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Telephone information: Peerless Network Of New York. New York, NY. . United states
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Post by S. Wiegand,

6465586707 They called my cell. There was an automated message that said my debit card had been canceled and I should phone them back for get it reinstated. Of course I knew that as bull and I did t phone them.

Post by craig,

646-558-6707 Said my credit card was compromised and frozen. This is a scam to get you personally for kind your credit card info into their system.

Post by L. Williams,

6465586707 Called Usually of late. They never leave a message and hang up when I answer. I called back for only get a recording along with no data as for who they are current within that recording.

Post by sandy,

646-558-6707 They called at W PM at nighttime and did not leave a message. Why can we have that don t call list if no 1 regards it.

Post by Guest,


Post by Cheryl,

646-558-6707 Merely gotten my ND call from this number. Since I don t know anyone within NY that would phone me on a Lay}. or Sunlight. Night I did t response it.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 1 telephone no message

Post by NC,

646-558-6707 We got your same Now wanting to publication the timeshare for a Lease. Your woman was heavily accented as well gave a different Amount but said she was from Internet. Sophisticated Services. com . I could t find such a company online nor Underneath Progress Services. . . amp your Web site was bogus. . She said her name was Angel amp contact was W. W W. I would consider the for become a scummier.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 ATM card End. phishing scam

Post by Sandra,

646-558-6707 See my Opinion below

Post by Brandon Irby,

6465586707 Spam

Post by Annoyed,

646-558-6707 Only called my cell phone twice. Your second time it was a record saying they were calling back Around a job Meeting for Residence Established making W K a week. I had never called anyone Around any Occupation everywhere.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 b. s

Post by Sara,

646-558-6707 Got a call who.

Post by Nancy,

6465586707 Keep calling and don t leave a message. I am on that Do not Call list and it dozen t Discontinue all these calls from coming within.

Post by Unplugged,

646-558-6707 Was Louis Lerner from Government. She Needed to understand if I had any conservative Buddies amp their names address Telephone s. guns Banner Novels on constitution or founding fathers. . . Do not Call List is even bigger joke. NY calls 2 3 times a daytime. Unplugged Telephone just Dr ID plugged in anymore.

Post by Andy,

6465586707 I Only got a call saying that my time share was rented for X Amount of dollars. The express Inquired if I was using your property or to confirm your reservation. Clearly this can be a scam because I don t own any time Stocks.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Acquired a telephone automated message out of not understandable Business telling me my debit card has been deactivated. Told me to press 1 for become connected to a banker. I Installed Upward. Quit at my bank to Confirm that everything was Ok and it was. They said they had been getting lots of calls from customers today. Clear scam.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 this caller identifies herself as from my debit card Company and informs me that my debit card was deactivated and instructed me for touch numbers on my Telephone . . . . . I Instantly Installed Upwards BLOCKED The Amount Out of MY Phone SERVICE AND REPORTING IT HERE AND MY DEBIT CARD Service.

Post by Bobicle,

646-558-6707 Got a call out of this number I did not response. Apparently a Fresh York number.

Post by KB,

6465586707 Phishing for credit card info maintaining that my credit card had been Close down

Post by Jan P,

646-558-6707 I Only got a Somewhat stat arctic phone that my debit card was suspended My new Panasonic phone system has call block. They can become telephone blocked.

Post by Mary,

6465586707 Called but left no message

Post by lexi,

646-558-6707 No just one was there and no Sound. I called the Amount and heard a recognizable man voice say You might have attained the customer communications Direction platform. I pressed 2 their DC Info base

Post by TimeShare owner apparantly,

6465586707 I got called and was Inquired if I wanted for rent my timeshare for W a month. Thus I decided for go along with it and asked her which timeshare she was referring to. She got all broken and said any one of them. I replied that a few were more Pricey than others and Mentioned Arizona and NY being different Costs. She decided to tell me she was handing me upstairs for her supervisor. I Put Upward because I tool a Travel moving on your wall or a Bright object. . . etc. Block your Amount it s your just manner.

Post by timeshare,

646-558-6707 called said they had rented my timeshare for W did t listen any further

Post by Elissa,

6465586707 Only got a phone from the Amount amp they left a vim pare recorded because it was cut away about This can be within regards for your job Meeting amp Around making W 1 W per week.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 spam.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 I get an automated message that my debit card out of not able to understand name of Business has been suspended. It hangs up. Thus I phone your Amount back and 'm told by an automated voice that all reps are active and for leave a message. I Installed up. . . what I the about.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 I sign Upward for the Choose out each year still get these soliciting calls either they hang up or Marketing time share don t annoyance asking to be removed from list they Merely hand your own number over for someone else

Post by Guest,

6465586707 A record comes on to say its a phone phone viewing a Holiday Leasing property. Subsequently the live Individual comes on and asks if I will be using it or not this coming weekend. When Inquired for Manager they don't transfer.

