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Telephone information: Sprint Communications Company, L.p.. New York, NY. . United states
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Post by 715-213=2334,

6465246575 I reported these calls calls to the Cops. If you personally call any more we can take Actions. don t bother us.

Post by Sue,

646-524-6575 I am tired of the continuous calls out of the Amount. It Bands 2 5 times daily at times and W of the time they don't Answer for my replying. The morning someone identified themselves as Medicaid. Poor. I want these calls for Discontinue. It's really irritating to 've them telephone so quite Regularly.

Post by krywmom,

6465246575 After 3 times telling them I 'm on no phone list and to Quit calling I blocked them. These calls are after they were blocked Days and times they called after being told not for call 6 3 W 4 W pm 2 W pm 2 W pm 1 W pm W W Am Am 9 'm 1 W 8 W pm 6 PM W. PM W 'm W 'm 'm 5 W W PM 5 W W 4 PM 9 'm 9 'm 9 Am W W 1 PM times W PM W PM W 'm W Am W 'm times W W W W 4 PM 7 W 4 PM 1 PM 9 Am 6 W 5 PM 4 PM W 'm 9 'm 5 W 5 PM 2 PM. W Am 4 W PM

Post by Jenni Driscoll,

646-524-6575 I have been receiving numerous calls a day asking for people I do not know and other family members of that Initial person they are asking for when asked for not call they hang Upward on me when I tried for call back to Chat along with someone else all I get is a active tone I am becoming frightened to reply my phone I suffer out of severe tension I do not know who it's I did a reverse appearance Upward and it Offered me your name Diana Page and the address W Rector Pl New York NY W please help

Post by Not falling for it,

6465246575 These Individuals claim they're from my medical insurance. They need for Check my information and send me a fresh meter. My insurance would know my correct information. Not confident who these people really are. I have hung up on them several times telling them I don't 've that insurance even though I 'm not certain which insurance they State to be. They still keep calling back.

Post by Anonymous,

646-524-6575 Exacter. . . . . . . . . we've your same point. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . your Telephone number coming within is not your number these misbehavior scampers are calling out of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hence my point was. . . . . . . . . . . . . these calls are likely coming within out of another Nation. okay. yes that Telephone Amount said i. e. NYC does not mean these type of duplicating the same Excellent ital behaviour scampers are your same Individuals.

Post by Craig B.,

6465246575 We get multiple calls from the number daily. They sound enjoy they are calling out of a foreign State. They say they demand for talk about medical Items. I vie told them multiple times to stop calling However they continue. I feel enjoy Processing Prices against them. They telephone earlier within the morning late at night and all day long. It's getting quite frustrating.

Post by sEAN,

646-524-6575 i GOT A MISSED Telephone ON MY CELL Phone I Do not Know The Phone UMBER AND Do not Need ANYMORE IF I GET ANOTHER Phone Call I May CONTACT The FCC

Post by Babs,

6465246575 Same matter but the caller I. D. says Corey Cooper. Did not response it.

Post by DeAnna,

646-524-6575 They identified themselves to me Now as calling out of Individual. I get into a screaming match along with them each time. Nothing helps. The Man Now Installed up on me when I would t let him and told him I was reporting him for the FCC and he would become getting an excellent and that I was on the Don't Call List. One Woman tried for tell me she was calling from a Authorities office and I Wanted to give her my medical insurance data. I told her if she was from your government she would know my name was not Donna and she would become Competent for speak English. She Installed up overly.

Post by Kathie,

6465246575 It appears for be United Well-being care about medicare supplement. . . I had asked for info but 've Selected another. Oh nicely. They are blocked by Phone Filter free on my cell phone . .

Post by mike mccorkle,

646-524-6575 I have gotten over 2 dozen calls out of the Amount never leave a message. I have tried to block them with no success.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 The number has called my Residence several times per day for days now. Can we get it for Discontinue.

Post by Paula Sterling-Gladysz,

646-524-6575 Gotten 6 calls out of this Amount. No one Discussions when I answer. When I re Call I get a your own phone cannot become Finished as dialed message.

Post by Gigi,

6465246575 Called numerous times until ISO 7 when I Place them on my blocked numbers list. They state they are from Blue Cross Blue Shield and ask for private data to update my medical information . I 've insurance but not BC BS. I tell them that and request for become put on that don't phone list but it did no good. Thankfully I could Merely block the number now.

Post by Sarah Green,

646-524-6575 This Amount belongs to an Indian scummier telemarketing Firm that's trying for get data from their callers within order for steal their Identification.

Post by anonymous,

6465246575 this number from W W W and W W W is the same Individuals Looking to update medical info I 've told them repeatedly don t call again but I 'm keeping a record so that every time they call they can be fined and I could sue for harassment .

Post by M413,

646-524-6575 I get many calls on both my lines for Medicare data out of the number. I 've told them for remove me that they were a fraud scam and that I was going for report them. But they keep calling. What Amount should I use for report their scam to get private info.

Post by Bertram Cornelius,

6465246575 I have been getting this Telephone Amount on my cell Telephone at least Five times a daytime. if they don t leave a MSG Afterward they don t want nothing. I 've install a telephone block system to Discontinue the harassment of the number and they still manage to use another number for harass me with. what can i do for Quit that harassment.

Post by Rebecca,

646-524-6575 I 've told this person Lewis Sabra to quit calling. He has called 7 more times since.

Post by JimmieS,

6465246575 've been receiving several calls out of the Amount. Occasionally 3 4 per daytime. Most of that time saying they're out of Medicare but that last time they said they we from Blue Cross. When I said I did t have Blue Cross they instantly hung Upwards. Change phone appearance Upward was for a Diana Page within Fresh York.

Post by betty,

646-524-6575 Call blocker might become your absolute best.

Post by Elizabeth Beasley,

6465246575 Time Warner Cable Info Services land line within New York City Fresh York. Connected along with Sabra L Lewis Rodney T Page Diana Page and Tyler Page. Address is W W ND Road Apartment I Brand new York City.

Post by Donna Carlen,

646-524-6575 They called me for times on my CELL phone. I don t use my cell while at work. I called your number back and it dozen t function. I replied it today at work. A man along with a thick Feature Indian. said he was calling from my Wellbeing provider and called me by my name. I said. . . who is my Wellbeing Supplier and he hesitated and answered Blue Cross Blue Guard as if he were guessing. I replied that is not my Well-being Service and he said what. I repeated and he hung Upwards. I want these calls for Cease. How did he understand my name and my cell. This was more than a Rob telephone. Also I get calls for diabetes supplies and I request to become Chosen away their lists. These type scummier calls are targeting your aged. I still 've my faculties and know when I m being scammed.

Post by Tired in TX,

6465246575 This Amount has called non Cease for a month. One day they called W times and sometimes just 5 minutes apart. Thus exhausted of the I answered once and told them to take me off their call list. That was a month ago


646-524-6575 Re Publishing THEY Do not LIVE In The State. They are USING AND Maltreatment ME. my Man was a police Specialist INJURED and died from the Harms within your LINE of Duty. . They are DEMANDING Cash. . I Am HANDICAPPED

Post by Anonymous,

6465246575 Many Stupid hoe calls me out of a Amount that has been disconnected.

Post by latoya pearl,

646-524-6575 The number has called my phone for couple of weeks asking for Medicaid information

Post by with held,

6465246575 Owner has called Regular for sometime and I did not response. Today I answered and a foreign speaking guy told me he represented Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Desired for Confirm information. I refused to present more information and hung Upwards and called Blue Cos's and Blue Guard they told me to report it to my local Cops department that the Individual did not symbolize them and that they had received other complaints about these calls.

Post by John,

646-524-6575 Who ever this really is has been calling 3 to 4 times a day for the past month

Post by Bobbie,

6465246575 They 've called me 4 times today within less than an hour. Fortunate I don't reply calls out of unknown Amounts.

Post by Sharon,

646-524-6575 They started calling a couple of days ago 2 or 3 times a day. Today is Sunday thus decided to response it. Comes Upward on Owner ID as Burns Corey. Woman with really substantial Feature could barely recognize said something Around pain management and would I 've medicare or medicaid. I Merely Installed Upwards.

Post by cindy,

6465246575 How do they get any of the info.

Post by Lisa S.,

646-524-6575 Multiple calls from the Amount. Bad Link.

Post by annoyed1,

6465246575 Got 2 calls W min a part. I did t response as I did not Comprehend your . I called back 5 minutes After and got a record saying that Amount had been altered disconnected or is no More within service. I blocked that call since it is suspect.

