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Telephone information: Broadwing Communications. New York, NY. . United states
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Post by VJ,

6465831243 Had a missed call and express send stating law office. was Attempting to contact me Around a legal issue pending against me and I needed to contact them instantly for resoluteness this before it fell on me and all they could can was want me great luck if I did t respond or 've my Lawyer contact them. It was hard for understand your express send due for your powerful Mid eastern Highlight. Never had my name within that message Simply You demand for contact us. They did phone my work and request for me too and said I demand to phone Kevin Jones at the Amount. I as well 've had calls out of New York offering me loans that I have not responded for. After reading all of this I certain am not even going for waste my time Performing to them and wait for see I 've mail correspondence before I worry Around anything.

Post by iowa,

646-583-1243 I acquired a telephone out of this Amount stating they were a law office when I told them I was calling the Better company bureau they hung on me. Thus that me understand it was fraud.

Post by Guest,

6465831243 Scam. . . Some Mid Asian guy who has called before offering a loan. The time he called threatening that I was being sued. If you personally see. another comments on here Around how if I didn't return that phone Afterward good Fortune on what unfolds on me.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 Said they were with a law Agency. He said that he had my Societal security number amp when he called it Outside amp I told him which was not mine then he Put Upwards.

Post by Kimberly Sanchez,

6465831243 I 've also gotten a phone out of the law office telling me I owe cash to this Business and it was 5 W and all they could can is wish me luck. I was not allowed to request him anything until he got done reading his Presentation. He has a very substantial Central Western Feature and was difficult to recognize him.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 I get 4 W calls per daytime from these people. They continue for harass me as I 've even told them I called that National Commerce Commission the police Section and that Sheriffs office. Now i have an attorney on the but because it's a spoof Amount it is difficult for Cope along with. If they were truly out of a law Organization they would offer your documentation we asked for and that name and address of their law Agency. I 'm having my Pals in the Bronx go look for these idiots and take attention of my company for me. They can harass them for awhile.

Post by tammy,

6465831243 they called and left a message saying this message is for you no name mentioned. His name was John Morris or thus he said. SCAM. . . . I blocked that Amount and they called out of another Amount. I Simply keep blocking them.

Post by Tall Locked Loaded Waiting,

646-583-1243 They can t become sued. They are in India and Pakistan. As such they are beyond that reach of Us law. Invest in a phone blocker.

Post by You (too),

6465831243 Hey my name is you too. I 've called them back repeatedly until they blocked me out of calling. I took a whistle and each time they answered I blew it loudly into the Telephone. And Afterward laughed and laughed. I also Set their Amounts in my own Telephone under the name . Each time they telephone I Speak gibberish for them. And jest and jest. When a play games enjoy that you have to play back.

Post by Betty,

646-583-1243 He left a message saying he better hear from me or my Lawyer it was all on me. Most likely jail.

Post by patricia Mercurio,

6465831243 Blow off them and block their calls. Offshore debt scampers. Never pay money on anyone s say so. Constantly need a debt Agreement page become sent to you by Us send. E mail no great.

Post by You (too),

646-583-1243 I Simply acquired the same phone on my cell amp work Amount in MN had something like the last year for my Partner get a life amp real jobs Folks. .

Post by patricia Mercurio,

6465831243 Merely had the. Same number phone me. Around W immediately W if with fees and Lawyer fees. And threat of jail.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 This can be that ND time he s called demanding to Notice back out of me. Wishing me Fortune if I don t sorry for what will unfold on me

Post by KM,

6465831243 I work on my Business s switchboard and 've gotten a Amount of calls out of the number. They just repeat the same threats and tell me it is on me. Honestly that is a busy hospital and I Merely don t have time for deal along with rubbish. I called them back finally and told them I would become reporting them for your NY Lawyer general s office. They surprised and indignant. I eventually Merely Installed Upward. Wish I could locate a way for create them Quit.