Post by NC,

646-558-6707 We got the same today wanting for publication your timeshare for a Rent. That woman was heavily accented as nicely Offered a Distinct number but said she was from Web. Sophisticated Services. com . I could t find this type of business online nor Underneath Advance Services. . . amp your Web site was Fake. . She said her name was Angel amp contact was W. W W. I can believe the to be a scummier.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 Calls at least twice a week and hangs Upwards as shortly as I reply.

Post by Ron,

646-558-6707 The same thing happened to me. Now if it's not a recognized I Only leave it alone. It gets thus frustrating when Individuals would Dumb ignorant and along with no respect to others BS enjoy this. If caught that should become Set on the Sequence gang and tied for the side of your road for Trash Select Upward. .

Post by Guest,

6465586707 Apparent scummier

Post by Better Now,

646-558-6707 You're So appropriate. I know someone that did it too from someone online that they did NOT know at all. What's even worse they Delivered money several times even though they were told it's a SCAM they kept sending money Offshore using Western Union. After several thousands of dollars After they finally Recognized it was a scam.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 time share scam

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Scam phone to get your info

Post by j hiebert,

6465586707 don t ever need for get a telephone out of this number again they keep calling and are for Ignorant for ever leave a message

Post by Kplan23,

646-558-6707 Same scummier called a month ago. We never reply a call unless we understand the caller. No message was left.

Post by Chris,

6465586707 Called Around a Occupation interview and Assembly for a W K a year job. Was a recorded message that got broken when I started talking over it. At one point two different messages were playing. That phone hung up Soon after that.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Did not answer. Funny call

Post by Art,

6465586707 gamin the name Prescott Clear water is your first hint that it s a scam. Block their phone in your phone and ignore them. Pressing 1 when you personally cal them won't remove your number out of their records even though they say it will.

Post by ib_still_learnin,

646-558-6707 When these People called and I saw your Amount and Source locale I did t fuss to Select Upward. They did t leave a message either.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 Timeshare solicitation Rob call

Post by mo,

646-558-6707 called daily for 3 days I reply and no just one there

Post by Steve,

6465586707 Your Owner ID with this and W W W shows Service Call and your W phone was a telemarketer kind presentation and the W was a hang Upward telephone. Tell them to take your own off that list don't give any Information and hang Upward even if they're talking is what I can.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Repeat calls and they just hang up.

Post by eleni,

6465586707 I Merely got a call from the same number. He left a message that I won 7. W. W for phone him back. Thank you.

Post by PD,

646-558-6707 junk

Post by TopperHarley,

6465586707 let your games Start. . They called my cell and insisted I had credit cards I don t and that they could lower my interest rate. I messed w him as long as I could giving him multiple different made up card numbers and eventually got pissed and told me you personally and Installed Upwards. Oh nicely W W minutes of him not scamming someone else.

Post by JohnE,

646-558-6707 gotten call saying my debit card was suspended

Post by Art,

6465586707 Ron it s a scam. Don't reply their calls and report them to your FCC and your own local Authorities department. I get several emails a day saying I vie won millions and all I 've for would is send W. W for W. W for that Western Union Price. These Individuals belong in Penitentiary.

Post by sam,

646-558-6707 I Simply got your same message that my debit card was suspended and please press just one for re activate services. I Additionally Put Upward.

Post by sharon shashy,

6465586707 Merely on Owner ID get numerous calls weekly from scampers. . . . they're relentless. . . these matters demand to Quit.

Post by ML,

646-558-6707 I have caller id and NEVER response unknown or unavailable callers You're wasting your time calling my Amount.

Post by Fred,

6465586707 called me again. ricking pain your XS. . . . . SCAM callers.

Post by Bubba,

646-558-6707 Leave calling MFA. Do not Phone REGISTRY Doesn't WORK. .

Post by Curious,

6465586707 From fascination has anyone Lately bought anything out of Staples online. I 've really few transactions online that Demand my Telephone Amount. Only Staples within that last few times and Afterward. . . Wham. I m becoming calls from the number. Thinking if there is a common train of thought somewhere.