Post by Concerned,

646-524-6575 We obtained a notice out of our insurance Business stating there was a breach in their system a couple months ago. I have run into that same dilemmas all that above Prints have. I called the insurance Firm. They cannot affirm or refuse that this is a part of your Break but my insurance company offers ID Larceny Protection for free for W months upon enrolling. They at the point let me response along with hello then hang Upwards. I will tell the person the next time they telephone that I m record this message Registered a complaint and enrolled within Larceny Protection thus their actions may be tracked upon calling me. I expect we all get a few sort of resolution to this issue. Within Christ name.

Post by Mercymom,

6465246575 These people called your House at 7 W a. m. on 7 W 7 W a. m. on 7 W and 6 W a. m. on 7 W. Your first time she called I Inquired if she knew what time it was. She Only repeated her request to Chat along with my husband. I Subsequently Inquired if she spoke English. She hesitated and then said yes. Subsequently I told her it was overly earlier to phone that we 're on that Do not Call list and not for telephone back. Same Man and or Highlight called the next morning and this morning. Name on that caller ID was Miller Corey .

Post by Brian Morrow,

646-524-6575 I could t believe how common this really is. . . . . . . . . I live in Washington State and it appears they're harassing people all around the Nation. . . .

Post by Bev,

6465246575 Keep getting Telephone calls from the 2 or 3 times a day Each Daytime. . On my prepaid cell Telephone. Cannot even comprehend what your Individual is saying significant East Indian Highlight. I cannot block calls on my traction. Can I create these calls Discontinue. Using up my minutes

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Can we have any legal recourse against Time Warner with this abusive Owner I wonder

Post by cheryl,

6465246575 I want these Individuals to Quit calling

Post by Beverly,

646-524-6575 The called from Medicare which we do not have called five time on Saturday Nov W. First two times were not home and they did t leave any message your three time we were home and she Began asking questions but I ask her who she Desired she Put Upwards just for phone back at 6 pm again asking questions enjoy what kind of Medicine I was on I told her that I did t need to tell her anything and Put Upwards went for the store came back and see that Amount again on my Owner id at 6 W. I confident hope the stops

Post by lorretta,

6465246575 i Only a call from try calling back no answer

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 sounds like someone from India or Pakistan could hardly comprehend Inquired me if I was diabetic after asking them what they Desired I told them no amp for never phone here again amp hung Upward we ll see what happens

Post by Amanda E.,

6465246575 I vie been receiving Telephone calls out of the Amount and I Normally don t answer numbers I don t Understand but I 've been becoming calls out of the Amount for weeks on end and they never leave a message. I replied it eventually and it was someone maintaining for become from my health insurance Firm and they Inquired me to Check that my phone Amount and address was right and then he Installed Upwards after your fact no explanation as for exactly why or anything.

Post by Mary Wysocki,

646-524-6575 When this calls me and he s called twice now the ND time I refused for response for him. My phone is set for 9 rings due for my Well-being dilemmas and Offers me time for get to phone. It comes Upwards on Caller ID as Miller Corey.

Post by tobias nolder,

6465246575 W W Your Amount calls everyday and hangs up when i reply. Is really aggravating

Post by cindy,

646-524-6575 Me overly on a Sunday. . . has my Information. . . . lousy govt. . . . Making our private info Free. . . . . .

Post by Doug. C.,

6465246575 I have been getting around 5 calls a day out of this Amount a non English Man keeps asking for private info about my health amp insurance. He States he is out of Medicare. I am W Years. previous disabled and retired. I am not on Medicare. The morning he called asking for my wife clearly he knew her name and nickname. When I Inquired what he wanted he Installed up on me Subsequently he called back again just seconds After and hung Upward on me when I replied that phone. This can be getting for be a irritating.

Post by Bonnie,

646-524-6575 He s been calling my mother s house and saying he is from Blue Cross Blue Guard and wanting a express from me. I Destination t Resided at my mother s for over W years. And I vie never had Blue Cross insurance.

Post by Doris,

6465246575 same here as everyone else i don't answer i don't Comprehend caller id had a name of Corey Miller

Post by Darb,

646-524-6575 this Amount calls me everyday 5 or 6 times or seven or eight times a day each W minutes and no 1 may Chat when I when I response. How do i make the Stop.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 I get 4 or 5 calls a daytime every daytime including Breaks and no just one is ever on the line and no messages are left. What s that intent of the sort of harassment.

Post by Anonymous,

646-524-6575 I Merely got a ND Call. I told her for go F. . . herself.

Post by Laura,

6465246575 This Man was calling me always. I generally don t Select Upwards because it is scam and spam. I do understand that Man is from Brand new York. They're Striving to get private data relative to health insurance. My spouse is a Cops Investigator and has Viewed them Upward. Complete Scampers. We are reporting them for the attorney general in Brand new York city.

Post by Thomas Romich,

646-524-6575 notes is not affiliated with your callers we 're not calling you either. notes is a Newsgroup for reporting who calls you personally and any data you personally might 've about your call to share with other forum users. It's highly doubtful that your own callers are reading here Additionally. We could t Cease anyone from calling you personally either or remove from a listing. Consider Perhaps becoming a call blocking Product or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or thus. Report your callers here not just to the DC alone HTTP Web. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Grievance Grievance check. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Grievance sort HTTP Internet. FCC. gov CB consumer facts D R. pitfall E-mail W protected

Post by Dodo,

6465246575 Annoying multiple calls. Occasionally several times per daytime all times any day of week. Uncomplicated I m within a wheelchair. If you hang up after 3 Bands in place of talking to my machine and identifying yourself I don t reply. Apparently your Do not Call list is useless since a week never goes by without several calls.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Related with organized stalking

Post by Joe,

6465246575 I get calls a few times a daytime and NO one is 1 that line EVER

Post by Harold,

646-524-6575 I hate these guys I got a Amount out of many Man going by black Lola Amount W W Let s tease him

Post by Lewis Sabra called,

6465246575 Nearly each hour. W W W.

Post by Yola,

646-524-6575 I revealed 2 missed calls out of the number when I walked into the office today. I rec d Though another call at 7 W am from a Girl who sounded like she was Seeking to Talk around a small fishbowl asking for information on my manager. I could t understand her and was concerned it was among the clients. After I repeated that I could t understand her for your third time she Only hung Upwards. What a weirdo.

Post by Khan,

6465246575 They woke Me and my Children up early in the morning. I already told these idiots to Set my Amount within don't telephone list they still telephone me. I hope there's someone who will discontinue this Amount and give Abuse for the responsible part

Post by Chris,

646-524-6575 I been always getting calls from the same number saying it s about bile cross insurance and wanted I d numbers for update info. I cannot recognize these Indians standing on a Place in India Striving to scam Information from me. I don t know what for can other Subsequently curse them out cause they don't take I don t comprehend u as a hint that there English sucks

Post by Guest,

6465246575 Appears to be a phone number bounce out of New Passion and. . . . . once you personally phone back. . they scam your Telephone Amount and use you number for make long distance calls.

Post by jason,

646-524-6575 read this everyone. . They are Not calling from united states. they 've a internet phone number pay no focus on Region code reporting stuff here only warns others would file Criticism along with fecund do not call registry they called me on a Sunday time sand ask for. Miss Jason they are not even telemarketers its a Enormous Phase telephone them back

Post by Elizabeth Beasley,

6465246575 I acquired call out of this Amount they used my nickname Liza asking about Dem Medicine and checking blood sugar called back and would not go through scary

Post by brenda lee spicer,

646-524-6575 I have been getting these calls each month for around a year. I keep telling them this isn't William Anthony Telephone number. I have had the Amount for two years now. why can they keep calling me.

Post by Anita,

6465246575 They 've called twice Now. I never reply a Amount I do not know Specially an from state telephone.

Post by VonCan,

646-524-6575 Please don't response to calls from this Amount or out of any other number you do not Understand Only as you should not open an email out of someone whose E-mail address you do not Comprehend. Let any calls out of numbers you personally do not Understand go to your voice mail if that phone is legitimate the caller may leave a message which you are able to Subsequently decide you desire or don't want to return. When you might have a question about a Amount your own gut instinct is Normally correct. Research the number I Google numbers and those that are scams are known to others as scams and are reported on Websites such as this one thus providing a Precious People service. Your cell phone provider can block that calls that Directions may be located online. Unfortunately we have been being harassed by a hushed enemy. I 'm not paranoid I am stating a fact. That FBI cannot help because these calls don't Develop out of Indoors our People borders and your perpetrators of that fraud could readily dismantle the number and accessibility a brand new Amount. The absolute best path of Activity do not answer and block your calls.

Post by J,

6465246575 Same thing here.

Post by ezspdr,

646-524-6575 I have Extreme call blocker on my Droid and it will block this Amount or block all W Amounts.