Post by Alice Brown,

646-583-1243 No just one knows Specifically where they're. Calls are scam calls originating within India and Pakistan. Invest within a phone blocker and don't Select Upward on numbers you don't Comprehend. Don't Talk To THESE CALLERS. They're looking for vulnerable Folks.

Post by paula clark,

6465831243 man called Jake Morris called my Occupation at least 4 times a day they Directed} me one of that voice messages he was giving and I called the back and request for that address it was W ave America new York fresh York W Bryan lace law office. he is said on the voice send that I would be sorry if I did not return his call. these are your people who stole that id out of ace cash America when I applied for payday loan and decided against it they have previous Bank info and that have all my job info

Post by Carolyn,

646-583-1243 Indian or Pakistani debt scummier extortionists Discount their calls and block them. Accent thus thick you can cut it along with a knife. Common scam.

Post by Mark,

6465831243 All I could comprehend was I needed to telephone them kept saying great luck the would all fall on me this was left on express send did not telephone back

Post by MoRo,

646-583-1243 They Only threatened for come for my job and Charge me over something I have no knowledge. GET THESE CROOKS

Post by Guest,

6465831243 They called Around a loan I supposedly took out over W years Past. They said they would send your Authorities for my Occupation within your morning if I did not pay this loan. I do not remember this type of loan and I am calling again to find out what is going on.

Post by Lori Perez,

646-583-1243 Scam. Ignore and block your calls. See your own Manager can install a call blocker. Calls Develop in India and Pakistan. They tend for Select on women single Parents that aged and members of your immigrant community. Do not talk for them or return their calls. If you do they could possibly believe You're exposed and hammer you personally with even more calls.

Post by You (too),

6465831243 I Simply obtained this same call on my cell amp work number in MN had something like the last year for my Partner get a life amp real Occupations people. .

Post by Jennifer,

646-583-1243 Simply got a phone from these jokers. They even called my work. Said that I owed money for American Cash Progress or a few company. . . Never took a payday loan Outside thus when I told them this they said I can take care of it in court. I Afterward proceeded to tell them I see they attempt to Check people and they hung Upward on me. I tried to phone back and they blocked my phone. . . .

Post by Guest,

6465831243 Individual says they are Edward Morris the message is meant for myself or Lawyer. If they don't hear back from me or my attorney all they may do is want me great Fortune as your issue unfolds on me.

Post by April,

646-583-1243 I obtained a phone out of this number as nicely. A man along with a thick Mid East Highlight threatening to 've me arrested that I had Fees pressed against me. I asked what Costs and he would t state. He got mad with me as I would t response his questions. I Installed Upwards on him and called the police. Your Cops came for my Dwelling to take a report. We called him back out of my phone on speaker and the same guy replied. That Authorities officer identified herself and told him he had to leave me alone and for not telephone again. This guy interrupted that Authorities Specialist and said I m going to you thus great Mg. . . My jaw fell for your ground. She said for him. I m certain u can sir. 've a Pleasant daytime and Installed Upward on him. I immediately blocked his Amount. Creepy. . .

Post by Guest,

6465831243 Telephone Arrived out of Brooklyn NY stating quot the message is for you personally quot within a Central Western accent. Said if we or the attorney of record did t return his telephone he he could simply want us very best of Fortune as your situation unfolds on people. He Promised his name was John Morris but I uncertainty that. I want our government would do something for Discontinue this BS.

Post by Tall Locked Loaded Waiting,

646-583-1243 They can t be sued. They're in India and Pakistan. As such they are beyond your reach of People law. Invest in a phone blocker.

Post by Jennifer,

6465831243 Total Indian or Pakistani debt scam. Discount and block the calls. Being within ordinary civil debt isn't a crime and you personally cannot become arrested for it. They spoof local law Organizations and Telephone Amounts. Common scam.

Post by Alice Brown,

646-583-1243 No one knows precisely where they're. Calls are scam calls Beginning within India and Pakistan. Invest within a telephone blocker and do not Choose Upwards on Amounts you do not Understand. Don't Talk For THESE CALLERS. They're looking for vulnerable Folks.