Post by Lin Randy,

646-558-6707 W W W SCAM they Called me twice so I punched in a Lot of random Amounts Attempting expecting it Port s around w their system. . Subsequently I got a telephone appropriate away out of W W W and someone was talking could t comprehend it probably cussing me out ha ha Maybe everyone should strive doing the b c it s awful enough I don t answer my acreage line anymore I Actually could t take it on my cell. .

Post by SG,

6465586707 They Desired to help people Material the timeshare. We don t own a timeshare.

Post by Ron,

646-558-6707 The same thing happened for me. Now if it is not a recognized I just leave it alone. It gets thus frustrating when Individuals would Ignorant ignorant and with no Value for others BS like the. If caught your should be Set on your String gang and tied to that side of the road for Trash Select Up. .

Post by Don Richards,

6465586707 Spam caller

Post by S E,

646-558-6707 The number called my Telephone and a record said my debit card has been suspended and for press 1 to 've it I suspended. I am on your do not phone list. These people should become Close down.

Post by Mr Cuddles,

6465586707 They called nothing but dead atmosphere.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Call from quot internet send quot as noted in some of the other posts. Wanted to tell me that my debit card was deactivated press 1 for become Related for someone. Fairly obvious scam Test.

Post by Nichole,

6465586707 They called I did not reply and they left a message Around making W W a week. It was dead air and Subsequently it was like they started playing a recording. If you personally reply they then know You're a Actual phone Amount and could sell your own Telephone number to other scampers.

Post by ace,

646-558-6707 Obtained telephone out of them Lately and I told them I 'm on national do not phone list and they are never for call me again. They called Now said nothing and then a machine kind express said goodbye.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 This really is a spam caller and it might have been quot spoofed quot from a different Amount. I let all calls I don t understand go directly to my replying machine and don t answer them. If it s someone I understand Subsequently I can phone back. Most of these spam Rob callers can hang up before that answering machine picks Upwards. I m on your National Don't Call list and screen all calls that I don t Understand with my Owner ID and replying machine. Report these calls to the site White Pages for the Don't Phone list HTTP Www. dentally. gov Standard. asp and your FCC at HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. create Buyer. Actions. I would the for each and each spam phone I get. I Additionally bought a Panasonic Phone and can now block over W Amounts.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Hangs Upwards.

Post by johnnymoswife,

6465586707 Called last night after W p. m. Nothing but dead atmosphere space when I answered

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 spam.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 Got a telephone on my cell Telephone from this number but that Link was poor. I barely heard that sound of a express and your call ended within W seconds.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Garbage

Post by Sandra,

6465586707 See my comment below

Post by JJ,

646-558-6707 I got a phone telephone Today. I answered it I did t say anything Merely laid it down and let it remain on for a few minutes until I had your beeping sound on my Telephone. Afterward I hung it Upward.

Post by johnnymoswife,

6465586707 I received an identical telephone and Merely told them we don t even own a computer. Which was your end of that scam for us

Post by MG,

646-558-6707 They 've called my cell twice about that job I had applied for. . . which is Strange since I never have applied for a job within around eight yer as.

Post by JAL,

6465586707 Simply got a telephone out of this Amount saying my bank card was being deactivated and to Cease the deactivation I Wanted to enter your W Number Amount. Bank was never identified. I disconnected and did not enter my account Amount and Installed Upward.


646-558-6707 I declined your call on my cell phone. An extremely truncated message was left all I heard was banking center.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 I got a telephone from quot net send quot . Not even a Actual matter. Inquired me for press quot 1 quot to become Related to that bank because my debit card was suspended. I bank with Us AA. Nice attempt People. Next time strive using a company name that Really sounds Actual.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Duplicate calls and they Simply hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 Timeshare solicitation Rob call

Post by Rosie,

646-558-6707 Got a telephone out of them did t response it but they left a W second voice mail but it was totally quiet.

Post by Jerry,

6465586707 You personally don t need for Shift anything on your own computer that web pages they 've you visit are infected along with Malawi and could infect your own computer without you doing anything else.

Post by Howard,

646-558-6707 called at 9 W P. M. tonight. My wife was Sleep thus I answered to Cease the ringing. No 1 there but eventually a computer voice said goodbye . This is Poor news. . .

Post by T C,

6465586707 I got that same telephone Around Dwelling Well-being attention This is within regards for your Occupation Meeting amp Around making W 1 W per week. I Put Upwards not presuming. My wife is looking for a job and I notion it was a response. Thank you to your posts Around this.