Post by Tammy Turbo,

6465246575 This really is a spoofed Amount they're NOT within NYC. Likely India Asia. . I got called twice thus far and did t answer. looked online to see its another Medical diabetic Provide scam. . CID says Lewis Sabra.

Post by Tired of calls,

646-524-6575 Times of calls. They're calling repeatedly. I Inquired for the Supervisor to let him her know what I had already let your Principal caller know don't telephone. They 've a lot of Information but I did t verify any of it Simply continued for request What's this Around. Who are you. Where is your own Supervisor. What's your Amount to reach your manager. Both the man and female Owner Simply continue for spew insurance Business name spelling address Information at me and ask if I could verify it. When they eventually gave a Telephone Amount for the Supervisor it was a Amount which was Available as a conceit Amount. when called back.

Post by Greg,

6465246575 I have gotten approximately 6 calls out of this number. I 've never answered and they have never left a message. I generally don t reply if I don t Comprehend a Amount. If it s Significant they ll leave a message.


646-524-6575 Have obtained calls out of this number for 3 weeks ALL hours of your daytime. At that Amount showed Upward as New York Phone and I let them go for express send NEVER a message. Last week your name Miller Corey showed Upwards with the Amount. Now when they called your FIRST time I answered within a Stress and instantaneously said that the Cops were looking for him Cooper and a women with busted English attempted to tell me something but I insisted on speaking to Burns to let him understand he was within trouble with the Authorities. I m waiting to see what happens now.

Post by Natalie Sedgwick,

6465246575 Steady calls calls out of the Amount wanting personal information. I 've repeatedly asked them to remove my Amount However they continue for phone.

Post by 1-646-524-6575,

646-524-6575 Quit call my Residence phone now

Post by Panda,

6465246575 They call and don t leave a message. Pains in the neck.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Continuous. Calling. No answer when telephone back. . . . . . phone can t become completed as dialed. . . . just go away

Post by Mr. Mack,

6465246575 Got a call from these crooks this morning Looking personal info Around my insurance Sluggish no good Individuals that desire work but is wanting what working people has Don't Provide THESE JERKS NONE OF Your own Personal Data

Post by Cb,

646-524-6575 Constantly calling each two minutes for what reason is unknown that is harassment and something needs to be done about it

Post by Cindy McCallister,

6465246575 I 've asked these Folks not phone me. They phone constantly. Their English is difficult for recognize but they want my medical information.

Post by Anonymous,

646-524-6575 Exacter. . . . . . . . . we have the same point. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . that Telephone number coming within isn't the Amount these misbehavior scampers are calling from. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Consequently my point was. . . . . . . . . . . . . these calls are likely coming within from another Nation. okay. yes your Telephone number said i. e. NYC does not mean these type of duplicating that same Great ital behavior scampers are the same Individuals.

Post by Carol Grenz,

6465246575 Nobody on here could but you are able to by possibly investing in a call blocker Attempting for block it yourself or Only shut down your replying machine and Blow off that phone. After enough times of becoming no answer of any sort they offer up.

Post by Georgina,

646-524-6575 W W W Name on Caller ID is Corey Cooper I did not Select Upwards Replying Machine Decided Upwards but she left no message . My husband has picked up calls from Amounts he dozen t Understand and got questioned about medical problems. . . WHICH HE Answered. . . DUH. We get Thus MANY Unknown Name calls overly from Place codes all around that United States. We have been on the No Phone List which has never stopped these spam calls. Subsequently there are that Campaign calls during election times which we don t response but their canned message is always left on the replying machine of path just one manner or the other they get themselves heard.

Post by Anonymous,

6465246575 Many Stupid hoe calls me from a number that's been disconnected.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Dials our house each hour as if on an automatic Call till someone picks up. Very annoying. Person claims for become from a Sr health care Firm Subsequently needs Information. . . . . don t provide them any hand Upward or don t answer.

Post by Johanne Wilde,

6465246575 Keep receiving calls on my cell phone out of the number. Do not reply it. Calls Now 2 W W W W 2 W 3 W 3 W 4 W 4 W 4 W 5 W 5 W 6 W 6 W 6 W

Post by Ms. D,

646-524-6575 Psalm W A Prayer for Protection from Enemies a W Save me by your own power O God place me free by your might. 2 Notice my prayer O God listen to my words. 3 Proud Individuals are coming for assault me cruel people are trying to kill me those who do not care Around God. 4 But God is my Associate. Your Master is my Defense. 5 May God use their own evil for penalize my enemies. He will destroy them because he is faithful. 6 I will happily offer you personally a give O Lord I gives you thanks because you are great. 7 You might have rescued me out of all my troubles and I 've seen my enemies defeated.

Post by Kansas,

6465246575 Same number same Result. This can be a scam I called my insurance Firm and they are now conscious of this. The Girl barely spoke English and was persistent in getting data from me. Liar Liar could not verify any data I asked from them nor could I Chat along with a supervisor She Put Upward. BEWARE DON T Provide THEM ANY Info.

Post by Carol Grenz,

646-524-6575 Nobody on here could but you can by Perhaps investing in a telephone blocker Striving for block it yourself or Just shut down your own replying machine and ignore that phone. After enough times of getting no reply of any sort they give Upwards.

Post by Pris Hodges,

6465246575 I have obtained About W calls from W W W number since February W W. That female calling me sound Asian for me and I cannot entirely comprehend her without asking her to Replicate herself several times. I comprehend that she desires to update a few medical file on me which I don't understand why she has it within that first Put. I called my insurance Service Now 3 1 W and reported the number to them and they got notice of my Talks with this Girl. They also suggested that I file a complaint and get me Telephone number Recorded as a do not phone Amount. I can see by the previous Criticisms that I am not your just just one receiving these calls. Something needs for be done about this. I am handicapped and cannot readily get for that phone in your first Set for it to become nothing when I reply is totally unacceptable for me.

Post by Dorothy Goldstein,

646-524-6575 I have been receiving calls from your above Amount for over a week. Sometimes 5 W times a day. They say they are Solar we live within a high Increase don t demand it. They won t take people off their list they keep phone.

Post by JB,

6465246575 He told me he was from my Well-being insurance Firm. I said Afterward tell me your name of my insurance. . . . he said . . . Blue Cross. I laughed an made a loud high pitched buzzer sound and told him he was a liar and a scam artist. I understand he probably did t care but it got me feel better. I think I am going to get over air horn. . . . see how he likes my buzzer next time. Sick of them

Post by angie,

646-524-6575 We are getting 3 for 4 calls a daytime out of this number. All times of your daytime. Occasionally state verifying medicare Information BC BS Information bank Information. Occasionally guy and some times woman talking with lot of back ground Sound. I Began asking them questions and they hang Upward.

Post by Walt - Chicago,

6465246575 These Folks have called me repeatedly. I never response a Telephone Amount or caller ID I do not Comprehend. They Additionally never leave a message so I suppose its Marketing. I would know however all their caller ID s Begin along with a V followed by W or W numbers In to days case they called twice along with Caller Id V and Caller ID V but your same phone Amount of W W W. Other phone numbers used are W W W W W W and W W W based on that same Owner ID description starting with a v and a Chain of Amounts.

Post by steve,

646-524-6575 Me too

Post by betty,

6465246575 Call blocker might become your absolute best.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Did not reply. Left no message. Has called several times.

Post by Scam,

6465246575 Obtained several calls from this Amount. Heavy central Asian Feature and was Very vague until he Began asking me for Check Information and I was surprised at how Substantially he had right but I refused for verify any of it. I Inquired several times what Firm he worked for and he said my insurance Firm. When I asked him to Confirm who my insurance company was he could not response. He then mentioned he worked for Medicare Medicaid and it was Merely a Proof procedure. Never true via Phone. I asked particularly if he worked for your U. S. government and he previously mentioned which he did. I Subsequently told him that he was welcome to send me Information via send and I would take for local office for Proof. He Began spouting away my personal info again and Inquired me to Check. I refused and he Put Upward. Can t wait for that next phone.

Post by Jean,

646-524-6575 I get calls several times a daytime from the number. No 1 is there and then there is a high pitch tone and a Physical voice that says goodbye. Sabra Lewis is what shows Upwards on your Owner ID.

Post by Billyvick,

6465246575 I keep getting these calls everyday several times a daytime.

Post by Thomas Romich,

646-524-6575 notes isn't Associated along with your callers we 're not calling you either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you personally and any info you might 've Around your telephone for share with other Newsgroup users. It's highly doubtful that your own callers are reading here Additionally. We can t stop anyone from calling you either or remove from a list. Consider Perhaps becoming a telephone blocking System or Telephone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or thus. Report your own callers here not Only to that DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov Grievance Criticism Assess. asp. Screen By State DC lists HTTP Web. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Complaint kind HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB consumer facts D R. pitfall email W protected

Post by Guest,

6465246575 That number they re calling out of is actually a Jamaican number. They ll tell you that they re located within Fresh York which they re not at all the number used for call me in Wishes to your quot lottery. quot SCAM.

