calls immediately Used by this phone. Really greatly Highlighted guy did not identify himself or his Firm and asked for Barry Lt something gt I could t comprehend that last name. He Began to spell it out and I recognized that name of someone within another Section who left over 3 years ago. Told him we have no Barry here he attempted to affirm your Firm name which also altered a few years ago . Told him we 're no longer that Business and Put up. This USN t the first telephone I vie gotten enjoy the and it s consistently related to former Workers of our IT Section and they never have your correct info. Probably many sort of sales scam using old Information.

Post by Arcenia,

646-434-5429 Keep calling place of employment Subsequently hang Upward.

Post by Main switchboard,

6464345429 This number is now stating they are CBS Pharmacy. Same info as above Highlight asking for names of Individuals that do not work here. Sometimes they state they're Fed Ex. Beware now they're CBS Pharmacy. . NOT.

Post by Scam all the way,

646-434-5429 Claims they're from Western Union request for someone that doesn't work here. SCAM SCAM.

Post by tim,

6464345429 They called me. Asked for a Individual and Put Upwards instantaneously. He said that is Jack within regards for. . . Hung Upwards instantly.

Post by Creepy,

646-434-5429 Now someone called that switchboard at work asking for me by name. When I answered a guy along with a Mid Japanese Feature said Hi is the my name . I said Yes and he immediately hung Upward. I checked the caller ID and it was W W W from Brand new York. I instantaneously called back and it went direct to a Magic Port Send Carton.

Post by LYNN,


Post by Gail,

646-434-5429 Acquired a phone out of the number by a man along with broken English asking for an ex Staff saying he was returning her telephone from the phone number NOT. and that she called Robert amp Henry Corp a marketing manager. I would t send him to voice send but said I would be joyful to leave a message. He would t supply a Telephone Amount and Installed up. . .

Post by nonono,

6464345429 called for someone that does not work in my office. asked for your Worldwide directory and when i said i had no such thing abruptly Put Upwards. that heck .

Post by annoyed,

646-434-5429 The number Inquired for an Staff at another office. I said tried to present them the phone Amount. They would t listen thus I Installed Upward. They called back 6 times within W Min's. I finally picked Upwards that phone and said Cease CALLING. They left voice mail saying NOTHING.

Post by Switchboard,

6464345429 Nicely the Fantastic thing about Owner ID is that I Only disconnect the phone instantaneously after Finding Upward the phone when I see their Amount Place Upwards your Telephone system works off your mouse and computer . Fly the phone down in my ear and I m not even going for response your phone. Bahama.

Post by make them stop,

646-434-5429 Got several calls in a Line they would let it ring twice then they hung Upwards . . . so the Road time I picked Upwards on the first ring amp instantly Set them on hold amp left them there until they hung Upwards . . .

Post by Guest,

6464345429 I called the Amount back and instantaneously got your message that it is a Magic Jack Amount and to leave a express message but your mailbox was full and not able for accept more messages.

Post by Arnie,

646-434-5429 Similar harassment Various stories given Upward the Sequence until I was transferred your call asking for a Individual along with my first Original and last name. Once Affirmed I was on that line he hung Upward. Quite concerned it is some Id Thieving scam.

Post by KBD,

6464345429 I 've had all that same things occur with me. Have any of you had any Id Larceny.

Post by Guest,

646-434-5429 Called my job and Inquired for me. Hung Upwards when I replied.

Post by Guest,

6464345429 Called me at work asked if it was me. I said yes and he Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

646-434-5429 He called my Business phone and Inquired if this was the quot direct or general quot Telephone number for the Firm. As shortly as I replied he Put Upward. He s blocked now.

Post by DarthVader,

6464345429 phone from number did not reply telephone caller left no message

Post by Gatekeeper,

646-434-5429 Called my office asked for someone who doesn't work here. I said sorry and Subsequently I hung up.

Post by Julie,

6464345429 This number called our office. A man with a substantial Indian or Mid Asian Highlight Inquired for my boss but mispronounced his name. I let the Owner understand he was not within and Inquired if I could take a message. That Owner Put Upwards without saying anything. Blocked that number as they re Clearly not a valid business or Customer.

Post by Allison,

646-434-5429 Obtained a telephone at work out of the instantaneously after receiving similar telephone out of a different . Both s are Brand new York NY Established. I answered w my Firm s name and my first name and your Owner Put up. Tried calling back that but got message that this magic jack s express mail was not empty.