Post by You (too),

6465831243 Hello my name is you overly. I have called them back repeatedly until they blocked me from calling. I took a whistle and each time they replied I blew it loudly into that phone. And Subsequently laughed and laughed. I Additionally Place their Amounts in my own phone Underneath your name . Each time they call I Discuss Babble to them. And laugh and joke. When a play games like you 've for play back.

Post by you,

646-583-1243 My name is Additionally you. That phone was threatening and Additionally proposed me good Fortune if I did t respond. I enjoy that loud whistle idea and may Simply supply that one a whirl. What jerks.

Post by Lawyer,

6465831243 Please Discount the number W W W He answers that phone saying law Agency I request what law Organization is this he says Bryan CAD he Requires me who I am I tell him I am a lawyer calling to signify my client and he did t even offer me a chance for tell my name. I was called so many names I lost count.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 I obtained a phone from another Amount. Your Owner threatened me with a legal Actions and that Costs were going for become pressed against me for fraudulently Finding a loan. After telling that guy that I Wanted more data he started yelling at me. He Subsequently Installed up on me. About an hour After I got a call from the Amount. I told him that I was Processing a Grievance with that FBI based on data I located on Progress America s web page viewing the scam. He too started yelling at me and I hung Upward on him. The complaint can be Submitted at Internet. ICC. gov. I would encourage everyone for file your info with them. Your FBI discover Additionally said to notify that credit reporting agencies for shield your Id.

Post by Guest,

6465831243 Endanger me on express mail twice. Saying all I may do is wish you personally great luck as this situation unfolds on you personally. I called that number said I had fraudulent checks and I could take attention of around phone or go for jail. I told him I know your own lien. He threatened me. I told him Okay Subsequently have a process server Function me Reports and my attorney who I 've on retainer will contact your attorney from your legal document. He Installed up. I left two v Jimmy heating messages actually scarred me. Not that lie but your Man foreign Feature not Spanish.

Post by MoRo,

646-583-1243 They Merely threatened for come for my Occupation and Charge me over something I don't have any knowledge. GET THESE CROOKS

Post by patricia Mercurio,

6465831243 Blow off them and block their calls. Offshore debt scampers. Never pay cash on anyone s say thus. Consistently demand a debt Approval notification become Directed} to you personally by Us mail. E mail no good.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 Called them back and started telling me I was being sued by a pay daytime loan Business that I have never had a loan with in my own life. Began asking me a Lot of questions about me and my social security Amount. Inquired me for my Attorneys info and when I Inquired for that companies info for telephone your company suing me they hung Upward. Attempted for call back again am hour later and it was nothing but a active signal

Post by Guest,

6465831243 Seeking my attorney information if I don t return the Telephone phone I can become sorry. And absolute best of luck. It s an Asian guy s voice.

Post by Dale,

646-583-1243 Calls Begin within India and Pakistan. They spoof local Amounts. Blow off and block the calls.

Post by tryingtosurvive,

6465831243 caller advised that he was with Law Offices and that he had a case against me never said what for Merely which he was giving paperwork to that Attorney General Office.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 They said they Needed my Lawyer info or they were going to call my local police department

Post by Lacy,

6465831243 Called asking for someone who has never worked here before. Asked what it was within regards to and he said a legal question I ask from what Business. Named a few phony office. I said that there was no just one here by that name. He Inquired me Why in the HELL did you request me thus many questions then . Told him because he called a business and it was my job. Of course I Put up before listening to anymore of his .