Post by 6666,

646-524-6575 This can be component of your POM database Crack. Report them to your FBI. These creeps are Striving to Confirm Information that they were Offered.

Post by Lou,

6465246575 I Only received 5 calls from the number asking for speak to my Mommy early Saturday morning . She was really persistent along with believe accent and she even has my mother s doctor name and insurance Firm. She was asserting to become out of New York Healthy Living and that she was consulted by my mother s physician. I knew from the moment she called that it s a scam because she keeps spitting some State that I understand for certain my mother isn't suffering from. First she said my mother is enduring from back pain Afterward arthritis at your Finish of it she s Striving to sell my elderly mother pain Drugs and Attempting for get Medicare data out of her. BEWARE everyone. . .

Post by judy,

646-524-6575 I get the telephone at least 3 times a week really annoying my husband even cusses them Outside. they call at 'm Afterward at Am how do you Quit them . . . . .

Post by ScooterQ6,

6465246575 The caller continues to phone REPEATEDLY at various times and with VARIOUS Caller IDs. I do not need their Wellness Strategy. Yet if they continue calling THEY will.

Post by geraldinemock,

646-524-6575 same here and Subsequently when you personally try and cal ll them W not receiving calls. there's no number to send for no call list. our lousy Authorities should go something but as typical they dint. they let Enormous Firms get away with no taxes . check it Outside. . . Microsoft has avoided Statement Elephants of dollars of taxes by abroad Reports. so him and her provide to charity but prevent bill lions in Fees. Incredible. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by drtvcrouch,

6465246575 Steady hassling phone calls with no reply so I vie Began hanging Upward but the calls continue.

Post by judy,

646-524-6575 I get this call at least 3 times a week very annoying my Partner even cusses them Outside. they call at Am Afterward at Am how do you stop them . . . . .

Post by Cathy Cozzens,

6465246575 Would consider maybe getting a call blocking Product or phone. . You can Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. Report your own callers here not Only for your DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's Criticisms. dentally. gov Gripe Grievance Assess. asp. Screen By State DC lists HTTP Www. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Criticism form HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB consumer Details D R. pitfall email W protected

Post by Taylor,

646-524-6575 They telephone 3 or 4 times a daytime asking for someone who USN t me. Not in the least. And I continue to tell them it s that wrong number and it s always that incorrect Amount only to get a brand new phone in an hour. I vie told them for Discontinue calling within a not thus Pleasant manner. It s very much so harassment.

Post by Joan,

6465246575 I keep getting calls fro this umber Owner id says Miller Corey no message is left. Its very aggravating.

Post by KLG,

646-524-6575 Same as all that others Sabra Lewis saying BC BS Seeking more info Medicare Medicaid needing more Information. . . . . don't reply the questions a real in sf co or govt Bureau would not do this. Aim a nurse for many drys over your yrs with Charging exp this really is fraud.

Post by Ken,

6465246575 Received a phone from the Amount on 5 W W 7 PM. Guy along with accident Desired to Speak around my Wellness insurance Information. I told him for get lost.

Post by GrandmaPuppy,

646-524-6575 This really is what comes up when I can a investigation on Ix fast Diana Page Rector Pl Fresh York NY W W U'S don t understand if this is your Man calling or if someone has scammed their Telephone Amount.

Post by Cathy,

6465246575 Get calls out of these ignorant Parts of Waste each daytime several times a day. Told them each time to stop calling. That last woman that called I could not recognize her. Told her to Set an American on your Telephone that speaks English. She kept on ya king thus I Installed up. Now i don t even reply when they telephone.

Post by Mary,

646-524-6575 I constantly get calls out of this Amount asking Applicable data about my Wellness attention. I reported it to don't telephone Though that calls continue . . . .

Post by Chris m,

6465246575 Same Amount calling milt Competent times looking to update blue cross blue shield Information. That s not how insurance companies work. I asked if he was a terrorist or working for your government Attempting for see who got insurance or if somehow he was Attempting to scam. now same Amount calling and I would not provide any Information he hung and tried phone within back and it was a time Warner acreage line customer. Beware of that number

Post by Kathie,

646-524-6575 If you have a bright phone get the Program Mr. Number you are able to block it this manner. They still phone but your Program blocks it so you personally don t have to Discuss for them any more

Post by anonymous,

6465246575 they called me several times wanting to Confirm information Around insurance. i told them i had reported them for Cops department and they haven't called back since.

Post by Marj,

646-524-6575 I Simply received telephone 8 Now from the Amount no just one is ever there when I phone that back that call dozen t go through. SCAM SCAM SCAM. . . . .

Post by Jennifer,

6465246575 gt gt Phone block won t work. Lt Lt Why not. What telephone blocker are you personally using. Need more info.

Post by Ari,

646-524-6575 They called on Saturday morning asking for medical record data saying it s not sales telephone but Evidence phone. Talked broken English along with Indian accent was really hard to recognize and I could not get the name of the Firm. . .

Post by Kathleen Cummings,

6465246575 The Amount appears on my caller Id at least W consecutive times back for back calls. I replied that phone twice e no 1 responds. please Quit these calls.

Post by bill,

646-524-6575 They keep calling daytime after day. I vie Inquired them for take me off that call list but nothing helps. I vie decided to 've a few fun and have Began doing phone sex along with them. The last caller did t attention for Breast clamps and hung Upward. It s just going to get weirder and weirder for them. . . can t wait for the next telephone.

Post by Anna,

6465246575 4 5 calls per daytime but no one answers or leaves message

Post by Hello,

646-524-6575 When I tried to phone that number it s not within service. These Person s that 've been calling are of India dialect. I sent the Information to that FBI and no Result as of Though.

Post by jr,

6465246575 I dint Upgrade anything around that phone. Exactly why would u telephone. Medicare Actually.

Post by Tom,

646-524-6575 Yes they're.

Post by RevNel,

6465246575 The number W W W has been calling my Residence for two days as earlier as Am late as om Japanese time. It seems like a hundred times a day. No message is left on Recording recorder. When I picked up the phone no 1 is saying anything and when I telephone the number back no ring no nothing. Who can we report the to. My caller ID says Owner is Brand new YORK

Post by CheriB,

646-524-6575 I received a telephone out of the Amount at 3 'm this previous Sunday. Furious I called the Amount back and of path no just one replied. They 've since called my home 3 times yesterday alone. Yes I 'm Sure this is a scam and Merely need them for stop calling. I 'm no More on Medicare as my W months after transplant has expired but they continue for dog me. That 3 Am telephone is your one that Actually frosts me. Cease IT ALREADY.

Post by Anonymous,

6465246575 Exacter. . . . . . . . . we've that same point. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . that Telephone Amount coming in is not the number these misbehavior scampers are calling out of. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Consequently my point was. . . . . . . . . . . . . these calls are likely coming within from another country. okay. yes that phone number said i. e. NYC does not mean these sort of repeating the same ideal ital conduct scampers are your same people.

Post by rebecca mccown,

646-524-6575 They have been calling me Attempting o get info for health attention I don't 've. . They understand enough Around me to be a risk and i 'm going to press Costs but your more people that come forwards Around them your better.

Post by CinSpray,

6465246575 They phone early within your morning several times a daytime.

Post by LDE,

646-524-6575 this scam company needs for become stopped from the continuous calls all day

Post by Larry,

6465246575 've called five times Merely the morning. Female caller along with heavy Spanish Feature Seemingly could t comprehend English an better than she could Chat it. Told four time for not call back but continues to call.

Post by Debbie B.,

646-524-6575 I keep receiving calls from this Amount telling me that they're my insurance company. I instantly told them they're not my insurance I work in your medical insurance industry and they immediately hang Upwards. They 've an Feature as if they're from India or Pakistan. It's definitely a scam. . Don't Provide ANY Info To THESE Folks. I d like to know how I could block them from calling me It is a fresh York Amount.

Post by Ed,

6465246575 I got this call today and when I answered there was a Short pause. Then the male came on the line with a thick Feature that I would interpret to be Indian. he knew my first and last name and Subsequently enjoy formerly reported stated it was a call about my medical Advantages. I said that I could not understand him and asked him for talk to my replying machine thus I could listen later. Subsequently I Installed up.

Post by Mrbone,

646-524-6575 these Folks keep calling me every daytime even on that Breaks I tried telling them to Stop but for no avail Afterward used atmosphere horn and now they call and hang up. So Now I installed Telephone Alarm on my Telephone and Merely after installing it they called again and it took them away it Actually works. . .