Post by JT,

646-558-6707 Scampers. . . . They telephone under various scams. . your latest was saying they were out of internet spend and my credit card was blocked of course they wanted my credit card Amount.

Post by Coop,

6465586707 Phone Spam

Post by Patches,

646-558-6707 I just acquired a Telephone call out of this Phone Amount and no one was on that line very harassing

Post by Jerry,

6465586707 You don t demand to Alter anything on your computer that net pages they 've you personally visit are infected with Malawi and can infect your own computer without you personally doing anything else.

Post by Kiae,

646-558-6707 this morning your SAME phone Arrived out of EN Field CT they said they are that GEEK Group Simply like they did out of the number saying for download something to make my computer work better. I said why on world would I permit you who I don t understand 've access to my computer. I CALLED the corporate office of Geek Team saying they are pretending to become you this can be a federal violation impersonating a business to increase illegal accessibility which it's against your law. GEEK Squads legal Department called me thus now those Individuals from INDIA are screwed. . I blocked their Amount and this Amount that is W W W

Post by sam,

6465586707 I Simply got the same message that my debit card was suspended and please press just one for re activate services. I Additionally hung up.

Post by Bugged,

646-558-6707 They called for a Occupation interview . Dint phone back

Post by Dan,

6465586707 Junk phone added for Coma junk blacklist.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 Along with Now and a few other Events I have received calls out of the number once answered your phone is disconnected I 've now blocked the number and will report to that Sites Martha has graciously provided.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 2 Missed calls I replied third one timeshare pitch.

Post by ace,

646-558-6707 Obtained phone from them Lately and I told them I am on national don't phone list and they're never for phone me again. They called today said nothing and then a machine kind express said goodbye.

Post by Sharon,

6465586707 Got a phone from the Amount the morning at W Am. Yes that s appropriate at W 'm. Woke Upward the entire house had for go for work in that morning and my son had for go to school. This number Additionally called a week Past at 9 PM. I notion it was your law that telemarketers could just call between that hours of Am and PM. . But who do you report them to better Though who enforces it. Nobody. Owner ID says Service Phone .

Post by Better Now,

646-558-6707 You are So appropriate. I understand someone that did it overly from someone online that they did NOT know in any respect. What is even worse they Directed} cash several times even though they were told it's a SCAM they kept giving cash overseas using Western Union. After several thousands of dollars After they eventually Recognized it was a scam.

Post by Jan,

6465586707 I 've obtained calls out of this number on more than 1 occasion with a Registered express asking me to confirm my reservation to Book something for W per week. I 'm on a do not call list but I get these anyway. I would like for Hotel a Gripe but don t know who that caller is caller ID says service phone.

Post by johnnymoswife,

646-558-6707 I received an identical call and Merely told them we don t even own a computer. That was that end of that scam for us

Post by J,

6465586707 They just called my cell saying that my debit card was Refused and I needed for re enter it so they could reinstate it I Do not Have A DEBIT CARD but if I did and was Ignorant enough for enter the number I WOULD NOW Have NOTHING Do not Offer ANY Private Information To AN YON You personally Don't CONTACT AND Know WHO They are Beware. . .

Post by AKM,

646-558-6707 I 've received several calls from this Amount but they hang Upward each time I response. Your Owner ID says that number is from Brand new York NY.

Post by SANDY,


Post by Diana,

646-558-6707 Just received telephone stating that they wanted to reservation my time share for 3 W. I don t 've a time share. Scam Simply don t call back.

Post by Herman,

6465586707 Scum of your World.

Post by Cautious,

646-558-6707 I got a phone from the Amount from someone along with busted English saying I won a free Residence security. Yes. I Only said no cheers and Put up.

Post by eleni,

6465586707 I just got a telephone from your same Amount. He left a message that I won 7. W. W for phone him back. Thank you.

Post by BW,

646-558-6707 Message stating my debit card had been canceled.

Post by CaP,

6465586707 I don t understand who the d k heads are that have the Amount or use it as a spoof a note above says En area CT. but my Owner ID revealed New York N. Y. I am p OED as the call was at W W P. M. yes Nearly midnight last night. I have an uncle within Nevada not doing nicely so thought maybe many just one out of Outside west I also am the Telephone contact of my elderly Mom s Life Line. Relieved that it was neither but has not alleviated the horrible Flavor in my own mouth for being woke Upwards from sound slumber to Notice what I thought I heard was a fax tone. UGH. Being annoyed with their intrusive calls during that day is one matter at midnight that peace has been more than breached.