Post by Carolyn,

646-583-1243 Please let me understand a so called Kevin Williams called and said I was getting arrested and Subsequently called me a B the needs for stop

Post by Guest,

6465831243 spam

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 I have gotten many calls out of this guy

Post by Atty Office Caller,

6465831243 Had a missed phone and express send stating Edward Morris was trying to contact me Around a legal issue pending against me and I Wanted for contact them instantly for resolution this before it fell on me and all they could do was want me good luck if I did t Answer or have my attorney contact them. When I returned that telephone Kevin Johnson along with Law Office took phone and acted surprised I knew nothing about case within my involvement and told me he would become explaining it. I Inquired what law Organization and he responded why can you personally demand for understand . I asked for where phone was coming from and was told Fresh York State Of Both mankind had really strong Middle Western accents. I responded I would phone Brand new York Lawyer General and they could respond to State and National Researchers and was RUDELY informed I should not jeopardize them because they were legal assistants. They Subsequently replied great Fortune and you personally were warned and Put up.

Post by Guest,

646-583-1243 Do not listen for these Individuals they called my job. I called them back for get the name of the Firm. He could t supply me 1 so when I told him to go forward and file your suit he got really furious.

Post by Guest,

6465831243 said was with Blue Keith Law Company Delivering police for my place of employment if I don t pay a loan I don t 've. Yelling at me and Installed up when I Inquired for data.

Post by Dale,

646-583-1243 Calls Begin within India and Pakistan. They spoof local numbers. Ignore and block the calls.

Post by tyler,

6465831243 W W Did you personally get a telephone out of W. Read the places below to locate Outside details about the number. Also report unwanted calls for help identify who is using the phone Amount. W W State Us Place Brand new York Brand new York City offtrack Seep Keeps calling. Who might it be. Response . Report post for moderator Describe why You're reporting this few seconds ago got a phone out of this number saying I owed W. W because I had cash wired to my account out of a loan Firm. threatened to 've me Priced with fraud and to press Fees against me. humorous matter is. . . I vie never Chosen a loan out before. that is a SCAM. . . . Get these crooks before they get money out of someone.

Post by KM,

646-583-1243 For Extortion Scam Operations File reports along with the FBI your own state attorney general and Section Of Justice CB FTC amp FCC. . Emails could be linked to complaints Submitted along with ICC the cuber crimes division of the FBI. HTTP Internet. NW's. org HTTP Internet. ICC. gov Standard. Www. FBI. gov HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP Web. consumer finance. gov complaint HTTP Customer Criticisms. FCC. gov Ch en Ishtar Www. fraud. org HTTP Www. Quit fraud. gov report. HTML off FBI about this extortion Test by filing form at stops. FBI. gov HTTP Www. consumer. FTC. gov blog haunted phantom debt Also see here HTTP notes. com arts Inimical where to report Telephone crimps Www. western union. com us en fraud conscious . . . and answer. HTML's read Upward on the laws and your own rights HTTP notes. com arts Jibe Edgar harass within . . . oi demand for know See Residents post here also HTTP notes. com forum ta affable unending Set calls Templates of Letters HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP Web. FTC. gov OS statutes . shortstop Web. Client finance. gov search . . . HTTP Web. Client. FTC. gov articles PD W fair credit reporting act. pettifogged Web. Customer. FTC. gov articles W debt Set And see HTTP Web. DI. Wa. gov People alerts nationally debt Organization. Imhotep Internet. FBI. gov scams softest Web. ICC. gov Press W W. notes. com Newsgroup ta ABC . . . service linked Internet. clearheaded. com news Clark Howard . . . r Telephones NFC HTTP Www. internet security. org article. PP. id HTTP notes. com forum ta acted . . . HTTP Www. Customer. FTC. gov articles W fake debt collected notes. com forum ta Beck's . . . debt collected Web. diversion. USDA. gov Bars press releases extortion's. Imhotep Web. FDIC. me fake process server injunction HTTP notes. com forum ta CBC . . . net S's Ways HTTP ABC. com archive W HTTP DI. California. gov Customers alerts cash internet payday. Imhotep Internet. cachets. com Buyer notices Extortion Scam Connected to Delinquent Payday Loans Washington D. C. December W W FBI National Press Office W W W filed Underneath Press Release The Net Offense Complaint Facility has acquired many complaints from victims of payday loan telephone Set scams. Callers claim your Sufferer is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay that loan for avoid legal Effects. Your callers purport for be Associates of the FBI National Legislative Section various law firms or other valid sounding Companies. They claim to be collecting debts for Businesses such as United Cash Progress U. S. Cash Advance U. S. Cash Internet and other Internet check cashing services. Granting for Grievances acquired from the People the callers 've accurate Info Around Casualties including Social Security numbers Times of Delivery addresses employer info bank account numbers and the names and telephone Amounts of relatives and Buddies. How that fraudsters obtained the private info varies but in many cases victims have reported they completed online Programs for other loans or credit cards before the calls started. That fraudsters relentlessly call that Sufferer s Dwelling cell Telephone and place of employment. They refuse to provide any details Around the alleged payday loans and become Violent when questioned. Your callers have threatened victims along with legal Activities arrests and within many Instances physical violence if they do not pay. Within many cases that callers harass victims relatives Pals and Companies.