Post by charles tarnutzer,

6465246575 continuing calls morning non and nighttime eastern Indian Individual stop the assessment

Post by Ellie,

646-524-6575 He has Avery low Indian express asking for Speak my hearing Reduced Girl when I request who he is he hang up try to phone back same Amount not in service

Post by robin,

6465246575 Numerous calls out of W W no message left telephone back number either within available or no response. presume its a scam trap

Post by Sunshine,

646-524-6575 My Narrative is the same as everyone else for this Amount. I get calls at least twice a daytime out of someone who has memorized a Program and can barely Chat English sounding enjoy he s out of Pakistan or India. I refuse for provide them any information. When I Inquired for a name and number in Fresh York where they said they were calling from he gave me As pin James at 1 W W W. When I called that Amount it was a record for a cruise to your Bahamas. That is such bull sh t. I don t think ranting here may can any good either. Like another posts here he said they will keep calling until I give them data. Good luck along with that. The Call Type below should Contain SCUMMIER since it dozen t fit any of another listings.

Post by jw,

6465246575 Regular calls. no MSG


646-524-6575 All your same as above. . . your name on my caller ID is Cory Cooper. . . substantial Indian Feature says it s Pain Direction Group. I told her that I asked before to get my number away their list and not to call again. . Yes Correct.

Post by Philip testa,

6465246575 My fiance e is becoming harassed by this Amount if not solved I m going to police

Post by rebecca sanders,

646-524-6575 Please 've them Discontinue calling

Post by Guest,

6465246575 I no More need calls from the number

Post by ttt,

646-524-6575 receiving calls out of the number asking for medicare data. Needed my Societal security Amount. they already had info such as my name and address. Owner had a very substantial Feature and was fresh many medical info Around me. Chilling I Put up on them.

Post by Joe,

6465246575 Do not cal someone calls five six times a daytime can they become put on that do not telephone registry.

Post by KDDR,

646-524-6575 I gotten a telephone told them if they were calling Around diabetic supplies i am not interested then said they were from BC BS Needed for update my profile. Had my address wanted DOB and membership refused then called BC BS customer services. . . they did not know anything Around your call. SCAM

Post by Mike,

6465246575 They called me again did t response

Post by kj.j.marriott,

646-524-6575 all that time.

Post by Linda,

6465246575 Telephone blocker is you personally absolute best Gamble. They're scampers calling from India and they won t Cease calling. Especially if they occur to objective a women. They feel girls are vulnerable so they Replicate calling them.

Post by dee7712,

646-524-6575 Comes up as Corey Miller on my Caller ID.

Post by H Huston,

6465246575 I obtained this call on June W at Approximately. 5 W pm. I did not answer the call so I have no other information. I do not want calls out of this number.

Post by Julia,

646-524-6575 My mother received 5 calls Merely this morning out of this Amount the Owner s name was Louis Sabra. He asks her for Wellness attention info. She refuses to give it to him but he persists on calling. What can we can for block the phone on a property line.

Post by Joan,

6465246575 I keep getting calls several times a day from the Amount Owner id shows Miller Corey I finally Closed Upward for that gov t do not phone list I trust it works. I never answer the Telephone if I don't understand that person on the other end if its Significant they could leave a voice message.

Post by Anonymous,

646-524-6575 The Stupid F calls twice within a few minutes on my property line. I put a block on his Telephone and it discounts. instantly. So for other Individuals reading the. I despise to use Really Naughty Words but tell the guy to F himself. .

Post by Wee Willie Winkle,

6465246575 That CPR telephone blocker takes care of these crooks and all of the other scampers Outside there. Amazon Around W. W

Post by John Stephenson Sr.,

646-524-6575 Mr. Stephenson Approved away on February ND W. Please stop with that calls.

Post by Donald H,

6465246575 New my name address state and zip. Said they Desired to Check my medical records and started asking personal Information. They're grim. They have called about 6 times and I m on your do not phone List. I m old but not Mindless.

Post by Michael,

646-524-6575 These f s just called me at 6 W within your morning Pacific time. . You personally vie gotta be kidding me. No message. Last night earlier Night called as well.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 They phone continuously. Within fact they called W times within one day amp they ring your own number 5 times within W Min's. A friend answered when we were not House amp mentioned they tried verifying our insurance Information. When he did not Abide your Girl from this Amount Began being sarcastic amp rude. The telephone ended only for begin ringing Min's After.

Post by KDDR,

646-524-6575 I acquired a phone told them if they were calling about diabetic supplies i 'm not interested then said they were out of BC BS Needed for update my profile. Had my address Desired DOB and Account refused then called BC BS customer services. . . they did not know anything about that call. SCAM

Post by Ahb,

6465246575 They 've called 7 times in 2 hours today alone. Desire to verify insurance info Processing a Grievance with FCC and Attorney general.

Post by lc,

646-524-6575 i m becoming your same calls. the number is W W W sabre Lewis. scampers. . Looking d. o. b. and doctor Information. don t provide any Information. .

Post by William Brown,

6465246575 Discontinue these people out of calling.

Post by Nick Galloway,

646-524-6575 Received a telephone from the Amount. I replied and said nothing. Nothing was said.

Post by Cathy G,

6465246575 these individuals are a scam they keep calling me and i either ignore that calls but today I replied. Your first 1 was a Man that barely talked English and said he was along with my Well-being care Supplier and all I did was cry at him Around not being able for comprehend him and that I wanted to Chat to someone that spoke English. the ND time they called the person talked somewhat bit better English at least partially understandable and he again said which he was calling out of my Wellness care Service. and I insisted which he give me a name of a Business and he said Gina and I told him the call was being Registered and that they were a scam and they were to never contact me again. and Subsequently I threw in that I was not with Gina. and he hung up. that is all a Huge scam Do not Speak For THESE Folks Time Warner Cable Information Services land line within New York City New York. Connected along with Sabra L Lewis Rodney T Page Diana Page and Tyler Page. Address is W W ND Street Residence I Fresh York City.

Post by Senior Citizen in Oxnard, CA,

646-524-6575 Repeatedly receiving calls Early each morning for weeks now. Very upsetting. I Virtually got the mistake of verifying your medical data they supposedly Desired to verify. Scam is for Supply me with my medical supplies . Very Consistent callers.

Post by betty,

6465246575 Get these calls a lot. Twice the Saturday. Only demand for Avoid that phone. Get a Cops whistle and when you here them state Hi low it in your Telephone.

Post by lady P,

646-524-6575 Got Around W calls out of the number in Around W minutes they never state anything when i reply Simply hangs Upwards I downloaded Mr Amount and I was Competent to block that Owner and they tried to phone again but could not get through. the name on caller id says Diana Page.

Post by Not Needed,

6465246575 I keep receiving calls out of a person along with an extremely heavy Asian or Mid Japanese Feature. They state they are in the Medical Data Verification Section. This really is a non existent department. They hang Upward if you personally request for more info. They Discount requests to become put on that DC list. This leads me to consider they're not a valid Firm. Don't provide these people any private information. If you attempt to telephone the Amount back it is out of service.

Post by TC CREEL,

646-524-6575 Called today around 3 W pm. Did t leave a message. Viewed Upward that Amount said it was a land line in NY City.

Post by Drake,

6465246575 Many calls from W W Doesn't leave a message

Post by Ursula m.,

646-524-6575 These people call me everyday. I 've told hundreds of times put me on do not phone list. I have Lately also told them I may sue them and they call correct back. I have Certification for at least W calls within 5 months. I would adore to look for out who owns this company. This really is that Amount. W W W. All of your calls are from Bad English speaking individuals who refuse for Place a Manager on your phone and refuse for delete my Amount. I checked for see if I was on your do not phone list and I was. This has got for Quit.

Post by charlie w,

6465246575 Mr. Number is a free phone block Program and it does work

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Continues to telephone several times a daytime after I 've asked them for Cease.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 This number has called people Regular for at least 2 weeks. That name linked for that phone Amount on my caller id is Corey Miller. Please remove the telemarketer call from my House number.

Post by gem,

646-524-6575 I vie been receiving 5 6 calls per daytime saying they are Changing my insurance info didn't present them that Information they Needed they got upset and told me we can continue calling you until you Upgrade thus annoying want they would Discontinue. They 've a powerful foreign Highlight.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 Among many spammers that cal daily. . .