Post by Renee,

6464345429 the Owner previously mentioned my name and instantaneously Put up

Post by Guest,

646-434-5429 Called and left no message when I did t Choose Upwards.

Post by dee lynn,

6464345429 Heavy Highlight Sean boy land wanted for verify the was a Principal line of the university. I get calls like this ALL your time and most of the time they hang Upward are rude and that person NEVER exists here. I wish it would Discontinue. other numbers that I 'm aware of W W W and W W W

Post by CP,

646-434-5429 Called twice in a row asking for Jeffrey Kate but pronounced it Kurt ST time i replied we've no one here by that name and he said cheers and Put Upward and called back right away and asked for that same Individual and i replied you Merely called and Inquired for this particular Individual and I told you we don t have anyone here by that name and he says you don t have anyone by that name in your overall company. We've 3 Barry s but no just one close for that last name thus I said NO we don t

Post by Guest,

6464345429 called my job Verified my first and last name and hang Upwards.

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3045510849 Complains by Mad as hell,

Note that when I sent the above e-mail to the robo-callers at Sprint, I also cc:d the FCC.  Today they responded (pretty good service from a government agency) and here is their reply -- which may give you some other places to lodge your complaints (like the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney's Office):"You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry to the FCC."Dear ,"The FCC accepts complaints from consumers regarding unwanted telemarketing (sales) calls.  The FCC does not have the authority to investigate harassing or threatening calls."There is a jurisdiction separation between harassing or threatening calls made in-state versus those made interstate or internationally; that is:   "    Local or state-level law enforcement agencies have authority for dealing with in-state calls.   "    The Department of Justice/U.S. Attorney's office has authority to handle interstate/international calls.   "Ask your local telephone company about any services or advice they can provide, such as "call trap" and "call trace" which may identify the originating phone number of anonymous harassing or threatening calls.Thank you.Representative Number : TSR35"

8177177310 Complains by liarsbeware,

Carol I consider you are that just one making the phone calls because you personally kind as nicely as they Talk. They can go for Penitentiary for impersonating an officer of the United States if they Stadium t. So can your Research before you personally spout away again.

7188562907 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling and it's a Rob call and they keep saying I 've won W I 'm Ill of the company calling. I wanted for phone them back and tell them for quit calling but there surely is a nonworking Amount. This really is a scam.

8042051195 Complains by Becky Lynn,

I had your same phone. What a joke. Statement Lovers may Discontinue at nothing. Maxwell and Kline aren't a real law Company and need your own credit card Information.

8003719252 Complains by Marci Oliver,

Please do not call my phone.

4063659633 Complains by Guest,

Collect telephone from corrections

8134137048 Complains by Karla,

No one said anything.

9736612922 Complains by Guest,

These idiots are selling prescription drugs illegally. If you personally reply they understand its an active number and sell it for other prohibited scam Businesses and they harass you too. FYI Saying you are on your Don't Call list isn't going for scare any of these scams away. Legit companies honour that Do not Phone List thus save your Air telling them. Discount block report these harassing calls every time.

8002945907 Complains by Djuanna Niemeier,

don t understand who called from this number it s a number I did not recognize

8003371836 Complains by WRm,

If it says Toll FREE Call on the caller ID we don t reply. Tired of nuisance calls. Reporting repeated calls for FTC

8044728163 Complains by Lee,

I acquired that same voice mail along with the same name. I was told if I or my lawyer did not telephone or if your call was ignored all they could can was wish me Fortune along with the lousy that would befall me. Knowing this was not right or had to become some form of sales Frequency partially because they made no mention of my name in the message Any legal Continuing would have mentioned Mr. or Mrs. . . . . I called that number for attempt to get a company or lawyer name for more reporting for the proper Experts I acquired a message saying there surely is no 1 here for reply your telephone . I was immediately disconnected after your message completed.

8044690021 Complains by Guest,

Berm an and framer debt collector

8003128600 Complains by PattiS,

did t pick Upwards called back

8002626811 Complains by Susan,

Call and hang Upwards before I could get for your Telephone. Never leave a express send.

8042439010 Complains by pluto,

CS ALES Dentally id is Sales Department. Wants to lower my credit card attention rates if I provide him my SS Amount Mum s maiden name etc. Said his name was Bob Brown. A scam.

8003374157 Complains by Katy,

Phone these idiots and demand they do not your telephone your place of employment. If they still can file Criticisms with that BBB and FTC. Know your rights under that Fair Debts Collection Work}. They're within Violation of the all your time. .

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