Post by Arf,

646-558-6707 W W They Merely telephone and phone I dint reply because even if you personally ask them to take you away they dint and if you wait for that bogus Press 9 if you personally no longer want calls they take your wait for mean you personally Actually ARE interested when you are NOT. I've asked for your Don't Call registry but they all look to understand the way to circumnavigate. . . And a confident indication is that they NEVER leave a message on your answering machine that manner a legitimate company would.

Post by Guest,

6465586707 this can be spam

Post by gman518,

646-558-6707 I called it back with a W for block my . It Solutions by having an automated reply and purportedly Enables you to remove your own if you personally don t desire to be contacted again. If they phone me again Afterward I may call back your same manner and enter my to remove it It says it may be removed in W hours. . we ll see

Post by idiots,

6465586707 Same telephone kind as annoyed had

Post by Kplan23,

646-558-6707 We seem to become on their mid month calling list. Seemingly the scam changes out of computer virus s for Timeshares to Western Union for credit card scams. I wonder what these PPS scampers are Upward to now. We don t answer callers we don t know. No message was left.

Post by Glen,

6465586707 Owner ID said Service Telephone Said they had rented my timeshare. I believe that is a scam.

Post by Kplan23,

646-558-6707 They either desire for rent your timeshare or repair your virus ridden Windows Computer. I guess they confused me along with someone else. I don t own a Computer or a timeshare.

Post by jd,

6465586707 I got a phone from the Business at W W at night.

Post by Guest,

646-558-6707 They have been calling for around 2 weeks mostly hang ups but that 1 time it was a record concerning a time share I do not 've 1. You cannot telephone your Amount back it says all circuits are active.

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3135882896 Complains by Guest,


3136296134 Complains by Guest,


8065522284 Complains by Ruger,

The number came up along with just one correspondence as a caller. Your notice T . When I replied no just one there. . . . How annoying what a time waster and Choosing time with Actual customers that are calling. I am Picking this as a telemarketer just because they're calling out of Brand new York. . . . . NOT calling in the State. Had a similar phone that had V out of a Amount close to the W W W as before when I reply no 1 there.

5202903741 Complains by Guest,

HTTP Web. ferocity's. com Marketplace Research Standard. asp My service disconnects recalls after 1 ring. This telephone was disconnected. That caller ID indicates MFR. A fast search indicated it does survey work which is a Very broad Place . May n't become value locating the on whose behalf they're calling and then registering a Grievance Along with That Client.

8316074533 Complains by Amanda,

You demand to contact an attorney they're lien and it s a Waste which you lost your Occupation over the and they need for be Quit. . . they Additionally called my husband and told him the local sheriff dept would be for p u my Man within your morning at his work Set around a pay day loan in the Sum of K. . we have never done a payday loan and they told him which he Wanted to contact his attorney and have his attorney call the same Amount W W W. . First of they are not gonna arrest you around a debit enjoy the second of they're Turing to frighten you. . . what they don t know is that we can 've a Actually good attorney and he said that we can actually file charge s on them for impersonation and the next they call you personally need for call your own local sheriff Department and report this. . . make confident you might have their name name of that Firm and phone number. . . great luck

2407454543 Complains by Guest,

calls amp Requires for you by first name when answering machine picks up

4063330335 Complains by Guest,

Got a text saying they haven t talked to me in a very long time. Used my first name like they know me the tell me if I Needed to know who they were I had for add them on yahoo messenger. Who is this Man. . Then they tell me their phone is going to perish and that I have to chat with them on yahoo. Any information would help. Cheers.

7078390713 Complains by Guest,

This Amount calls me W times a daytime.

8775774095 Complains by tim,

this company calls incessantly and in the middle of the nght a bunch of stupid creep fellows with Indian accent.

8564056003 Complains by melody,

It called beeped and Put up

8065534781 Complains by hat to do about this?,

I acquired this text message as well your own statewide bank account is shut due to uncommon activity phone us at W

8284484285 Complains by Guest,

Recent comments are Useful. annoying calls identified by others as spam

9042680330 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling. No express mail or anything

8669256624 Complains by Guest,

It s not spam its trap call. com

8887493547 Complains by Guest,

Spam phone. No message left. Non advertised number.

8454452833 Complains by Guest,

Payday scam legal service

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