Post by Grandma W,

646-524-6575 These people have been calling my Mum each daytime for your past few weeks. Yesterday they called W times. That Man dozen t Talk clear English. They request Around Medicare information and other private medical information. My Mommy and others 've talked for these Individuals and tell them to Cease calling. My sister has attempted calling your number back but it dozen t go anyplace no such number. The Amount that comes Upward on the called ID is W W W or these Amounts Look V V V. I vie Additionally added my mom s phone Amount for that National Do not Call list at HTTP dentally. gov

Post by J,

6465246575 Calling here for days. . Many times a day. Says that they're from Blue Cross Blue Guard verifying medical info. They do 've an old address of my sons. I wonder if it is component of that Blue Shield info which was Taken. They will not Quit calling. Owner ID says Fresh York W W W Coming to my acreage line

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Calls and leave no message.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 Has called several times without leaving a message. Simply spoke for Girl who sounds like she is citizen of another Nation who told me she was searching at my medical records and needed for update record. Told her I was not going to give Outside any data and please not to phone again. Checked white pages and see feeling right.

Post by Sandy,

646-524-6575 I also got the same a few female with a Very hard to understand Indian Feature wanting private details about Wellbeing insurance. . . . . Another scam.

Post by Bc,

6465246575 I too 've received these telephone es always from the same woman. I eventually told her that I was going to contact the police as my insurance Representative. Had told me it was a scam. She has not called back for days now so strive threading them. Good luck

Post by Shelby,

646-524-6575 I told many lady who called from the Amount about my prolapsed bladder and your gout within my Base. Then she asked fer my Societal security Amount and Assess account which I gave for her. I ain't herd out of her feeling.

Post by cindy,

6465246575 Do they get any of the info.

Post by Mafa,

646-524-6575 The person said he was calling out of BC BS and Needed my Main Doctor s name the morning. I refused for Provide that Information and Installed Upward that Telephone. when I called back the number it's not in service.

Post by nordi,

6465246575 Nerving calling in any respect hours never leaving a message scampers

Post by Amanda,

646-524-6575 I have gotten 5 calls a daytime from this Amount for 2 weeks. I 've asked to become removed and they tell me NO and continue to phone or Simply hang up on me when I response. Stop CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Bob K,

6465246575 I used to get these call two or three times a week. And that No Telephone List is worthless. They just Discount it. So I bought That Expert Phone BLOCKER out of Amazon. com. It holds W Amounts in its memory. Once you personally Set within that number you personally desire blocked your phone will ring once and the Owner will be disconnected. No issue how many times they call. The Ceased the medicare info calls your diabetic supply calls debt collectors whatever Amount you personally desire. I don t work for amazon but I m telling you the works Amazing.

Post by B in Colo,

646-524-6575 Telephone twice today. First time asking for address and name something for can with medicare. Heavy Highlight used by the calling female. Hung Upwards but they called back two hours After. Likely a scam.

Post by geraldinemock,

6465246575 same here and Subsequently when you personally try and cal ll them W not receiving calls. there's no Amount for send to no telephone list. our lousy government should go something but as customary they dint. they let Large companies get away with no taxes . Assess it Outside. . . Microsoft has avoided bill lions of dollars of Fees by foreign Records. so him and her provide for charity but avert Invoice lions in Fees. Amazing. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Julie,

646-524-6575 Please have the number reported. They r calling me every 7 Min's.

Post by fedup,

6465246575 unknown Owner on ID significant East Indian Feature. Lots of background Sound others making calls sounded like they were in an echo chamber. Must 've been a warehouse. Said he was out of Blue Cross then a few others. Had a family members name and address Needed for update records. SCAM. . . I asked for a verification phone number to your Actual Business and he Put Upward.

Post by Live in Hawaii,

646-524-6575 Been receiving calls out of the Amount at 4 Am every couple times. I replied your telephone the morning and they Installed Upward. The repeats each few months until I told them they re calling Hawaii and it s overly early within your morning to become calling thus to put me in your don t telephone list. They ll Discontinue for a month Subsequently it starts all over.

Post by Wee Willie Winkle,

6465246575 Your CPR telephone blocker takes attention of these crooks and all of the other scampers out there. Amazon about W. W

Post by k.marriott,

646-524-6575 the number calls W 7 I vie told them I'm not on Medicare and on no phone list sometimes 3 times a day.

Post by Ed Jewsbury,

6465246575 The Telephone number just keeps calling my home. No MSG. left Merely around and around again . i see by your postings its a lousy number I would like it Discontinued.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 The Man keeps on calling me around and around and over multiple times a daytime for about a week. I strive calling back and your Verizon matter SA d the number has been Alter and etc. . But they keep on calling back. The Unusual thing is this caller people out of fresh York and I m within North Carolina. June W W

Post by bbc,

6465246575 Medicare Scam operation

Post by N A L,

646-524-6575 I have gotten repeated sometimes 8 a day out of 1 W W W name says Lewis Sabra despite everything out of telling this number for never call again can turn within for harassment it repeatedly calls letting it go for express mail simply has it hang up

Post by cindy,

6465246575 Me overly on a Sunday. . . has my info. . . . lousy govt. . . . letting the private Information loose. . . . . .

Post by tuck marriott,

646-524-6575 This really is once a daytime understand. between house and cell I get 4 8 bull crap calls a day this is pure harassment. Congress should really do something nobody s going for vote against this except a Collection of Folks out of India.

Post by Honor,

6465246575 This number shows Upwards on my caller ID as New York. As others said significant Highlight maintaining for become out of my insurance company. I told her I don t 've insurance and she started saying she was out of BC BS Medicare Medicaid. I hung Upwards. She called back and attempted arguing. I told her I knew it was a scam and Installed up again.

Post by Joey,

646-524-6575 This phone out of W W W is in part of a conspiracy stemming out of a SPYING BUGGING enactment Top to your Infringement upon Privacy litigation within Development. The Bugs out of Gadgets planted at that plaintiff s Home for gather information such as data Afterward re transferred for ND Rd Th Celebration via Text messages to phones such as this number. Once the Info is transferred it becomes conspiracy.

Post by Mike M.,

6465246575 I should let everyone understand that the local Authorities consider it is in the credit card Larceny at Dwelling Resource . Thus beware.

Post by nuytre,

646-524-6575 the Telephone number is violating your Usa privet House policy where did he get all the information out of. . . . . . .

Post by Jaxter,

6465246575 I get calls from this on a regular basis. . . a few times a daytime. They don t leave a message and if you personally call them that is disconnected. How does that work. . They could telephone you personally but you can t phone them. . . Comment you personally re an idiot. . . Get a life. . .

Post by Anna H.,

646-524-6575 I get calls about every daytime and about 3 times a daytime when they do call. I don t answer. I just response your Amounts I know. I 'm on a don't call registry but they would get through.

Post by M.C. Pee Pants,

6465246575 Calls from Scampers enjoy the are that reason why my phone s Automobile reject list is full and cannot block any more numbers. I blocked the Amount within August W Now 6 W W I see 3 auto rejected calls out of this number. 1 W notes needs a Scam Phone Kind designation.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 I need this person for stop calling me NOW . They keep calling around amp over . . .

Post by 007,

6465246575 save your number as a contact under head just one head three therefor you personally know not for answer

Post by Angela,

646-524-6575 Got a call at a Set of company and had to request more than once for Quit calling.

Post by Chris,

6465246575 Love that Saturday and Sunday calls before Am. . . . waking me Upward just gets a hang Upwards on sales type calls and zero information

Post by Janine,

646-524-6575 This really is undoubtedly a scam. They called me 3 times Now and despite my stating I can t understand you really significant Highlight Who are you personally along with. Why are you calling me. the woman Only looked for Stay for some Software of Attempting for affirm my information most of which was unintelligible Babble. I told her NOT to phone me again hope it stops.

Post by lc,

6465246575 i m becoming that same calls. your Amount is W W W sabre Lewis. scampers. . Seeking d. o. b. and doctor info. don t give any info. .

Post by AhbKY,

646-524-6575 I get calls 5 or 6 a day from this Amount A few Talk English others I can t even understand. They need insurance and MD info so they can send a kilometer or pain Rx at no cost for me. I 've told them I am on your Don't Call list to no avail. Got for become a scam. Have reported to Lawyer General.

Post by Julie,

6465246575 I am Additionally becoming calls from them a nicely. I blocked the number amp still your girl is calling me amp leaving a message. Additionally I had it on a do not call list. Think what the girl is still calling me.

Post by Mary,

646-524-6575 this number Merely called me and said they were Medicare and Offered them my Information and they're not who they say they're.

Post by ezspdr,

6465246575 I have Extreme phone blocker on my Droid and it may block the number or block all W Amounts.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Please Quit calling my home Amount. You have been harassing me everyday. I am not interested within what you selling. Thank you personally please.