Post by Lori Perez,

6465831243 Scam. Blow off and block your calls. See your employer can install a telephone blocker. Calls Come in India and Pakistan. They tend for Choose on girls single Parents the elderly and members of the immigrant community. Don't Speak for them or return their calls. If you personally would they could possibly believe you are vulnerable and Sort you personally along with even more calls.

Post by Laura T,

646-583-1243 These morons called me Now and knowing it was Likely a scam since I understand my debts keep track of my credit report and am not within default on anything called them back and said I was aware it was a scam and I would become reporting them for that FTC. They called me a b. t h and a p say Subsequently told me to F off. If they telephone again it s on.

Post by Carolyn,

6465831243 Indian or Pakistani debt scummier extortionists Blow off their calls and block them. Feature thus thick you are able to cut it along with a knife. Common scam.

Post by Jennifer,

646-583-1243 Absolute Indian or Pakistani debt scam. Ignore and block that calls. Being in Average civil debt isn't a offense and you cannot become arrested for it. They spoof local law firms and Telephone numbers. Common scam.

Post by pi,

6465831243 called and left a express send for you personally and Subsequently started sounding threatening. The strategy might work on some people which bothers me. Another matter that bothers me is I have phone blocking and if they are not on my contacts they don t get through but somehow these Folks did. I may try and contact some of the Areas in preceding posts to see if it will do any great.

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9519347182 Complains by Guest,

Robert Morris U

9546299824 Complains by Guest,

Did not leave a message so I did reverse lookup and found it is Wells Fargo Student Loan Dept. Called back the number and customer rep looked up if my name is in their system. Nothing showed up in their system. Claimed that's it's probably a misdial.

2253288297 Complains by Guest,

your own blocked

8003584835 Complains by kasia,

Could you personally tell me who call me.

2034340838 Complains by Guest,

its a computer calling for state you W present card it Offers you personally the option to press 1 to Receive or to your Set you personally dryer will phone list

8325691163 Complains by BSquare,

Was it a scam. I got that same message

7012530050 Complains by Guest,

Really annoying. Calls 3 4 times a day and never leaves message.

8596484529 Complains by Guest,

Calling me and harassing and making threats

8002350510 Complains by Nikolos,

W Just another scam Telephone phone. He says his name is Sh on.

8002613760 Complains by Caroline,

Diet hair keg ohs .

8002063443 Complains by Guest,

Lisa IA my Buddies ex playmate.

8002537969 Complains by Furious,

called left no message. Don t Comprehend nu.

8000007456 Complains by Lois,

State for become credit card service to lower interest speed on a visa card. Face 9 to Chat to your Representative. so I did and told them to stop calling me. I was told that it is automated through my bank great bye have a good day When I called back the number could not go through as dialed.

8002622705 Complains by Shakes Spear,

What exactly are they enjoy for work for. No doubt they believe that Newsgroups are your very best Set for do their Advertising within this online daytime and age . We re ethical. Actually. Truthfully. Trust people. . .

8002163864 Complains by Jen,

So happy I go ogled that Amount. . . . What a Waste you cant even appearance for a Residence without being scammed. . . .

8002451035 Complains by monica,


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