Post by Paul,

6465246575 Your DC list doesn't stop thieves out of calling. And the thieves understand this. Robber Phone unsuspecting phone number DC user . DC user I M ON That Don't Telephone LIST Why DOE SN T That Authorities Can ANYTHING About The. Robber Ha Ha the works too nicely. Owner Thief Inc

Post by Sherri,

646-524-6575 I Merely gotten a phone out of W W W. I did t recognize it thus I did t response. I did Change Telephone book amp found Outside that it belongs to someone named Diana Page who lives somewhere within Brand new York Brand new York I believe within Ny . I don t understand her Or would I know anyone within your city or do company with anyone there. This is not your first call I vie gotten out of there but it is the first time I Viewed it up.

Post by ezspdr,

6465246575 I have Extreme telephone blocker on my Droid and it can block the number or block all W numbers.

Post by Allison,

646-524-6575 I had a blast messing with these idiots. I could t recognize the first guy due to his accent to save my soul. Asserting he s from a Medical Proof office within NY. I kept asking him why he was calling and where he was out of. At one point I asked for Chat with someone who spoke English. He Places another Individual on that phone whose Feature is as poor as his. Again that same BS. I asked him if he was nuts. There was no manner I was giving him any Information. I told him for take me off his list and never to phone me again. Click. He hangs Upwards.

Post by Gym Myer,

6465246575 They called several times around last couple of times asking medical info. They 've Indian Highlight look enjoy same Individuals calling out of other fake No W W W asking for credit card payment lowering when refused using vulgar Violent words in Hindi language. Appears enjoy these are criminals out of India or Pakistan trying for Split away Simple Us Residents. They should become kicked out or Set within jail.

Post by Sharon PC,

646-524-6575 I have obtained phone calls from this Amount all the time. Regular of that week. I never reply your calls. That is straight Outside a SCAM. They never leave a message. Because if is Significant they would leave a message.

Post by Linda,

6465246575 Phone blocker is you absolute best Wager. They are scampers calling out of India and they won t Quit calling. Especially if they occur for target a women. They feel women are vulnerable so they repeat calling them.

Post by Mike M.,

646-524-6575 I Risk end the person by having an FBI charge and now they telephone 4 5 times a daytime. When I called them back it was no longer within service. I turned it over to the local Cops and they now receive the calls and have tried to Speak to some Manager. They Only hang Upward. Appears like they NASA USN t doing an extremely good job screening all our calls does it.

Post by Janet h,

6465246575 Keeps calling. Won t identify themselves. Foreign accent.

Post by Sarah,

646-524-6575 They have been calling me non Discontinue for months. I hung Upward your first time I replied and they Beginning asking me dubious questions about myself Partner and your insurance. Finally Go ogled your number and see that they are harassing trying to scam a lot of other Individuals.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 scam insurance

Post by jw,

646-524-6575 calls everyday. no MSG.

Post by dimester,

6465246575 This number keeps calling my house asking family members for me saying they're out of Blue Cross Blue Shield and desire to update my info. I don't 've Blue Cross. Same Indian Highlight that once called my work threatening legal Actions if I did not supply them private information supposedly out of a Attorney s office. Scam.

Post by Rhonda,

646-524-6575 This Owner called me at W and woke me Upward. Not a joyful Individual here

Post by Guest,

6465246575 insurance scam

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 called each W Minimum for W min Now never leaves message what a pain

Post by V Medina,

6465246575 I 've been ignoring that Telephone telephone out of the number but it is Constant it doesn't question that we 're not replying.

Post by boatmoter,

646-524-6575 the Asians that call can just Talk English 've been calling me for a few Times now out of this W W W but this time I was blown away. . they knew each med I take and kept squeezing me for more Information I have no Thought where they got their Information. . then they Needed my Delivery date. . yeah. . enjoy I was going for provide them your correct one. . . I figured Outside the way to Manage these nimrods from now on. . they phone again I am going to become super Pleasant and chat along with em then tell em to hold on Pl threes someone at the door I lay down that phone and watch Television Subsequently Select it Upward Session every 3 min jugs to keep em hanging on as long as potential. . and do the each time they phone. . guess they may get weary of wasting their time and offer Upward on calling. . I expect. . I would love for massage their throat along with my hand

Post by Sodam Kang,

6465246575 i keep receiving your call out of this Amount Around 5 times a day and they ask me my private information. I refused to provide via Telephone and asked them to send us via send but they still call

Post by Bc,

646-524-6575 I overly have acquired these phone es consistently in the same Girl. I finally told her that I was going to contact the Authorities as my insurance rep. Had told me it was a scam. She has not called back for days now thus try threading them. Great luck

Post by Maris M,

6465246575 I gotten calls first for a Man with Asian Feature a tell me he s out of Medicare needs for Confirm my data and told him I going to call the Cops and now is a Girl who not Talk English well is quite frustrate

Post by Jessica,

646-524-6575 We've receive several phone in one day. These Individuals Discuss over you personally and are rude. I have asked each telephone for them for remove my Amount. At that pout there surely is dead atmosphere and your line disconnects. In Five for fifteen Second they are calling back.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 They have called me 8 times within 2 times and never leave a message. stop calling me. . . . . .

Post by Maureen,

646-524-6575 Get calls 2 X per daytime. English is not their first language. They phone my cellphone and state they're My Medical insurance. Sigh. This Clear hoax. I hang Upward but they keep calling. I think they victim on seniors. Wonder how they got my medical info. I think they bought the Information as my medical insurance is not encrypted and easy to hack. I called back and got that this is not a working number.

Post by Ruth Ellis,

6465246575 I have been receiving calls out of this number and asking about my data they state they're Changing blue cross blue shield. I keep saying why and he said they demand to update their system. So I said exactly why again when I don t even 've blue cross blue Guard any More and he Merely Installed Upwards. I just want these calls to Quit I get about 5 of them a day.

Post by Joan,

646-524-6575 I Simply got a phone out of the number. Your caller ID said Miller Corey. I don t answer your phone if I don t know who is on another end. No message was left. If it was a valid phone they could leave a message.

Post by Ted,

6465246575 They have called me three times in past 5 hours. The first attempt went for express mail and a Girl with the Indian Highlight said Hi. Could hear a telephone Centre packed with Folks in History. Did not answer any of the subsequent calls and blocked it out of iPhone s Block the Caller Characteristic within ISO 8.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Called 5 times in 1 daytime.

Post by Susan,

6465246575 've received W calls from the Amount Today stating they are updating Medicaid Information and wanting my private medical information. I keep telling them for Discontinue calling. Owner Addresses along with a foreign Highlight and is really tough for understand. They have been calling me for Around a week. I never have given them any Information.

Post by Kim,

646-524-6575 Calling ask questions about diabetic stuff

Post by Paul Hampton,

6465246575 I m tired of receiving harassment phone calls from the number when I response no one will there be and when you attempt to return the telephone for W W W it s not a working Amount. I desire these calls to Cease. I have no Thought what that company name is I m attempted of that Telephone calls.

Post by Eve,

646-524-6575 Call from Max Tyler Wellbeing Attention Proof department. Hung Upwards on him. Never supply Outside or Confirm anything. Never.

Post by Lisa,

6465246575 Your calls have been grim oftentimes 5 times a day. Occasionally they Ask Around diabetic supplies although i 'm not a diabetic these callers are Normally girls. Most of the time though they say they demand to Check my personal data for my Wellness insurance Firm and they vie Really had that nerve for yell at me a few times for telling them i believe they re frauds. These callers are consistently mankind who sound Indian. I used to tell them not for phone. I don t reply. I am going to Assess into that blocker device mentioned in the preceding post.

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 've gotten calls out of this number daily never answer since no name is Related along with your number.

Post by Melissa Gonzalez,

6465246575 You keep calling my Telephone for someone who I have no idea who that Man is.

Post by RR,

646-524-6575 They have been calling me at least W times a day. They barely Talk English. I knew they were a scam thus I Inquired him do you personally want my Societal security now. and he said yes. I laughed at him. I also cursed them out profusely yet they kept asking me questions. They Additionally said nicely your medical insurance is Ended. I laughed again. It is getting so frustrating and my Telephone dozen t have a block Characteristic. I 'm not Simply ignoring the calls but my phone is ringing constantly. So pissed off they need for Cease. They are going to get the info from a few Bad person and scam them.

Post by Jennifer,

6465246575 gt gt Call block won t work. Lt Lt Exactly why not. What telephone blocker are you using. Need more data.

Post by Harold,

646-524-6575 I am receiving multiple calls out of the number. They do not leave a message. I am on that do not phone list and I Think this Amount is a scam.

Post by Wendy,

6465246575 called three times twice now from different Amounts. The time asking for Upgrade medical info for BC BS. Told them they had called before and I told them I do not have BC BS and I 'm on a do not call list. I also told them since they were already informed of my do not call status they were breaking that law and violating my private rights yelling at them at this point . He Quit talking and Installed on your line for Around W seconds before hanging Upward.

Post by Sylvia Sherry,

646-524-6575 Please enroll the Telephone number as a scam. They are calling me multiple times a day W W W

Post by Mike,

6465246575 These FY amp called me FIVE times today I wish I could find them a . W slug would Finish this harassment better than a toothless Do not Phone Authorities Application.

Post by Chris,

646-524-6575 The number calls Virtually every hour. . We vie never replied it and by that sounds of it we never can. Never leaves a message except for once Hello. . . . . . . . . is my wife s name there. . . . . . Hello. How do you block calls enjoy that. Caller ID says Lewis Sabra and your Amount.

Post by Guest,

6465246575 This Man needs to stop calling. . . Numerous times a day begins at 6 W 'm. . .

Post by Lorraine,

646-524-6575 I 'm Disabled. They're Starting For USE Very AL LANGUAGE AND Your AT EN ME. MY Partner DIED From INJURED Within Your LINE OF Work. I 'm Afraid.

Post by Jay,

6465246575 I get calls on a Day-to-day basis out of the Amount but no just one answers that telephone once I Select it Upward this is on my property line and I 'm not able to block it.

Post by Tom,

646-524-6575 Yes they're.

Post by ezspdr,

6465246575 I 've Extreme phone blocker on my Droid and it may block the number or block all W Amounts.

Post by cindy,

646-524-6575 Do they get any of the Information.

Post by Don,

6465246575 Yep my experience overly.

Post by Phil,

646-524-6575 Got a call out of the Amount and they did t even fuss for leave a message on my voice mail. I am unemployed and looking for work and want it would be an Workplace calling. I did t Select up because I did t Comprehend that number.

Post by marianne,

6465246575 Merely got this call on my property line. . . . W W W and the caller was id s as Of er Han an . . . . . A woman with the Asian. . Feature said hello and I Installed up. . . . . . . has to become a scam

Post by BoxVoxation,

646-524-6575 My cell phone rang five times the Owner W W W in Approximately a three hour time Figure. On the new occasion it rang as I was reading these really Opinions. Just one Hundred Fifty Thousand years Past Beginning when I was within my Twenties I worked for both Phone companies. Yes. Only BOTH Phone Companies. AT amp T Additionally known as The Bell System. And General Telephone with Sylvan as your Guardian Co. . An Operator would instruct your Called Party for Only hang Upward on these calls and for NOT engage your Caller in any kind of conversation. If that caller could get you for Speak whatsoever even if you personally simply state Leave me The HELL alone. or something even more vibrant you personally vie given him permission to Continue. That s just basic Telemarketing. I Offered for Pacific Tool amp Supply L. A. and ABA Arrays Continental Software Van Nus. If you re recognizable along with either among these you personally re get Container Upward Thar Il Timer and or we worked together at a few point And back ON the Point. was before Owner ID so the telephone had for become replied within purchase to know if it was Nuisance or not. The morning the first four calls all out of that Amount with no ID were allowed to Ring Out . My Son Only did t response. When your one call after that Arrived in I was on the net site and could see definitely who it was. I hit Blow off . And Began to write the. You're thus Individual. I 've a good motive for all of this. I 'm Additionally on your National Registry Don't Call List. They may Wonderful callers who knowingly tress pass W and Virtually every Possible violator is nicely aware. That Difficulty is of path Money. Merely a math Trouble. STILL. Attempt to keep Monitor of your times Schedules dialogue if any and report it. Don't. present any vital or personal Information for ANYONE except those you personally understand. It s not good for become Paranoid but it's important for keep in mind that accessing your WI Fie computer telephone are all pretty simple. If you understand how. . .

Post by Steve,

6465246575 I vie been called a few times from the number. They rattle away really quickly who they are thus I request them to repeat slowly. They say they are with my insurance. I request them what insurance that's and they supply me a different think each time. They 've Promised BC BS and Kaiser multiple times.

Post by Mikey P,

646-524-6575 Who are these morons. Currently 've them blocked on my Telephone. What a pain .

Post by Harold mccampbell,

6465246575 These Folks called me over W times trying for verify medical info which I asked them to Quit calling because I m not giving my info over your Telephone I eventually got a guy who says his name is black being from India I doubt it but he Offers me a number thus I could call and verify him out of New York he claims W but ll I get was voice mail

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Ongoing calls about medicaid and diabetes. Non English speaking then they hang Upward on you personally when you personally won t collaborate.

Post by Mr. Mack,

6465246575 Got a telephone from these crooks the morning Looking private info Around my insurance Lazy no great Individuals that need work but is Seeking what working people has Don't Supply THESE JERKS NONE OF Your own Personal Data

Post by TJ,

646-524-6575 The number calls 3 times per daytime. They start at 8 W a. m. . I blocked. Ridiculous.

Post by Doc Paul,

6465246575 Individuals they won t stop calling you personally Place your own number on that joke Do not Call List for that great it will can you personally . These Folks are mostly a boiler room Business they rent phone lines and create haphazard calls hoping someone is Mindless enough to offer them private information and Afterward your real enjoyment begins . Use to get these all that time Last just one was awhile ago and has not called back . I answered that phone and said Oh MY God I did It But there s blood everywhere and i don t understand what for would along with your body plead for help in disposing of the body . You may leave them speechless and no more calls . Or you can continue for answer that Telephone yell at them swear at them and Afterward they may Carry on for sell your own Amount to next group of idiots.

Post by DeAnna,

646-524-6575 7 calls a daytime for 2 months now. when they get my replying machine they're Dumb enough to Stay there and try and Discuss to the machine. I 've asked them many many times for remove my name and not telephone me again. Once they said they were from Individual and another time they were out of Medicare. Both your same Amount.

Post by steve,

6465246575 Me too

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 Ever since I installed this white pages I vie gotten these calls. Uninstalling again they will Discontinue.

Post by Illinois resident,

6465246575 Have been getting calls out of this Amount for a few weeks now. Just one day they called W times. One time I Decided up and your foreign guy said they were from your Illinois Department of Health Attempting to verify Wellbeing insurance info. Very irritated when I wanted to hang up and said I wan t giving or verifying info. He Afterward told me it was that last day to verify info. Well we got a Liberation for that weekend. Monday morning at W a. m. and they have already called twice.

Post by Mike,

646-524-6575 Promised to become seeking private Information for Medicare. Don t believe it's reputable.

Post by Doris,

6465246575 same. here Additionally but id caller says Corey Burns W W W. becoming drained getting these calls . i called 1 W W W and they Quit for a while but am getting them again

Post by Guest,

646-524-6575 CALLED Simply Know DON T Understand IF THEY LEFT A MESSAGE OT NOT

Post by Cathy Cozzens,

6465246575 Do consider Perhaps getting a telephone blocking System or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. Report your own callers here not just to the DC alone HTTP Www. . gov amp Section HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms type. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov complaint Grievance Assess. asp. Screen By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Criticism kind HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB Customer Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected

Post by Michael Galli,

646-524-6575 I got a telephone early morning 8 W W asking to Check my Medicare Medicaid Blue Cross information. Significant accent sounded like Individual was calling out of India. I questioned but she kept replicating that this was Simply a medical Proof call. Eventually when I would t Honour she Installed Upward. this can be a scam I assume.

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Recent comment

6072405216 Complains by Guest,

3 phone calls I don't want.

8136025875 Complains by Guest,

Unknown number

8185407628 Complains by lou.,

get a call blocker on your Telephone it is free within the Program for your own Telephone.

5039028555 Complains by Guest,

I dint understand they Put up

8605166023 Complains by Frank,

is This Company FOR REAL

6176031368 Complains by Guest,


8003730760 Complains by mlw,

Twice in your last week

8134449401 Complains by Bob,

Just that same card service scampers as posted on Notes W W W. Read these totally for learn more of these disgusting Pets.

8003518820 Complains by Hal,

Recently I obtained twenty messages on my cell Telephone. Today I have gotten eight. These calls are purportedly for a Charles McNeil who does not have accessibility for my cell phone. I Understand that this is either a collection agency or a scam. In any Occasion I do not desire for Haw any other calls out of the number.

8193775200 Complains by Suzanne,

They called twice today. No one at the end of that line. Pat ate Do re. . . Strange indeed.

9046385276 Complains by Guest,

the number claims united states treasury beware a foreign scam sounds Indian

9498255575 Complains by Guest,


8773389787 Complains by Guest,

Com cast spammers

8102652324 Complains by Ugh...,

Then you will locate that they Discontinue being type when you personally start harassing them on a daily basis. If they declined they're not interested In any respect. They dint want you personally calling them daily.

9513992982 Complains by Guest,

spam car flipper guy helps Africans ship cars overseas avoid these clowns as you will be last on the list to make any money .

8042014402 Complains by Molly,

I got the exact same number calling me.

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